BJGN04-10-17 - Grimm - Rick & Morty - Legion

Monday, April 10th

Chris talks about the series finale of Grimm; Vicky talks about the Rick & Morty April Fools Day prank; the gang discusses the season finale of Legion; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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I think for you Chris Polk and came from Keith and Ed's talking about Graham who I love talking about script he says I know it's been awhile since we last discussed Graham and send sadly we have reached these series finale of the show gets a two part finale I would say it was general rather nicely because going to nitpick it was with Rosalie holding the staff that turned into is making them seriously is turning into a snake in your not holding the business and we share in Israel legislative go actually and then apparently these snake bit into Rosa Lee's neck here bird. Boom and then Monroe tried to save her and well he got a bit too are off I don't kind of and he says and Romeo and Juliet sort of way that's that's pretty -- actually I mean accepting took a growing on Julie did it themselves and this was a horrible demon snake thing but. The other but yet. I yeah they got there they got a bigger to die together and that was that was really important in my wife you mention it when they're watching let alone I mean at least to get to bed together forgot I'm Saddam era. Oh no no I know well I don't kill Rosalia Monroe but they did they did and then he goes on as a gruesome and shocking deaths were with Hank Keating's appeared in nothing road again I was pretty gruesome and adult Linda. This is an acrylic tape the other having an ax buried in general should ask a super model good guy so brutal Powell so. Of sort of I just did it struck me odd that Diana wasn't going bat crap crazy attempting to see you lowering our mettle end. As we saw in the past to those who threatened her parents get figured if she accepted the destroyer and anything else that was just cannon fodder even bureau mom and dad yeah. All right so without getting too far down the rabbit hole on this because any guess don't watch the show let's just say this the final the final episodes of the two part because CS series series. Finale involved one of really really amazingly powerful big bad that that that came to from the other side of wherever. To basically take. The young super powerful Hixon beasts slash is Albert beasts baby die and tried out my baby she's a young girl at this point Diana. Back to be his his Charl bright season. Well. All the way leading up to it in this season we are all trying to protect INN trying to keep the mood of the big bad away from her and there's a roast her groove something along those lines very hard to say a lot of ours and it. And and then when they finally. Meet up. It turns out goods or refer river. Didn't really want Diana as such I mean yeah he's gonna take her back to the other side for it to be as child read what he really wanted. Was the magical stick that was keeping our hero alive. Burkhardt the actual grim from the from the title of the show. Nick he he had this mystical stick that had healing powers and even read resurrected powers. We didn't really know what it wasn't where it came from I eight sort of guessed that it might be a part of the actual cross but I and they never really get a good. Super religious like that so I figured I was on the wrong track well I was. This staff that the big bad as I was actually taken from him way back in the day by by eight. Knicks ancestors the earlier agreements and broken apart and scattered around the world. And and in other dimensions as well so that none and so would never be whole again and make in this ultimate all powerful ruling the earth you know just. Demon realm situation that that said they were afraid of happening so. These are sure has rounded up everything except that one last piece so what he really wants is he wants that stick in front all yeah. Acts exactly same kind of setup Brighton. So it was all just as sort of a smokescreen I mean ultimately I he's gonna make Diana's bride and everything but when he shows up. Keith I yes is really right now I was I was upset the Diana didn't react because we have come to learn. The Diana is exceptionally powerful in a way that we don't understand because we've never had to explain to us and that's nice it's a little mystery yeah what can she do. She doesn't do a darn thing to protect her her. Mother or her father he's he's just as acceptance at that point of sort of like because there's a moment wins first tour comes in and NEC's Diana and it's and detonate goes up one last time to try to fight him. And Diana says no don't leave him alone it's okay. You know like you are totally late show with this yes what I'm doing all of this gaffe again no explanation or collect. I don't care for that federal and whatever and says a lot so by this point literally everyone else is dead. Wow yes so all of the main press she you know yeah. An hour hour and like oh they're just gonna burn the whole thing downing I don't deserve less stepson had Clinton no Obama. And and Nanette at one point the other the other grim the distant cousin of nick who is lying dead in lake in the cabin where if I say and a the guys are stir takes his medical staff when he touches that her name's trouble just roll you know fans are just trouble whether it in she comes back to life and knicks like oh. You knew that uses. Researchers like you just gotta give me that stick. Because apparently he can't take it. Like that's against god. Tony I'll use the two of them. Moat they've been fighting this whole time in ages I just moments stick backs on the stick and like. OK so he had to he had upped the stakes for nick by killing everybody he loved everybody he gave a darn about on this whole show. Which you know their body and and saying well I can remember back but getting your mistake wow. I'm ready to do it he is so broken and downtrodden that this yes I do I'm ready yeah just where do that death. The problem is when that happens that's why in the hell on earth happens and he Nick's ready is like well at least they'll be alive is what he's thinking yeah troubles trying to stop them against a little bit of a scuffle. And then. Nixon visited by his spirits of his from his mom and is on tour both crimson who have passed away season and he says no and now. You can do this with the blood of our ancestors of the power of the grim you can do this you can take him down you don't have to sacrifice. All of humanity. Jews can actually I don't need humanity and Broadway right Greg anyway I scourge of the years. So he goes back in there and nativity spirits following with you meet back up with trouble as is we got his fight him. You know it's not it's not worth throwing away humanity would herself before we get into this battle moved dab DB do double B so the two programs and despair grams managed to take out as are stirred. Wedeman hi my completely and then trouble turnaround to a mrs. rose a greater I'm glad we from guardrail to do that mix like it where they go. Byrd who go. He was in with you he was leaving you move. Back yes so does fight isn't your thing that is also kind of and then. Who longs or shorts mystical as happens with the staff. Nick gets pulled in to the other side and time works back to the fours are sure showed up in everybody's life and find but sorcerer still got. Moan and everybody in the lab nobody's dead that's normal as a tidy bow there on that line there really anything he did was is a really great touch I'm glad they did it take. They cut to right for the credits they cut to twenty years later OK yes so Nick's son. And and Diana are now. In their twenties even and they are carrying on the family tradition they are. They are grim essentially log Kelly which is Nixon is actually Graham and he's got Diana fight with a guard they are half brother and sister OK technically. But I'm yet so it was a really nice touch and he's writing in his in his journal as saying this is the thing that we do our rooms and are vulnerable I know what's the truth because my dad told me so and then it's like if he signs it. Can leave Burkhardt and it was it was a really really satisfying and wonderful cap for the for the thing and also kind of left it open to where we might be able scenes like this doesn't collision. That was another thing that he's brought up here in keeping you think he's a much Christine I'll let it and he just say it's like I would like to get a separate G need to get the show's perspective. And so you gotta from UCL a very much but with the show no longer on what would you prefer to have in its place a new TV show or a previously canceled series. And I was just thinking along the lines of well I agree it was a network shows you don't have that network sort of thing going on and this could lead opened Jews and possibly possibly doing something new feature with Graham yes but I was looking I was singing about his older properties. That I would hope that they could bring back because I mean that's the rage we have got for meat and I've talked about it before it would be quantum leap. I remain I would love to see and it doesn't have to be it doesn't have to be doctor Samuel Becky it's a sign or relative or anything but somebody who now they have better technology is going trying to find the Sam Beckett. Because as the shoulder dated Dyson he was lost in time forever right. And so that it could just be something all right so we've got better stuff we've decided to come back to this project and filled up and then. We hit something and we see tracers. Sam Beckett still doing the things that he was doing. But we can tell that it's him. Who did this and they're just trying to catch up and maybe fix some of the things that he thought he was fixing maybe he's got because they always talk about him having Swiss cheese bring. And so he could be going through and he can actually be more along the lines of the antagonist to screwing everything up thinking he's doing good. And then you have a very sympathetic villain who feels he's doing the right thing which is what you really really need for. Or if he keeps you just sitting there with your you about the gave no this is all I want right now press. Best thing I've ever heard use any and I am sure you need to pitch to somewhere. It that the trial and error was worded letter is amazing yes so that was better presidencies that is what I want to happen. And that is why I want period. Not really given it much other thought beyond that Vicky is there anything that you look to see them bring back. I was so I have watched yet but just in general. And I've been thinking about the July and I feel like you for Indian McNamee oh. So we know that there's been rumors about the Crowe movies etc. are jail on Jason though is the latest firmer maybe having grown up so far so while ago I bought for like four dollars. The entire series of the crow and a hat until the Lincoln on his name but he is the commissioner of the main guy. From Iron Chef who won the building and talky just suits their needs the apple at the beginning of the show that their motto that you know let's live the shaft but. Oh yeah Mormon who. Irish government of the partnership chipping and Betsy king the king can. Change you need she and her Italian. And commissioner I think it's commission. No. Loans Marty huts in the and I can't remember his name yep and even anyway that guy he actually played. Mark that they cotton after that I can't working on it here there and hang out and market to customers with the cost ghosts. But yes he actually played the crowd Barrett and I are holding at half price books or forty dollars. Hey I think I couldn't I just can't I just wonder only but I don't I can't actually bring myself to logic come about every little of that you know bad it's going to be that a gimmick. And I they would it would make up for the show would make up for the crappy sequels that they did any you know if they made a new pro. It would be in RS or you know it yeah it'd be interesting to see a crow series I'd be OK with that. It would I would I think that it works also with what people want to make with like greedy superhero open shows I think it would work along those lines as well. In aside notes this. The market cost goes he actually was a he played guy or a year off from my agent to shield yeah doctor because remember him he'll. Any new thank you very much senator Chris king adjacent Nomo left face lies wounded like a mock up of way would look like with the make up and he looked perfect. I don't think he's the right body type he should drew huge. Not like whole list of just. Bill you ask them all of his rolls in if you look at the graphic knowledge even if he kind of base it off. Brandon Lee he was very slim yeah you lean in news muscular but he was leaning lemon for us. Godsey look at any answers Selig to crow is is its fur its for profit people I mean you and I keep actually said he would lead to bring back Constantin. Oh that's really awesome and I went Jose David Jude legacy bring back DO honoree Brack fringe. Yeah how are fringe from the other perspective of Bob who may turner older main characters science guys who are forgetting. Who's our son gets stolen from the other dimension and I see his whole play out instead of by the other side. I gotta go. Now let me find that we also on let us know what you feel like you would look to see breed be brought back from may be a property that you would lead to see them actually make and do a show. BJP nation did you know about com or send a tweet or FaceBook messages all that fun stuff now we can we do let's talk to other television because there are a lot of that that happened this week. Vicky I know you're super sad about something and I know you don't wanna waste a list just. Yes and CNN none yet and then any idea this is just Allen Motorola might cart except for the new episode is a red hasn't seen any yet you've caught a ball in the except. Yeah I knew and a return or whatever and so yeah this wasn't an April fool's joke it sends a lot is. Because they oppose the McCain we're going to be streaming live in this episode took on the loop all day for Tony for hours on April fool's. Of course pulling back in January at Nike DN Harmon's like so well. You know what it's it's going to be delayed I don't know where it's coming now and I've just haven't had any ideas which now I look back from Hughes and eighteen other. Pat pat OK. Because now it's gonna be released the whole series going to be out in June I believe and several and seeing all these links people are sending him to mean. I was just replying to people hot hot April full I'm not gonna get Rick rolled in like click on that only a cat. Unintended. And get pissed off I'm not clicking these links until I saw one friend of mine posted. And she's an added drinking forty Fanny she actually doesn't really did you know cross. Cross cross claim depth other of break it's pretty fantastic. So when she posted Alec. I don't know if Tehran and this link and I don't yeah I could stuffy people can there was enough. It gathering was against preformed party he didn't need it I'm not watching you Malia Andrew McCain out trying to drink in seven I'm sitting in my own little corner watching an apparently pissed off than. The host skis she doesn't like people on the cellphone spent I don't know I don't I don't candidates I'm happy I'm very fair I'm watching mess but Jodi you CN. I did SI mid air traffic amount I just I I do is out you know Israel's because I don't know my friends always like dad do it's it's its own. People do you think yeah. Mean that's kinda did spoiled she Leo I was first. Go ahead yeah well as I heard about before not a big deal for me gagging nationals that tune out if you're worried about spoilers spoilers for the rich and Marty as season three premiere there was only one apps are also that's. In the course in the eighth in Philly and now our guest starred on ally and yes. And even said it they never need anybody to be a Neely and you aren't so yeah you can remain IE I got she Huffman it was it was Craig's it does explain me how does he get. Out of prison and it is fantastic. Yeah out immunity they don't throw one this episode Mike maybe. I was and it's you have one point five minute episode really and I mean he gets out of space prison you know why he was based prison. Well like he did get out. Opponent quell any chicks that people legally into his mind to these Kelly and mined prison. Would we want information on how to do that inter galactic travel and we want you to give it to us we greens. He you know like we're going into my memories and he created is really sad you know origin story hunk home and that's Feyerick Philly is. No I mean I'm scenario. Past and I ended up like you just uploaded a virus here too. Everything a whole whole whole dude to invaded a whole thing about our Rick is the smartest person in the universe idea and sort of talk about it and not who we don't really know how does my things don't work out well because he is the smartest person in the universe be able to control. Is live in this thing anything changing things beneath the guys try to drink a coffee in a little but comes up spring parts. You have not seen this by the way I blow my mind and I've watched a couple of the early episodes. And assist. I get it it's fine but it's also. Not necessarily record like required viewing in my life it should be. I know I know you're getting using them even in half and your nano is watching it and then you do glue these incidents linked game thrown with TNO and everything else and I hate it wasn't until the red wedding in and everyone lost their freaking minds that I decide to watch the game and throw and so you have a late and I'm colonel a lot of televisions are you are convinced but some and he goes through it and one of the big things that. I don't think really it's established in the show early on released people only grow as far as like the bricks pour all gone. It is like not technology that everyone asks so easily some some do but other Rick's doom did the Rick's Diaz but pretty much everyone else dozens Simon has borrowings to get anywhere any dimension. You can go into three dimensions or something you have to go feeling basically an airport. Yes to go through inter dimensional customs. I don't determine the first episode Colonia stick this into new layoff his. Henin in the wake up there and often malleable. Well yes they're trying to get this oral gun technology from our Rick and I mean he knew he knows everything that's gonna happen. It's grave because he's playing it up and everything happens and there ought to follow bought he ends up. Crashing beginners you'll lactic government's final say yeah or sell currencies dollar a dollar to zero. Yes there and then like on the other side of you know where to where she left summer and damn forty in the family. The whole like all the aliens have gone into earth and there are you know like hey we're gonna make it a partly yell a galactic federation blew everything a lot better and they don't eat food aegis steep hills than. You know happy pills Biloxi. And but summer's coming going crazy like no no I we got to see requiem a favorite Mort I now know he left us had mom that's she's like nope he left us again I don't care. Jean forty never leaves his break. And she does find out how that's got. To invade she ends up like finding an extra part of a portal gun going through all of that and they do you end up kind of saving him. Because he is like the kind of meet up because that's that's what happens. And we. And a little hole hole hole hole and we see Tammy who was actually a hole a spy the entire time not history the seventeen year old high schooler know. Come in in the introduced Phoenix person all robotics. Looks like a quicker and a veteran out. I think even brave person you can tell that that whole -- hole and par retirement we could get a Gurney with I would decide as meals is their whole fight in about why The Sims that are applied delayed for so long haul those are they couldn't come up with a minute. I'm sorry letter. Let's get. ISIS' it's fantastic I'm excited for their arrests and there's like a little trailer clip in Italy Rick certainly got on the on the Facebook's bricks a pickle. And he's the nickel Mike I don't know how I like probably an hour and also operates. Rick has casual monologue at the end he's pretty much like Owen Jerry of course Jerry gets screwed Jersey getting divorce. Oh yeah well you know meeting between your Hammond Beth is funny is right after back to leave you. And it's great that they're all very hysteria adamant and injures and Sorenson and title or halfback and a video alone and although the best thing if you if he'd only. The show Schwalier talents and I can't change probably will soon unknown come attack on soldiers got. The Shas wants us to change our planning hello again you do find yes he does not perfect but as you yeah. But I like my child the more he goes into his mine in the first thing he does or doesn't send going to deliver real little memory he's like the only place I get this freaking sauce and it's delicious is it my memories I'm going to get the attendees -- it would almost thought they give us and they're reading and even billions ailing creatures like. You're right this thirteen malicious code and that's what the big thing at the any like. Every of the day it's only seven years non seasons Connecticut got sophomore he's on. You know promote closer is just one McDonald's signs. Yup and so everyone has been messaging by the way in this coming out this way that's. Messaging McDonald and link started a petition to get the tossed back each. It's gonna happen but it's great to sort of be in the episode Rick says why he was in jail. Because it was an idea apparently didn't plan assaulting needed in the space physics he knew exactly what they were duke wanted to assess wants office. But too because apparently Jerry threatened his his us status in the household at some point and sorted from forty and how to ride a reliever in the early lead and you don't want me there and so written this whole thing. To get Jerry divorce death. So they can reestablish himself as though I can also mail us and then convince Morita Maury can never leave his sought. Why on top of that they did and so we ended up doing he got like the council breaks which is all the different dimensions of bricks and created the government they hate the government so much they end up trading down government. And so he then he's the Rick is Rick of the mall may seem initially teleport them together the galactic federation waste. The and then the whole of rich universe basically and there ended up toward city killing a lot of the exceeded anyways nice. And Dublin's has dodger. Very district and an anarchist that's for sure oh yeah it's nearly every district of Hamas is in London dissent as buster allied who'd go well it would go without payment or refused record in the morning it's more easily. I'm. Canada's so often do become more BS morning as a delegate to your head you learn what happens minority that gets too cocky and then slipped the of them the majority with I can't see how and he's a good. Obama and trains and I look throughout from that for the season finale a league GM yeah. Speaking of money not hidden so move. She is another way I sent a text that I wanted to let listeners know. You have not seen this yet staying till after the credits because I flew luckily I left the show rolling down I went to go put a little laundry in that I heard stuff we're doing what's going on. There was stuff at the end. Well yes he's I probably would skip right on passes very dangerous laughter credits thing to console over. Your groovy I I'm glad do you want me see your name on the screen yet but no one care center and all they know who created this show it's very nice to give you an odd but no one has actually watching your knew him cope by going to remember you you be so heartbroken your name was the last name on that list and lose and nobody ever stuck around for no I feel like cool. Tennis I. How good how are other quick from just one credit there are beyond my showed beat you're welcome for the no credits. Haven't. I. You wanna find out who did stuff. Look at our low paying their focus group hairdo like rabbit food and literally finds that everything das yeah I'll find out there is that I really care less than I so what goes on in the legion. Every and in. I think yes I've woodsy make sure we are spoiling your players spoilers on hammy or wherever this is of nine well I David has powers of the beginning episode but he's got a little mine ban on to keep the out Lenny out from brawl screw with an essential regularly. Some the last episode was like the big daddy's from the beginning like found and the guys solved. This case is all knelt he what's his face. Burn anything it's gonna come back and actually do something. And then David just kills all the laws which also does but he makes a great giant pile of soldier who. It's like hey by the language primarily to hear how low I do you thought I would be pretty bad Basilan bash now with that put the foot. And led gasoline up talking. And then they. Slowly based are realizing that Farouk actually have a little bit more controlling and yeah you locked up for dead and he started slip out again in Hershey depending on commune which interpretation and we're seeing the shadow looking. But the shouting actually does have some time alone with with David's girlfriend seeing in the it's like a by the way I will never leave you say you gonna help me otherwise I'll never leave him alone. You can get me out without killing him. And all our. She's getting you know without meat and agreeing to it right exactly how leave that you gotta help me out exactly so the whole episode is there's a struggle of David trying to figure out ways to get the sharking out of said without dying more killing someone are getting killed. And they do have the husband Oliver Oliver Byrd had a machine they're trying to figure out peddling get a mallet follies but instead realizes gonna kill him. They can't get a mouse as she decides he's her power kissed him and she becomes him right. What's on I can I didn't really understand how that translated as much because she should still have David's power. At that point. And even though she has the shadow king inside Eric Dyson a shocking image transfer because I'm hoping he can transfer to people on contact I think that's kind of a quiet throughout the episode. Well here's here's what and I talked with BJ about this a little bit. After we get to watching the show so when she transfers with David. Then the show looking traveling along that connection into. Her yes all right and have now has her power she then touches. Carry the younger Carrie the fighter caring girl. Now now he uses that same Sid power to transfer into care. But she doesn't go anywhere else on her own militia that is editing doesn't because he carried don't have any power now gotten. What happens is there's a huge confrontation with Carrie girl and as David who now is without the band and without without the shadow king inside of him. Pretty darn powerful and they go at each other in like a dragon balls he confrontation down all donate them they slam into each other with their powers. Farouk gets knocked out. Of carry. And has to find somewhere else to go so I don't think. That that that fruit can actually transfer by himself at will there has to be something pretty Castro he's going on I'll get you there since powers or a mind ranks signs David still have its powers then. Consist should have inherited his powers and switch with her like you do originally that was one thing I think this I think you'll only hours back a little bit faster than you maybe should have or eight curve still just been sitting in there we don't know who are maybe he wished he is become he has become that powerful that we're still at power I mean initially went off like that yet. A little about a half getting any kind of taken on face to a name that I can contact us hoping I really decide on a dreamer something and how I got buried Friday night and I there's no question marks from that would kind of be answered if you sit and it's all during test on Davis said. I mean a lot of the husband so it would be a there'll possibly the one fruit jumps out which. Love Kerry girl carries he does and other post you don't have to get Oliver bird who's so it is actually Melanie bird Dino. X frozen husband doesn't remember her and John Kennedy. So there's the part where he'd like when he immediately like by guy -- I if I stop them I defeated him. Military's walking out he gets in the large drives away at night when the hell is he going where you can win in the panhandle and they kind of flip back to him. And realize I played southern Lanny and end all. You know funky at the front flag cute little cash and cash. Feet up on the dash very EP DP and they just riding in the car in the morning go go girl kind of like address the ad on a I don't know what they call those those that that's dial for dollars I did like Orlando. And ago and then it's at that time praying like and it's somewhere warm and our do we ever see all over it get out of the suit no. We decidedly is kind of goes up you got it got so we assume that he's got aboard feared he had came out of the Astro plane. Because I remember when when she looks inside when the wife looks inside the suit any minute dvd after it although he's got near an area where and that's when he is making the eggs here. Get a hold the whole all of her character's very odd because you feel like he can't leave the actual plane because he put that whole bubble around itself right. Then David gets that actual plane and all of a sudden he can travel between these things because he goes back to the real time when it's frozen and they're getting shot yeah he's trying to move things. I want no yeah hour and see more powerful of some level where he has learned to become we don't know if he's immune but he's definitely got power we would think he'd be immune mention I'm I'm not get there and that's why because we haven't actually seen. Melanie birds powers. Does she have any I don't know because you would assume she does because all of this is like hey you why I'm taking in protecting all you all right good point and we'll either she has powers or at the very least Oliver has powers he's I think he's a tough tell path OK in terms sword that's how he was able to create that safe space form in the national acclaim and so I know he'd at least immune but. I'm Kerry should see what her power would be if she does have one right. And a beautiful weird if she doesn't. I don't know. Motivation I think I can be fine with her not having any yeah she's been trying to get a whole group together receiver and I mean I was fan of those things that a mind reader I was going into secure really just doing this for yourself yeah she's all here are kind of sorry. But I division three throughout this whole fight I can't stay secret camera and I also on Tim Kaine yeah. Hey Dana earlier in the gym about a your they don't I was in high because you know well at Clark in his name his face like Albright and LT he is a fake I in its gloss over and I thought I'm pretty sure they're the camera like query went up to his life. I don't know kinda way he was. Like doing this the whole time and really sort of just holding it there. Sorry you can't see this and hang out but I'm actually going in polling without thinking that way I mean there are all that acting this is this is Miami doesn't as they were over all you. But I that was what I thought too but I kind of I kind of like the I'd better I think it is is I am getting a back analogic empress of the camera pans up and goes into his class I. Hello. Now you're walking around he just do your POV sure the only watching TV did you did you see this he didn't have McCain up it was him looking at the tee and he says that you're right yeah I'm doing is talking a division three we just have okay interesting maybe the microphone was in here. And in the in the. Email a microphone and let alone for so here's the great line. When he did burn guy who's in my camera are. RFI. It's there to watch since I do remember names and names there are no mirror but they're talking and she says and he made a mistake you should've killed when you had a chance because now we have them we understand he's like more godlike powers that does say that was those cells and as soon know it was the the wife. It was and I and I can't think of right now I feel Melanie Bert Miller hours and they actually you should have killed when you're the chance does now that I know what he can do yeah I was of the pen back to division 3% of the New York. Like I'm Maggie and Zimmerman good to see how this pans out he's out. But it does seem like at the end you're thinking OK it was like look we need or to Gunner OK and that the very very and after the credits. Thinking it down was turned around rather than it will with PM assuming if you've heard this far you've watched the show yet that I hope supple thighs or otherwise spoilers. After the credits didn't say it in David Steen Milli so. AEA worry we're together analysts on this real little or beat thing flight Downey like only the snag care when I'm curious little silly lid looks as being scanned him. And then it's a come up with a poke mall yeah. And he's. You can sit there look like an idiot like oh boy what a heck does that well and in and it flies what with him inside the little warm things got to catch him off right and she's just like a starting a run into like really said he wouldn't think to try to catch it or in any only thing I can't say I love my math that's she don't got a new powers series just flabbergasted and didn't like you would love them like idea that I dishonor in being the beast and the. Yeah moon and bring an end. But everything that you mentioned an interim if you no because we're out of time. For that are all right our own. She twists Dickie V I watch all those shows for nothing no we wanna watch this broadcast. I never was is my guess and you laid beating his Bagger maybe next week week and anti Imus more than it caught up on the other's expense is. What to shrink much of people. I had a couple of quick stories. Pair really there's some a group of people that are really pissed off about the trailer. Which your own it's. Why are they manage what is it just don't chitchat about the risk I can do this on an you can do is stop. The group is professional clowns although they are and ask about the kid Australia they're you have heard Billy Adams is actually professor of professional clown act spoke with found Mel magazine. About the supposedly negative affect the new line that it's apparently is to part remake. Is going to have on those prep just seemed to hold our the squeaky show issued levity. So basically like it's a dying profession and the people who do it in scrape together a living have to grapple with the fact that it's cool and hip tend not like clowns. Also says. I'm sorry but they're afraid of college for very long. I'm very yet enact he has a name. Just for it which I can memoranda by the cost laurel full beer on the latest LA area and you only asset is it true your court on these clowns also kill people in the movie. Just it just all around yeah I just don't know around saw them. I think we can go ahead and separate things to do things I don't know I had. I mean there's other things they kinda look like clowns aren't crowns in horror movie when Dalton sub it's like people are going to be afraid on the let's be honest if you're trying to make a living at the clown. And no offense do you do you bill. But you probably made some bad choices. Agreed agreed and that's kind of what I am I'm where I'm coming at this from this guy I mean I need you here sir that's him yes you used to it sure. All right so you you probably be the best one analyst says homecoming on the same things you say I do he's. Not wrong about what. This this sort of trend you know with all of that clown action last year where they could be grounds or around terrorizing people on purpose in our battle things really have a number that I forgot why they're doing I don't think there was ever anything determined then there were some people who speculated that it was like any elaborate publicity stunt for it. And stick that was completely devolve into super all out and I don't laugh out way out there right and so. Import but what you have is he said one of the truce things that it is one of the jerseys in this whole. Tirade of his is that it's a dying art form and it is. Because modern sensibilities don't have improved for violence and it's not because. People hate them or because on his side near the media is turning our is vilifying them. I guess if you are legitimately afraid of clothes and I can't deny that but the reason is is. Society as a whole has moved on from that sort of mean for that kind of entertainment would this series and there's barely any circuses any more or the circuses and are there are big elaborate show we sings I mean you should do so latest Cirque. It's not an even then like it because we have evolved into and we got to do circuses anymore because of the cruelty to the animal that's legal were not where we used to be right. And this is. I got a lamp lighter coming up to mean saying you know what I'm very upset that I don't have a job anymore it's like that don't need you would you like to purchase a wagon had come. I'm actually not these new electric and gas trust chimneys. It's academy and innocent chimney sweeps of the daylong along brooms and pats. This is if it it comes Harriett think that women aren't you know whenever he's in mind that wasn't a street performer. Nerves haven't seen them yeah Norman Justin shields in Jarno I like TV and Vegas windy will be releasing a magician. I've only seen once or twice not one of children and adults. It just happened BMI and coworkers wedding contained he got he got only Zach and I got one that I wasn't that person mean job that person actually there was a police off day is a police officer just did that magic in the hole or that guy has a rabbit like I think could be to be issued former to do these kind of things should be Disney princess like either and people address do the Disney prince doesn't go to parties. Men like after you pay for your dresses in your hair in your makeup and suffering are really making a whole lot of money so it's not. I wish we can get he only the world freedom major but let's be honest it's probably not gonna have a. Simply does not I think there's no wherein an end and it's unfortunate and it's sad for people who are who have studied this and wanted to become this in this was their goal but. I I. I mean there are rose just we don't need clowns anymore in oh that's not what they used to be and ended I'll probably a lot of flak for that from the tiny community. And I'm sorry guys but I just I I think about it and I was like. It's not that he who likes clowns because that's not the point I like clowns are not afraid of them are like writing loans are great but. We don't need to do we need to not really anybody here like I say which you'll see awesome for a child's birthday party clown. You know when you know people are addressing Catholic health or you know I hate all these other characters so let's they've raised my child in a clown centric environment. They're not would you want a clown a date for a kid like Skiles though and there's no clowns around anymore what are you knew you well and the few that are still practicing that also do else and how whenever the hell no I clown man they equals equals equals a if there's no clowns. Then I can't raise my kid you're Clara centric environments so they're not gonna want a clown at the party because there's no clouds. Solves itself. I'm Isabella clan yourself why how and where the car and that's yeah about apparently now we've just gone into absolute class and eradication on this podcasts. Then I mean I just had a lot I IE I'm just pointing a finger at. Next week I'm a police I. There are gonna get him to death threats and all coming along he'd just that I can't think exploding good when he comes out of the letter and I open it. So your next yeah you are. In next time guys. Sustain me. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. Plug where. Q. Join Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot bluffs.