BJGN04-12-17 - Thanos - Amonkhet - Heldentaufe

Wednesday, April 12th

Rev reviews the latest issue of Thanos; The Prodigy and Rev discuss the latest Magic: the Gathering Amonkhet spoilers; Chris reviews the board game Heldentaufe; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's geek nation and I in the reverend en Fuego across from me is beekeepers and don't go. And we Chris walker mr. walker reggae flat and that's yeah hi yeah we cut he shows they think and has been going there are assignments all how we got my privileges far. A prodigy. You mistake has been made. Then. On today's podcast we will talk about comic books what I wealth snapped Joel talk about magic the gather aim. Chris walker. Yes that's me hype about port de Carlo and of course the key gee whiz we keep being an. Picking up people get all of us. I check and a web sites getting in the dollar pod cast information home. We'll be deportation dot com is fun taken out on and then and Obama go by the way to say Alexa played each nation on today and didn't know yeah. Is on base with ice fishing derby day she's deeply shinning you can also follow us on Twitter and in to ground zero not feeding each nation. Some of the sex is always nice one rainy zero teaching 43353%. Of any non B Diggnation and And watch your video to YouTube dot com slash B dig nation. If you guys want to go ahead and subscribe to us on iTunes please do so also Levy a five star rating and some comments in the comments section we love it. And a lot more that's. And you can evenly there's a six star in the comments section a six starts tomorrow I place I know that your pod cast is amazing and I'm very given a five stars but here's another wind. I like that kind loan thank you image on the it is comic book day so I wanna talk about comics well the only comic and I'm reading right now. Which is that house. Scandals number five actually dropped I think like two weeks ago maybe even longer sorry about not keeping up on that one I glued forgot that it was up there. But this one is really fun because then those from issue for had been captured. He's dying we don't know from your mind some sort of space cancer we were just really not sure what's go ahead and street gets results are I don't mean to laugh it's based cancer risk a little added an assist like that that turn of phrase and it has a Ed itself do you while he's dying from that he's trying to find himself to cure. I'm going along with this he is Brothers star fox and has taken up with nebula. Oh did it's hard to gladiator I think and also stain his son. Because they're going to go kill leno's place so this is kind of one of those things where he's getting it from all lands. Well this episode we've fine day this episode this issue we give him inside the idea Shia are super maximum security. Often the darkest depths regions of the universe. Maximum security prison earlier so maximum security as Detroit's. And so he is in his little. With his. Is capture the guy who runs plays the warden. Gloating over. Gloating over him is like on your just an old man I wish it would have been able to cap shoot you when you were more bad ass. And of course that does is like well I was just waiting create coming years so why give a rip. Armed use it to unlock the door to kid out. Which leads them right back into a another fight because I mean you just for the tried to break out of prison and then you gonna do that so that's. Where 2000 is right now do not. Under estimate the mad tighten you're gonna lose your arm core war still is making kill yourself because. Well heeled reply from otherwise so that was super exciting to see that go on back I want. On the other side where it's our fox stain and they do in the rest they are going on June terror acts is ship. In order to. Releasing prisoners. Nobody really knows what it is but it is at the behest of death the first thing to do this prepare and death has been doing this thing where only. Only thing I can see her and she's like don't worry about this you've got this I've got your back even though these people think it's your joke. I'm gonna help you out here. And so they're going through all this star fox is. Using his silver tongue like he would things you distract terror acts while everyone else is running around in the spaceship define what this is going on there. Finally they get to the part. And stain opens up the prison weathered supposed to really get this person and get them out. And that's we find that it is not a person of they're trying to capture that Phoenix force. Girl anymore sizzle back into all of this. Wage is very interesting because no one else but they knew about this of stated that they're saying yeah this is how we're gonna make feign a bad ass in how we're going to kill the mad tightened you're gonna put hopefully the Phoenix force infused in Thain has to take him out well so it's really rounding up to some really fun stuff yeah. IE is one of those things that I hate about comic books is that we the next month. CA porn biz if you get a super exciting I'm really loving to see without us is going thinnest panels whenever I was. But this is the wind series and a following win. Back to look up because typically talked about cable within the new series gala that a pry going to be picking up that one as well. To my most favorite characters in the probably be the only ones and I'm picking up and the topics so I have a question for you mission death insane is this which which death is this is this the death that they got married to dead pool or is this this ask is is the same it's okay it's the avatar. Those avatar of death a moral universe is version of death and Stan Haas has a long history was death because he was courting her. During Z infinity gauntlet the whole the whole series in that and he's had a back and forth with that the same the same death that Mary dead pool right and all of this I don't know why she's helping out Spain at this point we having gotten to that point. Just that she is fit and it might just be the long history the hate that houses and a stop messing with me he's kind of creepy and maybe this is the way that I can get rid of him forever I can see that being in a. Your motive on her bra on her part on this now I can remember a series with her anywhere. Did the big deal was that she had arrived. And as she was specifically going around destroying planet's and I never ever shoes the star of that series thank you remember. No that was the death star never mind around us. Only a huge jackass. Hash is a really long a wait a long way out of that on my I am not sure isolating Los legislate. And I have to appreciate it a little big Q just because of how long you win in how dedicated you were to that. The same point you couldn't stop talking now okay. Actually no it is the perfect time because. You will move on the comic book talked to thought. Can keep if you like stand Els pick it up I really have been enjoying it and some things that you enjoy you do Chris yeah size driving me insane with your crappy puns and audio jokes. Is actually board games you have you have BJ Shays board game alliance which is happening. Every other month every absolutely we are you are not everyone here on Tuesdays and I between now you're also doing that eighties podcast what mr. Brandon Gerald. A lot of nostalgia and that you also get a lot of board game talk when you talk him out for him alliance. But. We still like to sprinkle in some of the reviews in this one because it's a lot of fun for you talk about board games and you have a new one that has a name that I cannot Bernal. So it's quite German. It's called held in coffin hello Paul far Penn didn't toss how indelible marks the full title at poppy yup. Hello hello and talked is essentially a dungeon crawl. Where you play as. These these little characters who run around gathering up supplies to to improve their stats so that they go and can go into the netherworld and fight monsters and hopefully collect more treasure. I leave we. Spend our time exploring the over world that we won hicks at a time we'd taken action we explore into an empty space we flip over tile and it could be a forest or could be a pond. Or could be a mushroom farmer all these other things. Then are going to give us the supplies we need to then pay out these mission cards which will give us more supplies or better equipment and all of your time. I leveling up your three you're three options there's your your boots which can be more actions for turn. There's your rings which allow you to craft potions and with those posters into other special things. And then there's this sort which is your fighting powerful when you go any you have to start finding the monsters Coptic church and hopefully cash war machine. Andy. The pay off the the V victory condition is you are collecting antiques. What's yet that's creeping out there share monster teeth so then that creepy so every time you everytime you defeat a monster you take tooth off of their stacked end. As you as you removed teeth and he'd monsters actually become stronger. They either get more help for the more attack power so wow they get harder to fight but you also get a bigger payoff because the bigger teeth are worth more points at the end of the game. So what you have these tiny little stacks of teeth it next to the monsters and you just have to pull the small one off your and in laws aren't into every year outlawed but I have so we are also trying to compete with the other players for teeth and there are there are ways we get goes away but. It is a fun little game it plays. For two players you probably gonna play this in about a half an hour have you had and a third or fourth player you going to be looking at for them is to our easy but it was its. It's a fun little game and it's got a lot of really really uninteresting in fairly unique mechanics and haven't seen a lot of before because it's it's resource collection but it's also resource management. With. With dice rolling combat involvement in nephew and find the monsters and there's a lot of strategy and planning because of how you how you move and are you travel. And when it's not your turn the other players get to move the monsters around him when they move the monsters around they're gonna train hinder you as my aunt. Wow now why. There's a lot of levels on this guys in and and it's bad the artwork is really really fun it's it's a little bit a little cutesy almost Cheaney but not. And it's still just took about a really really fun game really satisfy your played a couple of times and BJ now in and and and the other guys on the on the alliance but. This is a great when you go check it out it's called held in tough I was say a recent tech kick starter success. From berg Amanda Bergdorf mean gross cult reports that. And gotta go she's hole should use its. These are all words they're probably horribly missed pronounced but I'm I'm I'm I'm put out a game. I check out held in tough HE LD ENTEU. And or don't speak crummy Germans like. I could expect a thank you very much Zach Crist and again like I said every other Tuesday is the board game alliance. And when that's not going on that eighties podcast with mr. Brent injures again. Moving on from that Joseph yeah UN IA have been quietly in the end zone does and also quietly going nuts over the new among can't spoilers. Four magic the gathering guess is he's won more cards you have the new set that will be coming out is fairly soon actually is so it's kind of interesting because now that they have picked up the they've really picked up the pace on releasing sets. So old leg we just got done with modern masters such when he seventeen Ozzy feels like I said just came out it it really did maybe like three weeks ago. And it's fun because there like right into more word spoiler seasons it's the best part of match I know weather season it's getting to the point is like if we didn't have an actual Lou full. The roster of shows we might have to give back to see magic podcast but for now we're pretty solid on that we can just kind of covered as for going along that is fair. We've talked about some of the different kind of mechanics are having with this with with. The new set one of them being the exert mechanic. And they have certain released in spoiled some cards that are. Really taking that to the next level. We saw the glory or bring your which was the drag and that can if you exerted when it attacks it'll do for damaged and what exert does is it says that the next turn when it would untapped it doesn't untapped. You can kind of get around this sometimes if you can give me creature vigilance yell fore on tap it means exactly so it's not a completely hosing mechanic on that. But some of the raiders that they put out here are really really good for are really low cost. There is a three casting cost for one read mystic. That lets you if you exerting EU getting another combat phase after that. And it and taps but as life if it doesn't make an infinite loop. Because of authority have been exerted it won't actually do it again you and there's really Smart on attempt letting on that. One of the most strongest ones though is the glory bound to initiate. And if you're looking at it it's a three wind for a coalesce in a white. Which is an is a pretty solid like comment creature on just have been no law on mad mad. Here's where it gets ridiculous you can't exerted if you want to as attacks in if you do it gets plus one plus three Indians life link until end of turn. That is a powerful match card is really powerful because at that point shirt peanut Kabila and tablet next term but when it's attacking it's a 44 and you don't. Have to do it. So if you cast and on turn to you you know having 31 that attacks if they have no defenders. You can certainly say if all right I'm just gonna keep going at you with these 31 and I can do that every turn. If you have a blocker arm afraid he might do that or maybe have a little low one life. I can now make it a four for attacking and shirts knocking on tad next turn but house have a four point oh or an action eight point life swing at that point. If he gets through unblocked and yeah it's just really powerful. Out four point in my swing in any format really Iranian despite emea format Steve on standard I would imagine just because having a free car creature Tim and I is always good and the fact that this can play offense and defense and a weird way because so much like thinking zeal and I mean I mean this is the kind of to drop they're looking for and every death yeah and especially now that. Were you there's a lot of cards you that really don't. Benefit and at her deck this one certainly does it works well with on the vehicles that are still there I can see this as. At an auto include at least a couple of them in a Marty's vehicle desk yeah I mean they're devoted to droughts body is definitely for right now on the sensitive auto auctions and but none of them really stood out like they were good but they weren't great this current jug is definite and replace them and then when it's not attacking you can power up harder carrying a can power up the ether the ether harvester which are some of the more powerful vehicles and people are using right now I think my favorite card out of this entire entire entire set an RTC in it it's the regal care call. Is a creature it's a cat. Men only in the cattle boy it's day five. It's a fight casting cost three coalesce into Y 33. And says. Catch you control get plus one plus one and how life link its lease that lord it's like cat laurel I guess it. When it comes. When it's just the battlefield. You create 2101. A white cat creature is what life really you can't make. Awesome cat tribal that I'm actually looking into this because I want. This could be a really fun is some of the most fun next you can make a really weird tribal backs if you just wanna make a four of normal magic sixty card deck you can make a catch travel that with this yeah would be solid in he would be fine. I'm looking at it in the terms of commander because that is my favorite format to plague his alleged use almost all the magic cards from the history of magic yet I wanna make a tax tribal Dak and there's so many different tack creatures out account warrior so many yet there's a lot of care creatures over the over the yes certainly you can really abuse this and I really wanna make labor abuse castle FBI you're rephrase that it had you can I was thinking exploit team it can't not a lot better feel sorry carry out. Guy Mickey a dog's vs cat's kind of unless I say there are doing because we have a legend Geary we're wolf they came back just oh yeah however sets ago so you put those of against each other there are legendary cat's not there even like with kemba car region which is they're very solid commander in its own right her. Or even as. I PVZ both white on white if there's a little pounds or dogs out there to do Isa Mario but I become anemic but OK like ha ha like I really am enjoying this said the flavor is that they did the same way that. They did with in a stride where it's a top down design which means they have the ideas and then they build the cards or rhymed it. And so it's really fun to see the fact that it. Yeah act cats there and there are revered in Egyptian philosophy and meet those to her and so now they're like yeah we're going to do this there's a zombie cat and this is it is a cat a -- when normally revenues as one of the other abilities embalmed to create a zombie cat and there's a token because it each of the embargo majors have their own man down there it is it's a mummified cat. Where it used to be. You're gonna make me by magic turns your whole life this is smooth sounds so I don't think so I like so much fun yet I never I'm really stoked about this set some of the things they really and kind of news about cars we've got about is the visual aesthetic of talk we talk about the implications we talked about the aftermath cards from which are like sides play cards they don't look great they do not look great the art is small it's awkward to temple adding it's strange I never liked the flip cards. From the old school comic however Sampson. The the transform cards were segment where rules those loans are good I thought those were pretty right again you'll hear these ones I don't like it when you're trying to put this much information. Over the course of two different cards yeah did you that. Turning on their yeah I'd like to turn around losing even a fan of the split car I was really hit Layton any of those that make of the art smaller. I think it any Pope any any point that you're doing it a disservice to the art of magic when you're doing net. The expeditions to the full art promo cards that they've done over the years. Amazing astounding I'm worried all of them more art is always better donors I mean I don't get greeted me honest review I mean I'm hoping and it'll play better than it looks so we have that yes men who were there any cars and us from the supposed season so far that have really stood up for you jump on besides that the white car another record Gideon I mean they've released do minimally on on yet again they did and so for the people that don't know what they're Gideon now is they've created a new Gideon here's a three casting cost. And they've been pushing the three casting costs spectrum for for planes walkers this is Guinean of the trials. He doesn't have an ultimate purse say. A lot of then you want to build up your planes Walker's loyalty to do one bigs fantastic amazing thing. Well for this one he's got one plus one ability and says and tell your next turn prevent all damaged target permanent would deal. Two pretty strong pretty strong it's next ability is a Gideon staple with 40 until an attorney heed this car becomes a for for human soldier creature with indestructible that's still planes walker and prevent all damage that would be dealt in this turn. This is what he normally does wreck and then that's. There expanding on the emblem space by giving him another 1480. Emblem. You did it says as long as you control a Guinea and plans a walker you can't lose the game and your opponents can't win the game. This is along the lines of platinum Angeles literally the same wording has pot yeah Jones is like and it really makes it interesting because right now. Dube what is arguably one of the best cards in standard is. The other Gideon ally has sent and another heated and against the so at this point you can play this Gideon. May be fog a couple turns if they got one big creature that is stopping it. Then you drop and emblems. They have to spend forever trying to kill this wind and then you're like are you killed that one group depth there's another one yeah I mean Menem for first off it's. A four loyalty plans walker essentially for three man on the fox somebody on when it comes in a plane and on the on tapping on the force for. Two or three metaphor for they can't get killed when your opponent's turn on your turn Zardari government it's just a minute car seasons ridiculous not to mention hardest journalists just print. Which needs some new crew it in this cartel loyalty to screw it. So I mean it's really just does everything you want it soon I don't see how it's just not gonna be shoved in the the Marta vehicles that has just in order of. He can definitely be that I think maybe just the fact that the other Gideon still really good. That this one might not see an automatic four of graveyard is two or three I can see it as a two or three in pending I mean the pros out there are probably already cranking amounted trying to figure out what they're going to be able to do with it. The other planes walker we talked about was Lily on the jets majesty. I'm listening Andy it's yeah I guess that's a Lily on as a five casting cost planes locker so this recall listened to black. And she has a starting loyalty of five so as big up there. Her first ability is one that I'll always love is created to two black zombie creature token and he put the two top cards every library in your graveyard a lot of people like oh do you really wanna do that yeah. Yes because right now one of the best decks out there is the black green delirium deck which wants specific card types in your graveyard. A lot of people don't like win like a mill happens in mill for people who don't know the original card was millstone were to just be like to manna. Take a touchy kargil every put him in the graveyard it's more of an opponent's library. And it's one of those kind of feel bad cards in the terms of that you're on the receiving end of that you you like uh oh well these are cards that I'm not gonna go play with now because they're gone. King you are technically correct but at the same point in time these are cards that. You shouldn't really expect as you haven't drawn and yet so they're not what they do there it's whose owners have multiple copies or multiple threats knowing yourself is never a bad thing. Feelings any neutral wood knowing yourself resist when you have no cars or library right here on roofs that were listed in order to you don't have a lot of wind conditions mean your plane deck only runs one or two. Then how that idea wolf I Millicent in my yard can really win the game exactly and so that is one of those things but this actually helps fuel early on his second ability which says for a minus three return target creature card for graveyard into the battlefield it's a zombie in addition to its other colors and types a black and zombie. So that's like it is actually a benefit to help fuel what she's going for him later on you and very strong very awesome in that especially the fact that it brings it to the battlefield only for minus three. So I five like five casting if you have parties like EG top ticket. And you need something bigger than a zombie all you have to do is look your graveyard near him might be in there. And then finally it's in her minus seven in a love this one destroy old Mans army creatures they don't move a hot hot hot dogs I. That's gonna be one sided play the. And he had and then then that's bristled. Yeah I'll ask us anything goes straight in my community garden. Can you had yeah have a mono black got a commander to ideal I've Amara black and they have more minutes. Mono green and things you have millions. Solid. Guy got to say how much legends left over from Acton and AM literally. Religions can from from back in the day and some other cars like that that I got really excited by am I to have a side. I don't Wear a girl and it yeah yes she kills other other legends as I hit the flag red. Yes she's very strong on that you know loyalist of anyone of those finishing plans walker that they pray because his arrival home right now the black green delirium deck is very aggressive yes plays a lot of squid creatures so fine men and Emeka to sue or re enemy guy isn't necessarily very good Iraqis still have a plans walker. But the interesting thing with this set is as a bunch recycling. Yes there are creatures that they're printing their house cycling so if you can get a big guy in your yard by cycling and on turn two or 3M and on turn five bringing him back right that's much better than. Say coming to try to milk off the top of your deck has how many can you really it realistically clay season bubbly very premise thinks it's a 44 for four the cycles for one man out. But I'm sorry Giuliani can just do a black blue or I mean with that that we can make all the color rainbow yeah I had you don't even need to doing a good test -- that was -- there any good we are you knew exactly it was as a show us a beautifully three colors if you wanna play here I was you get to do sold type pretty easily use a lot of the good cards out of the black green to work with the delirium they've got highlands of really good cards to transverse who've been walled the grim flay ears like all of those shells that you can really go nuts and Phillip you're graveyard. Axis you obviously Hershey might end up being very goodness for racquet she also does protect herself with a two -- on because it doesn't come in a place captive we have seen a lot of recently is that not so long term interest to the sushi going I wish her M I wish her ultimatum deviant emblem listen destroy all non zombie creatures are return I think that we're not really be overpowered don't think so no because. Mean to get to seven with the planes walker that costs fives and nick comes invoke five royalty you know I mean it's not that it's hard or easy you know turns three wins no interaction after it comes in here for you to actually be able to do that. So yeah I can see like at the latest it or there really is going to be turn eight for you to do that gap and in the most gains aren't lasting that long exactly and it's not an auto win and it's not great in the mirror so it's like a lot of the things it it would not be good against plus your point and also Beecher and another way doesn't have do creatures you know they showman dynamo tower and that kind of thing so yeah. I feel like it would have been or power but you know who announced. And SO one interesting thing because this is not a not a win but if you get to that point you've got all your zombies out here because facing you've been making zombies are bringing zombies back. When you destroy all non zombie creatures. You're going to be doing it for your tax phase and you'll be going in for a big smash it and being made etc. literally be a good game Ender so it's gonna do that either way so it's an emblem at that point yet translate what it's going to be when more but it's also really fun for likes to play commander exactly how bad. Awesome let us know you guys if you if you're going to be playing in this I know I'll be down there in I Tacoma playing at uncles games it's one of my favorite places to go play its coma maul him for pre releases. Lot of fun on that sold definitely be doing that. Let us know how you feel about the magic spoilers renounce got a favorite card BJ he nation I'd love to hear about it but now it's time to get to. The peak she twists Dickie V. Think you don't know our own actually pretty some. Frank came on actually just recently did an interview to celebrate the release of volume seven of solid. At any asked him. To recommend ten comics that he loves. End because they are if not un adaptable their perfectly suited to life on the page yeah yeah okay. Could they gags like not all comic need to be made in the movies so calm but I've never even heard. Absolutely yeah I think on his list too there were a lot of sort of question marks in my head to like irregulars and a lot of the names many titles don't know. Yup sort of got on this list I'm Jennifer Aniston a lot of money but this is what I. Bombshell volume one bunker in the case thereby Joseph Sacco cub are gonna Kaiser Kaiser Kaiser Kaiser Kaiser in general are sharing formula that in general he says no one of the most important journalist working today returns to his roots as an underground cartoonist. With this really hilly areas volumes. Satire. Saturn rises can. Think I know you weren't. Right Iraq or how about bubbled up in cedar presents. I have a stroke you guys are you can never be able to tell though nobody can be tight guitar. I hasn't gotten enough. I was on the everything. The horse past and future of America's executive privilege polls open. Injection by Warren Ellis and the client is shattered. Shallow movie and Nedney forty Bel Air. Perfect blend of crime science fiction and horror with some of the most beautifully executed action scenes ever designed. Dick lynch out Caplan stick with the plan. Do you get Quinn I think that I think that's pretty and is that the north Oakland. Think you've become the lakes are resolute at a Texaco to help people get their attention prodded by Alan Morin Jason Jason didn't really give. JC and Jason really you know that's a magic NJ John chase chase borrowed an administrator in the history of comics is doing some of the scientists where ever. With artist Jason boroughs and they're hurrying Horrow in heroin heroin. I know I I I don't even know how I don't think he's father a lot of really big and complex. It's. OK words in this in this text here and there apparently it it's one of those things I know I read this thing it's like did ever make fun of anybody. Who cannot pronounce something because they probably learned by reading it yes exactly and then I mean yeah I read almost two GB I worry that you'll see much changing you never eerily similar allowed I even like more harrowing in normal conversation nobody never heard tell of magic are two. Top. The more I learn. So you harrowing exploration of love Kraft gap left I asked him another one is I love this part by Tilly Walden. A creator who's half my agent twice as talented and I'll ever be. Says frank came on. Telling Walden is the master of gorgeous clean melancholy change skates now I have seen that coming and he's not wrong it's really really good gift check on how do you feel like. Moonshine. By you Jesus and Brian as a row and Eduardo resold. Maybe reality is totally filling my Mexican flair in their somebody's son and I very open as any of it and sort of go to school. Another one of the worst stories by Garth Ennis and Thomas I area aria you know this one and actually not sure this person is Tomas so I'm gonna go probably aria aria. I don't think any writer had in any medium right to better not logged in Garth Ennis. As evidenced by and you volume in this series which explores lesser known battles for more war two in brilliant detail who. Couple more on his lips that's fixed by nick Spencer and nasty Weaver. Who our the period to cut cut cut cut that in this insanely funny series about two extremely dirty LAPD detectives is the black is Connie being published today and sounds amazing. Are expanding uterus by Alex Robinson. Chief he had. Didn't go to the government of Lebanon has created the my favorite slice of life comics. And that some fumbles story about five near city friends grappling with early or Middle Ages best yet. A resident alien by Peter haute in and Steve park house. Feature and one of the most likable protagonist and murder I've ever encountered in this series follows a benevolent alien new. Crash landing honors poses a human doctor and spend a day solving mysteries all waiting for right home that might never come. I've heard a lot of good things about how are entitled to have an edge history give myself but I've heard that it's. Really really good in this actually super screen awesome and I'll explain why and a sack and a all right tenements towers and trash unconventional. Unconventional illustrated history of New York City by Julia words. Well the plays voices in comics is now also won New York city's most inching historians. Check up from the Julian warts is fastening comes reasons a new Yorker Harper's magazine while you wait for the sparks Kelly and 2017. So jury awards I've been a fan thousands I would like fourteen years old she straight lake bio like comic online called on the far party. I adds Stevenson had a change is she's a look at I mean I'm pat and I knew he had. Well out usually usually her life been like for talking with their like her family in dealing with life and she lived in San Francisco then moved to New York where she is now and she loves traveling around and she goes into. Click old. Like asylum in cool places and she gets the history elements she creates really cool are with stuff she finds. But I remember being like fourteen or fifteen years old and she's like she send me money I will send you a dump him for your number church com and site. But two dollars then I'm like I would love a dump in from random. Sherri with two dollars and resemble OK and I got my pins in the mail and an eagle fourteen years old. And I know we love our dollar on mr. Graham and faster rarely she's gone through a lot of help to reflect our hidden in the she's gone there's a lot of trials and your relations and don't battled addiction like I did see you later read some things she wrote so like I know a TV show knowing enough. I would surname Kaplan Kaplan. Lizzy Caplan no Lizzy Caplan never knowing that it. Irish names on route you're pushing it was McGwire no more affluent are tired it was you or moved. I the issue of Max Michael Gordon. Michael Bush league Kaplan golden medal she even mean girls. Hey gas and cloverfield. Yeah I got to getting idea hey our Mary communicating in in mean girls she played like there on the golf he friend yes. But she was gonna play her in like a TV series or something Kosher but age is never happening to she just didn't work out and she's also masters is sacked on back. It never really rideau Julie showed a lot of stuff on her play and in her personal life and I just think she's awesome to see her succeed. Especially a lady of her talent. Arianna you know when it was originally dismissive it's been someone you've been following for so long yeah actually it's all like to clear yeah when you've been watching their. I don't call character are this person comes trying to get you know you say it's a real person worlds characters in this big men play in yeah him Ventura. It. Good news. Earth that is our content so I'm really really don't recognize my brain came on like that is freaking awesome would it even after that because he really comes up is just as later this year rate. Lisa where again it doesn't like that. Tony seventeen lingo seventeen then ran an out of 317 so hopefully I don't pretty fast are any effort to blunt a next time guys. Dignity. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. 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