BJGN04-21-17 - Board Games - Star Trek

Friday, April 21st

BJ & Chris talk board games with Arcadia Quest: Inferno, Masmorra, Burke's Gambit, & The White Box; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about the Star Wars Celebration; BJ & Chris discuss the new, restrictive, rules Paramount is putting on Star Trek fan films; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's speaking nation in high in the reverent and play go across for meat is Vicky Barcelona unparalleled. We crystal walker mr. walk like they've fat no okay. The show's namesake Vijay she gave an. Okay. Is that this girl looks familiar does it really happen and whenever there is a Vijay it is usually has been co lead and played as we knew me and I. I know that having gone around saying I'm my theory is. Harry's been goalies are 912 play in various floor not the same person that's using the normal theory but we're both gone the same time. And running the boards as the one the only if drop the G I know my religious friends loser in the work I know I was super Gaza one you Enron non lunchtime carry out a couple city's mayoral. Oh no he spoke lots my son smokey said things they do. They stood slowly brought achieve big TV and special guest Brandon juror was it's all good guys now I know hole and so naturally we talked about doctor six yes and I. I tackle and a play games on the modcast yes did you ever play a Myanmar I got a game you're playing him. Or his reasons for this well on today's show we will be talking about some board game can I get some information about these Star Wars celebration from Garrett bond Colin box. Or is it fun. And if you're gonna get some information about other star he's being starring sorry ease things in space yet fingers base. With mystery science theater 3000 and some start trick. Weird news on the fan Bryant. Vicky how can people get ahold of us. They get a hold of us the air Webb say it's gonna have all our information is just feeding each nation dot com. You can like us on pace but just in your lead and she's geek nation he also follow us on Twitter and instead Graham and Ferrero are happy digging nation. You didn't actually with a voice on one Amy DO TQ 43353. Tennessee not be digging mission in We'll watch our video that YouTube dot com slash B digging nation and if you want another way to listen to us beside the iTunes I don't who decides our web site. I know. Him is on the field and oh yeah oh yes and Exxon. Play geek nation onto an and doing in tune in what is dude dude doing in two when he in PSI is there tuna but to mean to him to compete in a low. But I guess our agreements and is O Ryan also from mama I don't know yet there and as rocks and. And tonight notes that we've we've declared a house rules don't and this is something you guys should implement and your homes as well on how to marching her around if you get the tuna bowl the second you get the tuna boat or save the word tuna boat you must explain expect you know. Very enthusiastically say tuna and you know exclude I had everybody has to do it's like sub I think. Dirt. In the boat won't know no. And what happens if you don't do events Wheldon your disappointment to our east commence yes. We have to what I okay it's been in the bag recovered from our. Okay. And I know I don't find and wow well I guess sensitive security through some board games Douglas Starr was a board game this is unprecedented there is normally we talk about board games and either. Blow money is there Wednesdays but right now we've got plenty of time. Because well Walking Dead isn't going on now I don't have the millions I don't know how a lot of free divers policy not what I'm I'm I'm almost not ready for this good was the remedies. It's all right well as you know is a fine via a week believe program called IB JJ's board game alliance true and one of the fine numbers on their Josh is the mini master IA guy if you release any game that has any kind of mini whatsoever it doesn't matter could just speak. You take it may have put on the table and look at it. And that's the game's old. He'll quiet and and so and he knows me he tries even played mini games at the RPG style whatever dungeon crawls and he knows that you know not my favorite. But he still tries I give him credit here because he loves his many so much he's got to play with somebody. I. And so we introduce me to do latest standalone expansion to the Arcadia quest series which. This is archaic course inferno and Chris I don't youth. You play the next game we're gonna talk about in the world yeah Arcadia quest yes you haven't played Arcadia quest westerner. Two of the minis and of course it's a cool mini or not situation and every now seen on just rocks house. Is so how long was for any western games. And any you know what it is man it's it's a standalone expansion so you know Arcadia quest this is a 100% compatible with the original game they introduced four new gills which is kind of fine also new types of heroes. It's a branching campaign systems so that's fun with a story line and all these guilds going into the fiery and Tom I love the art work. I love the minis heated did their really adorable. Bottom end and the way you win is in this game is is that you have to achieve things but you have your other players who can get in the way of achieving things. Also beating you is something you can achieve to basically end the campaign. You get to level up your web Ben and so it has all that fun featured an RPG. Well made well done the artists find the monsters are real cool the way you have to interact with them. In order to get through and I hey I really dig it I love being at the level up there the weapons are fun and cool mr. drafting system when you finally do get to level up and you have certain amount of money you can pay in what you're and so they really it's a fun way to actually do an RPG thing. And Chris you and I played a lot of different RPG games where. You know first we probably play them but we never get back to them we run out of steam on them a lot of times this site think I would like to get back to because for me it's just gonna fail the art all of it is just fun it's a nice experience. And I think that's important. With the game that you're gonna play over and over and over again as saying it's it's got to be pretty it's got to be in danger because I get bored quick with the same game there on on an RPG level. And that's something that we've always ran into you refused to so I'm Josh if you're listening and I know you are. It Qaeda we finally found the RPG gateway game for BJ these great Gloria he knows this and he has our he has I mean seriously he has every Arcadia quest created I don't he has opens his thoughts with just like skilling and so many it's a H one its own character and you in and so that it is there's a lot to choose from to really make this a new experience every time. And I love that takedown mechanic I love the competitive nature of its co if you will. I live you know repetitive as I determine and learn in therapy. Yeah PI NNL and this one here you can be cope edited if you just basically wanna keep somebody else from doing something you might be able to be joined forces with somebody else yeah. It's not as competitive of some other games including must more which he'll tell you about gas. But it's no dice rolling green movement modular board internal player powers in the mechanisms of this game. Hobby Gigi says you know what this game is an eight point five pools. Press inferno. Came out this year and again our cool many or not. It's available go get it it's fun game gas and speaking of that particular game let's go into a must Smart all again it's all us in Chris does no yes yes this I have played and Vicki what I think you would love these kind of games because they're adorable and. Dungeon crawling kind of things must Mora might be a big he's Alley because it's so it can be a one and done thing. If you wanted to be that way. Yeah eliminated is in kicking my butt so ideas I think that's just slight but not Seaver focused you know this one is good because he'd do get a lot of that flavor of the RPG world and you've got characters and they've got equipment that you can pick up and there are months is that you have to fight but it is it doesn't have to be like a legacy gaming doesn't have to keep on going you can play it that way but you can like PG city and one and done with and look. Non line like BJ said this is super cute gal yeah yeah and art on this is great in just like the little mini is. Like Billy got lazy yeah they're arguably TV's yes. I dare ask you your eyes and yes si Mon has done a great job with this and it out and and judges argue amount must margins of Arcadia if now Josh knows more about this than I do I think he said that even the characters in this particular. No on Arcadia quest game are interchangeable with the arcade request characters are. As so this one here is competitive. They call cooperative buddy Jim it's deathly go Canada go competitive you have to get through it set tile by tell all dungeon that you lay down the tile so you don't know where you're going to don't know what you're facing. I love how you face the monsters Chris that their dice that you roll. And on each side is a picture of all of a monster on the guy I die and that's what you get to see which you're gonna go see role literally in the end leave the die where it is that's the most you face never carded. That has its no power its office is special ability all. Cool stuff gets really cool that way because not only is there in the mystery of how the dungeon is going to unfold over the gonna turn over a trap Tyler treasurer and Tyler just during a recorder. You also have no idea what kind of monster you're going to run into a given a general idea of which levels you roll which Dyson some of the dice have stronger monsters on them. But you don't know exactly which ones are you don't know if you are actually prepared for whatever it is you're gonna turn over in that room and I really like that sort of surprise value for it. And is a bayonet and whoever gets to X amount of entry points that triggers the end of the game that's how the game Manso Vicky that's why you love is one and done read you'll love it because as a magic the gathering fanned you actually have cards they can affect the game our eyes you basically -- instance on people. Or they are and I love these cards the cards Abdul abilities either eight you can use them against your opponent or B you don't you know what though if I keep to say get to a strategic points at the end of the game which. Like game. Feel so when someone's holding cards you don't know if they're holding him because they wanted to put the screws to you or they're hoarding victory points. It's a fun game I I I will play I like playing again get the art is awesome the football over effect and I'm sure they gonna do more sets of mosques Mora. And that again you know it's not it's say you take the good folks are cool and you're not and spaghetti western edge entertainment. Do animosity some box which. I mean really is not bad for everything you get in the game it's writing as well price. And equality of the pieces and the and the amazing and it just everything is feels really solid you know I mean anytime call many put something out or combing your not put something out you know that you're gonna get. A really nice quality product and enter it always is not a big deal for the scam yeah. And the last game wanna talk about his game to vacuum up little announcement. You know I don't of those where rule fire resistant type and finally releases only like five minutes. Yeah I expect this you know this could be interest in Vicky might like this is my. Linda yes Vicki I'm not like and it's just if you're a fan of the of the franchise aliens and you're going to like this oh Levy yeah you like I told you about this on what we played it. All right are you what I played in Arab League twice I got egg egg again like big yes stress dynamite okay how I know how to play I don't cooled by day what's at home. It's called Burks GM bits and you all remember the character burqa Carter it's and have played by and I. Paul Reiser thank you sir yes I've seen that movie 214. Times that's a lot of times you know and that's accurate and that's an accurate and dismemberment we believe that's true yeah I. And up Paul Reiser played the character beautifully well and if you remember Chris oh what oh what is so special about mr. Burke in the million U. Reverse mr. Burke was a that was an acquisitions executive for the way when you Tony corporation and error in their. Bio weapons division. In his whole idea was sacked how many go and I capture one of the easier or more springing back to earth so we can study it and perhaps. Breed more he can turn into an army because that's totally works out that they'll see that sounds like a great plan Carter. All and I have to tell you. What a great idea for a secret identity hidden agenda game. I feel really badly for the company that owns Alienware the movie companies like remember. Because of the fact that man and somebody should have had a conversation with the designer of this game. You know some vicious and hey Robert Gates we wanna talk to you we should make some money off of its. Because Robert doesn't mention alien at all and Burke is a name that you can just get us there are now they're here doesn't actually throw all the first names so therefore it says Burke. And I love this this is a game that basically says your office space ship whiz. Somebody may be named Burke who worked LePera I think he works for a specific corporation which I love it it's there where I and I kidded the acquisitions something something corporation and it does begin with the letter S on both of those the next who are so you work for the NASCAR community need PC NN at so I had the idea is simple you're on the ship. And if you are either a member of the ship which means you do not want this alien creature that's infested one of your two mates to get home with a terrorist. If your party asks group unit which is basically the reds seem like there's isn't the bad guys you do want the infected human to get to earth. And the game uses dye ace so it's dice rolling there are partnerships there's player elimination but it goes quickly once you've been eliminated. Variable player powers everybody gets to be a leader a captain or an engineer or are still way. So unlike the resistance it's not just OK you're either good or bad and then we harangue all the time. There is OK you know the teen Iran and then you also find out if you're infected or not and it. You yourself will never know if you're infected but other people can check on you because you have to find out where the infected person is. Because you wanna jettison him off the team so you could actually be infected but still be on the team that wants you to tick them off the ships have you get aids you know drop the ship. You wind if you're a good guy. Yet and so the dice rolling his fun because that allows you do certain things there's also killing you can actually shoot people you have a chance or heal people. So when the resistance does not allotted to stop people from really doing stuff but in Burke scanned it it goes quicker. You can reveal yourself as a spy if you will or a bad guy quicker than you would on the resistance because sometimes it's to your advantage is going you know what out of care on a bad guy. I wanna start killing people because it's gonna help us in the vote gap. I like the game a lot more that we haven't played it enough to see if it breaks down to Bob as always seems to happen at the end is just it's just to dice roll random thing to see who wins. That's a possibility but I haven't played enough to see if that. Really drove well and there's a nice. Turn number limit you have a certain amount of time before the ship gets to earth to figure everything out right. And if you can't get it done in that amount of time and then make one last vote. You lose anyway so. I like there are so many different pieces to this they really come together and former really really nice cohesive whole and and I love that about this game but not to mention the fact that it's in the universe of one of my single favorite movies. Yeah I can't even though they don't mention right exactly. So that's called versed dammit that's a relatively inexpensive game I mean you can yeah I mean something I've seen people selling it for like under fifteen box yeah yeah plays about twenty minutes Vicky and it really really does some of plague in like that there but I actually. It didn't get stressful because I was dvd Baghdad both it hasn't played in a row coming at and they did the hardest part about that is both you and Sean was on board game alliance. Are really analytical logical when you're thinking about stuff you guys have this whole conversation the entire time. And you had both times you figured out exactly that it was me. The first time you didn't quite believe that it was me now it's let me win. The second time you guys had no calls about it and I was just like screw it fine I'm just gonna try to kill all of you dads clearly didn't work out because I think shot it was easy you are at that point here and I couldn't do any dammit why can't do any any Arianna. Studied a with a four player game because there's only one bad guy and a four player game that's a challenge for you. I does slip to eight players in the more players you have been there it makes it a lot easier for the bad guys so I we haven't played it up just four player versions of Vista no. Which is you know an egg you just like the resistance you need at least five the play that. Though I think the resistance goes a little easier with five minutes seem to go for red being the only spotted a few well that's hard and I was lying to you all you guys had to do it twice and -- I don't know I don't know what you're gonna get that point about this put out by a company you wouldn't expect to put a game like this up because they're known for other kind of games whiz kids actually has put this not a which is that whiz kids by the way great company which is why I was surprised that somebody didn't go to the movie company go one it would just make this an alien game it would sell them oh yeah even still it's it's really good Burks gambit nice thank you so much in also one last thing and you guys wanted to mention a kick starter that I was wrong they must do being completed. The white boxing game diet as game design workshop in a box. This is really interesting is a truck body Jeremy Holcomb we play a lot of we've played some gays and Jeremy he's also game designer works for big company and he knows his stuff and playing games of him is tough 'cause if you think John and I are analytical. Carry me clinics it's it's like playing with Watson I mean really I. That's how Jeremy is and and die he because of his world of game design and what he's done. It what do brilliant kick starter he wants to help people. Make games like take the idea that you have in your head and put it out there and so he's come up with a white box and. Chris of mussina because they don't it's impressive how it's amazing so you get not only do you get a lot of random. Sort of generic playing pieces mean people's encounters and you know I'd dice and things like that and cards. To sort of help you get an idea of how a game we'll play in space shall Leo everything's going to work out. There's also included in this a booklet with a 128 different essays from other people who have. Made games wow and how they went about it and what worked and what didn't end this is this is truly an amazing tool for anyone who's looking to get into this world to get into game design and like most people have ideas and in the last only went door to con I had a great idea for. A kind of a Friday the thirteenth slasher type game to buy an eye and explain it to you and Josh is oh that's great and then I have. Gone nowhere within yes. We don't have the resources to really sit down and say okay here's the salute you that'll do you don't know what it's gonna take on that's a nice thing about this boxes and gives you a little bit of everything. Yeah this it comes the book and eighteen essays on the game design and production 128 from out of nowhere. Page county. I played again I imagine yeah. Take not a problem buddy AD then could we ask you rely on me all you need is 18 o'clock that I like all the bits in shifts and everything. Eight notice is you REIT Ole ES punch outs and tokens I mean this is really a cool. I wanna just because the fact that frankly I went out and separately bought a bunch of meat balls because it's only sometimes I'll get what I I want my games to be better and get better quality like components and then I saw this white box might look I only wanna make a game but I don't want to tell us honestly I can't you give media 128 page book. Yes give all the other pieces that's a deal and so anyway EI Jeremy we may have a month later tells more about because I think it's pretty fascinating and he also was just brilliant game designed. But checking out a kick starter is called the white box is live now if you -- anybody ever thought you wanna making gaming a life this will make it easier for you to make it happen. The light box thank you so much on that went now we're gonna get into some sprees Chad's face drive around and data that day. Learn we're gonna start this off with Garrett front skewed and read you know that has SK NR dot net because him and his troop of buying that fellows and ladies. Who scour the earth they're actually able to go to these Star Wars celebration do you Orlando home stand so without any further do you mister Gaston college rock purist on Colin box fresh from these Star Wars celebration and man this is the one thing that everyone is talking about. You had people there on hand checking it all out what can you report man. Well there was a lot going on one of these interest in things and obviously we knew the trailer blast Joseph I would be there but what really surprised me was the amount of additional stuff. That came out arm. You know we've talked in the past at pumped. How low it is you're gonna balance itself because they have the 23 expose sure a lot of people thought there'd be maybe here are few nuggets sprinkle belongs here. And revealed there but they've really stepped up from repealed so much dust but we are now just the other day there's a little germ of something. That you may find other two. So they're gonna be teased me or give they've d.s a little bit still happen there but. I know that everyone is going nuts over the the last jet I'd trailer combo what are some the other little bit of tidbits that you you were able to scrounge out. Well it's quite into saying it's basically do it you know they're all linked together she might guest so in the last July trailer we had that very interesting seeing the most public vehicles. Are on eight salt bed with the red dust heading toward what might be walker type things in the beginning. And director ray injunction that scenario that's plan a cold creek used way way up there used spear rebel base and so mining. Facility eaters. A significant event that happened to her powers shall. Well we've found out that apparently Stark's words it's getting an upgrade at just like they did with that your crew contents. Forward do you revamped start worst creek. Currently is going to be featured in the start worst than any one of these shut missions around the rim emissions sometime later this year. Wow also they're just gonna make sure and that once the the new contents flows out of the movie to incorporate that with basically everything they're gonna be drying out there. Right here originally when they did the first her torso was always planned to have additional content they always want with the same mission and then a pure river rough five years ago they revamped it. Whereas the new work country and that there were you know certain things which excludes certain things randomized Chenault the raiders appearance trillion and then of various planets and then they edit the 3-D element and then when the the force awakened came up they added the check coop partner announcement makes do you know. We're serious about this we're gonna keep fresh and coming tied in when various films. And so you know that was a really big deal and then of course tying him with the movies. Every one girl was told that there is obviously as yet unannounced standalone filmed coming and when he wanted to. And a distinction that well we're gonna announce that later this summer is now a new more money on you know my milk which will Chichi 23 years later this summer and July that happiness meet when you announced usually your next two years of film clinched. Might be a good time to see that. And do you you know another thing was the Star Wars rebels and I gotta say and act kind of shocked me. Little yeah that there ending it after this last fourth season. Right then what that mistake or need this approach a producer he had said part of it was you wanna to gloat a little charms it's remember. When he was doing the clone wars they had two more seasons planned out what it was pulled out from under the new -- remember they released acuity and released episodes on Netflix and so on and so forth to allow a large part of that it was business it was because it was on the Cartoon Network and Disney acquired Lucas film and from a business standpoint they needed to have a on their own controlled network soap. You know it's so he kind of was like. Yeah we're going to be working on something else but. A lot of people don't catch Dewey was very slighted about something he did at the show became well with the T shirt on it's a good. The Soka lives question mark as you know big question mustard she'd survived. From the previous tool toward greater. And then they were on the clip and he comes back out on stage the same shirt except. And yet to be early quick captured there the question mark became an exclamation point to. 9 days now I am so people don't like OK so there are so open going on here. And you know the great thing about that is he do you like it says there's so much going on they talked about Star Wars land just coming in when he nineteen their Anaheim and Florida and reaching the buildings credits its massive. And they were showing videos that some near our work in the concepts now it's the largest expansion. In the history of Disney parks which is strained something when you think about it yeah and you know they were show things like. You're gonna get to fly the one in schalken in the top ranking system where let's say you do a better job flying at an issue gore around Star Wars land which you know what we'll start with at least one other traction in restaurants and all of a good step your associates and people bring up your performance on the aircraft throughout the things like you could be in a restaurant and someone could say yeah dirty literally her term plan to ship out there today or something like that and that's great. And we don't they were showing all these little things like a water tank the drains randomly and every element winner trained there's among Telemar and try to think so you don't really looking forward to that we have reports yesterday pop up. Of eight. Star Wars themed hotel that will be opening and yeah I mean that's the sanctions saying that's apparently a thousand dollars a person all inclusive but it stuck up. Attitude gates thing rewrote its short war steam room Star Wars they resort. Special band several literally put you inside the original Star Wars story while will happen wall here in the park and then there's all these other special event set to go into an all inclusive food and all of that. And so you know are reading oldest daughter or my girl my go to America. And then they're like oh yeah and then there's DH Star Wars battlefront true which were hoping to get some hands on time with the B three can't Litsch. I can put over exceptionally well because you don't talked about I have no issue with a put some people were. Look you say they want a more content they got to gather at the start. And and looks like they are very early to listen to what some of the fans were saying not only is there. The ability to play as characters and locales across all the time lunch now just being you know like they said for example you can have. You what are go up against Carlo render whatever you know it didn't hit that you can go prequel Eric. Vs pull more servers loose sequel Arab. All that stuff. But then there's the whole solo flight which state did so they would be chairman and I don't know how much you caught a bit. But I thought about it that said you know this is actually we're really interest and story concept. No I didn't know anything about that. OK so basically what they're doing is there is an Elite Squad of storm troopers collector you know special forces okay. And there are amend to warm up and up some of the rebels. And all the sudden death sure blows up. Oh yeah and their commander is terror and to return dutchess female pictured Romanoff. And your whole life it's just been completely gone. Yeah hers dead raiders coach and everything they've been taught. And it's all belt which I'm guessing that's gonna kinda lead up to the battle chair coup where. She says you know what flight zone over. Well you're truly try and have wreaked you know rally what slept regroup. And what's Tressel on and it's an original story that they said will indeed be Camden. Which you what you play as this female Leach storm trooper. Polling to battle back into work. Where you find out what proportion are you Colbert met this is pretty straightforward you're probably getting hints about what happened at church who helped first order raptors are you know that these are possibilities are endless and you're also gonna have a new. Book that ties in with this ship well lo and lots of really interest jumps up and I mean there's tons of other books and comics coming as well but I just. I love the way that even though it spanning multiple errors they're trying things and so well. Now all Roma fortieth anniversary approached. It's funny because everyone was kind of sad when they decided it did turn the idea expanded. Universe into like the legends but they've really have a plan and they really want to streamline it because back in the day sure you would get the licensing but a lot of the times. In not necessarily would be a mess or anything like that but now it's just it just totally streamlined so you can follow one thing to another and frankly that's just amazing. It is that I think that's the beautiful thing about this mean we heard he had you know I mentioned books are so drawn book coming Welch they have a book on captain assessment of that burden of those two men remember that reached these guys Gwendolyn Christie's yeah I did. Who is going to be back in the last year I. Who now they're gonna give me a little more on the back story and there's a whole series of books and comics. Which lead into the events of the last shot I aware of the Adobe we had a little bit about before the force awaken to eat and the great thing about it is. They're not necessary to enjoy the show but they certainly give you a better exact story of some people like to read them before or not though others fail to see the movie. Then go back that we know things to get too much former you know there's a book helped our remember that kind of little trailer to roll one. And that should beauty or the they've just really done a great job leaving it all in together. And like the marvel universe you can see there's a plan you know even though they're talking about. This is the next one this is going to be scandal on the birdie said. They're plotting out the next fifteen years store shelves right now and there's a very great and play and between two games. The movies books television. You know that live action things still keeps popping up forever known that in. Animated things so on and so forth so it's really nice to see him as you know especially now. Budget and technology allow them to take the addition to an even greater level than ever before. And that's super excited because you can experience it the way you want to with as much of that the information out there for you to consume. I love it if you guys want to consume more information about Star Wars tag gaming and even more just head over to skewed in review that is SK and are dot net. Gareth and all of his all of his crew are out there making sure that we get all the Geeknews on time in as information role as possible. Thank you so much Garrett. But he can't charge you shouldn't think he's so much scared again that is Garrett a bug caught on bots from skewed in reviews I was jealous SO all of ours now I really am come on now Vijay yeah this is an interesting thing because you brought this to my attention going from Star Wars to start track star tours back there's. So to be an in Torres seeing issue between the fans really love star Star Trek. And well the people who put it out there forward you know for consumption. The big companies yeah this this came up in my world because I have been following all the Star Trek fan shows of the original series and there's a lot of Star Trek stuff on their fan wise. Are the original series though whether B James Collie or whether it be big magnolia if I format make no not from saying his name right and I read a and and Vick we know and and James Cawley between Star Trek phase two Star Trek the new voyages Star Trek continues and therein and they admit that world those guys have done some amazing things and Vick is vick's portrayal of a captain Kirk is. It is it's hauntingly. Spot on manner also in that one with starter continues Chris doing the son of Jimmy doing plays Scotty and got Chris at the time did not know he's a guy plays Scotty looks like MM sounds like there's a slight well I wouldn't because I guess stories are you so much like Jimmy doing I don't I don't know how they found the Scott Adams isn't there have been some amazing things done when they have been able to recruit original series actors. Our original series writers to contribute to some. Awesome awesome episodes but Paramount. Unfortunately. Has an aunt and saddens me they kind of put the kibosh on what we've gotten used to over the last few years with these with these are original fan may Jones. Yeah they they. Just because of everything that was going on and they felt like they needed to I guess take tighter control of at all which which to me is a little bit weird if these are fans and they're putting out something that is good. Why would you even want to stump on that I thought he would he can only be good for your brand that they. They laid out a EI a series of guidelines were recently released officially you can check out the full text that as starter dot com. Forward slash fan and the rules and well. We're just giving a couple of brief quickly quick he's here for their predictions that are non professional and amateur must meet the following guidelines must be less than fifteen minutes in a self contained story I don't know when that's not to exceed thirty minutes total mile no more than two segments. Yeah the title affair production cannot include the name Star Trek yep and must contain the sub title with a phrase a Star Trek fan production. Cannot use the two official weird content must be original not reproductions re creations were clips from any starter production. Star Trek uniforms accessories toys and props must be official merchandise. While happens if you can make you Steffi you have two of the issue why. All I have from our store at air putting and iron to sorry can't see that as nice. Yellow submarine if you gonna tell me I gotta buy your stuff and and say I can't make a fully tap the so Bob what the hell term there is is this is just because they're coming up with her new show I haven't had to start showing a long time yeah and the movies don't compete with. On mine owner and stuff. But if you're the new shows gonna be on the online platform. So you have to make. I I I I agree delegate totally sucks but from a business perspective you have the ability to be like nobody's allowed to create a competing show on the same platform as us standards like it's kind of built radar even though he had sucks for their gracious in how on the mind. Says that if you open up a bunch of restaurants around each other the more restaurants the more people want to eat it's better. I think it would create more interest in the new series that they're doing these it's it to me it's very very frustrating I can see how we have always point 20 I just think Paramount's missing that vote of the more restaurants the better for you in the long run and if you up the production quality on your staff it's especially if your big company like that he can say yes these handmade things are really great they're doing a lot of stuff. But here's what we're doing with a giant budget gap still consume all of the start tickets she want because there's all but out here. Yeah I think LA any content increases your brand rallies and has it been a Star Trek show so these fans shows have been keeping the interest people who want serialized Star Trek piano is so you're gonna you're gonna suffocate or dangerous path and you and your probably right so. Guys go check it out see if there's anything on your enemy it's a it's a lot of legalese that honestly I'd had trouble wading through to pick out just enough stuff to highlight is like this that you buy it. Yet the sad thing is a thirty minute limit because Iran one hour episodes also from what I read you can't have original characters portrayed. In your Star Trek fans stuff that lead that's right are not enough it's on the air. But that kills this is well it's an act you don't do a thirty minute episode because they've been doing hourlong episodes with Star Trek continues including. The latest ones still treads the shadow which you should check it out because. It's a continuation if you will. Of the solely in web episode in the original Star Trek series written by Judy burns she was the writer of the toll webos as such I love about this is that. You know it's legit because it's like all this is what she would have done to follow up on it and it this story is really good I'm in the middle of that right now and I'm sad to. And that I think is maybe two more I think they're only had to do two more for starter continues and and its dominant. And you know Paramount. I might official statement is I'm a fan since way back of the original show you watched it when it was live. I'm in my fifties I I I by and watch everything that you put out its official. And I am angry you Paramount there needs to be a better way you know why maybe you should go and give money these guys and hire them. And yeah and they let them do it I would I would you know then may be paved. What would I pay a reasonable price to watch these continuation they've all their work has given us a fourth season of the original series precisely. And I love everything has been done and Paramount right now not love feel a whole lot because of this decision. He has brutal but maybe maybe maybe they'll be enough for the fan resurgence to kind nagged. Give them days sit sit back on this. But I mean typically gather really good point they're coming out with discovery and they're gonna wanna protect their property is much watched discovery does not no way I'm not gonna watch drag show because I watch still straight out the latest Star Trek continues. I have to understand their fans' yet that's what I think it's it's it's just unnecessary because I know he's watching Star Trek fans stick on a regular basis. And it's not gonna watch that he started yet. No I'm gonna watch the Star Trek dead I'm gonna watch it with such a pack. Well I will start talking to idea yeah I already had three. She Swiss TV. Vicki I'll what are we that are coming up this week on this one kind of. Leonard again ignoring the sense of based on true life history. It's called velocity is the announcer bring it up because come into its certified fresh at 89% owning what she's about how what is your tomorrow to. It is without a true life drama centering on British explore colonel Percival Fossett who disappeared processing for mysterious city in the Amazon in the 1920s. And it has an amazing pass we have Charlie on them. Oh I know I'll comes a guy I mean depending I feel that this got out Robert patents and part of I like him yeah I actually didn't mind him in in you know in the twilight series and I just say that yes says that he says he's seeing a light itself Clancy. OK I'm not really don't forget he's Syria as secretary Enrique dig eerie since all that remain focused here and this. I Sienna Miller Tom Hall indicate Spiderman dad aunt and apparently and for help the team so. You are your main Yemen and get it Mick Mick. We got our chairman yeah yeah yeah yeah. As well this is based on a hugely popular best selling book actually. A true historical account of these search for this lost adventurer if you will and top seller let top ten lists fur free for months years and when he went paperback just went right back up to the top of the list again and hang out I was really excited runner there were making movie out of this and so on baffling and your turn out who it. The mood out while I always with the next. There's a little elderly married summon a pass at didn't. One man. And it's going to be great to take your kids and if you have an IMAX serie a city that has like a really amazing IMAX screen like we do here in Seattle are okay is it good wanna check out child born. In China and it's one of the Disney nature movies so we kind of falls along three different animal families. China have like a panda mother who's getting her growing baby EN explores did he knows he's in line action. Not is the pledge its documentary basically like following around love animals like hey like National Geographic kind of my you're just telling when there's an area they're noticeably a horrible it is and I'm into digital girl yes I am and they always give the best narrator is true in this rickety John Kaczynski did not acknowledge are mentally I Jim from my office right in monkey kingdom they've done like another one previously that was Tina for game mean for there. The butterfly line was. Meryl Streep so they gonna have like a bunch of shots of like panda is just looking at the concern. That's how. Retailer I had drugging in my thing yeah exactly. Now we also ball a two year old golden monkey who have field displaced by his new baby sister in joins up with the group of free spirit out cast send out another snow leopard. A classic Disney movie it's. And and this is a documentary like he's and I don't the golden monkey is they give these things you don't know them that I have to watch documentaries are like they did their research and tell us. Tell me three years and had a lot of areas of the golden monkey model the clothes on as the golden boy I guess that's what I thought process a golden multifamily is my BC was government. While nice and I just happened thank you there's. Also blame other snow leopard an elusive animal rarely caught on camera rats. He says the real drama of raising her two cubs a one of the harshest and most unforgiving environments on the planet who in needed attention movie you going east they're visually stunning they do their work. So I don't know about our Max if you want to guy like Chris Angel who's listening and visually stunning arguing it was compliment to ask himself whether he can cut back sort of hey how big is that it on the old movies first weeks. So yes I have to ask you okay I was underwhelming defense. Hey guys they don't lay up there was little another half hour. He could still watch the faces serious Soriano I don't know other there is turn bastards. What's good episodes on pointed out of things really driving fast league series your hair. Wow contest through puddles out Kazmir he's doing our RR at Tatum although I'll need you we did it is my guess Vickie sheriff you're just magazine don't drive faster your boss next time senior aides. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club.