BJGN04-24-17 - Apocalypse: the Risen

Monday, April 24th

The gang talks TV with Powerless, MST3K, Doctor Who, Class, The Expanse & Into the Badlands; Rev talks to Donoven Brines, CEO of Rusted Portal Games, about their new tabletop RPG Apocalypse: the Risen; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shays each nation and high in the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona today. We've cut crystal walker mr. Obama guess glad and hope. BJ she day he showed namesake is the interpret over there yeah I am not have Bob back when I was already back are already back I hear right words thank you again dad or fourth I like being born there and back again not as the goalie joined as Silva. And padding the lords is. Who drives a G. All right soon Michael and since Seattle. We will be talking on TV and then I will be talking tabletop RPG's in the post apocalyptic. Future. Subject you love how we act right now you take out our own backpack Vicky how can people get ahold of us holding in check out our podcasts and gonna have a and our website all this stuff Fiji and Asian dot com. You like us on face the rays are here to meet AG's each nation. Follow us on Twitter and instead Graham did. I'll look indexes do the voice 1980 GQ 43353. That's an email like eating each nation at Check other videos you get out complex BJP nation and join another way to listen. They can listen through our web site even within their iTunes. He can also listen through your Amazon account you can and that's just say elect's sun for the next played each nation on CNN. Wow all right there apparently again there. He should respond to please generation here she's nicer let me ask if Vijay has won is she nicer when you say please and we're not speaking to return. Oh lord only I guess we have to announce until I shut the hell up all of them as she responded he's square. That I got frustrated series like now both of that language and I will say yes but I'm not gonna tell you exactly what I say because you know it's private between Lex and myself yeah Italy early and I share and you know it just like damn movie her healing power vacuum cleaner do you. Wow how dark dark turn allow you know I have a room bust. I have a terrifying. BJ's robot series buses leave and have already drama really so that is a guy complicated enough that if does this woman who's talking that way about me I feel for the like she's correct when I ask Harry continue to key isn't like you and current. That's that's that's. All right thank you so much at I think we should just get right into talking TV because there's still going on Iran first off his. Anybody else watching power less yelled yes okay cool huh yeah it's grown on me big time you add big time because the more I'm watching it I love. All of the actors I love all of their characters. And the writing is really really hit or miss for me. I don't I'm not really lobbying all of it and I was just wondering if everyone else's where they're out on it because I am. I'm not necessarily sure if I had wanted to keep watching it I occasionally will hold my breath until well into actions up on the screen because as soon as he does gold cup is so good yet he is so good the actors I think are definitely carrying that Shelton yeah I took the areas are still being carried by the premise lake there's no other sitcom that bike. It gets to a site I world like this that's not like ten more your integrated gas cell at the very least like the idea what what happens when doctor Psycho attacks the citizens. It's like also a sticker on it is still good premise he's like that yeah now good. And and you know I am and they are yeah I did Allen tunic is great I I meant I meant he's a complete idiots need plays a complete idiot so well. I'm now starting to like the last the last episode with the jacket on nine I'm I don't know the characters' names I'm sorry. But he sees he could ease daddy daddy daddy had a bad there carriages yeah any day now you guys are getting so Kenny and into Korea and met was at its Teddy Teddy Teddy RTN New York yes. So Teddy AS so Teddy and the focus group was really fun Gary. His relationship with green fury or all or trying to have a religion agree freeh was good dad love what they did with the Olympian and the whole company up camera so I thought the guy I have to tell you amend the show has grown on me and read your right sometimes you go now that was a flat line but the cast and and they must renovate the girl who. The big big that the girl whose studies body and and Ron punches body. I don't really care engineered BI had only child I Cameron and she's great stories more and more she is she showing her acting chops. And this is an example I think of really talented performers. Who are going to take whatever mature they're given and make it the best they can be in some day and may be is the show gets traction they might even may say you know maybe you'll try writer over here. See what this is about because it's it's due informing it really does yeah I think at this early season to end its season to look very good look yeah am I you know even so like parks ordered an office Truman Ferris becomes ever both their season ones are. Pretty back definitely miss Italy thank you have to get you know. They did get the budget comedy is really hard. You know it's all about chemistry and it's also interesting on that and because of first up NBC is historically known for letting things got a drop off before they get a chance to completely baking and and at the same point. Yet if the writers can get comfortable with the voices that they're searching for these characters they're still think they're trying to feel loud would they want it to court here to be it's quirky it's geek he. And I'm like you McCarrick is now they're starting to gel for me and I'm love on the premise I mean hitting you know and talent to Dick man. I hated it I asked god he's so good and you know we see him as so much stuff but this this is his his his comedic timing. And if you watch Tucker in Del Rio a vs evil yeah obviously a little of that and Allen is. Rape and Vanessa Hudgens man I hope they gonna find a better person be the straight if you will the straight character of the show I agree I quite like Abbott I took Costello yes. She is the straight man of the show and and the band and the blonde two and a blonde woman who is they Dili on the other one the only other one on the show the secretary secretary as you just ten dollars she's a she's tolerate I should probably get the names of these people. And I'm. Because they're all so damn good. Calm -- the actors really are great they had to Enron funds is menacing just fun to watch the song yeah he's one of my favorite comedians get an idea if you ever get a chance Ameen it's up on the Comedy Central have watched it at midnight with him on it. Did you see him in his element who's this downing of that but I loved him in this what was he was on another show that was on gas was and is dating shell gas. On the table and dad yeah he was great on the eyes I don't know really prefer that show it all but again I love punches so that was one of those beyond what do you like I I love and again Sunday double but he did you know powerless definitely speaks to me more daring aerial and I in almost a goalie it's fun to see these heroes. Okay you know do what they're doing in the special effects are pretty yeah now. How sick I mean really hero Danny piazza but it's getting closer to some of the water. I'm like us like men powerless is definitely worth the check out because if you like superhero stuff and you like fund comedies. I think this is gonna get its legs I hope NBC news in the second season he's got a plays with me. Nice are moving on to that let's talk about our company we forget our idea down well we say yes we gotta talk about mystery science theater three that is what I thought it ever missed it on Friday because it has had so much else to talk about and we had already Chris and Larry talked about to ask why does he really can't mrs. Garrett threw yeah. I love the fact days earlier talking BJ about binging the show. And in mark Chris and I kind of agree that this is a show that you necessarily don't want to binge because it's a movie after movie reviewer guy you know law and it's hard to go in just sit well I don't want downwind there as you know let. Week as we weekend that was who I was speaking to because you have no doubt about a lot of stars mystery science there are 3000 well yes I am GAAP Tom. I did I wanna bring it up because the fact all of our favorite people are in there and you know we host a windows domain radio show in Seattle a morning show on Iraq station. And some of the kindest people that we have interact with. Chris Hardwick will Wheaton Phillies should day who have been so gracious and kind to sign on so many levels. I just love that they're altogether and of course an extended family Joan race is of course he's been on the murders podcasts and they know awesome by young teammate of Chris Hardwick. I always wanna take the opportunity to plug anything they're doing because they're just great people often and that's why some ballwind they had talk when because I think Joan a man. Not an easy thing to think that he was gonna fill jewels shoe hands and be you know the main dude and I didn't realize that he was part of says a nerd is Stanley is so close a leg yeah harder with. Hardaway doing the podcast at our years together yeah I knew him from the Comedy Central shows a meltdown because they were doing standup guy in the back of a comic store the meltdown and LA and it was just a bunch of comics in hand. Anyways just it was super fun to see. Nerdy comedy. That is it just all about geeks stuff you know and it's eight I was I was is static to hear that they were bringing it back. And then I was very very happy to see Joan ever really take up that mantle. And these are done by geeks who arms who loves the source material. And they wanna pay homage to it while doing their own thing as well what is just really good death. Yeah and I think it's updated some people it's a do some real offensive night there was a complaint is that. Here's too much talking to many jokes sometimes they do the job before it happens but I think what they've done is that for the I'd have for this new generation of a shorter attention span and I think that that's necessary I believe that's gonna get a younger audience to dig because. If you go back a look at some Mosul MS keynote emissary treat cancers retains a dynamite or got a. Yeah I. You know they can be a little slow for younger people and so I think that was really Smart that they quicken the pace just to bid. And of course Patton Oswald I you have communities so you have people. Foley's attorney David who is just god it. I love everything Philly should dozens this is such a fun role for her as well and I'm just so happy with his production on all levels of the moving on Netflix by no dad moving on from that let's go and continuous of space and time AM here Doctor Who back. And I'm the damage done and Eminem and hello. So happy it's back on Mike wanted to one of the bonuses to not having and April you know showing of game of drones or April showing of or from black. Is at least well all right we and we get a false showing a Doctor Who but at least that will fill that gap in the spring nice. Love this my guide did the new companion pro MacKey who plays bill is terrific. I I I think it was the best first episode for a companion. You know and then in the modern heiress is rose Tyler I put it on top I put up Karl Karl my daughter Kyra watching lol and you know roast Tyler is is basically cirrus companion it was her first Doctor Who yeah that was her companion she was in tears when rose left the show. Mildred and boy if BI and pearl Mac he's bill. Oh it's so good it is so so good and you know I think she really is a good partner with Peter compounding what Sara noticed she said you know what I love. And as spoiler alert but you know could broke character bill is is is not interested in men. So Sarasota this is great we ought to worry about any sort of love thing they can just go hang his buddies. Which I think you know what for a lot of new fans they didn't like the romance they just like the fact that the doctor just hung out with his companions his friends there was no romance. Of course a lot of people who are Matt Smith and David Jennifer and say. How would Iraq. Wrong and my team is watching that show that. What it was called the pilot great episode by the way I have to get to one of the creepy is too. Monsters. On the show where these aliens that basically. They were able to Amman. Well it was a puddle oppose a monster and it is a great CGI and Stephanie hi am boy I'd never seen before she played Heather. She was thought three years monster re sing on the show. The ending was fantastic totally Doctor Who and what I love about Doctor Who is. UCL a monster you think it's a monster and then of course stood brilliant part about Doctor Who is they explain away that although it's just science science will explain away fear if you've given a chance that is the message of doctor no you know which you loved that little kids in some with little adults. Okay. I'm. So the first episode was great I'm loving pearl MacKey. This of course I guess is Peter compel these last fall yeah and that's why even now they even showed a teaser of him regenerating and they do that all the time our you know you see the regeneration energy they would Matt's mad they did it with David Tennant where they sacred generated. So I'm assuming you. Because like this a Christmas episode so I got to thinking that it be compelled he's an alum I don't know why I haven't done a lot of research. But I think this is a fig regeneration CNET they just teased us whereas there now and I here's what's to come on the series. Very very good though com and pearl MacKey is description of its artists either you love it was somebody sees the targets for the first time. And I I love how they always find a different way for someone to have their first experience in the dark as well as the viewer we've seen it all the time that we are asking me inside you know that's the better that's. So pro MacKey is her her and bill's interpretation of her first is who's in the targets. Loved it really really low they they take you back to is if you're watching the show for the first time I love that's what the name of it's the pilot even though it's not the pilot episode. It's sort of it was an interest in title from Stephen Moffett also his last season as you know as the show runner. Loved it Doctor Who got it gets better and are up BBC America it's on every I think Saturday night are you still keeping up with the expanse. Have you I guess I am Bob before you get to that though I would I did talk about there was a show they premier right after Doctor Who I know scifi show called class. And the reason I bring it up is because well ahead Peter can probably as a guest star is a Doctor Who tie in. Coal hill academy is where this takes place and Colo academy has had his it has had ties to this show Doctor Who since the sixties because that's where his granddaughter went to school. And the first companions who were schoolteachers were the guys are for struggled with. William cartels doctor. This basically is evolving our high school kids who now have to fight monsters including a prince. And his slave or if you will somebody was knocked for a prisoner of the first episode is really into easy as they explain the relation between this prince of a planet and his slave. They're the last two surviving members of their planet it had to let that they had last ballot battlefield again five until it. With different classes of beings and their traveling together. If you've never seen Doctor Who do you would you still get a it would Giuliani would need to see doctor and got you this is a fresh show you could start. I think if you're young person or you know you feel like discuss the characters to heroes of the show are the young people often. And I'm gonna get a guy you know I'm a Doctor Who Sam will see what this new you know if I can gel with these characters but it's on directly after BBC America and obviously they they're trying to make a new young hits like a monster show gas involving young people high schoolers and that's what this is so cool is called class a class on BBC America nice thank you now talking about the expanse yes as CR Qaeda yes no well. Though truth be told as of the recording this podcast no oh he had Kyra yeah the way we do we were spoiled us anyway because obviously not too long ago less than a week ago was the season finale and just ask. But obviously I Joey join the prodigy and I love watching the show. Lots of stuff going on all man Jerry you know really characters you saw just you know lost their power all of a sudden have Rio and I mean there's murder there's intrigue. There's politics is going to show judicial just goes to show you that no matter what time it in our development as human beings. We're all going to be a whole world is gonna have a whole Scalia and they're probably going to be politicians because she nearly every. He. Sure Od good gosh Lou is on getting an AC plus she plays Christian of course. I she's also an a new movie called the promise with Oscar Isaac is not did nothing I was space but it's about the Turkish and Armenian. Genocide yeah but Oscar Isaac and sheer and that of course they're both terrific. She's great I love her only Afghani and you know I sure as Charest as really an amazing actor and she's so kick ass in the expanse. As if you will be only politician with a heart and with morals even though she's done a lot of bad somewhere yet she bends those more of their arsenal out here who else is watching the show you know. I and so am. I hated bush and then the prodigy and the prodigy is finding this to be. I do you still think this is data season was great because it was a mystery we don't know what the hell's going on yeah I don't like he's into as much simply because after it introduced characters that were relevant and then kind of just here off of them as the season went on but I do like the upper respiratory disease and want more now in season two pitchers CC irrelevant because I like the new scientist guy who's exploring Venus I like him I like gonna need. Hang up anyway OK guy it is beginning Mitchell whole crew was irrelevant I dug a hole there of the policy guy yeah I guess I thought they were relevant because of why she would flip down because because the fact you know that was her then she was dedicated marine and they basically spoiler it sacrificed. You know two to base they sacrificed it for a demo artists sell. I'll bet a warrior yes spent a lot of time on it the and I don't feel it was necessary because they kind of try to regulate what the characters and it just. You don't kill them off halfway through this season and it was common well there is an hour to screen -- these characters that I speak at this point I knew they would do that there and I think they could have taken a little assembly that you're right because -- why I was surprised and they were all day about her what you set out politicians that -- this season one and -- that -- their brand martyr who I love that but like even the new scientist with the kid on Mike this is just yet I hate that I you're right I hate that storyline that is not I don't I want the -- to be dead I'm like if you uncivilized how seriously I'm so -- here that sort of -- of -- so -- this story I like that I just so I don't wouldn't exist yeah exactly I wanted to be like got a big monster creature and I want that to be the one its running around trying to -- I wanted to be her -- she takes -- the dad would that make you happy. So I want you are gone and dead inside by I don't know I think they'll love stories we now what's his face in the chick I'd be out kind of how I already that's. Due to an end. And has now. Judiciary literally yeah I'm Naomi right Naomi yeah I do like those characters is that the data that might come on we don't need this guy Esther you know an Amos is awesome game has ruled Amos is the man also Alex the pilot and I mean how bad that core crude on the Rossi. Love those guys just different my favorite mr. Khatami is the most like. Jarring but also realistic surgery in January and is really flushing it out as we're getting a little bit more about his life as you know basically is a jar head is what he is dead and he's dead without actor by the way. West Chatham zoom a great job with him man up and I'm still like you don't so watch and it's happening. Yeah and I had any sue and I can't wait to see basically you know the the alien punish her you know we we know we're gonna see Thomas Jane Barron oh yeah they're not getting rid of this process you and maybe it's going to be pro uninsured which I can I mean that's dad. And so the expanse by the way did other season finale you'll be able to be injured somewhere I'm sure yeah and we'll get to that eventually Leo what's our about it next week yeah you can watch it including me and other show that you've been watching that I'm waiting deal of finish up to us start to finish of season one and a terrible person because I know it's amazing tennis still haven't got around to it into the badlands you. And here's the set they someday we're gonna talk about iron fist. And it's you know and owns and I don't we everywhere it's really funny we knew we haven't been clamoring to talk about I I like I have marbles arrow down and tried to watch it I've watched your reaction VG FY around Zeke he's reaction I want to go there wanna dig around and had even likes. Tried to start at a local that I haven't even attempted it's really unfortunately what a failure in what has been successful for all of the daredevil Jessica Jones even Luke cage which was lackluster for me but still. To me head and shoulders are way above what iron fist was unfortunately has and and then I realized arrow the yeah Nigeria was only right we see aero. And I think you know really you know Stephen ML is if he is just much more of of other better character than Danny ran then they're both kind of the same guy. It's funny because there's a character that you wouldn't want to root for and I found myself rooting for the entire time and I was like OK I want this to happen for the spurs even though you're not supposed to reference to her sit you down. Mostly got little say that I gotta kill to edit the colts haven't talked yes definitely that I am not pleased but not really loudly as kind dirty trick and a this is visual daggers in my heart music talking about when my favorite comic book have you seen the gentleman yeah I don't have to tell about. You're gonna do you you're gonna all right sitting here bitching about how awful they really. In your childhood. I ask how a son and a steal yeah our guys back there and may have out of this is the troubled too is that video there is another martial arts show up there in an amazing universe into the badlands. Which is so good again. It is so well done I love this show. And it's a post apocalyptic world where people are now allowed to have guns and they've got these barons and a place called the badlands and now I love it inside though what that. The place called the badlands inside is actually the best place to be on earth because outside of the badlands it's the worst Lance oh wow you know which we're finding out about this season nick frost of course a good buddy of our show as well and anything nick frost doesn't always talk about who's been so kind to us and our shelves. Nick frost is great comic relief. Love what you know I've I compared to him before you know to two mom mark caddie has been a veto it that kind of comic relief he's just really really good. And yeah him him along with Daniel Wu is a sort of like you know this this if you will of which in you know butch Cassidy and Sundance got a relationship they have is they're trying to get back into the situation hit its all down and I will tell you if you are I can remember the boy's dad what was that movie with Denzel Washington where that. Cloud got Chloe emirates were was in it as well both the what that it will you let Larry play so the bad guy and equalizer Martin's sock is is good place Quinn. And Quinn is so good in this. And the first season quince a baron guy and he's basically like leading all the barons of all the badlands well I won't spoil what happens vacation wanna be in to watch but things go bad Quinn can second season we got a hold different Quinn. And Kyle and I first we didn't know that we were gonna siddiqui in this season we weren't sure what the hell we're gonna see Wal-Mart sockets is just you know. Thus focus sockets he's here he's just on such great job so he Daniel Wu. Some dealings illness the show OK now I hear favorite Stephen Lang is good and they would have who I was hoping would be cable but I mean I'm okay with panels he doesn't yet he has a great KBS and his agree would be a great cable Stephen plays a good character in this he has a busy Bal battled Warren but still very valuable guy I've never seen matrix in my chest for a wheelchair before my life and he does. I. You know also Emily Beecham place the widow she's great the only problem having with this season. Is that MK which is you know he plays a character that's got a special power when he gets cut. Not that he did to death from the runway is is there. And Scott Downey camp yet doesn't have a staff but he's unfortunately this season really reminding me of episode two in three and a Tim and I. Not. Yeah he's a little too whiny for my liking and another line you save a little easier. You know. And that's the only complaint that I haven't even that's a small complaint the show is still entertaining and it's on AMC into the badlands and error and and and rev when you get this Shiite EU will not be you know yields again because he didn't the martial arts work is just great to blood everywhere and I just love that about it so I watched I watched the first couple of episodes of the first seeds in and then if for some reason it fell off and it completely forgot the fact it's only six episodes so I should be able to watch it and just be out weekend you have got to get down and doing I don't know how the ratings are for the city this season I'm glad we got another season of it though is it's it's Fontana not a martial arts guy really not attracted to that kind of entertainment. But this really hooked me. And well moving from one apocalypse scenario to another. Throw rusted portal games I'm going to actually be speaking right now with mr. Donovan Brian swift meat today is like I said a man who has put together. Now with the help of all of the people arrested coral. A game. Set is deep post apocalyptic not quite follow because it's a way more bad ass than this it is. Apocalypse the risen and with me today is Donovan Brian's the CEO of rust a poor old games done it another go undid. And longer are they should agree introduction we're pretty stoked especially avenue played it last week in a three awesome yeah I was at Norwest Conning you guys were played testing the entire weekend and in between me drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Talk to have my all the parties and stuff I had a chance to sit down in play. A run through of apocalypse the risen and for those who haven't heard about the game tell us a little bit about it. So apocalypse gorilla in the post apocalyptic Hannity or game based on near future earth. 25 years after the call society. The game is currently available curve ball expedition and and in your fifth edition and pat under role playing game. To make being an accommodation of magic's current technology and it's kind of been lost but it's available keeping Gammon had. Post apocalyptic gear in an exploration of earth the only thing you knew. And this is something beyond just a typical like Reese gaining on this because you guys have put a lot of effort. Q not only create the setting in the feel and just dead dead dead billion all the behind the scenes little bits that really make you go there. But even in addition to that the key races that you have the way that you've incorporated the classes and it was a lot of fun because. I I. I am getting a little tired of these sordid board. Hi fantasy settings that a lot of the system's going where it's and I really wasn't necessarily interested in something like a shadow around which I do love the setting. I just wanna something more along the lines of like a set a fallout where it was the waste land that things have gone all to hell and basically you're kind of going around scrounging for resource is why your having your adventures. And this is really what you guys done. And including all this are the fact that you have all new classes. Which I I thought was really amazing because. I don't play character named blast radius which first thought was bad ass. And he was a slice serve which she is essentially. A magic user in the in the universe right. That's correction we have we have now all we ought to like you mentioned in one on the lighter. There aren't shall magic in in her supernatural magic be lurking outside of magic. Is it to dirty magic key so despite your deed new technology to culture that. And avoid bad the bad effects of magic and they fired their expelled off after a captures your making attack rolled with your belt. But also give you critical opportunities. And then you know he'd sure like Carriker particular last radiation leaks focus on an area expelled so if you miss he had urged energy. You're probably getting hit eighty layer you know maybe your printer risk but yet there's been. The other three all new briefly you can play we have defended. And three different version of descended actually. And there are they're all an Angel we prodigy and there's seven different types could those one for each of the difference and nature's Merapi man. And then we have Lazarus an older. So your street spirits that actually gave purgatory came back to earth. And they haven't ruled yeah intent connections and cheaper natural. So we get you'll love you being noticed that the we try to beat single different. In a lot of great companies to your great products out there that you do I need this system or outsider system. We didn't wanna just reunion the rules and they we wanted to be familiar to those players that thing to be low without a system that happened be available. The look something entirely and and we're really were apocalypse the red. And we'd talked with you gosh some months ago about this and it's getting towards the end of the kick starter now because you guys are real re launch the kick started you're going very strong congratulations on funding but there's only a couple of days left for people begin on this. But at that same point you guys have are looking into ways to being able to continue. To make sure that fans of this genre can nag pick up the books and get all of these things out there that you guys are going to be putting out. So if you guys want information go to rusted Corel dot com to find out more about it. Some of the others that he had because I know that you got the core book but Jeb other books are either in the works or also as stretch goals correct. So right now on structural so we've actually we just opened two new extra gold we added three new were all marchers in the book we added some adventures. I knew you'd journalism being put together by an archaeologist and eyeball certain venture out and it. And trim the recordings these true transmission. Buyout by truth and I am radio operator in post apocalyptic are telling you about things going until we we have been unlucky stretch cold it's really exciting that we're. You know we have about job Leo's cheating left like you mentioned that. You know every thousand dollars we're gonna unlock company we're gonna give something more into the product and a pop culture in the campaign training the core book. You get into my kicks charter. You know you're gonna get all those extra pieces ninth and then after the fact we're gonna keep them posted on our home page Russian Corel dot com. As well as the kicks or will be light true backer kids' show. It leaked the add on that were available you may not pioli get all the media stuff if you get an army actual kick starter but the Adam will be there he could go get a good counter current global nice. And went up when I played we played ace. A stand a little one shot thing. And it was a lot of fun because you guys were able to incorporate. What the world is about by just dealing with the L yea you guys are gonna go have to save a group of people. Or at least go to scavenge some some supplies us up from a place that is about to be taken up by a wildfire. And there's that that going on but it leads to more adventures in some some really really twisted themes in the in the apocalypse an image you you as I was thinking about it afterwards I realized. Yeah that's basically kinda how these things would happen because it's not so much that really people or evil when it happens in the apocalypse but everyone has to go out there. And survive. And sometimes that means doing things that wouldn't really necessarily work with. Your morals as a person living in 21 century. Normal working America. We really wanted to capture that we actually there are way with the alignment except Ayman replaced her what personality. To your core personality in positive to negative trade. Those things can change as you see horrific stuff women in any system that adds that but we. We do believe that it can epic. Gain so while you could be a character that doesn't knock some good things or potentially even your on your bait does that be in the day. You're protecting Mac only that's actually went on to delete the built in part of the game and so. As you adventure and you try and try and resource as for your call me. The big game gets bigger you certainly are more things to make and become a really epic adventure in we want to keep the kuril element there's people who want plays they know darker Eamon. They elementary of their truck here. And what are the other things that ever really loved about this and is able to get a little bit of the view when I was playing the game with you guys in the right a lot of the other people from Reston coral it was Superfund bill to see that is that. The art is very striking it it grabs you right away because of it's always interesting when you wanna do something with the then you know the rise and. Hall. Society and what happens when apparently you know like. Things mutated in all that happens because you wanna get that real kind of body modification a whore that happens. With a lot of those things well there'd be. Giant plants that may or may not breeds fire and definitely don't die in her she should doubt paid to an area effect. Ice spell what I found out unfortunately but it's really striking and it really helps get you into that and you guys have an amazing art directors that first thought he was amazing we're playing as well but. It tells a little bit about the art direction when you guys decided to make his wife. What did you really set out to do when you created that. Well. On the back in we wanted to release sound structured game but. When he comes straight until it her aunt come straight until we know that art. Is like really grabbed people and media attention they grab their interest may complete the book up off the shelf are two very important to tell the story. And then the narrative on the shot at it we really. When she picked up book out the new commissioner to get into the story wanna bet he really rich earth people Libya Lindy in the world. So we had you know what can vary good and fantastically blessed with that artist that we've gotten. We are Raman immoral and doing our exports. We're about to release four piece from Canada well to right now there and you can see need to maverick which is kind of or gunslinger despite you mentioned tomorrow and then not. Also find her via a jackal. Or gonna release mushroomed the the conservative mutated humans to tune into American great character raven and neither in work and then. On the the racist and we we wanted to be something it was visually grabbing a close people could really see those unique breaks it's. And got to run real big. He's done some fantastic work for a treat any actual reference pieces of that. On the creature side I've been illegally loaded all our ribbon and prestige so darned. And great majority of our coach and some are demon and he's gonna continue to do compete for people to back that Pia had decreed Indian mobile and street. That is amazing and like if you guys wanna get on the stretch goals. Or some of the other amazing things that are out there you definitely have to check out this kick starter right now it's running until April 27. Which is only a few days but can only got to do is go to kick starter dot com search for arrested coral search for apocalypse arisen or Disco too rested portal dot com because that will have the links and if you happen to listen to this after April 27. Still go to the website arrested portal dot com because there'll be information to make sure that you can get this game if it's really something that you want. Donna men really like I had I had a hoot playing this game. I really think that people who are looking for something beyond the sword in board behind magic sort of thing are gonna have a lot of fun with this dirty. Greedy really flavorful world man. I really appreciate that we're we're super excited to get this out there you know we know we're coming out of nowhere. And now we're gonna show people some fantastic games to play. Awesome think he's so much Donovan thank you thank you so much Donovan and again you can go to arrested portal dot com there's only a couple days left the kick started they've already funded but I know there's going to be more information up on their sites are definitely check that out. And now it is time Florida. She twists Dickie V. Hello it's a little all huge new action and Boehner. No guardian and galaxies are no area I am. Now relies on my meal noise levels and I was like that's not nearly loud enough election all you do merit. I like volume in there we are not ignorant I guess that's a little love the area noted wryly as. This week we got to the full soundtrack of guarding the galaxy volume to the Mac. That I had not find oh. What it's we can expect and actually also have an article about what's one of the ES singers. And is they now meet on the soundtrack to okay. Awesome you'll guess who it is when you hear the name tossed first one on not also mixed volume two that I think. Mr. blue sky by Electric Light Orchestra through yeah it did hit me that's. If you want to get a feel on some fox on the run horse can sleep lake shore drive is. Chris sure I say that noted they'll hang out Alley and us at. Yeah I think that if I had I had. Yeah I should've just gone oh my god yeah half back Alley and then finally it means that your my area that the chain nicely lit a would Mac guy entropy song do you know. And I heard actually that James Gunn says that's going to be a big part like that's of course songs for a big event in the movie okay grass baseline all that well they are at a cost of there with a two trailers minister again. Says that bull what he says is that there are two songs that are the most deeply embedded into the fibers that are film and the chain is one because it is about the guardians an at least in the way we used it. And we use it to an a couple of times in the movie and the other one is brandy which is an incredible important song in the movie both happen to be on my favorite songs from the seventy's Brady like Rainier a fine girl that she's fine. Hello yes Rainier find Gorilla Glass is eats yes we also have bring it on home to me him from Sam Cooke and southern nights Glen Campbell. Oh wow and Rahal Larry I can't get enough and Campbell. My sweet lord by George Harrison that's pretty interesting to see where they play America's it's a very spiritual cooled by Yahoo! like song you know my last who made low and I'm really at ease with any kind of let us get a Dennis introduction yeah. Well I actually have a good car. Had Diaz and I know what he says about it yet again I'll tell you this he says it's one of the first songs that I picked out to try to use in the movie. And it has to do with one of the with the origin of ego. Which is referring to Peter quelled alien father. Really imminent and their character of the pack his name gathered at a star power and how guy there it is he got a couple of the closer by Jane the Americana that's on. Land and saying on anger yep from film where surrender by chief Sher a Cheap Trick. Mean. Which is like he says he repaid the favor of the ban which she Lenin used for if you want my love in the 2011 movie super. I'm watching I was grade boy that's a nice so pay Becky you are achieved regards Shura values are song and never knowing their old this is a former like mega star movie director guy Reynolds and be able to really it was a payback there it is our needs more exposure so. I think Taylor is under tire of the political thought man. I enough father and son from uses can't see that Cat Stevens. Flashlight from pat parliament whose flashlight and and it's nice this from the little interesting we got. Guardians inferno. The Snead first featuring David Hasselhoff he. Yes wow is that older new I do that scene is really new yeah I never heard of the sleepers before but I have no clue of him maybe Hasselhoff did something back in the day. That's fascinating though this is. What it says the comedic original co written by gun and score composer tie and then they know mental sort of guardian take on and meat goes Disco Star Wars theme and gun is particularly proud of the line that rhymes lift. Pro con law loner you know wreck sooner pre been proud to crack in private yeah after in space words yeah I don't know you understand I'm. I don't trust and about spacing and Jefferson press I don't I am proud crew anyway I mean you read that. Pro growth he unload toward health Amram African. No I. It means raccoon other thing I probably there online that Ryan revealed that regular hour. With motor without rare I'm thinking around America hating that's their they're a sanctity designation Lou. But I did get this thing this class of course I think at. Some English. But so we did find out sell why Hasselhoff is doing method. So Braly Hasselhoff himself as a jeans gun when he was eight years old watch a show called writer. And because of that show he can kind alluding to singing the main title songs and what charity guy and it was really fun and he group that. And I got to know ominous parents in the whole marble gang and what I'm allowed to tell you is that it was a really great experience you could have a the night right areas like yes and why using meth. That all comes back tonight red zone if so does that mean like Hasselhoff owes every kid that wants aren't perfect yeah that's how I'd like I thought you right there the kid you could go get a total solo catalog apparently I guess I gotta go hang on one thing I think it's only if you don't have millions of dollars and but an intimate community I'm being your debentures issued to be more prolific and hassle. That's amazing I don't know ten dollars this this soundtrack to guardians the first one was one of the few soundtracks have by that and Scott delivers the world are the only match last couple of years this is another one I'm probably going to have a right way I was playing good choices out there were great good enough for me don't wanna get that so I'm really excited for volume two. Complex and as. Dignity. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size why he culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag fly Hepburn and well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot plus.