BJGN04-26-17 - PaizoCon

Wednesday, April 26th

BJ talks comics with Star Wars. Spider-Man, Rat Queens, Saga & Star Trek: New Visions; Spicoli talks comics with D.C.'s Rebirth The Button, Marvel's Secret Empire, & the new John Layman comic Eleanor & the Egret; Rev talks with Dan, Eric & Sarah from Paizo about their convention PaizoCon; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to be gay Shays geeky name Shane I in the river and and why don't across from me is Vicky Barcelona now at the we've got Chris walker mr. walker let's get back and then how you do. BJ ship should names they give credit there I have to say include. You have to BI got her designer. Nicole Lee joins that's hey we've got to the man render all words. Don't drive a G I don't know why he spoke a little bit too much less so yeah I'm happy I'm happy he's Israeli. I'm today's show we will talk comments and then we'll talk pathfinder and more with the eyes though I have 8000 pathfinder's and of course to keep she would be TV Vicky how can people get old last. They get a hold of us and ER web sites it is these digging Bayesian dot. Like them based but that's derby day she's peaking nation can you followed her into an instant grandkids zero had to be digging nation. Cinema Texas with a quick time line nannies there OTQ 43353. He that a mini nine the day each nation at Watch your videos to YouTube dot com slash B Yankee nation who have funded your legs are trapped. Competitive and if you want to her way to listen to us I mean I know you have your phone you can listen to us on iTunes you can listen to us. BR website much just if given a Mac Amazon echo. Just say Alexa played each nation onto and anywhere raced there as well. Bam thank you so much Vicky. Let's get right into comic books talk because well it's Wednesday deaths and we need to do this. First off let's start off by BJ what are some of the comments that you are reading it well of course Star Wars until divided is the marble Star Wars Iran issue thirty already damn. A lot better path. And is currently is Lugo he's around the street planet and while he's waiting he's kind of stranded in his ex wing. He's reading a journal from Ben can LB and of course that journalists about yelled out and you his experience on hey this planet that day he stranded on. And it wraps up that story line. And little leagues get to a story is yet radio Luke is really about oh we wanted to play I don't that's the story very wily danger in the that's the path we're following the and I told you before it's all about a force mountain who doesn't like that. It's a mountain of forcible. Com. Nice wrap up including. Our whole week get to see moments instead the box. Who before we got to see dagger blow for the first time we got a song moments in dangled. And as Luke is making his way his journey. Into I guess you know becoming a jet I know he doesn't even know that he's becoming denies this point and it. It's very good I did these Star Wars stories have been fantastic so yeah that they're on issued thirty enjoyed it check it out. What I was doing all you oh Spiderman and be ready for this. This ladies did again knows buddies alive OK doc talk is alive. Why oh. He's gonna NCs he's guy is gonna nice new body that I bliss I'm not mistaken is very Pete like. And I love the name of the new story line and that's all part of the clone conspiracy as well hawk is back. The or the Osbourne identity check. I'm back as I had a look at solid. I'm reading this because dim slot is still running and I don't know authorities fighter anymore once he leaves because I just love dance laws writing. It apparently you know you get withdraws fans as I got nor Osborne is visiting the other faceless folks out and then just grabbing faces off the wall and being anybody he wants to be. And spy he's trying to hunt him down with mocking bird wow and and has known yeah. That path. Fans out looks like just by lady is such time for the moves a bird actually we'll big Camilo budding romance and he knows do. And AM go ahead make and a road is game by telling him he had no game could have. Perhaps. And of course it yet you have fall line and may was married to Jody Jamieson is dead but he passed away so. Another lover relies unfortunately gone we've had to go through flu com such is going on the world's Vienna today you really know your Marisa Tomei yeah there it is that we had a brush yeah we have not seen any version column in my Merced so amazing and may yet maybe we will after the movie comes out. All incumbent audiences are going to be down here community and I yeah like fifty years too late DA how he asked what do you guys think thousands Marisa Tomei be like they they didn't make that joke because we did you have you know the cube like the comic book and mainly original Spider-Man movies and then we didn't move on the two Sally Field who did look a lot younger. In the original. And made then now we have Marisa Tomei. I go wrong with that personally murder. So low key now is good replaced by an MP. So you guys with a with a with Tom Holland being so young looking. It is not out of the ordinary day in fact you know and may who who would be the older sister of pizza all right no mom and I do yeah she's in her fifties so that kind of makes sense. That would be the proper age for her. And it is the year 2017. I think aunt Mae if she were created today. Would look less like you know a major only woman and more like Marisa Tomei because old people or older people who know people ask me now fifth at what age are little better and it is just check out what you yeah it is that is labeled yes she's not. Grandma made his aunt may yet because if if if and really all I remember I looked just like her. Dude seriously an NN you know Robert Downey junior Mac and on arm excess or both the same demo mood today and hearing yourself. So the Osborne identity hi Zack and so I think so yes a piece not he's just he's is company's falling apart and he knows it or not. And Norman Osborne he's got he's just got a thing for Norman he is not happy wants that man deed. Yeah Nixon and I have a real comic list their beach I'll assure wreck queens are back. Yeah hey well I don't know what happened I think there with a new company they had some web comics for awhile but for a long time they were not there. And they are back and back with a vengeance. Including basically the male version of the drag queens. Serve by V advise our brother. Yeah I thought that's just say this issue the male version of the Iraq queens are really bad. Ferrell at the but this is a powerful story where looks like we might lose a queen. We think anyway. Check this issue it's back with a vengeance I'm so happy requiem is back on a regular basis I end up finally. Oh inside outside just okay asks. Guy and sites amazed seeing you know the runaways man himself Bryan cave on air and the saga story basically about a Romeo and Juliet situation of aliens. And their little kid hazel who's now raiding the whole thing and we don't know we really don't know how old hazel is she's marrying miss. Though the writing of legacy hazel writing if you will she looks still like she's a child can we just don't know how old. And it's it's just been a great ride party 42 issues in. And inside the next trade I think that's I saw was available now yeah well then you haven't seen a sad thing happened it's you'll see them very little love and assess the trailer via an Indian the India in the trade a sad thing is an Israeli are likely to Chile now yeah that's. All well frankly actually they do have a trailer in space you see that shift there and they're route planner running in the net rock they went in Alamo we would oppose. Okay I've seen a little squirrel people I think a little glimpses like I was looking I think at the virtual trade. You can try and then I saw keeping the record here that that it has risen issues just like stunning yeah. Huge drop you out of the cookies yeah. Yeah it's but it's such it's it's so well done he really really a sight is so cool mom and I won't I won't spoil anymore of the ending but I think guys he's I was the goalie says that spoke always has a right it really was an amazing ending to that last issue. And finally Star Trek new visions it's going to talking up there about this I don't know why. They want to charge 890 no 799 for a new book and a month later they'll let me by for 39 and I I don't understand it weird. So yes I'll talk about Sam since that was the previous issue. That's issue fourteen issue fifteen is out and it's expensive M I just go I'll wait a month in the my by the 399. I've emailed comments causey about this they go that's just the price I don't get it it's it's a regular size issue I have to say as a photo novel but. I I don't know Paramount. Charging big money to let them use the images of the original series because that's exactly what they are this means you're not paying an artists you know enough for a lot of money in comics goes is an artist in June 22 pages a month. I you don't have to do that it should committed comic cheaper but they're paying John burn so maybe that maybe he comes at a higher prices OK I don't know being John birdie. Yeah I think that's an interesting point you bring up yet he's not an artist necessarily but it is you do have someone who has to sort of comb through footage and digital. Maybe it's not quite as labor intensive is drawing something up but I mean if you're trying to capture exactly the right moment in your free streaming in your going back and forth and even in the digital age I imagine that's a consumer. It's not just grab its reserves Clinton put on any dates all the backgrounds by the way like when Iraqi oil or whatever planet's I mean that's all created by him so there is some yeah original art going on there okay our eyes when it. Be clear about I was a 100% sure what it what it looked like is that an exit but I just felt it. Asked eight dollars for 22 page had and that's that does seem excessive yeah I agree absolutely nonsense all online just looking at some of the things they say that it's an oversized. Photo novel and so maybe when you're not buying it digitally it's larger. Well then they shouldn't charge new comic solace I yeah I don't dagger that I don't agree with that and maybe that's why they drop it a month later. Yeah I was trying to maybe it almost seems like a doc Jack at that point if you're spending that eight dollars you don't realize that this is over time later I know how oversize I marvel treasury additional oversized back in the day sure ahead you know. The me the well I don't they I don't know I don't they have to make it that size we'd tape box yeah I don't know I've but you know the thing is is that it's still well done if you are are a fan of the original series. And we talked to her on a previous podcasts about all the fans things out there at least we will have this for as long as John berm wants to do it. This is about Joseph about Kirk's brother Sam and also co off one of my favorite cling to act. I would I William Campbell I believe was the actor who played col off and so he's back in it and. Yes you know obviously true lane with a beard. Think I had yet ahead so. Good good a good issue that's should fourteen and it's only 399 if they're not slave I should fifteen and a month when issue sixty news and I'm good excited did you mention how much issue 43 is gonna cost. Well I have bitterly Amezaga cost 25 cents and well it's 25 yeah I believe oh may come out for the twentieth anniversary on May pity for her she can make some of them in the morning brief for Tony I know I wanna pay box and sorry how fast how to budget very covers for these issues that are re creations of the original image comics. Mars like I. I have a copy of invincible that has the invincible characters but it looks like cover of young was number one by a guy that we all its fans are one. There is I don't know what that guy doesn't and that he was hit sister goalie on the other spectrum of comic books you have BJ's takes what are some of the bulls that you have you know that I I know that stuff but I've got to talking I know has begun but that's kind of talk about so exactly dynamic no time it was next and next week well that too big. Events or cut it kind of happening and marvel and DC some brits did that make things I've TC is moving its rebirth storyline forward now with the button crossover story with Bennett and the flash this was the big tease at the end of rebirth when Batman and found the watchman buttons in oh he had no longer be under the flash point lateral movement so get this in the beginning in this issue this is where he begins to investigate the button and he puts it next cycle pirates mask and reverse flash comes out and it's just been stated that the whole issue is Batman knowing he has one minute. Until the flash can get there and help them out. So BS to survive against the reverse splash for one minutes wow so that bishop takes course over one and it's great introductory for the story at the end as they cliffhanger we'll see more about what is going with the whole doctor Manhattan by the about a lot of teases for for the rebirth storyline around the last few weeks you know queasy this accomplished a lot where. We'll set something up we'll put it to bed for awhile because the top comics work right now and the start you know just reference to get off hand here for a few issues because it a couple issues they want you to remember you know that one up just yet but that's senior mine so we could see an added budget issues now the button is really doing now we'll see if this goes forward Scott that Saturn girl seemed to future and stuff so. It's more leads the securities on that. I'm more ovals side they started secret empire had now what is this is promising to be the most controversial events. Ever oh. Really went sweat would rebirth the number one the big rebirth special cannot identity it was like it's going to be the most controversial comic and then that's because it was going to be back in watchman is supposed to be controversial but no more talk than that they would attack came out does that not see behalf is the culmination of that storm like secret empire is Captain America has been pretending to be. That's America is really good captain Hydro the whole time. Which I I feel as a person who loves us sort of the villains on that and I should really like this and yet it. It eats too weird Louisiana's genitals Jackson had issue with that making cap evil what they're doing though is that this is why did Spencer has been under a lot of flack is. They're trying to make hydrant not evil by making it cap. And like hydrate is fundamentally a Nazi organization it's what we use and in marble to tell stories about not just about saying that we're not to grasp what hydra is at our goal is going to be your readers and try to convince them otherwise it is. Not working for me Spencer. Okay what's on the library look at this. If this goes poorly it is looking like it will this is going to be his legacy is gonna be to god Dave Kaplan knocks it I'm Mahmoud that's a reason big big. What is your issue came out and I actually like to what what I thought I would. It was he was basically. Cap. Beginning his end game he has become the lead director of shield now his take over Maria hill. And so. There's this that they've been David constructing this big shield to protect the entire earth you know cats America's shield on the carpet still basically in a debate shields. She'll yeah I just feel better in the beginning of notice she'll. A bunch of butare attack and so alpha flight goes up to space. And the like we're really need that sealed online the shield isn't quite working in the something going wrong within the I Iron Man and our heart trying to work on it all the same time Hydro is attacking other countries or other worlds and there's a massive. Flux of of buildings that are pissed off after the close until events attacking New York so this three pronged attack. What they do is like hydra basically silence is all of New York about what's it like a negative zone. Prison bloom they kind of natives in New York. Thus shield activate it just the right time to keep all the flight on the other side of it and Captain America and hydra takeover. Why aren't. As soon issue end and all the if it was it was actually really compelling. What's coming up next is the part they try to convince that the Captain America is not that bad and really the big problem is that the Macon and they might be making mega you know part of hydra and when you make magna you know join hydra you lose every wide menu it holocaust survivor he does not Jordan not these. Yeah so you at. How what is that about that I reserve judgment until I read the book and see what's actually happening because I really hope that it's ready Adobe with the villains that was finds out of high drop. Just goes ate it takes everybody down the add. How are unified yeah wishful thinking here but I really think it's gonna end up being miles Morales takes a Captain America because. It's all a lousy days gas thanks so let's fun. A lot of talk about is a new book by John Lehman Sam Keith Paul Allen or an eager to have around and you know Joseph of course we don't look John ligament let me ask you and so I was really sad about his new book San keys is this fantastic Hughes the original artist on sandman. He has a book that Vicky showed me about girl and hurt dinner teacher relationship between the two of them. That's broken through. On that and Lincoln yeah that was those obstacles. Anyway I thought how are you grid is John Maine as Anthony and it is it is. Weird. It is super weird and I'm excited to see both of going zero girl zero girls in the book yes. So Elmore and eager it is about this woman held at oracle appears to be an art thief and as as part of that talks are. This is like really close to birds and so like in the beginning there's this big art installation any threat comic book you know that aren't about to be stole a path. As so you know it's very introductory issue is sort of have a heist you know we see her do what she does we sort of seen three versions available right at three different outfits and when Cindy BI site society one being this high spy at the other one is the sort of just or girl who goes to this animal story. You know I was really close to animals. And they allude to something that happened in the past sort of gives her some abilities and AV in and and her relationship with his birdies. Very odd but so we've got you know these kind of car to eat policemen they're looking for that's our people it is constituted perjury RT that talks to birds. Com. You know I don't I can't help himself apparently committed books about birds at a time. Pack. That I would wait for the part of the middle when they. I gotta say it's it's really say hello Don lemon after June I was really saves you he goes next and I think it did I was worried what it is and you Kaczynski to become a grotesque. But it looks like they're told they've got a pretty good chemistry didn't work really well together on a series tonight and breaks and always see you led John Lehman is doing and moving on from that we do have talked tabletop RPG's because I went on assignment. To the east side of a western Washington's has little confusing my service from me again yeah it's at the Redmond area where a lot of things Microsoft and Nintendo budget those places are out there you but also high Izzo always -- OI is okay for. But now this is talking about there are convention in that they have. And also. A little bit about star finder. And so without any further ado my interview with myself I am at pies oh headquarters. You and you keep nationals may remember that we had jeans on from highs so where we Randi we need goblins one shot and today we're talking about highs so con and for those who are here with me please introduce yourself us. Oh hi there I'm Dantzler and quote outreach coordinator for myself. And it just sit here for a couple months so still got a new for me itself. I America Mona I am the publisher and chief creative officer at highs though and I was here that day we opened the door is like fifteen years ago so I'm an old man yeah. I am angry and I say to customer service and passengers manager and I also do a lot of the schedule and more highs come. Nice and we are here to talk about the eyes of con but Eric's first since you're here at the beginning now some people don't really I know the origins of pies so it is really very it's very interesting detail is left free to tell that. Sure so hi so. Gotta start actually we were once a part of who is the coast here in the periodicals department of loses the customer that man's is that we among other things did dragon and dungeon magazine's. And about the time wizards this purchase sighed Hasbro. Day started spinning off there and noncore business unit they had. They saw very Italian Renaissance Erica mentioned NN in this I'll stay out here out of CNN. And so the entire division. Just tried about fifteen people all the time just took our computers took our salaries and everything just moved over to go do it too and you know. Company I call myself and I now is a code of the time buying our publisher. Hand via. Lisa Stevens to resign I'm one of the founding members. Past Lula who was the coast hands. She is are the CEO. And so we started doing magazines in magazines about five years send a magazine. License and did it we just wanted to go to different direction with the fourth edition dvd and with some online stuff that they were doing. I'm introducing more opportunities descriptions in the Yankees though I'd be wrapped up magazines at that point and we are looking around a while we kids. You know fire are fresh yeah quietly away or we did you know take what we've learned the last five years and put into practice and one of the things we've done that was very popular was a series of links adventures call the eventual path. He has so we created a new product called pathfinder adventure path and I was in 2000 sons. And gone for a rare guy to clear they're beautiful I don't know role playing game and subsequently we've done. I think her card games and. And that's dogs the pathfinder brand is one of those ones that really has a big. A big fan base and very. I Darcy rabid fan base. In terms about the popularity. Of the books and actually just really within the community itself. It's really kind of astounding when I heard about highs so Khan because he wasn't originally started by you guys wasn't. Yes right and so it is in 2007. Shortly after her. We announced. The path intervention path. A number of fans got together and is created. Convention. And they send you know would you mind if we made it kind clockwise economies more cynical and senators come and hang out with us and basement of a lucky day ends you know. And we did we land and there were really trying to free people who their. And it was a fun time and then we had a great experience there and and. It. You know people post pictures on mine and it just started Karl I wanna come last year at that when they Rhode. Necessary in the next year you know and so oh we started seeing that there's a lot of interest and so we went to 109 gal who is one of the founders of the show. And said hey you know would you mind if we kind of took us over and we can running through our website and you tickets and get official events and nine years later sitting here today that's amazing it's just. The fact that I love this late back in the day back in the day feel gamers would you know you hackers and maybe you would have liked a bulletin board at a local gaming store and that's how you find people now it's so much easier Jews played on because you've got says the Internet say yea you can play via Skype for all sworn into a hole which is different ways about that and so the fact that you can also now just. Come to a convention. And place to meet your favorite games. Is it all is it all just. Pathfinder is O'Connor are there other things that are going on within us. It's mostly pathfinder there's other things are gone as well. There is a pick up games this board games or since its first pass card games also Tyner. Our PGA but we ask each of our staff members are criticized members and others as well to Brian Chu a mass and so and they don't have to be passed Anderson they can be just sign anything they want. Oh okay yeah partner companies I see Jesse James is going to be there was no room during monsoon. More local fun and partners I Ulysses still which is during German company is guys are did you vote. The dark guy may be running that he done. A classic games. So it's it's expanding even even further than your own re just kind of fun and that aspect yeah I mean like I said it started with forty people and now we're looking like 5600 people so it's much bigger that is it's just me it was still smoke still enhancement. It's like you gave you get to meet GDP people who. I've developed and played test and run through all of these games. Four you know for the fans I mean it's got the very at the very base of everything you've got to love. Creating games for people if you're gonna get into this business. In fact if you can go out there and experience what they. What they want to experience as well along with you guys seems to be a lot of fun is it. As us. As you have a fan base that is it definitely. Enthusiastic. Is it. In interest seems to have way to go about it when you're dealing with like research and development and getting feedback from them because you have stuff like that pathfinder society that lets you get feedback from does the players. What's that like for you when you can get kind of that is your reaction now from a lot of fans. In this day and age would designing in game. Let's really sorry it's extraordinarily helpful we do play test for a lot of our new classes and different. Came systems and things and that's always been extraordinarily helpful. Our message board community Empresa dot com is really vibrant and active and so we tried to solicit them for feedback take ideas from. I'm literally given taken the present time just happens in real time and you mentioned. I so dot com is it's kind of the epicenter for those things is what's so yeah that are there benefits for people to visit the website to help experienced. The game. Yeah. Is a little different kinds of fun to do. A lot of feed. A lot of the reason for that is making sure you're getting into six games you wanna order to kind of build your saddle examiners is happens. On line I'm okay. And then there's also a lot of people in the community has. Gathered different shares and stuff like through the message we're happy and then they come to highs O'Connor and get to meet each other for the first time in real life it's kind of game and that is say really highlights for a lot of people. And so we know the where and for those who don't know because at a city yet. It is at Memorial Day weekend is in it is happening at the Hilton DoubleTree. Off of international boulevard. Does he tax it's a place where they have done. They don't know west conference the last forever years and then also your guy is happening as well though is that kind of a good it's a great place for a commission mean I was just there for Norwest gone on and it's it's so wonderful convention space tons of room for people have a lot of fun though. I really love the fact that. You can go to so many conventions around this area in his you can get that whatever needs you want to give you can have a lot of fun and that. We talked about again the gaming with that people will you guys have will there be Tamil Keisel con. Yeah they're they're well we've got to. We should 34 rooms we extreme. It's seminar rooms. Two of them told us every night people wanna holds up to fifty people and today are pretty easy. Well books for Friday Saturday and Sunday and then hit a few seminars and there on Monday for people who want to. Maybe stick around for some seminars before their flight. I don't know. Let me ask you prizes yet and so if you have questions come up over the course of the weekend games saying hey girls there. They say yeah. That's that's always the the interesting ones I mean people trying to figure out either how to. Play the system a little bit in dealing with their GM's IDS had to deal with like personally any sort of rules interactions that you never really thinks. Beck did that. And deal Lance. Well oh my I am lucky. As they do a lot of the social media feeds and the rules for her highs though I social media as I'm sorry we don't answer real questions here. Yeah might have a better time to hitting up our rules. You know our message boards where there's says it is its probably thirty answers. So I get to bow out of a lot of the arguments they are enough of that yeah yeah. He makes customers whereas there is painfully already established. Rules four customer service does not answer those questions. I'm so he Colin and want to have here your game and your rules clarify for you bonds Bobby we don't do that. But that's also a great thing too because then you can lead people back towards puzzles and right con just toros where there are people who are more than happy to you what I discuss as this would be yeah that's that's when it comes just specific rules question visually on one particular categories winds. There is a rule Forrest did the person just doesn't sound bitter end user in tunis where there isn't your role for and it's just a judgment call in so you know when you come in you you want the official answer from high so we're either going to say what's on page 352 ocean floor. Ted you're just making up into fast so I through the community can do that just as effectively as we can so normally during the day you know our rules designed just for working on the next we'll side in the next hour and things like gasoline on hard times. Don't know her you know answers disapproves questions via that's kind of wonderful things about dimensions as America does best drafters that from the limited today to answer your questions how could this not just those sources you know I've got a problem player out an idea what. That I'm in trouble finding his groove or how to make her whenever she can last more than a couple months you know there's there's more passive. I'm different pieces of advice he's given that some are now and NASA Jim Somers is one can help. Fifty different seminars at that we've got to find anything from. On the you know fiction writing workshops to Pyongyang is about upcoming products like turn your sense fancy. Or did you start kinder you know there's. I'm going to be a lot debuted about Sarah Kleiner at the show and get some nice questions about that a lot seminars. You know how to make cool aliens and Marlins series. We have some of our guests of honor to show us while I'm an artist guest upon this cheers from poachers. It was artists in general the iconic characters for the star finder RPG Watson is going to be there one thing we like to do is I really do an alien version is here and think about how we usually have the hardest suggests that sent him out of some our our designers talk about how to make a monster error and that crowd gives suggestions in the hardest kind of sketches the monster diet stirring that it did seminars and by the end of this we've got to cool monster. Hand everyone hold me together. That is really cool and again people if you guys want information on this goes it's good to highs of dot com. And just. Make sure you sign up because that is the way that you'll be able to register for the event that Keisel conch. And that way you can also make sure and get all the information signed up for the forums of players. That's under you for fun I love it I love the fact that we are able to do the one child would we be goblins. And talking just a little bit and they said that there'll be a lot going on with the debuting star finder but this will. Easy easy her. Scifi aid in days. Traipsing around the universe version of what people get to do now sort board's style. What was it kind of a natural decision to be like well we definitely want to do this is based. Or how did the Genesis of us are minor had come about well we've. Always from the very beginning when we dust started doing the pathfinder RPG you know we wanna you wanna is also rose one day I need you weren't able to science fiction game. And that ended in we'd dip their toes into it and number I mean even some of the there early this adventurous we ever grow there's like nano technology Smart remarks in China and really even going back to like dean dean. No line between science fiction and fantasy is always been pretty newsstands. And so you needed about a year ago did any advanced past fall I am God's invention passage we just sat in a part of our world it's only marry everywhere days. They ship crashed years and years ago on this Easter story out over and us zero. Are there plans came just kind of like come past enemies on our barbarian. That and so we did as expert. Adventure pass. For a four iron gods and it was very very popular Nancy it was carries on robots and you know. As those skeletons in sesame. Stacy isn't something that she and people didn't Sosa thing and you the interest thing. You know we're looking to do you kind of big project who wanted to do something ambitious and something bunch. And starts and it just kind of proper you know is pulled its way out of the black hole hit it again here we are. It seems isn't it kind of seems like we just feel like a natural sort of progression we go to that but it is also seems to be you can't just directly. Horse on things it takes a lot of work to take it from the fans are into the side by not just over just gonna reach in and shoot it out you put a lot of work and yeah yeah oh absolutely. More than a year's worth of work I'll hold hands. V8. We weren't ever gonna be just like our free skin that it was like oh we can this'll be the same and this will be the same and as we went through and they tested internally and and went to different iterations of the rules you know it became more and more of its own thing it's it is. What we call conceptually compatible with pathfinder's peace have you not played after may not place our kinder you can you if you know for example and in in pathfinder. A skill -- is growing at twenty sided die hating here abilities for a lot of fire and and the and a number ranks you haven't skills it works the same way and start kind of the skills in different you know it is computer skills in that fashion but then when it comes to you how do you handle laser well -- and seeing -- that. That involves more than just a standard. Approach oh laser like just. Yeah. Yeah there's a couple of different has armor class and start finders so they're already Connecticut armor class and years. I unity there's there's a bunch of different little juice. But it's still very familiar. Very familiar game by the awesome stuff as well and of course the big farms are uninstalling it. Is this starship combat stuff that you didn't influence me who love the game is that you great crew of us are jealousy out starship the beginning you know and there is you there's a whole different mode can you tell your expiration mode earlier in and around and he had miniatures and push him around there. Exploring the spaceship stats man shouldn't say Salmons and do whatever it. Did you buy it and make an ownership and they are out in space and it's everybody's got to roll so you know I I am like I said in the beginning. I'm molds to keep it. And dad and I you you know so I've played stellar Jan Murray and enthusiasts are sending ash and that would be a thing where okay the wizard clothes and soft and the ship. Austin and any controls yeah. And that's all we can do and nobody else and you didn't. Doesn't the wizards trying to flesh and so I don't know is seen on that part of the game happened this thing around on the other rooms and Nintendo she added I have business in. Thoroughly fun so what we do with Sarah Kleiner is we've given everybody a role she. So like you know I might be captain but you guys and you might be there's a reverend Rossi might yeah hi yeah. Every sign guys you know dance nonsense scanners you know and so I'm barking out orders everybody's got their own rules do every round so it feels like after combat with everybody's. And it's pretty exciting it's not a very start tricky kind of a different at all I'm gonna patent and I kind of appeal to mention. But I think truly it's a little more Star Wars and start trashing it as a whole but we do like our Star Trek. I have been asked this combat zone. I love it again anyone who's out there if you love pathfinder if you wanna hear more about star fighter this is the event you need to go to like I said Memorial Day weekend. Come down GDD DoubleTree. Is there anything else you guys want to bring up the flora before we're done with this. You won't ever wanted to talk about is I mention. I'm coaching this is our newscast yeah we have two other us Amber's got two is one of our favorite writers she's just done some work in the computer game are worlds but also was similar path anger and even. With. Trying to dungeon magazine's that in workouts under existed she is our arm seamer guest of honor and so she'll be doing panels about writing a computer name panel with her. Her career and you know she's been like this this is time table top again. Does digital and so you know a lot of people on the show and they they want to how I do that so that's all I ask you and is a great way to get that kind of information and then our third guest is somebody I'm really excited to have it to show and that is Spencer Crittenton who is Steve GM for Harman qwest which is the water and yeah ask. Dan Harmon and his buddies played pathfinder. And an animated on the C seven network that has. Got to Villa who when he's he is celebrities. You know on screen now playing you're playing against someone like Dan Harmon who is a very interesting individual guy. And it's I'd love. Enough to get you in an LA for the still names of both seasons that I got watching Mayer and sensors are great GM in the end you know his his side. Sort of origin story is is twelve and documentary farm towns available on Netflix. But basically Dan was side doing his Harmon town podcast. And the wind it was like an arrow like to do is Clair bee gee is there any gamers an audience there anybody in here is a gamer in this. Long beard and there were they're gaming section of the podcast has been setting things music podcasts for years now and you know Spencer is. Dad's personal assistant lives and us. Whole situation is like a live and GM and the and that and is done as juicy things and not just gee I mean by right wing end and executive producing. The army by show us Sears is going and really being scared yeah I never know it's gonna and I got that exactly so early Saturday. Our Jessica I know you created a screening of an episode of our requests with secure name with him wow guy he also. We're going to be into a celebrity game believes he'll be running. Sort of an offline version of harmlessly would have a different your nervous. That is amazing. Sarah where Dan that you got so much for being beyond the issue is key nation heads are again everybody coach you guys so dot com and sign up for highs of Condit did is going to be something amazing if you left Hilltop army geez this is these things for you. Again you can check out all messages go to pies oh dot com. You can go and sign up for pies so cotton I want to play star finder so much maybe you'll get the chance stand all Memorial Day weekend. Really excited to see what they're gonna do with this and BJ yes it's it's. I'm now okay. In the Eric said Mears and they they they they love the Star Wars aspects but they're also kind of incorporating Star Trek. Which when you're flying around the ship everyone has a crew I like guys the crew member controlling those things seeking kinda have that lifted as well not bring you back to gamma world I remember demo camp on a path that is awesome well right now we need to move on tool. She twists the TV. Vicki who the guy Flores injury and the stuff okay. An episode Jeff Goldblum is going to be playing a character info arrived in Iraq who listened posted technically but again it is health or an apartment. So are going to be that's the grand master degree and master so barely the grandmaster. Who is supposed to be belittled. Until as they do and kind of the movies they changed him and made him not only you got the make up well it's not jetBlue bloom it's Jeff Goldblum tank here and. On the down. That's a pretty standard that's very very simple and funny reason they did not know this existed otherwise needed doing to make a mob lilies that because he did another movie where he was bullet oh yeah up. Really hash I don't know if there were like well blue guy is gonna be a little lawyers this role since Obama was that well at the movie that came out to force the goalie myself and depending on the months even Joseph were born it's true who quote ludicrous the little movie starring Gena Davis Julie Brown Jeff Goldblum Jim Carrey. And how weigh in will my right foot let me ask for girls are easy now. At. And yeah. Oh yeah I blew Leslie I had after you accept the night crawler would immediately look like they need you know will do any I dad oh another alert because we didn't think about whether or not always sad. We should not have no yeah I mean I know millions. And the three of them are aliens who come to earth and I Gena Davis in and Julie Brown in the east valley girls and well. Hello Ernie ensues. Fundamentally there is and you know. The typical. Yeah you won't before he can't be blue because he's garnered a blue B he would think he was I'm like have you character's name now but many IE it's not a sequel to earth girl I. Like so many easy math I. Do you know miles a barely won her niece original Star Wars actors did not actually think the force awaken means would've been like as successful and it's mostly due to the ending seemed. I don't mark Hammel. Actually said he was really concerned about it by the film's ending in and he was super super. Surprising said. I was really wrong about the force awaken they said when I turn around the audience is going to hoot and Holler because it's such an obvious cheat. I didn't foresee John williams' incredible music in the shots and he relieved or the buildup to at all I was never happier to be wrong. No harm just thought like he you know that you're obviously acting you don't get it seemed like. You know it is also not entirely wrong I think. I. And he also wanted to actually have him and lay out there are way and Han dies yeah I was happy so he was he was really like ally this cheesy part of the end but that's it I wanted to be earlier downgrade down and you know we've its agency I feel like Leo. He might be the kind of guided when JJ gets a call Marc watts a call I haven't I loved the script again it's. It's fast. I don't know. There's always is and CJ's Hillary thought they would let this I think this should be a number of the market's good enough to go yeah I do you know I have a lot of times I'm wrong it's a good thing you know listening to read one more story VG. We were off off Mike before the podcast we have had many conversations about the new C an archer dreamland. The one of the things as they actually had a completely different team entirely. And so it during the writing process the did consider is like we were going to do it keying archer. As you know Lancelot. So they had figured out the one mows the characters would be Mallory was going to be the queen archer was the prince. And that clone Nazi scientist after Krieger is going to be a deeply Condit version Emeril and half half half that they admit that gag cannot almost entirely about mistakes that would happen because Maryland's an eighty it. I would. And that you and I want there are some people including my son and a purist then what are you go back to what it always was as a must be as nice show piano vocal complaints here and then there's no earned that feeling it's unfortunate that the name they had further agency is also the name of something out here and my dad. Oh that's unfortunate though I think I think you can you can leave brand agency in the show about how did you do voice and then why not he might as my favorite states. And I might as anybody but it also was the jumping the shark moment here and I only Iran but dreamland I have to say dreamland is very funny I love them love us cocaine at a scam. I'll tell. Country. Comics and community. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon wells' sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPGs of video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club.