BJGN04-26-18 - Special Ops - Infinity War

Thursday, April 26th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev & Chris! They discuss the passing of Schoolhouse Rock musician Bob Dorough; the cancellation of Ash v Evil Dead and the latest season of the show; Mark & Rev review the Marvel exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle; and Mark & Rev review the movie Avengers: Infinity War (NO SPOILERS)!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. House. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chased each nation. Key nations special ops. Welcome your special ops briefing I'm your host mark on her this week. We come down with a case of infinity Ward's that's right our forever and I went to avengers infinity ward together. And that's sex afterwards was so I have met today also more but let me introduce the reverend Fuego hello Chris walker a high. And rev Al chameleon confidence if they would like to do so 19802243353. You can send us a voicemail or text message there. Email us BDD nation it you can find all of our social media despite surging for BJ she's geek nation or you can find all of that the links episodes and oil more. We dig nation dot com spread it around will take it we can use it. Speaking of towards what is hard about this week. And this is I don't know where this falls on the key spectrum. Oh by the way and so do we go to the screening yesterday. Could you tell I was limping all day it I didn't really notice have figured he'd just had a an exceptional night on your second job. A maybe it's just the Jonas came on so and I guess it's finally spring period for early spring here in Seattle and I kept on running out of excuses to two run. So I have my first big run of the season. The day before at that work I. I can barely walk out there you go to suck it seemed to be perfectly honest you lived really haggard but you also mentioned at the fact that you had only had like an hour of sleep so I was like oh you're just cannot hobbling around because as well I mean you'll you know what part I didn't look haggard transient there I was intentional I would remember the old fantastic forward. Where they find. A hobo in New York City and the human torch uses fingered give the guys shave and it turned out to be the submariner. Look at me today you do look very I yeah I did mention that you're gonna go get a hair cat. And you she how you do it. Once you've told profession well less haggard ammo. Jennings this is what is great radio imagery I realized that I. I don't know you look great thank you very good at a what's outspent as much time on that is possible Gary and Tony really the mean Russian guys structured like sheep yesterday learning Diebler that shaven faces a post photos. The schoolhouse rock creators that we all grew up with that and and that transcends. And I was a little kid went way and that when it came on the seventies. And I remember all of them I'm just to build it. Conjunction junction reflect your what was his name Chris that's Bob Toro gas of this I was actually alleged jazz musician. And it turns out the thing he was most known for was this schoolhouse rock thing that he discounted. Initially dashed off but Wanda making dozens and dozens of these things and you everybody knows the lion's share of these these songs no no joke there everybody knows the songs. I wish our current president would listen to some of them so you would understand. Our government basic government yeah yeah and the condense injunction was my theory is have a favorite. I think what's a bill. That's the one that are remember the most I have really is to be with a little rolled up bill should get a look at the look looking all sad and I always liked verb. And I think three's a magic number was another one maybe favorite entries in magic number at the very plaintive song however what's verb and or that verb that's what's happening. Did you just did a DN AM and a and the character was it was a super hero. And neither did the young his chest and he would fly around doing things and that was the thing verb. That's what's happening okay well that's very upbeat talk about leaving a legacy behind well the one that everybody should know is we the people. Here's just a little clip of we the people are with leagues it's called the the premium the preamble. He'd burned and hundreds of gonna look at hey you. As that was just disease you're never as he thanked me. OK okay. Well I thought that I'm in his. And I. Okay. Let me ask you some live time. You guys send us. Okay how the world great way to remember some homework and mnemonic device that is said a thing do you otherwise have to memorize into a song and it just imprints on the like that but is that version. Better than. This version right here. Hawaii. The people of the United States in the got you know an almost perfect union. Justin is still a domestic bond Bolivia mind. General oh man. I was captain Kirk from the original Star Trek captain you'd choose which version of the preamble how do you like better we like them both here you get much. Attraction of the schoolhouse rock's. Rock's album that came out policy in the middle ninety's I was like man I'm ninety's they are they Blind Melon better than I have had. Goodness payment they did covers of all the song a LA on about 1516 track you know now that you bring that up its welcome back to me it was a deejay at an alternative station in of the state that brought us Mike Pence. And we had to canoe that's got to without actually good yes hasn't really good yeah like. I. Moving on. Actual vs evil dead has been canceled on stars and their three seasons. Thirty episodes fifteen hours a man what a good show. Bruce Campbell has announced he's retiring characters so savior petitions to save your angry letters to stars. Here's a little clip from what you've apparently been missing what everyone has apparently been missing I'm missing. Mr. Williams would like to express my tech boom. But no thanks for the you know I didn't really know. Rudy. He's found evidence that she devil herself in church so lessons you've found the book didn't yet what are you doing. Is my guidance counselor and is pettis and when you move and then went. That's right now wanna assure you only have your daughter's best interest. How she's doing it I don't know why she's doing it but you gotta believe me you know little miss my fifty. Or is a black hearted Al east I think halfback pass how can you not love Bruce do you have to hate America if you don't like. Bruce Campbell of Bruce I I have I have watched the entire first season of ash vs evil dead because a one and two are available on Netflix. And they are fantastic and season three is is very good as well. You heard reference to a daughter there they managed to bring an adult daughter into it without ruining the daughters great. The female counselor of the she devil was Lucy Lawless firm from CNET who's been a part of the Bruce Campbell Sam premium ensemble way back from Xena days and she plays demon as to who the torments him and tries to kill him throughout the season. They they're just hasn't been a sour note the whole time except with the fans here silica sits in her petitions. Campbell has announced he's done with the character impact. If you want to tee off on anyone how about all the evil dead fans who pastor this poor guy for decades about when there's going to be another evil dead movies. Every appearance. Every interview. Every time I actually got to see there the premiere in Hollywood of by the hotel. As a migrant nearly every audience member who asked the question was like oh well if you. If you're gonna make this why did you just make evil dead ministry of that movie him and and Campbell's stock answer was always in order to get. Stammering need to make evil dead four yet to get him to stop making Spiderman two or whatever what the type. And it was and and just everybody was it harassed him and. Urinating on curing so they finally break more. And they're better than anyone could've whole area there better than expected they're hilarious they're gory Bruce Campbell has never been better in anything great fun. Really really well me just outrageous to. A gap absolutely. They finally get all this. And that doesn't get enough viewers are you kidding me. That this is kind of like voting I guess when when we don't get off our asses we deserve the goddamn orange mental patient we get you know I mean. Wouldn't you know what I mean whatever I mean that so the series finale is this weekend and and man the preview looks like it's going to be a really good pay off. We're always gonna have these I guess we just have to be gay used to that word that Americans have never really been able to stomach which is. Enough. Next. Are spicy hot reverend and I went on a mandate yesterday and the vendors infinity ward I was not invited. You were invited Stephen that part. I'm kidding of course it was a well yeah I had to take it's been all right I want to make a big stink about things like that campaign earning him on the petulant let's turn this into a mean so we went into the marble exist at the had. Pop which was formally the it was Ian PMP expert and now it is rounder museum of pop culture. Yes so they had a marvel exhibit there and it featured. A whole lot of stuff so I think some that would appeal to pros some that would be good for novices. Fox interactive stuff for people who wanna learn about making comics. Lots of costumes. From the movies and TV. And if you noticed this rabbit. The costume seemed to indicate that the actors really are huge people yeah I think tiny yeah it was really interesting deceit. All of these really fun costumes and I mean from this from the those films that's an and you realize you know like. Oh yeah that this challenge Hanson would fit in my pocket Jack kind of gathered just not a high. Big at all I think some of them had their job to Mateo. I watch a little hard eight and two from from the old sixties comics like that the silvery comics that is the source of everything we're seeing in movies now. And those are beautiful I was tempted to turn one off the wall between ten and run out of it I don't think I mean those guys could stop me so cool to see these. Actual art pages of stuff that we grew up reading with. I'd the logos and lettering literally pasted in glued on you could see a wideout where they had to fix something like they did in the old days when. When Stan Lee had like a much bigger and more vibrant to pay for and I'm. I think one of my favorite things was actually going on the tour with you. Because you got a lot of insights and I mean if you're. If Oliver different projects don't pan out I can just see you hanging out in front of the EMB offering guided tour is free no reporting about tomorrow I hear anything that's where I go I'm gonna wind up as a tour guide there and had the from Seattle underground gas exact I have but I reckon I reckon store boost soap. Rev. Any other impressions of this thing because I was porn I was I've always been torn about. Mope pop. From the start because. You know was this science fiction museum and hall of fame I initially. And it struck me the first time my side is on this isn't really such an exceptional collection so much as. The most expansive display cases in the world for Paul Allen's pulp magazines and Star Wars figures one of the things is you're not necessarily row. What fat but also the fact that you can go and you could see these things. And that the they he's not hiding it in a vault where only he gets to gaze upon them I think that's fantastic. Guide and to this sort of thing I think it's really cool because. There's a lot of people at this point in time who only know the marvel universe via the movies. And so this is a good way to lead people into. More I you got little kids out there who have only seen Chris Evans as Captain America and they have no other concept of that character. And at this point you can see the original comics you can see. How it hasn't worked and dealt with some of the political nature army specialist Captain America they talked especially in that how he was created. Because Hitler was rising to power and these guys who created him. The only way that they could figure out a waited to get the word out how bad it is in their own way was to make a comic where you have Captain America punching Hitler that was way back in the days when we could all agree that. Hitler was bad yeah and I'm gap left path I've been out there that that's. So would you. Paid full price to go see that because I am coming on the fence about that also before you answer. And maybe this is just me. I'm not crazy about paying a whole lot of money for an exhibit where I can walk around going Ali I got that. I got that CN here's I think at this point in time like when you wanna go look at everything physics oh I have that. Oh I want that all of that was just too expensive to get but I really want it. If this is kind of fun to go with mark in what I'm saying man is maybe you don't need to pay you need to get them in daddy go went and have the foul mouth to dole. Guided tour on this play an adult version with cocktails absolutely so would you would you pay to go to that yes I would and it's a little bit more than the standard. General admission Ciampi a little bit more to get into the exhibit right now. But at the same point that also gives you free range for the entire museum for the day yeah seeking check everything out. I absolutely would I still plan on taking my wife. Because like I was just talking about she really only knows from the movies. This world and it would be really fun to show or hurt her favorite character being Captain America. To show these sort of things that are going on you get to see all the costumes in person. And I posted some pictures and we shared him via the BJ geek nation FaceBook page. But it doesn't do justice to see in person if you got a wife who will go to that with few. You blocker in right yep sign something so that when you have an awkward photo ops she won't pull her hand away from what. Do you do realize that. I. 100 dollar plus gauntlet. She'd do the same for the Captain America shield. She we have the marvel legends Captain America shield because she went to fill out her her little cause play. Like had this is the keeper borrow that Randy that I had a good girlfriend once who who bought me a some bar equipment that if the that it just didn't work out what are we rapid appear when we come back will go deep with no spoilers. On avengers infinity war. Welcome back mark runner here with the reverend en Fuego hi Chris walker Pena. It's time to talk about that thing we've been waiting for for very long time Jorge every time I saw the other trailers. The especially the one with the black panther doing the chant before they go to the war and it to the big battle in will conduct. Oh my god so let's talk about what we war. OK first off I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna go back the red car wanna lower back a little bit off for that though. To our email exchange when you had talked about goal like that you were going to be able to use preview this movie. In your leg rev I want you Richard as the gas we can go ahead and go. And oust kind of waffling about it because we're going to see it at a critics' screening which means that we it was going to be. 2030. Maybe fifty people at most in the morning in the morning at 10:30 in the morning and I was thinking about it now like this really is it. The way that I first wanna be seeing this. And then you're like no you're going. And I'm like being on now and then you're. Know your go ahead all caps yeah its. And then I've finally talked to my wife about it she's like yeah I'd go to as they are fine yes you're right so let's do this. And then I decided to go full bore. With. So yeah I am a big fan of staff fan boy this point he is my favorite villain in the in all comic books. And so I have my infinity call it. Then I made sure to bring the not the legends version winter just previously talked about because it lights up and it is noisy. But I have the San Diego comic con version that is just home. Ranked so I wore that zone in on thinking about all the other patrons there at the theater I also had on my read it. Stand nose slash game of the rounds game a stone's teacher Clinton and but he'd. Really couldn't see that because on top of that I was wearing my panels goody which it looks like. What you see in the previous for fan knows the blue vast the purple arms in the gauntlet as the race. It's please tell me that somebody makes an infinity gauntlet oven Mitt are they did it here's the brought back Luke Creighton put it out I have one because a friend got it for me you know. They had to recall it. Because it offered zero protection. It was just out cloth. Mixed offered gods say yeah it would it people were trying to use it as an oven Mitt and it did not address that she exact death okay so you were wearing your analyst pretty even so styling and profiling is that a city. I dug out from us. From my mirrored collection. There is a company that made reproductions of the old mid 1960s marvel mania teacher it's and I had old school Jack Kirby hole yet he's carrying a rope. And it says here comes the incredible hole on the front and yes turner on the back and it's the rear view of minutes as. Their goal is going credible I thought I would figure I iron I haven't worn them years and years but I can tell the publicist could. Who's compressed with a good. So under the moving good on marvel me and ten years. I mean I remember interviewing Robert Downey went Iron Man came out and it was. His career resuscitation after you have all sorts of personal troubles and Susan and his career was on the skids. And that movie changed everything has been barely a missteps since then although. This new venom trailers suggest how may be changing. And yet here's the diesel. I want you to sidetracked yellow we get into the MCU you're absolutely correct things seemed to be gold and. For the dark world not withstanding highlights or the dark world I do have to go back in watching it. In and kind of reaffirm that that one. Iron Man two Iron Man three were kinda iffy at yeah. In the big picture. I I agree with you there's been some fluctuation everybody fluctuates it's springtime Rican back into beach body here will fluctuate due but but overall yeah picture they've had a great plan and compared to DC there killing Ab so brilliantly truth. There's apparently some movement by a angry nerds to sabotage the movies rotten tomatoes score in mind I'll never understand that it's likely tried to do with apparently the last yet I. I don't understand. Oh why you wouldn't have something better to do to him that I will say one thing. Don't read any YouTube comments whatsoever. On anything. They generally don't wanna do that but especially now on what I've looked at a couple and it's there are people who are posting. Exactly what happens it's our we're not gonna do that no we're not let's hear what that your breath I've got this and this came from camels are gonna hear some weird laughing in the middle of it. So just take that with it's trance saw right there. Tummy area then it's. Discipline Tony you know very little branch takes that he wants to wipes out half the population. He says low key. Do you attack on New York that's him to. Us. Which are Tomlin militarily. Yes the pollen is based phones are already makes insurance creature in the whole universe if he gets his hands are all six dollars starting. Good to have 200 times Doctor Strange your situation for 200000 seriously leaning on the cultural because it. I'm going to love and it demonstrates a six run and we just to this window on the garbage disposal moon came to him is sworn an oath to protect the kind stone at all. Wise and I swear if Jerry and that enters into flavor of to me so star Tribune is not something you don't chalk it. Men and I'll tell you rev ten year old mark was thrilled to death of this movie area adult mark. The likes referring to himself. It's. The adult market. Also had a great time and I could tell you did to IAE eight it was fine because I was afraid of not getting that theater reaction that you wanna get a lot of times when you don't see it fear of movie you wanna have a whole bunch of people and they're reacting and I didn't get a whole lot of that because there are a lot of people there. But the fact I could sit next to you and there are times when you were openly tackling. That it would help immensely with the experience of the movie. It broke down every little cynical barrier that they've built up in a miserable life time of empty this and disappointments. And you know it just in terms of satisfying childhood. Unfinished business. You don't want the kid ID. Every time there's a comic book that had all the little character head vignettes around and our mountain where you could tell it was going to be a big mash up. I love those Justice League to me now. Avengers. Any time you knew that it was going to be a bunch of different. Heroes interacting with each other I mean before it wasn't just a routine thing and crossovers were seen yet and every single comic book had to be coordinated and continuity with every other comic book in the company's lineup that that did not exist when we were kids. Was very special. And so the movies more than two and a half hours and yes 236 parent the set up. Elegantly simple I thought I mean and it's been building up for awhile panels once all the infinity stones which you heard why. He wants a half off deal cash back on academics to joke and made yesterday in the car they do I would edit. Close shot down super care if it's time to thin the herd is the point gap after the show Packers fan of the sorts kill half the people in the universe with the snap of the fingers after he gets all the power the Infiniti stones in his in his Mitt. There's just not enough to go around for everyone and fanned out is the one willing to do the hard thing. And I sort of got this is serious about it sounds like a Republican doesn't he he's doing people a favor like Republicans are freeing yeah from the burden of health care. And consequently you're living yes there sisters it's a zero sum game and some people have to. Do without so other people in the takers have to do it outs from the makers can can live but. To be perfectly honest he's doing it very. Diplomatic. Sort away in his. In the way he explains it. In the movie it makes sort of sense and it's one of those things where you look for that you look for in a village. Yeah and you're you don't have to look at the way I need to. I'm curious why don't they had also been a fan of apologist now he is clearly. Into the trunk of the universe no I'm curious how your day is intentional from from the Russo Brothers and and the screenwriters but you don't have to look at that when he has written by Jim start or do Stalin is them marvel creator Stan knows. You can just think of as he wanted to write a children's story about a grown man on a quest to accessorize and any cause I mean roots I don't complicate that. After the stones are all in different places like Doctor Strange has won around. And that kind of division has won on his head mind him on like this. And there are others not honor reported today. OK so be no court has the am. Power the power Jim power still card gym weight that's was that from earnings and galaxy. But go okay we can't spoil Galileo loss Boehner a parent and then I get is off from from previous movies this space space known as a tester act was. Look he has it. That's right hand and then the mine Jim was in his step but then and they put it in visions forehead and then dad visited the reality stone. Which was the from the dark world Gillis the ether but yet our support either from their real was in the care of the collector but when his ball was destroying guardians. Whereabouts are a little unclear. And that's like an interactive and no we haven't seen this'll start it or paper or did you guys hustled by a yesterday about it gets things absolutely things. Rescue guys and Nokia will will get to that dark and so once offend Ellison gets all the stones he can kill half of everyone who has to stop him. Except for our high NN ma'am they're not in the movie. Horror neither of the marvel heroes from Netflix. Know over the lame ones from TV yes but you've got deal venues you get the guardians of the galaxy got Spiderman if black panther Doctor Strange. I think the only major marvel character missing. From this movie was for bush man from brand back she's like that's that's a deep dive carrier IR brand after. I think rev analysts had a huge potential just to be so silly that he pulled you out of a movie he's in big purple guy with a chin that looks like I think that they mentioned in the movie bitten and that's on all of us and then some but they handle and so well and they give him an act that some actual good. Character moments. And we've talked a little bit about his motivation I mean it's a little bit like the bad guy in black panther there is yes you know. Like I might I am a total homer for San also Marty mentioned that by a marvel seems to have especially where it. With kill monger in black Panthers they've figured out bear villain issue. And I think right now out out of the entire ten years they have only pulled out for compelling villains. Bucky Barnes. Low key kill monger and now Faneuil several real love is locate and he's in the movie to. The movie got play elapse a lot of laugh out loud humor it is you heard from the clip. Some genuine emotional depth there are deaths were not even gonna hinted who dies and I'll tell you this. I didn't guess it. Kerry thing a lot of major things that would wanted that they didn't liver or serious things I didn't like I wish Adam warlock was in it. And it's no spoiler the James Gunn has he's out as planned for that happened when I calmed down a few hours later I thought the big battle scene at the end. With the countless digital piece attacking macondo was may be just kind of another cheap. Should Hari you rehash. That gave everyone stuff to whack yet but that's not a fatal flaw. It's a superhero. Comic book movie. Some trivia from I am DB I did not notice the war cry of black panther when he stood shutting your Bombay. That means holds strong nice now I want people to shout that at me at all sorts of different. Both appropriate and inappropriate. They just didn't what you think is an impossible job servicing all of these characters I would like more Captain America time but it just isn't that kind of movie. The creator Jim starlet. Hates marvel publishing marvel not the movie marvel so many stories of creators feeling. Well I'm getting screwed by publishers it's always bothered me the people who make superheroes. Can't seem to do right by each other Sunday remind me to tell you. How journalism worked out for me to tailback Kevin fight you know the Marmol boss single amount for the source material Russo Brothers directed they didn't we are soldiers civil war. The writers Christopher Markus and Stephen Phillippe war on both of those an agent Carter in the first cap movie. They shot this in the next went back to back so we're gonna see the sequel next year. The ending. People are going to fill their pants and that makes me like it even more. That is some nerve. Zero spoiler here. All I'll say is I wanna go again. Yes it matches watched a movie but I wanna watch people watch a movie absolutely and then stand outside bet they are leaving I will be seeing this tomorrow. And again and I can't wait to be in a beautiful people. Door pull quote yes. Avengers infinity war. Is the giants' super hero gang bang epic you wanted to see since you were a kid if kids wanna see them. No matter what sort of superhero movie does the team you may be getting. This one is the nerd epic ten years and your lifetime in the making. And your mouth is going to be hanging open at the end. And you're gonna want an old fashioned candy cigarettes and yeah and pull quote we have time grab or. We'll work. Any questions because I had just a short amount of questions I think we can get away with it. Are we already answered one of them I'm very concerned are present on the movie he is arguably my favorite MC character and that's very disciplined pulling me traveling can't believe you said that high and love Jeremy Renner Hawkeye OK I don't know what he had to somebody had time okay one thing that I had seen a rumor. Several months ago store for losses hammer in in regular then yeah pellet it's match I think a shocking moment. Does he come away with Gatorade bills hammer action thing. Can we reveal that oh there are things that have been in this movie that dragged him a new weapon you can have a little without weapons a right I that's my concern but I RG I -- I heard about that I was like that's beautiful because we saw a bus debater a billion rag Iraq. And then now that's there which just means he's taught me. But as common as owner said in the last star movie. You're not the god of hammers it back at what point a point where else Chris and over OK at a minimum of of it's Steve Rogers gets gets his will Condon Sheila no bat very cool to. But it there was some rumor that it was a combination of two of capsules from the comics which was double content shield me from by bringing him or. The one that splits into like armed guards or something like that does that happen and there are so many. Things including shield in the movie. That are there get ended just Warner Bros. territory and being able to do so many things in and I'm including that Tony Stark's armor which pops out all manner of things gas gas which is essentially from his jogging suit if he's wearing at the beginning of removing this is sorry so comic book the gas that like the Easter a eggs afterwards and people that make the hero of the 75 stating that you may not have noticed a very little YouTube videos this is going to have all of those references and all of that in it because there is so much going on. In I got a really you're not gonna be able to pick out all of those until you get deep deep deep into. All right last thing and I don't actually want answers rusty as poker faces on this. The young do come back to life. Hot hot hot hot all right that's good for this this week. If you're the kind of person who can go to this and not enjoy it. Reevaluate. Your life we'll see you next weekend was near a marker honor its special ops you Bombay. I. 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