BJGN04-28-17 - Tabletop Day

Friday, April 28th

The gang celebrates International Tabletop Day! Rev & Joe discuss the latest Magic: the Gathering news; BJ & Chris discuss boardgames including Dragonfire & Celestia; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to Vijay Shays geek nation in high in the reverend white belt across from me is Vicky Barcelona. And we can talk with mr. Chris walker restaurant like if and that'll be fine all cool. BJ Shea the show's namesake he joins us yeah I you know somebody had to pick up after after I know as the goalie he's on assignments and that means well we've got. So drought gee you know he's not speaking crazy he can't get this thing. This week because there are some important things. Talk about magic the gathering. Are going to talk about tabletop games ahead of time I will speak with mr. here's one comment box I. And we will get VP chief with the TV Vicky how can people get a hold the last welding get a hold of this year our web site has all iPod has an information it's just BJP nation dot com. You also like up on FaceBook petition for being she's geek nation. Follow us on Twitter innings to Graham and sooner or elements at BJP nations. That it takes a visibly time 180 due due for a 3353. Since I mean I've been digging nation at Watch dollar videos at YouTube dot com slash BJ peak nation and then by the way if you have a hands on that goes to stay Alexa played each nation until an Indy inject himself thank you. Well you have Mardi hook ups because the information. Thank you so much Vicky and that this is a very big news item for magic the gathering fans I'm confident that the done done done the Good Friday G and myself for kind of wondering what was going to happen because on April 24 the band been restricted announcements are hurt or magic the gathering maneuvers in the previous winds band three cards reflector made -- cooled the promised and and also smugglers copter from standard. And a lot of people were wondering if me a little kitty cat by the name of Phil and our guardian was going to give band as well and it did not are who now. Jump up to April 24 was which was just this last Monday and didn't they get another band and restricted announcement we thought and thought our guardian Leo kitty cat was going to get another man. And the reason for this is because this cat enabled and infinite combo much like he splintered twin combo. We H the aid basically really just wore to the format for standard. And in Monday came and went in there was no banding. More and move. A lot of people kind of freaked out because this was going to be at this point debt to be. Lonely hole to Wednesday. They did and addendum it Jude the could see the band and restricted announcement. Is finally banned in the cat. That's pretty brilliant I did they've they've they've put out the banned list just to see what would happen if it wasn't on America's they can always fix that year it's tough to remove a band with cars from the list it it was kind of interesting because basically the whole of the Internet freaked out that it wasn't on there. And then of course the whole of the Internet freak out when it was suddenly tacked on on the Wednesday and this is happening right now severe going out to Friday at magic tonight. The cat is bad how much anti Imus is that category four it wasn't good for much because it was the common. It out of the set that enable all combo yeah well the problem is is that a lot of people on the Monday when it wasn't announced. They went and bought the planes walker that they. Oh holy Healey drive how that's which had not seen play in a tournament setting until cat showed up in. And so now there's a lot of people who are kind of wondering well why the hell did you not do this on Monday. And there ex explanations from Aaron Forsythe on the old on the old all we know him is a good cute guy is a good guy. Is explanation was that they needed more data. And today they got a whole bunch more data win and long cat went live on magic on line. And VC Healy Philip. Ratio percentage edited that special early this the first time at veterans earlier on matter the outcome I'm anointed. Which is kind further excuse for banning it at this point but that's not a good one yeah it is it is really interesting to see how this when I because everyone was saying you need to get rid of this and they were really I think hoping until the pro tour. Forehead to kind of shake it up booted by age eat it it's just the problem with the deck is that it it might not even be too good but it is very very good. The problem is they can just win on turn four. So every other deck has to be able to react to add to that which just kills a lot of decks chances to even see play because why are you gonna play a deck that will just lose on turn four. It is just way too consistent doesn't make any sense either because they'd been admitted to the fact that they didn't know that was in the format they've been a misprint for yet the problem with the cat was that what it does is when it comes in the play it can take a permanent in name it makes that permanent exile but you control OK and and it comes back in the play our pace now it at all Berlin and was he had so the problem was so Healy is say she makes a copy of a creature or artifact you haven't play. Now this fact that they cat says permanent instead of like creature or artifacts. Means that you can men to blink that say Healy and you have gone to new counters again. You have an infinite cats that now has paced and you can attack definitely yeah that makes sense this is a combo that they're really they don't even want in modern which is using more powerful cards. And I was wondering is that why the hell would you wanna use this or have this out in standard. And it was an oversight demon realize like Joseph said that this was something that was going on in in magic and standard that the you can actually do this. When pros figured out ten minutes after the card was announced well -- permanence I mean any time you can abuse claims Walker's vital -- -- allowing them to use their abilities more than once on a turn her in I and dvi and if you have about planes market that basically says hey guess I'll make another copy of the things that let you get rid of the plays blogger Maria back again gaps yeah do you think they would they've had this combo before -- they not see this coming in that was my problem because faced a place -- -- in modern Intel they've -- because it was too powerful for a more powerful format and they just bring him back and that was my big Cuomo like come on guys you gotta get rid of this the only remedy all the ramifications I guess you think about it is affected people are spending money in the secondary market to come up with a competitive -- and I think I'd be test men and hello yeah our data and that was a lot of things like they've been. Band happy you've recently. Any kind of goes along with circles of the fact that they're making more powerful cards. In a lot of times it's catering towards the commander products or some of the legacy in modern products. But it. You how I just don't understand. And it's always there weird interesting thing this is not a new thing for magic. They've had combo winter they had neck grows summer like back in the day they've had a recent problems with that then aren't d.s side of these things missing cards that were really way too powerful. But managed just. The U Dick consumer confidence. With magic right now is really interesting you know if you're playing kitchen table magic you're playing with your friends. There's no issues really but this is gone back two days of channel fireball seems like the users have always been smarter I mean I'm not does not shutting its wizards. I H assist seems like the users are always a little bit smarter because I yeah I mean I never thought a channel fireball to somebody really Smart Sedona got a lot of life in Beaumont and like you can do that gaff hook you're a hero idol if you. When the game you would never say a lot of people who are like me he would never think of sacrificing nineteen points out of your life total. To do anything yet but then again there are Smart people and ever since though that means the beginning. You know they have had that issue and wizards with summer is usually a little smarter than the folks that created the cards. The big thing I think is they're pushing the standard is that you can play any color you want him because of that it's hard to keep the game balance yes I mean when he really big -- -- a huge blue red and they play green as well all yeah that's crazy and so with that I mean it's hard to keep -- cards you know balance not broken and then and then of course why did have to -- things earlier is because their best part of but it was a two minute post creature. That was way too powerful Eden and you know that car was expense not expensive really toy box and then the next and it ran a mythic prayer that's just as good disaster replaced it. That's older consumers power level you disband cars when you want to so voodoo cards yeah don't ban cars we buy cars they demanded anyways. And then yeah that's the big problem that I've had I've basically just. Kept to playing commander from now on. And maybe the occasional booster draft or sealed event. Like you do with the pre releases and stuff like that because I don't want to spend the money to get into this because it can be very expensive to give in to formats. And just to have the cars go away it's not fun to have that happen and but it's also not fun to have. A deck pitcher going up against just to be completely one sided not in your favor. So it's it's grossing if you're tournament player in magic got to keep up on those and you can understand where it's coming from at that point. And if you're not a tournament player magic it's not going to affect you that much. But like if you're just a casual going to friend magic just be knowledgeable of the fact that the cat is gone felon our guardian is out of the Foreman now you're not have to face it but again you don't get to play it either didn't hear guys say it's a tough one for me because there are certain people who love the coming up with combos that the designers didn't think about that and that's a fun part of creating decks and if you all of a sudden do that and created deck that's amazing. You know -- I remember a guy back in Rochester ball though whoo man that guy back in the day he would come up with all of his combo decks it would just drive. People crazy if they were coming from Syracuse to practice and go. Some of Rochester and practice our our standardized and then you know bulldogs pull of something where they're like look up play straight red OK IIIRA. You know resurrect quick what do you what the hell was a subway gets you five cents of this you know dogs of that you know and ethics and guys like bald all love that he loved being able to come up with stuff that maybe even though the designers didn't see you put together. And so it's hard says they have those guys and then also have competitive players people that have limited budget it really is hard and it's it's like if they ban are didn't banned it people are best either way at a heroic Cobb is almost like they should have created made the car in the first case it is a lot of times it really is for that one because it they even. Even said to you know their fans the people that were read the articles and stuff that this card was a mistake they didn't mean a media outlets should have been permanent he should have been gathered that you just can't manipulate those planes Lahaina however hindsight always had a you know a point 1 AM that's I mean it's bad enough of them at a planes marker gets to do something twice and returned for some reason. But then to have. Read have that kind of holy Yuri. Now adding that the big thing as it is winners just as though it doesn't good do a good job of being accountable for when they make a big mistake like that and then on opposite he's dancing 800 dollars yeah that's yeah it's really. Mean you've got I encouraged her players like players for a somehow this is not the way to do it yes so hopefully this does shake up it's the standard format hopefully better cards come out of it I just think the way they handle it was they mishandled it really tunnel that'll be a better forget right a lot of people are happy that it did get banned they're just really hoping that the circumstances of them announcing it would have been. The way they they originally said they are gonna do it is it is it's it's you know it's a challenge because they really don't it doesn't matter what's going on on the secondary market for them and that's where the biggest impact happens when they banned cars but at the same time. It's the secondary market to be about to go to in order to compete in their tournaments in the first place. Which they do have something to do with. So you're right they I think they have to realize they've got to come up with a better response to their mistakes accountability and a little bit more contrition I think would be helpful hopefully moving on from that if you didn't know tomorrow is international table top day low. And I might note about that and we'll get to what you guys are doing because you guys are gonna be having some fun because there's actually. A preview day at a local place here in western Washington this is happening. And we got some information about this and this is happening at the lacy Timberland library you can go check out the information that www. TRL. Dot org. And they are having an international table top date preview. 1098 from 630 to 9 PM for all ages they're going to be celebrating international tabletop day a night early they're gonna have refreshments and over twenty tabletop games for all ages to play after the library closes. At the program is sponsored by the friends of the lazy Timberland library. And it will occur after the library hours and other services will be available by to have some refreshments complacent games and I get a little premium may be maybe you're a little bit busy on Saturday can't do the international tabletop day. So this is a good chance for you guys to be able to do that yes but you guys are. Actually going to a fine sponsor of our program Vernon Wells well of course they're up there and and and Kirkland Washington western Washington and they have a great space with the good folks in games and gizmos and yes. They are having a tabletop day and that will be tomorrow. And well pretty much the board get alliance will be there in there and I'm finally show up for a four game alliance. Thank goodness I think I really did you I think you guys you squeeze me in this guy yeah yeah oh yeah would put Joseph schedule tossed not on the side. Jerry you are on the delist BJ yeah if you if you live in western Washington or you wanna travel I think guy you come check out Vernon Wells I IE. It inning come say hi Louis ABC is there yeah it's a great club you can get information about joining a club if you live around our area or at least maybe get a you know get an idea to say hey we should have one of these and our wherever I live. If you're searching for like on the Internet it's Verne as in jewels burned and wells as an HG wells' perfect that's good waves feeder on to phase out there on the face a book he then yeah I internet's. Yeah we will will be having some fun. We as a unit fantastic and the look on the voice is all over other side of the state they're doing things but. But this is the place we'd like to go 20 yes. Do you guys have any board games that you are again as set out to play or you just gonna count you had a smash resistance. You know I don't know because Vicky it depends -- two because of resistance you need five players and a group of people. And where everything you can put up with you will talk about that more next week as we have a saying. Watch it two weeks from now there will be a giant resistance that you'll be doing because we're going to place we know they love to play again we'll talk about that later and a couple of busy but I think you know Vicki seriously I think that -- there may be some practice did you geyser in all the big. I charity tournament and there's there's there's a couple of games I Taylor's. And out Ponzi scheme that you guys have to learn to play well because you know those were the coast guys were there last year I think Sam win every damn game they play on March boarding houses holding their their golf late event again and this is a lot of fun for us. Because we CNN middle of the pack but we have a lot of fun gaming and so we're gonna be doing that we'll be talking in the coming weeks with the people from their but it joint chickened out. I just search for mocks boarding house some Oxford house does currently donuts for great great cause and to sponsor. You know the good folks from the bore you alliance and reverend Vicki had Josh in pancreas so they're all they're all part of it. I think I know what my and what I am my plan of attack for that day's going to be mine bought. No okay. Low cut scheck yes ma'am I'm like act like are not till I don't have the most action upstairs so I have a girlfriend he's really gonna make up. And just have very you know drawn to dry and then do what they did like cheating I. Think it first here and I really an effort by the Caribbean movie in the shore course that they needed that like I did and it's a sheeting wow I like that I did. Not a bad plan and I I did series and they'll tell Gomez is like I need the help put LeBron. It's superhero theme so really there yet or any cool moment to bring in my instead he got lit. They're freer and completed cricket the end yeah I think yes I think it's usually seven and while say because Vicki I got totally out rolled by some women I think the final batting their eyes at me and I was like all right and then they of course they destroy me and I go. It's a book and I don't no such thing this is a tournament I was not a bad guy anyhow that's for you MS I have the full move I think it's rural guys like four year old virgin when he speed dating where some things just got to tell me. So actually gets my support Gaby coming out lots of and you were very excited about it and we will we tell you about kill us and Ponzi scheme once we played more than that they're both not kill some courses like classic worker placement which. You know I know how much you guys love those who want he's a we'll talk about that would get one because I didn't even know this game existed how bad aboard Cammermeyer is now. Thousands of gay and others can be yourself look too bad this is a granddaddy I mean this is the eve people say everywhere replacement here is is based on Taylor's days ahead has been around at all so you guys can't talk about that one now but are there I get a gamer to the jet I have for now I mean I don't get there NN international table Sunday Chris some yeah Chris Hewitt again you wanted to talk about because the fact is they. A sort redesigned re skin of a game that we kind of dug based on. The cry the shadow run universe yes and what it but they re skinny redesign a little bit so they can bring another universe to play this great this great game. That's a catalyst game labs teamed up with that wasn't the coast to put out. Dragon fire. And it is a dungeons and dragons seem to re skin of the shattering crossfire. I mean yeah in which we. Late in which which is it was pretty difficult but I mean I really like the mechanics of it in style of in the play event it's as essentially a legacy dec builder. But what we we actually speed of our game alliance and we're going to be playing that one later on today so I well we got some guys from catalyst of Armenia put to play the ball so heavy stuff and and I have a video maybe he's half -- finally do little FaceBook live moon night and as gas so why those. This is the thing even as though it looks like they've taken me gave the based game the crossfire and sort of streamlined and a little bit cut cut some of the extraneous rules out of it was I was our understanding of ice and we we talk to be as a while Norman on the birdie reliance. But this one is. I just really looking forward to this I think it's going to be amazing man I cannot wait demands on it. Yes it is it's a competitive RPG slash dec builder. And a EU gets actually happy you really help each other are you using the cars that you have in your hands sometimes they help out. Your other buddies. It was deck builders of course usually use your cards for yourself yeah and in this one you you actually know I will use his card to help you out Chris because. Those particular monsters creatures odd you know what the mud that does this weapon that I have in my hand is Carter is much better suited to fight that guy than it is the one in front of me exactly and that's a shot or crossfire Bob brought to the table. A very unique mechanics I love how the game progresses as a legacy RPG stargate is a lot of games alike that you know. Area that we played over the year over the years war hammer had won that he's we played and then what was the other one about how that ties are underway and pathfinder and so this is another unique way. To basically have that RPG. Dungeons and dragons experience without a what we know without of a dungeon master. Yeah exactly the game as you dungeon master that don't give you dungeon master and and I really like I really like that style is so I get into that world which I love so much but I don't also have to. Block out six hours of my time to get through half of an adventure that's December afternoon. That's like catalyst you guys are gonna be Shelby what that's all about the exact there's another game that we we got to play I don't think you did Chris you weren't with us but. Our buddy Sean from the Korean alliance and think twelve games. Yeah I love I love Shawn because Shawn buys a game it seems like every five seconds didn't and because he's a game designer he basically I think gets to say well I get a notice goes I have to get I do narrate. I love a guy like that's. And so. He introduced me to a really fun game I think this is a great game to break out for casual folks if it's is the end of a work day. Or maybe you wanna filler game at a con and you don't want to think too hard. This is a really pretty game it's a revamp of a game called cloud nine to be one member that. This is called Celeste dia. And is a press your luck betting or wagering game that involves all of us and I basically look like a flying bathtub. As we go hoping to write about. Ever going from city to city and basically it is the idea can we survive the elements or the pirates or anything else it might get an hour away in the restive and AR flying bathtub. And the look the further you go the the more chances you have getting great energy points a great rewards but again it's a pressure lucky if if there Jim goes down you get nothing and so sometimes you go get off but the previous C I know I don't get as many points but I think you guys are gonna go down on this one sick bed safe bet and and and the captain can actually really you know kind of sabotage it to some degree or make it look like a lie about the fact and hope there's bad weather ahead tonight I have nothing I can do to deal with that occurred in areas are and I guess I get up together -- What are you know it's. And now I. Fast and it's really a fun game the art is finds that the the flying bath W type thing machine is you you assemble without a really hard cardboard and it's pretty colors and looks great. It's it's less than 25 bucks you know I am I and it really I liked it a lot it was fun lots of good player interaction. You're always doing something you're always make an even when you're out of the game who do you view cited jump off while they still keep going. You still get to give a hard time to everybody's being part of any need and I it's a fun game so I Celeste yet it is. But designed by Aaron Weis bomb and put up by Abigail says black fired Damon and a whole bunch of games looks like ever allied nominee there's like 45 publishers but she picked just sort of our game peaking a drive real and there's also weigh us Alessio also looks like they have an expansion that they just Kamal wins. New call solicit a little help which I don't have yet but. And they began to purchase tennis basically. I I might I might make a purchase that you know you love these badges that one of course basically the crew is like in the people all of the ship. Get to help out the cab to whether he wants help for not pillows and that's and that's fun social less yeah that's a fun game really enjoyed it Chris to get a chance to play but I don't have as you know Chris. It's plated onetime we're mocks and of course I've got to be right back here I don't exactly -- narrow down that do we do you one to do one more you can move on how we do have to move on our during the world future episode we have many RA assets and no doubt about it yes we do have to move on because I spoke with mr. Gere is on Colin Bakken and board games now we need to talk about video games gears when he talked some video games that I don't want to say that we've been lacking in that but this is a lot of information has come on the recent days. Oh absolutely and you know disclose what was expected because were gotten closer and closer troops fish these three men that just you know that's the flood gates he's truly a quick condi 23 taxed. West still all become now one right after the other and that's when the games are going to be coming out doesn't users can help routes to periods absolutely so what do you got for a start not. All the big news is that the latest McCall duty franchise which call of duty world war chill. Took a lot of people by a shark because you know we talked in the past year have been community were who created the series trailer crude to the black cup series you know sledgehammer games are Europe's three development companies all doing games they have a three your development cycle as opposed to which allows them. Three year you know production time greater. Chime on the games so on and so forth yeah. And a lot of people we all know how intra warfare Greg good reviews blood. Didn't quite click with the community and no of people thinking that each. Going too far in the future is just it's it's not working and you know which funny it is the same people were griping at the same thing all the time and well I think it's what sledge hammered last game which advanced war sure which I thought was quite good. And you know there's a segment of people thanking the branch torture to would be the next game announce because for the most part with the exception of ghosts. They've gone in trilogy shop smarter more sure want to retrieve going up and I'm through to reach. And they just basically shocked everyone saying. Not only are we going back to boots on the ground we're going back to where the series started World War II. Would call of duty world war true. Bands that is interesting how do you feel about them going back do you feel that is it is it as. Do you think that it they're going back to a safe place for them as they as a as a company as a franchise. You know that's the thing I think it is to respond to some really good recruiters were puzzled me about touched. You look at about this time last year when internal warfare was announced and you know we've talked to you know at depth about the haters and even before blaster and on the trailers and so on and so forth. This game was already well into production at that point you know this was a three year development cycle little thing that I probably two years into development at this point. And so it's like what where exactly was this decision made so you've got to go back at least two years and shake. Wasn't black up story Ian Williams you know there. He would basically during the advanced warfare right after they turn should probably. Would be the timeframe so even before the negative backlash and shop. They had said OK it's time to go back to roots and we you know we are warmer sort of Vietnam's southern gamers something like that possibly coming out blood. It is interest and has to meet they decided to go back and fully committed to this terror. Longer for the backlash of people saying you know we're get your get to tore in the future with these things we don't like to space ships in the energy weapons. And I think it's resounding and very well you know what the one of the things about that is adorned the Normandy invasion error. And her picture in the modern graphics and game play and they've announced that they're gonna have to pre released beta. Which they did with the last couple games were you know people complain that. They've announced that they won't be on the floor 83 in the Booth not doing private meetings like to get blaster they took the year off and I going to be right there are so they've got a lot of confidence behind the shank. And you know it's Gupta multiplayer it's got a coop mode which is really appealing you know they tried this square hole you have black upstream a lot of people didn't necessarily. Do I mean actually began the campaign couldn't do that. People really got into that Sam you know why they're right numbers show us. No rolling up the beat Shelton I am guessing we're gonna get a zombie mode and there are some news and a they've you know they've who put a lot of effort not I think the initial response from people it's okay. And I think a lot of the skeptics who kind of meat beat and started to move back a little bit on their excitement are saying. You've got me interest rates kept. Yeah and that's the interesting part about that is because if you're going back to something familiar I mean humans like things that are familiar to them and so if you go back to this you're like hey we got better graphics and got all the game modes that you liked to during indeed the entire franchise of call of duty and our in a setting that you're familiar with. Maybe that's something that can. Silence Null or sodas speed connect keyed by keep everyone on the happy on the happy trails. Of a coercive resolution no such thing as they talked about him you know you always hear that sort of thing from. The people involved with that but you know the thing that we kept hearing was. Movie quality storyline actions that they were it's. Keep its immersive you know you're gonna have beach Normandy invasion you're gonna have. The French recession should get a multi cultural council is one of it for temple Mormon guys it's protectionist. And the inevitable character who they are saying it's a Jewish character which is your interest and it's exploding to the US forces. As they go into liberate. Europe from and actually still you know you have that horrible and they said it is. It's I don't wanna shade darker but it is that there. You know you're taken a gritty subject matter and you're basically going further into its sanction you know basically disagree. And that makes sense I mean Nike said they're dealing with that subject matter that is not only sensitive what you're doing with war like it would be the same thing as like as Saving Private Ryan not having that that very very. Intense opening scene that sets the tone for. That entire movie you need that sort of thing going on with the show with with these games like this and it also helps push the point that you know what he's college duty games are definitely rated M a lot of the times for a very good reason. Org should explain you know and you mentioned that he bit open action and Trevor grind their roots in the reveal trailer. They show that sort of thing where you show the landing craft coming in under the fire people get mowed down like creature each. As they're trying to get affordable and stormed the beach so it's you know I'd be interest and that you were bigger what touched. Exactly Levitt what are you got on the terms of tech side because like he said he threes coming out which means there's also instead of video game companies there are tech. Companies that wanna help you with your video game peripherals. Oh exactly and a degree and singers that we have right now is Nvidia has announced. That they have a bundle partnership which the boots. ArQule stretched and the way you were you right now is that when you buy may be cheap forced chi chi X 1080 TI and perhaps standard Kennedy. 1070 or Kemp sixty graphic cards. Sister her laptop. So basically you know you could give her the cart you buy a system that has put her laptop and at. And then you go I am not short shrift and the touch which is the control system toward the inhibit three free PR games. Or who. Not tastes. So you can see they're definitely doing everything they can to make it a lot more appealing to people and you know obviously the prices you're gonna vary depending on where you what should pick up from where you get a map sort of sanction but you know they're moving things along their doing what they can't make pensions more trust all the Kennedy card especially to TI line you can you can get him to be rushing the PGA there's tons of different companies to produce torture coming down considerably from where they were a year ago which are making these things more accessible you know the trinity on you've got four K capability torch so I am. Whiskey you know BS PS for pro well. Wish the out scorpio. From exports being announced. I'm kind of were heard if we're gonna searching a lot more for case toward former PC games as well most console games and Hulu coming it'll obviously you know they can do what I am certain games can put on the key she provided you have to Forte. Capable card. Provided you can do that night I think you know essentially you can sort of portrayed battleground it's really gonna heat up. Yeah and it's also interesting because yesterday was national alien day Annie announced an alien VR game like you do of the details on this one because I haven't heard much about it but I love anything alien come on you know. Yeah I guess so how do we put this one it's basically called. Alien in new you're old man I am the way to describe it it's tied in with alien covenant sir Ridley Scott. And it is so involved with that they have a director for against basically. So it should be able to be our experienced. That is set to collect a viral marketing anxious. And now what it's scored steel which itself allows you to experience she alien universe promoting your perspective so I guess the best what act do image it's a very short saying it's only about two minutes long. But it gives you 360. Degree. Look. You know basically have a Cuban a video showing off for a delegates are reluctant to clerk but at the actual thing is going to be longer than that and what it's done is that it's basically trying to get you in your idea of what the alien universe is like. And they're trying to keeping it under wraps the video gives you a little bit but the impression I get issue probably going to be in there it's probably going to be very. Quirky and creepy environment and you're gonna have all things come and ensure including troubling mr. preppy if you had a we ask you about just a picture anywhere near an anchor in the dark shadow and you know I wouldn't be surprised perhaps that that intercom comes out etched in general are so old tomorrow amazed does exist on some hugs man doesn't faze us. I think that when you remember how much and that we talked about one Italy and insulation came out how. How they were you know before they put up there are going to various gaming publications. And they are putting people on the Vieira told you about how would these three we didn't even some people got to be orbit. People were certain that the rows of the computer's playing at you and I mean it was hysterical I'm sure they're trying to play at all or near the courtyard and after I was I don't. Every Angela Coleman and put the cameras they've put their controllers don't launch. Yeah this is too entrenched and. That's amazing that's what you lot may not meet the kids hell Larry is either gonna have to package with some depends or something because as. Good to be very light horrifying stuff. Oh no I remember you US audit tax and comic remember the giant egg that they had yeah. Britain cited at every word. And you'd see him to slow swagger going in general account an album although they don't want their help. And didn't do anything anything they can Ned terrified people wearing VR headset type I yeah I just absolutely love Garrett thank you so much again geared Von column box from skewed and reviewed you can find information on all of this and more at SK and are dot net so much Gareth. And HR products thank you so much gears again gears on Colin box from skewed and review that is SK and. She twists TV I think he'll do we got any TV movies happening a lot. And not all of them are great but I don't. Oregon first on a list of those circles. And this one Mac. I don't really given me no nickname and here's you know like an old analog symbolizes a somebody turns Tom Hanks Karen you're wow Olivia John Elway got Patton Oswald who. Why our man I wanna see this just because of those folks and he paid and low. The main idea of the movie is a woman lands just on her dream job at a powerful company called the circle. Only to uncover. In the first agenda that will affect the lives of her friends and family and all of humanity. This Warner and looks kinda like out elect colony FaceBook thriller. Kathy has it's it's it's social media taking over the world sort of thing and now who may be and I. You what 00 so what are defying critics think the 30%. Honeymoon ends and no way. We call on special line will seek help plop my mom and pop the top and that's not fun and if the well you're Hanks alone would carry at least of over fifty million elderly that is on the it because it's up weekend too because of course next week. Is guarded it yet doing movie going on next week I don't care how many movies or hopefully as I was. Hey yeah. Another letter it it says it's scifi so I kind of candidate but it kind of has to provide. It's a young street magician is left to care for his little sister after their parents passing and turns illegal activities to keep a roof over their heads. When he gets into deep his sister is kidnapped NiSource he's magic Kimberley mine to save her own cool little light gas and finally had to react and how the critics like a mallet 62% and that's from the producers I get out yeah. Well okay cool that sounds like I'm really go and yet that was really good and you know what it's 60% is still fresh it's fresh. I'll just kind of gloss over this one voice from the stone it has like no information really no Brady no nothing. He's in a pre nup because unfamiliar car accident our offense cookie present Fallon. 'cause I gonna be better than terminator. I assure you know that yeah at that for many is you know I don't know man I mean she's in she's the mother dragons but. When the dragons aren't there. Error you know literally it's it's gonna be a well it has it was like a nice kid and all the stuff. Busters mile heart. The family man's chance encounter with a conspiracy it's a stretcher. Leave some other run from the police and an impending event known as the inversion TV inversion and that main character is Rami Malek. Oh I am doing Jenkins had 20 no no he's a mister robot I don't know what I was under was the girl who got run my own dad and you're gonna like you know what I and you know this is disturbing movie because he's just got that distinct look. Cozy as they like I don't know about Acer's like it's always get a full beer is all alone now we know the weirdo he sort of looks Manson now I think he's supposed to be the. These are good then the family Nancy he had a family and then things like things like Cruz error DJ Qualls and is it tracks news clippings. RX eight. I know you divorce in my head and I know you're just a voice in my hand but are you listening. I don't know where we're doing this I think that you'll find mister robot go okay is rural and semi or just ever so I am precious every narration and mr. robots. You look beyond that I didn't ask about is that the prodigy would be impressed and he's not a person that I'm not breath yeah. I know three out really two more than a dark song. Which is openers and it's racing and he he determined young woman in a gimmick to cold sister crystal airlines cancels performing dangerous tool. That will ring and then what he wants to make your mind this movie now you're not okay get out. I was eventually got to the semi episode and I understand he's gonna dog. I don't really know any of the main character is that this is getting 89% who I am IR percent. We have put some banks and a movie and every pass happy and then finally last one as one call to rupture. Who in the single mom tries to break free of some mysterious organization that is abducted her. You know what our mystery suspense to decide if fantasy man inside my fans Michael should listen insulin all. Sorry million base abducting directly say he'll get it she went to tell me do Ari Millen is and what chill we both watched Ari Millen. He played a lot of characters those it archer known well I'm like oh he's the guy he's always the call the male the male club and how. A lot of black because that's the one again they never. The thing where we are sure they already know I remember I did I didn't know that was the actor's name he's creepy as well he's yeah you know he and Rami Malek could actually do a great show and the other is just a grizzly creek all it's kinda get this he thought. Just let's hurled panicked and broke creepy and this is getting. While 32% but I what does it does sure in this case scenario girl and I doesn't crush on him I love that Michael shackles of characters is. As bald men and. Fact that is he can't hold him and all my. And our I don't see them now thank you so much geeky young knows the guys go out their season movies this weekend let us know citizen email BDD nation it Or injuries lettuce. Now K no more mister robot shop if you participants. Patent tabletop David let us know the games you played left to hear all about that's and it's unlike some guys. Senior eighth. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells says the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size YE culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your geek flag fly Hepburn and well just a sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot bluffs.