BJGN05-03-17 - Dr. Raychelle Burks - DIY Science Zone

Wednesday, May 3rd

Rev reviews issue #6 of Thanos; Rev talks with Dr. Raychelle Burks about the DIY Science Zone at GeekGirlCon this year; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome and BGC's Keith knee she and I in the river in Plano across from me please Vicky Barcelona plays where we go. More of Chris walker I don't why I got. Off the kind of you know some days I BJJ the show's namesake you right over there yes I thought it would be good. Thought what would be good enough job but I'm all right all right all over running the lord then is it's Roddick G. There robredo he had apparently been. I've read a Madrid next on today's show I won't talk within actual science says. Winners are talking about do it yourself science this is going to be painful I will also talk about comic books. And then some other odds and ends before we give TV geek chic with the TV Vicky how can people get ahold of us. Just saying if the doctor tell you are the signs utility turning and copper mountain. I'm out hours sometimes I know what trailer I guess beating Diggnation dot com check us out on FaceBook. Like toaster with pictures and you can see your picture of your BJ JV nation. All of them put an insert him in zero O happy day each nation can kind of text and it was always my one any dared to do 43353. Does any really beating each nation and Check Saturday is the EC dot com slash B dig nation and that you want a cool way to listen to us. Just say LX up video and Amazon I don't. Play geek nation on CNN if you don't own an Amazon recently laid an. They locker announcing Alexa played girls and I really getting from your wife who's excited about the they did so much Vicky and if you guys want you please do so send us a actually don't send us anything go to New York podcasts button on the yield iTunes if you have and I found. Or any of those sort of I. Apple about it what I am I things yet and things go to the podcast section and find our podcast and great as a five star because that's what they're really low. Some comments to some feedback we definitely do love that sort of stuff and we did get an email I want to make sure to get to that let's get to emails yes yes this actually I I feel kind of bad because I wanted to actually talk about this. And. On Monday. But we talk about a lot of TV is that you can talk and I know which comic book day but Chris you played horizons are darned well I did and we got an email from James who says guys are normally to the party but it just finished horizons or Don. I have beaten the game story mode and I have to say I have not been happier with the game for a long while. This game left me wanting more. The main character Al lawyer a lawyer a lawyer a lawyer sorry about that and it's a busy person in the beginning I had a hard time connecting with. I thought she was aboard bitch that couldn't just stopped being as Smart ass. On the other hand by the end of the game she was a completely different person still a Smart ass but once the mystery was uncovered new understood her this game has amazing game play. Graphic story crediting. Crafting. And keeps you engaged through the unique side missions this is the deal I strongly suggest for PS four owners looking at you Chris thank you so much the geek national James. Will. James if any should mention I finished that game what about a month ago one of our own I was a very very early adapter for presence there and on I Biden I think I've bought it the day after it came out because I was busy in the day came out doing everything FFI yes and absolutely a PlayStation four is it is a reason to get a PlayStation four. Is not available on X Boehner I don't. No no this is an exclusive tie our love PlayStation yeah as as much as I regrets about purchasing my PlayStation four just to play no man's skies in Cupertino we know as good as anybody thought mom I'm glad I had it for what horizons or document because he had a game is amazing he's he's borrowing everything he said. Goes double for me man. I watched you played just a little bit of it immediately moved to compute helpful there and is one of those games like you and I were always talking about fallout are sky or miss seemed to fall along with the the lines of that as well. Yeah I has it has and of the word open world the feel to it as got the same kind of RPG style elements that you get from a fall louder from from from another when you dysentery yep how his we've thrown when they are right now and has little thing. Could be argued against our. But. But he's just is you know it's its next generation console it died as huge as powerful graphics engine and drive in the whole thing is it's an amazing looking game. Never mind that the games of the game play itself is really really nice and really smooth. And the of the combat stuffy a lot of times these things can be clunky when you've got a lot of extra moves a special things we have to do. It flows like a dream I mean I I and these are haven't been happier with a game in a long time honestly. That is awesome love that recommendation pinky so much James is moving on from that it is comic book day but a BJ -- comic books are outlook for this week so so we're gonna talk about well I'm what I'm waiting for my Star Trek new visions to come down oh yeah oh that's right okay so there that is out I as I have a check -- but dance slot seems to put on a Spider-Man book every week so there might be one autism street and the economy would and I'm there were rumors that fantastic four is actually coming back in some way shape or form I saw waiting for this in I don't I think I might have seen this on -- read it but there was a little screen grab that's. Mr. Ben Graham now being mister fantastic reed Richards there how big guys and maybe some others going now ideally it's done make in the universe maybe is there aren't enough the layers around a friend and good go make the universe mobile refined by yourself I miss them I really I do really miss them and a it would be great if they come back in some whichever form but I am reading comics and are you really well Mike you know poll last comic book day Santos number six. Move. This. Is the end of the first arc so if you were if you're a person who is trade waiting this is a good chance for you to get up plane on this I just give them off of comic solid. To get the monthly on that. And it's also good because at the end of this month now may I'm going to be getting cable number ones could be V two series that I'm following. But scandals number six ends quite well. We finally see stain his son. And the reasons why we he had actually grabbed all these people to get together was because he was under the influence of death. She was saying hey you need to could be most of the most powerful person in the universe how are you going to do that in order to kill fan else. And say let's get the Phoenix force. Bob Carr starting yours does everything yes you up in so. It was it was really great because in this when you get to see. Just how the Phoenix force worse how does that work well you have to die so in the middle are a little. Thing gets shot and they think everything is gonna be O hunky dory because they got the guy who led double cross than to get this Phoenix force. And actually they just triggered the fact that now he is infused with it well achieved yeah good job done massive ups and so now it breaks down to the fact that Spain has the Phoenix force in him. And is now. With sandals who broke out of the maximum security prison because owns nanos and a toll Rex pools but you still dying as well. My real absolute hope out of all of this is that fan else gets fused with the Phoenix or somehow and play it just becomes another god again yet. RR I love I love Wednesday a no. Like it's just one of those things and I'm OK with every time given the infinity gauntlet. Given the Phoenix force give both of them at the same time and see just what the hell happens I'm OK LeBron and I surely at that point column beyond her soon begin to map out a mandate and diluted basis million mile knew even then we don't know so this is this is the the first six issues. Set for that Mike has said the trades are going to be coming out soon if they're not out already you can get a band and that's a great way to go about it. And it is a lot of fun I really love the art on it it's super beautiful and that definitely worth picking up moving on from Matt. I was able to speak with an actual doctor a feast at yeah. East feat FE Ph.D. OP HP but it definitely I did that air and an assistant professor of chemistry wow this is fancy yes. And the best part about this and this is funny because IA found. Heard via geek girl con because they love doing a lot of stuff and last year they did this thing called DD I Y science. Area out and so she was one of those that. It's was able to help out with that in net it very much promote this sort of thing so now. We're going to be talking with or ratio burst. About geek girl com bringing the DIY science area back for this year doctor Burks how are you doing this morning's. I am fantastic. It is. Well it is that morning where you say there are no it's not I'm just cannot I cannot come up unbelievably hot here would have liked it's I haven't Californians. Yeah so you where where you out of her name in constant taxes though the surface of the sun. Home I did that. Yeah I don't worry no lovely Seattle and were actually finally getting some sun so it's not not quite as odd as it is over their four for us but definitely happy that we get a little of his son right now. Get that vitamin C not just that just out and eBay daddy can I have you on the show today because you are a part of something that I have felt dessert is is really amazing and that is geek girl can't. This started I went like four years ago and has. Only six. Oh my gosh act. It's been going for a while France and it's really been amazing. But one of the things I noticed Aggie girl con had sent out a tweet. Asking for donations for something that I thought was really cool which is the ID IY or do we yourself science zone. And you helped found this correct. Yet the IA and the severe and the manager. This is in this is super awesome because. This lets people. Young and old have a chance do you give to hands on and science right. Yet that the best way to do eight that it didn't Eric. Throw it together if it works at the peak theoretical it doesn't work in my not and it's the best way. And so what are some of the what are some of the hands on things that you've been able to help people experience. In the previous years. So we've done pilot of our most popular is DNA extraction from metre piece or strawberries. We think people think it makes super complicated. Like multi stabbed it takes confident fancy equipment like you know he can do it at home with Blake. The plastic cup but copy fellow parents and my at a pro put off from the first day I'll. Why all and so that's the fun part Q it all right experiment really do and is known. I easily Diane home. So that you know you can reproduce them you can try them with different variation that pop Peter why and that is really pat bitterly with everybody is making him climb. The whole yeah pray like the funds when I amen my trying different types of crime in all of those ingredients again safe for the home. Easy to do and you know they're creeping to about climate it's been non utility and flew it which is like super advanced. Did they think chemistry. But when you can play with they really and it's test the properties. Even something like that is really easy. For every day I understand your right hand or in pregnant again and again how it works and though it doesn't fund believes that we've done. Even sensitive fit about you know how to survive but the probability of surviving a zombie attack. It's. I don't that was really interesting one of the things I was doing and do doing a little bit or research on you as first stop yeah L one of the titles was pop culture chemistry. And of those really interesting and and a little bit more and you've done chemistry in the death of king Joffrey with our own. And in the chemistry for the zombie apocalypse. And I thought it was really amazing and what are the things that they even touched on in. The show but only briefly way is. One of the like basically. Masking your own sense. And using chemistry to kind of go through that and making a quote unquote death Cologne. I thought it was really amazing. Yeah I you know the thing is I remembered thinking oh my well I'm really penetrate because I'm watching the deficit you know and reading of course that comic book series they're really when they they realize it was it was episode period eat and why you know Walking Dead. In my first dot led Seattle we can do this a lot easier cleaner than I did not gonna work like we had to gala. You know we we can't into the bio hazard like I ran a full production mode unlike the small work. And I thought. I think it is amazing it's like if only like they actually had an actual chemist with them. They would after being able to do something that is better than just run lead. Jack letting me either planning your client. Made my daughter I'm your I felt a body that make your way of actively DOE run with a gamut generating content. And so what 01 off I I would love to know what got you personally into science at the beginning. Of you know your long career with this. What what intrigued you about chemistry and and all of that stuff. The look into it it's actually an act I want to be a lawyer I was off that the managing your high chipped it to the nation's capital. Which appear Qaeda want to be a lawyers' strike Mecca I absolutely. I'm like yes I and then we go and we got to interact with Atta met the I kinda did an end for meat that was the first time that Bryant seemed to. You know would apply it was involving everyday problems strayed it would have I got it I never really died before. And so forensic science and income and that kind of thing is is what I looked me and then once your buck. Yeah I am going down that rabbit hole re okay. Can't remember though could really lay the uptight stuff works is he's very OK well why didn't work how I make it better than he had the bad got that step dark and it's going to basic Christian church. Or really get into like a theory and concept to market spare many good. You know they can implement described to me at eight days frantic guys that could gain weight and I know I mean yeah red it definitely worked that way for me ever since then. I've really been fascinated about Q how do we make this work now I try to disguise coming analytical chemist we don't. We don't make things secure AMOCO chemical the most scary you don't make chemicals you find them. Sorry to say that I am led and a chemical detective all criminal. You know and don't really view this week we have to build systems to find them though. You know I'm really dating my stuff here what I these days like this and the tiger kind of shame me like oh I'm getting even Geiger re like tactic when that array and tell him it's. I've read I played OK what can we be good I just had my didn't do this semi okay. And you yourself volunteers like five other days until black electrical tape go build an aspect of atomic. You have two weeks that I yeah. Wow I have anything you can actually do that and you can get all the ingredients on Amazon and it makes people cool. And that's the fun part to me is. It rich Gallen strayed. That kind of you can make it work two years. Here's the resource at this break up and that's actually went by idea like giant Sony and I would I would of the social media team very Keiko and I'm down and they gaining ground. And in the gaming done they had this Papa literally a block of like make it gave out of the box oh yeah absolutely and and Aaron Blake. We need at a price and first this why don't we have a giant version that that was like five years ago if you're going into year five now that the LA fans so. So it really was inspired. But you know building your own. Game because you know a comedian science that they have a role playing gaming ever I am now commenced to write that would be my ninth and could call her unharmed. And you've got you know you dire other folks say your you're our kind of ended. It is still that it's ridiculous that you can sell what you can get better rat. And it really need that team of people rape for your quest to your campaign. And I we each Friday it still led spirit period because he got it done different things you can do yet people are tracker bag is that you can kind of Golan and I just pick up new. You know magical powers he lacked a bit better than magic that I can't. Well and the thing I mean if you think about it arm back in you know back in in history. Science really was magic because you didn't know how things work and even nowadays like you like if you ask me how electricity works and how powered sub thing. I could not tell you so might as well be as good as the magic. And you're letting people. Finally feed your outlook through their own hands on things and it doing all these activities. How this stuff actually worsen what he said it's a gateway that's like the best thing you can possibly do is give people information about how the world around them works. Yeah I could then Mel you know especially economic factors that feeling when. When folks who maybe don't know realize how a car battery works yeah. Or why they have to upload their phone in lake to recharge it they didn't equilibrium shifting situation lake. It we like he can build up on the fate of kids like they're yelling I don't win it all comes together. You know it's like mine did that almost led a couple against the what would go to the white dude let the blinking eyes it's just like half. Like I am I right now I don't know it is a great. And then later when we're plagued. My blown their plate you know look like a bomb went off playing around you you know and that's and that's how it is everyday because he should always beat. You know there's there's the you're never done yeah there's always something else and though. I think that's the fun part is even relatively simple experiment that we do in this though. They blow your mind because you can't believe that the work and it didn't come in and and I don't know. Curry in the end so if people interest in this I know that Aggie curl me each girl con is not happening until September 30 and October 1 appearance Seattle if people want information they can go to geek girl con dot com but we're looking forward donations to help out and help create these ID IY areas so kids. And kids and adult alike adults alike can do this in check out and learn science to learn all about this if people go to BJ seizing geek in me Sheehan and our FaceBook page or put up a link there single right to the donation page AF that's all they wanna do on that and and I really love the fact that people. Kim experience all this because I'm. I myself I have a niece who is turning five this year and for Christmas I got her just a little. I'd a little loud kid that is a whole bunch of different little experiments. I expect and to make sure that she really wanted to get into it if it's something she wants to do I got her lab coat and everything because you wanna look the part you're talking about what you wanna make sure and your Ed completely immersed in that. And I just love the fact that I can take her to this now and also I mean with we got the Pacific Science Center here as well. Which is great and don't be generated over last year and then back again this year so Conosoga gonna be mad at I love it so much. Were shelved thank you so much for being with us. Before we get out here if if anyone wants to experience as some of the stuff that you've been able to do where can people find you online. Though Twitter that you prominent cleric after a video like that element to a nice. And so they can catch me there and if they want to feed them more officials about the bill in the hash tag is. DIY guy is Phil and and we got some great images and video out there. Are some think he's so much for spending some time with BJC's Keith nation. Thank you thank you so much doctor racial Burks and again good digging girl Connie can search for on FaceBook you can search for just keep girl con dot com I believe it or. But if you Google searches easy to find out and just act geek girl caught on Twitter. Really easy to find that out and this is a way for you to be able to donate to help this sort of thing out and this is a great way for to get kids into science it's it's. I know Vicki you really wanted to do an extra long geek she is so. Oh while let's go with that man he sure oh yeah we are well I usually don't give you turn her loose like design know what's gonna happen aren't feeling you guys aren't here so it went perfectly loans oh really oh yeah Erin. Higher there was implosion and we lost one of the stones to the god let's. Is safe your dad how do you hear anything and I really while Amanda how much say well listen didn't rule out the sheets Swiss TV. Forced beneath less and I had a list of things and I didn't really no limit. Is following you know I know and I was glad he's don't agree with all of them. I get on a group these Camaro cool okay right this should be fun teen criminally overlooked superhero movie some of these I think that they need to be overlooked RO oh yeah these are you these are just designed to do some soft. Yeah they really I'm OK with that first it looked as Constantin. I thought from the movie. I thought if I overlooked really that's a Sunday they get saying it's not I think you might be overlooked as a quote unquote superhero comic book movie. I EI UIRS I thought it was all right I thought it was tolerable but I thought the performance of the guy who played putt the devil. Yeah which we just recently got a camera yet which we usually talk about soccer violence was a good movie John and Muslims and syndrome awesome he's good when he does that does talk a lot of Micah Lola or otherwise it's every three -- -- occurred in -- in the major -- you have to kill my dog. Do you think this -- yeah I definitely I I I definitely agree with affected a kind of you know I -- not -- who don't know I liked it I mean I'm one -- people in New England has seen it multiple times so I enjoyed a lot I did -- a a little T -- I was still mentally -- -- that movie when he came -- was like 1450 years old because you know -- or not he was yes yes yeah he was -- that he was like there was the comic relief from our national radio tells -- and becomes -- I have -- -- Rachel -- was the was moved -- love interest and then an -- watchers in the chair for two and a half hours and twelve -- that's like well that's -- explain why you watched it twice. An excellent on this list delayed. I think the First Lady is closely as well I didn't say I allowed the first place blade two was stupid. And basically I just gave up on it win Blake gets smashed. Against a pillar and doesn't lose his sunglasses. And then the third it was just an iPod commercial. There have been put the yeah what's her face and you add that one thing that one on one thing in route I don't know what little we don't ever did no big deal does. And asks and then and Ryan Reynolds they're one of the that they both frowns daddy I asked which are low the reference are believed to end dental GAAP. Can a player blade two convention could be the guy. This I didn't see Evans and. Couple. A couple of years ago I think teen girls think those amazing yes but I know it was also one of the first movies ever snuck into that was rated. Wu so it's kind of honeymoon. Not a it was really fun though and I had no experience with the comics USA the comments so I went into a blind and I always like it was like this is really cool like I thought the makeup was really good which added that there until the murders Gary idea with them. And it was it was another one I've seen about a time through our pay 08 hour ahead as she was and I coming out of ice he. How is still a theory did that one in like go. Would you want to still kind of behalf funky kind of cyber attack on to even more mad Mac seed like our combo of another birdie jewels yet it has to be over the definition. A little bit truer to the comic that way and that's that was so the end that was snubs the same summer that what a world came out. You look well I've been that's all stars. So rather than flashbacks and here America and another one mystery man. Oh Soledad. Is so underrated Ghana and more so I think now that we are so true superhero movies. I think people would love that even more plus the actors in that movie in my car does it reruns Janie Sarah Graf from Colorado I know they can't get out of Geraldo I know it's arcane and Gareth hello Dalai Lama now. Here's an interesting things I watched that one a couple of years ago in and I just remember when there in the backyard. Doing the interview dad how amazing that whole scene was. Like I don't remember anything else from the movie but remember that what part being so good that it's worth watching it just seemed to back to that point yet we we we honor army show that we you may reassure gets interviewed Dane Cook and he talked about how the heat that was all improvisation all they didn't tell me do anything. And the heat are you most those guys got cut out but they did we're gonna cut him off but they say he did such a great job is the toaster. Gotta do it we have to keep the single off the wall where he had to offer yet he went off the script so much at bats and Darryl like what the hell's he doing Lego well we kind of like what he's doing good they pick and that's why he's in that movie he believed. I think he he dies here he's like if I read the script the way this is I'm not gonna be and as we are gonna are they cut the. That's a so in the awful it was certainly very uncovered and William H. Macy. And yet Ben Stiller as mister furious perfect role hi Hank Azaria. You as the blue rugs are not road. He got and he throws cutlery but not knives that just blessed with spoons inform us works. And and William H. Macy as the shovel or and it's such a great actor and plays that role so straight. So serious. It is I mean Mac is. The movie is really good it was so ahead of its time. I'm I'm wondering if there's another movie on this list it's even more obscure than that but I always recommend no I think I'm on the same boat with you and am I if it's on this list Jamie was James gunn's really directed but he wrote the movie I'm thinking OK I'm around them so let's see if it's on their retained the Missouri is our moment against Atlanta letter -- there are. But asks. And he die SM there help okay then that's pretty that's two better than this list might be full did you. Should be on every has meant the next and is held blade to the golden army I haven't seen I have you there but I hear good things here and we'll say good things but it doesn't really on any of these great. I was really a little cool so that one and I mean like the first one but yeah that that one there I don't know it was kind of like for me moral combat to a kind of went down aluminum Datsyuk cartoon hero from 101000 twins right. That was uphold the storyline yeah I only see army yes unbeatable with a kind of I discovered that part of it the end of LA army yeah I guess I felt like it was just a little too you know I guess. There's not as good as the first mental CG I. All right I got out area. There and an excellent I called. SID have to watch the entire movie and I know it was crap. Ghost writer spirited and also had a second quarter and the secular and the one where the promo is ghost writer and blaming lead peeing on something yeah agers held as in this apparently do no I didn't don't ask me neither I didn't watch it's I can't combat and I had no idea signer my room is a couple years ago rented it from Brad box may end he's like look Larry put money and hassle watchable thing and I want to know why I can food Washington not a Little League this is. The edge. Of the elusive as he. I'll look like that's literally and act. I don't have ever met isn't it and don't think it does let a man rule and that's not it couldn't do it now I am as she was Maleeva she was good I was like five minutes into the little boost in in my room and yeah. And ExxonMobil Lorraine. That's a one and says source Aaron yes OK now when I come out what they're rated which I hadn't see I don't really overlooked. Stuff I think I know should be over in my hand and I think any area it's it's it's it's I think it's judge exactly wage should be it was better than the first Wolverine movie but not that much that's the thing you know is it hard to get over that line. Next Lun is Phil or the dark world. I saw the winds are unaware yet wave when you we give better I think it's the reality jam and I and I likelihood tackles and I do but again. Hate them early early on wanted to trash about it I didn't have a problem with the -- did Galileo was it was a movie it was you know and it it it progressed some of the story I'm neutral to it yes exactly I saw the one time because as geeks I think we have to see every Kiki CD but I have a wanna watch it again yeah I ever wanted to go back that's what we're looking guys and it doesn't die right there Elliott and I entry into. Iran. An Exxon I don't know this one it's a dark man oh thanks all yeah. Neeson yeah as an accident where he loses all of the feeling in his entire body Sybase we cannot feel pain. So he uses that to punish the criminal under this guy like unbreakable. Then and really Sam Rainey did the staff Timmy really wow I'll go well it's really good. How I do want to let us definitely underrated because not a not a lot of people know I'm an eternity ago it was I don't think it was a camera or studio put it out but it is dead didn't have been a very long run it wasn't -- -- -- long as he was like Lleyton TDs nearly ninety and 1990 opinion yes so it was still well I the only big thing at that point was Batman and al-Qaeda has got to try to -- man I don't feel right behind you right Dresser that's un elite. Yeah I can know where all the images that may god did you feel like when I first came out because that looks really familiar all of Italy in the federal kind of explains why are members so finally I was sixteen that summer and I'm trying my wheel house and I was not even a year old. Guys got the thanks goes the same dermatology is dead pole Palin how I get the same facial treatment school. Next to money is punish a war zone to another idea of fun to see if I was in that who is that Thomas Jane or is that no wonder that no one after all and I don't really there I'm guessing I don't we have seen many like amazingly we've we have. Two great punish her I didn't an involvement with yes you gather enough to send him that Thomas Jane and then now again fishing all the punishing a shame there's I had. One bird though everyone is crap for an eye logo is really of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I didn't really and I. What I think it was on OK I didn't read the comics thought well I'm more Hayes and now and we'll Sonia personally offended by that it was okay yeah yeah I waited eight I didn't hated I didn't really light did fight. You know Alan Moore and I think Alan Moore was so pissed off about how that movie Wentz. So maybe that's why I'm tainted a man Mike Brown of whatever watching congress now right yeah yeah yeah she does everything stands true there I he had he hated Saddam he works with V for vendetta and I and as and watch from a deeper. I love you for men that I I just want I just want like a mini YouTube segment leg once a week that Alan Moore is just. Alan Moore hates everything nowadays they. Alan this thing out what do you think about it all I hated it off you know it's what you think of the new chocolate twinkies. Are you can get into that I designed them they were supposed to be strawberry. And a originally banana banana out now and but I if you're a dozen threes and nearly 1451 Izod I thought it was fun looking back and I think maybe how they setup is a little too cheesy but I do it it's kind of an assault a thing gets a really good performances in their but I think the whole. Thing for me just wasn't wasn't act Connery really didn't sit down oh really only that's the only reason why he did is because he missed out owning another movie because he didn't understand it and he didn't understand this one either but he wasn't going to miss the boat again you have a lot of other things. You might have I is key because I think they wanted him to began off and he didn't understand it yet there's been a lot of those breezes I don't know what's going on so well around there and yeah and trapped under you for improvement. Next up on this list dread the 20121. Yeah gas almost yeah no doubt about it that's aground Carl or I'm amazing yeah a lot of talk crap about it but here's the I it's funny because I thought well reviewed by everybody I know that's really you totally don't look like okay explanatory deciding to move to see in 3-D yes really was called resolutely garments and his next what are the racketeer. Low and plus Reuters it was entertaining I California. I have met nitpick with it nobody just the simple fact of the matter is if this man had Iraq it straddles to his back and he's flying around. Yeah and it just shows it in the graphics he would just have his legs broke off so he would be studied the rocket to hear it wouldn't make any sense for any part of me here it just. When there's like going for your damn boots you're not going to be alive. Wow man end of the movie I get this first test flight me and he's dead it. Maybe it caught our eyes salute you. A little off as we just aren't Goran I saw everything I can't you are from Dominican. Daredevil director's cut. That's ranked just kind of never solved and I don't know either disguise in Cuba didn't want to do that but I thought I've heard a lot of people say it is it is it's anything like you're really long significantly better I don't morning according to businesses graded our daredevil director's cut punches up the good stuff cuts out most of the cringe worthy bits for all of it and Affleck you know all that stuff like this I wanna see. Annie Wright is Michael Clarke Duncan murderous India kingpin remains as iconic portrayal so I think it's more. I'm Michael Clark and his team that was all she elaborated that I still like to call furloughs bullseye. Yeah as a lot of fun with that I like my little barrel yet there and Azubuike was our garbage I wanna say I wanna see the I directors. And if I am not it is cutting down so much so the movie is solace by the way out before I forget. The specials James Gunn its credit a superhero send now. I was you're thinking of super which is another one that I think is I feel I let out that should be in there to borrow another James Gunn thing yet the specials is is say it has a vibe like mystery men. It but it's like real housewives of superheroes is really what as I. Jamie Kennedy's and it Rob Lowe is in its Thomas Haden Church is in it it's got a really good cast. It's who I found it very very entertaining and I think now watching it since we all know our superhero stuff and have all these movies yeah I think it's that mystery man what a fun day to watch parodies of superhero dad I have defined as a good plan and I don't know if it's available to specials anywhere I mean I. Somebody gave me a bootleg copy of because I couldn't find. And is it is there anything else on this one alarm that man forever it's now an asset riddler now passing one's bad highlight Dixon was a kid again and area and even if two faces and it is well it daily finally jones' chief phase. Jim Carey as the riddler IE I know what they were trying to do and that's why Batman forever area and he was trying to make it like tonight an updated 1969 version. Which. Well but hey hooray it would have been good even though the part where it's at holy rusted metal Newton knew which you know which was originally I've got to get up play god that was really what this is what it's supposed to be a play on the 1969 version. The trouble is is that we already gotten used to the Tim Burton's style. And I love god I love homage is the trouble was is that it was it's the wrong place at the wrong time. And I don't think some of the actors could pull off the charm of Adam West and Burt ward that was the problem you know I'm Val Kilmer and you know and with Chris O'Donnell. They words is coated as Jeanne cheesy and can't be known as Indian and I can go to jail Carey night and review it appears according to Kerry Wood that's a promise he was so I he was soul all ID in it because of it as well as timely Josie was also over the top. Meanwhile Kilmer and they words yeah and and and Adam West and amber ward were way over the top to a not really I think is why that movie fell flat. Yeah it I don't know if it necessarily the admit. It needs the re watch on that. I just can't give in to those sort of things I love the fact that you did mention that it's kind of more of a call back to the original may have 66. Which now makes it move it makes a lot more sense to me at that point yeah. Yeah there's any movies that I you feel are criminally underrated overlooked and and maybe that people needed to check out against Tennessee no BG geek nation NG dot com. Post on our FaceBook page or all of our social media would you define it BJ keep the nation dot com and telmex and managed. Singer Eddie. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games that just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size YE culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW doc plus.