BJGN05-05-17 - Star Wars / The Beatles

Friday, May 5th

Rev plays a couple of Star Wars parody songs done to Beatles tunes; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about D23; the gang reviews American Gods & Silicon Valley; Rev discusses James Gunn's take on spoilers; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's keeping me Sheehan. I hear the reverend flake out a happy day Lieberthal and dreary nights that is big ripple that I we've got Chris walker mr. walk like a flag and that's. I am so hydrated right now. What it. Let me get to keep out okay. Huckabee I shake shake up joins us hi I am so full excoriated right now I don't know it's still we know. I look at his face. 'cause Macaulay joins us as well luck to tell you and I am right. I worry about it. Admitting the board is. On today's show we will talk a little Star Wars parody songs. On Mac. We're on top box joins us to talk 23. Like Brad and we're gonna talk TV with the American gods and Silicon Valley and of course he Jeep with Kiki Dee and Vicky how could people get a hold of that. Swelling get a hold of us here website it's gonna have a holiday information and then it's gonna have collar barber Comcast's. EJ nation dot com. But if you're on the face looks like in a bunch stuff cavity has everything why not enough light to search your BJ Chez geek nation. We also sometimes post funny cap pictures that really dirty stuff you. Hello I'm putting an instant Graham is Graham. I'd be digging mission for the tech silly little boys 919802243353%. Of any night beating each nation and Check out our video they need to dot com slash CJ he nation and that's what's so I know if you have an Amazon echo just say. Her ask tell access each nation on CNN please I would jump. And I I don't care BP needs mineralization. Exactly and I did inject himself and a way. Conversing with robots. The future we all want got to just Garnett because this is how you get started exactly. If you guys didn't know and I don't know how you would nobody yesterday was Star Wars day star. The other awards that I kept at. It and thank you bet that did you initiate. This is something interesting because. So wind has a re recorded the entire Beatles sergeant Pepper's lonely hearts club band album. But they turned it. In its UA's Star Wars album bad I don't care. So it's kind of entertaining because the title song. Becomes princess lay is stolen death star plans and we've got the audio. I like him. I like Indian organs. Tag of the real big man it's easy this whole sorry I don't. Got the plant its own certificate I. That is my new favorite thing ever knowing hey we're not done yet. It is bothering me when I was just find out how much would you pay for this thirteen album yeah it was let's. Outlook given an album of parity songs would be impressive but purity the whole you know straight through you ask you have to figure out something to do it that's a credit. It's it's everything but I recently saw a her within last year and his band called Mac Savvis in the area blacks haven't covered and that all dressed up as McDonald characters and then he could be very all the visual what I for the first time like OK okay. I don't. Oh were not ones to beat anything into the ground it's they also have when I'm 64 net becomes the detention cell in which princess Leila was held a age 24. Maybe it's yeah as many. Just so unlike some storm troopers to change the. Bringing. That's why they bring. There's this guy I am out here and tell them they let him and now I'm. I'm the president is because Diaz. Pretty much I think we and it is adding nearly eight that's like in some ways you dig listening using their car you don't hear a Beatles stand in a Star Wars fans. It's yeah. You know those two I think can get along together to do that. Com look at that they can come together. Photo or move. A nor'easter are planning that I love it. All right well we got to move on from that but is out there on the interwebs you can find all the songs that that is something that you want to get much because it is sergeant Pepper's lonely hearts club band. Changed to princess lay is stolen death star plans. Moving on from that we have mr. deer is Vaughn college bot with does a lot of talking about these Disney convention 23. Here is on Colin Bob Shrum skewed in reviewed that is SK and are dot net and years before we get too easy main course with what you wanna talk about there is a game being released to Dade. That what you wanted to run of out. Absolutely and that would be trade rep presidential re mentioning every series let everyone know what this with the scheme is about well. It started originally has dished order American mid day. And they one protester acquired the franchise they've planned donate they all the I would have been in the works and it never. Came to. There wasn't coming together and they like so they scrap bitten that you know what we're starting over. Yeah and they and out the last 33 at their showcase switched Evernote one coming up their own. And that essentially. They're taking their idea that jurors someone honest space station owners beat alien cold mimics. That can imitate any object coffee market share a book. And they're extremely deadly and dangerous than it's done by the folks who get just honored dishonored true. So it. To call the first person shooter it's not accurate even though it's down from the first person perspective. Because you gain skills along the way you crafts items you our out and do or that's very large space station. And try to eight get to the bottom of the mystery and beach or ride. It really seems the medically. Something along the lines of an alien or vesting sort of feel to it. Nick got a creep factor situated kind of like when you enter the room it's not. It's not the speer I liked alien isolation brought it the Chinese because stem. Unnerved. All. What did paper in this room and what is not paper I grabbed actually guarded bigger and almost threatened her by my head off. It's something you don't normally have to worry about I love that directly. So let's talk about the main course here we've got deep 23 coming up and I mean obviously with guardians of the galaxy coming out today. There's a lot of talk about that but there's way more in store for what. 23 has to offer I. Exactly well for starters you know the 23 exposed to our annual. Event did did he put on. And out this year instead of doing it in August we're gonna do July. We order. They Diego comic con four days before world total a lot of people still live Bluetooth when you're gonna see some serious news dropped. Because they're gonna kind of get the jump on comic con gonna get the jump on all that. What are there main thing like that many convention there that you large dealer room. They have all the channels they have some celebrities are hammer out. Well one of their break showcase the brand it was eventually showcase. Where they come out and they show. What is coming. In the next two years through their very stereo Star Wars you don't look at strolled. Mark Cole did he live action and then of course there's two more actually animator once they do at a temperature okay. The stars will come out from the bank so a lot of time. Not only is this the first time you hear rout them that in the first time you get a look at him like for example I remembered prior show we Derek. When Captain America winter soldier was done. They came out on stage and the bad word assure your clerk. And then they had another clip for a space that we just called it earlier this week it's still a temporary effect and that what a good. Kinda early acts that you got. And so everybody's so excited because they're looking at. Like we said Star Wars celebration and that. We got a lot of stuff they're on what didn't we get. And so like for example the Han Solo Moby. Which is growing now we didn't get any danger any imagery out that people are saying we might get that we might yet. You know are we gonna get the announcement of what the next standalone film has all those stumping me expected to be 23. Didn't get so we might get paid you know we got a ball looks better or Yoder hurdle we want to know we and assistant who's going to be directing it. Com that's really interesting just because of the fact that like you said it's four days before San Diego comic con. So not only are they Smart enough to actually avoid all the crowds and chaos of that comic con they also gives you I'd jump the gun and get the hype for all the other they know the other nerdy stuff. Exactly and the beautiful thing about it there's yoga to showcase is about two hours long. And it did get like really. You know items they're there and I'm planning out later well. Like for example. When we add the one we got our first trailer for hurting the Gallic speak. We got our you know our first extended look good or wreck their second or Roma dark world. And you sit there and you're looking at it I'm going. I don't figure out of the realm of possibility that you get your first look at problem. The next avengers film yeah I don't think about the possibility that they future marvel film will be announced. You know. I I would be very shocked if we don't get dumping on Incredibles to look we don't get it. Were our record ropes to Ralph wrecks the Internet if we don't get our first look because it would bet these 23 were we were first hole. About record Rolf when they first showed the same which at that time was simply just polite animation and black and white it was even. Colored know all of that and you know that the purity a bit and put so much stuff coming we know. You know stump thing should know about other things you don't and that that's just what makes so exciting. It is really fun because I mean you mentioned effectively on the previous in the marvel cinematic universe stuff but. We we've got a lot of stuff fourth Orion Iraq's I can definitely see them doing some of that but the fact of the matter that they could quite possibly give us a little bit of this stuff from more offered avengers infinity war. I know and everyone else that's geeky enough knows that they're actually filming your right now so we could see some stuff and god I really really really really hope we do. Expect when your sport purchasing about that approaches you know. What are we what are their. They don't election bring your phone everything that you're cool mylar bag. And you have to put all your life abroad donut with that that there is no recording mirror and not let the you don't get these. Leaked trailers or anything like that to our members being me. Value wherever unguarded open gala they first came out they have their trailer of Obama lineup when he introduced the characters yeah. That's what they showed two watts with the hooked on Felix but it would pay about chill on maybe chew rap on. Before they actually came out of the spotlight. And that's what makes towards starting at that it was to go but up. What I'm being now raised totally eight special thing that has done just go read a spam no you know they have people that work. Come and temperament that. You know via satellite. And upped the little white action don't like federal and don't want beat your you know it eradicate them. Well I don't Peter scalable implement it going to be all over the map that's not the case. And you know and and the more you think about it is there's a new very often coming. We might get our first look beyond still photos up near the numeric Papa detached and and then you know and it showcase Booth. Don't do it or you just speed that perhaps number of things the dealer wrote the local legend there what are my river but in the memorabilia. They don't want to have like a little props. They be avatar world of avatar that is just now getting ready don't put in Florida we got to walk through and you can bet to bet. They had costumes from app that time be ending new Star Wars film. You know they had a whole breakdown of Shanghai Disney which still about your role playing and you know it just continued right trumpeted inland like the cars that you may not merely the human heart remember they used to have a cable car right oh yeah I do remember that. The problem no doubt if you could bet you proposed take photos that path and and you know and they don't like all this memorabilia that you would walk through BM and your ideal ticket steps before what don't want price paid all for any trick eat chicken traction and it just. You know that can be around all these people that are all just. So happy to be there that's what really makes the things such unique human exploding convention. That is so much fun and I love the fact that while you get to go and now there won't be any cell phones intimate that you'll definitely have information for when we come back and and also on SK and RG dot net for those out their skewed and reviewed dot net and neck Garret again thank you so much for being with us. Eric Antarctic. Think he's so much geared to get Manny is gears on Colin box from skewed in reviewed that is SK and let's talk some TV normally we save the Ed television white wolf when we're doing TV shows on Friday it's because usually there's Sunday's shows how I say I did that and we got a pair of those actually hurts when I haven't seen yet. So I really want to know what you guys think given the ones who have seen it American god almighty god rev how are you not see mission I just I it's been a busy I I've been trying to say fair Brothers being since you guys good reporter gods then I'll click already. Coastal like always excited for American gods coming out soon there are ready to be me and it's just out just. Two months ago are. You know it did did did did visit tough thing. Here you see a week before the show comes on. They have all the reviews in and they can unseat the thrown in there and all the hype and I don't like that and I bet the people that made you were like oh god please stars I know you're trying to be as good of a network is HBO and showtime which you. Don't hyped this up this way but I will tell you press IE. Knowing the gamut throws is coming to an end. I am happy that is that we have this world of American gods. It wouldn't really sticky side almighty god Devale Ellis I Libya is gorgeous. Think character's weight getting distinct and I do use the word wicked and they were very divine as well yes and I hated it makes me wanna see a show based on that and I I don't know which came first and American gods come before which I think I like it probably doesn't a game yet who loves a casino game it's amazing I'd die everything he does I'll watch. And this is only eight episodes I know we'll do it anymore nothing more will adapt. More more likely than not they did it's it's pretty forgive a nominal yeah I am Dickie do you idea of a nutshell we tell people what they show. On a I'm like this the episode because the episode is still very mistake I don't wanna tell anybody about because it easy because I didn't noting going and I don't know does work from your game and I never read anything. Yeah I American gods why so you go in and you really go what the hell's going on here. Bottom but the title is American gods so you can sort of get the idea that the strange characters that you're meeting. More what's up with them make him do some really interesting things absorbs some new form of divinity and. You have the round tomatoes it's it's a little bit more in depth but it's not doesn't give anything away too bad it's an American gods. Placing the different kind of war brewing so one between old gods in new. And the traditional old gods with the mythology routes from all around the world fear Redlands. As their believers die off or out are seduced by money technology and celebrity offered. By the new god so that you can't see got a little bit with the one of the new guns in the draft episode. But shot a moon is the main character of in the next Condit who left adrift by a recent death of his wife becomes a bodyguard and traveling partnered till con man mr. Wednesday played by Ian McShane. Yeah he's so fast mr. by the way Rem. I EEE this is a role he was built made foreign born for a he's terrific and you can kind of tell it like in truth mr. Wednesday Wednesday's powerful deity. On a cross country mission to build an army and reclaim his lost glory and now I thought indeed no role for. For email chain that he was made for a was elsewhere engine from deadwood. Are you saying that this is along the same lines is that ya wow yeah he got an amazing event and a lot of good stuff but you write this is this is worrisome level this cry I'm sorry that's how good this character is and I cannot wait to see more of him on the screen. And then have published drivers in the says he has don't recognize any minor illness porn stash from Orange you glad Vicky told me point jazz was in this heat played you don't Annie Sweeney and so I'm watching the show I see Matt Sweeney. I go this guy looks familiar and totally still didn't recognize him as points that's human OVE said the report stash is going to be in his. He is terrific in a comedy crazy I want everybody in the show and I and I and I love shadow among Ricky Whittle who I don't know a lot about. I love his character this duty is awesome as your protagonist. Who was just basically an average dude who gets out of prison he's fantastic another British. Another British source is not there just haven't. Reported that they didn't do so did you watch the 100. No is he in the one hundreds in the 100 played Lincoln and I'm here good subplot the 100 I lived avenge that someday I'm managers and the CW show and I had last year. Post doesn't have the son Aaron. Early dinner and on its own terms I don't usually running commercials for it this year you sure and let. 49 media does it went from Tony fourteen point sixteen. And that's weird kind of swarm to see commercials that an OK from my big goes on that's on Netflix on one gladly wants anyway you know anything could silly guy on. Annie who packed and it is fantastic it is a trip by Philip that is the style right now let's. Let's did you know don't mind that either let's not make you see don't know what the hell is going on but plus make you feel you're on Ellis steal little bit. Most of it not like this elite Jenner preachers not as Trippi is legion now not not that high out yeah cool but it just the way AD did go to Disney set up all the scenes in south there's a scene mankind is saying good night to his wife from far away in Stephen how they set that up was just so unique in reality worth the camera angles and it was great because it was so they're you know that seems important for a reason which you find out. And all man also believe the goddess of love when you see what she's all about that's amazing. It's good as they build unless the bill just America met here until assists for children and if you get uncomfortable with your parents you know let's go to the. I saw stars I mean ironic people have stars but my god between you know between ash vs evil dead. Also law Amanda and miss I can't I think there was one more spin on stars that I'd I'd like but anyway goes to show rent it's making me go you know I'd stars a start to become a player nice and it outlander black sails on stars as well outlander are there. Yes that's ING demons love that show. I got a really good geeky stuff what that. Right that they they get they know it in their son to become a major player putting some good money good quality to this it's well done. Again when you know the shows we love I'll say heroes you know you see is that universities and you see you see the digital effects they given to a show like heroes he's going on then your way watching this show and it's like always it's time the effects are amazing. And even the cost assuming it is amazing you know. Would ever know the detective technical boy. In new limo with his henchmen his henchmen are creepy looking and they would cost some. Just that the show's beautiful beautiful excellent going from going from American gods too well I guess maybe even the new American gods with the Silicon Valley yeah attack grows as Silicon Valley is back ice. Think they've done evident two episodes. I'm yes heavily watched yeah first one yesterday at episode three the Sundance OK so yes the world's third two episodes but it's a brief mention because. I really love the show it's got a all the actors are amazing and it was so happy says CA come back yeah but would like to the goalie I didn't realize it was back in as late. It's on so weak that you are watching this staff member this just yeah yeah as there in season four I didn't think they show as much as I loved it. I didn't think it was gonna make four seasons. And here we are and so good when you think about it the world of Silicon Valley the world of business the world of craziness just it and end and Beasley humans being involved in anything. Not as they psychologically speaking to show does a great job with thank god they really really do. I gathered cabins guru who basically is all about everybody in California go to do self help work including myself I do a lot of it too icy all the stereotypes and all the self help seminars I go to. So I smile at that. I smile at the ridiculous is some businesses that make ridiculous amount of money and then just basically a throw money at failed projects all the time airlift this elephant out of our core ER yeah I'm. And now just a petty fights that are add a comment that really powerful people have which is illustrated in the first couple of episode Delhi India presents a season for the the airplane thing about now what's the best way to fly back from China as an minute difference I tell us display that's five times and make sure where they'll do that the Dinesh story arc is awesome because. He has a different role this season pass and I love it's it's almost like evil Dinesh a number love him. I'm just I'm just love in the way he's being played so I'm excited about that it's it's such. Such a good show it's still like it still gets it done and Kamal come out does a great job man absolutely and Richard Hendrix you know now I'm seeing immunology at the is Verizon commercials these. You know you are so way he's making things happen you know Thomas simplicity you know Thomas yeah yeah yeah yeah. Big heads back I'm glad this. I want Marbury had hits. I love his dad's a fumble around the show for a while it's not a bad guy John bad to worse look at belly should yeah yeah yeah understood your coworkers aren't big hit is one of bump but having Richard out trying to deduct it stuff and build a new company like that's what this shows about about start ups is not about you know ongoing companies exactly it's important sewer pipe papers do a little bit not called white paper it was. Ali we don't care of the baby daddy is you can easily that big man I really got rid of that name and yeah also happy about it and today if you're a lover of Jeanne Yang and the relation behalf well I thank you can't put my mind if you are different is Redford in the end there having a nice things so far it's happening this year which has. You know TJ Miller still just knock him out of the parties amazing and you know Guilfoyle still knock him out of the park I mean they're they're just. It still has it is like they haven't jumped the shark on the show yet yes they and it comes close to like they've almost under almost that they were real back every time and I feel I'm a senate seat mile rivalry between the new millionaire guy. Together bells and yeah the ones from the plane like yeah that hesitancy kind of an all these old movie plot now happening is totally separate. From any of the pipe and Stephen double musky who I loved it is yeah dad I love him back with cal for occasion where he played the well endowed guy you plowing Charlie's wife is such a Santa hat so to see I guess I did I just love that actor Stephen awesome so. I yeah it's it's awesome HBO Sunday night Silicon Valley and I. I mean it's it it's more to the truth about life and I think anybody wants to amidst. That is awesome thank you so much on that went to before we get you deep heat sheet with Nicky beat. I know that I think maybe the only movie she will be talking about will be guardians of the galaxy. Yet has that is that I think you might be a thing if you permit we also have discussed on this show at length about spoilers. And now writer boiler I guess a writer slash director James has done it dozens of them and he doesn't think that you should either. He actually talked about this and he said that I don't get very angry over the stuff for a few reasons you wrote this on FaceBook. Instead firstly they're bigger things in the world today then to get angry about some poor sap. Who has the need to spoil movies online secondly. I'm grateful to not beat that poor sap clamoring for attention. From these solitude of a keyboard and screen by spoiling nice which cannot be particularly. Particularly. Fulfilling venture for anyone at a high level this right there at a graph and then for the third point he points out to scientific research continuing. And finally there are studies issues spoilers don't really spoil anything in a good story our brains feel just as much pleasure whether or not we know the plot points ahead of time. And a new sort of pleasure emerges when we're piecing together the story we know is leading to some already known elements have I heard the argument a lot and I think that's less of an argument for it's okay as well this then you should watch things twice. The true spirit is our mutually exclusive yet good pieces together after you've been surprised is that of never getting to surprised and yes this isn't a surprise moment it it Sox have kind of come to terms with it would just for the simple fact that. What we do on the podcast and what we do on our normal radio shows we have to do immerse ourselves. And I really feel it's a boon to BJ for someone like you who can say. I'm not going to watch the trailers and I'm not going to dive into huge leg that I love me Jerry is south Africa cup anybody Zimmerman then it's so hard for me to do that like I haven't looked up to me the guardians the galaxy stuff. When I want you really really bad I wanna know what's gonna happen in those after credit scenes. And yet somehow managed to not do that so far. That's that's actually impressive I knew I knew a girl down in LA who would. Go out of her way to find out as much as she could about everything her favorite shows or movies or everything like that facility is the term new in the past ten cents. Edgy but she would use that exact argument about you know I doubt I'd like to be able to figure out how it's going to get to where I know it's going to get to an end. We you know we never argued about it raising or got us a great but don't tell me because I like it I like the other what he asked that. Agency comes to those problems relay can suddenly somebody posts something like online which is eight happens everywhere some people don't necessarily mean to do it. Is some people want to viewed on purpose and yelling the whole rain thing alone and we run me off. Then I had spoiler elect begins a death that he'd eyes and so somebody in just a random drug had nothing to do with anything dirty use random faced a thread. This guy right from the bottom floating in and buy and professor X died in a live or die in the movie and it just like good. My daughter out. Yeah admitted Yves there was one that was just as bad as that there was a picture and is still dealt with this whole Logan Payne and it was a picture that had legs don't two cupcakes and as like that's. But now the bottom there is writing a says Logan dies at the end I was like. That was like that new doubled the Ehrlich everybody was trying to be that person what it's gonna look at died there. They might I still think we knew that he wasn't going to be in an rent more movies so it's kinda glad the one it did surprise me though was it easy beer and after all he missing are nesting time changing your does the mobile. Half hour. Movie in the middle where it's like he doesn't dire some things just get with the holy reworking everything from how I think he didn't of Egypt have. As it's like we already altered all that cool gas contract Chris. Much is in as much as you hated X-Men three. You know what exit we came back to some of the dudes body anything can happen in my anger is I mean girls it's got a caller is in your diet oriented like that the two people that like. I would have strolled up right. Snow cupcakes yeah. Yeah that that's but I but I I just love gone through life that way man and add an end because it is fun to not know. But again I can also see your year old girl Lil bro you know Chris is point and I think that's why some people. Tell folks to watch to be Star Wars movies in order. And I say folks don't do it in order because you've you missed the surprise of who somebody's daddy is out and who he only has no because you'll know who yielded his beer when you get today about and it's not a big surprise and you're gonna know oh okay by the way is there resentment and skywalker and live that had passed AB if you don't know we're talking about look at the machete. Cut four Star Wars and that's a really good one to go dad. In its worst somebody listening to this podcast is does not know you were talking earlier borrowers use our young kids who knows a young kids at their rocket and all music that you walks I had my chest and yeah there walk men's and runner on Bebop and what their headphones that would be their own evil escapes. So we there he walkman you want to hold. Are made all the volunteers now or removing guy and a. She twists the TV. No idea what's today I allowed some thing very very huge and is already certified fresh on Iran tomato. Is guarding the galaxy volume zero. Little eighties at. Percent. So if I could be a family affair as a matter of fact the prodigy myself and the don't talk we're all gonna go see it next week as a matter Farrell were burned so we won't be in the big lies everybody else but we will be so I would and was so still there's a talent there's a thing on your phone Marie can get your tickets early and keep your seats. Which is what I did for Saturday. I got here we do not want the senator senator brown might respond I can have senate senate is that to go bathroom bathroom laughter I don't know. I thought I had nobody to pick up inside nobody wants that's. It's an even higher ticket and I saw how you can't see reservation movie theater exactly it's and I I'm doing IMAX street Guillen out of the dirty band that I the move everybody like we we're. We like we are into the body going to the movies will be go and see the movies you wanna see. This is that this is one of those who's seen it yet guys I have did you guys see the extended preview that was I think I'm it was an agent of shield a feud and agency had no. I saw I saw Kurt Russell has talked about a few days a lot of and Sanjay well I think we don't always in mobile we know that area I don't I didn't beat Jay Haas I think I did because you do the podcast we've made her past so I don't yeah well I just so I again and it was released by him it's not worth marvel dot DM authorize. I don't do it right at us. Well that's the highest fell when they've put out the journalists reporters soldier yeah I yeah I agree because like I messed that up when you're right that was then and now hopefully they didn't mess this up because I think I knew yes they won't let me ask you guys a question this is a really good question because actually did reveal something to meet. Does does everybody does everybody know who Kurt Russell's playing in this movie our president mr. yes yes we're used to use things are so you don't know I think I think and I think you know I won't say anything can have some people don't like maybe I just isn't because I don't know I. I know relatively common knowledge yeah playing. I still leg I think in the name and I think you know like is really it was do everything there was police say you know I I know there's something else along with that he was a great scene no I ask that they had to say to show the scene and it wasn't like K okay and I was like and is if you are honest did you notice how after shields have just want to awesome seeing Kurt Russell that's casino and he looks. Also yeah yeah he's very let's just say he's very. Luke episode seven ish looking in this one interesting angles look like guys get ideas are wondering guarding the galaxy the first one came at a number 91%. Throughout this release X 86 as I had no I don't know Belmont anatomy essentially is up that the death deceitful in light is half still 86 from anyone in any even back and mark and Chris mark and I talk about a little because mark was able to see it on yesterday's podcast we are also mart already saw Jesse did hates everything so what do you think he did not hate this job. Like get no I did it it was no godfather too but he's still thought it was a very acceptable movie and I did enjoy it immensely by the way that side yet to skip Thursday's podcast that's special ops and ops with of course the number remark runner rev and Chris walker absolutely a little bit more review on guarding. On that you're not feeling guardians there's one that's kind of liquid is canceled the dinner. And I know you're near like loving hunky you know 80s90s deeds though it is Richard Green it appeared are Richard daughter Ella Richard greater yeah up and a fairly it's not. A look at how far parents will go to protect their children featured. Philippine island novel by Herman. Coke. Yeah I can't any case talking truce what now now around I. Talking Chinese annoyance it's KO CH Chris. I'll tell their Coker something that I'm any different permanent campsite area that is Coke does I promote unknown evidence well we had a guy on high school that we did not lakes that we did not pronounce it. Where you know there aren't you did very night all or are you call her her menu again how. I don't. Eight if you guys are in the Seattle area this week game come out and see me LB encrypt because well. It's. Me actually in C deck so it's around that area but if you go to Seattle's dot com W I might all the information properly we don't I will also be doing many panels across the entire weekend. So definitely check me out if you hasn't Taiwan you're due out sailor guardians of the Canucks now wanna go no weirdos well implement them again this is just. Sustain any. 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