BJGN05-08-17 - Magic: the Gathering

Monday, May 8th

Rev & the Prodigy talk various Magic: the Gathering news; the gang discusses TV with Gotham, SHIELD, Doctor Who, Arrow & Flash; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Yes because you'll actually be able to talk for a little bit because you'll talk magic the gathering news our hair and also TV talk with eight a lot of television shows and of course the geek she would pick he'd be really yep. Picking Huckabee to get a hold less. Well they get a bullet now we have. He would be Jenkins he's Dirk what are some. Check out our website at dollar podcasts and information at BJ geek nation dot com. Like a fan base the price of you for begin safety nation. You can also offers what are and it's a gram in Hamlet at the Yankee nation physically with the boys not won any easier to do more 3353. Does any know let beating each nation at check Saturday is the need to dot com slash BJ geek nation and then says. Given Amazon I know or anything of that sort. With the elect's son BJ's girlfriend just saying let's not talk about let's be honest it really and I do notice her path to sale like have played each nation on CNN. And were right there. The so we're gonna start off actually with some magic the gathering news so Joseph yourself Mike depth and their need is some interesting things that have happened in read recent time I'm excited about this ever since the band talk we had where people are losing their yeah and weird that first cup. Pull out of things that are coming out in his all in the near future pay even you know he doesn't regret I have yet to counter yes these future with magic Toney fifth anniversary celebrate their coming out right yes yeah 1990 two's one it all started yes they're going to do a lot of their product announcements in June. But some of them are not going to be able to wait that long first off all are the actually to them next yeah. First off heading into November. Is going to be the we've had modern masters vintage masters a couple of modern masters actually at this point. And now they're going to be bringing out I comic master also. And this. Is very interesting one because of what they say about it is it offers players a tour through some of the most powerful cars and over 23. Years of magic worry while featuring art work on many knew our work on many cards the set will bring an array of massive angels thinks his demons dragons and Israel is alongside some of our favorite and most memorable spells al-Qaeda. Thank you you won't that I get. And most so like most of the iconic mass or most of the masters sets a look at the box will contain 24 booster packs as opposed to 36. Each with fifteen randomly inserted game cards including one premium card in every pack. Another very interesting thing about these cards are that normally when they do a spoiler sees in you would be a punch cards yeah we get to learn about them. They're not join you this year what it because like in days of yore before the Internet was such of phenomenon that it is now. We didn't get all the spoilers right away they didn't know of them out there you what you would happen is you would find other cards win people open and Netanyahu. So they're not doing spoilers second Mandy when while they may it forties car they are not doing spoilers but if you remember the original spoilers were not sanction somebody was greeting cards do you think that'll happen I think there are very there's a lot of ingenious people with mysterious sight yes there's yes that may kind of who who all over this. I'm hoping people are cool with that they don't because it would be fun to see the cards Vegas fullest things are going around. And they're going to be doing am I a M pre release sort of thing I think a week before. In on the East Coast and so were not going to be old to see anything until November. About these cards and when you should've pre release why I got the West Coast just these Kosier prairie going to be one special event and I think it might be V Max and unplug their own advantage is when the first time you get to see no water all before and it's an oil. You ask so we'll get spoiled and you can get the car so it's not here's what I'm not frustrated because if you care like actually I kind of doom and I love going to those big events if it's a really if it's that far away from the West Coast. I mean I understand tax taxes a cool organization and it they're trying to head out to build a lot of ground swell for the New Mexico's plug into tabletop gaming so does that all of you know I guess Pennsylvania though. So you can try not to get your hopes of 2 o'clock we'll have a casino I want your I wonder why taxes decided to do it and Pennsylvania lake if you did it centrally located you can drop people from a lot of places yeah country I don't surprising to me I'm hoping maybe it'll be one of those ones where they can move it around. Ended goes around as it may not much different yeah packs all those guys are Smart I'm sure they know how do you like the right place to put cons was just disappointing is are all the way out here I definitely on the West Coast Leon another thing that is going on. Is they have announced the new commander 2017. Addition. And this is going to be different then the normal commander releases because they would do stuff based on the color by so you would have five different decks. This time they're only doing for new decks because they're going to meet tribal themed. They will be 100 card decks including 56 all new magic cards legal vintage and legacy. And they say yes they are releasing four decks this year because they will be based on magic's most popular and interesting tribes. So I have to imagine now we're mitigate goblins joke. All of goblins yet maybe Murr folk zombies Murr folks yeah soldiers he wins and oh yeah like they are the fourth what is the one that I'm not too sure because holds. L yeah yeah I think acting with Peter Garrett there you have is probably McDonald's for folks zombies and Els and I mean yeah maybe because like. It's funny because all with all those colors only white gets kind of blacked out when what do I slivers. Of forgetting all I know I learned these huge one to come I'm man. Oh OK what about a shadow over these exist accident yeah I am doing good for so it'll be interesting sega's you're right absolutely there's a lot of really good Ole notebook here I I don't degree is he doing what I watch chain or slings c'mon man those guys -- like that that steadying. She did towards where the things aren't there just aren't out there aren't. What science what about giants went they were so many different so generally good pointing about how they circulated that would got a lot of nights out there and it's true. Yahoo! vampires we could go vampire and he got very young vampires do oppose the I'm. I do not underestimate. So all. These will be coming out on August 25. Now something that is happening in dealing with magic and that is actually happening. Very soon like well let's see in two days starting may tenth magic online MT GO is going to have won the one commander cues which means that you can actually unpaid tickets in order to play against other people in a tournament setting normally commander at this point has been casual you can do and casual rooms who normally four players but you can do one on one as well it's one of those things you can do. And so they're creating these different cues you can play one V one vs people. To get the prize or you can do a lead which is also what they do with like sealed and my guess standard and now the other formats or use sign up for the league you play five games and you get up prizes based on your record. And so they've done this now and that's not the problem people having with this as beat you know before there is a law the whole bull new because they have changed is a band. Lists for commander. I'm in the problem with this is that the band the latest a four magic online is not these same girls while Taylor. Doral this means there is they're going to keep it separate. And that brings meets you having a huge problem with is because of not the fact that they banned more cards I mean I like the cards that they did band but they took the entire list in our band you walked over really powerful car roll so let's go over the banned list for magic online. They did all of the faster man us all the really good ones like black Lotus channel fast on all the mocs is. And then in addition gay is cradle which was a very powerful land or at willow tree and a guy yeah. Nestor ignorant guy as well but it would tap for agreement of preach preachy you'd have them play they got rid of right man a Christian man a vault. And with the fastest most powerful card what about sowell ring. Mean it's. Oh and could cost lowering is gone and pull in Mineola. Zoo and gone. Too fast also missions workshop and learning academy. Lots of cards that just are since I'm gonna take my Wanda and maze of fifth and I did Arnold thanks. Knob and essentially they said while man acceleration is entitled to many commander decks these cars accelerate just too quickly into early into the game. I'm OK with all of those relating some pilot that I've met they banned the combo enablers of the czar of Baghdad dooms day. In tune food chain gives sun given hermit juror Prodi in whole survival of the fit this time vault tinkering dog mosques bargain and all of these I'm OK you know how long it took me to make depth argument him yes I'm sure now. I market value our mother yeah he is he's going to be pissed yeah. And they did this basically to get rid of single or two card combos and then they got rid of some oppressive commanders ones all REI really good here and I'll press a commander can't art come Dax in which I can't remember what he does phone I had -- get really not nice to get a better grades cup ball Armenian has gone to Riviera and to rebbe imperial tactician and hundred's by master a radio. Grizzled brain and oral fellows he saw and certainly Jenner are all gone of those in my favor ones there are some people who work kind of mad about that wouldn't answer the Accenture like their own commanders they made it. I know he was out. Cold snap open he wasn't pretty he was an actual commanders on the deck reds yeah I believe so he was one notice a sneak out. I had and then they got rid of the ones where they just put and there's there's the other ones we're just not fun cards so ancestral recall because well -- -- on balance humility which turned earlier creatures and had no abilities of one ones we're human bodies ourselves the return and a a budget by the wants correct guess Carrick ask whenever I guess library of Alexandria manage drain mein twist mode natural order and hence no no carpet did Sabah and -- potency could be that went to get both of drew and Sarah ascendant the tabernacle at Penn drove bail in time walk all it is basically too strong for the more madness. Unbelievable to me now and then they got rid of some other ones that we're just really busted including by a rhythm limited resources general students. If state governor welcome Hough I'm real deterrent purely lucky for you that once still. Now here's the problem they they banned all of these cars it seems literally big list actually the the honest movie honesty paper magic band list has been treated over the years is a lot longer. They have now and band a lot of cards which I don't know if it was just an oversight. But I can they have really shaken up this format and not in a positive way at this point there's a card for four co listened to blue this is return all up all permanence to all player's hands out. It's called upheaval and it's probably the most miserable cards to play against. In the magic especially in multiplayer. It is Harold fold recitation back to square one right yes it is now what you liked around I honestly do don't always need these kids are. Same point there's I do with style and fly. There are so I. Yeah well area are. I went yeah here's a guy going to put my hand let destruction I do what was Dallas players so that you do I decided to ruin people's experiences playing commander sorry guys I. I won't make sure and take you know ten or fifteen minutes or is doing a lot of stuff on my just testing once spelled you're overhead I'm doing mother actually duties and I am and I'm doing nothing about having fun yeah he's again you know if that's perfect for you that kinda features called the reds as with a Chacon didn't get it AA but is it did card had been banned for awhile now it's a bad there's a bunch of other cards that are just really really powerful. That along the same lines as the cards and they've already banned so it's open season right now that is absolutely this is going back to the wild west of commander mom I'm really hoping and based off of a Tumblr post I hope they're going to this is giving me some reassurance that they're going to be paying attention to what's going on in the meta game that happens on line are you actually playing competitively. I hate do you play competitive oh really in a while while I'm there aren't a whole lot of commander turner mr. essentially commander is like this social board game of playing magic again you're playing cards you're doing some things when I'm playing the decks to be a total. Those are when I'm putting money in sports hernia and commander reminds who I first got in the magic actually and it was seen no more roll back 25 years. Where it was very social and fun and people made their own decks and you didn't know what you're facing and nobody has the Internet to go get this the best that Cameron you've been everything. And being commander does bring a flavor backed away and so it's really interesting to see how this goes because they're putting a competitive and competitive nature to that. Which is it necessarily. Bad. But that the simple fact of the matter is is that this magic online banned list will work for both multiplayer and their single player accused. Which is causing the problems because there are so many cards that are fine in one vs one. That are just not cool when your playing multiplayer and then vice president I now there's a lot of commander cars that are really useless and one don't wanna be one because they really Jack more than one person yes you know so that's entry it's it's interesting that they would. Yeah the other where they would make separate separate rules because commander is a much different game. This is the only way you I mean really you know we usually play group magic except with commander most of the time exactly except what to at a giant but otherwise. It's say it say one vs one get amused yet moved so yeah I did not have super fans in the end rules for that and I'm really hoping that and I mean these these the very vocal group and that is magic players will love field to help guide everyone says how am I guess they saw it tumble oppose this and there are going to be keeping an eye on all this and see how it works. I am really just hoping that this is all gonna work out and be fine because. This is one of the ways I play commander. I I play like SNC once a year in paper with my buddies we try to get together bit more by a lot of times it's just will display a board game instead. You know because it's just easier to do. And so. I'll play magic online to get my a magic fix and if there if it is a sense of ruining it. I just I don't wanna send to stop playing magic. It's just it's done that and for playing magic online and others keep a couple of Dex around for commander to have fun with. Once in awhile makes me wonder you know like will really cause you know they they got to recoup the day they they count on younger people really doing a lot of stuff I don't imagine and I wonder if you because you're you know the age you are do you you know you're not the one they're shoe imports you're not the majority ever in it and you may may very well be true. And I might just be getting old and out of one of the games that have loved to play for over twenty years well let's be honest drug it was it was getting cards. Are subtle oh yeah I they were we don't want yank it may be right it would just I just got to keep track of it. I don't think that the sky is falling yet but eighty route we need to make sure and helped keep the Iraq by the way I feel like this conversation no statements have been made before about wizards for the last twenty years having RL and oh yeah did so many time it is so far. Yeah I you know I I don't know I. Do you know I remember that minimum way where you mean if I tap my guy he still can't block big change their role as you know your error. So yeah I'm really. Hoping I mean they've been going on when we have for over twenty years through all the the you do in the mistakes they've been able to push through. And it hopefully he'll be available to continue on with his game that I've love to blank don't forget damage on the stack of cheesy idea I had dinner and that always a good thing I have. Happy our age and beyond us. We're now ten. Let's talk some television and I think we should start off with a little photo. And I am or how I like to say none. A man and a man and a man on man and I and I got. Pants. We're getting Batman soon man owns a mama's gonna get mad man. It's very interesting guy and of course we we we learn that guy Bruce. Gets kidnapped but not for bad reasons but for that's the reason. Just this follow any comic story line that you know calling pool or seeing right now is like oh geez this year's of that man which is you know there's this place and yeah eight period where. He went off he left his homeland he learned a lot of stuff they'll come back later in the ever when savior but we can't really fill in the gaps that much because if we do that we break down the reality all the things he was opposed to learn before you came back. He is we try to show everything bad man learns it dealing 96 that said he came back. OK. I. I'm so yes and no it's absolutely candidate he leaves got the MITRE is about to places and gets a bunch of abused by a bunch of people who enter into Israel and later on like on cue cards and say and sometimes racial cool. Well so is this guy not racial goals then I looked at these non yeah yeah I. Let's go to looked until I remember there Obama postal this guy has just for a guy operational who'll be this guys actually railing demons is dead and testified that two years. It's funny to see you can't really do reverend all knowledgeable sort of sense say when he was just now backwoods piece of crap criminal offense and he's line of those actors awesome DelHomme club scene is too old. I think it's really for when he becomes actual them anything to be sticking around is you little tool to me still. The guy and we solid front on gold bullion already struggles that he right. This is easily in a hundred years old ally did not actually to have. All terrain jungle he's got like a Doctor Who of the bad excuse comeback he's got the Lazarus pit. It's his schtick yeah now I don't I have no idea who this guy is a missing on review Carter that's the other lakers coach you guys that dreamed that man it's okay shaman on ion DB yeah I think you're probably doing it got something we're in zone yesterday Indiana immediacy that's what they do. You know for all this but you know what I IE I loved last week's episode the riddler episode I love this or I guess. Two weeks pad yet few weeks back then last night is no it is his next one where we get. Bat man or fan and I was gonna comment and I hey hey man he's backed Fannie Omare Lowe. And but we also got to see. Pang lane and I'd be like yeah until I actually the light that really young color on and I agree yeah yeah. I mean Tim this is this kid yeah I guess he thought it was door key to what what they were going to do with it. But gay is Dave taking into DD ridiculous concept that they've had with Dayton and kept it. As ground indeed as you can in this Gotham show the show is ridiculous but at the same point the acknowledged that and they're not just say. Prove she's a twentysomething. It's she's got a twenty something body but still the mindset of the thirteen year old and they're not. They're not doing the weird sex seeing it that sort of thing that we were I I was really kind of trepidation ask and that's part of why probably penguin is a good match for her to ask is usually not that character in the way he treats women as war possessive and like predatory student activities. Not center for non silly trying to figure out what his sexuality as we know he at least likes you know and he could be pan sexual throwing Al by. And he yeah he doesn't to see him as like one week you're eating because they gender he just sees them as weak or because. Or not him but he's also a total mama's boy Jack I am totally honest boys are always looking for another moment take care of well you know in this case he's found IP which is kind of polarity is happy yeah. Child searching yeah. He's just like no you're so done it'll seem like a brother and sisters that I asked yeah just wants a friend. Yep it has got a buddy had that in. And beyond that a lot of the court and how old stuff and I think I I I and Gordon yeah I think it's fine it was. This show I am astounded that it's not on at 10 PM. Because that's who had not only do we get someone getting blasted in the head by paying wind yeah but then we got. Bring Gordon shooting himself in the head but even a guy at the when they with the docs win now what's your basement the docs her Blondie. You have Barbara Barbara never felt I read only thing NORAD yeah I like good dream yeah I mean I think that's also a thing like nowadays everyone. Aquinas. And that's. Not drunk yeah. Absolute are ugly. Yeah. Array yeah I feel like that's simply isn't yet did you got his head cut off I had to have the heart master no longer the master none I didn't usually question. In was that guy Zell went in or is he just an assassin around before OK okay if you it was around when the whole when cats mom public selena's mom OK I was just so we don't know what V weapon is that the court is 21221 lead your is that it was talent I think that was a while you're right we are very well that's in guy he's okay Yang and absolutely current and whoever's in that box from Indian hill. In so theories. Cuba strangely enough after. Tarzan or do you think it's actually can I don't think it's a person I think any person fame person monster that is comes to freeze now know you'll learn proclaiming they're the truck and AB cry again Salma and grand. Plays its best sellers likely facing shall we after you and that's you can't get maybe it's a real glazing there have been literally. Over ten clay faces in the comic and had. I don't say this though there is there's room to maneuver because I character. Are moving. Across the pond on property is so to speak and if he's going from marvel to or from DC need to Marmol we got our agents of she old and every news hi guys like in a man oh man this last episode was so good he had and we we wrapped up the major. Soggy out where the overall world finally out of the matrix agents of high drama that. And my yeah I was just so. He I outfits is journey for me was so old. Horrific like not only just watching him be evil in the other world they get mad. But the fact that eight day and is essentially fell for him and that's why she said this whole thing up if ostensibly was relocated to do was she one of doing it also she wanted fits. And I'm just oh he abused him and beat that guy. I was kept around to half. I mean oh my gosh and then and then when they when they do finally escape at the end of the episode and he's back in the really real world. He is he's fits again. But he remembers it all and he is baroque in begin because all the stuff you did that they were light goes a journeyman in wake up yeah. Oh glad that aren't you know broke about what he thought he was doing as well when he. Actually did he killed director and he killed until May yeah I yeah I enter your life including his his any says it is as I gave the order that they've they've killed. Mace doesn't. Retrieved it and yeah I needed and it's not just avatar just a few until the person and. No he was brainwashed like he torture brainwashing and killed it but it's led the way they're going is the kind of thing he remembers having Donnie even though he knows he would happily. He has these sort of conflicting memories of evil and not be yeah doesn't know who he is right now so yeah an animator sub human body which means she doesn't have the remember rot laws of robotics stopping her so yeah. And that she doesn't pull zeal teleport thing right when Colson was gonna sure nobody supports true yeah what I. Sure I got to go dark home match braves look at that damn book is really got a lot of stuff that's tied into telling him and cheese and we asked. So you still you you guys are glad that led they're out of deal matrix hearing glad they're back into the ruled. Yeah but no storyline like it was a good story line is there's one character Matt who it oh yeah. And bit by bit that he he lost a daughter it's sort of been his secret he's been keeping a long time ruler dead. And in the framework his daughter is alive and he decides not to go is that to stay in the major cloud passed Saturday as I guess I criticized British based steals got too long with a black character. Australia and I'll be able to have to retire whenever they don't have a second what it added one with all of my three episodes and Hollywood there were just when I get wrestling now. She always hard at which are now that was gonna run trip back should. Yeah oh yeah oh man trouble OK okay okay. I'm easy go to. Think it'll benefit the struggle Doctor Who BJJ Dodd dog. Judge. Well we are in our third episode of Doctor Who and this is a finally travel back to the test first time for bill. And they went back to 1814. To the frost festival which. Was the River Thames froze over people used to hang on have vessels on top of the river can't find because it was frozen and I don't know if it's ever been frozen ever since the eighteen hundreds like that would they you do that Tom. You know I I don't know what other people think about this it but it's. It feels a little slow so far these last couple of episodes and I don't know if it's because. He's getting Ty you're the horror. I don't know I see it's it's it's really intercede or in my tired of this version of the doctor. I'm not sure I don't know what's happening for me on this one amazed because I know everybody's Levy need. I don't know I I do like build a new companion the storm was and Christie story about you know you know OC must Erin. Do you know this was a monster of the week he's nonstick and we know that there's a story arc involving his vault that the doctors made an oath that he would never leave earth apparently and he'll just guard does vault and has somebody or something behind it. And it's very you know majority get an end to confused you know and and of course the Dodgers on Iran and our dole who seems to be the dim witted sort of robotic guy he's got to win them is like go and I'm no gonna let you out as he's told the you know you go you know it's gonna get out no doors or for eight but again so it's it's it's like us like salads are flash what's behind it are who's behind sevens are. And I don't know you know. I I know how much you love Doctor Who and then yeah I'm just watching new and it looks like you're just trying not to poop who it. Yeah I'm not sure what it I will tell you I did this last season Peter compelled it was starting to get a sense of humor and be fun. See this season it feels like he's kinda not happy again I do I get the navy's us Bosnia Abby because he lost to date companion an uncle las river song as well. I get it I hope he gets cheery here because he was on that trajectory. And that we put up with him not being so cheery in his first season. And I feel like man you know I don't wanna watch depressing doctor all the time even so I'm hoping it's just I I don't know I don't I mean it could be need. But I just wanna see Hillary I wanna see him become more likable and he's had some bumps in the likable road this season for Comcast and I wish you know I mean I of that I just I got I think they set the standard of being more likable. And he's feels like he's regressed a little in which may be storyline wise he's supposed to have been a frankly I don't care which is story line I want is his last season I want him to be really fun in and the best doctor that incarnation could be absolute I don't want to go like Colin baker did. Which was just a crabby Doctor Who never got a chance to move all your view himself as sort of thing so that's kind of where I am I do like do a lot. I really really do so they are still there and so on board today and I am an episode was okay. I thought it was all right well. And I UC LU I'm not a big going to pass guy milled though fight in the sea monster and. Me to get back now and we'll move on from that because you did mention and now flash putt well going on in the old SEW flare row universe and all that the I I'm behind on fumbling I don't arrow OK I don't love flash and or do and it's it's like. It's it's it's it's really less emphasized that's ever been. It's is this really long kind of slugfest in all the infamy this NASA has just yet there's more back going on yeah its programming insider for me he has. Hi I just read you know it's interesting I don't find it was interesting is Damon dark I think that's why mr. David. Actor is allowed to be a lot better now that he's being the bad guys down that's interesting I mean I IE I ought to seize episode secede because I obviously missed two so I doubt I may be missing some of that compelling. Performance and I do like how when the actor changed. He he really did become my all okay he looks really is in for an evil guy. And of course flash well of a flash of course. Has been fighting his big bad guy who CGI guy basically Orleans the guy in the rubber suit he was he jagr and and they made no mercy guy. Wendy Wright clearly decided that they're gonna do let's do an unmasking so we have to start OK FC parent. I think he doesn't look a lot better seats yet guys. Yeah zoo guy does it doesn't have to say he's supposed to be fast yeah and I don't tire rubber suit he had kind of so few weeks ago there was visit so tourists Berry's thoughts avatar this avatar was like I am the future flash. But he kind of like only half hesitated and he did like he wasn't clear peace and I in the future flash RI in the future come off flash right now I asked. Which is a weird sort of teased to do especially if you're a villain to the Halladay and it turns out yes it is major flash it is very from the future he's very without deference do you view it without you know proactive. Case is that is like dude is guards face these whales sinister grin Constance is not a sinister looking man you can think he's. Just adorable solves most. That's how little Barry feel like I'm evil Marion when you're. Hasselbeck got a few blocks and I don't know I don't know what this is what last week we had Emo Barry you know so we carry with over greens weighed on the that's a so I guess San Barry from the future. Thank god gave up on everybody here is that at this time move villain thing where like Bair he is avatar because irises died iris only died because seven shark killed her and there's still another Barry in the future obviously as the Barry that might send the message for the invasion paying -- six or whatever I sat very mulberry is a site up so I'm like well where they held this very come from how far in the future dizzy from crystal I'm still more barriers to see in the pilot episode from the bothered. Seattle retailer vacated front. And blueberry and then chartered oh yeah hey that's this is blueberry actually sad fact is that there is lunar so we had I had this blue flash going on and for this is the third year in a row that the Internet has been like it's gonna be buried in the future to keep yet evil Barry. There was a story a few hours ago in the comics where it will bear in the future who to believe suit came back and you know almost murdered Wally. Which is we're because that was like they'll most worthy receivers last story in light eight years Slough lake. All clusters have come on the comics since they did is they were. Kid bar slash impulse was flash and it was a really bad that was the worst less storms this one is evil very that people give expecting it now. I guess we're finally do admit I don't know so this is an order for him to be eighteen in order for him do exist he can't kill Barry he just he secure iris otherwise if he tells Mary he doesn't exist but if if he also doesn't kill iris then he can exist the way you wanted to doesn't have to be a sad guy yeah I wish we had a he does not until I heard how much the same problem make killer frost has is like have everybody who's got mad empowers somehow you changed your personality. You either they which is the sad thing like you know and also Barry seems to be only good guy who got hit the man who okay all right everybody else has been a jerk. Again entailing gets in she starts off with. Twelve around five seconds I'm cool and then I'm frosty queen roster here and I'm hoping that we're gonna end the season with her sort of get a control of their didn't do and yeah I would love to have Olympia I would love to ever be sort of like I don't know like killer chill or something you can't miss he's not a lot of Netflix in Chelsea can LA Mimi frosts are some yeah. Yeah I hang hang a process they got a mild irritant who are less drama frost I all right let's give it CU. She Swiss TV. What abhors being. Sign Lou Star Wars it was just last week. And I found this article that I I was very sweet and reverend paragon. Casino race. But a lot of people like to share star hours either with their kids are they did with their folks. And they this is awesome article six able lessons life lessons all Kinsler and first horse to aren't. Well I agree I agree it is sightseeing here you can make about I mean really you could make him religion not a Star Wars I know how. Add yet Sanjaya is a religion yeah news do you any you can do that you'll have to force in the what it's legit man kids who need it so what are these lesson. One of them is your actions are what define you so the force is this concept that works best. When it's explain lease so. Basically what's important at the thought of force is not inherently good or evil is simply it is in its makes the decisions that people make about how to use it's like whether you know light our guard that define who you are. It's a choice is Harry always that's that's right. Well that way enemies he right can talk to snakes and he still doesn't have to be Baltimore actually after I think after that happens doesn't he lose console on. You know it's never really specific yet we ran out of bed a whole lot of after yeah I think I read something about the that he loses the ability to speak to it yet there was a theory once simple mansi whether or Kirk's anymore than. But it's in the same way they in reality that people judge you by your actions mourning her intentions so everything you do has consequences. And it's entirely your Chile's. To be a force for good or not done yeah can't beat your mind yeah bring. Another one of the important valuable life lessons the hope is important but it also requires action. Yes now that's a big one to throw out there especially these social media days you can you can throw all of your opinions out there and that can be fine and dandy but a lot of times you need some actions to back those up and that's the message of rogue one. Right in an act. I actually does the article says it's like at the end liberal ones Tyler when you know you see it land getting the the play and she as she says like what are they like what is it its hope which is a great moment because it is hope is a very powerful thing. But nobody in the Star Wars universe any of the movies as sits back in just hope it will help do its job to know they're out they're doing stuff out like one of the spoiler alert edit it after plot point of the very first season right. I'm. The highlight. OK I know. Hello. It's easy airliner and a pick on me because you're an idiot I think I'm your immediate clarinet seventeen. I'm and that's an and that's what that's what Darth Vader represents a media muted here his whole life is basically it. He is believing the bad ass newsman that's his whole life exactly. Appearances can be deceiving. As another lesson all right so let's go to lessons do you know what your doctor about a little green LA and who is the most powerful Jana in the galaxy. We're looking at a bunch of forest dwelling Teddy bears you know taking down a mass at how walk can't act after what should not judge based solely on appearance on that note also if you're looking at Q buck I realize they he will reap your arms off if you they don't let a win yes I can talk all you can understand him is that engineer who sticks is the millennium falcon he's not a big. Don't bet the right point that out and prince's layup by the way she she actually survived a torture at the hands of Darth Vader. And also convince grandma's darken at that fact that he was the the rebel base that she gave often you know did tell John let's let with a freaking grenade yeah I hit it hit data also showed that Mitch yeah. I'll let it does as we never judge anybody it's a job I love that guy is clearly taught you how. How but the one thing they did point out too it's like you know that old man who looks kind of like a kindly grandfather country not to be a power mad lunatic that in new and in the stands. Well and I mean a whole story of the emperor by the way I mean nobody knew include nobody had a clue which is so funny because. They picked a guy who was a smarmy politician ago he's the most evil guy in the galaxy mr. And I cannot. And another valuable lesson there is strength and diversity of city take a look at the people and make up the rebellion and what do you see you see humans of different backgrounds aliens droids and also it's a different creatures. It's the most eclectic group. So in what is the galactic empire look like it'll only deeds. Slot streamlining their and it's the same point yet you'll literally a lot of clones Yakima day yeah there's really really the same dude hey now look at Shuster PL. The empire actively discourages ever city but the rebellion or and I embraces its so diversity leads to a broader mindset and learning the ways of like different learning ways of thinking elected south. Newton. So Battie is actually really powerful lessons don't kind of stick to the same thing you don't get out their grandchild can adrenaline something to it's okay to be different. And the last one. Destiny is BS hit it in had a ask still a lot of movies you know these days fall back comedians destiny is the only reason that a particular hero finds himself him or herself on particular quest. It creature he idea that if you were born lucky your milieu accomplish great things are limited so this hour spree Eagles have. One of those kind of prophecies as well. And then quite on June puts all of his feet into it and the boy that is prophesied to be the cedar ends up destroying every day. I disagree with that. Hi I agree that destiny that they're completely wrong about that he did bring balance of the force because there was a skill in Jett died and only a couple of cents. He actually did this guy that really. That little or is it completely shifting the balance I think yellow I think -- -- and I and so there's no more guys and now what are also a couple of B we can be out there where literally there basically always a master and apprentice won each of giant wanted to just yet in most movies that's how it goes down one beach yes but they're more like I never when he learned I learned and it came we came along there was a jet I everywhere yes and earlier he said there was just yeah dues just the end of the movie ever get the end of the movie there was only one and you go to. And B yeah and of course in the and you need maybe you can catch a movie there's oh we want them Luke and yes they heard Boehner then there's yoga and look at the Denver greater debt. So that's a really interesting point yet you Eddie did it says here he was prophesied to be deceived here. Some may be like well off he was not process the -- like Iranians they're they're wrong about that he was prophesied because I balances rebalance California where NSA this article about Iraq or does he always they talk about them the different traditions of the of that's what I was a lot and I let money out of my good destiny's BS I think that Star Wars tells us if you a couple of serves deadlier when board and everybody else. How. I do everything the people are to disagrees go to comments though we ask how. Someone like someone's like what you said as far as the best destiny is BS goes from the prophecy was bring balance of the foursome and I can wipe data on today and I so they were at hey we want to three left in the original trilogy and helped finish off both sets I is under way and messed it up. Yeah I also begin taking that last blast of lightning and have Luke remove his mask I support he probably would have won. So he ultimately made the decision that brought the balance in the fourth inning usually the balance was achieved at the end this. That's why was it was out of balance because there was nobody when Yoder was gone there was just Luke Peter was out of Dallas there was not to jet out at the time. So he did because he's right he brought back by killing the emperor. And and he brought back balance of the force again. Mistress or even if not his actions did give birth to Luke in the first place and then lay into. Without panic in the balance wouldn't have been achieved so dark city isn't clones still would've happened right. In order 66. Though that likely win of would've been less effective without Vader killing so many jet I personally. So it's hard to tell for sure things would how would've gone with. And I can yeah that's why I'm really looking forward to see what broke. I'm. You know I kind of around I'm right because you know we know what broke Danica I mean he started very young age. You just feel like wow you know what I mean he had he had a freedom fighter dad and his mom is one of the foursome pretty amazing general. What many got to train with Luke what broke high low rent that he can be Sosa do so quickly like that if that's why I'm looking hopefully they get to give us that episode eight I really hope this is an email thing liquor you know that's if you Louisiana's erases skated speed that he was like the ones that are bigger too much and just you hold and I am primaries and I am proud to call can I be like him. Shirt I look better and glad you understand me Merman and head telling. Feel. Oh yeah we're O nine we can't I apathy and until like them and seniority. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. Blood where to golf joined. 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