BJGN05-10-17 - Mox Gauntlet: Infinity

Wednesday, May 10th

The gang talks with Lyla Ross & Chris Rowlands from Mox Boarding House about the upcoming Mox Gauntlet: Infinity; BJ & Chris discuss a new Kickstarter project, Sailing Toward Osiris; Spicoli runs down the recent comics he has read; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells speed ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst sunup today and see for yourself BMW doc club next BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish he's the nation. Well yes won't. And Vijay Singh speaking nation high and the reverend and play golf across for me is Vicky Barcelona class. We've got Chris walker mr. walk like paper back and all through. The show's namesake Vijay Jay he's over there yeah I decided to go over here golfing or match hey miss Nicole Lee joins us there. No Friday hearing the boards I'm doing that so I can remember how tomorrow. Clearly you have accuser castle and maybe Al on today's show we will talk about in an amazing at cherry need tabletop turn meant. We will talk about a board game out there on kick starter and comics wits Nicole Lee. And of course the geek she would beat you be thinking how can people get ahold of us. Well they can check out our website at all information podcast such as Fiji beat Mason dot com like us on FaceBook I stitching for BJ she's the nation's. Follow us on Twitter and enter Graham fins they're Guerrero had feed Diggnation the sex is always not won any dared to 843353. Sent an email beating each nation at inject going to be using YouTube dot com slash B Yankee nation. Thank you Vicki and listen just get right into. Well talking with our guests their hair and I wanna topping them with us today are a pair of people who we've had in for multiple reasons over the years but one of the big mainstays is. The gauntlet hosted by mocks boarding house and their charitable arm which is engaged with us is Lila Ross the engaged program manager. And also Chris Rowland who has. Has his new position we've known him for Mardi Indies broadcast via I'm but now he is the community and contents manager for marks boarding house is meant. But you very much. I've got a custom I'm in the marketing department at parking in my expert in house for awhile. And now finally we got terror Olson he's our senior marketing manager now how can we divided the the work so I get to focus just on the brick and mortar stores now. And and how he Santo is now our community content manager for our dot com oddly in the stores doing events doing cool stuff and I grew up so that's what I wanna do. Oh and by the way he's just kick started a couple of awesome games two and oh yeah you know it has an effect he's just got a lot of free time honestly to stay busy if he would definitely you're doing that with all of this we have this is now how many years has the gauntlet being going on me. First Larry yeah that's what it feels like you're me. For this what our whole earful and I'll in this one is the one that is very. Very much to my hard. Is because you guys have turned it into the gauntlet. Infiniti. On but for the people who don't know guys what is what is this this turn amid this scheming tournament all out. So then got lit came about apps like I said for years ago as a way for our charitable arm of the business not sporting house. I'm that the charitable arm is called engaged. We wanted to find a way to leverage the money that we would normally be giving as a business to specific nonprofits. And by creating an event that would. Height people to raise money. And triple double triple that amount of money to get back to the nonprofit and you guys talked with a lot of low cool companies. A lot of gaming companies are in the Seattle area and so we got a lot of people who love to play tabletop games so he created this tabletop turn meant to you. Have all these companies I give teams of Ford to come together and I'd give donations to get. Bonuses. For their record the games he get a little bit of an edge if you help raise raise that money for all of this. On but at the same point is for you really good cause in this year it's four treehouse sure this camp what is treehouse about. Treehouse. We're lucky to have them in our our state inner city they've been around for almost thirty years they work with Foster youth and their family. Not only do they provide. Physical needs but they also provide services that time there they're number one goal is to. Have all Foster youth graduate. At the same time as their peers are at the same rate as their peers which is a huge undertaking that they have there been smashing their goals and that's. Maybe things yeah. And that's one of those things because that helps. And you know use who are dealing with all this and you can call Matt risky use at this point because they're having to go through trials and tribulations that most do not have to do you're giving them an even footing to hopefully be able to I'm go through life and have some success in their life and be able to get through all vest and not be stymied by the fact that. They had issues when they were younger and they couldn't control though. Right and really I think an episode I'm a clinical social worker that's also a part NBA why it's important to me I didn't. It working in the field for twenty years in this particular geographic area. And I've seen how treehouse has been able to. Eat eat you know provide services that actually or when a Foster youth is moved from one home to another that's that's really eat chaotic dance and you have to start over every time and so that they are fantastic. In. Helping to have added advocates for those used so that they can. Give back to being a kid. Yeah during earth and that's a big thing I think it's kind of nice because being. A a eight a kid Iggy again and be able to do all that stuff is a real good thing. But also at that point with what we're doing we get a chance to be complacent games were really good luck. And let's talk a little bit about this because. Last year it was easy Roman theme which is a lot of fun and we would all right with it till the ground which is kind of where we go with this. On this year with the with the gauntlet infinity. We've got three games that. I had not played I have even heard of non-GAAP and it was very interesting to find out the first Morgan talk about his Cahill list because it is the predecessor to a lot of the work replacement games. You know and it's your granddad didn't it looked. Really convoluted but since I'd played stuff like lords of water deep I actually was able to figure out pretty quickly. What did you guys decide to choose that one. So to us is is a like you said a classic worker plays in game one of the year the oh gee what replacements okay in the industry. And for us we always want to have some things that's kind of like. Beasley a throwback to just board game history so we always try to include some thing. That is gonna give a feel at least and kale this is a great game because it has. It's a classic game with a worker western roots. But it also has a very confrontational aspect as well there's a there's it's not order placement team where you can just sit back and kind of do your own thing you're gonna be interacting with other people. And for the golly we really like to have interaction like hi Matt because it is a tournament and you know these these teams are competing for the trophy. And it is a lot of fun there's a lot of little things that you configured to screw people. Which is a lot of fun but it's also. Are available on I alas yes so if anybody actually wants to go check it out and play you can play vs ai and just look it up right there it's like five bucks and it really worth that. Gasoline lag tech's traveling case something's coming that were regulated I am working here which actually you're only going to lay. The blame Palin do you Leon and. And if you guys wanna see this it is happening Sunday may 21 you can go to mocks boarding house in Bellevue two witnesses because even if you're not playing there's a lot of public stuff going on that people can go in and check out as well correct. Yeah absolutely we have now quite a lot of things this year and do Seattle avengers which is a cause attorney has played group they are offering their services for free so kids in San leasing come in and take. Or marvel heroes. And he has life size and games. By me. I am. He didn't get an act gay Matt yeah that so we'll have a couple of those. We went up so we did a huge raffles we have lots of raffle and I seizing items this year so. Yet and then a donation drive of course for treetops now we have some awesome comic books lag only natural gas and we're gonna be revealing soon for the draft rang me and move very exciting speaking of oh gee it's real OG stuff so. Yeah nice. And if you guys are not in the Seattle or Bellevue area and you do want to check this out. You guys having twitch channel as well and that's really easy just go to twitch DB twit dot TV slash card kingdom and people will be able to witness these events as well yeah it's a life stream all day. A bit in the Booth just talking trash yeah. Any guys you wanna donate donate to our team if I'm having more competitive than a two month mean not only my donate to you. All I don't eat. I had the same team yeah already at my goal yeah I know you're no phony to me that young or real good job of prison time. It's it's it's it's a lot of fun is for a great cause and as one of the big things I mean owned weakened that we can throw out all over stuff and if you guys want to donate to us go to the BJP nation FaceBook page and go get right to that. Also if you don't wanna donate to us UN donate to one of the many other companies I called doom I'm just saying he's no one else hey it it will suck for us but if you're giving money to treehouse I don't care guy you can go and you just click on admitted the whole thing you can go to that you could find a just for sure it is fine and you can get all sorts of information about what mocks boarding house does by just going to mock boarding house dot com. And Uga has gotten two locations right now in Seattle proper and and also on Bellevue these are great gaming stores where you can play the game is right there. Both them and you can sit down and have a meal hang out kind of bridge yes Baird and castle is is it's a lot of fun all around with all this. The second game that is out there is Ponzi scheme and. I. Yes I have seen a fair appropriate and I. Also really mass intensive does that I haven't actually played yet have been able to train for it it's not like Superman feeling you're not adding subtracting union that they like for some reason I see the numbers I'm. I like it does not compute and I didn't start. It's so counter to what geared tot Blake of course you don't want to be going into debt so UC like you know 30% to word you know yeah when he ninth person I think going into debt and that's actually a good. Cart you know. I just boggles the mind but that's why we chose it and so oh for those who aren't unfamiliar with Ponzi scheme Chris I know you you look board games and you by talk a little bit about that. No action I can't I'm played clumsy yet I. We'll talk he knows who she can I have only ethnic. I I'm not sure I can break it down technically but I did that the main thing is is that I am everybody has to take. On debt and it just keeps piling in piling in pilings and then there is diamond life the right now. And actually there's a lot of anxiety at the tape like that. And then at some point some peers come into it and they can kind of tilt tilt the balance and then at some point makes this the thing is kind of weird about it is that. You win by not losing anything by not dying first. Really it's a really interesting aspect of this because the game triggers its end the game win one person in goes bankrupt right so that's kind. Kind of a panic moment because you're trying to balance all of your stuff and hoping that you don't go down that road. And then waiting for one person gets screwed and I. I really like the the secret money option. How is so there's there's there's a mechanic in the game where you have the opportunity to make a secret bid to take someone else's resource away from them at that point and and that whole that that's where there that's what does it really is tricky for me is I'm trying to map out what high enough bid is to maybe. To maybe convince him to sell it to me gap and it in and they're not be too low for them today encounter back and take my thing brain and that's that's the. Hardest part for me. I do have a question and I don't know if you're trying to keep it secret number there are two versions of playing this game are you going to play with the money Connie for points or the advent oh yeah. Where they can't ask yep we're right we're right yeah yeah I. Right I. Like Galloway in real life money counts but in this game no it's all about the people are nice it's it's good to know that though and it's kind of fun because. As as participants in this you guys have been really awesome in keeping us updated on what's going on and there's going to be some fun twists and turns that we're gonna find as we get closer to that. But I just love the fact that engages in in everything you guys have been doing for this great cause you're also not keeping us really in the dark for what's going on. Until maybe in his last game. Which. Chris Dickey and I were all able to you'd played yesterday and I asked him how come last I wasn't sure about if I was going to like this gamer not because it is it's a four on four game that happens in real time the called captain sonar can and it's like battle ship DF. Everyone had their roles like on the like on the bridges Star Trek and you have to do all of their things. And then you're yelling at each other and it was just yelling all the time. And the decision it is going to be easy is actually the hardest which one does that went with all of the tracker and the radar operator on your narrator now under than radio radio radio Belgrade stealthy that gather radio operator basically you're playing battleship and still has the other captain on the other team is yelling out where they're going north south east west. You're trying to keep track of me and kind of figure out where on the map they could be seeking communicate that with your captain. Unfortunately we play the prison we are playing with. Spoke very quietly. Below we're on the. The island in the tournament we're gonna have ten. Boards yelling at one time that's it's going to be so a lot of innings this is OK I am a logistical. Nightmare for her just. Diana and Katrina fan and I'm tip watch the guy's mouth. Oh good point yeah any ignorant and it's only her second this is not yet in your lip reader I think you may actually happy booed here with this. Because it's when you've got their radio technician like Miki was talking about trying to track the things you've got the captain who was giving the directions and doing most of the commands for. The food drop mines fire fire the torpedoes which direction and go exactly and in the first made is keeping track of all of those abilities. And whether or not you can use them. And then my favorite part was the engineer was just praying to the got that nothing blows up and trying to tell that tell the captain well you can go here or you've got to go east and midwest you like you can't do that that we need to do that'll work and. A lot of your client or he's got ears like men and and and and and did not do that Jack and did you not do. Like we're gonna run into an eye in the past and I can't do any of that and this is all how. Happening and I got a stress is this is all happening in real time parent so there are certain stops that happened where everything's going you know shuts down and in an action occurs. But during the rest of that time. Each team is just talking to one another is really funny to watch the radio technician weathered BB key or on the other people were doing to saint so where is he's a I don't know I mr. direction he's got here he's god you know and again the ability it'd be like the speaker one Horry go for spaces in any direction and it. The LA yes you know this island hello we just like okay yeah I definitely don't areas and one I think one of my favorite aspect Saturday I really do really like this game is going to be one of the ones I pick up at mock sporting after we're done with all this is the fact that. I you've got a little bit of a dexterity chapel A yeah. In order to clear all you do your damage if you've got to my itch or not damaged by the does then is that it is able to us yes the disabled system's unique to surface. And in order to surface you have cute draw around the little parts of the submarine that are on this board and you can't touch the lions or two batteries and I'll do it all again. And that is really stressful we've got one guy who has. So worst handwriting I've ever seen any easy. The absorbing. More Josh and I thank you like Natalie does like a weird things he doesn't like go all as long as easy as they get a little bit of a mark their because politics a little bit and then you're completely screwed I do have good news about that so so it didn't generally when you play this the other teens engineer has to. Give the go ahead whether you have. Yes and in aligns them oh well at our event the judges make you call. And I days that you can't someone be lag now become aware and Japanese innovation argument that's been filed into the IR a I think this one will be the most stressful for people indeed. I'm confident there under the First Amendment you know it's the finale Lou I get this body I like that my favorite part about this is he brought back the wind I guess the east and out for a whole deal is trivia yes. So we will be out hopefully we'll at least win one one of these segments through it is Jagger is only blade two and it was a team. The retailer yeah well Abbie honesty was Chris walker and the progress towards our early and I know relevant and that kind of an adult and I was Christo really didn't go ahead and I think I think this is your year to the does great topic for reliable and cost not coming this year. They have to eighteen. I was not intended that we had a nineteen drop out guys around and yeah hi Sarah yeah I get my strategy addled boy is less than I met my BA great strategy the not so much for a captain sonar. Was that. I have friend does make up and Lindsay how they do the contrary to the face yet con touring at the boobs out okay. He made sure I. I know while and I went and I don't Sherrod would captain so are you Kelly is big time yeah. Yeah yeah. The game payless and that's anemic and so little worn mini here and. Though I'm shaken loose and calm but yeah this is all happening Sunday may 21 against the golf with infinity. Happening mocks boarding house it's in Bellevue to go to mock boarding house dot com you've got the address is if you can't make it too easy physical location to experience all the fun. Public activities that are happening in checking out all the things that are happening you can go to twit dot TV slash card kingdom to find all of that. Mocks boarding house on Twitter and is not much it's mocks B eight chew on. Militant it's not sporting a boarding on Twitter that surrounds every round and my exported house and eastern Ari thank you so much on that and again guys like think he's so much for doing isn't making us have a lot of fun helping out charities don't forget to donate please especially that's an idea that you and I will have a links up on the on the FaceBook and Twitter and you go to mocks his web sites while. And donate to our team please tell you he's but donate somewhere yes he can donate feel Bridget Sheridan has some stunning yes. Donates one of the great things that we have in 2017 is a social media aspect to spread the word I guess is doing. Really really good stuff for our local community and it's a geek he. Funny thing for everyone to have I mean just happened participated so again. Check it out. Mocks boarding house dot com ST I twitch dot TV slash card kingdom all these things and hopefully we'll see you guys on May 21. Twyla Chris again I think he has so much for being on with a sinks you for having us. Thanks stinky so much and again like I just said I check out mocks boarding house dot com these are great people. Doing a really awesome thing for the local charitable community. And for cited an in in introducing us to really fun games yeah. I won't I go home both of those games there's another game that you've already kick started I believe or are going to know I kick started oh yeah I think diamond actually I I think there should just assume that when you came to me is that we need to talk about this it's a new game from the daily magic guys are these daily magic guys and I love it the other either here in the Pacific northwest in May and they do a really good job helping other game designers in here and new people trying to get into the game. Publishing business they really are I just think they're just really good dudes and I'm we met them with malaria card kingdom that's our first yeah I heard about a minute course says Sweeney's drive get a voodoo lounge is easy they've put out a lot of cool games and different varieties this is going to be their first worker placement game. Said in Egypt called sailing toward Osiris. Who were complacent in San and it's a really fun different kind of work replacement game and yeah that's always see how do you do that every idea how do you make it different kind of order plays a game that isn't like Hillis that isn't like lords of water deep. Then you've got euphoria they came up from stone Meyer which was of course a fantastic dice style work replacement games or wow what a great you know sort of 1984 just hope you feel to it and it was it was really cool how. Tom this one near your if the pharaoh. He dated through and at his funeral barge sales slowly down the Nile which of course is basically a way that at times the game it's the clock Ellen okay sales are now. The Ferrell of course had no offspring because well you know what he was get busy and I'm busy in the right way apparently. And her dad couldn't couldn't get -- prodigy or project they aren't writing and a yes there and does so what he you've got to do we gotta get new Farrow. So. The tradition is that the governors of the land have to be task of building a monument to pharaohs glory so that it. Osiris. Will favor his spirit in the afterlife and basically make you the governor. And well Heidi ability to sell stuff yet again all sorts of foods and equipment to name polls are clear all the things here and they need in order play area so you that's how you build it. It's a pretty boring the Egyptian team is really fun. And it's kicking right now it is as of the time of this recording. It is 86%. Funded wow my very excited about it. Because they saw a good amount of time left on the kick starter and they're gonna obviously have some great. A stretch goals which will give you better components usually and yeah I you mentioned as you've back to their games before our business ever pupil source that are reputable yes we have words are great the decades and so this is one that I you can feel safe kicking what's really cool as they are now becoming a company that you know we you go to if you wanna kicking game because this is not this is our designed by IW David McKenzie. And so he's not Isiah soar with some of the guys that I'm used to. They are getting a reputation of being a company that knows how to get your game kicked. It's just not get it published. And so we're getting all sorts of different people coming from all over the place with different designs and styles. And so I love that this is going to be a big you know our medium box work replacement game. I'm I'm I'm excited because you know they just you know emergence of our mayor is a fun camel placement Damon I. Yeah I'll we we can't end it yeah and they've got ten minute heist which is a different kind of fun game it'll be good that's been kicked him will be route you know out to me soon. So just take a sailing towards Osiris if you like we're replacement. I got this does Vicki does. And whenever she will play games of this I do know that that she's a work replacement fans so. And I I like or replacement to habeas one of my favorites so no water deep as one of my fears and I'll be really happy to play Kayla as an intern admits that if you. Let the guys definitely associated sailing toward Osiris that is ticket now kick starter if you don't listen if you go to our FaceBook pages up they're definitely check that. Out spoke holy we gotta talk some comics. The what are the big things happening now right now aren't well husband Amaro is under way with a big resurrect sign on initiative which is the return of X-Men in in humans and you have to the next IVX. BS path. I'm so other bunch of books that are underway. X-Men gold which is kind of the mean excellent book deputy I've beaten the team's gotten smaller and stormed in and blew in. That's three issues in. I'm at its very standard you've got to. You got somebody on TV talk about how mutants or bad idea but rather it is evil into engines look baton nominee that's then I deal with it that's solid and but it feels very classic and it's a nice it's nice reprieve from what's been going on. With a bit of chaos excellent stuff yeah I felt classic. But it's also don't think it's spectacular since Marc Guggenheim whose very busy guy and so I feel like it's it's very. It's it's obligatory X-Men. OK okay OIE if you don't need your X-Men takes. In engage in there but it's not gonna blow your mind know that yet there's nothing about it that's new to the accidentally get a gap reminded me re just we can draw and which is great but it also already met. Yes you know mom and the X-Men blew the story of the original five times what his original I have that was fantastic and working with me need a leading their team. Interesting yeah and so it's because there I need though is like he's got the secret time receive these planes in the back to their time. They're doing secret training is that the danger room that gets me you know holograms but the leading the files might go to another planning against him so yeah yeah there's a lot of like cutting stuff going on for just that kind of a young excellent team. I'll miss kind of for the reversal of the old mutants and and Nicholas intelligent kids oh yeah mom. Weapon at. X is about what people from the weapon expert and being taken by in new weapon programs or Tom or pass that Wolverine. Saber tooth lady death strike domino. I don't think I ever realize warpath was a weapon next he was they weapon as he's been taken by 110 okay okay okay okay OK Tom let's get hit he could fly now. Isn't always been able fly art yeah. So yeah. Heading into that I didn't expect that book to be very good that was like look at all these edgy characters that is just wouldn't work out thought it would be nice song yeah it WX men minus its region on the the fourth one that's out so far we still haven't gotten gen X or cable. Cable comes at the end of this month though. Yet he'll go and while there's supposedly he and I don't know I may 29 there's so I was very so precisely you're like oh that's coming every married and you don't make hay out of it and let it roll these things out that's not just all the books at once because you know and it may read yes to reading all. Jean Grey number one came out last week who which is he's call it the for a personal FirstEnergy graze on a solo or ongoing series really yeah. Yet all these years series and a lot of team opted overlap cyclops in the Zanardi future they're she's usually debt. Though I. That's also after she died a lot palm so she sewed so dungy now has her own series in the very beginning it's all about kind of ceased author of classic jeans are saying about this gene. I'm not that gene that you know caught Scott Allen cheating on her I'm not a gene that got possess the dark Phoenix and destroy a planet. I'm still raging on this and it has happened I'm doing my own thing. And and then she you know she saves some people there wrecking crew attacked the city she's in. And so she saves people from the wrecking crew for some silly or villains from the old stand Jack if it. And and it's really because it's really shows what it's like how hard is to be superhero where she's constantly like oh my god I think that car flying and all those people are gonna be at the same thing. How this is very spider Manning yeah it's it's as very it's very spent many and then at the end. The Phoenix four shows up and is eight. You might not be that G but you're still might. And I'm only. Which yes I know with our have a because I had the same thing in panels number six which I talked about yet Thain met. Is one with the dinosaur is he's in right now yeah like they've got the Phoenix on his chest is clear. Irons and so you know comics the limits and I don't. Confused it's a comment that you comics were like at least you know over a year or certain stores will take place at each one of the probably only occupies about. A month a time and character's life right it will issues. So it's sort of put that together Billick I write a happy at all around the same time that is a bad time yeah then might they might know that Phoenix is telepathic entity could have just been sending a message to gene was like I'm out of eggs now they broke me out dad and our dollar is okay I'm your guy or that yeah. On the other side of the resurrect sign on. Is to be humans books have come out now Obama royals. Is weird royals is about some of the or affiliate in humans as well as a few new demons going after speaks to deal with a space that we are fourth in the conference today is carrying the idea because it's based in a deal with there is there's if there's this sort of future thing where they taught there is the flash forward in the books rather like the prophecies in the remember the great tale of the humans into space seven went to space and only six returns there alone and Medusa was apparently guy he's got cancer or something. OK so slowly dying. That that it dot org and the designs the rules of course super weird there it and I'm not a fan there's way too much going on a really busy it's kind of this car to be nineties thing going on. Cellular arm rating cut it's it's the story is compelling enough and really has in humans and it's gotten marvel boy the ridiculous grand or some character Erica are more loyal marvel boy. If you if you if you had a good hour to sit down to read a marvel knights marvel boy body grand Morrissey and it is just insanity it starts weird and gets collectively we're. Just a mess just oh our. You are vote. And so. But the the other youth vote is black apples like Apple's first solo series siren by solid young man who is a novelist. Announces first comic and man it's really good. He realities in this like super prison because we found on royals' that the guy with dolls by apple to actually Max missed this they. So I pulled is in the super prison and taken his powers away and so he'd like fights the absorbing man who's also there as his powers taken away. And this story telling and our purple really neat and not just your standard rural house style it's been sort of dominating line right now I served really like to be in the black bolt. The last thing Carl's doing a secret empire throughout our number one came out last week and it feels a lot of apparel uber story and everything you wish it war. So like a lot more if it works if I was just like yours do you world where cap is evil and all this stuff happens you think people. Beyond yourself and a lot of the fans that are freaking out right now would be a little more accepting if it was just said I've been saying hey this is alternative alternate universe sort of paying absolutely and it's you know I actually don't have a big problem with them making casual Wear store it's comics that story telling you make good guys bad guys some time. What are part and and if I didn't know all the stuff going on around get out of it is a neat story but I know Tom reverend that's axle on the coming out saying. Hydro is not actually a Nazi and even though he's hydrant is actually a bad guy we're gonna humanize not he's basically and so like that's the problem like how we enjoy this so much more I didn't know what's going on you now let me another one scene where he's Hydro high command is what happened all -- as a Nazi you know you guys all I'm not red skull. But you have you have you know the outages and they're all like we got to do this we got to execute our enemies or whatever and and it's that its cap is like let's slowdown it's gotta gotta keep the people stuff it's it's supposed to be like him lookup cat is actually saw kind of a good guy meant to me is makes it seem like he's a week that guy. Yeah he's a bad guy who's just have to passing it. Which is and that's like halfway yet and I still that it did evil avenger is include dead pool. His son is on tap evil avengers so is odd duck talks Spiderman. On the superior at all superiors are superior document he is he's part of the avengers as Celek defender's arm or like some bad guys but also some sort of good guys and and dead pool. Every area back there and we've got we got the secret avengers which you know Hawkeye and black when our leading and that's got the champions miles and minutes jail and the whole house only had a nose for farm and those those particular care and have a premiere right now is that that the resistance is those guys did not you know Tony accurate or not these. Article and I guess nobody got into it again if it were earlier restore or Hydro took over. Like very much what we're seeing shields yeah it would be great it feels like chill at the book opens up with like a teacher talking about the new history. Liked and this happened there really funeral that was the old textbooks last year now we know of the grand illusion they college the very 1984 GAAP GAAP very 1984 it's a it's always is we're like it is it's not a bad book. But it's like. Bad publishing. It was just their way so if you'll just you last issue I'm liking it in spite of myself how but I also landing on us like how they explain its existence is this existence and it's not a parallel world what they say the saying is there was there was an event called Pleasant Hill where we found out the red skull had the Cosby Cuba which isn't right so. What they did was they were reader wrote reality. Captain America actually weighs in in world Portugal back of the forties before frozen ice. Madam Hydro found him and how and join hydra Susan sleeper agent for hydra actually this whole. I. Dunks. Since World War II. And this is a good enough for you move that this is kind of like a parallel world aren't our aura or think that would be good enough for me the story telling is finals publish the publishing saying it. That because that's true in its senate say they're not say that that makes heidrick that is cap batted the say that that makes Hydro OK because that was part of it oh that's an odd sort of the either go into trying to defend the big bad unless they come out and actually say that they were not associate with the Nazis within the storyline which may doesn't get asked. 10 yeah hot again now I mean yeah trying to make a separation between caps Hydro and red skulls Hydro but like marvel fans will never think of Hydro is not. Nazis you know that's it's what we used to tell not to stories in Marvel Comics that's what what hydrant in there yet they are and every week and may you be accelerated there every evil you think terrorists exam that's what tiger is always going to be the be most evil of evil of the time be different if it was all a sudden he was part of eighty or something. You know. Or he he joined another bad you joined the sinister six and some yeah layer RV doing all the frightful for exactly who had beaten an analyst summit with a number that's so that's kind of habit not super bad evil hey you know. I what are you they could or. So yeah it's it's weird that they've that they've they've had to come out and say don't be worried about that and apple peel paint and put it seems like we're gonna be exposed to give cap credit for being the last one to notice not these are bad you know he's good now on the regular out. He's yellow jacket I don't know British web on the blog comments before LP Iran about comics again so like I don't I don't like we're doing a book what it's only on issue one yap make it that's like the issue but I'm just. Tentative about it that's a good call on that one thank you so much going moral and let's get to rule. Sheet Swiss TV. He got forest became. We always reenter the cars at one point rain they I have every hours your gas or not a superpower. I. Of mass destruction yeah I than going pretty pretty pretty well Boehner beaten those not. If anything it just the only thing it works good at Italy dealer Brown's six in your underwear hey root out declare some reluctance to serve big really thin guy in that she went to prison for its nukes I can't stand by the way Brando -- win and hasn't yet this year death similar looking for. Okay. And wonder if he did have to the powers we do the very good there Eagles knowing every evil Tariq. Well I. Would I would make the world a better place like would you say or you know yes Philly funeral. See if you think about it most superheroes are really doing anything to make the world a better place because they're just continuously fighting and bickering in creating problems that's a good point yeah so happy you're like how could you really save the world's based on mission Mars don't they compose a list unknown what they could be doing to actually help I'm okay cool so for example higher mental health people walk again. Oh yeah with with suits in Albany all technology in his nag me it's marginally good to see avengers three because not worried about Rudy at all no economic we let Danielle at that Tony sank. Tony thank as the ice man could be you know saving the melting Arctic ice I don't and industries won't just be like her okay. And then while he's got that Hank Kim a gay man could eliminate all the world garbage and pollution. Iron gosh and Alan I'm putting not the SP. And and they are but it still the same weight so. Move down the masters and going the other masses into emergency SA guy he also had tank on this key chain in that one movies it is I know it's really hasn't asked by Tebow when he now woman when he punched people he punched him in full strength so yeah and you wrestler it's O audit tank in the punch don't make sense it doesn't make sense when he was big two plus two equals five a giant man loves you okay fine them moving on. I. What does he and I got a couple more hair don't they mark a little flummoxed finally got collateral damage we have fourteen points seventeen years Palin is learned in storm could control the weather first safer tomorrow so hurricanes tsunamis. Or drought snap and they can be you know helping California out yeah and abortion as an artist she brought us whether to order it was nice so you know if you like we got to you know people are going to die here get to paso energy by the way. Yeah you know you people are you gonna be fed for the rest your life gonna go to the school with the ball guy today because that's about what about a car I'm okay Westchester yeah yeah. Wolverine could put an end amber alerts. Like it would need this kid here at the close smiles like track and oh yeah and then like if anybody is like I'm not used to keep happening right quick wanted to impeach the cerebral and probably finally lost children terribly well they had in the movies remember they turned it on all the regular people I had troop. The vision to be an Internet watchdog that can happen you know about you don't like bad bad stuff on the television turns evil here path that this time and energy is like you know when I'm Jonas is all okay sure did die on the Internet for a little bit earlier today I know I'm Veronica de. I've met. Ask he's really a superhero. Old. But the purple land could cure addictions so and Justin Jones out of hand and Hillary. And in because like you know hey. Doing heroin OK honey he's still go through the with collagen Perry could probably cause you to go into shock depending about it is right do you like stop you know stump we see how much worse is we try to resist the brutal means influence brain and through. Like they stop doing heroin stop you know if he is doing bad things. Scarlet wish could help everyone live lucky airlines men now in general I'm not immune. I hate me. And the rest are OK like I owed into the helps share cica conceived planet earth. Kansas and I got arrested Dresser okay I I think I'm thinking what can be doing here most of the rest. These others just like changing their job it's it's just. This is something they would have to keep doing over real enchilada and yet it's a lot of of making your super hero job boring yeah exactly and you know Tony Stark what I really like down there weren't you up early death and look this you know once a year different players. Significant Oreo and other garbage you have but I give us a my messages and on the field FaceBook messages that Gmail VD TPC and nine give us your opinions on how superheroes can make things better heart exam as. Stay in any. Your inner geek. Wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.