BJGN05-12-17 - Crypticon

Friday, May 12th

The Rev interviews Amie Simon & then Jason Halverson at Crypticon; Vicky & Chris discuss the latest episode of American Gods; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome him Vijay Shays geek nation I am the reverent and played golf across from me is to keep versatile now hello. We've got. Crews more nervous dog later. And if that's in the coming in my face anyway noting harrowing volume behind new. The old man in the boy wonders Vijay ends but Cole are awe and as side made I think there are hiding her somewhere or. Oh we have the Phillies start calling them out here yes well I just did so hopefully it'll stick. So that means we've got my privileges for our. Don't drop in GD mistakes and they may even have to pass by today's podcast we will talk about well I will talk about cribs and car and we will have some people discuss American guys are also tied with mr. Garrett on the box and then of course DT cheap weed sneaky beat Vicki how can people get a hold. Last welding get a hold of us and the our website because it's gonna Holler information to our different social media sites and just feeding geek nation dot com. You can give us like on face the opening to search remediation is each nation and our great player 8000 Marion mr. Graham then singer around the caddie JD nation and as excellent as always not one any 02243353. Since any night beating each nation and And watch survey using YouTube dot com slash PGB nation. Think he's so much Mickey and if you do you subscribe to us on the old iTunes give us a review give us five starred for Denver over that we don't suck. Think gap ever got RA well this past weekend I was able to attend the horror convention. Everybody. Get a day out of the end of the year Orlando century. Mac cryptic on Seattle did occurred this last weekend and I had a lot of fun. The way as a lot of really really entertaining guests including myself. I did many many panels talking about many many things including all. Earth word orally just yet yeah hole Aurora powered saw hour and I'm and now while I was there I was able to meet some really fantastic people and wanna get right into some interviews with these people because. It was really need to be able to talk to people. And find out what influenced them. Win now when they were younger to get into a war and has that random because for me. It was when I was very young and my step dad had decided that it's all right for you to go and why it's nightmare no she won in two. While you're supposed to be sleeping. Dad yeah but it didn't ask army actually got me very intrigued with it and I come to find out a little bit later that these were the Kennedy made for TV versions of that Ferrell so you had all of the kind of the fun and frivolity without so much of the blood and guts. And that's so what are these people that I was able to do a pod or I was ill do it panel where it was a lady by the name of Amy Simon and actually we're able to talk about what influenced her how she got into this sort of thing. So I am here actor to kind having just finished a panel about. I front Seattle I was born and raised in Seattle thanks so what are what are some of the the projects that she worked on especially involving the horror genre. Well I have a blog called island letter. It's sort of intermittently. Updated. Had my some way I do a lot of film riding an idea on all types of sound for three imaginary girl yeah. And and then I worsening museum pop culture which leads you haven't really. Killer killer hot hot hot exploring exhibit right now called can't look away at the lure of color film which is amazing and I'm aware actually NN opening new where exhibit Andy in September's at a camera glare of public clothes and I'm guessing individual I. Mid August animal open that new accord exhibit September 30. Also says he's basically need to get down there before that because we were taught as we were talking on the TV fan doesn't panel yesterday about the fact that wanna deep balls is there a person the other though the horror of props that are there right now. We have Jack Torrance is at one of his actions from the shiny new we has Creighton from critters to. Do we have the hostile chair of the torture chaired. Also the head of the media and soft from hostile to you would like out attached. And can we had the ice from hostile to it as well and our biggest the side. But fiscal touch might be from hostile the first one. Yeah I think so yeah we are really cool and amazing bride of Frankenstein control panel for the original read and movie. And we have so much stuff saying we have full size Dino Morse aliens fast. Sit and does that scare the crap out of you if you're just like wondering right is it. Like OK so here's the deal I have AAA full size yelled back home is right next to the door and so people get I mean it's only go to but he still surprised the hell out of people do you have plague this does he know more kind of around the corner I mean it's tied to the basket. It's like cage so like what we tell people is like don't worry it's you know let's say I'm glasses. If you look at some amazing sell things like that. I would imagine we'll have this amazing. Gizmo props from Graham plans where he kind of looks like he's like dead because it's like. It's a prop from the moment when he's like acting in the bargain current and any flies how Jeff. I thought his mouth as a man and he's laying down and so a lot of people take pictures of that is not legislate what is wrong and what is wrong and is now. That's why now what drew you originally to the horror genre because for me it was when I was. Very young and seeing frat. Memory on street one and two back to back you very I'm not was supposed to watch it but I did anyway was it was or something like that iconic for youth. Yet I just told the story in the chandelier and as well yeah. So I think what has Nader nanny camera exactly them we we really one of the first. My dad got us cables so if you showtime. And at that time I don't think HBO existed in it was a showtime and they kept showing commercials are dressed to kill Brandon Thomas just to kill us. And you know did they show that the reasoner in the elevator and all the intriguing dust and as a weak leg. What is that I wanna watch that imam delegate watch and I know weighing you know nine and it's just no way definitely mine mine mine mine and I made. Beat them down in the analogic and I had nightmares and so I'm. I'm soon could they are right to Penn. And Zemin and unfortunately when they never announced street came out in all my friends are CNET was twelve and they had said you can't see in other scary and until your sixteen and they see me. They stuck to it so hard and I was so done that is on my friends are talking about it on my friends were -- like I'm your boyfriend now Nancy Ann like if you know I made the same lines in this nominating. Didn't wanna know what went on they did one no time yeah and so to make up for it. It came on VHS after I turned thirteen. They had a little movie party forming in I don't my friends ever. Well my dad thought I'd be really hilarious if he ran up to stare is about midway through dealing with that sheen's side. Started laughing I don't know what this yeah so. Is pretty greed really is that was like a lot of leg older boys who were like on the football team and their likes tariffs I don't know what's happening in my dad's is laughing his ass off. The so I think like that you know and in addition to me just like. Getting really into that film that just cemented its army GAAP and I made I was a consumer media anyway because I was an only child so I watched a lot of TV a lot of what's a lot of Godzilla movies or watch a lot Jason organized on my tennis dozens. So I just was really loves this. They'll look at things element missing element to watch movies and sugar like how things were made it gap and then and that got me into in as far as like. Money in the shop around I don't know I just took means lake. I think it just took me right away and I was and this safety ahead this slash idea N and it started diving in the NBA's. Poltergeist is one of my parents they are movies so. I watched mantel. Many I managed to CD exorcism when. And having not seen and such a long time if I see on the big screen was astounding and scared the crap out of me and I was. I think I was. Either in my early twenties at that tennis is it was it was a stunning how scary really really was. Yes I mean and it one of the things for me and our film is that it allows me to play out my fear is while feeling safe right now. And I can watch all of these situations and like a group for people in the senate or lakes and cry about it when they die or. Get really involved in a villain and chatting like why am rooting for the bill and are something. And then I know I'm not like personally affected gavel to violent acts backfires like martyrs for example an unfamiliar martyrs. Smart is a fantastic. Foreign sound. And if so brutal though and Milo so brutal and that lake I I recommend that you see it but I don't think you'll ever wanna see it again. And it was like really hard for me to process you know but it's so bad yeah Adams. Martyrs. Second. Say yes and yet it's still on the island will backtrack on me or. And this is really or Sunday clockwork orange and never oh yeah now holds now. Really can't get past the reaper he's just get past its. Or CE it's understandable and it's in any and it's so striking that had. I just thought that whole movie with the visuals with that but then also incorporating. Really sensitive content mixing ways. A lot of the pop culture at that time as well it's it's it's scary how it will do exactly what they're doing to Alex later on and a movie. And as a really polarizing one on that. Yes so like I mean you know I think you lake highlands whereas on Saturday I think I'll say have to be sensitive to traders yeah absolute I. Because especially now that you know added there's so many different types of media to so many different types of our songs. But yeah I liken martyrs you. It watching martyrs like being punched in the stomach over and over and over and over and over again. In a lot of times even in a lot of movies or horror films Jenna watching them Ford is the fun of it yeah and when he takes it out of that is certain is really a lot harder summit which. Some people that's their goal when they're doing these films and it's always Canada is interesting dichotomy when you're going to audience verses creators sometimes. Yeah I mean what I think it does our films that I all of them it's always the ones that I have the most fun watching and it was it was at half alive even patch you know I mean it. I've been scared for sure I mean like grizzlies babies. Paris I had it you know but lake each candidate for the most part of our sons and I watch them because they're sign I wanted to yeah practical plan it. I wanna see new things happening and loved it follows. You know because it just felt very fresh to me that I love the cabinet list of section perfect Q marine Gaffney. Yeah it was it was the new updated scream essentially had to yell and scream when I tied it in the theater you know the first time I was like. Blown away because it was so good. And so not like anything ET before and now of course everything is green you know yet they remade it over and over and over and called it a million different things. Absolutely. Amy again as thank you so much Amy Simon go ahead in if you want if you when he went up all you want a social media or on the back to a school and promote those. Sure he had to at Posey girls on Twitter. An audience Graham and then and that stream edgy girl stuck comment I love splattered on. Thanks so much that was Amy Simon and again just check out all the things that she noted on that to us he was she does and it was just fun because. You don't necessarily get to deal with your step dad. Coming up from the base Mans or you know from the from that though lower part of that house. And scaring the crap out of you while you were watching it nightmare announced street so it's kind of fund is to be a Buick that. I don't think you know you don't like horror movies or be scary movies did you have any like dramatizing. Events that LA occurred that they're like Tennessee your that in your brain I. Pink was about two or three years old and I remember that little little little little. And tell my parents when they figured it out this is what they used to get me go to bet I don't know because I know I honestly ever watched TV with you guys. So was that tackle from. Tales from the critics always see in Haiti or mis sold much so yeah. My mom like you would also prove to your room. Nothing to hide from him that's amazing I just Danny eating their words creed Beers like skeleton which is funny guy likes gold and a couple tattooed on me now but. I have aids that's where it started nets that's always and you Arenas. Chris was there anything like that for you that kinda sear your answered in your brain from those those they've really frightening moments and in your youth I have two things not. The mother took me to see jaws when I was about four years old and I think so obviously she just took me to the theater because you have maybe sir I don't know what. I'm gonna see jaws and I'm going to bring this tot with me to this day severe okwu phobia if I can't see the bottom of it. OK I don't even at times in a school I will even get freaked out really here and there's sharks in the Pullman. You say that the the the they'll find a way. I I thought I saw a video recently it's like this slick suit thing you improve on but it looks like a real freaking shark note and I Sinai just are no no one appearance I didn't know how to act. I don't even everything oh god. Noise and not a geek Chris out of the a lot of the Fuller account we'll do it chart. One other thing that haunted by nightmares tour for years and years and there was he a very brief snippet from the silent film and awestruck to yes that I Sar on on on like HQ is doing a special at the history of horror this year Dracula or something like this season and all I saw was a very very brief shot of Max schreck cruise in behind like a screen and then he pops is little creepy head face around. And that is just burned in in my skull and I was probably eight or nine years old that the timing that that image. You to this day still waking up sometimes there's. A good point on that too I remember it came from just kind of a random sort of thing was. Do you river the weekly world news yes the Barack boy value or LA batboy kind of freaked me out but I remember because my name my grand parents would always a mistake dad's side would always give them like he delivered to their house. Because I really feel a bathroom reading and I think they can't believe some of it Charlie when you bring the paper or hear exactly totally. And so they had won a world was this. The amazing melting woman you know it yet exactly and it was a milkman and the old. What they've come boomed a bland says when it was us. Lots of minor bump. He was so creepy a look at some always just like taking your hair dryer to a wax Manny can alone to native probably and I say I don't know exactly but unless you're gonna have certainly got a world news but that was something is stuck with me as well. Joseph did you ever go any of those defining moment. CN man my dad when he wants starship troopers and really young hello there's if you see that yeah I don't even know how I saw it I destroyed. I. I'm hitting it proves how we want I watched the whole thing there are two parts there's Woburn district has cut the cloth in the chest out and I asked for a I've freaked out for they don't like this is really. Intense because you don't watch him on movies that are like Batman yeah you wondered you watching jungle book and stuff right. And I didn't know until later on but apparently my mommy me cover my eyes on one of the giant aliens like slice agreed to a guy's head. Since no later was all the president watched in a much. What is going on here for the hello. The brain in the dream about it and it's that's imminent sucks is bringing out. Oh yeah all the gruesome it's like each dad and Evernote that good guy you haven't really gotten it. I'm so is religion is that I mean. Like that is just like when you're that little those things can burning in Q and sometimes is they'll be they'll make it so you get really excited for those still yeah. But there's a lot of times where it's like yet Kelly who is taking is I will never watch he's totally. Can I eleven overactive imagination Simon when I saw the second Jurassic Park movie. Who is son theaters and we did like this which also Italy my brother would pick a movie than I would recommend resent picked former Nextel might not one under and that's again. I members physically yet again we go to the Everett movie theater and I was just for a month I kept pitching like rappers coming out of my closet or like that your accident with a laundry Canon comes into the hole yet a year out the vote I just picture him like outside my window looking in which is weird some of the on the bottom floors that become hard for him now begin our. Yeah. He just write to how. Please see how hot dogs did what they are you at all as I attended record knows how to think raptor and apparently got blanked. Commentary I Jared actually that's more like can. I'm a big a little more forceful but it. And I didn't click Internet search and I found the shark costing they know you know needing your randomness is kind of scary analytical thinking I get looks like straight up like jobs I'm from music right now it's just stuff. Anything like that in the pool like I don't know see I told you. Then I am in the pool in the pool people one Johanna present on the Atlantic you know go back and a post Lotta crap so can now. Yeah it checked out on the FaceBook page and let us know by your I'll horror movie interactions and what really. Define you when you were a kid at that maybe it wasn't or maybe it was something else they really got you into the geek dumped I'd love to hear about that BGD nation or post on the FaceBook page like cricket is doing kind of even as we speak another person that I was able to talk to was Jason how verse in which we have had four on many times for costumed characters for causes for any of arming act. I'm sorry I aim this summer it was really great no because he was an Iron Man now and I added just talked some about the fact that this was a different convention and what he was used to being able to go deal with the actor to con is in Jason how over sin for. Costumed characters for causes we had you want a bunch of times Jason but I love the fact that you are here now any horror convention normally is the comic book cons and now it's agony into the ormat Levitt. Now it is a lot of fun and it's my first time here that we were here last year as well oh really okay that we were sort we're kind of expanding now that mourn kind of mingling with other events throughout the year so it's another opportunity for us to get out talk about like the good times project and everything's. And you normally are here our usually around as Tony start this time you are in a full body armor costume yet Emmylou about this one man. This is death stroke. That's all hate Jews I knew I took a picture before with you and you had a mask on you know the mask on now so is kinda I've completely just based on an eleven it yes a lot of fun this is one and I recycled from something else that I eight years ago. And it was just like this shadow whom cyborg creature you can and I just modified it and added now bullets in the armor Leon's mother stuff turning into that's stroked it works amazing well the fact that recycling with caused by I mean it's one of those things that if you're putting work into a project. You don't wanna just being something because maybe it's some do you wanna dress up as he got he won re purpose it to make sure that hey you keep using those materials and caddie keeps on the costs. Yeah I'm that like the helmet nightstand and was like a month and conference just really and he worked to get that thing. Be the right size and shape and everything instead and to not bogon did not pass out when I wherein. Here's a here's an interest thinking about 'cause I love to ask caused players on first and I wanna know how you get into something like this personally like what was your starting them. Point. To get into these because I've seen you as Tony Stark and I love the fact that you kind of take that persona when you're going into it was an eleven of the character or was it the ease of creating a costume that got you into an original. Well I'm. Actually it was it was like Halloween. And in fact and am I. Super eighty. And he gave me something for meted do you have that makes any sense are. CA absolutely and so I sort of building things and and making stuff and testing different things in my very first costume covered Mike full armor thing was this. Like. Nightmare armor out of ABS plastic decides how he how to keep form style often and had to sort of dragon scale today. That's cool inside event some day and in those people who are dvd will understand this someday I will actually finish that hostage I. And today I got I just let it out well there's a lot of different home. Ways to go about with making costumes and so if someone. Came out here and was like hey. I want to start making what you do where do I begin is there. I don't I don't really even think that there is a get into this easy sort of label where what are the first steps to be able to get into doing. Bigger cause played in just kind of the normal. I don't seem normal but you know just the the lowest level how do you start to build up to the upper levels that you guys do with that with the projects. Well like anything else it's me a lot of practice and a lot of research so. I didn't know what it is you want me to mean some people start with like fiberglass which might be a little bit more advanced. So you know starting with a mean basic materials and foam. And then you can work on different ways suing now phone you get into warm glow which tends to tends to be really expensive it is a few days. It's a little bit more functional and other materials. Then you know kind of go up to that stuff like fiberglass or school dean Cass dean snack okay and our our stuff. That yeah I started out with just doing like real basic like foam and plastic. Are trying to stuffed it team looked the way that I wanted. It's nice. And before I let you go with costumed characters for causes he did mention the good times project cost I would love for you to talk about that again because even though we've had you on multiple times I still think it's a great way for. Helping out in the community LO what you guys do. Oh thank you and you this is a charity is really near and dear to our hearts we need to spend a lot of time with him. Throughout the year and we've become more and more involved over the years with them the good times project is essentially summer camp experience at least. That's part of it they've expanded into other things now I would suggest if anybody's interest in learning more about them and check out their website that. The good times project dot org and there's other things at deer and deer doing that essentially what it is it's. I know cost camp for kids that have gone through on cancer treatment. RNS for their siblings and it's for survivor so it's. It's for those kids and have have endured all that to go and have a summer camp experience where everybody else that's there understands. What they have gone through what they've endured it's also a chance for the parents. To kinda get a break because we really think about that the parents. It's a lot of stress for mom and dad and for the kids to be in a safe place for like we can mom and dad's killer. Yeah thanks into its existing can't be underestimated and that's a really good points you because I mean with citizen parents you need they don't ever get a chance to take a break ever and so just a little bit really does help attacks and that was good Tynes project dot org correct awesome and where can people find. Custom characters for causes. On the main also Ximian all of that. FaceBook it is he sees the number four causes. So he's do a search for us. I'm on Twitter I think it's it's our old. Initial CDC the number foresee. To CBC perceive were also try. And get that it did somebody else's kids FF FCC causes and it's ray is really easy for us as well because what we'll do is I mean we've promoted deal whole bunch before so we'll definitely drug good times throughout everything the links for what you guys have done as well. Jason again thank you so much for what you do and do you have any ideas for May be a custom that you've wanted to work on and anytime of the ADD but as they're like it's there's some project figure like. This is dead the pinnacle this is the one that I want to do next or eventually. Well I do so much of the Tony Stark stuff because it's it's easy for me and it's and it's not recognizable. So there's a lot of variations of that one of those is going to be sort of a game of drones mash up I'm. Going to be fun I'm looking forward to make in the wolf cape. That's amazing that would be great owner really cool man I guess because winners coming out I says that if Jason thank you so much meant as much pleasure thanks for having me it's. Thank you so much Jason again just search for costumed characters for causes and help them out they do the good times project like he said in that podcast and it is really really worthwhile. To check these things out because they're doing good and they're having fun and if you make some donations and go and hang out with them they're doing stuff that is good for the community and good for kids and gives them a chance to go and have a little bit of fun in a reprieve from all the crap that's going on in their lives. Moving on from that let's talk a little TV. American guides me. And create add better so why can't. And I hope somebody's bronze there was no watching it eventually it has been trying to catch up with all the other shows and way behind on you need to rev yeah. As a legit because I was I am like. Orlando you know Jones and a cement and apparently. From what might say it sided thing on Sundays on this show that airs yeah is I'll go to my buddy's house like it's somebody who's read the book focuses on when he'll tell little tidbits here and are you buddy whose removed I know that you want to with the impending snow good point. Any of so it's nice to kind of go I'm like no wonder if this person is this like us just guessing in he'll guide and yes I thought. I got a cold I break it up armor. We'll know when this episode is awesome because apparently not only is Orlando Jones a fantastic. You know. Blake he started off with un mall monologue and I actually there's either. Think the first line of it mean from her hair but one of these you love my body was telling you that Orlando Jones went up he's like. This you need plea to the people who made the show we think you need to be making the showing you need to cast me in the sky cap. Stick you need to do this time a lot about this item three seconds away from couldn't just college playing this think aren't we don't act oh my god that uses his comment on thing was. A man made using one of the. One big line that let me tell you a story once upon a time Amanda got. Now tourists story because that's a story of black people in America and many news going on in two yeah I yeah wow he's on a slave ship. That's going from Africa to America saying here you have one of the guys on the sleeves you know praying to him. Praying and praise a tribal warship uterus like you can get me out of here I'll bring me gifts and food in anything you want it to you comes happening dozens of easy monologue Ramallah and I did not think Orlando Jones could like belt out the way he did it was just the whoa. I I was totally enthralled by it and I'm. In the end it just I won't say either green compete every technically spoiling stuff that. Oh you did do it fifty it's a new editor Aureus further I want to escalate any big and all that I know I'm not. I'm not gonna escalate them saying are we allowed to escalated yeah. I mean this is the guys you don't think you weekend. A way out of me is usually how we do it width stuff just like the Walking Dead inside so yes I mean you're giving enough warning at this point people can fast forward five minutes or so internal tests for my mind now I. But basically he's on the slave ship and he's like yeah this is what's going to happen to you guys. Next 200 years did you guys will never heard anything now yanked around you'll never be free. Fueled by your yeah your children won't be free your grandchildren will be free in the street don't come. Huge things are going to be guide that it's still gonna tell our son Kenny doesn't go and explains it all to them. Did not announce it was the one of the West African gods of wisdom can I. Storytelling he was so I was doing a story telling I guess that if that's fair but he. He basically has all the wisdom and knowledge of the world. Like everything he knows at all which at first with a little jarring as I forgot that that was his he shtick when he starts telling them about what's gonna happen but he's literally on one of the first slave ships. Out of Africa wilds just like very very fancy map for my only thing I let my body was explaining to me my body chase so props CJ is. He had read the book any said while they don't know what's coming because there's obviously the whole point of the show is that there's a war coming between holding new guidance. But they don't know what's gonna happen to like he basically knows the future so how is that they he's not to post another future Cannata narrate. Maliki he knows it but he doesn't music he doesn't do anything I. That's an on these things like. I've got all this knowledge. But it's almost the Cassandra thank you understand that you he kind of did do something because one of the things he said I -- -- I'm like you you know you have a Joyce makes them turn make campaign and then one of them is like that but then we'll die is like your dead anyways steers and anyway so they idol like the (%expletive) like they've freed the deflated the stimulate the ship bonfire. Don't panic goes down any so it's because he turns up until creepy little purple fighter can I thank you washed up onshore and a little twinkle when he beat these I'm and I'm in god we do go back to shadow man known me out mr. Wednesday game. Try aligned in the journey they're off to Chicago going the back roads. You know kind of dealing with their stuff doing as to how we get a freaking phenomenal. Appearance and another guy that. Turnabout. Turn my leg is underneath her how old her name surname I guess when his name techno or not they're at this does the story he's he's Lucille Ball. Played by a Jillian and there it is OEC. Play Lucille Ball he says she's you know on the T screen. And then all the sense she starts talking shadow man. Sing okay and she says telling about Gaza stuff that you should be MIT not take care of the I'll do this election not. None of this happened symbol blood just like seen Jillian and you're seeing as Lucy. Was amazed amazing. So I really really looks good on that end Matt Matt Hagan has got out of it she's that she's supposed to be media. You know that makes any senator says term god goddess named here. So obviously that kind of makes you think she's a new era especially since she's up not with a side of mr. Wednesday right. Venture in ninety idea the eldest of the three sisters who watched the stars to guard against forgotten horrors. Who they are I was told us that they are god knoller goddesses but I want to say what's right ours goddesses and they are goddesses and they all or an error. Sharing an array sharing a flat in Chicago with Peter storm where as Cheryl bogged Islamic god of darkness and. EU deal. Of you is he meal. Hill news. Because he goes on explain cronies and Syria as his giants like what is it concrete or what would you call it the I don't know what I yeah I think was supposed to be mettle by Nathalie is Alan Seattle man whom you know he talked about how he while I think I see some promo shots they had yes. He basically come as he tells like when he came to this country he needed a job and so good job for him and not anybody can do this job. Is he would slaughter of the aisle with this big you needed to be shocked enough. To not only break the skull but smash the brains out because if you have to do in two swings it Bruins the meat. Because for the fear in the stress. I can't exactly bloom as a silky heat hits an art form he like he considered him as someone who loves her job yes slaughtering cattle and I if if if so it like he would talk about it he's like and then the medal on the on the big all freaking sledgehammer that he has. He's like the way keeps perfect and pretty is blunt. Having constantly having blood on it yeah I kind of like a cast iron skilling you know he got to constantly sees an Illinois ill not because like what do you we're cast and skill noting how it oils oil and I had it. And so he ends up deciding to play about a course Leachman amazing just China on industry and the bottle Summers. Here character. But they get into that game though but check nurses who. If they win they want him to come within with them to us. To fight the battle they're gonna fight to join team when they're basically and he's a black UN shadow men. I will go a few facts. If you live it was I get smashed both heads in with a sledge hammer in the morning like that's a scary thing is. You are carrying weight like that was his favorite and the best retire Roberts stuff right a little time to kill cattle actually care to guess somebody's right in the bloody unrest and then as an important and I relaxed in the morning I'm not doing that and kinda follow in his life yeah odds and does that genius sociopath you know maybe a little. But eases this SO. Gasoline they play they play a game of checkers and and shadow moon loses. Me up and then rule credits yet. Lou. Yeah and. So good I generally don't next week right here and that's just as close as we don't diet I love it I love that you guys are really excited for this kind of makes me sad to watch as well I'm glad that stars has really fun shows there's a lot of male penis which I know is kind of weird a CIA but it's not. Would say it's good to this I wouldn't say it's entered as I and in the sense that it mostly serves the plot yes. I'm gonna go 5050 on the I like it did I saw some of the weighing is definitely instrumental to plot included a map and we can do that instrument me I needed oh yeah I love and such like that 100% I percent I think yeah I think it's kind of trying to balance the scales agreed I. I feel like it's pretty fun it's funny some of them are you see that my. Eight X had an international all of them like. Or I'm not guess what I'm weighing in at a lot of my phone. Wow okay thank you surmise thank you for that guys let's move on because I do have mr. Garrett Yvonne Carmen bock with meat. And we're talking some news Darrent Von Colin Bok tells them don't garrison. Girl. You've got we got some movie news and I wanna start off with a simple fact that we're look I mean it's why it seems that every time we talked movie news that there's always going to be more and more alien movies coming out there. And Marty talking about a sequel ailing covenant. Correct Ridley Scott had obviously he's been doing the rounds last week they had beat. Career on the and in Hollywood and of course we've already seen it with her. Scream already and it's going to be opening. A week. Reps from today can. And of course your as a go up due to press rounds there was a lot of talk we've talked a Neil blunt camp I have no idea for an ailing and five film essentially that would kind of disregard bit. Helium three an alien resurrection and kind of direction Colin. You know now than we heard it it's kind of been. Axed and essentially Ridley Scott pitched that well. It never was more than the ten page outline them a couple of concepts photos. And it was mainly when these go online that it credited groundswell about that talks gonna have a look at that. Which interest should but it never developed and they committed to doing at least two on paper you know obviously. Should covenant tank this may change things but. They've committed to at least but two more. Possibly three more. It's been offs GM Leslie Scott has said. He's ready to go before the cameras within fourteen munchies so that's what we're turning fourteen months from now we're going to be filming the covenant follow up. Wow. That's interesting I mean. I know people love Xena more summed this kind of hoping that all of these will be kind of going back to alien and aliens as opposed to you know the ones that we talked about their resurrection three and so on. Right mark kept the deployments that. They hit kind of decided to you know the whole thing is rather anxious sing in that. For me here's where it's supposed to be in the same universe sure the sanctuary had not really your pre cool book. And then as we saw that sort well here it's a prequel. And then they kind of had to change her heart and said you know what defense wanted to a more direct prequel but one of the alien. So that initially on a new way to kind of try to make everyone happy and the idea is that these storms will go directly before Palin now of course. My big question. Is if you're gonna future three more films right now or roughly twenty years before a billion must covenant. How did that ship to end up there are so will those legs so waksal posters. I'm Andre alien culture ostrich you don't fossilized rhetoric on here are. Hey man drove alien technology year net alien genetics you don't know you don't know there was something in the earlier and that maybe it. It cool is that mr. the planet who really knows yet exactly one of the matter is. They know that true they've got to get you and a quarter I think perhaps part of the journey here to tell much burger Baxter or some interest to deter with a new look. I definitely agree with you on that went another thing another movie that has been getting a ton of sequels yet we haven't gotten to the sequels yet. Is avatar and you got some more information about the kinda where they're heading. Four that does the planet of pandora. Right so they were looking at 20/20 to be released now remember this was all kind of chicken off a lot of avatars are up because Walt Disney world's animal kingdom. It's getting ready to open the world about this being a parent world pandora the average per circuit with a attractions and everything like that they've got a couple. Approach walked to roost so you have a lot of interest in avatar right now getting rekindled. So you got camp and the witches were gonna do for films and of course their release states keep. Being pushed back but now we're being told we're getting closer and closer to the actual filming. And the latest news just foot courtesy please please father rupture of the walking down. Is going to be appearing in the next avatar to home's next for the shed. And here's what's your interest thank. They apparently it now through the Walking Dead has apparently already been committed to the next two seasons stream for. And the authorities step this will be a problem they're gonna work around his schedule. Now. When they originally announced ever took her to Wear his work tentatively calling it. There was a lot of talk that James Cameron was gonna try to push the 3-D technology. Head like she did with the first. Should hold out hope and yeah we heard that church she's got diving you know passions. He wanted to go down in two really key barriers would be specially designed submersible put had a decent stated your cameras. Because a big chunk of the so much and around the water pump I'm handover interesting we've also heard possibly in neighboring moon now. That kind of went by the wayside we didn't hear a lot about it but get this into each other discrediting Cliff Curtis. He has said should be in leader of the Riche people. Recently burning death the oceans will probably a large part in the at upcoming columns. He interesting now we're going to get be alert about Atlantis. May get back back back back back back back at. That is that'll be an interesting take on I had loved to see the different on. You know the different ways the alien life dissents you life will be regarded and as such because in the first we have to treat people now have the water people would love to see. How they defer or how they're similar. I think that's kind of the plan is. You know there's we saw a lot of life format. On pandora I think they're trying to save enough peak. May be the ones on land but there's others and that you kind of wonder are they gonna go after Unobtainium in the steer they're gonna find something else and who knows but you know there there's obviously going to be continued ecological streamed to film so wolf shall it play itself. Nice and I'm just left the front of some quick as sequel news there's a couple other movies that may or may not be egg giving sequels are it's kind of in limbo or I'd definitely gonna happen what's going on with another sequel news. Okay well we got Matthew Vaughn who is sore right there finishing out. The Kingston sequel to get that Altria and he's announced that he. You know nothing's been confirmed the studio but he said he had sketched out an outline for the third film food and is ready to present that moves forward. And I and Indian Ocean isn't curly and upset a lot of people. How we'd all heard Charles Simon peg was busily writing the new church correctional. And apparently exactly intro and some of the other people of certain well. You know yeah he's writing a book that doesn't mean it's gonna happen. Yeah a game that's one of those things that you always find out about there's so many things and production you don't know whether or not and it ain't even no you know start trick is a beloved franchise. Eddie did the last one do you really a a whole lot to to make a lot of ways and all. Well and and that's been the problem in oh yeah the first one in the reboot with Abrams should very phenomenally well second one didn't do as well. Bush made money. The third one didn't you know same story didn't do as well that made money and know you're hearing reports in the you know wire I'm hope bring matches just. Doesn't turn out to be true but you know search for discovery were hearing reports of there's trouble armed Serbs we certainly are good or bad pushed back its its push back again and you know work kind of taken the attitude of we don't see any connection and your problem problem come. Gonna be really worried here GAAP and you camera certainly wonder I know this film division in the TV division two entirely different things which kind of got to wonder maybe someone at Paramount's. As saying more old G you know that TV show might be having issues shouldn't. We have to have the box office that we liked may be we don't wanna be shopping 200 million dollars plus she sits at an open what had your advertising and promotion. Into film where maybe the demand just simply isn't there may be worse Smart. You know what see this TV show get off the ground she looked a receptionist at the people like what they're saying then we move forward if not me do we need to scale back. Man I know a lot of trackers out there are really hoping that both discovery and the new movie do hit the light of day but they also wants have to be really good so I know that you're gonna be keeping on top of this for all of our fans out there. Again we gag here is on column box from skewed in reviewed that is SK and are dot net he can go there find more information about movies television TT tech and even more just go to escape and are dot net I think you so much Gareth. Thank god thank you so much scared again that is Garrett upon column box problem skewed and review that is as Kate and our dot net and now it is time all arms. She Swiss TV. What got forests of the key us live you just just go what's Garza. Superior. As like you had an amazing. Amazing opening weekend did very well but go see it I don't know if I can see it twice. You're I'm gonna. You're selling mess I don't see it this weekend again yet and so you guys still out there we will be doing a spectacular next week I know for sure we Biggio and yes a week from today. It's I hope I'm hoping the goalie you'll be in bay shoot his voicemails tells what you thought about it definitely go seek. Guardian must now look nice yeah oh yeah dad has already and I sire FaceBook I. Ha ha ha ha ha but I feel party scene and guardians terrier was a need a policy guardians. Mom personally and how can lead on them and the amount you're alive. We do have the king Arthur and really that's looking Jacqui. Pretty awesome and look at any one person excited for it Guy Ritchie is Gilani directed say it's Charlie Hondurans and Lance like I agree cats Jude Law Eric ban. Tony 3% to. All the glad immigrant a lot of people who wanna see it like it's got 96% on the emea are excited to see there really pretty surely there is well yes yes. But it's also. Comment that we are watching on. Yeah maybe now you might you might be 3%. Want you can't even put on a 30% to help market. Everyone I'm looking at another user that they have right now it's as Ritchie keeps rushing us along for two hours as if it's to make absolutely certain that we never have time to absorb any character moment much less rebel and risk the glorious cheeky ridiculousness of the whole thing. Way where Euro means cheeky so it's just too aren't killing people dead sea island I guess like boom boom the matter of it's killing people efforts just. You don't believe exists and you don't have time to really top absorb idea I think most people know the keen. Arthur legend at this point so maybe it they're just can't they get enthralled as so they can get to the replay again the ridiculous this could have seen that they at least by the trailers there showing. Like at least some sort of magic so this isn't a. An actual storytelling of what may have happened or anything along those lines like we're looking at lags sword and sorcery sort of stuff dad I know I can I do like just your little you know maybe. The night he said knee. I do I wanted to show us is that you know since I don't value our assist rich she's are the nights to boom he'll say no all move. And learn about fancy degree Armstrong yeah shots fired you don't see I mean the good of the some Ari I think half off ticket Tuesdays and Thursdays now. Talladega. And use of brute. If I hope this Exxon runs me out for reasons of of one. 'cause it has our boys and in Trenton and apparently this is the last movie Robin Williams was and you have the release of the character in this movie and it means you kind of come around they can my anti years ago or my issue was trying to and I says they came out 2015. But it's coming out again Nia. But it is called absolutely anything does do you think he's doing like voices in this one yet he's the voice of of a dog that an underdog in my Monty Python lunch on clean John Cleese Terry Jones Michael Palin Terry Gilliam and Eric I don't I don't really reunite for the site by Connie directing co written by Jones along with Gavin Scott and centering on the story of a group of mischievous extra extra tryst Jerrells out of voiced by the python group. Who grant income and parents school teacher Neil Clark played by some mpeg extraordinary powers in order to see how he will use them. Reminds me like the pro. Movement. This is some buzz subsequently. Seeking the wisdom of his loyal canine companion Dennis which is voiced by Robin Williams in order to use his powers wisely. Collected ultimately forced to choose between the girl streams played by Kate second film which means possible every morning I am Sonntag regulations. For the four legged friend and never left decide to move between the groom the dog and I roughly one. But any is there guys that can reconcile right in the girl yes don't the girl. Actually. Not my. I mean we're always dog gets close one of those little while longer on the other hand zero at the robber legalism and. There are a lot of good names in this but it is getting coop who done know arising Edelstein purse and can't even beat the last movie I. So I think the moral of this story today is gold watch guardians of the galaxy. Yeah everything else who's just not. Yeah who are nukes wow yeah. Definitely goes he guardians and and a half. Past as well in the next time guys sustain anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play the blood where to go home joined Vernon Wells sixty. Ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.