BJGN05-15-17 - Hellboy - Gotham

Monday, May 15th

The gang discusses the rebooting of Hellboy to an R rated film; the latest episode of GOTHAM; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Roddick G he's got my privilege is doing and it's just a nickname as well Scott you already have one you can go Arizona analog sound of marijuana and or anything else our own yes you are the prodigy that's all you again all right fine on today's show we will be talking and old boy way we'll get an update about magic the gathering will also talk golf numb and of course the deep sheet with the eighteen feet. Vicky how can people get a hold of last. Well lake engine out iron formation and podcasts and be leading nation dot com you give us like come face put ice fishing derby JJ geek nation. Follow us on to an instant and you stick around I. Vijay geek nation. For the exclusive. Persons of voicemail at one any day or 2243353. Gisenyi ninth PG each nation at And Czech Petr videos at YouTube dot com slash. Jiggy nation thank you so much Vicky and if you have a chance please give us a star review on the old idea and because that's what we like to. We did get an email I'd be digging these new and this came from Matthew talking about how long way. He says so there is a new how old boy getting made. Personally I don't know if I'd amazingly good going fact that I've seen Ron Perlman as that hell boy his true it is the only way to have that reference sort of I think it has the face for an flag reminds them around her. Yeah and I heard all day out because what's David Hasselhoff David how they all are apparently. Hasselhoff I don't I don't know I. I do awesome that would be really strange that would be I'm not boo boo yeah. I'm just not quite convinced that that should or could happen be comedic spin off of Matthew goes on to say this makes me very happy I didn't really care for the man child version of hell boy from del toros films. There is nothing against Ron Perlman parentheses I don't ever won most Ron Perlman but the writers took those movies in directions I enjoyed less than I should have. For the most part held boy is a gritty old man not a seventy year old teenager kind of how well Logan did this spring I hope these new movies come closer to lead tone of the books more occult thriller that superhero movie deep theory is and non cartoonish and is of the books was sorely lacking from the older films what are your thoughts missing Ron Perlman a side. So yell what are Perez's thoughts on that fact that they're going to be making an. They're really really Zealand to work. The guy is so eerie gray here really gear although Toro does a really good ball is visuals are breeze right right. But I mean there's no actual like there's a graphic violence human now that they did killed or died are crazy weird aliens there's like one guy who they used his blood to do the ritual or whatever. They killed those professor in the beginning. Yeah I mean but it wasn't especially like gory nasty media in Miami and they got they get an. I mean I'm still trying to like not to take away the whole Ron Roman thing and I'm having a hard time. It's not gone yet it looks like so far right now that the reboot it held boys currently called hell boy a rise of the blood queen. One of the co writers Andrew 'cause be told this silver screen made about how he and the others involved have settled. On a tone for the project saying I can't really talk about the specifics. Because there's a tight lid on them but I can't say that this is they darker more gruesome version of hell boy if Neil I Neil marshall's re booted Neal said from the very beginning that he wanted to walk you razors edge between horror and the comic book movie. Which is music to my ears because that's what I was shooting for in this script. So this is kind of interesting at that point because is well now we're gonna be getting. A gritty your version of L boy which I know that's what Matthew was looking forward do. I'm I'm I think dead and David what's his loss in. They harbor harbor yell yes I think he's in adding he has the face toward I think I think he's gonna do the job he's a really good actors I I've I have high hopes for this. How are nagging terror right now where a fan has actually taken things harbors Jason Dunham made the liberty could only like that happen I don't like I met and don't like it not done yet I don't know either but I would say that slate. Matthew first of all. I'm sorry that you don't like fund those first two movies with an F I F a cup however he's not wrong in that they weren't exactly true to the comics and a little I will allow you and and you like saying you really the first couple bad man movies theater. BA is that what they are there what they are and they were superhero movies and for that. You know we can we can forgive a little bit of Ron Perlman this enjoyment but for now. I'm excited to see would do that because if they can sort of bring you down I knew it into little more with the comics like I I'm I'm totally on board. Apparently the somebody that's not happy about that celebrity status air oh so Mike may not make Nolan music creator socialist he. They didn't mean you'll let me know if you don't count. And I think he took it out okay here's a lose there is going to be another held what movie it's going to be rated. In the BR rated reboot it hinder you know directed her knees but to link re beaten the Jesse Jeffrey Campbell our. Own and tweets back and a music Mike may be on a bit alone nice loyalty don't running Guillermo by the way. Fall ho ho haw haw yeah. Hello boom and then some once we got him it's his creations of his loyalty is with his characters and stories push it hard to do what it wants and Jeffrey you've replies apparently. Got dumped on here all intrigued him boards mad about it ahead here on run the need that franchise. And they did bring it to the forefront lay can go wrong bay late hell boy it was a very obscure comic. I knew very little about it before I went into those car before I went and those comic book movies and so that that kind of Blake Blake dean nod gruesome version of them. Really was like OK I can accept this and it was it was and gave way to get people into those comics I think for a lot of people to get those to the forefront of they're going back to that sort of thing. I don't necessarily see issue with it like the other movies are still out their free don't watch yes I think what stings about this is the fact that rom Kremlin wanted to make another man beaten and dating back to what cushioning and they're wishing him well say and then late if they wouldn't even done what they did a slogan it's like give them the I don't need I don't think you. You do another Ron Perlman one though plenty thing because I think these are going to be drastically different movies and I'm not happy about Texas Ron Coleman played that course is sort of like. Bad ass but with a good natured tomb I think we are very much more he's just a dark hair attorneys cap yeah in the realm of the world tumbling like. Senior pastor I mean I've only read a little bit of how boy but he needs to have some sort of like good news to him because. He is basically a double creature like he is he thinks he is neatly Izzy evil annie's fighting against the he's. Warned for evil but he's born and Earth's of the ideas he's not necessarily evil but I think that that's why while Ron Perlman portrayed him as a good. Person not being able oppose what they used to mean evil person trying to be good they're like drastically different teams on the same scare anybody makes a Vista. Don't I went on the U do Y a little bit of a of a reset button on that sort of thing because if they're going with a different teams and eight and for people who don't know. With the rise of the blood queen. They were looking into the title and it says in the hell boycott makes the queen of blood is a power I is a powerful British which. And Africa's president. No switch however British English bridge you got angry with visual charms of frustration for treasures usually I get to prizes also known as real lady of the lake from our thirtieth are a thirty in the legend good god I'm not gonna start helping you out to my face rough man she's driven mad by her power imprisoned by her fellow which is. But eventually she re emerges to clash with hell boy she's also fond of carrying out hearts which kinda does fit with the well our rating at that point you have less fuel our temple of doom from thirty years ago and in which you can do that. See this to be bad of a go Constantin route Briscoe likes super dark and Mike it's a good movie but it's not great movie I never know kind of thing in his lung his leg we talked about the fact that low gain in dead people have such a high success rate and they're even gonna be looking to do with venom may be turning that into like a scifi horror movie possibly again with an. They've realized that there is an audience that will give. To those movies and see them. Is that. It's not that barrier of of entry to make the budget here yet the budget varied picture that you can get your return on investment because that's what Hollywood looking at the not looking at it for any artistic integrity you really hope that the directors the actors and everyone really wants to be in on that. But at this same point you need to make sure and you have. Did that budget to placate them while you're getting. The people who really are in doozy asked him about the project. And they're really starting to Gil go farther and farther afield with the characters and they've realizing that they can take these characters who are intentionally dark in the comics. And turn those into viable movies but in order to stay true to those characters and to satisfy the fans. You gonna need to look for that are or at least a hard PG thirteen. Yes and David and the like a lot of times with the PG thirteen Molly at that point. I think right now it's a a bonus because how well did pull Logan did yeah oh yeah give up there are rating does screw it does go forward because they're gonna give. The adults. That wanna pay for and -- -- multiple times and then you can tell the true or stories and the fans will be more responsive to end and they will spend more money on it and it is it's feeding itself and it's brilliant yet it's funny because it's the first crews are also ways to build right now because by the time the second with a can be released a lot of the younger audience think camp watcher first -- here will be a little watchers secular laws you can do it -- -- has really good point amassing NW here that it's coming out of an animated series that was done by Donald -- hello all I don't know it's going to be an adult and a gain on your death ax -- at XX of these states in this same deep cable channel that kept around always sunny in the league a lot of those other things that worked -- way more risque than the normal cable channels they're gonna be going with it you'll be animated Donald grew Glover will be involved with this morning. It's gonna be the entitled ship has been given a straight to series order with a ten episode first season expected to ADT debut into when he teamed they did it like in archer were laid back kind of framework and that kind of I don't want that our word because I just associate it with archer and generous beyond all other art there's another Syria is another Charlotte on and I'm like I can't cautious knowing. 100% translated over green but I kind of feeling of our worries it's kind of like supposed to be a joke you know not like. Well god how many economists saying you don't accumulate in the art style that's what's really in the army a little bit fifty theory of like artist on the sense that it's not just some super great looking Lawrence our hits came just minding all the time guzzling you know it's like that would how much do you really well Barry Romero really need some quirky animation to kind of get through what happened I think archer animation style would be fine with that. I definitely want it lasts. I act if he is funny I wanna cartoon to be less cartoon each but that's just because they want it not to be. Like Disney XD or. ICG with that I think that would be fine as well integrated mixed between them. Microsoft. I that was the biggest change our styles randomly for no reason Giuliani and current us. Yeah I got like I. And I think that would be 00 it on purpose. Comic that your reading in reading that ends a new artists the exact time I get contaminated with reference is always so I'm is that they held just out there and let us know how you feel about the hell boy you reboot if federated our version is something you're looking forward to your feud just below Ron Perlman so much needed him to stay in it. So this email BG GB should you not accomplice and all his social media would love to hear your words on mats. Let's talk a little bit to stick him in the the comic book world. I've got -- UK PS the third it is the third episode of this upcoming of this now going last season and first what we had the origin of the riddler 52 seed in the second episode was. I mean penguin thing you very Meyer welcome in this one was really the Genesis of getting James Gordon into the court about sex first dossier six. First thing I wanna say is right now congratulations to. Gotham because they have been confirmed to be renewed for a season for yeah he's eating more of these stories I just want this should go until like Ellis sea legs back man just like a shadow back in the trends. Yeah that's our brand that's kind of what they did essentially with Smallville. Where he was like with the last episode I think maybe was when they showed many in this who pursued it feels right so long time I think it would be really awesome along those lines but they are really ramping this towards the U rogues gallery and Tom we've got we've got to poison ivy whom is is named poison ivy is just IV but we've definitely got penguins we definitely got the riddler you know most people are kind of poo -- and as the early -- the -- the other minority. But there really getting his character of who and what you would expect out of a comic book or even like the old sixties moo and sixty show. Like you've got a riddler here that is what. At least I feel should be the riddler. And I love I love the fact he's back just run around being he's being released being a total dork and I mean it's really a lot of ways yeah. And I I love the fact he was trying to flesh out the court of vowels because it's like. I've got this question in my brain they did this recall back to the Hugo strange stuff you're like begs the writing on the show is getting. Is just great well yeah I even. Moment he had where it's Gordon or he's like hey remember when you announced came over for dinner whatever and he's a yell Leslie made fondue and it has fanned an advantage battles I don't know what every single thing when you know Chris you know Kristen are brisk Ingle is wearing a black dress looking trim. And stuff like I have a he's like you know I really do wanna go but I actually had a really good time you know just like. And then you realizing now they're just two people on opposite sides. What obviously a lob by well I think they're both crazy just in different scenario here is. And it was kind of interesting to see how they managed to get jammed into the quarter bowels using the red alert. Because Jim was like able to be like well at least they're not calling me to do something like kill somebody. Eric which is what I was expecting makes you wouldn't be able to do I do not expect at the end of this episode to see him putting on the court bowels mask. Like it just it was I was like well this is never going to happen. Yeah I don't think I am learning and it was like and as much a burden if if if if if if Khalili. Is there anything out of this episode that you there is kind of stood up for you guys. I like I really liked seeing. Mr. franks and and firefly again. I have a higher Bridget bike yet you acting like they think she's firefly in the Susan sheep fire bug is a different all of double check out charity oh Miramax and the government here now ha ha ha ha. No she is firefly OK go. I I love the fact that they brighter brought them back in it was kind of funny just to see that. Yet she was just working again like I like foundry and amazing and just that because of laws anyway oh yeah I quit the. Let me tell me virtues yeah like I am I reading this article on the flight time. I guess they're trying to make him have or mr. Frey says many bad pun ponds as they did for the Arnold Schwarzenegger. News release again I needed chill out you cool letters on the need to be there there's gonna be a. Lot of snag it and I MM I'm fine with all of that sort of stuff yeah yeah we've got yet we've got firefly we've got mr. Fries mr. freeze c'mon this every label I was really hoping when he was. When Palin was talking Domi was colleagues say Iran is yet is like no and and and I'll. It's freeze now but they didn't being gone that way by does that get there I really enjoy the fact there's still around kicking now. And there's somebody that we don't know is around taking boom boom why why are have been. Baby Bruce old dad. It has feelings towards it's Selena. I mean and then ends up he's like nope I'm gonna tell Alfred we need to go find Bruce and your knowledge Bruce you'll never be your nobody. Know so route to your and nothing you don't you're not supposed to exist basically injured I mean yes I falling apart however while he do I don't know if he if she knows that have nobody and I definitely knows that so when he's being told your nothing it means like it's like yeah -- and run away -- Bristol wanna save everyone not just meet some less tired ever from Bruce he gets upset because he's you know he can't let Alfred or anybody else know the plan and he's got bad in bloom you'll. Master out of the window very ally you know one of the Taliban is. Michelle by yourself by Indonesia and Michelle Pfeiffer and then all the salute all the time again national primary Michelle tiger. Am and he's. Great moment to rename I really enjoyed its arguments have another year yet there was it was it was a really nice and my wife is really funny when that Siemens was rolling this is like home cute. When she's that utility instead the other gadgets in your face re dead girl and an Alley they're gonna eat your faith looked so cute my wife does that say different. You need him. Yeah just say that our got some sorely gotten in the water whatever they catch Saturday night Carl seanez went out to fifty million jobs either like its problems he's not going to be dead and plus she's obviously a big character later on for man sincerely yeah and then this was another thing that goes back to something the revenue are talking about the other we've done all on the couch was. There's so much plot armor on this show that it's ridiculous we know sling is not debt. We know for a fact she's not dead we know that you know penguin in an all these other people are never going to meaning any actual peril. You know I'm keep my eye on Barbara. Barbara Keane is one of those are Barbara quijano she's Newman has now that I can see her getting whacked the same way that the as the president when he got off to that testimony because she was an. Certainty she wasn't a main character and we dash I think she's still kicking around somewhere where all the freaks got ran out of EI exactly and then also I mean they are dying then they'll gangster opposite of Carmine Falcone. Who they shot who was a major player oh yeah by. They were trying to show that the stakes are upped in this sort of thing right but it was a character that. Wasn't necessarily needed in definitely not part of the main rogues gallery right they're forming now. Yellow I guess slow we'll see what happens I have a feeling that Barbara's gonna eventually kick a foreign goods. And then my group was EC get a barber is actually Gordon's daughter right right now I think Agassi in like having gaffe like you know having a baby. Guess maybe your Barbara and then she becomes and it. I'll definitely won't be Leslie you have how could she flat out. Haiti cells Mandela pledged tight tight moment so so well done I think between Merriman and and what's his name again yeah Ben thank you bend. Because she hates him. Ed and I and I am an Alaska began to save its Aurora the. In real life yeah and it's funny because you just see that that that vitriol that she has it's like she's not gonna give this up because she did have a level delight in the fact of the matter is. Jim Gordon is leaving a wake of destruction. Behind him a hero around we don't have that. I don't even necessarily think like a car. Pall mall or on the level headed person but Jim Gordon. Has gone a long way from where he is now into where he is in the comics he still does some rash things like you know it depend on a man any bat suit to help clean up golf and there are but you're seeing that he is Hoover reckless and at any in the first stages of him doing all of these things so it's not outside a lot of reasons humans do all this but we got to get to that point where he will become commissioner then why however long that is and at eight seasons in a moving vehicle you think that's gonna is gonna be well for for this one now know Kate that's what I want yeah I. I do I think it'll happen net. I am I am almost intrigued to see if they're willing to go. Com if you know if fox is willing to keep it going if they're willing to turn this into a bad man show. Maybe for oil you know 56. Seasons down the line finish up. Getting into a a young bat man doing these sort of things kind of like how we saw with daredevil the formation all that and yeah beyond what Vicki said where you know the last thing you see the towel in like and elect in his shadow few. They do that in there like oh by the way were back next season as well coming this fall for clocks back and gas. But because what that bill would. Look back in the cell and this is one of those shows like the Walking Dead as my zombie soap opera this is my super herself I'm here I'm loving it and I'm hoping that they just continue on forever and ever and ever love all the actors on I think everyone is doing a great job knocking out park. And I let it. We don't have any talk about shield the CW shows because a good the people who watch those the most well there are off fighting cram themselves and so there hasn't Coughlin yeah. I do have one news story that I do I like because it's about video games and who doesn't love video games nobody I know. The video game hall of fame just announced it's for new entries and if you didn't know there's a video game hall of fame and try to get a lot of art a and some of the the titles that were considered before this that didn't make the cut where we sports talk and solitaire for windows doesn't Mortal Kombat. Resident eve hole missed and two and greater home so it's all over the get the gimmick you have missed the love I have advanced. I hated donors sequels. Well good Revere and and only to those whom I don't like him because I hated those ones where you're so late those gains were you supposed to Steris something and figure out what's wrong more the little thing is supposed to quicken those are just like point and click picture sort of puzzles. And it didn't really resonate with me I mean I played a lot of first versions tutors actually laughing more harder puzzles yeah and that was kind of wind because out Beckham drew don't produce no no holes I would feel that criminal turtles guess his trip. And some of the other games that are already in the hall of fame include pong from the pac man Super Mario Brothers doom tetris and world warcraft RL there's a bunch of different ones we've got 41 group. Boo I'm excited to hear this okay are curious from a total telling or okay well from the old school stand up arcade days we've gotten. Donkey Kong today rarely does make sense especially if you're gonna have like Pacman and there literally the first avenue game ever played. Really up our man trying to think of the first ones that I played solve. And I'm including my kept councils and things like that because this was around the time where we don't we were just in the families are just getting them in their homes and yeah I was I was the first born of my generation in my family so there wasn't anybody else was even interest in video games really until. I said this is fun. And they starting in the Atari and things like that news. Our first such personal computer was my grandma getting obtain be 1000. Hole from our RadioShack. And I won the first game is from there was touched down football where myself at Legg. Five years old when you play with like my three year old cousin and since we didn't know what was going on and we did know the rules of football we would just. Kick off to each other and then the other person would just run back for a safety. And telling us how we would play hard they are yet and so that was basically around where around so that was a long time ago yes I. Like my efforts videogame thing maybe Mickey's first video game the first Pokemon game Pokemon red and green now. Which was for the game boy way. It is these sec can't. Nominee and actually it's winner and dreary winner of the video game hall of fame and if you didn't know in America this was Pokemon red blip PSA that's in Little League and I guess yeah like Canada I don't think that red and green has little Christmas Eve for I think because the cities and that's probably why they changed. And guys the next one one of my favorite arcade games hands down the wind now you would put the quarter on the game to seek to make sure and get the next one in street fighter two. Karate champion now a lot of those other games this was the one that had your eight characters. You had on the different skill sets he was a it was more of Iraq paper scissors tight because he would have. The the characters that would be good counters to other ones now a lot of fun. Now correct me if I'm wrong where I think this is good these this is the first video game that I remember this specifically had special combos that you could throw in there that felt almost like cheats. Now our early so yeah I was aware of and then I would I would be playing because I was a dumb kid and I desist DK tell Obama and gender gap and then. Some other dude come up and assay and play for next and that was totally finger acting guys yearly for next meet and and just. Annihilate Mimi was doing all this stuff and announce some watching and so when I would lose. I would go around the corner and just be mad over and watch who's doing it try to figure out how he was doing all of these things like couldn't just. It's your fingers are clients asked but yeah yeah it would be combos like come in with. And he. Like a medium cake. You know as ducked down through and couple of medium either or light punches and kicks and an end with like a fireball or a dragon punch if you're like NN right you sell now a lot of those different winds always of the fire. So that was that was why that was that actually what happened it where I wanted to actually become a better gamer I guess you would say at that point in the delegates seed that this was a possibility I mean this is just another kid there's no way that they that he is it if you can the train that long he's not magic okay. I missed something I can you do so then you know quarter after quarter after quarter according going down these games. Realize that practice does make premiere pretty bad ass and those gains by doing that put the hard work. Which is life wasn't for everybody passing Shipley missed again no no concern at how high and then that in the final entry into the of the union hall of fame is these first halo game halo combat evolves when there was on the Xbox him and I think because this was. Mode the dead the one of the first first person shooters for console. Hand so it feels right. It took everything that you loved about the PC versions but it put it into your hands on the one instead of just using the keyboard and mouse. Do this game was so good I am it was probably one of the immediate WiMax ultrasound to a the only reason or an Xbox is that you really what do you have welding called mailbox yeah exactly and I once that new controller came out boom man vacuumed it our thanks yeah anybody you'll still have one of those old big bat Reynolds Honda owners general Janet Dick leagues is so great he belongs in the museum absolutely head coaches and our belongs to me and I thought it was our first mistake. Hey yeah it was funny because I remember my buddy playing it on the PC you and then there's the port. For going from Xbox to PC didn't play halo. It did not worry added no no lag alike all of these DD quick sort of twitch. Gaining each would have with a normal first person shooters and they're not there when your plane on the console because they have a lot different rules when it comes to. Like using the controllers are moving around it's a lot less precise and you get a little bit more leeway when your playing on a console through whom. When you're just trying to use it on a mouse in your trying to drive a war hawk around Indians hi guy I drive like well a Seattle driver that point to this day not very good with the word heart muscles are no ago. But it was a lot of fun and I definitely think it'd it would deserves the recognition and got all excellent if if there's any other ones that people are interest inning getting out into the view game Alipay let us know about it now as long as it's not minced. Me. Hole but now it's time to get to rule us. She Swiss TV. I'm thinking. Tony good dead and there will learn and our next few weeks only around Baghdad love and I'm young enough heat nation after Dark Knight did doses to complain is again nobody is fifteen comics. There's too hot to read in public I don't know anybody that actually have Brad I. I'm just gonna throw us sex criminals that is number three on the list. Am I gonna be about I went next terminals by Matt fraction in and chip does not darn risky who ominous sit next to you for Melissa I got. He hit it is the pro he had inhaled it. Yeah hot and the pro must be on the the prelate on the flows that eludes one of the top 19 OK okay continue to mean -- the ones that I've read those two are light stand out there's a lot of lowlands here that I never even heard of but -- I'll go through what I do know as I can explain a little better than -- -- the other ones on number two almost lists as one called old joy a sex toy and food through it actually I'm and it's a written and had drawn by air Kamal an she used to do web comic called. Her I just say security CCC KF I. Both plague you know about being saved in a valid what you can enjoy lane it's a very informative and it's just really Q art style and it's just fun. So she just want something that you know kind of explored is it you know in the world the sex and different things that you may not love open yourself up to. And not be only down a manual she doesn't coming up. There rating then she draws herself and then like check this out this and this is what the skidding down there. So when she does do you like kind of more the controversial stuff like teen core. Cook holding you know and stuff like that note out of keyboards speeds from him in the back. I've got tight obviously any secret speed and in one breath and read just a little bit of an if fastening union's number five on the list that's called Chester 5000. He's been so it's I think. And it's a story about a very sexually insatiable wife named Priscilla and during the industrial revolution her husband Robert decides that. The only thing eating duty keeper cell site is to build her sex robot Chester 5000. So by however. He built Chester too well. And he falls in love with Priscilla and then when she's treated to this kind awful behavior towards her she'd find yourself falling in love with him do. So the bro Robert the husband tries to keep their about the part but in the end you know he comes around especially when he falls for him and he tries to sell Chester zoo after talking taking his. You know talking to union and his wife. And so vicious it was just so fun art style and it was just to cool like eighty LA got like twenty regions that has not relief fund art style it almost looks like Archie comics. Committee had mixed look at it it doesn't have that seem punk glade couldn't closing necessarily but it reminds me of steam pop its very cannot be. Kind of guides it's hard to explain but it's I Bremer readings of and I just thought it was highly stylized very beautiful I can also see. It has like tattoo art on some well and a down but yeah I do recommend maulana upon entry pretty never trust my tester 5000. Faster around to why they're from but I'm just gonna go toothless and see if you know ladies Chris out of your head or fifteen little Annie Fanny yeah that's from you'll play what comics yeah our uh oh yeah oh yeah I was mad. Comics and I don't think I got you wrote in the you know I think and he did on. Oh and Haley and now he couldn't he could have been that they had their own comic climate I do know that episodes of little any Fannie used to pitch appeared in. Aptly put comics back in the sixties and seventies a lot. Wow you guys that you yet who the next on this list is Xena file yup if you I don't know I don't know what that is doesn't like it's XXX email file yes yes it did I hear hey here is an amazing team not only was this a comic book it was a trading card game in the ninety's. I'm done by. Have spearheaded by filling Ky a full glee oh yeah who are more magic the gathering artists and he was during my formative years. That I really some of the Carter says seared into my brain error at their local around here and they also don't look comical girl genius which is a great school I. I guess and it was funny because that no OSCON this year my buddies saw Phil at the dent he's across histories are sitting there in his life. Well you you helped me in my youth was seen a cloud is like I'm glad to have been able to influence you can't go ahead of the game the art there's a good service. See idea of Nickelodeon a picture now there's a woman in a very nice little front nine year whatever outset yes he's practicing well sex clearly safe. Yes accessing with a safe. So I think I guess the theme commit to like that very funny very tongue in cheek. But also very very sexual in nature if you think about what is Xena file is it's a person who loves everything or in every one. How are a safe. It's that sort of thing and that even with the card game. You played there was no rarity is in the cards because they didn't want Jeter really necessarily worry about that sort of thing because when your playing your trading cards and how the game play when out you would end up with your opponent's cards in your deck now eventually kind of showing the fact that. You are playing with every other person that they have ever played with now following the you know I'm millionaire husband you play this game. I want to train my Karros yes yes yes so it was. A lot of fun and definitely. You know I consider very formed from harmony and so number thirteen is one called black kids and it was a controversial comic book series by Howard shaking released in early eighteen and 1980s. And has been reprinted in none numerous times back in 2010 it was printed by dynamite which is the latest printing off. A certain response to call. To the call for warning labels in comic book at comics at the time you ask so chicken was the writer and artist on the apart very popular American flags series. Where that series we just hinted sex and violence black keys which is go out of its way depicted you know fully. Which is a major shock back in 1980 which is weird because I was it was like the year you were born Joan astronaut born again or at an apple I was born. The the comics and at being released in black bags like adult magazine yes. Though you have but the story is hard boiled tale of cast Pollack jazz musician on the run after being accused of killing his wife and daughter. In exchange for Al by agrees so locating historical pornographic film from the Manning can. From the Vatican's porn library now as it turns out the illness tied up in some ritualistic quarter stuff. And their many different factions trying to get their hands on it. And Pollack is caught in the middle nude girl it would totally read the crap out of that tells her that there is a really fascinating. Another one is called strips. Newton started in 1989 to the is born. It's star exactly Kerney had talented comics your creator for college newspaper in a sexual mischief and the sexual misadventures the heat. As friends get into on campus convicted in the main characters Kenny English should grow with a big crush on Zach. They can't seem to get it get him to pay attention to her so. As in the dating and having lots of sex and her roommate in central to NASA and I haven't oblivious dirt but he's charming enough with character that you can you can't hate him too much in Canada engaging enough for the gulf Alam. So that sadly the comic book series ended on a cliff hanger to but can apparently planning on becoming a stripper to pay for her tuition after the school canceled her financially paid handsomely as you do what you gotta do good. I like this like the nicer Archie. Played you look at via our work it's very easy gaffe and I just got my going to be going enemy as and so it's all right bird land. Knew the eleventh sorry Byrne personally know. Yeah I heard narrative at Phoenix person being president. All you cricket Marty spend another reference to read get on it. Near Renton past the cops gonna go through the list for the rest and like I said at present on the Facebook's. Eleven is bird land tennis small favors none like I said the probe eating lunch called sticky. Ten no big eating city it is. Evident club lost girls. Six if I aside journey of a small town boy and mean like that five cents or 5004. Is one just called sex. Which got nothing now I think of it I think someone put this in my mailbox your work once and the big thick version. And I think I saw haven't I don't. Well there's your enemy we picked think version of sexing earmarks yes just checking. My mailbox. And I'm better I don't matter I don't know Jack very good no worst part is I don't know gave it to me. Today east. I didn't is doing all I'm pretty rare and so I'll cue the music. The terminal still enjoys sex toy in one called the discipline. Boom and kind of figure she'd agreed on the I think that no. Good I'm just the president blazes that didn't make this list but I guess this is mostly about sex is elation yet okay and I was just. Over the top yeah religion everything. So if you guys know of any of these or have any thoughts on now what should be honest list or you know the Mickey out what the donated the dirty things Z series back. I'm Elena to air I mostly. Economics and yes this community. Your inner geek wants to come out and play plug and where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games that just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying. 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