BJGN05-17-18 - Special Ops - Deadpool 2 - Solo

Thursday, May 17th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Chris Walker & the Rev! They discuss the passing of Margot Kidder; Mark reviews Solo: A Star Wars Story; and Mark & Rev review Deadpool 2, with Rev telling the (convoluted) backstory of Cable!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club house. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chased the nation. Key nations special ops we have not been disintegrated by Panos. It's your special ops briefings I'm your host Mark Connor this week. We reviewed the new solo. Star Wars is something or other. And it BP to. It no it's not foreign incidental to its kind of corn but first let me introduce these other people in the studio with me the voice you just heard was Chris walker high at hikers. Reverend en Fuego controls yes I am rattled. Make people get in touch well if they want to do so they can now send us an email consent is overrated make them from home my goodness he Dickey nation you can send us a voicemail or a text message at one nanny 02243353. You can also despite us on social media by Sergio for beating Shays geek nation. You can also find all of our links to our FaceBook or YouTube to our. Twitter channel you're channel here Twitter account. Go to Fiji heat nations dot com get all that stuff gotta look at that's on the you can find Myanmar pro honors our antennae are. I'm on the twits. Let's talk about rip just. I wanna say this I don't think the bus in Seattle very often. What I I took it home from solo because driving downtown under and back and parking and everything I during work hours. It's just the health escape it is had a spreader. All of those real man spreading and hope. And I you know I wanna touch anybody because people were filthy garbage has spreader what do you do when you discredit against you read gently place your hand upon their need a scandal they're closer just keep on edging it up to the Iraq yeah yeah yeah did you member how I react to tell people in front of me or appeal holding up their phones or concerts. The district court with you know I as I do almost exactly the same thing like slap at other hand we do it. Oh. I forced them to rethink their life. Usually I'm Nicole liked that. Shocked and appalled by such language and yet it's somewhat appropriately and there Q well here's what I recommend and I'm just kind of spit on here. If you are spreader and man ours is sweeter legs go men men's legs are just meant to spread and I think those IDs free people post photos on non Twitter and everything like that. It's fine to shame them but that's after the fact. And I savior spreader. Use your they'll take you built off flash those knees together. Your legs want to spread and you must stop them and it's just the most obnoxious thing because what do you do get in the fist it's a when you put rats in the cage and there's no space Ehrlich I was just listening to something on the radio on the way. Over here about. About planes receipts are too close together people are more inclined to get in fights I'm on me to your seat back and it's in somebody's face and I don't want that on a bus 'cause the bus is terrible enough already absolutely get that belt off lashing knees together. One other thing before we move on oh. I don't know if you guys have been reading about this diversity in comics comics gate thing it's been get another one it's been getting harder and harder to avoid and we it's been a whole show on this and so tedious and I don't wanna give these credence. Any more overtime than necessary. But it's I've been kind of just drawn into a reading these exchanges because the comics gay people don't seem to understand that their bad guys or that the superheroes they love our of course social justice warriors it's what superhero in our. The thing this is still kind of on the fringes journalist and as a comic book writer. I hate that we allow these credence to get a foothold in the news media. I hope we don't let that happen in comics that's all I have to say analysts you as one and anything else no. Next. Rest in peace Margot Kidder. She passed away very unexpectedly this week at what Chris 6969. Yes that. Died in his sleep at her home she was. His it was the cause it does not. She was in the very first I think of our era really great landmark. Superhero movie Superman from 1978. Also have great horror film called black Christmas. And if you've never seen her in Brian DePalma sisters. Do you say it self a favor and check that one out I believe it's out in a criterion edition. You might also know over from a mental illness he had had a pretty serious break couple decades ago and then I think it was pretty brave and wish you spoke about it publicly and I think he's one of the mainstream people who really contributed to taking the stigma away from talking about mental illness because there's all sorts of people that you when I know. Possibly you or I in fact who suffer from you know anything along the spectrum and it's. People are okay talking about it and getting help now and I think he just kind of made the world slightly better place because of her openness about it and if you do not remember her from Superman I do have a clip from when Lois Lane interview Superman out on her a little decked out there don't make me cry. Well. You start your vital statistics the marriage. No no not do you have profit. No I don't but. If I didn't think you'd be the first to know about it. Move Goldie. Over 21. I can do you want anyone to know OK Andy you got off Molly it doesn't work. But in the market and how much you're laying the ground to 2.5. Two to 25. They're really good chemistry just looking and going well. Isu amendment to. The risk to your bodily functions are normal. Sort of expert. We'll play intelligently. And leaned close to. Do you. Eat. Yes the fact that yeah you can cut away and. He's okay. What's the screen tests of other actresses who who tried out for Los clinic thinks Stockard Channing was another one of them yet an oral perfectly good that she was just so great and their chemistry it was and when asked if so great and you know I saw her at some comic cons and I never took the opportunity to go on talked to her. Because I I have to be honest with you made me sad because she didn't have a big crowd she look good she didn't age well she's in Russia hard life after her her breakdown. And I wish I had I wish I had because now everything and I'm reading from people who have spoken to were. Indicates that chooses to swell kinds friendly person and I will regret that DM I review this matter. No not a chance I did near comical and cool nice on that go very well she was. A fairly soft spoken I don't know quite what I was expecting at the time yet she was just very very much. They're very much a real person and sometimes we go to these things and he beat me to slivers and things like that it's. They can't get out of that mode. And it was very obvious that she was there to. Enjoy herself an end to end to be there for Franzen and she was fantastic. She. If you had read that book about the filmmaker in the seventies for its repeater minor I think the ads gonna really long title. Talks about score stays the end Koppel and Spielberg. She was a part of that scene and there's just no way she was not going to be in movies are well anyway will always have a movies go what Superman go likes sisters REP Margo care what a great mostly again next. Our right as we've discussed here before. I'm not the most rabid Star Wars fan but I loved the original Star Wars. And Hans solo. What's the coolest character in the original star capsule that can burn wanted to be you'll like Luke. But you wanna be on so don't wanna be it Turkey farm boy from tattooing AA he is the chosen one's certain. Is being. Yes and you'll he may be the chosen one but now on solo was the slightly. Older group kind of world we re bad ass with the heart of gold. I don't think there's any compelling reason making young Han Solo origin movie with the younger actor bit this is America flying into bat it's inevitable. And so we have solo a Star Wars stories at the curler that is the full title in a tough call it sold American I think it's about paper cups Jesus Christ plastic cups or JR I mean. That's said. I went in with a an open mind and we know the original directors were fired for creative differences and replaced by Ron Howard who doesn't like OP. Nobody animated content to be pleasant surprise like ruled one. Before going further assist until it. Star Wars movies are polarizing people are still arguing about the last one less jet I was at a IDS yeah I end. I'm done without argument. Thank god. I was less than thrilled with the force awakens and felt like and out liar when it was released popular opinion has caught up with me and my spleen. I'm leaving stipulate that. Solo screen in the theater with the most comfortable seats known to man if you falsely. Negative articles so how is the moving. I'm not gonna bury the lead here was not great oh it was not phantom menace terrible but not great. In fact let's dig down a little deeper here look it's kind of the home even with a big action set pieces soon. The actor portraying young on solos Alden Ehrenreich and we know him from what I hail Caesar. The Coen Brothers movie and a number of other things which I have not and will their perceived. Cup as a TV show them yeah yeah exactly the only other thing on here than seeing that would be worth worth even a mention. Yes. It's at you know what a run now he's going to be huge are after this after this yet however. I don't think emailed consoles character for the most part other things there's not a great villain. It just didn't the movie didn't feel creative and all the story didn't so much is it filling perfunctory exercise and is taking every reference we know about Hans solo. And going down the checklist and fleshing it out how thrilling remember when he said he made the Kessel run in less than twelve par sex in the original Star Wars movie. And anyone knew about science and point out that arsenic is measured distance not time. Oh did you really want to have that Mel right now I don't know I don't know let's not get derailed you resorting to see that solo is referenced as that cult rally him. Once so weakened to see him on Corel Leo okay and he won the millennium falcon from Orlando cal re seen in a card game blow here is that. No lives is just play. It's. Its plan doesn't think it took us. And this is. The back who knew about it and some rock. They've pulled. Couple times didn't elect the next captain Linda terrorism and so. We figured. It didn't look again. Ask your question captain Joseph received. Anything and it's hard but. That's just him. Yesterday. Story and I don't know corner fixture. This truth and there we go in next. We also get to see how Han Solo meets shoe week out aid to bock and we got back up as well gave. They're flying around and I'll tell them I am not the best shot in to divert artillery towers where deflects. We definitely pain she has no idea what to do. Julie don't have. When you know I don't fly. And there's your answer now you hear that music in the background. They recycle the same. Person in the gun turret at the millennium falcon for I think the third time in. They don't have to attempt into. That down to us about about that well it was great the original one and was kind of fun when they did homage to it in the last movie but. Third time. Don't blame me. And don't don't that mean bro look at. I don't know what to do briefly will sport with lead free while he messed skating all on all that we mean young conqueror Elliott is girlfriends Emilia Clarke for game throngs. He gets in hot water has to leave the planet gets separated from her analysts in the service which could be the empire. Falls in with a band crooks who include Woody Harrelson and then the Newton who have been digging on HBO's west world candy. Tandy Yelp like meandered home on fall correct and he's she's pork got you. Bulk of the movie is a couple of big heist keepers to steal something for the Dryden box. Who some sort of reached space pimps gangsters some complete by Paul Bettany here he his thing you're the villain he's got red lines on his face the prettier redder warnings pissed looks I think. Donald Glover is land though I like him in fact. I'm gonna say maybe I like him better than Billy. Phil I Orlando's got an android named L 737. Voiced by Phoebe you Waller bridge. May be one of the more interesting characters in the movie channel has played by six foot eleven inch finish actor tunis. Sewell Como. Yemen Libya and Erica it's Ehrenreich renders in his late twenties forward it was in his mid thirties when he did Star Wars with. Currently seems like deploying and Ford did not at all night that I am I gonna hide my man pressure this picture Ron Howard saying through the megaphone. Bright lights camera swagger. I cringed a few times. I like Paul Bettany have these get work but what a lame film. Emerging nearly pissed me off the stories essentially solos origin adventure mystery of who we isn't how we came to be without spoiling anything. Tell you the movie's ending sees him heading off to tattooing. To do a job for big gangster there in other words the first Star Wars story so. After one big keeper adventure the boy a who is Han Solo we meet here. Is that when we meet at the bar who shoots greed on a new hope that this school world weary bastard who only cares about him paid him has a heart of gold. Nearly up doesn't work. Coolest character all Star Wars his death as an old man in the force awakens. Hugely disappointing and out of character discontent in great Lawrence Kasten who wrote some of the best ones he wrote this for the sun. And reports are that there were constantly clashing with the previous director for a joke he'd wanted to make it sold. That that's why they got dumped him now I'm wondering if that would have been better. So those great look at not terrible you'd be sort of entertainment guest. Most of the acting news including the Droid is fine but if you're looking for creativity. Well you can service the system to laziness and emptiness in this movie geeks don't care about anyone into suffers from terminal obvious missed. And when you see how solo gets his last name you tell me listener you tweet or caller something you tell me if you grown out loud I mean it. The more I think about solo from the less I like it in fact the more I shake off the thrill everyone has just won a new Star Wars movie comes out and empty the movie itself. The more just kind of seems like. A product to meet them as you can angry. All it's just gonna get worse it got I don't know railroad wonders what you're telling me now rogue one was really good yes solo. Not so much. Are able to wrap it up here we come back we're gonna get into the weeds on dead pool to. Welcome back to special ops Mark Brown here with Chris walker and reverend en Fuego no. Deep breath we're gonna regroup after her. It's a good giant steamer on solo I know it's got a decent run tomatoes. Rating there's no way it's not gonna make a boatload of money but shake up shake it off okay dead pool to. Liked the first one. This one doesn't require you to be steeped in knowledge continuity the marvel universe although there are some in jokes that are just hilarious if you know any of the stuff overall. What I'm saying nerd boys is the you can take a non comic and it's a big to this and she she or he won't have to pretend they're having fun. Hopefully they'll love filthy thing they won't have to fake it with you yet again. You can tell all right earlier that the death after and I just because you don't have to know a comic history in the nation doesn't mean you don't want to. Which is why I have the reverend Fuego her god to talk about Cabell who is the new villain the movie. Played by Josh brawn now before he had started I really value I want to get this to sum up cable. Is a soldier from the future who's come back in time to stop something catastrophic from happening and I hope Harlan Ellison doesn't hear about this 'cause the first thing it ran through my head while we were watching this movie the other was. Oh crap this is finally did have a limit stories soldier and dean with a glass hand which he sued James Cameron for ripping them off and terminator and one. And is now credited at the end of every print of the terminator the. I don't really think about it all know. Okay well fare better her reps tell people about cable and a case sewed to start this off the could the creation of cable was. Bad it was kind of a committee because they needed someone to. Take the lead in a comic book series and they wanted to turn they wanted to create exports and it wind X force to be to have a more militaristic leader. And so they had a guy who came from the past. To stop what would seem to be. A future threat so you remember agent apocalypse and those sort of things this was sort of backed. Now all that you have that here comes the convoluted. Everything clear. And video get this in the movie Nell you do not get this even matter screening in fact they mock him Debbie yeah yeah they openly mocked because it's such a cluster asked. It really starts in expand and thanks to comic book resources for trying to. Make this as legible as possible or at least as it it's it's still really rough though actually 137 saw the conclusion of the dark Phoenix saga. And cyclops. I met met up with the Madeline Pryor who was a clone of Jean Grey. They have. A child. Nathan Christopher Summers. Nathan Christopher Summers standing. Gets himself into a little bit of trouble from. Mister sinister because it turns out that Madeline Pryor was a clone of Jean Grey created by mister sinister for. In the fall in love ways to sinister mister sinister let's just keep going yeah yeah look him up he's actually really cool I'd terrible and but so. In order that baby was created old Madeleine was created to collected DNA. For Scott Summers noticed cyclops so he could do whatever he wants to do with it because he's a geneticist. From the eighteen hundreds who managed to be okay never mind never mind about mister sinister so anyway I think. So they have the baby Madeline Pryor dies Scott. Takes up with a baby takes the baby and me and Mac actually here's a problem because mister sinister is an underling for apocalypse which you may have seen and X-Men first class slash apocalypse and the name is kind of a give away. Is it not creepy and all that cyclops the pits and on with the clone of his. Then girlfriend he did notice the time does that make it weird or less where I can just keep going and it. So well it looks like apocalypse infects tiny baby cable with a techno virus. Which is a virus that goes and it's been students and students. Kabul global. Then a woman named a stunning which is actually her race not her name but they figure that out later on says weekend. Save your child by sending your child to the future. Sure to which they're like well OK if the child is going to die let's send it to the future. At this point Jean Grey who has had the the the the Phoenix and all this fun stuff has come back to life. They said the challenge the future and then they wanna see how the child is doing so. Cyclops and Jean Grey. Take their consciousness and go into the future to see how their child is doing good course yes it's what John Kelly would do with immigrant children yes he going. So they find out that we need to sort of in the future the Scotty cloned him in case they could not cured ham. Well turns out that he did have this techno virus he wasn't necessarily able to be cured but due to his latent. Mental powers which are quite powerful he's very very powerful in the token pieces that although all those things that talent everything's. He gets. He has a clone and he has is techno virus. It's homered to keep all the stuff straight yeah. He ends at surviving and going with a pack of I'd new hand in nights. Will he is fighting against those. With his group the six pack which was the wild pack and then became a six pack who really cares. He had his medal arm because metals awesome and that was the techno virus so that's what covered up his body and that's what you see in the movie. Well he figures out that apocalypse is doing all of these terrible things about he needs to go back in time to kill apocalypse. In the past and this is his best chance of doing so and so that is when he falls backing goes back in time to do all of these things. He realizes. That one of the X force members that are part of the new mutants and the X force yet there's a new mutants is cannon ball and cannon ball is from a race known as the external which is an immortal rays of mutants and he knows that in order to. Kill apocalypse his best chance is to take over this group of new mutants. Train man in his militaristic ways. And then thus creating X force and then continuing hot. Now at this point in time. His owner which had noticed I guess when it goes back in time. And I he shoots professor acts. And everyone thinks its cable because cable and strife looked the same yes strife has created the mutant liberation front which is his group of bad guys to final of this all of these things come to ahead that's also where you get onslaught and a little bit later this sort of thing with those comic book things and finally. Actually now finally. K well let's make it funny guy I finally is the way to go yet been able figures all the sudden get everything suss out and then he kind of sort of becomes a normal superhero has some adventures in the cable and dead pull series where he loses his techno buyers becomes essentially a man god. Four a long time on on that on the planet becomes its requires a ruler roses is all going around and eventually finds his child's name hope. Since her to the future raises her and brings her back is running away from another person from the future named bishop. And has to keep hope alive because hope is supposed to be these ladies you're all I have hope alive during the house and damn nice enough I. I can see delay and that ladies and gentlemen was today in. Be careful what you ask for yes yes I'm not sure if you realize this mark when you asked that question. And you read has exactly two favorite comics character specific and cellular they're both played by John Rowland is here yet he yeah you must execute Diana if that was and that was the ultimate like that I I missed things I think I got a couple of things are the order. They need all of that even matter well and thanks for listening everybody will see you next week. Well Ed briefly dead pool and it's too. I get about five minutes of the dead polo and Merc with a mouth who has some mutant healing power and has a couple of Canton as an firearms and he's he's he's a wiser now if you follow the news when movies and correction. You might have cause to wonder if this one's going to be big help plot he regional director Tim Miller's out. For creative differences. Place by David leaks though and you know him from John wick. And atomic blind you was a stunt man show and we are in good hands here. You also matter of some stuff about TJ Miller the actor who you know from Silicon Valley which I just started watching arrogant it has to really lay it to the party cool you know about may be his self self destructive behavior induced staggering he's still and it pulled too but will not be in the X for a spin off it is reported make sense it was like watching a victory Salman movies though I was a small role didn't bother me. I'm gonna be tees here are dead pool two is every bit as much fun as the original. And there we are thanks for listening. Not a little guy rabbi at a great time in this. If you could isolate the audio of me watching it you might thing I was I was in gitmo being worked over with a feather on my bare feet. And some electrodes on my junk to be honest I think one of the best things you can have to this would be the mark runner tackle pac that I can add it. You today that you just add the tackle tracked to the bottom depths of your of of of who you're listening experience you just hit the hit play on it at the same time. You know linking up dark side of the moon to the wizard of odds here I always howling yeah yeah he had this that forty finger whatever that was the winning your face yes agreed idea here I didn't get a moneymaker and brief plot. No spoilers. After that pulls girlfriend gets killed sorry. It happens right away okay save your outrage dead pool lose the will to live like really violently Lucia is an. His friend colossus from the X mantra to snap my out of it takes a minute and X-Men training which is good for lots of humor. And in the process. Miss your pool tries to protect a troubled little fat kid mutant who's in trouble. And all of a lightning quick. Trained you don't get instead pulled drilling talk. He is doing. My children through the ones and I was ready and that was clusters because. But here we are trying to overcome our differences like beyoncé sixth please. At least she didn't break. This is the fifth incident is decreasing ice box not hear it Russell belongs in our care not who prison. I assure you we had everything under control and not get very old under control vibe here considering ending Glenn trucks and I'll ask the questions. But I thought that it is stay here with your. Weird. Secret sex clips but yeah. But I got my adorable I don't know why it packed a hollow point. Do you just say hollow points yet probably should've brought a super soaker. Are there. Stay cool. Just leave it buys back got my name is only that he virility doesn't neighbor. Wait until it's not fun do what ever that is OK let's just off grade social Russell price. Twice as fast fire this move that's a great name where does it burn just did this to rubble we have to be open. As shot. Now I guess on a teenage or Ed this is new kid who Cabell has come back in time to smoke and were off them. Rev would you think judge Rowland as cable in ten words or less shorter than I expected. Super serious and dark like I did expect and very fantastic. Not as good as his portrayal as Dan else but definitely acceptable as cable agreed in the process of fighting cable and protecting the kid. That pool recruits and new help which he names X force EA. Among this group of odd balls and losers is domino and she's played by is Ozzie beats. I tell you rev I would watch a whole movie with her care 100%. She was a high point of the movie for me she's gonna be McNamee X force spin off and repeat I say. Yeah and a. So did pull to the godfather part two of superhero movies which are also raunchy comedies and with star Ryan Reynolds. The answer is perhaps it but I. I want to last even a bit of heart which I was kind of pleasantly surprised about one I calmed down and reflect on this experience. I didn't get angrier like with solo. I just really couldn't think of anything I would changer that didn't work. Okay the fat kids. Orphanage story in the evil had mastered their that was a little undercooked but this is meant god damn dickens' novel we can now pass that. It's got 86% on rotten tomatoes which is okay flip a decent for mainstream critics for a movie like this. I didn't read any reviews except for a couple the bad ones because they're blurbs were so snotty that I thought it was really funny. For instance top critic Katie Walsh of Tribune news service said. Dead pool two is annoying in bad okay AO Scott of the New York Times says. What drives this franchise is missing force the track so much culture and politics right now. The self pity about white man with a relentless need to be senator retention screw you can she not bad yeah how well that cohost on it may also have the best credit. Extra scene of any movie ever do not leave when the credits start to roll I promise you and it's got one of the greatest title title credits screen has it's going on as well just like the first movie we will and with a pull quote. Dead pool two is so. It's almost too violent that I wanted to call and mom are back and on a related note. This is the movie I'd most like to take Mike Pence to hold a cup cup and a camera tray and I its face from start to finish while he would. He can hit just a little you'll love it. There's your pull quote. Right listener that's enough for this week three was need to go spoon Newton I'm Mark Pryor. With the reverend Chris walker will see next week it's special ops. 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