BJGN06-21-18 - Special Ops - The Maxx - Luke Cage Season 2

Thursday, June 21st

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Chris & Rev! Rev discusses the return of The Maxx to comics; Chris surprises the guys with his own segment about movies; and Mark reviews Luke Cage season 2!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out playing games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Plus should ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. And key nations special ops. Dry your tears it's time for your special ops creeping anger postmarked from her this week the new series of Luke cage from the Max returns. And what's that other thing. More exactly. And before we can go I thought let me introduce their reverend en Fuego hello. Chris walker high at the Morse air force they're pulling whores thing there. Sounds like you have an actual title they and so my escaped death or remorse through here it's meaningless you will that help it thwart me rep explained to the people how they can get in touch with questions suggestions at feedback and baked goods whole big kids they can get a hold of us have BDD nation in at three cannot file all of your complaints against special ops. Also text messages and voicemails 19802243353. Look for us on all social media just by searching for BJ she's geek nation or you can go to beat them. BJ geek nation dot com annual gain old episodes you'll gate now all sorts of random two things that we did there. Cooking tips through when there's so much alike. What I LA LA after reading question that a couple weeks ago yet. No complaints this week there. It's just too good too much of a raging immoral dumpster fire from media and some politics thing we come we need is we need to take a break and just talk about things that that we enjoy. So how about that Chris Hardwick. Oh my goodness I hate don't. Really know how much is this I wanna get into but it's sure is out there and I a guy it's. I guess it's one of these tread lately subjects for some people in our field because it's all connected and it's not a massive community a lot of people know each other and have asserted connections. But boy has this been in the news the last few days and the tool you're aware of this. Based on your reactions yes yes absolutely I mean this is something. Happened last week that Chris hardware X. Excluding dykstra put out quietly. Quote unquote quietly put out an article it's kind of hard to say quietly when it gets Arnold and pretty quickly good went viral fast yak and alleging. Emotional and sexual abuse. From Chris Hardwick that he was a in excess of controlling person and have followed by black Bollinger professionally in Hollywood after they broke up yes. And man it's just. It sucks to hear these things but it's not like we know him well I don't wanna spend a lot of time on the about a get to that so hard with. Immediately lost his jobs with AMC and elsewhere he was a busy guy and just you. Mobile at this point as well been I mean on the plus side if he does have to go away like Kevin spacing others. He's probably got enough money to live like consultant for the rest of his life so. Not that sorry form. Sam believe the accuser I know people who know people have reliable sources in their information supporters I think there's a this continuum of view of abuse right I mean. Some people bull wanna shoot me in the face for saying it's not all the same but you know you've got like your Harvey Weinstein is on one into the continual and then like Al Franken and garrison Keeler on the other and I'm not sure where Chris Hardwick falls on the continuum and I don't that's a debate thinking we can have for hours and never agree. I think that the companies that fired him are private businesses and it was their decision to decide they didn't want worked with a guy. Like that anymore. And did so that's fine I don't feel sorry for any trolls and as I read about trolls harassing people on social media. Trolls who are on his side. And if you're one of those people you should. Think this through right it doesn't exactly serve him or your cause very well of course if you're defending somebody accused of abuse. By paying abusive to people yes absolutely. Irony can be pretty engaging in abusive behavior on behalf of someone accused of abuse not a good look. Rethink it you feel like a guy find another way to support him OK moving on you know they take the job. The next Jurassic Park film screened this week Paulo and we will not be covering it here I don't want to forget or not nobody for guy out. I had company from out of town and I just thought you know. That last one we reviewed it here and it was just garbage it was a product they're it was no good. It went on to make. Just an ass load of money globally anyway so critical reviews were irrelevant. Mark how. How am I going to know if Bryce Dallas Howard can run around Indian high. He'll he'll gain top line and how I did you know this yeah I know you're talking about I just that. It was just so terrible that made such an enormous amount of money anyway it doesn't need us. You know you know what I think there's so that we need to kind of realize every once in awhile back. Maybe a movie we don't need discreet because it just. Does it need to ask you. I want to go back to the Americans are on the show coming up because I didn't I didn't really shoot all the works last time and I avoided spoilers because it was still too fresh and spoiler you people are still pretty raw about how it ended I want us to talk him through it are you guys catching overall I'm trying to turn I will not. I mean a free man okay audience backlash to hereditary. Lotta people it. We're disappointed after the hype that it was the new X assist complaining that it was boring that it is not in fact the new excuses but that the store show about it I refute that it's the new excuses but it's still worth seeing and it will disturb the living. Daylights out of you. Okay showing right. Read you've got Maxine news. Yes and I don't know if any any of either view guys I knew about the comic book by its sand key in the ninety's called zone lacks big fan right and it was an MTV cartoon for one -- absolutely and one of the best things about this is first off you can get on Amazon right now it was on MTV's oddities and essentially at this point it plays out like he web series because each episode of the fourteen are anywhere between ten and twelve minutes long. Pretty qui it pretty quick peek. Think if there and gets right to the point when now when going is out when going through this it was a 35 issue series. And this essentially covers a little bit of edge of the early like darker image number one I think guy has a little bit Max one half. And then also. Issues one through eleven so covers that. But it's fantastic it's straight out of the ninety's and here's a little bit of the intro from that. Most of us can have a at least 21 knows the real world where we're at the mercy of circumstance. And the world. We unconscious. A safe place where we can this people. It's between these world. He lives in a lot. The only one who really cares and yeah. He's doing in terms and realized so yeah voting ING. When you lose the house. He's just good grief at the moment then he has to. We always ends up back in the real world. Homestead all in. Only I concede. To destroy them. I think I have some fun. Yeah but I have an. This series is fantastic and it's actually kind of up poignant at this point in time even twenty years later. It's a lot of themes that are very very prevalent right now. Including sexual assault and subconscious. Dealings with that and as it goes on fund before going further minus one until people while that clip you just played is fresh in their mind. Look up Ken nor dean and all our DI and then I am a worthless pile of no relief guy is that is exactly akin or dean rip off go ahead sorry wells and Keith is bringing back the Max. He was working on something any did some contributions with our come asylum madness which was original graphic novel are written and drawn by key that I actually had to New York Times best sellers list. And now he's bringing V Max and bat man. To get there. For bat man's slash de Max arc of dreams which will be a five issue miniseries kicking off in September by IDW. Here's what the official description says. When a devious new doctorate archivists found conducts unconventional forays into the human psyche he kicks off the disastrous chain reaction by experimenting and are comes newest patient. The dog Max whale sounds great and I guess I like it. When the big to loosen up there's thinkers and let them every aspect claim their sandbox with their characteristic stamp he could such a fantastic artist Omar gosh I mean it might if you watched did it does this series on net MTV is a direct I don't wanna say I think they lifted actual. Comic book pages from this in the animations or just. It's beautiful it's crazy it's weird and it's just fantastic go and watch is on Amazon for twenty bucks you could stream made and it's wall. A 100% great. He's like kind of a stylistic cousin to bill seemed cavett show it's this it's not. Comic here cartooning and it's it's unique and beautiful home absolutely yeah I can't wait to see that. Next. Chris walker you have an ordeal forced to endure and it. Yes I have yeah. Mark we spent a lot of time on this show was talking about movies. Good bad and otherwise truth almost to a one however when you coming here and you've got a new movie for us to review. You wind up taking a sizable dump all over them. I'm not sure I like the way this is headed now apply. Let's give me some rogue ref earlier this week I asked the both of you for a few movies off of your best. Movies list. What I have our one star reviews of those movies that I wanna read Tivo buoyant force you to endure this rev it's time for a stuff your full lips and OK hey beep beep beep this quarter. Mark yes you you went understandably highbrow and old school. Hey united you gave me the movies vertigo 2001 a space Odyssey. And LA confidential how people took a steamer on 2001 back in the day I'm ready to where you going to benefit and how. I spent literally minutes scouring the Internet. Finding the best of the worst entire minutes would you believe it could. Whatsoever to your show tag can you re greeted the voice of Maxwell Smart. After. The. Unless you happen to be one of the multitude of pretentious bulls who think their intellect is better than everyone else. Because they won't get it missed did I have that much well I have news for those dumb asses. There is nothing to get a couple got a bit more Wallace Shawn wasn't and I wouldn't generally accepted there. Isn't dumb ass is in the and no message isn't there in the Riviera when you look at where was that public for the concede comments on us and I am DB that was going to be. Our old hand all right so not religion critic just those civilians who would didn't care for don't know. Did though the legit critics just say boring things like known as the McCarthy was this in the pacing was that the Barack. Now I look for the real communicated. Are people know this general risk gas and bring out the pitchforks and. It. 2001. And 2001 a space Odyssey is complete and utter crap is the most overstated what we don't need. He says overstated I don't know why I mean it has a little pretentious argue bids dual it's really pretentious. The city go door and not waste your money are your time with this British. Be careful about people who go autumn on about how great this movie is most of them are pretentious idiots that simply joining the bandwagon for fear of looking this. But it is brilliant and beautiful and way ahead of its time for us the movie isn't good for. One of the questions I had in the takes the stage when we're giving you I don't Lleyton mark have you actually recently went back and watched 2001. I see why it's. And now it's like I'm good I understand the beauty of it and I'd like did I never have to go back to that movie man you sons a bitches of this. I'll. Say this I've seen a more times and I've seen I think any other movie. And it gives up something new with every viewing and that's even if you're not hiding and are okay go ahead. The a further. Critics are falling into the emperor's new clothes syndrome some great critics said it was a good day and many others followed. To have the courage to tell the truth and say it was slow and boring would make them seem non intellectual. The fact that some of called the best movie ever made is not realistic. Anyone who can sift through it its full length is trying simply to see what the critics find so wonderful about it it's not wonderful. It's the opposite of the fast and the furious 2001 a space Odyssey makes plan nine from outer space look like gone with the wind not okay that's a little excessive there and I'll do when you're about infinity more really all you son of a big bad. Credit around. In anymore oh no I am one point 36 book says hey hello how. Well let's just as good as Pauline kale right to cut back. Just to give this much less current cash grab the one start so richly deserves so many fan boys giving this attention from their parents basement who wouldn't know epic storytelling but between there and pretty stones. This was terrible run for the 21 century lots of stars cracking don't know not even that good more like cannonball run two who. I like. Cannonball run when these two candidates do if they don't really active during the regular marijuana they're all Scott Pilgrim vs the world low use none of Bob bitch without a doubt in my worst film I've never seen the average. The biggest dollop of tough on toast imaginable we'll lockdown after forty minutes again worse than the clash of the titans remake. I wanna go on a date with Jeffrey Dahmer. While I be addressing on a daily Jim Jeffrey Dahmer but I don't necessarily. Plus the clash of the titans remake and thus had to serve a masochistic streak that wasn't aware of prior to today because the kind of like that. I know I don't notice he didn't touch LA confidential U swine it's where else did you have rev. Oh. And I think you're Scott Pilgrim ample picture and I'd I skipped one each. Out of deference for two of my favorite movies all right well done oh oh I can't thank you for me flagellation that I was never aware that I needed and welcome back after the British. We will either fled delayed or avoid flag relating Luke cage season till. Welcome back special ops marker on here Lieberman quake on Chris walker. Who needed cigarette after they have to get past it's it's hot out and so as that as I was telling Chris I used to be a crime reporter. And I would always hear from the police that the domestic calls really escalated in the hot weather. So we should tread lightly around Canada. Stay in the air conditioning you're saying I'll say that I'll say this it's so hot that I think I'm drinking now just for hydration and I. Gary cuts up. Let's just let's just practice being kind to each other Luke cage season to. When he Ira I got the official final trailer. He really. Proved to be a superhero. And always. Pain to. I'm just here. Babies claim to know you feel not a great deal Barack yeah. To bring the inner circle so hard. All this New York's mass can beat him I think you always whining beating me. Yeah. That's our money really comes from its vigilant Goosen. Don't know it was murdering. I want you smell that finish. Mean I can't extend Christina loves her. Ask the world's fourth hole to get turned. All we can only handle when government. The world's. You can't teach us. Tonight anyway. Plus. The fighting right now viewer hypnotized by the cliffs. Of course you're welcome to saint team. We're fighting neat. I didn't know who bullet Dudley. Help me it's gonna kill clue on. God help us. Plows into another bulletproof man right there is I'm. I'm never going to bring real quick start head coach and that's Fuji's track is so good background of this trailer door my good way to incorporate music into this whole series. Really really well done and they weren't there when the first season we got a map yeah let's take a minute I really enjoy the first season I thought they had some flaws and I thought Mike Colter. You. I'm not saying he was wooden but just who watched the fire around him. I'm Wilson feels he looked the part but overall very well done. It's astonishing to me and that marvel which is owned by Disney. Welcome how would put this out and and good on them for. Also it was just gloriously black. Like a modern cry I am still don't seem noir but. And cross with blaxploitation that everybody loved from the seventies by but made by people who just revered that stuff. So yeah I really liked it wasn't perfect. By any stretch but I thought it was well worth the watch and not nearly as polarizing a safe iron fist a reasonable gosh you know so you guys or more on the same page yes yes oh I absolutely not having said that all pro. I got a screeners from Netflix and I usually vote to send out. Maybe 45 episodes as and they sent out the hole thirteen full elects the first nine and I think it's funny to give the rundown you honestly. After I watched the first nine. I wanted to save a couple just for enjoyment. Season two is better than the first C block. Are like it's it's better and I was just I was happy just to seeing her a few more after this. It's essentially would consider stylishly produced blaxploitation crime showed that. Also has sort of a low level superhero in this big supporting cast on the woman you heard in the clip. That was Alfre Woodard playing black Mariah. He now we're gonna talk more about her but she is central to this and it is a big cast and they all get from a good amount of time this isn't just all focusing on. Luke cage in fact he's. He's kind of just part of the ensemble here which makes me even like it. I even more. It may be sad to say that Mike Colter is much of an actor he he is really one of the only major weak links here. Which is too bad since the show is called Luke cage and and he plays flute case she huge. The score is fantastic. It's. It's got pop music and it that you heard as well as an orchestral score this is clearly done by people who listen to. But it paid attention to the blaxploitation scores of the seventies like. If you guys don't have super fly on your desert island albums list no longer we're probably ice agents and I despise heated up. This is also to my knowledge the only marvel joint bid incorporates. Like actual musical performances India show. And it works and it just it's so good I side I didn't stop to look up they're performers name but in one of the earlier episodes. There's a female performer at the nightclub it's central to the story I swear to god I would love her to do with the next James Bond song though other than that. Coast Rondo who did. The kind that let's owners named chew away. She's crazy she's great I wanna hear more over stuff immediately. This show is so gloriously even black in the first season. And some edgy dialogue particularly for marvel I mean you try to imagine Captain America from the second avengers movie saying language tick. You do not expect this from marvel doing but it it looks so perfectly works. And black a bulletproof black man with a hoodie. On the nose of course racist friends are in season two. And the white middle class mail I will now offer my hot cakes on race. Oh yeah. To moving on every human. Well I thought that I was ready for that undecided. But seven is similar conversations of an earlier last week I. I am and as are we all in this room right now. Wait. Cocky injured applications Caucasian male heterosexuals. Yes if we were Richard we will Levy about entitlements amazing this BI I'd like to fill in that last blank he can't hit that I met as good. Randy history coach I'm I'm. This just scrub middle class from my description of my thought so also another couple of surprising and welcome things here. Sexuality and a couple surprising spots that I won't spoil. This is really a multi dimensional thing there's a lot of good stuff going on here some previous things some things rather from the previous season come home to roost. Which makes it to a coherent long running thing and as we know our brains are wired to make connections we left cross overs. We love Wimbledon you know there's continuity with characters. So in this season Luke needs money so it becomes the hero for higher of the comics and I asked one of his new signature moves as a hero for higher because he's so strong strength is increased this season somehow. Is simply to slap crooks on the top of the head which knocks amount he doesn't mean have to do it I made a big swinging jester he just kind of taps and the that I and at the you while you watch this you'll feel what the same time that's cool and it's left oblique silly little ones. But the new bad guys arrived in Harlem is a Jamaican who calls himself bushmaster insert joke here. He has powers like Luke's that he gets from some sort of herbs smoke. Insert an annual dungeon joke and there really he wants to take out black Mariah. Who's trying to seller guns and go clean she is the gangster who owned the make of you also saw on season one. And who killed cotton mouth remember cotton mouth yeah that is named mock her shall but Herschel Ali thank you your welcome back I went on to win an Oscar the I didn't really. Yeah we Lloyd. Yeah united. So. Nine episodes in I'm still not sure what's going on with Alfre Woodard performance maybe it's a brilliant maybe it's a little Ed what do you. Maybe she's loaded for real she's an alcoholic in the show but. You need to see this and you will not be able to take your eye off this human train wreck of a character. And perform then people are talking about the can only. Cannot I'll admit I used subtitles for bushmaster because he's got a thick thick Jamaican accent and uses slang. And the subtitles don't match the slang which I get and I. Also nobody sure of the children Jeff Sessions or he's gonna start arresting Jamaican immigrants into our children and help bush masters and a whole. And still. And give them a somewhat understandable. Motivation for what he's doing not terribly unlike kill munger in black panther we are in the year of having some cool villains and earned his. Cardboard cutouts. Like the ones in the DC universe bush messer who wants to kick looks ass because Harlem isn't big enough for both of them then shades is back he's played by Leo Rossi he is. He is the guy wearing sunglasses aptly named kind of the cool with Tino gangster guy he is now Mariah is lover. There is a cougar accusing younger dude he is skeptical of her have her day drinking act. Why would you hold that against some terror Enron Mary elevate its not like it's hot weather there like it is here right any skeptical over crappy business and crime since. And you wanna listen to shades. But he certainly honorable bad guy who's not as despicable as the others and you kind of wouldn't mind seeing the shades spinoff as well wow hey yesterday. There is and wants him conflict all over the east major characters we're reactors are graded picking it or not. Even Luke has a temper issue that really seriously disturbs Claire Rosario Dawson is back is the main news Claire. Meanwhile. Luke's dad shows up he couldn't preacher played by the recently deceased are read the Kathy and you know him from Oz and what's that show with. Would the other guy who got banned for being a predator. Who Bubba from Baghdad and I was just really long now man he's inciting a sure and known and I don't know that they can be secured. The Netflix can be no Kosher like it brain Bratton anyway that he's so wonderful this was his last performance and I think you can tell pretty sick with cancer in this humid but even on his last performance he his voice is so magnificent. Family is a huge thing in the season along with longstanding grudges related to. Black Mariah is daughter. It's grown up to she doesn't have any patience for months crooked lying BS the Mariah wants her life. Misty night his back and she is played by the glorious mrs. Raanan known as Simone mystic. Well yeah a house armed and she gets a mechanical arm I. Our act like in the comics there's no need to to worry about spoiling that it happens early on. And I will repeat I would watch a whole spin off show a misty night starring her her charisma is in adversely proportionate. Two cultures would miss attention Netflix. Make a misty nine Cho please you rolled the dice on much. Dicier showed she knew that I. The acting talent is all up and on the spectrum in the mar his daughter's on the other cops that I did. I think he's Netflix shows are chronically over along with plenty of fat to trim. Except protect the Clinton the show and his name is she'll put Dari Coker. And different people direct and write each episode I yet but he's the boss of it. He really cute and nice balance of a lot of things this time action choreography school. The fights between Luke and the bushmaster are really well choreographed and fund. It's fun to watch Luke plow through. And Romanians henchmen. Character drama atmosphere. Characters get a lot of nice moments to reveal themselves without you thinking how does a good moment to check your Smartphone. The dialogue also struck me as having a much better ratio of the season of clever too painful. To even get to listen strange sort of blaxploitation Tennessee Williams talky hurtful drama that I'm not even sure fits him but again you can't take your eyes off that final word. I could live without a second season the blue case but man am glad they made it now you're gonna burn through season two. Next week he fielded lots coming up next week including. Heatstroke thinks climate change. Halo. And then in the wash coming up holed lots of other stuff can cut through this. Will take your suggestions that if this week I mark Pronger special counsel CNET time. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot plus.