BJGN07-08-16 - Evil Dead 2: The Board Game!

Friday, July 8th

The gang talks about the latest episode of Preacher; talk with Shon Bury & Taylor Smith from Space Goat about the Evil Dead 2 board game on Kickstarter; Gareth von Kallenbach gives us Star Wars news; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes welcome them BJ Shea he's the nation. I am the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. Have we've got Chris walker mr. watt what it's an afternoon. Stay goalie and Vijay are both on assignment but Manning the boards is. Who drop in G. And he has a microphone microphone like a role room. Vicky how can people get older less sleep and check out our web site had I thought I can't info and more of BJ be patient dot com. Like a fan base the decision we do JP Haitian. Young Paul first put your hand is to grandkids are you're almost as Fiji beat nation that is actually plays not one any zeros to 2.3 353. He doesn't Anthony Alabi jiggy nation at and if you wanna check out videos YouTube dot com. Ask Vijay he Mason ye have lots of hopefully I will be more on the couch in the Chris is skipper that's a Roger. Axl went out going on with that we've got a lot to cover today so I think we should just start off with preacher. Basically the only guy he showed that I know that I've been watching I know and BJ's been watching Outkast does since he's not here we will begin into that and what I think once I finally finish oranges and new blackened mitigated outcasts and to see how it is Stan Musial and how well what's without cast on their it is on Cinemax OK got Cinemax Cinemax and Larry Tennessee or Cleveland did you really yeah I didn't vigilant in like a day like I normally do I took me a little bit I thought I was basing your pretty good at like an episode a daily Qaeda might do. I'm on episode five or so because I Marty dynamic what does plan one day whereas like doing a lot of laundry and clean there I'd oh down a couple of episodes in one night race won sitting well with preacher we're on episode six and if you listening yesterday's podcast was march he voiced his displeasure. BI's well. I kind of understand where he's coming from and I've had a couple of tweets and a couple of emails and such an of and said essentially the same thing that they don't understand why a this is a prequel to the comic books. And mom and I. Because it essentially is this is the comic books if he didn't know really kind of take off when it's the road trip story between Cassidy to live bid Jesse Custer. And this now is just base of the revolving around and bill. And if they. Getting. I guess the listeners know the listeners and viewers to. Used to this really strange world that we have from where we've got angels and Sarah Fenn who are can basically do is clone themselves after they die from rules that will fight scene was actually malaria hotel fighting there was amazing and super hilarious and awesome I went out Cassie locks in and he's just like oh I think I'm helping you loud pops no you just made it worse again and here we start all over again. If it really is pretty amazing the people really don't understand why we're getting all of this back story. And I was watching one of the the bonus things on that in C dot com and seeded people the front runners show runners. And they are trying to ease people in Q did have really weird world that's not. Just like another ANC's Shelly blocking then where it's like okay. On the either here or disease. I feel life this is little more complicated yet and I mean Dave it people Vivian have been saying they you know you federal Merrill's ground were good you can base everything off of an even there's some good people out there were bitching about that now. But they've all are always been pretty much nodding says the fact that they've been all of following although who Dave the dead dawn of the dead night of the living dead all that stuff with the Walking Dead. But there's nothing like that to do any reference from four preacher. And like what was the last lake. Angel when did you mean it. Leg Constantin with a Xeon Boone seeing AIG even with the show. But that didn't last very long and I don't know how dole a deep they delved into that we've got outcast but that's a possession. Story which is it. Necessarily angels and demons at this point now ghost rider fish there also. Joseph writes. And they'll live now. Don't think you're on your input there in well all I want my Orioles lodging and as the one Ortiz fire. There's some things like how lucky I am just like seriously like I rented a pay money I hostile watch it otherwise I. I kept walking by you know in the kitchen my Coca. Is so you and people really don't know what to expect with preacher and I think that is. It may be alienating the full of viewing audience these super fans that are like I wanna see preacher do the preachers things that we've seen in the comics. And a lot of people are still very confused it is in the ratings are not good and four I've been looking at the cable ratings and it's not cracking the top 25 am. It has been renewed for a second season so I'm really interested to see where this goes because by the second half more by the sixth episode of this point. We're seeing these slow build up to Jesse Custer becoming the preacher that we've seen in the comics but at this point he still has to deal with the well the megalomania of having the real ultimate power. Let Genesis yes we actually discovered in this so yeah as we get a name for Genesis we find out that it says it's basically a baby of an Angel ended demon. Which in the comics when you get that back story it's prob with like some stunning visuals seem lake you get to see the Angel on the demon and all this crazy stuff for not knowing really doing anyway and do it still it's there it's very artistic with this you just get exposition from the man and it in English student who says in an Angel. It's not as. Striking. In its not is related error saving it for later yeah sure that they were gonna get a second season so they don't give a limited budget gap you know I don't have crazy with it so ascending and is saving it for like the hotel fight scenes early after each time that they've had a a a fight scene in the show. It's been astounding the absence blood everywhere everywhere hey it's always been pretty fun to see that at and at this point I'm just hanging me when you get into this weird celestial being dealing with the angels and demons come wanna see that sort of stuff. Yeah at least in my preliminary alienated and that I think you're into the Kennedy let out a little more slowly in the manner and have the home budget pad down Korea but I think that. I think it's one of the things that we're going to start seeing is a little bit more of them laying that in and then giving us. Yeah Jason because that's who seem we leave you don't want it to spring that on people and this is a ten episode. First season out and the next. Next season season two will be thirteen episodes seems he's already green lit it sets kind of the normal thirteen to sixteen episodes against abuse normally aren't AMC show. So I'm very excited can you see this. Committee I'm reading into that too. Too much like cannery watched a little bit alone last week's episode last night and the whole thing with like Donny when he's like crying in his wife's like please don't have sex of fact I am in town named Pacifica and if somebody like you pay this guy first and like I saw that I felt so bad for him he's again broken men that you know he was broken before hand before. Yeah preacher even got to him. Some wondering if every one in the show is literally. Genesis. They're both kind of an Angel and demon they have their like I mean that is human humanity against them yeah exactly there's some cars checked out everyone yeah like I fell for the guy like they made me really feel for this guy that's the jerk you know he was just trying to be in eight hole and. And use it for you starting to see like Jesse like you see the flashbacks to his daddy's ID one of the good guys he wants to be one of the good guys but by the end this episode he is clearly not a good guy good guy and well yes telling Eugene to go to health wellness while using the word of Genesis at this point and well having him go to hell Korea and looking at the previews. It doesn't seem for the next episode is he like he's Doucet about it. Leg unless they're kind of placing you know lions where they shouldn't be it seems like he's like well if you know if you genes the one guy that's got to go to internal fire because. God you know god deems it so because now I have this power play. It's not god and pray don't listen and. And that's the thing and that's what it's going to lead us choosy second season ending getting into the comics yeah I really feel they prequel this because. They didn't wanna get into those stories and how van immediately get cut off they wanted a full. A full encompassing season for this first one right to give people went to it showed in the world to show them how old screwed up and bill is. And then also just the world at large. I'm hoping. I'm hoping that they're gonna get on with it I'm still gonna watch it so called it I guess I wouldn't I got to hear people's. People's reaction to let us know about it. Because it's not getting any buzz knows talking about it at all. Israel as a thing can I play the mayor was the gay brother in the movie dude there. Hi guys not realize that al-Qaeda Oslo he had to make had held a choice because it was one of those you know the greater good sort of thing do you cover up the deaths of three people from can can and now if he's in for the greater good I think he's scared to death of king can't he's scared to death of can can end but also he knew he realizes can can and is the only reason why and bill. He is still our place is not a gay brother used the weirdo from the team and the Huskies are fairly early game and pick pick pick that I love them any good and so it did die hard visited the craziest part about all that is that. He's the may here in so here's responsible for the entire town. As opposed to these three people who were not from the town so that's where he is he is allegiances lie and obviously oh yeah so aside and that. There was no question that he was gonna side with whisking cannon and and as you say the greater good in and the and the good of the town America that's not gonna question about the greater good computer but I don't I don't I don't believe that he's. I don't think he's thinking that deeply about it right now I don't you know he's just. He's just as in his pants at what's happened yeah data just really are wrote it or easy and he has swept away by it. Well we've all we've got four more episodes left plenty of time to see where the stories and ability you know how you feel about it B digging nation do you know about com I'd love to hear your words on it. But next we need to talk because what kind of keeping on the the horror aspect Aurora I think GAAP preachers definitely one of those horror type things don't sort junior is older guys and certainly yeah act crazy yeah. We're about evil dead two. I had fever that's also yes no no evil dead. The number 20. Yes you never do the number to dump the okay oh geez. How well we just didn't see you I these people that we're going to have in Georgia aren't everybody's lives and yes her evil dead. To the number two look at guests with us today and this is as Sean John birdie from space can go to public K up productions. You have been with us a bunch of times because. Evil dead and that yielded to you in all the comics that you've done a threat but this time Amy you decided to branch out a little bit more and now we're looking bad evil dead two on the board game. Heck yeah I know so says the natural a natural outgrowth of artists are. Content creation. Empire they were trying to create so. You know we didn't just move in. In the publish team or just creating content just to make comic books she also wanna make. Four games other types of games table Topper otherwise. Calm and in everything else whether that's a licensed property. Or were something that the company owns palm so it's a natural outgrowth to move into. In the tilt up industry is is pretty healthy is pretty much out there now solution is to gather in the industry is about half the size of NASCAR so yeah. We're getting there and at you know between you know in the sit about the same size comic books so you know the nerds are Murray to win. Yeah. Absolutely and and with few if you've brought in with you I Taylor Smith Taylor I don't man underworld links and so now this is the brainchild. Obviously with the with the marketing because you have the property here on the Taylor I need now how did you get involved with that helping create this board games. So I've been on board a space go for about five years I started an intern pool and a slowly home ice made a little nook for myself and thought my claws and then set and I can only if is so I've in his face go for awhile on the production side. And I've been associate editor or editor on most of the evils and books that we have made it felt very pretty personally involved with the lead content and we've hardy band making. And then I've been making four games and table five games and all those sorts of things as a as a hobby and releasing them independently online. Further along time now so. You have I think you have a basis of doing board games do you know what goes into then take creates fine game for all people involved. Yet yet and I've I've been pretty active in our in our local gaming community had and then. Running play does not sort of thing to really refine it but the game is nine just a like. We have this license lets see how much money we can make our current gap the jedi is they're making game that's appealing to. Just people who like board games as well so you don't have to know what evil bad. Q is in order to enjoy the game hopefully by. There's a little something extra there's election love and therefore he led tear that fans should enjoy. Nice and so right now if you go to kicks her dot com search for evil dead Q you've got to find a right away I'm just yet and also I mean if you just go to US base goes I space ghosts are increasingly. Now all right it's very natural thing because that's hard but you can also go to evil dead two boardgames dot com do you think using direct link to follow all of the things now. Tell us a little bit about the board game and you know the objectives and that how you can they are incorporating on these this property into a board game. Sure yes of the game itself is a cooperative until it's not the type game. Okay it's. Who you you play is what do humans all the human characters from the movie see him play is ashen NEN and all those characters find senior you're running around the cat mean in the surrounding woods trying to collect pages of the actor than economic connex Mort is due sealed the portal that is dumping on evil everywhere and I. Hasten why it. There's a chance that you might turn into a dead guy troops in which case your goal changes to. Kill the humans and so yeah we cooperative but there's this this tree mechanic that shows up. Every turn the UTT drawn event card that dial either drop in new enemies. On the board. So it starts out nice and slow you just walking around the cabin. And then Dan knights come out and in that possessed animals are running around analysts are used to yet the president think he knows how hard we have to cut off your own hand and it started running around chasing you run out of lousy stuff. So. It it just build and escalates to the point where you're at the very end you've got most the pages that you need. But you completely surrounded by enemies and you know blood is gushing on the walls and then. I bet you if and so is that their survival horror dynamic. Will I survive this day is of this event. In there there's a lot of those those difficult choices that you have to make you know half my friends are now dead nights I just had to kill one of them and I know I had to pick up all their stuff in can I win this game for the humans alone or to have to try to bring one of the bank what do they bring one in the bank is that a good use my resources. So how is that they don't panic as survival horror element. But since is he led to we couldn't you know give up on the humor so there's also you know that the wacky had to come off their own hands sort of stuff or. There's an unfortunate and frequency of puns that occurred I. My dad CNN skin that's the pundit debt ratios are really high yet so that was one ever design goals. I love it and so it will. They kick starter is says it is going to be a standard and a deluxe edition for the donors to select progress on can you give us a little bit of insight what the differences will be in those what is and his people have to get to that the deluxe edition. Yea that's the deluxe edition is going to have everything then the standard edition has all the figures analyst stretch goals and unlocked and everything. Both are gonna grow wins and though the same assets. But the deluxe edition Wii is going to have two special figurines. Combat ash is lower Colin so it's the iconic dash with a chainsaw hand in the shotgun nice thing to figure is gonna look awesome. And in the full monster dead eyed version of Henrietta and she appears on the board as like the terrible monster when she shows up by helping everybody swallows hard hearted story foreigner is due snack parent Henrietta Hughes yes yes yes and yet there's good news and below them amongst minorities and again. An awful that I attrition and Henrietta yet so she says up fully painted figure. And in the box is coming in is a special I kick starter exclusive. Looks like an economic con are we leather face them sort among sale and what C ballpark me on this what's the ballpark for digging into on this deluxe edition yes of the dollar television here is going to hand the early bird special 170 box. And in the revenue and our seven Iraq's. Well oh we can maybe a figure that whatever that's there under the thin. That it might be running out pretty darn soon so the regular versions going to be eighty singer and very good standard it goes for sixty. Nice and this is I mean this is really fun because it seems I mean I know that way it's Sean I know they you have really embraced evil dead Jews lived everything you guys done and I've been able to have a lot of fun with that this seems like that natural extension is that you guys over there's space goat really really have a fondness for this property and just be ailment take it. Now for like you guys are same for something they can just you know make a bunch of money off of bite you could having fun experience in this world and playing in this world. Yeah well on top is being blatant cash strapped. America I know how I. This you know you it's. Hard to you it is hard to watch the movies and spend it you know the better part of two years Tom and make in the comic books. And not farm level the whole thing you know and we wouldn't have been able to be as successful with a comic books as we are. If we didn't understand what does the core fans. The need out of out of evil dead. So it there the more games in natural outreach Arab and you know I mean he basically going to be in the cabin from the film. You know we're gonna you know. Fun fact warn the stretch goals is gonna be some custom dice it's made out of the wood from the Canon. Law. Oh no boom you know sign up for some new credit cards. Okay. I guess a stretch goals common. That is awesome and it's just fun because even with something like this you can turn I mean I'm just thinking about like getting around Halloween time if you go or maybe your rent a cabin in the woods as Greg gave you keep playing this board game have evil did play have some spooky music you turn into all seem night. And would you really awesome around the how only time it's from an area that is great Taylor take you so much again Sean thank you so much for further again kick starter dot com just search for evil ED evil that you board game or easy not just go do evil dead you board games dot com boom. Thank you so much to go into Taylor and Sean for a coming in I'm really excited to see where the Doral. I no board games or your Forte yo. But there's eight it's I just I just wanna see how it's gonna go about to kick starter is up right now goat to kicks her dot com just search for evil dead two it would come right out I you price was just reverse space go to publications and it'll work out. Moving on from that we've gotten Garrett a bonnet Colin bock with us. Because he wants to talk a little Star Wars Gary it's a Von Colin Bok joins us from skewed and reviewed that's escaped an art dot net and Garrett we have been talking a lot about. And maybe we shoot out let up a little bit because I know these Star Wars celebration is coming up very soon and you've got some tidbits and news item isn't rumors that are out kind of float around all that stuff. Oh yeah a lot of good job capturing a really good shot. Let's start by now I heard something about rogue one and now what can you tell us I'll about this movie coming out this year. Well what would go number one is that next. A week July 15 is the date. They're going to reveal these story trailer which were told us up to a roughly three minutes of actual footage to bear in the trailer so it's a lot more than that teaser trailer. And you know there's a lot of we talked about the re shoots and stuff like that a lot of people are wondering. Obviously the re shoots mustard garner well if they were able to say this is the trailer and be Carlton enough to say here's a three minute story true or. Yeah that's kind of exciting because yeah it's funny we've seen the trailer but it literally is only bend their teaser in its. It's one of those weird things nowadays where there's you know trailers for trailers and T users for that. This is going to be good basically our first look at really more they know just what we've seen so far. Right exactly into the play Hitler I we will we have under the new watch to compare to. What they did with the force awakened from their pure remember we got there really quick trailer even in December your record came out a minute Star Wars celebration we got the one were read our first look at heart and sure weeks. Little more information. And then. I if you remember in the fall during Monday Night Football they repeal the proper trailer at halftime and it was a big media that now look we got the release good solid look at it. And what's out we're told is that this trailer democracy. Is closer in tone to the one they showed on Monday Night Football this is that unlike the 92 to either this is a good. Up to three minute change referred. So at this point will be able to get the feel in the vibe of what they're gonna try to accomplish in the in the story as opposed to just saying oohs and Oz and you know old school all colonial school structure per person. Exactly zero W I feel a lot more completed a factual. He's strictly probably throwing a few you know I can be seen if you are really make you go while this news you know. If you get a good big scope Felder. Very setting a match what can you tell us about episode eight. I'm showing some of that stuff off the star we're celebration as well. Well that's the rumor there's a rumor out those you know and. They're if they're commission could always very carefully coordinated now. We know that the big which are going to be there capturing Kennedy spirit that words. All people are ports either officially according to Merck Campbell just weeks. They are born too wrapped production on it on July 22. Well Serwer celebration is July 15 two week. Earlier. And it's in London no yachts they are filming a. Function in London as well so great timing so. The thought is you're not gonna see a trailer. Because you know you got to remember that this this is a very unique situation where you have all these films. On top of each other sort of want Star Wars chrome three years apart. You've got one coming every single here so there's kind of that mentality of we don't want episode eight to overshadow world war and at the same time we want people to get excited for people are going to be expecting. Some thing and we're going to pop probably have people there. Promoting and so the police issue you may get some officials don't photos or something like that. I guess it does make sense I mean they don't want it completely drowned out you know rogue 16 months before it's out with the stores episode eight staff I mean they are separate stories but at the same point. You don't wanna sandbag your own movies that I totally makes cents a man and. Exactly good seeing you don't like it should be brought up the good point. People are gonna expect similar Eden. Yeah I tackle the problem is how do you did not disappoint the fans because you don't want him like say there are others know where we're gonna sit trailer because. The pattern and establish you do not see shall control your report came out. That being said the as a major event and the next one is a year from now in Orlando. And you know obviously that's going to be a long per episode eight. So here's that you know never happened before thing we have to Star Wars film. Within a year and a half for vitro we're already to come out at this one event and people were expecting huge something on each. And they're just churning them out because after episode eight is the the Han Solo film ray. Correct and to what have you been hearing about this I mean aides still it you know it's Q2 and a half years out of range but I know. People are still looking at tidbits of information and there's still losing their minds over the little tiny bits and scraps. Yeah here and it's been interesting thing about the moral character and who. Well established writer producer a Hollywood had a hand in working with episode. But it empire strikes back in the what people cheer cheer for lunge. Been working. Episode eight they apparently were instrumental in re working at the original screenplay which was originally. All the new people very little stuff for the established cast they with the ones you should know we got to maker. More the establishment on app on the older caps and used them to transition children who were people know that sort of thing. Captain and his son. Oh are very obviously passionate chore wars fan. And they are the ones who wrote the screenplay. For this. Console chrome and it would actually came our recently it was actually completed before episode eight which reflect wow. And the word that we're hearing is that. Those who have read it says it is the best of any Star Wars screenplay that is different from Britain. Wu oh man that arm and they're gonna you're out there and it makes good writing went amazing effects and has something that I mean. That's not really something that we've completely seen any Star Wars universe to be perfectly honest. Oh exactly if you what I would intrigued by what you always expect some kind of hype about these type film spoke. They don't bet which is an understatement considering its Star Wars who worked some really interesting is that hasn't even gone before the camera I mean basically we've got. Catalytic capturing NASA. And the flag pit with two other films coming before it worries hearing things like. You know it's the best script and many in the film and so one comment I read certain that. You laugh you cry. There is. No really good action when it needs to be it's well priest it's just you know it's got everything it takes on the role toward a sports. And it's a great introduction true. Aside a console that we generally seen reports. Ales and so it's Dudek gag he's bumps are ready and it darted to what I Beers and act and it might bar it. All right so I don't ignoring it could happen at that before we let you go on is there anything you can tell us about Star Wars battlefront I would imagine that. Possibly the source celebration there may be something new coming out there at least in the announcement range. That's what we're hoping toward the understanding is that Elektra Kurtz will indeed have a Booth over there like they did. Last year would thumb. You know a lot celebration where they heavily promoted battlefront nick I you may have seen the pictures the one of the great things they did. What they had an excellent mark up that you thought they would put you wanna costumes that you in the thing and and had a green screen background to it. And they were shooting a little bit of film review flying an excellent start fired it behind you in the canyon so they played it up rolling well on so a lot of people are kind of looking at those going. All right well you're going to be there. But supposedly we're not gonna see any new Star Wars games you know made major titles. Until next year again why they do you have these third. Downloadable content packs spurred PH stores fell on deaf star. Announced as coming. Who in the mall bowl a lot of people are saying that's probably be one we might get some details. Might get a little bit of trailer. And then what really has kept people understood they've already committed to four. PLC taxed or they've already as we talked denounced a battle front to coming next year even but what's very interest during those. If you look at the deal sea plants they were always very clear once they announce them. Outer rim that's been dealt start. To be announced early when he seventeen it's a usually older saying about the fact. It works and now we've heard a rumor markets sort of stress this is just a wild help their warmer. They have for years said they are going to be putting out new content for free. In addition of the PLC which state they don't already they've put a few new maps and stuff up. There's a rumor going around that they're gonna release a solo play or officially offline. And I'm a little small wind stopped. As the free updates. All that'll be fine and I mean just something that you can at least play and run around with and has some fun non solo that's always a fun thing because it seems like they're really getting away from that in video games in general not just this Star Wars in the battlefront game. Exactly into the Clinton and I have not had initially looked at but I also realize that being in the per play have a different perspective than the average consumer I got to see it early I got to play early and I knew what was coming and what to expect. Yeah I didn't you know I wasn't sitting mayor saying. All I hope that the campaign now opens up that I knew what was coming to a played certain bomb to their home when it came out I didn't have that issue going home way to sort them whites in this era marked in this hearing. Oh wow how come you know micro chip. But some consumers are felt that way you know there have been arguments were people sled. The DLC is nothing more than to a lot of step that should've been in the release of the game. And they counteract this by releasing some free stuff and I think what they're trying to do here. It's their turn to address and make all sides happy and give people a very full and complete game so they not only. Keep your community happy that they launched into the sea pool with pretty much about it. You know like happy and fan base you can beat. It's how I react and for Star Wars fans that's that's a hi high altitude here what that went but I mean everyone's gonna nitpick because that's what gamers and Star Wars nerds do you. But at the same point hopefully they can accomplish that. Again Garrett Von Cullen box skewed reviewed SK and RD dot net. We just did the rumors about Star Wars celebrations and happens next week I know that people can hit up. SK and again I think he's so much Gareth Barry catch articulate thank you so much gears again gears one Colin box from skewed in reviewed that's as key an. Net and now let's get to Lola. She Swiss TV. Vicky are there any movies coming out. I clearly have budget movies coming up the ones that we care about. One we like your I really love this court the trailer for the movie the secret life of pets on its coming out yeah act totally wanna see that as early as 80% runs made it 99% wanting to see it's usually and I usually these animated films do a lot harder than I think he. A percent sure who witnesses it's super care it is adorable and like everything about the it's Universal Pictures okay. Because you know it's just Pixar movies I was watching it that they just saw finding Doreen eaten this past weekend I really enjoyed it I think Finding Nemo was better picture just because animation wise is like. Well this is still pretty they put so much effort into it deep in tennis or just your story which was so lovely and in the feels Piaf. But I have really high hopes of the songs because you know you've Louie CK in this Kandahar Eric stone street. Late Belgian easily did just so many awesome. Boise initially she's hilarious yeah look she's been kept an American now. The good honored girl girl and my girl got pat yeah that's this awesome. Let Fiat Gilligan it's not a Pixar Disney type movies doesn't always do well as well I wish I had high hopes but they've got animated animals and I am right now it just has such a great cast so I did I expect great things from it and I'm hoping. One not just. The that the has sued great actors but as of now mean he could change has 0% on rotten tomatoes so. A low it is called the sellers just called cell yet in cell was dead in their run. This town has a John Cusack and Daniel Jackson and it. And 0% around tomatoes in its self esteem seems bestselling novel drugs to the terrifying life. Now only OLL lies and half yeah we're excited at the Boston airport clay played IQ sack witnessed the scene of chaotic mayhem an electronic sign. Turns hundreds of cell phone users into rabid killers. So desperate to find his estranged wife and son clay teams up with the trade ever which is Jackson. The battle on the border mergers owners of the city descends apocalyptic madness. This is the second movie. Yes. That Samuel Jackson well that all gonna say this Samuel Jackson has been in where a cell phone is he means so I seem to cause people to go crazy the last one was king's friend Brett. So I'm nice interesting point we'll Cusack and and today and Jackson were in that room Morton no wait yes something like what have what looks to them I yeah I think is Steve why I think there was a seemingly telling us well ever since he thinking I should remember through Samuel Jackson and I don't know for sure I just know that John Cusack was in that one as well working exactly why this is Q 0%. Like how confirmed how awkward is that like. I wonder if this flu in a little bit under the radar I didn't even know they're making it into a movie neither did I am like Blake. Like Downey reviews as an only got twelve as of now okay it's also horror movie you know horror movie horror movies usually don't screen Brian is are pretty much universally hated by anybody who watches and especially one that is a release in July the July horror movie libel Stephen King I think merely trying to bank on the name of that publicity and stranger than like I can understand around the Halloween time sure and I can also understand around the wintertime because that's kind of just the dumping grounds like February January is like Duncan grounds for in the movies that don't care about July release on or moving layered and somebody is banking on it. I'm almost wanna go see it just maybe is all the all the adults who are taking their kids to go see the secret life of pandas we need RA did some CI. No one I went to go see finding dory I went to listen a bar which is a place birds is 21 and over again I mean food those things and Allen only to Tuesday granted them how cost to continue. Her calf but it was pretty much full. And I am my buddy that I went with he's like the happiest place I think there's a lot more people and I thought there would be a link you realize when Finding Nemo came out all these people here for children right. Good all right Y percent Wear here this evening and happy of that incredible sequel comes out man it's I'll tell us. Yeah having me. That's going to be you know they when they do that one in the future. Like they actually bumping up fifteen years right leg it's likely need to do and everything remained an enemy and they don't necessarily have to do that right are just kind of interest to the elite Jack the relief is they learners you routine Jack. Ali routine Jarrett Jack yeah. That's all I want now don't know poor Thailand I don't do yet. If nothing else good coming out uncle men go to battle of that's 69%. In the immediately. Those Americans hitting the civil war will end like Christmas let Henry Francis couldn't care less bracing for another winter is Bradley's farm in Kentucky the Brothers of the comes of it daily close. But in the now one of them end up on lake in the war for our storm moving drama western. Really affect us stuff president I don't know anybody in my movie I enjoy western check after 10% of both men win beards and it. Finally you have the pictures from Linux finance and I think any.