BJGN07-11-16 - Dragonstone Mine

Tuesday, July 12th

The gang talks Overwatch; discuss the latest in Harry Potter news; interviews Scott Elliott about his board game Dragonstone Mine on Kickstarter; discuss the latest news from Game of Thrones; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc blow outs. Ladies and gentlemen. Geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes welcome to BG she's geek nation on the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona no apparent. We've got Chris walker mr. walk like they've had notes during their own. The goalie and Vijay are both on SI emit so that means there. Don't drive a G has microphone access on how the power. Some sort of her Errol Elena go to your head now I know Jesse Custer of their hello easy there. Vicky how could people get older less. Building a folder via our website because that has all the information that I would tell you the information anyway if you. Media like FaceBook he's Fisher BJP nation on the little search bar where there's like us follow up there he also falls on Twitter. End to Graham this syndrome and Fiji each nation doesn't actually has a voice and I've won any 02243353. Not to shoot us an email BGE Venetian in Gmail blog comment if you like the videos YouTube dot com slash PDT nations. And now we got this email I wanted to talking about this kind of over watch and I like talking about prettier hair it's. This came from tryst in the ginger minge our former game of Romans com enthusiast and knowledge bank in now well unfortunately now everyone's and even kill on that. So we did move onto over whites to help the saudis says salutation. To each nation. I'm also loving overly watch it's a great pick up game to fill my time wanna wait for the next destiny expansion. Playing on the X bone but I am also originally a PC gamer who cut his teeth on June 2 Wolfenstein and rise of the Triad how horizon try. And we're okay. Well we're back we're in deep cuts if you prefer shooters on PC and heavy system capable of running you should probably pick it up there but I fell on the console version excellent as well the buttons are bad when she. I think as super helpful at that point if you're gonna be going now console. The aim assist that's closure radical as it goes over an enemy is a little on forgiving compared to destiny put he'll adapt also the nature of the game play makes teamwork far more important than sharp shooting and several of the characters require very little aim at all. If you can't get it on PC but are worried that you shooter skills aren't up to snuff I say give it a shot it's a ton of fun especially with friends. By the way kudos to speak only for using club the way uses hands moving around so easily. This basically clientele off yeah holding isn't the the controller like a cloth while catching and an onion does give me the Wii does look like him or like that after this asked if he ever wants to give his forehand to break though I highly recommend picking up a scuffle for the Xbox you leak controller. The elite is free total loss on the elitism earning anything you can that. He asks a tip thorobreds try bubbling a what if your allies right before they do was suicidal charge attack into enemy lines are always talking about my zero China Mobile people and then usually not working now 'cause I'm a diva and debt Reinhard both have a great charge attack in new increased their survivor ability and the the charge in your gun will skyrocket as the enemy team shells slammed. PPS please follow your right heart he he he can keep the same for all manner of bad news but I can't shoot back at the enemy while my shield is up. Cheers tryst in. Some good oh good tips there Imus fellas they are right you don't wanna bubble but it's a short ball doesn't have a whole lot of time so you wanna. Hit it either on your arm a friend when they charge into something or when you start taking damage. So he'll take a little bit of damage and in pop right up the booming on the bubble and not a full charge and you're gonna build zap people here you have a full shield her Rio 200 shields. Yeah its a good shield it's pretty well she opt out both cedar region that shields yeah point taken managed since then Ricky has that for commencing your immune AA won't aren't allowed Amaro know how you're talking our watch right now Joseph and I joke a fire so let's talk a little over lies you probably why they have this so arms but what are some tips I mean because I've been. Is kind of interest in because I've found that on there are. I knew that there are natural counters to people but I didn't realize how important it is also Q. If you're playing against a certain group of people that it's important to switcher characters like I was pretty much suck I'm gonna be zero the entire time more I'm gonna be fair the entire time and when somebody creates a counter or even. Brings up the cure to that account are for my character. I didn't adapter change that seems very very important in this game definitely is the at all. Assassins who specialize in the characters that they Kelso to play one assassins for instance and they have better tanker just don't lose every time more in your case rest if you're playing it's taken me to take an assassin that beats your tank. Yes and I were little. I over overlook water my jaw and what's going on I've also found Mike if you're playing as you're going against Serra. Is the best character is. Tor Bjorn tell a half because he has a computer turret. And so it's computer controlled whereas bastion you're still deep person being deterred and it. There is basically trying to fly above everyone and not be noticed and then dropped no rain hell on everyone. But when there is a robot over their just targeting it all you got it in you just get shot over and over yet that not reasons to order seventy six's ultimate or whatever his special low bar arrow is in the air alone you just look straight up neutral and -- to sex act this like there's a lot of powerful ways to cameras being got a kind of a keep track of that there's ton of web sites out there that can do it yeah I don't know also recommend just didn't five minutes in the training and has its big look at every character no click them use their bill is meant okay that's how works because it's pretty hard to understand the game if you don't even know half the characters breath yeah. Don't want fast. I like any like even what they street fighter so they are fighting cared to think oh this looks cool. I'm going to play this character are played bunch of it I don't care about and in the other ones. I did that I was running sold or 76 for awhile and I was like OK this is fun I'm getting pretty used to it but I wasn't looking at any of the other offensive characters. And in my body was like Asia plays Sarah it's basically playing quake. Like fueled rocket launcher quake and I was like oh I like that and so I started taking without a Mike this is sweet I haven't played any other assassin except for hons though at this point. Totally innocent sniper rounds yeah he's got the best order scattershot ordering kill someone and one in every time gags is super powerful but I think even played again with any the other wants to do any comparison that's a great part you it gets to a character and you're so happy at this character's amazing items that you trust and also if I'm not trying to anyone else Tenet might you know. 1020 years later okay. Now trying to character nick and Dexter tracks. This can't just freaking awesome he had all the characters I don't know so much about balance because they have counters to each of on this a rock paper scissors game at that point. And some Nigel does get steamrolled by some really good people were playing characters that you just can't beat. And buy it it seems very. At least it's very diverse with a different characters you complaint. Com a lot of fun with that Tom a lot of different play styles. I wanna use a I had ten G I think he's a guy disorder got no idea did you get NG Yang he's stingy kinsey I know is thinking of magic play here on template but there's a bloody different characters you can go for different place thousand I think it's a lot of fun on that and it definitely is and it's no replay ability so again yeah best yet in the games are short circuit guinier union blown out completely which it normally as the gators rank. I don't worry so much about it emptying sew them. Half I'm settled lips I'm invested in this congress I can play it are pilgrims G after you have there's my only goal in life except you're playing it on the only computer chip I am playing I am playing on the PC's temporary Xbox it was a go to like hey Al land senator something to do that I all right moving on from that some tidbits in some news stories. Here's one that I found now might be interesting for AI. Fan of Harry Potter Yeltsin are they didn't do we do I want and I have led revolts fellow potter you have a DO lightning multiple votes to. Yeah I think you can only have one on your I don't I don't more really. Million or so if you're talking about are you turned a broomstick are you talking about the peace cruisers line broomstick. Also consumers and you primitive screw now anyway day or so is my. Stick apparently you can have breakfast honey Harry Potter set. It's awesome you specifically when it means well maybe for our meeting on August 41 and 28. Harry say. Do you take your birthday on the 21 in the twin well yes that's a tough. Harry Potter fans are invited to Dinah hogwarts castle the intricate model version that is the hand crafted set piece took seven months to build and has 300 lights installed to mimic the glow of land turns. Warner brother studios knew Harry Potter breakfast experience in London and starts with the watching dawn break over the model castle. Which might be simulated since the model is indoors and two originals are toll 30 AM then guests get into insider toward the great hall stuck with pixie pus and cherry owls and listening and stuck with employees and four hogwarts uniform of form for the occasion. Plus they look at. I got an Alley there right got it to our cool and the other favorite sets used in the films according to Hamid. Oh hogs meeting. Is that a claims or Zagat has placed baby who according travel and leisure breakfast includes tasty treats like mini really she is wins and tomato chutney and bake him. Sausage in brown sauce muffins and a fruit gum balls with maple syrup. If you can make it to London to set a bunch in my fear words well if you can make it to one day and it's not about highway right manage tickets are already on sales in the minority be sold out sorry about that there until entry cost is 95 pounds which is about a 123 dollars Americana that for now for now how how. How children are slightly less expensive as 75 pounds so it's still going to take you back feel a little bit mr. pot head over there that potter potter head to potter head over there think UIDC. This be something that lake would be a destination thing or it would just be like if you happen to be traveling in London this time to be something cool to see I don't know if Michael was hurting world or anything like that are. Specifically destinations. Let's go to these things I. I think if you're big enough fan of something anything like this is definitely going to be a destination this this becomes a reason. To go to London not he were in London wanna we checked out very OK okay for a Sebring and there were work either way I mean literally of course started to go to London for already but if from a potter fan. NM not I'm on the sort of on the fence about the piano for really want to show up conduct its state to get my blood over the par and then and then go Chicago London Emily oh what part prepare breakfast at hogwarts yes signing. FX and I mean like a Harry Potter has been just such a big thing for so long correct that I could imagine that someone who grew up on them maybe is a young adult at this point and has some money and has the ability to maybe travel a no Vicky when she was younger went to a Spain. And so if you're doing that as may be a class trip and you figured oh maybe I can do that. Mean hopefully they're going to be doing him more than just the point for the twentieth I think this is kind of a feeling are experiencing period yeah yeah opening these people would love this guy he's had a good thing either you know let's let's say you know Catherine loves your princess grace great how to do them it's a great reason just you're listening what is your breakfast there. Listen to early drink but are below. And never heard LA Atlanta area. Moving on from that with us today weird Georgia we're talking a lot of board games Gary and it's a lot of fun I think this. I think from Friday and then that coming up on Wednesday are gonna have a lot of board game talk. And with people who have really interesting projects on kick starter Chris and this one also was very interesting we've got mr. Scott Elliott with us talking about dragons don't mind so Scott you have created this super fun family friendly game really calm dragons don't mind I would tell all I tell our listeners a little bit about insist they gave straight out right now. Dragon stone mine is a game in which you are releasing the power of magical jams that have been trapped underneath dragons for millennia. Whole day. OK. Okay yeah. Just had a bunch in my favor word. Semester really had to when I guess so right into it. And how. How do you how do you get to these how do you get these jams and get all these magical power since riots so you this of these dwarves have mined these jams and and their collection together and what we call the mining bag. You reach in the mining bag at the beginning of your turn to release one of these germs and based on the type of jam it is. Each one has a different power so ruby for example of spicy wants to jump to somebody else's tower policy going to be putting out on someone else's tower as opposed to your own right absolutely the concept is. Each of these gyms is worth a point you with the most points at the end of the game you're stacking these jams onto your tower sometimes your staff and on your body sour. Whether you're being friendly to them whether your screw mobile live and up to determine you know there's politics in gaming. Oh they're always it up and just how much fun on this I had a tough arms but as I mentioned at the beginning of this this is a a very family friendly game armed because. You're failing was involved in designing this game tell me a little bit about how how this happened because it was it was your kids. I I'm super excited tell the story so my A my family and I live in Seattle for six years and during the rainy October day in Seattle who made my youngest kid with six at the time slate tablet taught to move here right. How about we make a game dependent you know how to see that the wheels spinning and she said we can we does make a game as well. What the heck let's try like yeah totally I loved wars let's go recently what we we went despair in the weeds in thirty bucks going in the movie. When we take thirty bucks go to the hardware store find some things that you think are cool and fun and figure out how to make a game out of that with a thirty bucks wow awesome. That's that's astounding Justin simple fact of you most of time people are going to be all right Ellis go see the movie yeah. You can just sit down and kids are so imaginative. You can deal will help you build a world. Around it. Nuts and bolts essentially is what it looks like from noticing you literally a way to start out and absolutely thought so my daughter ruby is walking down miles between you pop up a lake city way she'd like to add. These sticks are really cool and I look I'm only dowel holes. Yeah they're awesome like what's not to like about how it's. There's smolder clear you can whack somebody will then. I had so we got those are my quote if we learned of the concept of mentors mining germs what we get to go and that's we'd we scrounge around we found these. Quarter inch Tony hex nuts. And then the rest of our budget was blown on spray paint because haste repent expensive gym owner of the different color did you get anyone who has ever give me any Assad at a point right women knows exactly how expensive totally exchanging Internet so this is that's it's just amazing. Units you can do that and and this is actually been in development for a while at this point you've been doing it for how many years. Three and a half almost four years it's been in development we've had all we had time for some spit and polish roots there. And it and it's you're getting a lot of you're getting a lot of praise from the game makers Italy in the industry as well so like tell like LO ME Peter Atkinson is a big name if you know Wizards of the Coast if you know gen con and he hears nothing but praise for this game is right on your kick starter page. It's super cool he's he's a great guy and and very supportive which we have had the privilege of being able attest to game with the game industry luminaries I mean some of the guys I read their books. To learn how to design a game right like how good I'm glad I'm gonna read you know a book by wave might sell long term Paul Peterson again and number I intense man. And and you know Mike and Paul they absolutely were involved and alpha testing the game the only guy. Well we're all too good to hear my real two busted here if you know I mean sometimes early dry humor did you settle that you now silence it was. Very kind of them to give their time in their input at this early stage of the came when you know king. Things you'll look further off the rails pretty quickly turn the game and it's O knowing all of these game designers you've designed games home before them. I've never designing games start to finish and you know I've been in geek and a gamer my whole life okay yeah and I've been involving game's development I used to work in game publishers so. You know and I ran organized play right so calm. Mirnyi is not a yeah oh yeah absolutely zodiac anytime any dealings EE get togethers for gaming whether it be like match jacor RPG's or anything along those lines certain events right exactly that kind of stuff I was involved with that for years loved it. Little game development but I'd never done. Kind of cradle to grave or cradle to cradle whenever I had fully like game designers lately and I you know. I like your new challenge and wanna see what I can do and and we do this with my kids so we left the hardware store. And one of the things that they talked about and non. The cold mold guide to game designer and yeah I yell and had we had a dog and I guess that's a good book him and dressings they talk about his jury to the fund can tour right away you know turn things Paul Peterson talks about. Celek who talks about gift to the fine don't don't make cure players wait to get to a foreign so I really wanted to hold on that principle and even as part of the design process we wanted to play the game that day. And yeah did we toll will warm back to the house some lingering. My daughter says he dad so mom. You know we we stayed on budget arm. Functional bit how she described her I committed actually. Pay. We don't have anything to put these cells in but I've got this. Project in the garage was an airplane and we can disassembled that and can use that is the base for this game so I thought that was super cool Kurd alike toll volunteer her projected to why animated into our game at any. They gee you've got her excited about creating some things gas something I think is really important for everyone listening out there at this point in time is. Like other then and doing a little bit or research on how would you design a game. You can have a rainy day project where fewer siblings with your children with your other friends are like. Let's designing game and is in either it's a fun afternoon project or it turns into and already four. And they had every right yeah after a few well and funny you say that because one of the elements we're. Including in the kick starter is that if you back yet at the four player version or higher. Will actually provide you a downloadable set of plans so you can have your own rainy Saturday project to build your own set. My mom while you wait and on this to ship missile ship likely in November. So if you wanna make your own while you're waiting will give you a file that all your print your own cards on sticker sheets or cut him out so if you're too impatient to wait no worries we now will give your project. Goal in the meantime Pena even going back today going back to dragons don't mind you can find it on kick starter right now traders a little over a week to go with did and you're still go on for the stretch goals all the information is out there. On which you've made this game because. You made it with your children. It's really. There's different levels of play you can play it was very small kids starting off but I've got tiers of levels so based on. How how how I guess how good of a gamer you are out into gaming you are you can play it at different levels absolutely right we have. V entry level which doesn't involve any reading you just need an explanation. Of the game and that's called level smiley face. Think it's. Love to play that was my nieces and nephews you know we've we've played tons of times and that involves. Staffing the jams following their color rules and am trying to get the most points to play a level one. It's up a little bit more competitive and we had these. Fancy cards that allow you to please spells where you spend. Your jams and actually act to meet these dolls. Tim makes it more interactive view every chance to screw your neighbor your chance to help your buddy out listening or raced the paper and I have but he gets the politics in it at absolute basic level there yeah dad who absolutely awesome. And then level tier I I feel he has would. We'll be playing level to right from the beginning and and it's. You know it's like all right we're right eye were bloody knuckles were due to mess then it's easy attack a lot of fun and and I've played this with people who've. You know who are professional gamers and you know they play on pro circuit's approach towards and things like that and a lot of them just astle limited's Wii play game it plays in seven to ten minutes per person. Nice that's a lot of that's that's really fun because talking I know playing games with kids. Sometimes it's hard to keep their attention. And so having something that you can get done fairly quickly and on but also as a high replay ability factor on to it. I'm a key to coming back because if that's one thing if I mean I had a brother sister that were ten and eleven years younger than me if you know anything if they love something and they will do it all right hurry and I heard earlier I had absolutely. Scott again the Scott Elliott with the dragons don't mind currently right now it is on kick starter. Just about a little over a week to go. Definitely check it out this is something I'm definitely picking up for my nieces and nephews this is that this is just is great is bringing families fine. Arm back to the board games thanks man I'm I'm I'm glad that you're excited about a career surely excited about and you know when you see the quality of these pieces we want this to be heirloom quality I mean I've I've now been -- to get some pictures up our yellow most valuable post some pictures of clinical first on the geek nation FaceBook page because you know you've got the jams which are there shiny our look lost some how. And how. I think they're gonna be the things that really grab the attention of kids. And then when they decide to go and play the game and that's gonna keep their attention absolutely and we expect that people come up with a house rules were Goodwin that like that's how the game came to a mall that is cruel games less so yeah absolutely and we're. We expect people say well. You know we we bought two sets of this game we wanna combined India we when he used three copies of that car who wanna cut that other card out there that card makes me angry. Yeah okay. Having friends I've had friends who have cars of had made made them angry and they asked him up in front of me I am not what you do that I've done that. I'm a muddy and in north Seattle. Not method he help develop this game a lot and he. There's critical gem theories and I get to the cart out okay. Definitely has got to look at and say look we don't. Don't hate the game hit the play and wait for me that's many good hey how well Scott again thank you so much hopefully more continued success with dragon stone mine and I congratulations on being funded think you so much really appreciate the support and please backdoor kick starter dragons don't mine and all right thank you so much again check out dragons don't mind on kick starter. A little over a week to go with that I'm so depressed though you know why it. We don't get to talk he was foods for like a year now. I've got some bad news not all sitting around new some bad no aren't bad so bad news already thank you normally normally through the last. Six seasons of game of thrown right six years in my life pictures of real life it started from April to June perfect so I just have to wait for April for the new season we're CIA know. But. According to these shows creek creator of co creator of about David Denney are he would agree created afternoon. The he says. We don't have an air date yet what's it's going to be like 08. No boys April to their starting a bit later with a fill me because quote it's winter is here. That means that I signed. Let their does not serve our purposes anymore so we've kind of pushed everything down the line so we can get some grim gray weather even in these sunnier place is that we shoot and she. Systems Seattle rain and snow through I love that plan. Demon through you measure be an action game throws the iceman I'm right now we got real ugly girl there we got all the while links to for Vicky do diluted Hornish woman. Yes and curious as I change it look then yes and I wish I have turned less. I.s so roughly people are estimating ink in expecting says they're gonna have to start doing all of the shooting in wintertime deny that the premier maybe sometime not until next summer or. All. And we also have officially. No word on how many episodes there were actually be because Benny op Ed option and said recently that issue would end after. Thirteen to fifteen more episodes spread over two seasons and that's thanks so law sets bizarre that's. I had to yeah. They are ready roll you just used. Everything and kill all the time wells didn't. And guys doing this and very ill didn't have yet our listeners these are downer. Here's how do you dare you use the deal though we're getting to the end of this what you send this has been six years of borrow one I used. We're getting to two seasons which may be shortened I do respect the fact that they're not going for filler episodes yes no answer but I mean we're looking at the next season is going to be easy conquest of westar rose by Dinara has yet. And then when the season after that would have to be deeds have done. Does fights Tuberville and the super fights between a super friends and some may. Yeah and apparently some is allergic to zombies are my nose herds of allergies if the if I just I don't. I don't want to end Knoll she's if you didn't admit it but there's they've already said that this is a story that it has a beginning of in app has an end. It made its soldiers but I'll be happy when there's closure but at the same point I can go back and watch it again try on really long time. We just like any good story any good books any good. Series like this where you invest yourself anything you do you are you gonna be gone on this journey with these people that you you loving you hate him you just wanna know what happens to them in your so. Unity so invested in L I guess say eat you you don't want it to end but you also want. The end of the story you want to pull a seven you wanted to come. To its you we want you want the payoff and it is a real conflict for anybody who has something like this that they really really love and watching it and is both sad and wonderful at the same time if it's done properly and I feel like they've done it properly. And if something gets dragged on your eyes roll and eventually Embraer are that happened with me wins on the wheel of time series yet by book ten I gave up. And then Robert Jordan has been Robert Jordan's guy made it and it had to be mangoes straightened but it. Essentially essentially because all the notes and I carried out to three more books which I don't even have a guy have up to book ten in hardcover. And it kind of looks terrible my bookshelf 'cause I don't have the last three death but it. And I hear this Anderson stuff is like. A little bit more were a little bit better pacing. As far as are so less side tugging of braids and just and have by the you know what I haven't I haven't I haven't I've I think is the first book and that was it. I got the world knows everybody and like the first four books are really good five through seven and. There's one good thing though he's been through I said we don't know how many of those is going to be Norway to film which means they're just gonna film. And everything plate they're not to voice gives out there and you do anything like that's it until they're gonna going to add anybody guys we know you major wait till July. Probably August maybe later finals here eight episodes we just forty more or some ridiculous number yet or I bet. You know I hope they use all of it now today dragon's heat everything I'm very happy about that all right well let's get on T move the sheet Swiss TV. For us I got and Mardy was thrown stuff yeah clearly not. So you know he was thrown start Lina had committee is for trade officers see and pretty much everybody wants. Yeah I adding that's just kind of where we're going with that in his supporting you're just being the bitch and just at thing every thing up everything that is happening king's landing it's her fault you know basically. And so she did an interview they asked how would you like to dying and how would you like superseded die today I had packed in a good now she's basically queen. Of the iron throne you know her kids are all dead near the relations of their Brothers you know gonna get weirder mean when we hear her weird surf so look like things are gonna go to welfare hers and she knows she's hoping for a really great death by aria. And she's thinking and EW answers that. She had Ariel or teary immunity killer Ross is known to relish her death as much as he would so via. Ten. I would love to see I would love to see tearing and I'm getting kind that righteous retribution. Yeah like she she was always hate and I am always Syrian and Jeannie seems to be at least. At least had some sibling love yeah whereas. Essar same chain had Nana that especially when she figures sectarian kill jobs free right. And she's going to believe that until the end of her days Thea and hopefully the end of her days will be seen. I think maybe they do a three way thing in the sense of lazy but at the end of the day kinda Gmail killer. You ask but yet I won Jamie all right guys gene he's already thinking slayer why would he be the queen slayer as well right. I think we figured I think we wrote it George RR Albert Ellis Nowak GOP are just give us credit Debbie I think it's early hearing no it's gonna have a 99 Tahoe so two. Can be heavily key facts chipping giving away Haynes furlong time. The creditor recently discovered that in 2002. During a question it question and answer session with friends. He made a CQ reference to John snow's lineage. Alone long coming up for you when talk about the show. Until we officially known you know with the finale season six and you know John Snow is actually Leanne a stark son Brandon. The bug back send someone when someone asks since all of their mother is died. Who gave John Snowden heiress to our Gary in leery intent Lancaster their names. Martin replied mothers can name the child before heard carrying her after it even while they're dying. And any was most likely name by her mother Terry and by his father and John by Ned. But. He said mothers like not. Fathers or he would have said something like if you know Nen had been his father's a meaningless said humanitarian and Johnny by the fathers and Danny was buyer mothers that he said by their mom I. Mothers and it's it's one of those interesting things around everyone's going to be poring over any interviewed transmissions and stuff that they've had ever had with George RR just trying to find any nuggets. And he wins yet it lays like the same thing that everybody does when they're watching a trailer and suddenly actors like in a minute and a half trailer. Do you see the nineteen things can be found in this many trailer ever written literally feels they're yeah exactly so nitpicking and all that I love the geeks for doing that gas and because then I don't have to do it actually. Edit it and give it all day everyone out there on that end so you all know that you guys keep on just analyzing. Every single word George RR says yet so let's some move from Leicester rose to deep Sweeney's future none of the big news about Star Trek the new when that's coming out again how are listening awesome July 20 seconds or so coming up actually. Who is apparently they're going to have their first. You know LG BT main crew member. No choice. And I mean it all it has to be one character yes actually has to be a percent. Soon and so of course other right. I mean because just where would play George to came. And they've he's laid and I mean George could decay has banned and like you easy he's a great actor but at the same point he's Bennett in astounding advocate for of four LG BT. Right there and and it's just they it's it's super super awesome did see them. Deal with dead I'm just wondering. How they're gonna deal with his own space. So apparently the revelation of Suze sexual orientation or not be a major plot point to know or even especially a big deal in the movie but instead will be shown as a simple matter of fact so soon be seen as a loving father and daughter with the same sex partner. Although the end of the and then identity of the partners and been revealed yet but I think that's how it should be because I feel like if they do a big cry like. Don't look at this then I've really it's. It's twenty spots easily switch in sides yet legally he is is he has done and that's good today Fiat now yeah Debian. Good relate me. OK. Okay. Finally safe to its Tony sixteenth but I mean in the start taking reverse its much farther into the future and at this point we already have the united federation of planets we don't have. Like Stephen do you. Something like this would be a non issue exact just a thing. Like something a survey and I'll just say more along the lines play anything at this point people would just be lead the alien relations sort of things would be no big. Can be annoying part in this sort of universe. If things a starter has always sort of dealt with I've from the LG BT community in general is that that they. Talk a big game about how whom the federation in and there the editors in the future and all this is. So far evolved and you know in any equal rights for everyone and no one is. No one is cast doubt or put down upon and they have had a lot of trouble up until recent times. Portraying that on the screen because you just couldn't get away with that on TV and so forth and that's and that's been a problem even like with them having the first ever interracial kiss right ran out it was a huge huge deal but imagine if that have been just between two men who would have been no and I've never been blown out forget and never shown. So this this is fantastic news I think I think he knew that they're giving giving us this and saying that yes as a matter of fact the united federation of planets. He in general is very completely accepting of everything and it doesn't matter it's just. Life is just don't leave our via con exact company can't. And this is fantastic news and I'm sure George decay is loving and I can't speak for the man obviously but he hadn't had had to. It basically hide his orientation the entire time he was on the piano accidentally and and all the way up until he'd keep came out I think in 2005. They you know I can barely eleven years ago and and and this has got to be fantastic things for him and really. Would wanna see some reaction on that day from that camp and I think it's going to be brilliant innings he was just over the top amazing really really excited. About all of this quite frankly. And then and other thing like that was set in the article that I'm sure you probably know it's is in the original Star Trek timeline. It was revealed in the film's Star Trek generations as soon had a daughter tomorrow who became the helmsman of the enterprise beat in all though her other parent. Could be you know was never revealed her right whenever it's like that it totally Ben yeah I'm manager to matters I'm so Joseph I like the approach to a chose not to make a big deal other thing which is where I hope we're going as a species Fiat and not. Political lie is no one's personal orientation so. Perfect yes I love it yet it's super awesome thank Kelly see the movie absolutely understands it because blew different I have. I have ever you know plus I'm page writing it for everybody there there is ahead FF and to make sense as CNET rating. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. 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