BJGN07-19-18 - Special Ops - Project Blue Book - Equalizer 2

Thursday, July 19th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Chris & Rev! They discuss Sasha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America?'; the potential for TWO films about the Joker; the History Channel's show about UFOs titled 'Project Blue Book'; Mark Millar's multiple Netflix shows & movies; and Mark reviews The Equalizer 2!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc. Plus should ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Key nations special ops and welcome to your special ops briefing I'm your host Mark Connor this week the equalizer. Number tool parents as well as that item that we referred to is more. First let me introduce my cohorts today the reverend en Fuego at the controls good day Chris walker at his station or something and I'll take it. A chameleon that there was room. If they wanna do so 19802243353. As three to send text messages and voicemails emails be digging nation at You can find us on all social media just by searching for BJ she's geek nation. Or you can find all of that and the more ad BJ geek nation dot com I'm so glad there's nothing interesting or urgent going on. In the news that we have to be crapping ourselves over so we can just focus on fine geek stuff. And not talk about anything else at all because I hate to irritate anybody docs killer or maybe panic other people formed yet now all the Ciba. No and a little bit Russian now. Two speaking of which this is not necessarily geek stuff but have the two of you watched soccer baron Cohen's who is America no because I'm. And I've heard all of there's a news reports and all that basically all the politicians who were duped by him once again. Taking the victim route the other venal terrible idiots he's funny well sometimes he's funny and it just like. As much as I don't really like those visited the people that he's lamb basting most of the time. Like I don't know if file I think a kind of overt. His characters doing these things because they never seem. There is never. For comedy always seems means spirit all right mr. Stockholm sentenced syndrome side with the oppressor why don't get well I'll say this I have never laughed as hard at a movie in theaters an idea that Bora moderate that came out like 1015 years ago might I don't remember the date hair was so funny. I love that Ali G show. And Boyd and I need some to laugh at this weekend and it lived up to my expectations so here's the here's the deal he goes in different but at the heavy disguises because everybody's gonna recognize him now totally yes. He went he did he gets these people in the things that are so idiotic. You would have to be just to complete moron not to suspect you're being pranks like. Just it boggles my mind when people are just kind of going along with all a lot of the things that he's done and I haven't seen this yet so I don't know what to expect. I know a lot of people. I've talked to you were equal parts laughing ending cringing and then laugh mean. That's kind of my review I how it I don't cringed and then I repeated that throughout the show ethic they Cowell cringe your reviewer the only person to say there are a lot of people who did that same things. I think most of the people bid that he punk really richly deserved it. There was. In one of the segments he did makes himself up as an unrecognizable. As an ex con. Who is trying to sell his art to female argue she's not politics in any way okay but can I guess kind of a pretentious stuck up snooty art dealer so maybe. Maybe it's a 1% or heard users the company anyway. It's fecal RT. Courthouse and and it goes even further than that happens you just can't if your mouth isn't there opened by the end of that statement your not human. I recommend it very very much I cannot wait to see the next one. And I had a feeling Morgan Neil left by by next week if farewell intensely. More odds and ends. Joaquin Phoenix will be starring in a brand new Joker origin film which precisely. Nobody was clamoring for do you have details on this Chris I don't I have the other two things up right now but I do them. I mean you grab where. Variety reported that Warner Bros. has given the go ahead on Todd Phillips Joker origin filled with Joaquin Phoenix closing his deal to star. They first reported that Phoenix was in talks to played a crown play prince of crime. And as soon as the deal was finalized they gave the green light to a September start date with the budget with in the moderate 55 million dollar range from which is I mean a lot of these things are you know I mean if we need you or think was somewhere around 200 to 300 million so well I compares and yet that yeah. Okay Phillips which you may know from the hangover franchises onboard to co write and direct. It Jared let go recently played the Joker suicide squad according to insiders the Oscar winner won not only be back for the suicides going to single are sequels. But they're also developing this standalone separate. So we're gonna have to jokers. What is your opinion on Jay leno's Joker when we just before you get into this. Post. Like I didn't need it. Eight it was unnecessary. And so I just don't really necessarily care about it. In different ambivalent gas Chris I didn't I didn't hate his performance as the Joker I honestly. In a movie that was full of low points. It was probably the highest of the low points for me. Well it was a terrible movie and DC is got such a lousy track or ninety do I gave it Justice League and under try a few days ago that it's finally on HBO. Content. It's so much worse than I remember as I I saw once in the theaters and I was like OK there's a couple things that I remember from it. And yeah. Never may be cremated doors villain in any superhero movies when Steppenwolf. Oh yeah and CTI Steppenwolf from anyway. So we've got Joaquin Phoenix so I respect him I think he's a really great actors especially if he's got the right vehicle why he would do something like this. I just can't stand him I think it would just. Be everyone's who's being in a superhero movie now. Any can be one of those where meat do I wanna do this as well. Or at least you know put that little notch in the cap or. I wanna do might take because such great actors have portrayed the Joker it's a tenth anniversary of the Dark Knight emir cannot how do Heath Ledger now. I think about like this Joaquin Phoenix has become. What in certain circles would be regarded as sort of an up terror like he's very. He picks and chooses his roles so carefully it seems to me just did to Bill Clinton to someone who goes and watches. No you're and he does all sorts of different things to him all sorts of displaying the quadriplegic cartoonist. Whose name I can't Hillary now and then. Read but I don't worry won't get far on athletic aka all. So this seems like a really strange. Teak so there have to be something else at play here. To get Joaquin Phoenix it's an office I'm annoyed get curious yes it precisely okay registered normal state I I guess we accomplished nothing in your necklace. Well when I woke up this morning okay this afternoon fair to have a hot. The the second thing that I saw it and we've made me so excited. It's a brand new looks like well produced series from the History Channel called project blue book. Yes we actually have they'll little bit of a clip from this one blue here. Sky does not witness that was not a this world. Between 1952 and 1969 the US air force investigator over twelve Doug warning signs of those this top secret program was code name project blue. You can better situation west making similar porn scenes have been falling from the sky remember waking you meets first the adrenaline here financial. Being want me to investigate a dandelion saucers thank you don't want you know they proved to post a true. They don't loses speed based on declassify government files. Florian well he can come on now down to tell me what happened to have babies. They're really if you believe whatever you do that seems he had strange lights in the sky would you please raise your hands and hope they're going to raise your hand. During your doctor high. Magazine divorced don't miss something else and ninety. Remember and it's. Really scares you should be tune it. And even in previous years. So crop circles. Yeah. I'm wondering professor of clinical one day you probably saw. W just not a home for something as possible extraterrestrial or exist. Then probably billions of us being alone and I universe mice or listening Fo things are streaking now I am. So excited well there's an alien signs acted as look really cool yeah so we got hit it we gotta fifties and sixties period UFO conspiracy possibly horror show and it looks like it's very well produced like a legit now we're back though there's a really good from the History Channel which. Has been running a lot of reality TV in the last few years it's long since departed from the glory years the she stands for Hitler the Hitler channel he has been. I bet back in the old days of the History Channel Hitler channel if you had a documentary about. Nazis the cult and UFO's all smashed into one I could not have been happier this looks like it's gonna come close yet. So extreme that very excited about this aim Killen was was little finger in game with crohn's and I think he was freed up recently. You guy you go all the engineers don't know I have to. And one that I heavies in there with the military guys is no Madonna. Who's a character actor you've seen in approximately. Everything you still looks solid zemeckis is the director of forest and come back the future what. This is. Big deal for. History Channel I know where they are getting the budget for something like this I don't know what we gotta support this I hope it is as good as it looks next how I definitely agree with that one. This weekend is the San Diego comic con war yeah dad I will not be gone by a have stuff coming out but none of it has been announced yet so it's. It's the most crowded thing you've ever been to it's hot it's expensive. And it has about what 3% to do with comics. I mean don't want to be dying in a working replica of the demolition man Taco Bell for the movie twentieth anniversary yes actually we don't think Mel I don't need all that on the fast food wars mark wouldn't you want to experience diarrhea I don't need to fly to San Diego at what about a mock court martial of Star Wars polled gambling for leading him you mean Star Wars the last job I guess sounds justified yet I'm getting tired and sounds just a fine wine and beer tasting with new progress Tyson. Millions yet in while he explains why you're wrong the way you're drinking it are even saying any sort of word why that Beers giving you the tubes fast scientific explanation. I think I've got your Mercury I'm ready. A complete re creation of room to 37 from the shining. He got a whole bag and about yeah. I truly hope they're really Poland now again. Path and the stoppers Haley worked this is now San Diego traditionally is the weekend where you get all sorts of fantastic new announcements including some right before Thursday night's preview night. But we got a big one prior to preview and I even and it involves the prolific. Comic writer Mark Miller and yet. We got so I Netflix is developing a series based on Miller's American Jesus and Jupiter's legacy his whole Miller world thinks meant less than Netflix is developing a hold Miller universe yeah in multiple projects. If you don't know whom he is he wrote I kick ass and king's men which have turned into feature films. And so old it says it essentially. He does kind of the weird world of heroes. And just any sort of thing they discuss sprouts out of him and had a hive mind that they they've they've cultivated. I he is also responsible for bush. Comic book that. Once I think has been option and but hasn't quite gotten there yet cult nemesis yes Aaliyah which is basically his anti bat man and it was an okay read I got all all four of the this is the short series but it bench of AA is basically just. And in a hole. This at bat man. Mark Miller is going to be a mogul who may eclipse Robert curtain and he's a Scottish guy he's. To meet on a whole village or something I'd wouldn't surprise that it sounds great. But I read some of this stuff when you is. Doing big company working ditto Wolverine thing from marvel it was at Wolverine weapon acts I forget and it. Researched well I think everybody essentially Wolverine kills everyone I felt like. The earlier stuff that I read. Was just kind of juvenile old violence fantasies. Yet and that's essential like nemesis is a kick ass is the same thing if you kind of look at it that way. I enjoy kickass and the sequel and I enjoyed the second kings and allow more in the first I think he's maturing as a writer and he's branching out and so it's not just. What it will bring kills everybody if I have this stuff a lot of fun. I exactly fun as the lord I was gonna put there and it was so it. I admire people who strike out from these licensed characters were 506080. Years old so I think I'm really curious to see where Netflix goes of these do you have anything else on this before we were. But Chris yeah I guess I mean it's it's basically the rest of the article that I have here from variety goes on to talk about how Netflix has been expanding and becoming this powerhouse and how they acquired Miller world last year. And they've also released a comic book. And it has become one of the EU the bay biggest selling new comic book franchise in nearly twenty years Netflix magical order Netflix. There is now on Netflix comically there seems to be. Airline I don't recall reading. If so it is a note to self start pitching the Netflix yes guide just one more thing in addition to American Jesus in Jupiter's legacy. The Netflix slate for Miller also includes three feature films empress hawk in Sharkey the bounty hunter paid these are all properties that he has had before so a lot. Of stuff coming out there. Netflix I mean. I'm kind of surprised if you know someone in the entertainment industry who doesn't have the a deal somehow with that took that as a point I'm excited about these precisely because they're not. A Joker origin movie yeah I love affair it's all right when we come back from the break the equalizer to. Welcome back it's still special ops I'm your host mark on her with a reverend in way don't they know we're special high. We're all still the same people. And they're still cranking out all the streams and he will say we have the equalizer to four years after the first one directed by Antoine Fuqua starring Denzel Washington. Now I don't know if it's who you side I of bully we discussed on the show here though I don't yeah I certainly sought and I thought it was just. Laugh out loud silly. Bad pretentious. Just look at me this iconic slow motion in the rain at home people bad. All the way middle Lotta people liked it what did the two do you think I did enjoy it I'm pretty sure I saw it on a preview I think we had a mandate if we didn't. I don't believe I've paid for it so I don't think I had any issue whatsoever when I side you guys can mean more forgiving from a movie if you don't have to pay for exactly. Okay realists on it together did we are pretty. Yes we Autry went the other year you've got a better memory than Mika that violated but I don't remember I go to so few of them they Billiton standout but yet the three of us saw this and we had rousing discussion on the walk back to the car did when he guys ripping me I don't have any recollection of this this yeah obviously is pretty memorable thing analysts OK we'll have to see that again anyway. Sure yeah. Four years later we got a sequel seems star seemed director. And read you have a trailer yes he. I don't know if there's Denzel long time ago different life when did you graduate from. Yes move in the Summers. Finally what do they wish to vote for Obama a man who kidnapped little girl from American Mullen. When will didn't think possession. Will be then yes we'll put your. Men like him when they. So we started as timer you know what that means this. Cubs get these good people that's on the trains. Got a guys he's got a lot side won't be just broken neck okay. That's ten minutes or ten seconds not even know yeah. Her illness ran the space is phenomenal isn't there that he didn't nobody driver. July 9 grade I definitely want to buy. Oh you are dedicated to look into. Church I it's like it did happen. It's a matter. Like leave me. But Denzel. Yeah it is it's an elder action isn't dad really tennesseans at this point or should I guess someone got take in other taken in their beat her there's got to savor. Seven years it's just a cool thing. Only go to war to partners plus and I thank from the car they don't know what would mean. Okay just good car. Oh shooting whoever it is could kill your years you say you're gonna go into aria yeah I only like a good idea agency. The defense. The AAA recommends against shooting a gun in the I don't I don't know. I did Brooke if you figure I've been doing via limo prosper kind doughnut and a car. All enemies are not created equal and he hugs. Roll credits now to Craig the trailer looks pretty late your standard revenge I'm gonna kill everybody because. Pretty dramatic album it's not a spoiler is a show on the trailer oh bad guys come and take his ex CIA ex friend ex boss played by Melissa Leo they killer he's got to find out who did it and and then kill them all brutally and by hand if possible guests and many broken bones even in that trailer there was one. Guy's elbow who word yet I didn't do a lot of compound fractures and this plenty of action and good choreography shot well Denzel Washington is not a young man or particularly athletic looking at this point to be honest but they sell really well. Miles LC looks good for and is mid sixties. So it's still we have some elder action here. Now if you remember the premise of this and of the show from the eighty starring. Edward Woodward what he now. We catch up with Robert McCall he's a retired secret agent of some sort. Now driving for lift yes I thought I was like well that's. And I wanna be undercover what best away air event to have your face in your name right on example that is some product placement how much did lift pay for righted. Did they outbid Burton was government almost an Hoover driver really could just use card ago when couldn't you just use the cab I don't know it doesn't. You know it's kind of a nitpick I don't mind that much but my hackles always raised Lindsay you really obvious product placement in a move this is changing with the times yet is this would have been a cab driver. Fifteen years ago cabs are out man yeah so do a cab driver he'd be on the verge of suicide instead of pretending he's dead yeah okay keep. And broke now I can remember the premise of the equalizer retired agent he helps people who need it and now his way of finding the people who need help. Mary lift passion sure that I. Sure why not chat him up find out what their troubles there and he listens to talk to make small talk he gets involved then beat us sometimes he just drops them off. Other times he takes into the hospital and goes and beats the living daylights out of the room full of men who violated them them now one of his affairs is played by or send. Dean he was a popular character actor from the 60s70s. I didn't even know this cat was still alive Orson Bean was even minute Twilight Zone episode back they grow sixty holy crap that was cool that was. A little nerds satisfaction and very. And he plays hold. Jewish guy who was looking for campaigning that was stolen from under holocaust I believe. Same schtick is before McCall Washington. For takes on a whole roomful bad guys he hits the timer on his watch I'm not sure what that accomplishes. It never really explains anything but it's the recognizable shtick of Adidas character beat his high score with job. Get a lot he's clearly working on his game. So it starts off fastest he's got some some action things character development things. The people who did this movie of obviously read the save the cats screenplay for a hot we typically we established the character quite well. Once that's done his old CIA friend colleague gets killed he's got to find out who did it kill mall and we are off we are off to the races. Pedro Pascal. Is in this and if you don't recall the name. He played the guy in the game the throne who got his head crushed at the end of the fighting while. And it was over a glimmer until I am so much bad I don't until the well over Martell anymore because their image search is. Pretty hotel like fun is it is that is that they'd give. I be now it is great yeah I just think skull watermelon. And he was also in the most recent king's men movie which when you said it was it was a lot of fun. There is a big boss fight at the end of this movie which is also very satisfied there's nothing revolutionary about this movie but I thought it was so much better done in the first one. You know McCall is more or less invincible is kind of a cartoon. I saw the trailer for this first before the so curry though canceled Otto MySQL a and so this is like a superhero movie with Denzel Washington just ridiculously taking out one guy after another would his bare hands. And then missile bottle movie. With so god damn violent and disturbing and like real world violence I thought that the other people in the audience with me were just traumatized at the abrupt shift and I'm at but I was really happy to see this honestly. And I got to admit it you're not gonna hear critics admit this or talk about this very much sometimes under certain circumstances. I have to second guess myself as a critic and wonder if other factors influenced my perception for instance. Right after nine elevenths. May be on the night of I don't know why I went to a god damn Crocodile Dundee movie. And it was a welcome respite period or during the day of horror now and so I went to this. Equalizer to the day of Trump's treasonous press conference NC meeting with Vladimir Putin. Yes I needed some satisfying violence. Because I always do but also I I and I needed comfort movie and this really fit that bill it's not like Denzel and that's and one of those scenes of will open on some Russians so I can understand why you would or at least eastern European. So I can see why you might be a little or happy with it very satisfying very satisfied and this is not your eighty series with. Edward Woodward I thought I had should get this out of the way. Edward Woodward has the funniest possible name troop feed while under the influence of real legal recreational can look. I mean if this is there really really really old reference but anytime I hear his name I just think guild from. SNL doing her Barbara while law impression and and I can just add blood what do lives. Yeah there's not a not funny about it and he was a great actor to use the cool dude. But my mom I don't have a lot of positive great memories of my mom but one of the few things we would laugh about. Is that we'd we'd have a couple drinks in us and we would say Edward Woodward just cannot. I truly believe if you wouldn't bat. And I am I mean if you don't see it maybe it'll just click with the at some point and you'll start saying Edward Woodward. The reason Edward Woodward became the equalizer I believe. Think they offered the role two months that actor named Martin Shah offers them. He isn't it great excerpts it's six episode British actors who show called operations Marin would mar the show is very very well is so alive well known British record. He rejected the equalizer and it went Edward Woodward. A Woodward was played. A man of action in a British crime show called cal and that's how we got it was no real physical duty either he also remembers him from mom. The wicker man the grape growing area horror film of Christopher Lee. Also not very physical at that in Albany he just had a way about them a kind of clipped tone and imperious miss it and efficiency this to them. This is not that Edward Woodward Denzel Washington is is much much more violent arm. If you remember that showed all Brandon your way loves that show he's obsessed with it and they didn't really sell the action too well in matters like. When Patrick McMahon the got back on TV for the new avengers with with people who were like thirty years younger than him and yeah it's and he couldn't really do much besides the walks slowly from point a to point B. You know maybe could pretend in these somebody in that was the extent of executive that was Edward Woodward. Men not hear what whoever did the action choreography in the equalizer too with Denzel. They really sell a guy in his mid sixties kicking. All the act has. To Sandra here's the first one Antoine Fuqua he directed. Washington also in training day. And in the Magnificent Seven remake which. I kind of want to I couldn't get through it OK I didn't you stop I didn't even bothers them Magnificent Seven air was a fantastic western. Based on a fantastic. Movie seven samurai Sierras sour bless you regret just watch those please get your exactly right yeah I could make it through that. He's still apart from his occasional stinker he's a good director action so I'm. Reasons why I think this equalizers better than the first one with and so it just seems less ridiculous overrule a self conscious it's just it's leaner. I think. How is then can agnostic about them the Washington didn't wasn't crazy about him didn't hate him like some stuff he was in but never went out of my way. They really utilize his charm so good in this movie is determined now I'm not saying I wish you were my dad right now. Glass. But. And it's also got a lot of heart and so. He would be forgiven to wish he were your dad because there's a really good subplot that I didn't feel was strained or cheesy at all he takes under his wing. A young black kid who is who's got one foot into the gang world. It's really good again and second guessing myself was I just. So bent out of shape that day because our country's come a part of god Kim seems you have in the past had that movie after glow that yeah sometime later you had to kind of back off on the move your review that you had once previously done writing at the worst part and we're not gonna talk about the daredevil Affleck films. Anyway overall I think this is just lot of fun the people in the audience with me apart from being in free air conditioning dad I know you enjoy new yeah right well. I hope to make another wanna hit the hope they make another one while he can now do the action. I any medal pull quote for a discount if you're depressed because he's. Spent more than thirty seconds watching her beating us and it's a go watch some satisfying ask kicking and he's. It's great when you have an action star. Who is also a legit actor as well as one covered all the bases and it's not a classic for our time. You're not gonna need on that the steel book Blu-ray Evans an overnight shelter yesterday and you're not stimulus. Anton Fuqua commentary ten years from now. But it's solid one question before we ago. We've got Denzel was the equalizer and we've got Lian Neeson from the taken movies yes and we've got a camera reads from John wick yes who wins I'll Reeves for sure OK yeah they felt. What he's younger than than they are there enough barely examiner he likened it is like fifty. Well come on well. So Washington is in his in his mid sixties. I know well in Neeson is going to be 65 or at least maybe he's seventeen and down. Q&A Reeves uses firearms more than those other characters do various shoots it he ventilate. Everybody analyze when he's got a bulletproof suit I can't wait for the third one of those. Okay coming up next week I think we're going to be able is C via a brand new. Extreme stunt movie also known as Mission Impossible to OK. Does all his own stunts kinda excited about this. Our rev Chris we'll see you next week but let's goes on for now I'm marker honored special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of Saud flying key culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.