BJGN07-21-16 - Special Ops - Stranger Things - Lights Out

Thursday, July 21st

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner and Rev! Chris Walker joins them as they read a listener email; discuss Star Trek Beyond; the new Netflix show Stranger Things; and the new horror film Lights Out!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our -- jeez the video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot. Plus should ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish AC HT. Nation special ops. Grab your blanking it's time for your special ops previous briefings briefing. I'm your host mark chronicle this week we talk about stranger things and lights out. We don't know who believed to have some listener mail to the voice you just heard Chris walker sitting across from me at the controls as always is the reverend en Fuego had no. Before we get started rev what can people do if they wanna do something. They can give us a call 19802243353. Citizen emailed TJ geek nation in He could find us on the odds at mediating geek nation that's also for mr. Graham as well. And I you confront all of that our YouTube page your FaceBook page did more at Vijay. He took me shin dot. Com I have a presence of some sort online somewhere feel free to answer to that Chris sort of you yeah this has all those things are red just said I math. Available if you will on the Twitter for parties yet considering that permits us governance and let that happen. Social gatherings that walk like a plant Y no you guys are on the FaceBook because work quote friends. And it hurt my FaceBook fees has been lit up with posts about how everyone loves stranger things which is the new Netflix show yet. And we're talking about them a little bit but first rep we have some mile listener mail would you like Jessie new Larry then. I would love to read this came from a calm in Olympia or Sheen ten minutes you into an area. His says hey mark ray have not Chris say he. It was awesome hearing brand and on special ops again. Yeah. Sorry have some stupid in my ear you have. So well he continues spot has been my favorite part of the geek nation since its inception and hearing mark endlessly give Brandon crap is great. It's just not the same when mark gives it to read the thanks for the great show guys and get Brandon on more if you can thank you Tom. Yeah thanks Thomas and I enjoy having Brandon on the show last week as well after. A long time away I think one reason I enjoy it's so much was because I knew. He was gonna leave. In Canada that's like one then guys this is great effort but we don't do this once every year and a half or so and I like I think I imagine last week. From that he's not sure for years I have to yell about so. To protect I realized as soon as he left that I couldn't take up all the time in the showed just screwing with him and I had to come up with content. And actually research things to to talk about and not just command in them and run down a list of things that are worthless. And include his name minutes for every week. You owe it really enjoy that though while it's so it's kind of fun to have him because I've known him for a number of years now we met at a comic con. And from the very first time we met that was our whole relationship pork if you wanna call it and most of French ship which is just. Well abuse me who's no nothing nothing but abuse. And I'm also I I love Howard Stern are likely be episodes when they just argue with each. Okay. So you guys that since this kind of like a phantom limb there there but it's more like a phantom at a Vista organ quite a bit that is not needed bit. It will show up again the organ we'll show up again and and we'll have a good time and don't. You don't share that email with Brandon you did not follow that Ali I know I just send it to you okay we don't really you he'll he'll be insufferable know about that if if if if I start trick beyond opens this week. Yeah maybe and Chris I think one of the things that may mean eventually remember your name cope with. Well yeah I was so we're both big fans of the original star addressed I can't stand the new ones. For reasons that there with them because ingredient into you have a X Star Trek communicators phone case which now I want. So you can become an end and done. He ducked down and one night acting as a birthday party your place you drunken we offered me one of your hallway a scanner device things we call us. That is that is a replica of the the communication the energy leadership communicators. That they would have wall mount yeah yeah and it'll make a noise when you pass at that yet should. And rape and I was I was gonna take it from you because you're in your cups there that I totally with him at some and then later on you gave it to rev to bring in here to mean that assert. That's just shy have a marriage proposal I. I. So no starter and beyond screening as we know critics' screening. Which to me. Is immediately something that signals the stink of death they know they've got a sticker on their hands and they don't want critics to get a got a few days. Had starting on everybody lead on this. The red you have a different opinion is on the way in here on the way into the studio today I got an email saying a few seats are open for critics. And it paid screening to night. Well I think he's saying true the notice I am kind of book to I guess I'll see it eventually now weren't brew viewed on the show right away if we do wrong. No we'll lol I eventually on the main show have a spectacular. Because well I mean it's Star Trek and we kind of have to at that point by your. I found out about the about this screening as well from a another friend of mine in the business who. You got the same email and he is down actually he's on a San Diego right now on the EL one for the Seattle screening and it was basically. And what their reasoning is I guess is that since San Diego comic con is going to have the premiere of Star Trek beyond me. They can't do preview screenings before that or they don't want to do preview screenings before that to give anything away. So they have everything for the for the premiere. And so that is the reason for the delay on any. I'm not mine that I accept. That you're saying words in English. How can I type I've seen the trailer she times now get our end. What ever trailer they put on a given week acorn it just looks awful it looks just idiotic is it looks it looks like a thing that they're calling Star Trek. And they are putting people. In stuff that vaguely looks like the Star Trek we know but it it just looks like a big cow plop see I enjoyed the first two so I'm going to be OK with this one I think you know one thing I've learned over the years. Okay decades and spent as aware of the you can't are you somebody out of liking what they like true true. People dislike what they like but you can explain. Why why ain't no good. And you and you can you can come up with Whitney reasons and evidence Laker arguing in court case and what do that and every time I hear Britain would one and other related items that you guys may have seen his. We are screening the movie before the movies open they just also announced this week if there's going to be a fourth Star Trek movie can. With four returning Scalia as Kirk's dad and hurts. Dad who in the first one died ascending descending into Kirk's pregnant mom to her roof. To her safety and imagine he's going to be in them. Like that as meaning they'll be like flashbacks or some such do you think. I have no idea well make you do some sort of weird goes time trap mean hole. This whole premise entire series is based on weird time travel divergence stuff through I guess he can do is do whatever the hell you want pretty much science and cities Seattle and also learn to point my excited about that clearly and on the plus side at least to blend. Aspect of modern temple film making and it'll be years before we have to see it. You know in the sixties they crank out james' money every year every sometimes too but often every year. They don't do go big. The daily judo Star Wars. We're not even that people people are gonna age out of their roles in stuff that an oasis and that is that is to our benefit there you go to work out I like that that's your only open your hope this advertising in it like that and then James Bond movies take your four years in between a movie yet no wonder Daniel Craig only made what four of them. Three. An seen Oreo quantum solace in scuffle was Air Force One look the other the last one wasn't very memorable here. There are no matter how this surgery and the only made four but I think he he started as a young man. There it is he's he's he's aging out of Iran and they were making those things every other year I remember thinking oh it's an odd numbered year there's going to be in new. There's going to be any chance on me this year so. They've they've made if they made O'Malley in the old days Sean Connery would have gone say from doctor no. Two. That being kind of put Jean wearing a pink shirt in diamonds are forever right right we that would have been he's going to transition guy that I thought about. But you you could see him age over the course at an earlier. OK moving on ramp. I've been watching a lot of scary stuff this week a lot of really upsetting. Unsettling. Weird stuff this week home movies mostly. I'm mostly the RNC I don't that Rudy Giuliani has lost his mind who they're they're just another car they have all got a full racist now full you know full band Ghazi conspiracy there and or. I'm you know if it's always a fight for me not to talk politics on the show or Bora was not to turn the show into politics shall never gonna. Well to say this. Scott vial. I've heard I get Charles in charge a speaker appearance because they can't get anybody talking nobody wants to show up at the that Trump's wife and melanoma. Should help Elena I don't know how to hit the site. Hey how completely off were what a horror show wasn't what I freak show her what a clown car. I guess soldiers wrapping up by he's been saying it's. It's been a good 240 years for the United States that's that's a respectable and I'm and we had a good ground guys who was a real estate closing up make sure original it's awful only if we did some stuff -- there was that awkward genocide and slavery thing in the beginning but we had an okay period kind of in the middle and into quarantine and put. But I guess I'm I'm ready to let go I'm ready to let go of the real question about today's show is. Who have I plagiarized today's show from. Just. All out KSE a melanoma joked that our young woman who ghosting Comair. Whom the married you know work. We're plagiarizing of course and let's let's stranger things this is the brand new show on Netflix that everybody's talking about. It's an eight episode original series. And they had me they had any right from the opening credits and this is some of the music criminal justice policy program. Okay. Now boys I don't know if you love John Carpenter as much as I do but doesn't know just give you little tingling feeling gone now and there we go mrs. if you let and if you haven't seen the show. The titles that take poverty of the titles looks exactly like something from a Stephen King don't cover. Or even maybe one or two the Stephen King now movies come and I think need full and I was guessing meaningful things a little I don't look at all at all remind me of lecture anyway. Now you remember way back when Netflix made a huge roll of the dice with the first season the house of cards and give him now it's like they're they're unbeatable they're cranking out so much. Quality Daunte yeah actually honestly even if with Maria Stanford comedy show at yeah Netflix original post here had a plan is so we're everything they they put outrage is it's so much more of a sure thing than you would ever done. On one of the traditional old networks. And and stranger things is just a winner said in the eighties. In a little town in Indiana. And this is really kind of like a lost Stephen King TV show by way of Steven Spielberg. It doesn't. Even though it's set in the eighties Indiana it does not involving young Mike Pence or your contact. Trying to stop women from having abortions while. But then they showed does have echoes of of ET really strong and echoes. Which violated I never ever like ET children even when I was a kid I'll I am firmly in your camp on this sir I'm gonna glad to hear that I always thought it was cheesy despise them to be cheesy. Now it's cheesy and bad way. I it also has echoes of fire starter yes the Stephen King how we have lots and lots you're familiar stuff lots and lots of Easter eggs. And as far as eighties references. The show we and has Winona Ryder he had maim and Matthew Modine ethical and if that there might mean we we should rev start a new segment with music called. Boy do I feel old. It's. A. Oh I don't I feel old man Vietnam middle age Winona Ryder him haggard. Worried mom mode. Yet that was the one clip that have now deceased so far I even though Chris is like I didn't recognize it too heavily in debt and house like. Sheila to a maroth and asks yeah yeah out and so here's the set up there is a quartet of young nerds young boys at twelve year old boys. And there are big dungeons and dragons nerds where were you. So they did they play that they use a lot of the terminology from the game throughout the series. One of the boys disappears in his mom went on a writer who won't believe he's dead in red you've got some audio yes. I had been waiting here over an hour copper and I apologize. Again I'm going out of my mind smoke boy his age she's probably just playing hooky. No not my well he's not like he wouldn't do that cinemanow on my mom thorough debate team really knows his current prison garb during the Bergman Basil yeah people. He's not like you hopper he's not like me he's not bike. Most. He he has a couple of friends that you. So there I mean they make fun of them calling names they they Laphen in his clothes clothes and thrown his clothes don't know does that matter. And maybe fluff piece. She's just sit it can't whiny. Whiny just. Say he was here Cole attack. And he's the main thing is what he is. Flew us and we heard from one. Last I heard he was in Indianapolis I was on a year ago that he does nothing to do with it. In his number you don't hopper's he has nothing to do with just trust Joyce 99 out of a hundred times kid goes missing the kid is the parent or relative. What about the other time. You said 99 out of a hundred. What about the other top Eagles playing the wine. Joyce Hawkins carried on a worse than it's ever happened here in the four years of the work you're doing worse things who's won and our whole. Attacked Eleanor Gillespie's head because it got in her hair was nest. Okay fine I will call Lawny he will talk to me before he talks to dig up cop. It's fine my son hop. Despite him. And 99 out of a hundred yeah so you're saying you're still a chance okay. Should the same time this happens a voice appears. Young girl appears her name is eleven and if parents. Boy you you guys are married you're you're gonna be cranking out some offspring soon he'll mean your kid in numeral. It's fun and new brawls looking for bishop Archimedes. And from time IE there will never have children but I thought I'd I grimace on Napoleon. Some man from uncle can handle it targets hyper girl named eleven shows up she's about the same age as the boys she's got a buzz cut and she's played by Millie Bobby Brown never were before. But Mike pretty much everybody involved in the show it's a breakout role people are gonna know everybody that is involved in the show from now on. She eleven has escaped from a facility that's capital at the facility yes. They government facility where are mentally ill they were something. Unsavory. Is being done where there are experiments. Being performed. And that's where Modine Modine is some sort of boss. Boss of men and lab coats Barrasso of the color enforcers with suits and guns and and sunglasses. Now Matthew Modine he's kind of been off everyone's radar for awhile he showed up in one of the Nolan Batman movies and kind of a throwaway role. In stranger things you've got this big. Coiffed cool white's. Hair and him makes him kind of looked like the result of it for televangelists. To troll doll hey. I I thanks for getting appoint a process. It's important that they visual picture for our listener. There's a drunken sheriff whose name is David Harmer that's who you heard on the other half of the conversation with Winona Ryder in the clip. He's. Willis is beat straight year he's not a friend so I can I can call likens his and vaguely cro Magnum don't we looking dude. And he's been he's very recognizable he's been a ton of TV among movies hit. Again nothing that he's been in in in the scores of stuff is gonna break him out like this this is an instantly memorable role. When he's really good and it. Ends the show takes place in a time before cellphones in the kids all have walkie talkies bat girl that I always wanted that to and I never got walkie talkies until I was an adult and went into a Toys 'R' Us and they had Star Wars walking talking half I. Play I just realized that show. My drives home the point to me that much of my adult life. Has been spent trying to accumulate the childhood I was never allowed to do have performed by 100%. There's a bit of teen sex in the show. The disappeared kids older brother Pandit this actor looks like he's in his thirties he's got quick bag only I have the older brother chief aka. He's an outcast in high school who gets picked on by the chart he's a weirdo. And he Gundy mentioned this in the clip. To me who remember this time when we were kids when. Frag it was an actual part of the lexicon that people through about. And and now you hear that and it has roughly the same sort of stop you in your tracks effect as the end worked absolutely it's just not set anymore at all unless you're in culture teaching a geez yeah. Thank god we're not. You don't know them that was that was the thing that was what kids that was the put down the kids use all the time they're really hero that in the end of banana seats on bicycles boy how times. I love seeing rotary dial phones again everything under wonderful times the and so. I don't wanna run down the whole shown him and spoil. How it unfolds for you because you really use thank you enjoyable. Just to watch this and and just let it happen because. Way to the first episode they inspire the confidence for you not to be second guessing and anticipating everything they do. And it's this is a band show this is a chain watching the show and it's the first one I've vengeance in a while now so tell you a few things you can look forward to the girl eleven. Has some extraordinary. Powers it. There's a monster who there is another terrifying dimension. And maybe maybe it's these the guys who made this our and a love Kraft I'm not sure maybe there and a silent hill I'm not sure about and I don't think. If you be the judge who when you make if you the eight episode. It's some. It has echoes of ET like I mentioned but it's not a kid's movie strictly like ET. That said it's also not so vile that you can watch it with a mixed group. In your living room you could probably have kids in the room watching you probably have a you're grandparents and then they wouldn't you know cough your teeth across the room and better. I think the show you guys haven't been assaulting and I think yes if it's really tantalizing. And unlike some actual Stephen King and I read and reviewed lots and lots of Stephen King. This is satisfying all the way up through the wrapping up. He can always kind of been the master. The shaggy dog story that's entertaining and tantalizing bit sometimes he doesn't stick the landing you know almost I'd say well I'd seen. Three out of feet maybe we and you and I think your wives of ex Steven king do well he thinking it. Yeah the he's he's more about the journey and I am not the destination. A lot of times and I still love him but. You know this going to anything that Eddie writes how calm I've just read a couple of his in a row. Said that that reminded me of this including. The sequel to the shining with the grown up Danny toe share yup so that the stranger things is made by the de -- Brothers. And yet again. I've never heard of these dudes before either in fact the Duff for Brothers that's sounds like a fake porn name dad have you worked with the tougher Brothers all their big. How are okay yeah. Fish can get up at so they're name is very prominent in the credits and it's it's not quite is. Prominent as. I'm Nicholas winding Griffin monuc Graham if they don't look at it for guys we've never heard of that name is front and center they want I want to know this is it tougher Brothers joint GAAP. Check it out don't Brothers back on they didn't movie called hidden in between fifteen and other couldn we all fall down ten years earlier met. I've never seen or heard of either one from I kinda wanna go back and check amount now though on the strength of stranger things. Big time. I suspect these guys may have seen some Italian horror flicks somewhere along the way based on the content of strangers phils this period in there may be your some. Per week. But yeah it's a nice marsh. To a lot of different things that we loved and grew up with. Without being a pastiche it doesn't feel stale at all. The film making as well done in. Even paying the stylized at times but not. Not to show we never to showing. The guys' names there Matt and Ross Duff for you to remember that's just. The Duff for Brothers and definitely didn't Jeffries to be a term for golfer like norm tougher yet although they golfers that there they may and perhaps they army near there folks were. Being in any in the golf world don't we bear no golfer who is in the movie. But those references to everything else these these here's where they're influences on the sleeves can write down of the posters on the wall in the house is there's a jaws poster and you mentioned something about sheriff's uniforms some. Us on this I am to be trivia page than the sheriff's uniforms in the police outfits are aren't taken straight out of jaws they aren't. And direct copies of all the uniforms even the even and then vehicles. Of parishioners had a sheriff's department they shape on the patches things like that you have taken that directly from us. And I love that I eat at step up that they've got an evil dead poster on the wall of one of the houses. One of the kids has a poster John carpenter's the thing I mean it's pretty on the nose they even showed clips from one of the kids is watching that thing on TV at at some point and I don't think the thing was on TV in 1983. Yes but I'm not gonna get too literal minded about letting it linger and be who let her dad beta copy of it perhaps on their. Big ask cathode ray. I had heard all man or watching John carpenter's shared feeling Koresh you official and that's that's gonna say about stranger things right now. Because you need to experience is crucial this world but well worth it. As far as ratings go you know the thing we're Netflix asks you if you wanna raid the movie yet. I guy jammed up 225 and the only goal is yellow star again yeah I it's it's straight up to the fire left. And I I think you're gonna feel the same way rev Chris and listener. Next up. Next up is a movie called the lights out and I didn't know that much about it. Going in it's the week's new horror movie it's a gimmick movie. But it's at least it's not another god am found footage movie Tony Shanahan said he and the good ones of those times so. Sic up it's also kind of kind of a what would you do movie in that. Pretty much in every scenario in a movie you're. Asking what we're doing the situation. Perhaps you're wanting to shout at the act. Okay. A family in this movie is a menace to buying some kind of ghost monster thing. And it appears when the lights go out it disappears when there on so you wanna stay in the late or it'll get chase it's as simple as that. And one reason this resonated mean with me not knowing how much going into it and it. Tell me if I've told this story before but if it now I grew up in my grandparents' house in Spokane. And my room was in the basement the basement was huge basement was as big as the rest of the house the basement was like an underground love crafty in the city and I sigh I had my own bedroom down there had its own bathroom and I never had to go upstairs and I didn't want to exit. Possibly eat and steal alcohol sometimes right. Time there was no late switch at the bottom of the stairs and my grandfather. Was the cranky is old man from the depression ever you don't leave lights on and in his house in a way so there's like switched top of the stairs long stairway. Rooms all along a hallway. You gotta turn off the light and feel your way down to our man in the darkness the word all the sounds coming from of the furnace room. The house settling and if you're young kid who has been reading the kind of stuff that we already when her kids who have it's a terrifying. Trip two sanctuary where you can get to your room yet and turn on the light. Because even though you either a rational mind as a kid. When the lights are off is not so rational you thought and imagination. And and your hurrying you wanna get your broadcast after this is you can't. And if you hear something if you hear you know the furnace. Or a sound that you're not familiar with that sounds like a foot shuffling he. You're petrified. And stay. It's of this movie resonated with that you can fill in the rest your blanks there but I had it disturbing. Awful child can't tell her how I do have a clip of the movie yellows here. You all right it's. His story. His feet. So who smash. Can leisure. The newest cutter wrong easy can she was she was still there. And she finally came back. I'm alone for so long. Yeah they didn't hurt. Feeling OK okay. Now can you describe what was going on their reps since you're watching yeah that was creepy is that. This sardonic attitude as he is explaining that there was some stuff light so what ever heard slowly creep being up on them I think no little kid couldn't see it while she was talking. Stand alone guy. Surprised that there was so much exposition in that clip I was also surprised watching the movie. How little time they spend just get right down to business it's also a short movie it's under nine minutes Clara. It's based on a little short film an effective little short film of the same name lights out. Made three years ago by Kenny and David if Stamberg. And so the people who have the money. Let him direct this movie. No lights out isn't the kind of breakthrough that the Duff for brush trees FF FF I came up with but I say it's it's. Passable if you're word fan mean it's got lots of jump scares the movies all jump scares you because based on the gimmick of you turn on the lights nothing's there you turn off the lights. Something's there where he turned term on nothing or you turn on off again the thing isn't there and it's closer to you and it wants to kill you. As those one thing I did notice from I've only seen the trailer but it seems like there are a lot of contrivance is where flashing lights. Slowly flashing lights is kind of a deal either some. Ridiculous person is flipping the light switch off and on again I would do because they can't figure out what's happening. Right you you're an idiot or there's so I kind of electoral thing having Horry flashing neon sign and I think things like that so that they did. Did we can get that scare out of the head of the demon are gonna be Josh. Point out that if you're prone epileptic fits. Probably wanna skip if all the things we're talking about today because they're there there's a lot of flashing lights and and yet if if you were confronted with a goes to. Truth drives in the dark. It doesn't matter what you do the ghost will find a way to screw with the lights on it. And you you get out for yourself with with flashlights and and and batteries are now like to stand it. In in a clinic commitment has blades all the time you know it doesn't make any difference generator affair you're not in control you're gonna die yeah I. But James wan is the producer played zone and we know him from a lot of stuff that I like I'd that we I've never talked about his would you guys noted the conjuring film's lovely the first soft film and I love that Soros wouldn't speak to James wonder he only did one of the fast and furious movies but when I'm counting that. I'll see anything he's involved with is the point though I that he is a real craftsman when it comes to making horror films. And how cool must it have been to have James Wong see your short film. And tell you he wants to be a producer and go ahead here's some money and make a feature out of it. You know now Samberg the director. But the short and of this feature whites are now Sandburg is working on and Annabel sequel a sequel to though it was scary doll from the from the conjuring filled. For James want. The story's pretty simple so the little boy that we heard in the clip. He has just the living crap scared out of them by the monster in the dark. After his dad has already been killed horribly survive in the first couple minutes of the movie he. Islamist played by a Maria bellowing again rev. Boyd life she'll. Old school I'm there and enjoy it. Because she now she's a crazy. Older. Woman who talks to herself talks to her homicidal goes trend yet. Won't take her madness. And you know due to. The wasn't too long ago I remember the Maria Belo. Was the hot chick female Leo I'd like go alongside Mel Gibson and payback and even and a dozen other things and and now she's she's the older crazy mom payback with a longtime announcer he had I guess so. I guess so sermon here when we had just my paper Arnold on it so she's got a thirty ish hot daughter. Who has been gone for years estranged by the crazy you wanna you wanna distance yourself from that we meet the daughter what she's trying to be noncommittal with a cheesy. Bearded long haired hipster dude who looks a lot like the guy from camera thrown swoosh to bring nickel EC I OK. That it's it's that look. Maybe women find that look more attractive men might look and it's an age thing I don't know but I think between that bell look him in the man bun look. I just. I can't take a guy like that Syracuse because now all I'm doing is envisioning it was a beard and Amanda and I would really hope that you can do that at some point realized I didn't grow beard and afternoon but. And I'm mad by and I cannot do it I headlong here once in the mid ninety's you know there are no photos no. Foods are better than it is expected that. So the older sister thirty ish sister wants to protect her little brother of course because he's been falling asleep in school and apparently that's a thing they call your family about now. I you know even even your sister it's it's been awhile since they've been in school with whom I did so much worse in school and they they never called many in my folks. They never they never called anybody. Conservative and this is who used to confront the crazy mom. And it all leads to a night spent in mom's big house trying to survive the goes monster thing. And stay in the light at all costs. All costs. Now weirdly. Slates out has in 94%. Positive rating on Iraq knows how does that happen for a horrible remotely well and maybe the bar is low may be out expectations are low because it's not that good it's not 94% good. It's worth the watch he got a date you wanna you wanna take scare the crap out there are some I met had a problem in making her or him grab your arm a couple of. I may it's RN. Okay yeah it's it's not that it's not bad that's the most I'm willing to say the exposition the Expos issued an English. Is is pretty clunky and check with daughter couples but you played some of the exposing our X. Both allocation out of all the hardware and Anna Lori storytelling expo some of the explanation. You played some of that I decided at certain points they might as well just had a flashing. Chiron on the screen said. Expose that you are listening to exposition right now. The product placement in the movie is also. How hilariously blatant but if they want you know that the people. In the slates have film really really enjoy consuming kettle brand potato chip. I could take care mayor and ghosts who loves and kettle cheer and they are very conspicuous. Kettle potato chips particularly cattle. So Iraq should ship fool proof okay those are kind of good there until they're they're delightful lips are kind of good if you've got to appear around collection down to greed anyway anyway anyway if if if if a refreshing cooers perhaps there are definitely a few seats it'll make you wanna yell at the screen you because you're smarter and the people in the movie I. I don't know if that's intentional. On the part of the screenwriters or if it's sloppy screenwriting team but you're smarter than these people who will split up could go check something out. No don't stay together don't split up and go check something out with your crappy flashlight in the basement of the house. Stay together because. To me. If third tour three of you together you are not as vulnerable right. Nearly as you can run away at all knowing and this is not a picky are oil then they separate chip it's going management team they separate you they keep you from sharing information and protecting each other and forming a union state the other. This is something that seems to be almost universally true of all horror films the people in horror films exist in the universe. That does not contain horror films because they do everything wrong in in the only time you know I am a movie came out that you know call people on that scream. And that whole cabin in the woods you know that is well very itchy you know and it's that's the point that's the joke but in an actual horror movie you wonder. Have you never seen a horror movies sir or madam as the case may be. I'm glad you raise that point because it's a fine line to walk one of the things I liked about. Stranger things is that it exists in the universe where people have seen things. And it doesn't go all the way into scream territory which is too far it's too self aware it's too meta. One of the things that I find annoying about the Walking Dead even like compulsively watching her really re right. Is that these people exist any universe where nobody has seen or heard of zombie effort they never use the words zombie no. And so. Lights out a little frustrating sometimes but. Who I'm willing to cut it a little bit of slack and then give it sort of mild recommendation. Because it gets the job done it gets done and it's. It's not bad it's it's. It's not a thing that you're gonna need to own on Blu-ray and in the three disc special edition at no criterion when it fundamentally comes out but if you want to get out of the house and enjoy some free air conditioning. In the hottest summer on record Anke climate change. Given a shot. And when you folks have anything to add I'll just add one thing before we wrap it up I want. Megan in tandem to Miami. Ghostbusters review of last week while all this of this can be good. And this will be okay. Guys I gave the movie kind of lukewarm review and soda brand in danger was who is the biggest fan out all the time of the original movie. And in the wake of the fallout to the movie. I'll point out that. You can still not like the actual filmed them much but there are other valid reasons to like it to be into two appreciated for what it is and what it represents. And I read a thing it's too long for me to read here on the show by a woman who pointed out that it was one of the first time she seen women. In a film that weren't sexual lives and were there to advance the plot and be heroes. And that meant a lot to work and I appreciated that and again the movie itself I didn't think was so great bit. But when you look at what young women have to grow up with and look at role models. Pretty much every female and every film we've ever seen is sexual life somehow. And then do the woman who wrote this piece that I read pointed out that. At a certain point you've just got these women in these baggage jumpsuits taken care business fight monsters and that's a thing women have always wanted to see the combine that. And with a pretty awful old news this week of Leslie Jones one of the stars of the film and a black female. Getting absolutely horribly troll by racists on Twitter can and boy does it make me wanna cut the movie more slack. And it makes me wanna encourage them to to pound out some sequels to it because. I'm just continually shocked at some tough in 2016. That people say in their outside voices here. That they don't come here a little whisper of in their inner voices and then start to hate themselves in shut it down and think it. There's something wrong with me. But they'll post this stuff and it's just it's awful it's it's more horrifying than anything in the horror show host for that we've been talking about so. You know as mediocre as I thought the movie was. Kosier supporter I hope this thing as a giant hit I hope the people who have just been pigs about it. Are buried and look like the bad guys they are in the rearview mirror of history. Thought that for this week rev may go right next week. We're gonna talk comics are friends friend of the show friend to me drinking buddy of me Tom byers going to be guess now. Hayes talk about his new comic with mark wade called captain Kidd. Meanwhile Ralph didn't. 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