BJGN07-22-16 - Preacher - Outcast - Killjoys

Friday, July 22nd

The gang discusses TV with Preacher, Outcast, Killjoys & Dark Matter; Gareth von Kallenbach gives a preview to SDCC; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc blow outs. Ladies and gentlemen. Geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase TV show. Yes welcome to Vijay Shays each knees shins I'm the reverend it's played out across from me he is Vicky versatile enough EMC IN TS. We've got Chris walker mr. walk like a flat not so great tower now. Wow and as you should be no help me. That's like weird version of the bat man in there now just where versions of weirdos OK yeah. Yeah BJ JV show's namesake he's right over there hey look who's back past the goalie is on assignment but running the board is. Nobody nobody is no more than. Smoke nowhere no I think north fort and I had a half and got me out of court order for jobs. I would Mickey have you been to get a hold of us if they want to do. Joseph Willie can check out our website has our podcast blog hello Colin LPG eight nation dot com. He can like us on FaceBook Ali if producer BJ she's peaking nations follow us on trains to Brandstater. I'm glad to be dig nation senate protects leaves a voice like one nanny 03243353. Feels she does mean IV Diggnation And I don't forget to check out all all of our awesome videos on YouTube dot com slash BJP nation they're pretty awesome the area. Now I do say so myself and you just did. Because he did do it. I had edit those things the other he's he's really got to stop terrorist act tough not to he's not touch failing that bee's knees the cats but GM is yes may be some of those anger. And well let's talk some TV because. Last week we were not recording so we missed two episodes. What we know it could have to do episodes of preacher and we're getting close the end may be totally two episodes last. Which is a very interesting. Model you said that ratings aren't doing so well for no I don't know I every week IA IA you have for the main show I always end up looking at the the TV ratings in now on both the network and the cable ratings. And it has not cracked the top 25 so of -- cable ratings. And those are going down to about two million viewers are so so this is not getting that. So it's kind of hard because we talked about the fact that there's not a lot of buzz around as people art is not water cooler television. And so. It's hard to gauge if there's going to be interest now they've already stated that there will be a second season I'm happy about that yes. I don't know how many episodes it's going to run because this one is ten episodes which. Was right in the middle of where they're going to as most of time for a first season for a lot of shows it six episodes. Walking Dead fear had that a lot yeah I don't know when I got to Atlanta had that I was surprised when YK is episode six and it's not done yet and this is actually do satisfying conclusion. I'm gonna wrap this up by the end of the show exactly as it was kind of interesting but since then the episodes seven and eight I've I've been loving it and it's been really great. Eight issue aside I think they're finally starting to get too deep beginning of the comics. Like these last two episodes are really leading into you. The senate goal. This cynical preacher that we've known in the comic books yeah we we need to get them on the road basically this is where things picked up at the beginning of the comic book I remember correctly right gap pretty much yeah I discuss kind of right in Tibet in so it's it's breeds. I love this show. I'm just really afraid that people aren't gonna care when season two comes journey gets into his that the heavy comic material even if he gets to it. Yeah it's it's I love this origin story I really really do it's a little it's it's different and I remember from the comics and I love and a lot I love the characters. It's a quirky fun. Do you really enjoyable show and that's saddens me that not nobody's watching because it's good television I think it's well done and how well acted well done and it's very very interesting man very very adjusting geez the whole idea of Eugene and where did he go. You know at an end to end the abuse of this power that the preacher has. And of course the agents of heaven who are just I love those two good to have there there are pretty amazing and it's. My I noted dislike it is like your angels and it just never quite answer. Leggett dad yeah. Nobody out there whatever they are nobody is really an eating their supposed to be everybody is broken. I love the explanation of can can and as to why eight. He didn't actually have the word of god and I had a feeling he might dove but it's just what was his version of god gap and as it turns out he has a whole different versions of god willing. Even scene that's scene who Sue Bird disturbing and powerful little bullet or all of the Seattle when he like. Which is Caroline which ones might not terribly immoral this on the inside. How are you just starting the eat dinner just he not because like I mean I just please tell me a sausage it. Actually it was. I want sauce that was barbecuing you know as like sausage like the easiest thing to barbecues a degree a lot of size is doing that and I like city now might well I'm just going to keep the leading man we're done with the sausage yeah there's certainly no damn moments on the show we like yeah. And I'm like you know the fate of Cassidy. Yeah I don't know what wonderful seat that was I don't know weighed just and that because fellow that set up the whole episode he was just he he's my buddies my friend but he's still battling what he's so. On it and that's. And Eugenia yeah exactly and it's it was terrible assist that they go to hell moment in many. Goes to hell yeah so cool but it up in that moment the thing I loved about it's because you just see these two people you know he had and Cassidy and you got a preacher and you discuss thrown together in their best friend Allison I think in now and the only you can see how much Cassidy really loves him as a friend for him it's just like are right that that this is what I am. It's a great guy and let's see if you really are. And the weird thing is is up until that episode I hadn't noticed. That I mean. Cassidy did tell Jesse said he was a vampire Bill Clinton they say he didn't believe mom and be able isn't in kind of a flippant sort of way while they are already drinking yeah yeah so it was one of those sort of throw away lions that goes sure yet Cassie can say well I told him and he does say that was like well was he listening right and so it made it that crazier when he does why he was a what do wall what about me any just throws off all the clothes lights fired goes up from all static kill. Jazz or not we're gonna now OJ sacrilege you show and I mean really is a mean the show is really about god and how we believe in god and everybody's idea what god is who and then everybody's relationship to god and the representatives of god I mean this so many broken relationships. AA and so you know the main carriage of course the preacher and then the vampire who in the eyes of god is probably an abomination and oh yeah here's his buddy who now has the word of god. Then you've got the agents of somebody else all they they I think working for god because they have to answer to somebody with their crazy have a phone that they don't wanna answer right. And then of course you've got to look pool. Seems to be above the norm of the of the three of them because she's just human with no powers but. Obviously she's got to be a bad attitude as. Now says he's he's like hell episode one content in the media magnate who is out of his mind. As I love we got the origin of that Jesse and a Angela just kind of them as kids incurring upheld they've asp dot since they were little kids yes I forget all the tangible yet and still is eyes never be in a place for normalcy. And I think I was browsing the preacher sub ran it just try to get as some views of some to serve as anybody watching the show because nobody's like writing articles for you heard anything and people or light are the writing is now what I expect from a comic book like this yes especially when Jesse the expert marks may unethical it shoots that he often the CIA out say that he just watch your back he's a slate I know it's gonna hurt a little while but. Really good showing incredible asset to get clean enough that I learned it hurt them you can get minor Sherman you're really great and everybody else here you here man hello anyway. And I love I just love him to. There you've got this touching scene which was really surprise you Mike why is to look at the channel and watch totally surprise me she's making friends with the dog and library dog menus are banners there Dodd time for you to help my boy can ask -- that's he's got a cracked open diversity the upper. It was one of moments where like a lot of TV or movies your watching the united. All right I know where this is Gil aim this is gonna happen so this can happen and his aggression and Donyell didn't click until the very last scene where she's walking him. Hole and I only did he does an excellent point again a lot of great oh damn moments where look weak especially us geeks we watch a lot we pretty much know what's coming down the street it's really hard to trick us. I mean I already think guy able Tug on mister robot but I think they already know like the twists for this season already on thrown out of the prizes he degrees of me. But this show like Dickie said there are things that real well I did not expect that. That is self I think is a reason to love this show so I I do hope more people watch it mail because they add I think it's really really good tell. She really even the part where Donnie likes six's head in the trunk and shoots the gun Alexandria killed until late plus. And it turns out he's trying to he's so good healthy -- I mean it is really great but at the same point. And headphones or maybe earplugs probably would've worked just as well just in front seat on an army and I the brightest man what you're in the middle acorda feel like that where you get that you know you know plus you know he wants a look bad ass in front of his life career and go to have sex with the accountant and yeah. So I heart broke firm when I silence in a couple of episodes back. I go along with his opponents thanks to the accountant in the big tough man. Is really just you know. A big deal bag much that's a great turnaround because if you do you really felt like she had no power in that relationship and she was being abuse that's how it started off we thought yeah son and the son's talking a preacher who's. He's over and as it turns out. That's not the case at all this guy is actually kind of being bullied by his wife and she has all the power and and let's say wanna admit bedroom is that Suze what she's up till. Which I mean if you're going to be doing that kind of stuff that's kinda what it should be like that person who doesn't have control should be a line control the untold other. Techpodcasts. I don't let my Georgette opera streaky when I Wear a little too and we knew we ought to I was on this thanks so I next episode. Well preachers said that next Sunday. I'm gonna call everyone give me one last chance can can in Aggies and I'm gonna bring god to the church. That'll be interesting to see what happens. That Arizona's sacrilege to he's challenging got if you have a religious it's like. You do not you know ask god to prove it yes or anything like that and I'm excited then there's also. The as the the interesting foreshadowing. Of the giants. Pressure cook her and yeah sort of thing going on and speculation is that is the methane. From the factory from the meat factory are asked which can lead to a means pressure like that could lead to explosions then not a good thing. Nice little confuse an animal food actually mentioned most we still we differently cowboy every now Zeta killers CS killers yeah and it went so quick shot and next week's gentlemen back as we yeah. I wanna know what the whole tie it and I haven't figured out yet. Eyes I don't know if I wanna say anything right now I don't know I have an an idea which will probably be is. As I got the comics they've gotta tie it in by the end of the of the gap of the episode ten they have to because they can't cliff hang on May like who the hell is this guy very it's just a theory it's time if you read is its own content read only makes and so I should know if you read the comics right well I just don't know because I don't know how they're gonna diverge from the show. It's. Problem what I want it done that without without what Austria's. Yeah exactly is our origin is completely different really different and maybe they did that out of respect for and now tell people are spoiler alert if you wanna read the preacher by. He was it Kurt Cobain fans yeah that's why he tried to shoot Elian's dad win next Kurt Cobain Nash shot himself trying to kill himself both our space in his best friend we're going to do a mutual. His his friends did it in and he tried to and then he didn't do the right space yeah instead they've got a more like keep me somebody a victim of what an ad to tell yet. Under quite a love I don't like TM are quite a love so much it's that's the only thing that's bad I like the fact that got us face didn't he didn't hurt anybody would win in the book he just did this to himself yeah I like that better. Unless they be in this silly maybe they both made it out what happened they were in a packed together and that's the story but you know you only get one half of the story so it's gonna like you know save big I mean if it's your way I agree that's kinda. I got agreed to come down yet. So we'll have Jesse the last two episodes and that was how you feel about the air show though I'd be digging nation is a great way to contact us also on the FaceBook or the Twitter let's talk a little Outkast BJ still watch and love outcast. Poll my guy do I love this show and every time I'm like it's over there's no more. And I was a couple episodes behind. You and I already and you know what I I can't we but in lower Miami thing here to get the cast but I will tell you this. Well you know Kyle was the main character ma'am we don't know what the hell's going on with him but may now people are trying to suck Dulles electricity yet. For the folks that are watching Kyle is a guy that's basically. Hated in his own small town very much like preachers small town because. Allegedly as far as anybody knows. He assaulted his wife and baby daughter like his little toddler daughter Jeanie and so he was chased out of town many came back people thought he was crazies back on top people hate him. And they're just like how do you show your face around here he's got a that the white has a restraining order on him and you're like. Almighty god this is the most horrific thing that a guy can do that's assault his wife and child beating up turns out it's. That's not what's gone on as his mother used to beat the hell out of him. And we see flashbacks to that then we start flashbacks to weed maybe some of the scenes of him and his wife. Turns out mommy was possessed by dark energies through. And she will I ever had all it was a it was a beating Kyle somehow was co arresting cradled by these dark energies but they didn't answer him the way they enter all these other people who war. Possessed by the devil there's a there's a reverend who's got tape after tape after tape of everyone he's exercised in this town this town is infested with each willow stole. But apparently they they made him believe that he exercise and so they could still stay in the host bodies and shell they did a hole like Linda Blair thing you see Alice takes. Embarrassed. And and he's like stop and they go thank you revenues save my life. And the demons never lasts. Staring so I also spire but Kyle when he touches these bad boys pole he burns their skin but they're able to open their mouth and suck this sort of energy from cocktail. In order to make themselves a little stronger so it's interesting Kyle can burn the hell out of them and out of the body and chase them out of a body or the though they posted body can suck energy out of him. And it's a weird sort of thing they call him out cast we don't know what he's outcast from I think maybe from the same group a demon things. Brett Steiner is just the man who. He just walks around with his black suit white shirt and this sort of like. Derby got a derby happened almost like gaga combo I don't know I don't know has very well but it's like a comma between the smokey the bear in derby hat kind of I think it. And so it was like an old slightly haters that. If you go like a quicker you quite a quick three looked so I mean I was weird like parents know deferral hat remnant the award show assets and are set at a little smaller version of corrales yeah I fit and he is apparently a charge of all these other demons on the planet he's a special kind of demon because this one old lady try to suck the black energy out of him he's like you can't do that to me oh Chris at the annual ladies like the way that whatever happens I'm ready to all the match gonna survive the merger of the she called it. And he's a well too bad for you how many younger body this is what goes on and she's just sorry. So Kyle is like now believe if you will he's the Constantin. He's the head who Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter is going to Andre you know he's he announces that he's the triple act sees the blade whatever you as he seems to be able to beat these guys. Is so is this series is just gone I is really really good and to the point where now even his wife is try to say hey do what happened that night because I can't really tell you. I don't want to lose I don't know leave them but he wants them to be safe and and so he. He's now becoming the guy worries he's gonna try to hunt these guys down but prince finer went to the red branded. And Carville the sign of the pedigree and in the referenced Shasta said. You're outta is that you and Kyle and not a people and you need to stop this some gonna give you a little reminder. And it just takes a knife on you always gonna cut the guys aren't out stead just Nestle sign of a punter Graham. In blood begin its own blood on the guy's chest. So that it like he's threatening a referendum but I'm like why would they go after Kyle Moscow's rule too powerful even for Brent spine or to deal with says guy like that. Wow and branch greatness role he just me he's like hi how are discard broken out from a Kyle's house 'cause like what are you doing here. All I remember I knew that guy that guy next deal until pat Abbott stuff and I am a car broke down would be undue remembrance and and Kyle's like. I was attacked by crazy lady last night now you show up a menu see in the house of the united died Princeton with the crazy idea lady going what did you do that to be almost killed him is like well why would they wanna tell them like you know he's going to save reasoning he's against the demons but the demons won't kill him and it's very good outcasts on Cinemax love the show nice any other shows even watching Vijay kill joys of their back. Kill joys now remind me about this one because they are so basically their bounty hunters in this squad an area of planets that have a class wars going on. He got the real or we don't cry don't restrict. The end of last season the rich people the company if you also cite corporations vs everybody else makes a company bombarded base of the poor planet or the port area called old town blue beat the crap out of the place then there's a religious group called star backs and so ever let's try to get together revolt against the company and he's killed Joyce three of them. They're just trying to right hey our job is to just go bounty people we try to be neutral and everybody eight. If we were for this thing called the rack and they're what they're re Clinton reclamation association of chlamydia I don't know what they are wow details but they're like not to companies so I am but they're like law enforcement kind of and this is some serious thing called level six turns out the guy who trained Hannah who's like kickass kill joy of it looks like she was really. Made into an assassin at a very young age taken in by this guy Klein joins our clients part of the secret super service organization called. Little's six where they bleed green beans green who's in other tokens and that he copper bracelet and they heal like they've they've been like you can't tell him whole and so old she's like what's gone on a level six is not nice but Klein might actually be not working to level six after all. And then there buddy of course Aaron hash mores on the show. He's one of the iceman twins every guess which one reason he I forget it he's iceman or between the vice man. From X-Men but I was like yeah so Aaron Shawn I forget I always get them confused. Like Shawn would be iceman right yes Aron might have been the guy that was on. Warehouse thirteen if I'm not mistaken. And all the Diego so I aaron's on their playing basing the guy who flies to ship and knows how to do all that off all the sort of should be techie stuff. And now hand is a kick ass and then aaron's brother. Is this mysterious guy that was experimented on by the military they try to make him level six he was kidnapped at the end of last season by climb than the bad guy. They try to make it a level six it didn't work try to pump through this green whose. Didn't work. And then we got the secret of the use in the last episode I I mean are there ninja turtles are very creepy episode where look like it was his mosque hanging on the ship but it was living mosque they were creatures that disguise themselves of the mosque. And did they were cool dude they would bite you. Make you hallucinate people and you thought the people there you run around chase your worst enemy you've fallen a hole they tell the that it they have all these holes everywhere and and it's slowly who's in view in the holes and our mile and a mine shaft it was a very creepy cool as like Al hosts tight. Are you so I now than they stepped on one inside it's likely to lead this green who Uzi stuff and they're like. What is the same green stuff that Klein has in his body a level six is using. So they're running all over the galaxy trying to get the mystery of everything while this is a class wars going on in. It's it's a fun show you know it's. It's the expanse is probably a better shells are better written better you know but in some people's minds. But Joseph joys is a lot of fun good effects too like biggest scifi credit what are the special effects and you really feel like you're watching a space show. And that's on the course dark matter is comeback which I never watched Leno the prodigy. Is had to watch last season dark matter really added a season yeah. It blew it really isn't just around their one episode made services and but on the first episode returns for season I would say it's kind of like a worse. Expanse in the same way. You can wake up with Emmys on a ship and they're essentially trying to figure out who they are in the Disco through this whole. Poll who are we the person we are now or with a person we're gonna be when we remember who we were before and so it is go through the whole thing and it is trying to help each other out on the ship. I'm very far skate best kind of thing. That was the vibe I got unfortunately it is much action as far as gave for a little less than vision deathly have a less smaller budget Todd and I think gigabyte it's a guy passed mystery half action as when I was kind of describe it as but I mean I enjoy itself and I'm a scifi and it's in space so. I analyze and I'm I'm behind on that and I haven't watched him because I'm running out of time because Vicki let me powers which I'm enjoying very much oh really yeah look powers Greta I had to wait 80 what about a year and a half for c'mon on Blu-ray because he's got a Blu-ray yeah it's only really start selling its PlayStation network and ha I'm bummed about that because. This is a good show powers is a good show so maybe I'll get to dark matter under the power. I know Paris is I couldn't tell if I loved it or hated it because we can be animations some of the Celek are really really well done kick starter came movie. But I also read the first issuing any kind it. It it straight is a little bit so I wasn't sure if I wasn't dean it because of the way it strays. Because one of the characters is much older in a little different now from in the comics so I'm glad you're enjoying it and the guy who played in district nine is the lead. OK and yeah so they go so I like that was. I Eddie Izzard is in it is well he's really really journalists think he the he's good actually I think he please wolf yes wolf is an amazing character. And the other guy who plays. In the Johnny Johnny Rleal. January Alice the actor who cut off. Jamie minister's hand. And I guys grit and I don't know his name I can't think of anybody's up but he's a do the cut off Jamie's hand. He plays tell Porter who's really good in this is well that's just fun and I've ever seen the first episode because it was free for everyone like this is really great I ate. Will not what you work that ought to win this network and Michelle Michelle soft Forbes Phillips Forbes thank you yeah our role Aaron. She's pretty good and it's you actually like her as well they. It's it is Noah Taylor thank you know Taylor and I like Noel lot. So what's a no powers prodigy may youngest is dark matter is like scifi as well. I mean I'm the guy that's never seen any episodes of star yet so that's how bad off I am with them like Arizona and I know and I and I never watched on her good stuff remember it's all back touch the movie has about as far as I went oh yeah and and then it's nothing like the movie I mean really I don't think anybody in the movie is actually in the TV now are now able firefly crew and crew went right there went to start started out like a couple of them did your dad yeah yeah actually I got pregnant and now what's your race is he's girl ballots are there are right well we've got to move on because scares Vaughn College Hockey is down. Yeah in San Diego there's this little luck comic con going on doing that scenario is San Diego I know I don't just as I've never heard of them wanting to do something down and so count for them. Yes so he's down there and we've got a preview. Of what is that going on down there Garrett Javon Colin box from skewed and reviewed debts SK and are dot net dearest. I San Diego comic con is upon us and are you down in San Diego right now. I am. Oh my goodness does so now this is pre festivities but what is what's the air like around there I mean it's usually the first couple days and stuff going on it's a lot of excitement but bag are you hearing any words of anything yet. Well there's so much going on I mean actually the biggest thing that everybody looks forward to and I shouldn't say everybody but one of the biggest things people look for troops into the hall H presentation on Saturday morning and oh yeah and the system one reared its story book people you know are showing up that June 3:4 o'clock the day before she hasn't helped organize and make sure they get no hall and the kids were you get a lot of the you're release and to be a good way to isn't the one who ripped controversies in years past but that pool footage and the suicide squad. And again leaking online which is because some studios to say. You know what I'm I'm terribly comfortable with us and others he said look this is too big of a thing not to mess you know not be part of so we know we're gonna keep things freely. Can corporate spin off stall violent. And beyond that that bird gets really producing just like warmer city. You know officially. Marvelous not therapeutic Disney is doing their own thing but you know you're going to be there in some capacity. And you know we tour all these stories about. What some of the more brother shows are gonna do because now we're hearing all these things that now with Earl coming up in Vancouver. You're gonna have much more crossover we're hearing stories about some of the actors are signed two contracts that include. Multiple shows up there and now we're hearing things like constancy may be popping up a lot more and some of the Brothers thanks so that's kind of old saying it's. You know whether it'll officially say. You know so and so presentation but then they get even cage your and they don't even say. All of these studios and sometimes will be very clever in the wholesale like just you know legendary films presentation fifty for example can often some partners stop for a and you know we're so. What about the aliens thirtieth anniversary. Thing which is scary to believe it's thirty years old all we have right hand. So you know you have officially even though they wrapped photography. They have slowed. There will be no they're so there will be not afford attorneys think for mail and copy them but we've also heard many times before there will be no at comic con and lo and behold their wives. Yet this wanna keep it on the down low I gave because I mean this is the world that we have trailers for trailers and it's. Everyone wants all the information right away and they don't want anything to be surprising or biggest ever would just wants to be in the know at this point really. Exactly and the thing to remember is it's not just. Movies are getting you know bombarded with TV and others we have so much stuff and then you have new players fought Netflix and Amazon. Or in the next Reno promoting your original content. And that you're seeing that you know more and more game in the gaming suffers through the roof now how much worse there compared to where western 67 years. Carol L like we were always so there's I mean I mean it's San Diego comic con and for the most part everyone's like I had TV movies are going to be there because Hollywood and all that stuff but now video games are really getting into it as well. Exactly when we started covering at actual board wouldn't it's 78 years ago in person. You would feel like for example remember Activision ripple corner were hey here's our new superhero game. You might see more troops were actually mapped. As time has gone on Nintendo has got a lot of control over a hotel. Then you have like a Microsoft gaming lounge and sometimes. Sony does something you know inserted to see before launching the new console they had their own space right manhole right next to each other. Then CD some of the others you know blue shirt at a fort Arab Kirk now there. And as saying and then you'd certainly see more and more off site stuff. You know. Name the company unit that almost that you don't see admonition would 83 are taxed but you're seeing more and more. This year we're seeing not only that but you're seeing panel plays were com we've already been told injustice to. Is gonna happen Campbell and have an autograph signings so we've got that covered we've got you know. We're cool crossover technologies like FX network produced constraints meant all of these other concerned. Not only do we have that we're gonna do will be your presentation for it'll come on and we're gonna move mirror exact in a market close to that song come and have make. You know. Drinkers yeah and you know that's gonna happen but yet don't let. And then they're doing so polite him a big fan of the show archer and apparently they're gonna do a live version efforts yeah. And let's see when it on a boat apparently as well so it's like this that was just the. You'll never hear and that's kind of a kind of makes sense though because I know -- led the with the nerd HQ staff they're doing off sidestep Sanyo comic con is so much bigger than just the convention itself which in itself is huge but you've got so many oft cited sub it's basically. I I mean I know San Diego was big but this really does kind of take over the town. Yes you've got to figure in the you know in the topic things we there's also so much political intrigue behind it because there's this whole drama about. They want to do an expansion to the facility it's cut up from politics and because of that. Some other city concerted says hey say they'd. And what and I had to deal was I mean you that the mayor right here before the opening ceremony surrounded by a storm trooper saying. This is not leaving San Diego you can take its preparing for the convention says well we're signing a two year deal to run through this year and next year. What city were we are but they've made it very clear they won the states we have all of this stuff around and you know and then righted himself fighting that us. Word came down that there are at least 25 million in funding has been improved to expand things like escalators and I'm hasn't wanted Brady hit. Yeah you're right I mean it complain there's you know there's a hotel a lot to vet. And that's got to ballroom and in every room should Europe the massive convention center they're building that they were building a new hotel next to that that's birdies shut up the one dumber next to that's set up. You've got all the stuff important Marino cut pro park short occurrences street though baseball stadium that parking garage used for stuff and then he spread out and speak our plan district in the hard rock hotel and all of these things and up and down the streets and even so you know which. Tax and they don't let Palin has always been these furry no more and more space is they're saying and that and that's the beauty effort because. There's so much they plug you have ahead of Simon actually go up and the most up you don't know about until you get there and then sadly this stuff that you get back in your life. While that was going on what was shadow that was you know five miles away don't appear at Ketchum the Europe they go on down the street to plug old faithful its effects but yeah I think it's become you know that's a strength niche interest you know. Movies television comics collectibles personnel live video games you name it and they know people say they mean well don't certain shows like New York up higher attendance yes they do. Broadly they don't have the star power. Yeah like has any gets back to the Hollywood thing. Exactly and shoot that thing has. Most this is the thing people say why do they get so many people want number one most remote and LA and it's not that hard to get him to drive an hour and a half down the road to San Diego but here's the thing that people don't realize just to give me an example television show for communal films up important. Aaron. I remember a few years there we met to catch they had just started filming the pilot episode for season three. To a mall on a plane flew down to the complete panel and the thrust roundtable then he immediately flew up. And continued filming in fact some of the mature but it just wrapped a couple hours prior. The man in the bottom on the plane and they say you know and in the region people's wallets and saying it's written in a lot of their contracts. Must make an appearance San Diego comic con to promote that and they know this going and where is the other shows they don't do that that's kind of an individual patient save your free. And so on worse for this one the studios will make the time. Handle everything and it's also look for things like why break bring period they have they've been asked repeatedly why don't you do shows seven comic con. And it's pitch student films scheduled it is common kind can only about three weeks before they start filming but you know. Free stuff yeah I would like totally just make concessions on that at that point you know I think especially for somebody like that I mean I seriously like I mean yeah this study can do a comic con is amazing I mean Doug Benson. Did the movie at comic con I mean just got to roll around with a camera guys on stuff like you can do a lot of fun stuff and people would just gobble it up. Oh exactly actually you know in the deployment heard a trip to tell people you just can't perhaps the size a bit and it's like. I can sit here and go from. You know covering something for film studio. You're doing an interview for television show. Two meeting where stars. And upcoming TV series to popping down and saying what's coming on the flight by. To all of a sudden oh my god here's what a storm trooper straighten Joker. And you know when here and here it will lift this lined up the ghost busters. And and you know and this is just open mirror for the beauty yet it is. You get exposed to things that you wouldn't normally know I'm you know I'm. Tell you there are numerous shows. That I knew at least of good didn't auction and some would say you wanna meet the cast do an interview. And we've had these are watching the show you're like oh my therapists and spray. That's amazing and Garrett noted you're gonna have a time of information on skewed reviewed SK and our little dot net so while we're gonna be keeping our eyes peeled on that and then next week who we give back we'll get a recap we'll get a run down we'll see what's going on what's the big news items that you got for us there. Again pinky so much Gareth. They trapped following a digger thank you so much geared again get one column box throw skewed interviewed as Kate and our dot net douse any newcomer kind is happening all weekends or check out skew interviewed for all sorts of information and we'll get back with him next week and see what he saw but has to be a lot of information coming in these next couple of days to be ready for our next week's podcast that a lot of that stuff. And I love that our show buddy and podcast buddy Kevin Smith is hosting like a lot like a lot of interviews on the boat because like you got after they get done yard earlier that the takes into the Bo knows he's live interviews that. I'm also going to be watching is it tonight I think I don't know when I have a schedule my DVR with their. Someone's doing Namibia scifi someone's doing like an hour live from sitio comic on how cool yeah I will our nets hosting it that's this close is only get to a this year that's got the one thing I miss is the G four network her gap yeah like with all those they would have just. That would be the only time they would have light almost 24 hour. Full on actual programming where these days and those are so cool and even though it was you know as the deep cable you can hardly seen he was just so good to see all that news in real time make it totally re fired the G for an hour on twitch. And they did I know that they've tried to NN knows that I try to do our switching didn't work knots or twitch just kind of weird because they were leaning a lot towards more gaming contents only like you would only gilded do you specific game means stuff on that. And so he. I think link on YouTube would be finally called. JL seems like they're kind of guy if I did see him I would I would hope they he would be doing something with twin galaxies I know guy Kevin Pereira with used to be on attack of the show I know they he just says attacked. And so we just do day at Twitter at just the at attack. I think that's his and you cannot find a Los about a lot of people are doing a lot of those things I just. It was kind of nice and I guess he could even do that can I got the Xbox of wine and I can just throw up twitch on my knee on my TV you know. He's got to kind of hunting you're hunt around a little bit and hopefully can find some of that information as part of which is you could have a go 24 sevenths news on repeated was running one aren't yet exactly so I'll hopefully saying it is they're doing that let us know. Leg is so we can put the word out for everyone as well and it's twitch had an app yet for like apple TV and roku yet. I had shown no no I had no my iPhone and I mean on the big screen guys so like I've got I've got that big screen TV and I would love to watch more twitch but on my big screen TV to be searched like that. I mean a lot of companies have apps for that now and I think it's time for twitch to do that. For us older folks like the scenario there hey watch the big TV that we boxes and yourself and Xbox. Why we have PlayStation and PlayStation as a twitch after a wise idea again saying mr. All right well let's get to know look. She Swiss TV. It's pouring into the movie they did want to point out a couple of things from we're talking about earlier that you can buy at the mall comic books. If he could you comment the story did this the other day and they have a free issue. Preacher number one. With the varying covered to make it look like in the main characters of the show all right cool completely free considering that the first issue that's where is worth a couple of books that's not bad I could do very well I have the drive train and here. You know like the first issue issue all that's really cool thing out they've if we re released in the screen such accuracy until I'm good job now with a covered not allowing that trail while done another comic but I think you guys were you we're talking about kill joys and if Mimi may remind me of this comic aside to college bookstores there is a comic book called kill -- that doesn't have any real preparation goal I was I was I was present where there's children show coming out and wasn't. The cool thing about this though kill joy is is done written by Gerard way and coo who don't know if all you're and that's a romance a mile and an umbrella academy yeah I love that I'll also ridden by John Simon any illustrate my Becky got an in Taiwan this book it's good I loved John like I run well loved umbrella academy Huckabee don't on this in my opinion on borrowing now I need to get it. Athletic family ties in with the album they did a couple years ago so I think that's pretty cool. It's as if focusing on the followers of the original killed as they try to fight against that how tyra and a cool. Tyrannical zero may have corporation better living industry so. I have I talked I have to make an observation this is the second story of this and I actually care both stories that he's on what's happened when we right ourselves is why I. All I care both about a very very last fall asleep during your didn't she just really no way easier on Donald man Ivan given gold when it comes comic books lately I tell you that I think I have I have I've pretty good taste actually you're finally seeing ads Blu-ray dvd right the Blu-ray my game as well was the powers and I know how to finally realizing I'm actually kinda clueless. I like I. Given that much anger is such a strong word ran so I've movies this case against yet let's start with the smaller ones. The smaller one late how would you believe mark chronic about yesterday yesterday on the podcast and so when a bloodthirsty supernatural being no links in the shadows shadows preys upon a family a young woman must fight to protect yourself savor a little half brother governor mystery about her family shadowy past. The bullet notes on this one it's under ninety minutes and it's like to jump scares so at the ears like Jai and there enjoy it is unlikely that jump scare Roger it is giving an 83%. That we do you crazy horror horror movie I that is real what do you call against. The lights out oh we should probably watch it with. The lights on innocent my you know like I heard is another movie coming I can think of the names we've always had an IC is collision course that. Okay that they added. 12% are on tornadoes. Without I real really. That's not man I think actually the second one Netflix app stand. When I land before time in this or comment on the other not gonna stop because I mean you take a look at the season like from pad sends utopia and maybe you can ask them don't yeah I mean the US Philip Ray Romano Allan was on the Denis Leary is still doing Queen Latifah Jennifer Lopez isn't this one and I just fine. So I don't know of any NASCAR event he's only writers write in and as for today one that's coming out today there's one that's coming in a couple of days and some really big bucks Star Trek beyond. Okay and you know Ali. And everywhere as any distance isn't gonna suck because it's not a JJ Abrams doing and I. Furious run are so nobody Simons a co write I am right now 89% around. I am right now so that's remain here's an interesting note about that senior today. Yeah I'm just prodigy and as soon as this is already there we are out doing our big trek adventure and we haven't been doing a whole lot of spectacular because a lot of moves haven't really deserve the spectacular. We're not service we will do that Taylor no hurry to do any Independence Day is spectacular we will do a Star Trek beyond spectacular dad it's not about looks cluster ghostbusters who you know I don't know who went to a spectacular beaches on the money but no damage done about it because you and you and so Rick you seem to rev Ricky pretty good passer rating and I so I so I'm Bevan Ricky have seen it. We will definitely talk ghost busters next week's incident so I could see that all we know yes I think he showed you shed prodigy Wie got to find a way to know boys and I bet com I think you'll enjoy BJ well my knowledge I love that SI hear Kate MacKinnon who I am a big fan and honest and tells us. I heard she shows it I'm I have nothing but great. Petition for go Prosser as a girl by the way who isn't into the hole girly stuff yes this is a girl power movie without shutting it down your throat absolutely we and that. He actually like I don't like about a girl Dracula to try to show the young Israeli. Summoned physically were site that you eight are super girl. I want him to for gaga and as a boy I like current good free of that they're not coming out today but is coming out. Inflict theaters soon years in a couple of days on the when he says throw it back man killing joke the. And the whoa. Nice it's a stab them in advance screeners if you go to fathom events dot com it has those these are the ones that do the do you like the plays of the concerts and have a mini movie theater seat can see them they're also doing this on Monday the 25 and maybe early Wednesday the 27 as well in select theaters have bad image that you say that says that's pretty deep. About six feet in I don't know. I just can't fathom anybody making a joke okay but they really do not make it to the movie theater on these days are it will be a DT August 2 told us so diverted into. There's a sweet you two are two of. Little trailer for them we without Batman and Joker I didn't know that's it was an action movie coming out yeah does it no value to be president over a million views are you ahead early and I was like what is this about you know is just like enemies no hitter who's gonna get there was commuted the Blu-ray so that I can watch somebody at some point in the future yeah because I'll tell you something I that's nothing I have Manila that many animated series I have not been able to watch that yet don't have the time and also don't have the blu rays does not anywhere knowing you have to buy them it's not on Netflix or Amazon or anything that used to be on the flip I would like to watch that as well 'cause of course Ameen and you know he's all right Saudi oil right now mark Hammel what do you. I yeah I and I never saw any of them my birthday -- man resigned and so Lowell is okay you're getting for your birthday and then on Monday Marlins when you don't like how much you guys and I am really violent and I think Wednesday because we kill Batman comic book and new colorful stuff to talk about a elevator review oh I just call it's not get a house because so I'm gonna cite the whole damn week I got some comic book news damage. Case yeah sadly Wednesday's podcasts onto an extra days. Seeing anything. But the thing. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.