BJGN07-25-16 - Collectors & Capers

Monday, July 25th

The gang interviews Trevor Harron for his game Collectors & Capers; Rev & Joe discuss the new updated to Overwatch; Rev, Chris & Vicky talk PokemonGO; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doc blow outs. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages. You are now entering the Jewish easy things. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea is keeping me Sinn Fein the reverent and why else across for media is Vicky Barcelona. Listen. We've got the show's namesake Vijay Jay. A little out orders say about that Chris walker walk like a fled his rhetoric. Our thoughts and you'll know me from our having previously met. And that's Nicole Lee heat is on assignment for Manning the board to news. Drop in G. Yeah maybe I got Mike really did go out and I'm thinking how can people get all the good. Just so happens fray because people experience and I'm just get our guys you've check better website at all our podcast feed digging nation dot com. Like us on FaceBook my producer BJ she beat nation has closed what are you give the following an honest to Graham did stick around at the Dickey nation. Into the Tex really was a voice on one NE 02243353. And if you like hearing familiar work you don't wanna be on Facebook's Anthony Alabi dig nation and you know luck comes. Any can also check out or videos YouTube dot com slash B jiggy made sure Chris comes up a lot of often video excuse me don't read up. Let's I'm. Goddard today not me I. How well that's kind of how my mind has always been nice to. There's stuff there yeah let's get right in two. Talking about kick starter gains because we have a great guest on. Well he'll be on very momentarily ask and doctor about his new game on kick starter with. Us today it's a kick starter for a board game which Vijay and Chris you have both up played it's now got a second doubly misinformed is actually a card game god bless you know -- -- it's an honor if you put on the table top right yes it's a tabletop game I suppose in that respect but you know you played in the field showing in Santa have you played in space sweet Konami you know I -- have to play it on details and Bolivia OK okay you know my left well I don't wanna play anything on her lap and how about we get TV man who created a game from New York is we've got Trevor hair and on for a collectors and capers Trevor how are you doing did. I'm doing great and strictly on the show thank you so much man so this is awesome man we met Trevor through plate says northwest which runway all the cool thing about does Seattle and this four game card game community that we have. Is manned. There are so many great new gains being created right here in the Pacific northwest and other games create over the country I should benefit I just got super kick starter guys like big kick stars say hey you're super backer guy what guy because you buy every game that's. And so mostly games I backup our Pacific northwest games that's pretty cool and I got super backer because there are so many great games in play test northwest is one of the reasons why they're getting attention because they hold events all around the Pacific northwest true that's war may Trevor and his great game collectors and capers. At the Reagan lounge and Capitol Hill area of such as Seattle. And Trevor I love this because you you really had a great presentation. Of what we're going to do as we were trying to collect angle won capers and M and what do you tell people about this game. Oh I'm telling them acceptances. Let's check collecting bluffing game won those games that you burn out at the beginning of your evening and when you are trying to decide okay so sort of re trying to play today. That's going to be a game that is its blunt saying it's funny keeps people engaged it's spoken good warmup and the game you can play through the entire UK. And it's not too difficult to learn from those people who maybe don't play games all the time mortgages Serb bit rusty. This is a great when you're after work everyone wants to play game but you know your little sealed tried from work you wanna get a beverage I could see going over to cafe mocs are you know mocks boarding house in Bellevue. And like Garnett well we ordered some good shots out there and what game do wanna play this is the perfect time to break out collectors and capers. Exactly I mean when I was designing their side are the games are played it Smart. But my family on the weekends when we would go to cafe mocks him I really had to think about like okay. Sort of a game that I want to play Monday night in my game move forward my family on Saturday evening or afternoon. Or lose votes in debt but also on the lighter side of the stage and so it's a sec collecting a man lie about how how how the blocking aspect come into play. Well when you. When collection as a target doesn't necessarily have to be assessed current they're Ricardo you're trying to steal. So what I mean by that is you can say. I've been set of the ancient statue were priceless painting but you don't need to have an action shot you actually get more points. For being able to book your way to achieve victory. Instead of just collecting certain collecting that can be helpful. Whip people up. So you have so you have like you have by you have you have a set of items at the beginning of the game they're there you were in a museum there were these do these priceless items. World trying to steal them the way we steal them as we have to have. Obviously the week we collect cars that are that basically the same card as one of the things you wanna steal. But like Trevor said. When we say all right well I'm gonna I'm gonna steal that agents statue you you take four cards you put them face down and go I've got four agents statue cards here so I'm stealing that car but you may you may not actually have four agents that you guard. That you you bid against and the challenge for the other players is to then come up with a number higher than what you have and show. Or or call you out of your life always seems like this is a little bit like if he anyone ever played I read did redemption. It would be some joined the wires dice. Exactly yet interesting cool cool but when you have but it did you know to call somebody in their bluff though Trevor I love it because it can cost the other players. If they do wanna call somebody's blocks. Exactly and that's where is that you really uninteresting because it took to call on our you have to bury cars from your own affair that. I don't hand he had aren't going well it's configured. For you don't get a free pass for a third that. And I don't I love that man of course this wouldn't be a great game if not for the fact that knowledge they have the cars yet to can collect to make a set or phone or alleged that you have a set. But there are action cards in this game that allow you to screw over other players or do extra things that you wanna do. And then there are secret and I love this and I love games that haven't. The sort of secret objective card so they can even give you more points and nobody knows exactly what you're secret objective is I love that and your game has that as well. Exactly. And I also that you're that you're shout you know Julie can you help me with those action words because. You want earlier talks like that you mention that won the cards. Woman being quite as much in the mid then maybe you have an effect. They don't know what to do and so would those action cards you can replace one or two of them have the same time. And the people who don't who seeing more apps. Pertinent here in C minor player were sometimes so yes so tell our buddy Sean from dirty cops that anyway so while my complaining that doesn't mean something with game designer and what are those sincere that's a good thing right here it's oil and I think that's Ubuntu because I mean played just north what you get a chance to see a lot of those games but you get to provide feedback as well and it helps because you can help changing game for the better that is Crete and Trevor and Toronto your experiences but I I will tell you and in our limited experience with that with ordering games from kick starter from from people outside of the Pacific northwest. As opposed to game designers here who do take part in play test northwest and literally. Go run and around testing and testing and testing. It is a big difference when you get somebody's game and you go while they didn't play Tess is a lot the rule book is not really flushed out food and yet play just northwest people. They they make good games so mean they did Dave really put them through the ringer and got a lot of different people to give their viewpoints. And that's I love about collectors and capers does you've done that and this is a portable game that really has the feel of a much bigger game that would take a lot of set up time because there's a lot of depth to this game. As I said the action cars is secret mission cards the bluffing aspect which you know a guy who Loews lake games with the resistance you know I love that kind of stuff. Lou there's a lot of interaction while you're doing card play. We fell in love with you Chris and I film over this game immediate. This is a fantastic game I really really enjoyed I want to play some more of it if we didn't have a bunch of other tables they have what Oregon does it definitely does bring out there but here's the thing you can because Trevor I believe you folks are on kick starter Arjun K. As we are we are particularly seven do you. Well somewhat percent of our funding at this time congratulation over and over two weeks ago beyond the game is gone now. Collectors and capers and. And chino Trevor did just such a nice nice dude sit at the table by himself we've first Som so yeah sure come check this game out. And what a fun game. Really really a fun game Trevor hasn't been fun running around play testing and and and people just sort of going. Man this game is infectious and I want one. Oh it is absolutely fun has been fondling. All around Bellevue Redmond Seattle. Even down to Tacoma play. Playing collectors are capers showing here and seeing people having fun and there's nothing better when you create a game and you see people sit down at the table if you. Not necessarily sure what to expect and then seeing that third parent thought. Well tremor I tell you what man I wish you a lot of luck we'll dish like you say you're 70% funding got a couple weeks left go to kick Star Search for collectors and capers. I'm excited because I think this is a game that once people play this may bring it to cons and other people get exposed to this here outside of the Pacific northwest people gonna go our I want this game. And then you know a year ago. All right well in my and I am I gonna gonna kick starter for game company gonna wanna put this out I mean I type I disease and to bright future because it's such a good game yet again Trevor thank you so much collectors and keepers search for on kick starter again pinky so much to Trevor haren you can go check out. Collectors and keepers Wright on kick starter. Or check out their website blue heron H. ERO and games dot com. Has like information and also the link to it as well. Best of elected that in I'm assuming Vijay since you are a superstar backer that you have backed this game I have backed this game and a friend I wanted and I happens I want to play it took anyway let me get my surprised face or Garrett. Let's talk some videogames. List could Joseph are you still playing over watch I love over watched good because I do too but I am so bad at this game that I'll play a couple of games get fists down log off so I am level nineteenth and then there are a little one yeah I had to fight to get in the competitive which I don't know why because polls suck even worse a competitive most likely but I just want Tbilisi that I can get in there and at least you know lose to all of these approved talkers out so I assume you've played the new patch that I. I have. Patched yet. Color coded terror and I don't want I haven't added I had yeah I think I learned. I had a unfortunately I had met thirteen page game on Wednesdays I didn't give chance to play in no way hey. Trust people who don't know his game I see the commercials. What is takes well over watch is what's the best way to. The mobile would you consider a mobile I would say it's a first person shooter with an old elements yet if you played like he's a mobile's. How multi of the ways they won't declare online battle net yeah Yasser Mobo yeah oh most of those games or five vs five. And you're trying Judy story you're opponents objective or do something with your opponents object is over watches that it's a first person shooter mobile yes but it says six vs six OK and you have a huge slew of different characters are different play styles. You can that generally have a person who has to normal I've got a gun and I'm just gonna run and shoot stuff you've got Steelers who will just run around and tried to save people your guys yeah but I didn't really don't think people that well. It's it's kind of hard as the healer when you're trying to chase someone around to heal them and then they walk credited the front lines and in bay leaves and and I'm just a by myself and a friend like that that you are running away in a back demographics are interesting is that because I've seen them and they looks but they they look cartooning in some way but I'm not sure what style are really really anime. I'm not sure what they look like. It's it's it's its own real style. It reminds me a lot of between two people made the jump from liken ever quest type game two World of Warcraft yeah where it is it's more vibrant it's super colorful it's based in the future but it's still. Lay K it's a bonuses yes oh yes I its future Finnessey music I like Final Fantasy future facet of the game. How little scifi and that aspect as well here's an error beautiful joke from Tennessee on art style or you who were likely comic book almost yeah how you feel like it is yeah it looks like yeah and so they did have they've patched one of the things they did was some alters two competitive mode they've buff to. On the one of the big things is that only that teams in the competitive. Competitive mode can only have one of each character asks which is a good scene because when I'm playing in the quick play that just the friendly kind of mode they're ties and everyone says all right everyone does Reinhart and he's just he's a male they care to this huge shield. So you would just get it like a total just like troll ridiculous thing he's got five people these huge shields Andy just stop for worded it's kind of funny until you get blown out because like people will switch their character's death. Be the foil to that yet does lose. So it's kind of flat. You'll you'll have to necessarily fight over a character you can just kind of play whatever you want me but this kind of goes back to games like and here's the storm. We could only pick one character for each team and. It's nice because this is an although this is a first person shooter deals aren't there really I mean. The team composition matters the most you know he got to having Hillary out that's a tank gets people can damage etc. etc. so it's a lot nicer now he can I have one can't one up each character seasons as before you get the trolls. Yeah I can't stand the trolls like you know we're gonna do I'm I'm gonna cover where this guy does. Hah hah hah yeah and you name the revs pilgrims gather around a spare us any sometimes second be funny but again when you get into the as a competitive mode. That's the problem when it's when it's four rankings and you're just going in there to screw with other people's games that way. That kind of socks. And so it and it's not really a lot of fun because your urged it is the same thing in terms of heroes are legal legends or go to when you're feeding the other team when you're just running into the other team to die so they level of faster than your team can move. Like that's no fun for like anybody. Now Brett and so I this change is a pretty good but are there any other big change once they don't live a ball not to competitive but they did have one release. Oh yeah there's a character which we haven't had a new character since the games come out yet and this is really interesting because. It's on our current on up yes on I in this story. Dozens just not know Tony and I imagine I'll Arctic I know it's just on math. Com in the story she is actually. Unless Sarah. Seriously what was wrong and unfair to same kind of terrorist whose resume on the power out there I was gonna go to Arizona and Elsa and has me doing is also gonna show her. And why our origin and while little frozen Maggie wow what I'm how jeez let's go to war. There is is the Egyptian and a she has like his pretty sweet falcons suit where she can take to the skies and launch com launch rockets. My body basically he hooked me under and I play her a lot because it's like playing quake would fueled rocket launchers for her when you do in the death match with those cats you don't have to NASA necessarily be precisely for a you can blow up a lot of seven her ultimate is amazing because if you just take to the sky like you can with her. And he just a rain hell on every one. Is really really really awesome national issue one rocket and with the alternate solutions like fifty yet in just completely didn't carpet bombs an entire area. And you get a lot of kills a real quick on that. But honest completely different because she's a sniper class. But she's a sniper support so as opposed to just. You know having year year year long range weapon and plucking people off from a distance. She can actually. Help the other team or help your team or and I hinder the other team and other ways other than just spot popping caps I am looking at a video of the graphics and his beautiful. I don't know I. Yes I'm seeing the game play in this video is ridiculously. Beautiful all man on the big screen TV come on yeah I rewrite prodigy is serious like watching the comic book so Joseph have you had a chance to play around gonna get a little bit she's I don't if she is and I'm up on the air about I took the better your team is or the better -- for you are the gas she gets because. You if you shoot the enemy team you do damage redo leste resume normal sniper muddy you should year your team you actually hear your teammates yeah and that's kind of weird because. Most of the time with in the game doesn't have friendly fire so that's kind of helpful but most of we never wanna shoot your team to exactly and and such as like dealing booze and I'd damaged boost and then her old and it is the best what does that do cheat bus five character for certain amount of time and again increase speed and damaged. Hello little scientific or -- two or Bjorn. I'm molten core where he just loses my search reckon fools we have Brady's here -- purchase masters stuff for a Steve offline around can kill you guys now so let me -- pretty awesome awesome -- Ferrer right now as a matter fact this video her how -- great she looks pretty -- all of those do you have an entry of nominees drinking never really deep storyline for this game -- very different from most first person shooters exactly I mean most of those games really kind of suffer from -- street fighter story which is we're trying to fix and to have the flimsy story possible to put all these two people together in the is in you know you'll have your -- back stories but this is super deep because we think him moviegoers so you guys at Vegas and make a movie and -- -- things are moving you have video camera guys I had a terrible well it's not out of blizzards. You know realm I -- there are literally I mean -- -- to see how low warcraft as in. You know I thought warcraft wasn't gonna do much because that how little it did in the American box offices but internationally just made a killing each other pry him again as I was the most money made by videogame movie we'll probably like you just especially nowadays just with the international arm and the fact they were able to do it within the China market. And make sure they don't you know (%expletive) off China railways are not a minute let me down a little bit of men we saw those wizards like slings and spells and magical way to magic graphics were amazing this story was. It was that lie age dvd movie bad. But the writing was really hokey in many aspects so where they make video game too late I'm just kind of content with over whites just to play the game game is so fun it's so fast you can pick it up he can play one round of five minutes and if you wanna stop because stopping yeah. I told him that's the best part. Because you know he's a competitive mode what they've done is they've made it's much longer because the competitive mode games a rough fifteen to twenty minutes yeah play games sold access to a five minutes and and they fire fast they do they go really quickly. And like I said you can pick whichever kerik he had the most fun with I still plays aria a lot she's as big Russian chicks ping -- east. On through but she has her gunships and almost like ghostbusters laser gun ho but at the same voice she can also armed it would give bubbles are shields to herself and other people. So that will help them absorb damaged it's really good use him with like Reinhold or diva when they do their ultimate because it keeps them alive while there Renner on doing stuff. There's so many different place house there's me. Late characters. On the sub bass the only Johnny five robot guys yet how he we're really what about widow maker she looks awesome yet and she's hot session that I. I've got her out of sight I don't we don't make good hey Amy goes to play styles I mean that was bash and he's at her character I he can set up stuff oh and they got the police sky and there is Kenyatta man dies in America and Yahoo! and to do so that's. I'm gonna blow you out of this guy asked will you watch they manage to be your first in the game because I got to play in the beta and I mean the first twenty to thirty hours and I've put a lot I mean you did you find something new thing every time to the characters are so many different abilities the first twenty to thirty hours you always find something round yeah. Right Beth Reinhard has a big hammer GAAP and as this thing is like with him he's. A melee character but he has this gigantic shield. That will stop everything is on injured Stephen teammates who stay behind the field to go out of a dozen of them and I know I'm looking at the graphics of the different settings like Jimenez a great Asian theme to some of these things here. Holy commits just gorgeous it's a gorgeous word about this looks when you play a geyser is out on us that's important I gave way do they these these these are gorgeous gorgeous graphics yeah. One of the reasons why oh wow debate when it wasn't an extreme very much people didn't know how big game was going to be an and afterwards you know when it came out I mean it was New York City. From corner to educate viewers for like a two or three days yes some ms. Reinhart shield and bring him rewrite and I was pretty amazing graphics people like wow we've seen a first person shooter run a smooth I will say. That I believe it only runs at lower frame rate are lower refresh time clearance rate then your CS scale or something like that and people have to play little bit about that. Feel sought to understand Cisco doesn't have these monster abilities going on everywhere. Add and that's I've only gotten a little bit of frame rate lag in some certain spots and it was kind of like those problems like Al's run some processes in the background I need to restart my PC to make sure it was going but it's also a console it's on PS four it's on the Xbox wind if you're a console shooter and a lot of people are. I grew up like you're talking by Groupon counterstrike so I knows he is it the twitch mechanics with mouse and keyboard a lot better than. And I mean they're consoles we BG talked about how it's so hard at. Have everything I do too little hands I don't like that it's so close together that's why like watching the prodigy player that's that sense I entertain us why saudis play his game and that's what you can do like I you can see his they fire at which we talked about it before you fire twitch and games you're going on all of this time. And it's it's Superfund like you said it's super beautiful. And this new characters pretty awesome it's been well received so far too young and so you'd very. And this is terrify us of the character. No I Barack I had her my wall fair actually Angel daughter to. And now he has a project Al weapons if I remember current rules wow yeah I think we're just gonna draw and gas we do have to talk a little. By. Hello. Is the I. There so I. That's part of it Pokemon EF Pokemon though is if you haven't been around the last two weeks maybe your head around what you know the mayor you know outside the Italian guy there isn't any ideological theory it's all over they come on you can go home now you can well not well that's good news etc. there are guys make on them the first thing I want to say about Pokemon and does a little bit and tips and tricks that we found out so far in the two weeks that is being going on first off if you're complaining about the server issues. Realize this is a worldwide game to. Dare fixing stuff they're working on these things but it would just take a little bit time especially for the fact that it's going through the Apple Store. Apple has a long wait for a lot of stuff but they're fast tracking a lot of these updates through yeah I say stick third if you were enjoying the game so full well if you say so that our nominal you know I had a big problem too is that it's Knight Ridder servers are initiating act a law. People ask haunts me there are on the guys that people are hacking and other ones who want to ruin it for everybody of course that's what hackers do your own thing here I would say at this point is well on it's it thank you for bringing that up jokes and make sure and there are a lot of sites it'll be like. Download our pokey finder do this do then I know you'll be able to catch them all if you down don't download anything from a third party Soria who there are a lot of things that are out there I mean people has set up FaceBook groups to help others. On there is actually a website that I thought was amazing it does make you download anything's that's the best part is called pokey vision dot com. And what it does is it works with Google it looks like it looks works with Google Maps and it shows. Pokemon netter spawn around a location that she input in so if you put in an address around you or where you're at. It'll show the Pokemon that are around you. And the timer counting down for how much time you have left to go grab them send out an area Andy it is very handy if at the same point. It works off of Z denying antics servers so if there having issues. Or if they're getting slammed by a lot of people refreshing or going to decide to try to use it it'll be slowed down so again to be patient with all of these things have to meet everybody goes dating thinks there's at what's yeah I thought I hot Pokemon in your area tonight. Got no. I know they agree to fight other prove ego users and try to oil and I don't know conical that's and it's this thing is bringing people together I went down to in Tacoma there is the point defiance zoo and aquarium hey if you fancy they have a huge. Huge park area in there and I went to an event. That it what you wish he was a buddy of ours who would just wanted to make it a pub and a nonpublic a closed FaceBook event. He forgot to take it off of public works and so that was some point it was over a thousand people said they were going to do that got to the point is it is it is the part scary yes. And they was gonna start at 10 o'clock and there's no way in heck that I was gonna get there at 10 in the morning on a Sunday I just wasn't gonna do that we showed up about four who read about 2:33 PM. And there were tons of people because it was a good to calm place to go to a bunch of different pokey stops. A bunch of people were sitting up lures in those stops and you can do a circuit. That was just like a little half hour walk take got to about twenty pokey stops how yes a really really good area. And it's really cool to seal these people. Because everyone knows what everyone else is doing and it's just like going to a convention than in good mood and was just hang in ad talking about fed that the Pokemon they have caught the ones are looking for and it's a whole layers because some little shout out. And there's so charm and her over here and if it's something if it's a rare that people why you do see a whole flock of people his. Rotting ordered an area that it's pretty how everything is kind of taken over to the point where Pokemon is now going to be official word in the dictionary. Sure I enjoyed my years in like dvds have been word document they will give you the correct spelling and a little accent. Really it's going to be a joining along with a words like butt hurt you can just personality and I went out and definition click fraud enact. Asked leisure athlete I journal's award. You know politically sensitive data links doesn't just did Edgar Aguilera but c'mon that's about right above her totally silent question beta Lisa Stevens summer do you think it was still gonna be leaving their house when we hit winner. Even more final record really nice little month come where it is last man we all arrayed around here. Yeah I see a lot of lowers probably a places that are warmest thing in a Mall of America are all that's smalls and worse like I was talking about before like we. You know the wife and I post up at a bar because of his wanna get some dinner on Sunday night aren't you financing not really but we went zero now which it could play we went two of plays that had a bogey suburbs closed by. Someone sitting up floors and there's like 201520. People in nav bar that time comes Solingen diesel crude yes budget people walking past it and there was. Everyone was looking at their phones or people of all are off all ties catches a total melting pot of people playing Pokemon as mark. In one Porsche said dude sitting in the middle of the bar his phone was on like our late in his pocket or something because it wasn't around and he's just looking at everybody and confused just wondering why everyone is just staring at their career are people doing with their phones and or whatever I felt so bad for missing when I insanity never say well why you don't want to talk to people that wouldn't pay conversation I talked oh I talked to people play Pokemon I had so many more conversations with random strangers in the last two weeks I don't hear that I probably had in my entire life every okay and it's in its funny yes yes it is a month basically as I I was walking in a park past just -- one guy's guy. I seen you before it's because I just do this circuit and I just started talking because he just post he posted up there was a spot they had to pokey spots to get it right in the middle of month. He lured them both and in people would just come in once allure went away the BIR Idaho doughnut I don't drop once it's. It's bringing people together in the weirdest way so here's a question for you are not that I'm gonna do have put if somebody says you know what I guess how many get in on this. Is it too late for people can you go to gyms and do anything if it is because everybody's like already advanced their dues and evolve their dues like. Add our. CD. It's kind of hard because you go to a GM that has some really powerful. Really powerful Pokemon there but at the same point. There are you if it's your your gym like you get short teen GMT was our yet your team valor okay so our team and staying does that Vicky that's video you instincts and only because to my friends I hang out really aren't really that she is yeah so you're. All three of us are different teams yeah. And so you can't if you're on your if you're with your own team and make you go to the gym it's that you can go there and you can. Help level up that gym by fighting knows. And training up. But if it's like eight in the big switch pretty much quickly back and forth and so you can kind of I guess barnacle on would be the best way to go with that. I think it's really what you wanna get out of the game if you wanna be like a Pokemon trainer guy who just goes announced on Clark spoke to Monica that's part of the game and you're gonna have fun you wanna be that guy is like. Have you been to the gym in you know South Seattle that's my focus more on their little four billion. Yeah and then get any ink just like we're talking about over watch there's the quake in the competitive play I probably got to get my wife I had as a zero. Armed zero desire to go to any gyms and she's like I eighty out of line I think Jesse he's just he's just collecting them and I'm not gonna marry Youkilis and a half hour but I don't like to go museum realizes now I don't even know who Jim is OK but it is a lot of fun and like you say he had total casual different ways you can do that there's a lot of resources online people it's figuring out even through the bugs people are figuring out how things work. On the makers in this game kept a pretty vague which I actually appreciate that there isn't a step by step tutorial in this yeah because it helps people figure out an Iranian. And then again interact with everybody -- becomes a bigger community because we have to share any information that we have discovered just threw just after game play as opposed to just having only -- totally out first the beginning I think I heard it can be and rewards system in their upcoming patch -- not to ask about the where you are all players -- get a new war on YouTube for free movement and I know -- I'm listening to -- there -- reminds -- of the first took a movie that came out when you into the theaters geeky you are very -- new card yeah -- and this is another thing that works with -- -- because -- has had. I've heard down the line that they're going to have these Pokemon type events where you'll be able to get legend Aires by going to diss me yeah so definitely keep an eye out on that I could see them doing big stuff at conventions whether it be officially or just attached to that. I wouldn't be surprised to see something happen if something happened at San Diego comic con or what happens if there's something will happen add pacs while past west coming up only got I'm picturing San Diego comic con right now with everybody walking around on their phones. I try to figure out where the stops are I'm sure he voted to be honest can even get on their phones and honest and assisting the wife Kyra places always have that problem our gas so maybe not so much I don't know I am I it's it's getting there at the hearing and the Soviets do you see yeah yeah airing Monday would be CC after coupled is a comic con how. How that phenomenon has been affected are not a prejudiced all right we know why your iMac or maybe bad time or maybe those standards didn't get on so all the servers for everyone else in the world will be a little bit lighter and will be music for me gives us they're all going to be in their not being able to play you are or what you gonna have is just. Gigantic crowds outside across the street yeah etc. writing is on the and then going back and erosion. All right well let us know if you've got any Pokemon tips tricks or any have fun things that you've been able to do while in the game but now we got to get tool. She twists keep big. Right more info about Oakmont actually via way it has been confirmed that we're going to get her first ever live action poke them on film. It's peak to detective. Why had he follows a peculiar talking peak which you seek and talk who despite not being used car full and nimble in the other piggy DG and it's kind of he's rather intelligent in claims to be a great detective so one day Pete beach encounters a boy named Tim Goodman. Who's able to understand what he's saying so dust is to begin working together to sell various mysteries revolving around Oakmont in the city paralyzed I think he's going to be a door. Ball LO charter we haven't jumped to leave. Having not seen any of the other broke among movies or me no aggressive and I know I Zelaya that is beyond that again. And again it's gonna be telling the whole Star Wars thing it's like yes. All the adults are playing every notre that this is still meant for kids and gagged ye out okay now find itself next story and a April Levy announced that they were they big volume forward to it they the had the allied action right to see you bought the rights where wade for the seat that is giving rise they wouldn't do a live action movie featuring ashen everybody like trying to just match I happen. I feel like because there's so much room. Till extra quarter and quotes group someone's child then. I would you wanna do badly. Often all that direction they gonna miss supposed people who were into comfort vote Garros or films nowadays and you. You know as we are some energetic Katrina Borger about once it. I took my foot of course some goes out and I gave more for what's I've knowing our enemy uses a detective reviewing her and you know Simon in dar ES PIs coming up when you know he had. It's I don't want Sherlock and Watson throws a book that's success athletic children Watson that they are Kokomo on behalf of jackets it took I love it. Wow what a CST huge cloud Alexio scare what's influenced topic who. Who do you like to hear a list. A film from do you not live up anymore oh would you guys rather hear a game appearance and Jerry. I like Gil de hey and there don't he has heard the theory that Amir read villain of the Nino brand stark is actually John snow's twin sister what. Aaron head of the dragon possibly. Why they do that that's not even a character that's had any real prominent yeah and I am well the theory she's got a mistress. Yeah he's blaming girls my camera misfits like there. I it's I agree with you I'm never have thought that would be it becomes night again did they try to do that within Harry Potter with oh my gosh. Aurora Natalie I would have a long bottom when they tried he was a real winner announced he was supposed to be the real guy. Yeah exactly he was he was six. The prophecy was just big enough that it could have been Neville who was actually the chosen one and at the end he ended up doing some heroic things jumpers are old yes so I may be there isn't something there. I wouldn't be surprised they tried to do that in the end and no drugs we're handsome guy and that energy at all about that aimed I don't know growing your Amanda Amanda home. Blossomed he became an actual term I think when you go from ugly duckling to swan only know follow long bottoming yeah yeah yeah that's where that term come here. I got a lot of keep this safe search aren't on the Natalie I don't know I'll horrible thing to say here's what they're saying like why they think this is what's all right I'm ready she was born the senior is rob and John. And we don't know anything about her mom and some people of this in which just Howland said you know wife I Jian a bill we don't know anything about the character except that she exists because Joseph guinn who their father. Has that come from somewhere vote locked so her physical description is very similar tell Leann in arias doesn't she slim flat chested attractive without being traditionally beautiful. And she's got the Marshall college fully commercial. People fighting skills like oh and a prowess yeah mom but she's cheerful I have a fiery personality that's a very similar Ileana. And also the odds of her dying during child to a verse he more likely she had twins. This is is what people are they saying no sir I. Can take a second child in hiding at degree why gray water watch could certainly have happened in the time. Between it takes you never returning to under failure with beating John Snow. Yeah so Ned returning with two passers it would have been a real stretch and having the children in the same place would put them much force danger can. It's their pay period. So I learned all we want to you don't feel and if you know we want to do once they hear amber room for your uncle Scrooge you can do you usually know she should usually show you how would you take care isn't run. And now watch over from over there terrible does name him Scott Walker yeah. We love them except also the northern houses that could propose marriage alliances with the stark seem to to be at least interest did. So the car start trying to Mary asked alleys to rob but despite Howell and having a daughter of the exact same age he showed zero interest in such an arrangement so. Close friends and allies with children of the teen age generally seem very interest in married your kids off to each other. But not here. And now it also would give drag in the the dry in the third head in. That's up that we already kind of believe that that's gonna be teary and. Well I mean that's the thing. It's so. It's hard to figure out right now because the way that George. What you would think would be the one that would make the most sense yet he's turned on his head all laws are locked a you know you'd say once he hit the red wedding you realized all bets were off where you want to go with that on some notes though on the game throws we find out what is gonna happen next season too it's going to be seven episodes right and it's not gonna happen until these summer are. So me. No we have to well is your guys shorter one you guys are all of seven Doctor Who will be on the spring so I won't miss anything I'll have a show I have a show to carry me after the Walking Dead that I have made it look like nobody likes him. This concern about him I just say no because a mayor with I'm losing Doctor Who in September. Because they usually come on a September but that the plus side hill T take me through no Bimantoro. And it's too bad that the heat community world with movies and shows and stuff is so little they don't have any any asking to get there has never watch anything that's happened and how are we never did get. The net and I. Well until my send as a stinging. Your inner geek wants to come out and play plug where. To. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. 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