BJGN07-27-16 - Lost in R'yleh

Wednesday, July 27th

BJ talks comics with Star Trek & Batman; Rev, BJ & Chris review the card game Lost in R'yleh; BJ & The Prodigy talk Mr. Robot; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc blow outs. Ladies and gentlemen. Geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase invasion. That's a welcome if you can ask the coach did meet. Across from me is Vicky Barcelona does yup it's. Yes it is up. Okay Chris walker mr. walker like they fly and yet will hear the guy who will not shut up. I learned BJJ. Case is this this is the show men what this is your show but unfortunately this is also your show. Because just like shut up okay fascinating Joba unfortunately this is the show yet wait wait you lost me yeah I don't know bitter made a lot of sense there what are you trying to say. At least in my mind I think it's the show. Running the Bard is still drive a G. Hi I'm throwing me show you maybe now yes some really good. While things are already off the rails on this wins like this it soon off the rails Wednesday man's yeah you can make you have give people get a hold of us. Well they can check out our website at our podcast DJ geek nation dot com. Like us on FaceBook etc. BG she's geek nation that's a good idea he'll also call for prince Graham. Instant Graham and just happy jiggy nation that is accidentally plant one NE 02 Q4 3353. New confidence and not VG each nation at He also what your video that YouTube dot com slash PG geek nation of course you're kind of like heading out the gyms here in Seattle he might be able to find. Us on both mongo lake. See every American right now and this is really fun to be around you should try to have a client whom does he always just got to and I. My god I can't praising Lama and the Pentagon not gonna talk about it. Then I can finally get tongue. That might be now raising again under a different view for a off the rails already does that mean we have to switch using python. Stopping it brings you see me swim club did OK here's what you gonna do they're guide we are Kiki podcast and people get that Chris is. These students I understand him some time. And I don't the most immediate recommend me les basic if we elect its might come tell you sport Tran. I'll torture and remember for trailer no I do remember the basic drill hole I hopes Ali Al don't have does matter remains and how Gloria Anita is scared that I caught up. How did you day. Eight Todd how how solidly the bogey is this pod cast it's like you're the only way to barely do that is to make sure show with a shotgun I just want refreshingly calm my Christ hi everybody welcome Vijay she's Diggnation they DJ since you're in the lead didn't do you trailer here how what you talked about some comic books that you've branded. So at least we can kind of focus fire and I think I refuse to I'm not talking about it and yes well couple McConnell said actually I wanna talk about first of all. I as you know our Star Trek. Bed, Bath & Beyond released on Friday to ask and very much just an awesome movie like they say. Go see a 4000 times congratulations to Simon pay go show buddy and sent him are grown. Mark Prior always takes the Star Trek movies he always has and always will hate in the first one did Maine get not any of the new lines they are here isn't. I hate it isn't that fast and furious the space exactly all I know cause there's action yeah that's his problem and then that's what Star Trek is always going to be if it's made into a movie. I'll hopefully the TV series on Netflix will give mark what he wants to still be episodic television and new and then you have more time to be like the old Star Trek aura. You can do like I do and read the comic books. Which are put up by IDW which continue to JJ Abrams universal and again this so last four part series ended recently and it was a nice. Homage to Leonard Nimoy. It was a four part series called the legacy of Spock and mind. It follows the story line of the fact that Spock is trying to help Balkan find. A new home planet. But they're not happy with him because they think that the old Spock basically is the reason why Balkans there in the do situation therein. So they kind of some McGill loss who want nothing to do with you are. Meanwhile there are two rogue Romulus that survives. And heroes ships okay you're not yeah they got some red matter and they basically wanna wipe out every Vulcan and so this. This whole four part series. Is really cool is it ties she it really flashes back and shows Spock in the original series Spock gay in the next generation. And Spock of course currently in the JJ Abrams universe really well done over the four issues aideed I DW the ending is very touching. As basically as you know this is Canon for the JJ abrams' new universe. I thought this was really beautiful as is this is basically leading up to. The movie. And I won't spoil anything because you know sometimes they like to throw things in the the books that you go hey what is this Obama movie but it's been covered in the comics. Some you'll get mad at me when I talk about it after I will just tell you that. Really nicely done he was a nice homage to the Spock character and to Leonard Nimoy. Which. We're really really cool and it's why I love IDW what they've done with this series and it's so cool what they've done with this and they phony JJ Abrams universe for the last Wilson's 2009 they've been doing yeah I guess since the first movie came out yeah so that was that was cool so check it out Star Trek guy DW. Started a but I believe they shoot 55 and they went for before parts of it really cool you get on a comic solid year I'm sure you accountable store. Also. Chris hi Tucker bus on account you one point delegates. Haven't finished reading it but boy what a powerful story from Paul Dini an artist Eduardo resell. Dark Knight a true bat man's story in original graphic novel where Paul dean he's the writer. Actually did get attacked. And you decided to and he was he was heavily involved with certain and we literally assaulted his mother so he wrote this is a story about. What was going on in his head as well here's a guy that writes about bad man did a lot of the Batman animated series. And all of the bad main characters visit him. In this world. Revolving around a real life event he was assaulted there was no real life bad men to come save him. He's haunted by the different that men characters about how he did everything wrong that led up to his assaults. And so it is fascinating to hear bad man say well. You know Paul if you don't miss this would have happened or the Joker saying well if you weren't such a loser this would have happened. I mean why is haunted by so many characters in this is such a great story and I even dumb with the yet. But well worth the read what was the name of that again is called Dark Knight NI GHT just like night time a true bat man's story where. This guy literally do get assaulted got really massively assault with a lot of injuries. And if any was courageous enough to write about this and have a lot of people encourage him including and Neil Jeane window of course a great great writer. Said hey man. Great story a lot of people said this is among the most powerful books they've ever read. Talk about life imitating art art imitating life this is mishmash in you know where does one begin at one end of really amazing and what I'm reading about Paul Dini is like some of the way he basically his he and I are close the same age. And how he went on his about his life as a child I'm like holy cow is like reading about me a little bit of news now I mean. So I I'm I'm so impressed with this book and and it's and I didn't think a fine addition to the Batman graphic novel series is and the one you wanna have on your shelf an awesome wow that is crazy as something you desire ever expect to see. Out of a bookie just in the you know when you're gonna pick up a graphic novel be my oldest is be about the characters going around doing their trains not dealing with something happened in real life. And he looks at himself I have to tell you manually either ear of the people in the story line all right if you will the characters based on the real life characters that we are there were involved in it. And you can really not like some of them but boy does he really take the though the looking glass the magnifying glass if you will. But the target employee got himself and go where was I wow how was like culpable for everything which. Is pretty amazing and you feel like how is it anybody's fault ever to be attacked. Like the way he was brutally attacked but he looks and says well where was like culpable and explores in this story he has help of course from some pretty brutally honest Batman characters that it had come into his psyche and tell him where he was responsible and boy I think this is what a wonderful story for humans to maybe you know take a look at themselves whenever you think your life is going batting though. Hey let me look at where I'm contributing to this crap going on in my life. I'll be that's ever a bad thing that whole self awareness self realization which Paul Dini gives us. Nice. Let's talk a little bit about. Well as a as a board games but again like job on Monday's podcast this is corn gained so much does it take a card game case thank you for. Fixing me on that wine. Both do have both you Chris and BJ this one is lost in right lay out and say yeah granted Jay. I had spent a little bit of time after after we have more playing this game and and I consider myself to be an aficionado of leak into the universe in old age bureaucrats works and I'd been seeing it one way in my entire life and I and I always been pronouncing it. Right leg. No I went on line just to see because there was some confusion about it because the way it's spelled out on the page it does look a little bit different to be really in her relatives of the evidence. So I want to see how whether people were pronouncing it ended by and large it seems like. Real led a mile leg is the easy run lead going. Is the what you call it the most common users that's inaccurate. Yet if that vernacular and accuracy are behind you Chris forget the funny part about relayed is that if you ask someone who is a total cost Hulu nerd yes they'll say hmmm well it's under announce a bull by the human tongue yet you know they have a series of screech is they have an eighteen inch tongue and technical face to actually be appropriate to properly so why bother yes exactly racing because. Luckily you don't need any of that to now latest game which I want to thank Dallas games because they. I met some cool people I wish I can remember the names that they were from Minnesota we met them at the last Penny Arcade expo or ER CE CCC can and handout that's emanate pass our our names along to them and they were like hey this is a podcast a love's game so they sent us a copy. And Alice games man what a fun game they sent us the roster yet I don't know yes and so if you don't know relays is the terrible and ancient city risen from the depths of the Pacific by a great cursed cool here comes to lies both dead and dreaming up waiting to consume any who ventured near. No lost and relayed the players are trapped in HP loves crafts short story the call of go through Lou. From the mysterious discovery of a profane idol to dreams of a dark cold to landfall on encyclopedia metropolis income to lose horrific emergence no player can truly win net. Although the last player to escape will be the ultimate loser for that clearly for a loss and lay low. There room gang and so this isn't a card game that kind of plays lake Rummy. Fish yeah shape it has Rummy ish elements too where you know you're laying down sets the and that's what Rummy doesn't laying down sets on top of other cards any discard pile like a like Rummy will like Iran. No one part fun part about this is that say I laid down three cards and they sat. And they and maybe Chris do you want to lay down a card of that next of that number as well do I. We June Jackie would love to because at that point you have four and sometimes cards will have. Abilities that go off when you lay down patterns and some of them would say all right if you do three dude is one thing if you have four or do this other thing threat so I would lay in my three down and maybe that would say. Someone doesn't get to take it turns I'd be like hey BJ you don't get to take your turn next turned. 'cause usually target you get outside and I love I love that about this game because the theme of the game of course is wells a good tool universe is that you lose your mind insanity happens and and therefore what's up is down was down his left. You know yes and MS you're trying to do this game you try to escape. And you have you view you have cards in front of you and your cars in your hand and then and once you pay you know what you do certain things in the game you can then start taking the cars in front of you and knows your skate guards once you can get rid of each one of those cards. You're closer and closer to escaping but this game has mechanics on the cards as well as action cards. That really asked the flow of the game they can't do it if they change the direction from clockwise or counter clockwise to clockwise again skip people's turns take other turns. On banish the pile because it in the game. You either play in event card. Glad that we're talking about like something just happens you get to do something or you have to play these sets of number cards. And is they're all numbered from one to ten. And you can only generally play card of these same number or higher. So if I play two BJ can play eight to four three or higher Phnom end in a once you get rid of all the cards in the pile is when you try to start your escape. But if you can't play a card you have to take the pile. Which actually can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the what's on the power because if you can get like a bunch of the same numbers you can do some very hard way. Very powerful things would lead the numbers history those effects together to really shaped the game and tinted tilted back in your favor and that point and elect guys try to get you had before if you have like a three and then if like secret she played the fourth in that set it fits all those are still and is said. You get to do. I've played it with our slave quick T yeah I always play it's quickly we've played with five players. I've played it with two players in it takes a while to get through it because. It's a 75 card deck. You have to give everyone certain amount of cards for two players at seven cards in your hand I think it's five I hand a 545. Players. On and you need to go through the entire deck of 75 cards before you can start the end game which is actually it's always seems like it would stretch out and prefer Energizer and it takes a little bit of awhile but exactly get a quicker go to goes real quick coming sometimes you go around twice in the deck is exhausted and needed yeah I have six playing it. Today Eric says that time down and I and yeah I think we we and we got like two games in in Lou I guess. Barely an hour I think. Yet this is one of those it's I don't wanna call to filler game because a super fine. Like kinda like how on collectors in capers is it's one of those wondering can start off warning people up to it exactly Ed because there is strategy involved that's what I love about these filler games that are actually deeper than you expect you have lived there at first of all the design of the game and I wanna talk about the design of the game the cards are beautiful there Toro cards for their dad their sorrows are cardiac so that the artwork is really fun. Each you know each numbered card has different our orders wells all the action cards on the mechanic of having cut the cards in front you face up so you get to see other people's cards. And it did the same cars you have in your hand you know they're number Karstens interaction cars. And so you can see all while my opponent has got a low cards over there. And they're trying to escape you can screw over your opponent by gun wanna play a high cards ever their therefore they can't play any cards to escape. So there's there's that aspect of the the strategy you put in there. What I would say because. And you know as we have a game group they love action you know I don't know our buddy Eric just loves action and it is therefore if it with this player elimination which there is. Because the first player out waits for every other player to get out and then the last person that doesn't you know loses everybody else wins if you will even. Once you know how to play the game goes quick if this is the first time a learning any game it always goes slower. So Eric was like I don't know man I see like it was not a game for a while waiting yeah it's a well because four of us it never played OK yeah. That's just how it is but once everyone is out of play you're not waiting long I mean when you go out first and pretty much five to ten minutes later everybody's stomach again. They're really simple mechanics I mean your just your matching numbers are going higher than a number or you're just doing what it says on the card right as there is a bit of strategy to wait I'm because you can banished to pile. On so and you can just choose to pick up the pile if you watched. Because there's some powerful cars and there so you wanna pick up that pilot maybe be able to string together some very powerful things to maybe give yourself out. But at the same point you can also maybe see that there's some really is powerful stuff there and you're tired of her when doing missionary kids. He has got here rid of them all because cards will specifically say banish you know pile and then you get to play gaining kind of reset it I love this is it. Gamer before you playing either arc of horror or Eldridge or you don't get ready for AZ and I yeah you know that's the beauty of still the world of gaming revenues there are so many different theme night games coming home and we did and I I I like this idea you know where where you know the beginning of the end of every eight game thrown c.'s season weekly game across the board you know left. And there's so many games up there like that now where you know. We are you have very soon you'll be playing out the latest start tricking search for a major night we a re skin the eggs and you know we're going to be doing that before we cherry you know we're at and where and we do that because in celebration of the movie yeah yes I love that and that's what I see you do with this game it's a really good game by Alice games loss of real method to get entertain it yet trying to just do our apostrophe every shell PLE a trait yet oh YE AL YE AC that's yeah I guess that's hey you know. He went insane and you forgot how to spell let's find out and even if you go to be FaceBook page. Will pin it up to the top four this podcast for a couple of days to weeks did a FaceBook lives while playing it so you can check out the game you can all see bush our work yeah there's a lot of really really beautiful. Pieces of art with it. And yeah like like I said it's a really easy game it is a fine game as you know really find you really know you can go to your neighbor resigned that happen to me Eric's idea because you can give somebody your entire hand of cards yeah I was I I was on one card next thing you know air goes he your hero my. That's definitely the best it's. Past your last card. Beat that event yet and there're so many times drum like Luke here you go you can have this entire pile I'm out and now you can't get it yet exactly screw. You know if you are the other some breathing let's talk a little bit about what BJ dual bay and watch teen will even watching mister robot. Yes I have and the new season has started. I feel so bad because this weather shows that I watch the first two episodes of the first season and how might this is great. In a completely forgot it was on what is Darrell from the offices and it would you want to now I'm Craig residents and Craig Robinson and it's it's got Christian Slater and in the there's a lively and there's there's good actors in it it's well done. It is tiresome now tiresome collect when I was watch access colleague yeah Los episcopal episode of them like OK somebody screws really ain't none none about a way but it's just like a home. It it has my focus. The eagle oh yes yes it's I. I used to this. Yeah it's very intense and is doing Agassi where Agassi miso making it's it's so we can make you very for TV yes emotionally drained yes that's a fact so it's back in BJ you've done a year is still on what did the other prodigy out of prize you won and I watch last season prods he hasn't watched the first two episodes yet and of course is a third episode. That has in him what we're gonna do on this my guess is we won't ever talk about its. Do you dubbed them the latest episode wolf you know we'll just be cool so we'll give you a week to watch and gaffe start yeah except that the because I ate I tried not to spoil things if I can I try that that's sure you do try I tried some have all of you haven't seem them Batman and Superman now prepare yourself and so those guys that people mom. But idea he you know last season of course I have society basin were a bunch of hackers and now led by mister robot who was this bizarre guy played by Christian Slater who who look like it's funny because Jozy looked a little bit like a man out of time yeah he had a he had you basically. If you will sort of like. A cargo got a curl but car repair shop jacket sure I'm sort of like the khaki I can't I can't I can't think of it the name of it but. Anyways flailing at work and I were close yet and we're there I'm with a real name is said mister robot on their effect that you've seen a mechanic or a mechanic shirts yes. Annie always just look a little Lotta time. And I he had a very strained relationship with the main character low which of course it was Elliott's. Elliott also talked to himself. Talked to everybody else Elliott was a master hacker but I want to address problems yet he's well Israel also had that same Wilbur awkwardness that a lot of people who I just don't doesn't has been volatile as part of the computer monitor what have yet he was yet he was strong on that I mean you it was just insane but he was and he was an amazingly talented hacker. And do you know at the urgings of mister robot decided to basically just screw over this gigantic corporation and crash everything they have destroyed altered data. Half society was the name of it. And as it ended last season prodigy that's what happened they they were successful in basically blowing up all of the data for this company. Yeah I mean I mean. And the show's great it's as good morning and me as though you would please say yes and our Jeff it's a very dark show that's for sure yet what I'm getting there really surprise me is. You get did the storyline kind of seems predictable when you're going through it but by the time he gets like the last three episodes like everything gets really turned around ways really when I think what happened. So here's a spoiler alert if you haven't seen it the show spoiler alert. Because. Pretty much we were we got a reveal last season as they unfolded as to mr. rove are really was. Pitchers up mister robot actually is. The dead father of belies its. And it's a very fight club kind of things. I suspected as much but there were certain scenes where I really felt like. Mister robot interacted with Elliott with someone else in the room and I thought he interacted with the other person in the room. More Tyler Durden types of worry about but we never saw Tyler Durden interact with somebody wins you know Jack. And somebody in the room at the same time my BA ever saw Tyler talked to her you know somebody and then Jack talked to somebody. And I can I taught at a mister robot or thought mister robot talked to somebody than Elliott also in the same room same with but I guess I didn't have. Yeah he did a thing where they actually are in the same room or really big deal they'll be in the same room but neither one of the motor talk to the same time. But I think about halfway through the season there's like I'll there's a spoiler where you find out a relationship that he has and yes at that point you're like OK I think I understand this is a fighter and everything that's what I felt too which is why I was like man this is the kind disappointing but when you get the last three episodes that's we realized oh this is really just a subplot. Make it you dean you like at all like got a real twists are coming now and that's why it's awesome. So they know there's a character who who basically was a big wig within the company that they overthrew and he interact with Elliott is Amos Tyrell. And he was into bondage as well as into bondage in it Tyrell London I'm doing something really bad. Spoiler alert he ended up killing somebody in order to save his own career his own job he's a crazy person. And there was one scene last season Joseph and number over the scene. Where Tyrell is wife interacts with Elliott on the sidewalk and she says hey. Like she knows him. And asks the question may be about Tyrell and she in his IRA drier Rodham haven't seen them and all of a sudden I sort of wondering. Well here's something cool what if mister robot is not the only character that he's playing. And I think he would if he's Tyrell as well no that would be awesome if that was true because he's Tyrell has sink narrator or did they that's the one thing no one knows which arose in the beginning of season two. Yeah that is true into iRows kind of like dot other side of mr. robots. Genius a few well we're never you know whenever he's the other like equally as the genius level person that fights themselves. Fannie SEC like mister robot was vs Tyrell and Ellie was caught in the middle. And 08 Tyrell in both tyra is very young man. And very anti Els amazing he's got like he's got the soon to IA I mean he's amazing he's he's a genius in the company. And there's a scene I wanna go back to where mister robot is very should say were Elliott's drag into tyra Els office failed by these guards. And they have this big conversation. And I wanna go back to watching the seed does anybody and I do they speak at the same time does anybody have all asked to call the don't FF. Because it was a weird scene did I did find was like the guards almost going are over bringing you our prayer because well you told us to have a very Tyler dirt mission. So I think that's going to be the big surprise they have no idea if that's the case or not. But down and very fast growth in two bites showing us apparently has decided not to have very good job of what they're doing not only. But it opens up with a bang Angelo also which is dead Elliott's friend looks like she's being assimilated by. Not happy with how Angela's duo would dissolve and enjoy that poor girl. Terrible boyfriend and season wind yeah and boy does things not go well for her after that press ahead I think you go like her character is first so far she looks like she's got a lot tougher. Looks great and again Darrell from the office Craig Robinson is there and Craig. I won't spoil anything but let's just say that Elliott has sort of gone off the grid himself. And he's got up plan. And he needs to stick to this plan in order for his life to be what he wants it to be. And Craig Robinson as well as mister robot is they're trying to disrupt this plan for some reason the smartest person in the room she never have a plans to ever well. Now I never does and there's some really powerful scenes in the first and that was a two part if you will was like a two hour part one part to even had an intermission and it. And so love this show and it's on Wednesday nights and US and yet USA and I mean. They've been putting out quality programming for a while I mean I love burn notice I would show that was my show and I'm really happy isn't it Campbell was the man. Senator Max is not a glass is back an RA and no more of that but I just love the fact that USA network got me used to be deny it is the home of money in Iran murder she wrote that was it. Now they're actually coming out with a lot of really great programming in like you were saying joked dark programming like serious stuff feels like this should be on AMC I think Yancey said they don't have this because there there's a perfect ANC is Asia. Best kind of good shows where you get that's super genius super hero quite saying Wayne who doesn't have superpowers a Smart in his realm right the first as the villain past equally as powerful yeah because it's that sweet dynamic of what they're both really Smart are they and outsmart each other. And this is the beautiful thing in the show so far like who is the villain like what if he's everybody that's a thing like he's the super Smart hero. He might also be the super duty to his villain as well it's pretty hysterical again it is very hinted he might just being insane asylum and this is all going on as head. Saw all that would be awesome goes watt hours it's cramming his first season two is just had some weird scenes in season two medal of the progression is all they're also Smart now and consider how the plot lines the new thing to do is throw it nine different possible gas and Buick are figure more out to see if you're right it should. Good to happen yes that you got to do awesome well thank you guys for that one let's get to our. She Swiss TV. Pray something else I broke a month to try to wrap. Shocked is actually illegal faced the post and I've seen this in a bunch of different cities and appropriate demand bunch of different places are doing this. This guy writes on my favorite story so far. An animal shelter posted something along the lines of if you're an adult and don't want people milling your playing poker month we will rent out our shelter dogs CU for five dollars an hour. So it looks like you're just walking you're not right that's a here's the results so far to the one they all they now have a waiting list of people who want to paint for the privilege of walking the dog and I hate us signal. The made so much money in rental fees that they have weighed adoption fees. Wow. Green in the people renting the dogs are out walking the post pitches themselves playing the game on FaceBook an instant Graham. And people are then coming to the shelter asking to adopt specific dog I want to talk I saw that guy went on the because he'll totally wacko right let me talk attracted national relax and Cadillac ask. On at least two occasions people have called the shelter instead. Hey I really wanna dog. But meanest dog are really getting along well and I'm not bringing him back there are okay here and there that's that's what I love well and she dig back to release to withdraw the adoption. I don't know just keep it below of this thing you'll love number five I don't want. The sheltered currently has no dogs available to rent and a waiting list because all the dogs have been adopted. They are currently bringing dogs and other shelters to be quote unquote rented. That is so cool and it cinema to differently to do best and that's the best part about this I mean we I mean we talked about affecting you know bars are doing that sort of thing but doing something that house with pet adoption and and aids any thinking he's an animal socialize yeah it's I'm not a big pet person that I know like it should be it's fun being stuck decades old Lleyton and promised myself I wouldn't. Oh yeah yeah. Feel real. Previous press I got some film stuff better if we have time the last guy yells go for. Now and aren't well after a real quick are. So here's some great films that have not age well known as C if you guys agree or disagree with this list. The Blair witch project token I don't know the reason I say it doesn't because we are over saturated with the fact that we have so much found footage style horror films and. Yeah I was one of those soon a series of movies there and low or do you have that kind of pretty much take to replace Clinton in any it was it was it was it was a gimmick. Inaudible it was how the Internet yet in a good gimmick for its time by yet nowadays people out of Israel so now they. You can you don't get a pretty quick Braveheart is another one I haven't gone back and watch and pray hard and how great they still they say it's kind of laid. It's what glorified William Wallace is blood lust as a solution to conflict and and I really sure even though we have a lot of high profile violent conflicts going on the world brain Alley that's probably no maybe we don't necessarily need aren't really can and relate well with that just love Forrest Gump's. Hi hey it's I will tell you TI haven't washed a long time bullet they're saying is up Forrest Gump can be that you needed to the baby boomer and installed the so the movie doesn't have the same resonance for younger audience and says he's just arguments will be inexperienced to look through them faster or hackers as the other one pact after I had and just because. Consider this data claps yeah I just briefly solid couple months ago I went over every scene and so I was just laughing I just thought I'd still like all of this is this high tech technology younger really I don't little sign that goodwill I don't lose Bucs fired it up on who can decide to air lays a hovering around all the other car at V movies and I'm like oh what set and a and the wife was like. Really they put Angelina Jolie break yeah I mean it was entertaining but let anybody does as one of the characters marvel little laptop with a 28 point eight BP S modem. Which would take hours to download a single song up IT and cardiac not a city six K and it took me my first notice son was gonzo up by blue oyster cult to be twelve minutes first song that I hated Clinton and entertainment deal yeah. Should happen next none out Robin Hood prince of thieves really 'cause Kevin Costner's accident over the map. There is no chemistry with Mary Elizabeth you know and let you know the one thing though is good it was Allan Lichtman. As I was saying but other than that I'll cut his heart how would this. Classroom. Because it's delegates weigh in I'll have ma I want to name the person put that movie on this list after greedy. Catapult. Scene with him Lisa since later was grade and it came AA had DR green is Bryan Adams song of all time via any new. Next on Titanic. Because a little and the reason why Titanic was a big thing was because it was than what they're saying is the phenomenon all teenage girls flocked to the middle yeah. Console Mino once the high four outfits you know. Yeah I mean if the cliche Andre Doreen was seen around where that would that would have pretty I mean pretty amazing effects is time invited but it was too long. Yeah fair enough she'll be just another member wanting to go to guy that's trying to wow you know certain. Tina to. That's. Indiana Jones and the temple of you know it will always be a classic you don't have June really doesn't know what it was the worst of the three but and you know in the end I think learning what they're saying why doesn't hold up is an Indiana casual attitude towards racial stereotypes. From its parent I approached Indian culture it sees all. Our only day ad buy as the eighties and they wind down three over that you know we tell the eighties are pretty much backing Daschle misogyny thrown in the Marianne a battle that is terrorism but I had a heart come out out of terrible chest and forget that Collie mom and the worst easily the worst graphics error special effects of level three of those movies raiders had to face melting right into our hands on Hank you next on is Superman in nineteen to anyone with mr. Marines. The 97 EA wanted to you know so I'll tell you though. It definitely doesn't hold up with everything we've seen a superhero movies so that's always was down you would believe a man could fly it was really pretty amazing when it happened the size jar he looks amazing for me what we were used to seeing the it lived up to it but then but almost forty years later it is Shiites is just gonna have that promise us the hokey it's. So my six and that's thanks in excess pretty hokey today yeah I had a good guys are flying flying backwards around the time he got to get totally where grandsons and a costume this week compared to what we see the cost to me today and I don't really didn't put as much into is a big. Did they do you know. An excellent is the 1989 Batman movies with Tim Tim Burns them answer what way in 1989. It was so the first one yeah hey Al Williams Jack Nicholson and how you know that's easy that's one that really. Darryl writes I mean it's we've I remember it was so amazing yeah when I saw idea but I do have gone back as I recently did watch all of them except the last the four. And I know I was like wow these fight scenes are really not impressive well Michael Keaton with the next pick couldn't turn yet my I mean this is one of those movies that paved the way for other movies but. And how ill feeling comparison no I think it's awesome yet it was still cool and even Leno I felt like the penguin room was bad to to both men returns and I I let I Delaware though that they can I just like cal I thought Michelle fibers cattle was really cool down like and I even though was very hokey and Christopher Walken was NM and on Max schreck Yahoo!'s how long can this guy out if the Exxon is the 1982 Tron movie yeah yup just because he has been doing anything tech a whole lot of this is problems in and my I think my it's on the soldiers do for me at this point is like any any human hold onto that is just because if he was well I think you're addressing an eighty scifi movie your fancy movie that would hold up maybe return of the Jen I never ending story whenever run. None tonight and last on the list is top gun. That was perfect for the time and I film of cool action sequences than. Gorgeous talented class so with an outstanding sound track. But it casino near as stated in its very early and. Mean people have a love for it more just like going back to him their childhood their young adulthood but he yeah its stated finally nothing impressive. I think right now today is you have to let it doesn't because a lot of maligned or meant to be seriously watch it now and it's. He might incendiary team early on your routine maneuvers Joseph yeah the wind was amazing yeah. And then we don't. I pulled off the beach volleyball sequence plays out to be the commercial for the world's weirdest resorts yes. Get way in which no one was going straight at a. I don't know I don't know you some new walk how well until next time guys. Seen any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. 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