BJGN07-29-16 - Preacher

Friday, July 29th

Rev talks Preacher; Gareth von Kallenbach reports from SDCC; the gang discusses Elon Musk's 'Matrix' theory; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase TV show. Welcome yes welcome NBA season he can be seen on the reverend in Plano across from me he is Vicky Barcelona. Oh Chris walker mr. while I guess that enjoy and that's more troops we've got the man running the ball are. Roddick G. The show's namesake mr. Reid JJ and Google are on us I man yeah. AME you're mall or wrong. Freaky how can people get ahold of us that they want to feel the love telling us your son for. The new leak check out our web Glenn a dollar Hud has Vijay each nation dot com. The fan base but just surgery she's peaked nation easy easy. He also follow us on Twitter instant and then stick read so much another easy easy senator six leave the boys onto 19802243353. Dozens Anthony ninety Diggnation And it's huge like videos do you like to use Chris I love videos and we need as much as you like make you look at how almost that much yes it looks like a lot of it has snakes on our UT gently to dot com slash PG geek nation can we didn't. Do we need an email and this is one of those very few ones say cues. Element of praise to other prodigy. Well this came from close RJ and he says that in regards to dark matter. He says awesome show the first season is on Netflix I highly highly recommended but the prodigy was right. The writing does sometimes leave a little bit to be desired but the special effects are great NM a big fan of the core cast so awesome thank you very much RJ in. They go to jail camera comments start matters who we were right about something more than one thing plus one thing that are currently undergoing big fines and truthfulness whoa whoa. I prefer broken clock is right twice today yeah Moret blind squirrel gets a net. I'm okay now that's happened. It's going to matter. So it is all right so let's actually talk about some and it's kind of neat it's going to be happening this is a local convention that will be happening August 19 twentieth in the 21. It's called the dragon flight can mention is about gamers coming together as a community around their hobbies that they're passionate about. Role playing games board games war games games games for kids and card games are listening who just turned into a kind of a monster truck that's on it's. I dragonfly is completely run by volunteers including all the fabulous people who rent games and events. They're seeking more people who were interest in volunteering for this convention if you're in the Pacific northwest area check it out at www. Dragon flight dot org right now if you can get. If you can get aid to the web site both for the 31 to July that he is this Sunday if you guys are listening up pretty close to the date that we air it on the ticket prices are 45 bucks for the entire weekend on Indian deep passes there's as well by the ticket prices will be going up after the 31. Either going to be having a lot of stuff magic the gathering tournaments. Much gives star fleet battles hot car wars. Warhammer forty K Star Wars X wing. Android net runner a lot of stuff so definitely check it out again that is dragon flight dot org. Moving on from that we talk a little bit TV because even though BJ is nine years who can't really talk about out Castro a lot of news in the shows that he does watch including dark matter. We you talk preacher dad so here is seen the penultimate episode term moos. And I am sorry things going on there really indigenous to bail and are on the Columbia I mean he's Canon thirty fellow with the horror movies and stuff like that I saw him naughty age he's been I've been on it and I was here. I was there I know veto would you know hey I did that's loved as just like watching that sort of preacher who may write it truly creepy. And blasphemous and actually I was as I mean I think I'm big. Larry Johnson so apparently I'm the only one who has seen the next to why hasn't had a so I don't I don't just go down a little bit I mean this is leading up to use these season finale which happens this Sunday. We found some information about Emily on Manning in just basically the fact that well she is about as F dubbed as everybody else in and help. So that is it was something that was a bit of surprise I'd love you guys is take on that once you guys watch it on Patrick yes there is an. Cost some remake. Of arm a breaking bad scene. That he was a huge nod to that both of them were on AMC ground breaking bad was then and obviously as of now but if they're going that you the two government agents the blonde and fewer. Arnold could get debunked. They are. My got to just kind of figure something out with the names. Yeah I RA. May now dear I heading down the hill. But they're taking a bus. And it. Almost completely re creates the scene of arms Saul when he's getting on the bus after everything goes to hell OK I usually all the way down to like the dog crossing the street after words isn't a lot of fun thing yeah take highway yeah. Al tell LT Dario thanks Jeff nice nice software and probably Sarah get your own. There was some really crazy stuff involving share if route on he actually ends. Killing the seraph them who we find out is stuck in the of the hotel room that the blog can feel are hanging out at him and it's kind of heartbreaking because he is like well. I guess I'm gonna put you out of your misery on this because she's asking him to do them without realizing that the reason why she's doing that is in order so she can come back and she's not down completely disabled from taking out and dealing with on the institute government and individuals and I'd like to say angels at this point but it really doesn't seem to be it and enjoy and I don't think souls. In a movie interesting because. There. I was 'cause the other kind of like the fund caretakers of Genesis and it seems to be. All lot more than that rampant speculation at this point is that they are the actual parents. There's a Genesis that wouldn't surprise me no doubt and also I'm kind of hoping that's where that goes. Arm but it's all leading up to they didn't really go any farther on Q what is going to happen at the church is just that. Jesse is gonna have everyone come down he's still running from the law running from the sheriff and that he's got to make sure guide comes down. Q led to it and bill. On Sunday and oh boy so we'll have to see how that works out and this is gonna I really feel this is going to definitely lead into what the comics are are about. But I also don't think they're going to be following the comics armed to the tee because I just think it's a little ridiculous figures image I cliff hanger. Ice. And I don't know that's the problem because they could but at the same point I think they need to fulfill. Bomb the the character of Jessie and make him as completely and utterly jaded about religion as he is the comic books yes this is going to be a intra censure yak yak. Is so I really it is they're really gonna have to do something with that on in this episode we see a lot more about the the old cowboy. From mom rat villainous and I never kind of entertaining because. You see his past is that whole back story that we side the very beginning of the show and kind of moving into that. That is more along the lines it's it's helped. He knees are reliving that over and over and over and over again. And the cinematographer be an editing when they do that. It's astounding it's really good the way they do it some people say goes a little bit law but I enjoyed it I enjoyed it a lot. So that is preacher we get these season finale lawn. On Sunday. And then we will be talking about that on next Friday's podcast and kind of breaking down the rest of the season also next Friday just so you guys know we will be doing our Star Trek beyond spectacular. So definitely give us voicemail send us emails posed on the FaceBook let us know your thoughts on it because. We wanna hear what you think what we think is that pretty important if it easy to infinity and beyond. Now. Now Mazen and I had to neighborhood you how close he excited. To do it down and stuff. Aces he had to say the movie is just fun yeah yeah Aslan. So it's. I will go into more would love to get the idea the opinions of the geek nationals now let's get you are mister Garrett of Vaughn and Colin barker from Escude and reviewed death SK NR dot net. If you didn't know wolf course she knew because we to preview did last week there is used on a San Diego comic con. And so we've got some great news in some great tidbits and some information from him at San Diego Garrett Vaughn Colin Bok joins us from skewed in review that's SK and and Garrett last week we teased a preview at San Diego comic con and so are you sufficiently overwhelmed with everything that came out of out of the contingent. Absolutely I mean you know I always say this is the best source earlier movie and your TV your pop culture stop and they just keep up near pyramid it was. Amazing how much we don't. They always overwhelm you and then make sure they took a tour and even higher level which I didn't think was possible but they did and there's just. There's is not enough time for us to cover everything that you sign I mean you can even see anything RC everything. But you can I check out SK and at this combat convention. What were the ones that really stood out review as something that you're like OK now I am excited for this. Well. He'll betray accused you have to. You know meter him because a lot of this was all designed just give you I paste without giving your cue much. And so like for example lipstick culture would just justly. I eight pavlik questions about that members of Superman don't adjusters so I thought it could've been so much more. And I had some issues with the you know the previous outing and Superman. And this time now I look at it like you're okay. I'm not seeing in the avengers are not seeing captain America's civil war. But I am seeing an effort to address some of the issues that people have. With some of the previous peace he fell I'm seeing a little more than Schumer I'm seeing a little more of the adventure and I think the ensemble cast. There's gonna work real well the biggest problem I have is peers you know Batman and help their recruiting all these people for this great threat a we have no clue what to break strippers. Yeah and I mean there's enough speculation out there that do you necessarily think they need to show that in their the first trailer. Not too much the first trailer I think something a little more of the number assembling setting in the storeroom with nothing else around just give you it didn't really have a sense of menace or urgency to it so. You know. There you go exactly in keeping on the same day one about Wonder Woman nice jail what are your thoughts on isn't that film at least from the trailer. Wonder Woman looked really good I got up close and some of the costumes from the Salmonella looked really nice as well I think we you know. My mama why put saying I'm not sure about Chris Klein and I think she you know. You run the risk of franchise fatigue for him because he's you know ocean city's captain Kirk mr. Bryant and the capture all these other things and you might remember this your audience this thing au pair him again. And then another thing that being that he didn't seem to work really well there. Though you know trigger strong to now what I I'm hoping the the World War I setting and stuff doesn't. Alienate certain people and people are going forward is secondary wasn't sure Herman toward researching Richard Rimmer graph there and like they get to know the character or make sure detector test. Yet sort of those things that I don't think that we will really have that issue I mean Captain America dealt with world war two and it seemed to flow well with that at the same play Wonder Woman I think his. An iconic MF cared to they generally don't worry about that so much. Exactly and you know getting getting onto some of the other trailers that register like I gotta say Cong soleil and actually impressed I was kind of I don't let alone how well I was lukewarm about the lasting cultural my if my whole thought was. I've seen it I love new original I saw the remake they did in the seventies. I've seen the golf also they don't call lives and some of the Australia Asia and it hit and it played. You know my my big argument was. How many times can they tell me the same story I know what's gonna happen eventually is gonna grab the girl is gonna play in the building and he's gonna croak I don't you know it's. Why should sit church shooter through hours of this film wanna know what's coming. This one actually I think worksheet you know it's it'll sending out some old church and he got sister burst cast. And you know what John Goodman and you've got a whole mystery began and what exactly is on the island in this column the only creature and I'm picturing. If they do this right it could be kind of a Jurassic Park issue that we no longer is there but you don't know what's coming around the next corner that could be very interest rates. Yeah totally that's the fun part about it I mean yeah IE eight we were recently just due laughed and just about half you know we don't heal the Spiderman origin story over and over again and I think you hit it on the the nail on the head there with that Kong should we know what happens there so let's get some more stories with this. Yeah exactly exactly and that's the lipstick she just you know wherever we were saying the truth so many trailers that your TV and video games and movies and it's like there are all. Designed to get you excited that they don't really get chew. The questions that you want you know it's like I don't expect from this still call up their brought. And you know you'll see these things you're like oh that's uninteresting and then other times hero's welcome how are completely unannounced and very. You know your squadron of true removing hadn't wrapping up its shareholders and other club in the true movie bu that's always fun to do I know that. Marmol had a really big panel that announced brie Larson as. Captain Marmol. Work so do was there any other big news items that came from India though does the big panels. You know and it actually trinkets it's kind of like what you consider news items because you know in this day and age of the Internet to allow their. Brie Larson was a good thing they came out they show the stuff that we pretty much expected them to. Or to marvel panel Leo they they showed they knew Doctor Strange trailer and I'm probably already are I was kind of mixed about it Owhali he because. I look at it and you are no it's the first film in the multi verse all that but you you know as they each start forestry bureau on the skyline and to know that. I honestly certain particular conception and my hours are extreme assault before this event this is an making me get excited. And on top of it he is not one of their gluten mean no better known characters. And so this is kind of hey it's marble trust just jump on board but what I was much more excited over. What's your guardians who galaxy stuff really talked about you know Kurt Russell being Serb lords father. And you know that the very raw footage European oh La. There are rocket never won an action and getting up to girl trouble again and I'm like you know that this looks like more of the great chamber it's up the works so well the last time culture and you don't hear him talk about. Sparta man homecoming. And did you know the the other things are coming in like this is this is what really got me go door -- or are they brought out the the whole armor and stuff like that I'm like oh yeah that was going to be awesome choke. You know you got that put them. The other thing that you travel back like you're so you have so many different holes with so many different venues all doing careful poll showing things formal search and different tracks. And so it's so it comes that you so perhaps even if you can't be an all play to the war and you're getting these structurally in the UK you know you get these things like here this morning you know little good news. They did the thirtieth anniversary panel for Palin to let you know my first thought was oh my god has it been thirty years already got half half half and you don't worry Weaver comes out movie James Cameron there and you know don't let little things slip in some rare when Blake James Cameron said now there are four. Sequels to avatar the overall set and well I am. You don't worry we Ers are looked you know on the oil income that showman and Arabs also out. An armed oh we do Arabic script for the fifth aliens colonial blunt character and she says. Even Cameron came around through the I'd like I like the script are really like this script so it's like home. You know and they're just waiting for the okay to Churchill we get machines like you know trim your Lagos if you know. We're just waiting for the okay to start filming while he's got a little things like step. It's kind of cool because like there leg people he says there's so much going on. That sometimes they don't always get there information what they're allowed to release and sometimes things do slows us knives the diskette. Little did he made his. Age there out of that. Oh exactly yet and that's the finger like who won all because I feel a bit ago fox look them their work covenant but you know things were slipping out Norman like. This thing is dark there is an extremely dark and violent. Ridley kept trying to help the church first received audio with the med clutch in great guest. And now audiences are much more initiated and it's not so shocking so he's come up with something else you know if you don't bit there you know Danny McBride so there is no comic relief from the so why not comic relief. This is darker gruesome violence doesn't have very intense hard. It is good hour now and so dared before really together because there's so much more information out there but again people can go and SK and I have a question for you just on as a person covering missing you've been to comic con San Diego and more for many different years. What's. A tip or a couple of tips that you would gives someone going to this for the first time you know I mean everyone knows you know bring water in deed and have a plan and that sort of thing but Blake is there any way to even be able do like even. Like start to take in all of what Sanyo comic con has to offer. You it's impossible to do at all that it used to be it wouldn't happen because one of the biggest problems is that. Some people line up for hours and advanced yet in the certain things and so what are we still people list. Be patient would be opportunistic and here here's a prime example polish is alleged you're taller to bring it winds up like crazy problem here than there. Well. There's no always align center in morning everyone lined up they stick all the way to get to marble panels and stuff so for example like helmet. You go in the first day you walk the halls you do your bit. You want the initial rush command don't restraining order and go tell ya know there's no waking kimono. You know and all lakeshore car that I caught a couple of panels one lunch where Irish they give you carriage that what you come back to within an hour later so plan your charm. Accordingly Bob ball another ball remember one into absolutely packed on Friday line out the door waiting accident that they have all the animation Bob's murder arch persona it's so important. Thursday Saturday. Now that's much yes it was nearly full look I was able to get in and get things like Lucifer and got them. And stuff like that and I would pop out through my reviews shares popped down. You know within the hour to the panel back up and out like out there. It's kind of one of those that you can go around and threw 100 you have someone to do this and that you walk around a week. There's not much like America's problem and try to force some people just say. You know they're their group they were Campanella on the water crunched on. Moved Friday to get. And I'm like record on Friday morning to get in line were the you know the marvel panel of all that Saturday in my attitude was. Yeah I. You went into the IndyCar under standing in line at all going to be our warrant sparked a minister who panel next tournament certainly. Well you know that you experienced so that I'm like right that your religion out of all the experience of all these other great things that are out there each and greeted just basically patient you have to accept. You're not gonna get into everything you what you have is just a simple act. But there is so much out there. Even know what might be considered a consolation pedal as often amazing and there are so pretty simple I went into rooms just crusade going into a room. Bigger though one other note no wind for this panel I'm going in Europe got a couple hours spree before reporting her wherever. And you discover all these new things like oh why don't. Didn't know about that sure do know a lot of thought and while I'm intrigued now. And you know he get to the star power all that very accurate mainly it just beat. Flexible reversal understand that you can have a greatest player in the world you know my wiped out the swimmer she. Stumbled on this couple Beers go to the second biggest Paul should get served couple hours early goes into the room. States are all day and she covers like so many TV shows that they just literally boom boom boom one more and show after the other all day long. And that is great because it's greatly expand our coverage she covers that I'm off doing other things imperialists. Nice scared again thank you so much man I know that out it's a big slog to get down nano it's a lot of fun but it's also a lot of work so people check out the website skewed and reviewed as K and structure or reps thank you so much gear is again gears Von column box from skewed in reviewed that's as key an. This interesting story that I found because I love kind of thinking about these are sort of things and when you're in Seattle sometimes you're. In the four upon pondering ponder wrong and philosopher I think class yes exactly those sort of things in this came from the man not Elon Musk felt and dad he has he's a lot of things get better. He's he's the big the big CEO for Tesla. And he seems to think that were living in this simulation. Oh boy yes our flag we the matrix is real and who we are a part of it Rihanna eminence. Well as saying this and he's also dating Orlando blooms excerpts engaged Orlando blooms ex wife fray now Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret model so there's a good there's a simulation to be living in a he has say if yes this is you know what I'm crazy but he's got some good stuff come on break his argument. Goes that the incredible. The incredibly fast advancement of video game technology. Indicates that we're capable of a fully lifelike simulation of existence in the short span of time. In forty years he explains we've gone from pong to massively multiplayer online game with millions of simultaneous players games with photo realistic graphics and now stand on the cusp of the new wave of virtual an augmented reality experiences. And he says. If you assume any range of any rate of improvement at all losing games will become indistinguishable. From reality. Even at that rate of advancement drops by a thousand from what it is now. Just imagine that it's 101000 years in the future. With nothing which nothing is on the evolutionary scale given that hour on that tree decked trajectory. Words in his own right path and that these games are increasingly playable on any device he says the odds that we're living our lives in based reality that is a real reality. Is one in billions. So Hussein go in your own reality is that the idea well old he's just basically hey I. I don't know that's the one thing it's like why do enemy I get this kind of Stoner conversation that's ahead but what are the like implements especially the guy like this who isn't it did it been thinking about this a lot obviously he's got a great mind because of the business that he's done and now all the geeky stuff. On the ice just like. It's very interesting to be like. Lake Worth pondering that certainly I would the people are looking up into the stars. Bombed you know and he's centuries ago we are millennia ago and they're just wondering what all of that is up there in their making up their own stories and we're just like. Hey what if what do we're just part of a simulation what are for The Sims and someone's playing ascent word you know I don't see like green little I have to play better you ready to do what the. Exactly I and my level up my favorite thing I read on the Internet was you know when you walk into Roubini totally forgot what you were doing like what you went into that room for him. It is because the took off your last task seemed new task sets that they have this idea. At casino like this and he be like a giggle about that laughing knowing Matt did about go you know mr. employer does he walked you're like. And I try and reassigned you're your own free room and here's like they'll put them like. Does he actually believe this and just believe it's a possibility. I don't know anything flexibility that's the thing I don't know if necessary believes it it seems like he was just I mean they're talking and in this article he actually says that this is like one of those. When these hot tub conversations where he's just sitting around soaking in Honda with some friends. As you do as an end I don't know I've yet it is just comes out to be like guys like maybe this is just kind of where where we are. Markets of their technologies that advance and we artery simulation and what is the world order. Coming from a licenses and that's another thing he says it is like it could be it could have been like a calamitous event that stops all as civilization from advancing at that point long tunnel along the lines. To worsen now we're kind of just you know the matrix sort of thing world world just. You know batteries fur or what ever overlord we have. We don't know I mean that's maybe why we've never seen any aliens in this vast universe. Terrible price of a guy who made pizza 'cause he's for the deal see on the hand right. I don't know about you guys better tell my editors Louis it's amazing thing the matrix says got me hooked back up. Happy happy happy happy happy happy and so I let us know how you feel about that I mean it's interesting. Take on it but at the same climbing at Penn Stoner conversation that can orange over there. You can get FF FF we're gonna be ready no and yeah her. Speaking of video games though this is kind of fun. Rock band one yes favorite games AST's play drunk oh gosh yes thank you put the drums MOCON. I remember when I first skyrocket and for the 360 we're back in the day we played rock band for about eight hours and completely. Infuriated our dusters neighbors and then we got under way you were evicted gaffe though they are just came up after it was like 1030 at night in their design hey I know it's the new game and it's really signed by you've been playing ever really long time. Opinion please stop the drums and I'm glad I thought our IE add to growth cam that and did you fight for your right. To parties parties that have absolutely calm while that's a party in a box. It is definitely party in the months. Rock band before it came out for Xbox one and all the new generation on things but now they're coming out with the it's it's not this silly AD LC but any expansion concurred I guess for it is called rock band rivals. And is going to have all new campaign modes it'll be available for the PlayStation for the Xbox one and this October Palm Pre order is available now as you can just check that out as well. On May know feature. A new thing called the Iraqi drama it's an all new campaign mode and the world's first play of all music documentary. Featuring a mix of live action video in engine footage ND classic rock band game played rock Q drama dynamically tells the story of your bands at fair and simple areas rise to fame. As players progress further bans more of him and Melinda. Fans memorable there winding road to glory they will be introduced to a series of new venues and character assets that will be unlocked for play across all of rock band Ford's game play modes. You can check out the trailer if you go to the rock band U2 page. Lots of cool things going on within that it'd be something I'd definitely pick up aids. One of the best social games that you can play arm for the Xbox a lot of times if you're trying to play via his and other people hanging around Alicia doing like a tournament or something man that with like smash Brothers or street fighter or anything like that. A lot of people just kind of hang your watching one other person play yet when you've got the full band kit with this you can get four people Iraq out. And it's a lot of fun even if they're just coming in your apartment and driving and when not music is a great communicated man let's click on that and it works at a party leaders like music yeah I finished. Whenever I have a party in my house and there's a certain to too many people end their descent around just talking and I don't like I like derby you be doing stuff. Just otherwise just get I'll Wear and then they Gary air and I cannot entertain them might just not. Any single one thing and go and I always the party to an area and what is the best things some people like whoa what happens if someone isn't very good at it there's a really neat little trick in the games where he just turn on no fail mode yet a goes through the whole song even if someone is terrible either very you know you you're stuck playing with you know you're super young cousin who I think we can barely used to control it period. You can you can make sure they can at least get through the song and everyone has a lot of fun at that end. I really love rock crap I'd be using alcohol Khatami who cares away dutrow. That is a good column so you're not Dana drums anymore you are destroying my coffee table that. Apps tab stack and they are gonna perfect school. Confident that the Pacific. They're ignorant it's all right well let's get to laugh. She twists TV. Hey Mickey what's special movies are coming out this way. A little bit another one's talking about is the movie Jason and Boren you know yeah. Martin talked about it on spot you may effort and honey legged. What he has mall essentially just called a night's violence film yet. RA yeah like you just the trailer as you look and in need a man they are look at all learn he's looking a little older he's 45 years old but at the same point he's still Jason Bourne in completely and utterly kicking ass dance on. But this movie is actually getting 58%. Iran's made has been 99% of people want to actually see it's so. That's I'm here to see how much how well the other Bourne movies dead. A lot of people are also saying even marsh said that that the re treading the same story over and over and over and over and over again as some point you gotta kind of figure something else news then it just being the memories or BCA agents deciding to go and bother Jason Bourne he's as mark says that he's going and having some ice cream kestre fights are they're not robots that mine in his own business can't appoint a fast and furious. This one and I'm not I did not expected to be honest with deal yeah yeah I mean the needed the first fast and furious and the second one Lutheran was kinda off stand where I was like oh the tour security staff that's gonna how they did these you know the first Stuart good with the rule was okay and and they did a mark of who replaced Iraq now fourth one the and ageism born with the Holocaust even grinned and. Runner Mary. AD currently the booted but I liked the idea something else happening at the same time name. On a dirt like no the same time lines you're seeing a scale this little draw analogies and Barnes and easy the other movies you know it's gone and that this is what's going on with this guy. I think that might have been better if some that was something we kind of started off with where they would make mention of Jeremy Renner is character in the beginning and then eventually tied to together I just think you know kind of hi Carol. Other Jeremy Renner one yesterday old and it's not that bad although I think the female lead in doing is gonna jump in Nash and part of the problem with that too is if you're looking at Ager watching a born a movie. As this point you want Matt Damon getting Vicki has something around there if they had something where was there there's a parallel go we know like they had a plan for that the entire time that there are those little engines yet announced as opposed to a then trying to possibly Rio kind of pass the baton. For the franchise surrender in which didn't work out because. As much as I love Jeremy Renner. She's not Matt Damon yeah and so even an aging mad demon trying to do is actions to avenue and first I'm looking at the trailers. He's ripped to what you know now like a widely as I like and I am not complaining I must please you old and frail to be doing isn't the same point I'm pretty sure he's got tired of doing that. The same point he's gonna hollow period a terrible there Heredia he'd. Quite a few million dollars for lying to you as you all alive he he Majorly -- like 25 lions and based on like the past paid he got on his face he's making it a million dollar line justice cool all right well I guess the editors coming out actually is man and they do well people are not only. As well you know advancements in cinema and missed in its hunger fee in everything I was watching AS. Does the B roll footage how they filmed those car scenes and it's been remarkable mailing in patient here is the first born in the morning and he came out in 2000 to enact got 83% on rotten tomatoes even and then the Bourne ultimatum. Which puzzles I am more and more supremacy was 2000 four's army drowning right order. With 81%. From her and then the more people to meet him 2007. Is when I came out and I got 93%. So yeah people did love them alive in its. Maybe as people does get a little tired of these sort of films when they're kind of rehashing the same time at the same point if you let these amendments they don't go see them because you know attorney for her phone absolutely he's going to be people up Matthew are right I mean you see that the trailers and again at some more action and then not. So always get on that net and furious styles I like dress and act like you Celsius I think she brings a lot to the table. Yeah we give more movies out we have more movies yes what are movies this. It's important head neck scratched now it is big news is that you know there and have the borne out they're going to be done. It another movie that's out this weekend nerve it has 61%. On rotten tomatoes. Has Emma Roberts Dave Franco Julia Louis is also in this can eagle blends of your fan of warns the new black show with a really annoying girl. Play our own their own. It's gonna run. But and in dashed a industrious high school senior V had headed all living a life on the sidelines and then when pressured by friends to join a popular online game nerve. He is by design ever in just and one of the air and it would seem like harmless fun but as she finds herself caught up in the thrill of the adrenaline fueled competition partner with a mysterious stranger. The game begins to take a sinister turn with increasingly dangerous acts leading her into a high stakes finale villain turned her entire future. And run tomatoes say as 2% sixteen were and are all right that's like I'm the only reason I bring this up business. So good it did I I imagine anything with that sort of line right there where it's like dad's video game becomes my career oh it's just lag. Every critic is just gonna put you on it right. But hey six dogs as well on the floor rooms do well now to be honest all those kind of like suspense thrillers and Nancy super action near anything but they'd do well people really like of their news. That's in there is another element kind of thriller Raskind hasn't good actors Alan page Evan Rachel Wood are in the Senate's as a worldwide power outage. Send the globe toward the brink of apocalypse forcing his sister is living in their isolated house in the Canadian woods. To adapt to any reality and fight for it's arrival in the stirring the end of the world thriller within an hour into the forest and that has 70%. While our Allan days that I think that's aliens and here particularly well I mean do so much love it and one quick other one and missile to be a little bit to more difficult to limited release. I believe it came out last year and I think that it was the and then they. Policy Chinese version because it wasn't I think it's in English now there is called the monkey king in Jackie Chan plays and it and it's animated ball. The all powerful monkey king was imprisoned by the gods for 500 years. The when a child releases him from this curse them in speaking nice must now save an innocent village from the evil mountain lord and is monstrous army James Hong is in the still. And Asia sits and looks like it's different kind of enemies and it looks pretty awesome so few how to near you might be going to take to consume. Tanks and talent and now she's dead pets. Outright evil mountain lord. Here at bat I have to ask an awesome again let us know if you if you seen. Again Star Trek beyond just let us know because the killing joke for the killing joke yes yes I know that's spots on Thursday will be talking about it. And also just let is know for these spectacular first earth or beyond and data world until like Sundance. Snooty.