BJGN08-01-16 - Evil Dead 2 Board Game Update

Monday, August 1st

Rev talks with Shon & Taylor, giving an update on the Evil Dead 2 board game on Kickstarter; Walker talks Fallout 4 DLS; Vicky talks ZombieRun; Rev discusses a World of Warcraft update; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Click the clintons but it's just are to be dishing easy creation. He also follow us on Twitter and instant Graham means to grow at BJP and Asian America there's a question mark sometime tomorrow and then says it's extreme as what month won any deer 02243353. He did a person as any nine BJ geek nation at And don't forget it's a better videos to YouTube dot com slash BJ geek nation. And out before we get to was the fun news items of the day in the stuff that we we are all all been doing up playing around with. We have an update. From a previous. Interview any previous kick starter that has been. Below weighing up and if you guys have not gotten onto this with space scope productions and the evil dead two board game. Sean and Taylor both have a lot of information and why you definitely want to become a part of this. All right so normally we just talked with people promoting their kick starters to get a mop the floor get him going maybe given that little push button. The guys that space go publications they do not need that but at the same point there are a lot of really really fun things going on with his campaign so if you don't know earlier this guy couple couple weeks ago we actually spoke with Sean and Taylor about the evil dead two board game and guys your back with us because. This thing has this exceeded expectations for you because like trying to think that it has. Yes after the the other thing to have her back so yes we these huge error funding goal work currently 515%. Funded hello. So it without Luke Hebert got that now Michael McKee found we're going to give it. Rather the entire campaign and we've got I'm dumb dumb dumb and thirteen more days ago. So it's. So I guess you know it's super exciting show you know there is no reason why you might wanna come and check it out now 200 not. If you have a bunch is stressful and Alan. Oh there's going to be unlocking the as we had continued you hear more and more when you're creeping up on the next one here pretty soon. So what are these things that you'd told me about which I think is insane is that you're going to have dye ace that have to do. Deal with the Z cabin from the movie. No earlier today he'll lose there's literally meat from the word from the cabinet. Wait how did you manage how patents. Yes so I don't want to look at that helped them all the props including me in the other team really would. A little. Reclaimed all live recently. I did this past years you didn't say it would do Minnesota for a better partner years he recording didn't drag it all out. End that you know he's trying to find a home or no though. Federal traveling tour. The on the cabinet seat on the convention circuit so the other would leftover. You know that we women had dinner screw you bought some of the film we get machines. Who wouldn't Gerald the issue can be hugely can be longer I mean this nice. We're gonna I don't know I'm. You are or beginning Ned didn't we don't happy it's not standard like monopoly guy had a special symbols. Oh on that you need your game. Oh poor me you know I assume we're limited edition of either 500 ice why yeah. EPA and crack it would get a load and even if you're looking out in front. Yeah and that you know we're actually. We're going to be our crew. It's actually on the campaign oh let no man at all. You can go ahead and order order did I enter into the war sparks. And and you leave. Guru who. That's astounding because like he said this is extremely limited in you guys have had so many backers already that this is going to go quick so somebody may be was waiting for some reason maybe all the stretch goes you have I haven't been enough already this is going to be that staying that. People should really make sure that even if they've if they have a big yet or if they did maybe they want to change their kick starter pledge. This is gonna be a way to do it. Yes you're talking about why do you love me it will infrastructure all you're actually there who are doing it. Yeah those early thoroughly reviewing it. Probably we're gonna become available we Hugo early action and religion mourners are prepared and on your show. And there there are literally wanted to do it but it. Then we would love for everybody to have their own our higher today that North Carolina. Do you liberty and need your and I that we only have so many. We need to limit how. Only we but you're really cheer or it. I'm just make sure that it. You know he is available however we can I include other men detained and nick medianews possible root product that would be backers know. Let him get a phone call that guy today. What we're looking into work and putters are gonna cheat you know pierce you know there are more independent to a regular manufacture. But it turned out the realities. Literally hands. Machine easy thing you know running low on how fast they won't. Yeah I mean you know what you're gonna be you know we're gonna do is making the deal happen and figure out how do you. Turn blue in the bag you this and then figure out how we're gonna anger he's saying and then we have some. Some local sources who you know you know around the Seattle area. Him there and pull this off. So so yeah. That is amazing as it is just so cool that you guys are able to pull something like all like this office just it blows my mind and I again people. Go check out this it's really super simple to go he's gonna kick starter dot com. Search for evil dead to you board game it's the one it's got a ton of money it's already funded with over 500 present done. Again as Sean Taylor thank you guys so much and congratulations on this board game I know a lot of people will be superstar to be old to play it and there's only only a few days lasso if you have been waiting make cheering you guys get out there anything else you wanna tell the FD national before we get out. Yeah you know lay eyeball on them on the campaign news feed or law created it is doctor Ali you know we are a variety of different that you were talking and offering. And they're going to be offering. The deluxe box. Wouldn't guy suitors aren't level and even poor England and watched you. These are border being should include. Quite a lot old were you either sign up to have left. Cameo of yourself a hole you wanna comic book point 117 or. Outdoor lighting and yourself rendered in 203. I'm forty game political note the literally intervene and then Sunday feature don't. We get I'd inside the game. India are invalid and without whose show you get he's become. That is amazing John Taylor he's taking guys so much. Do you ever get you to again thank you so much eggs yeah eggs seriously go to kick starter yeah just do a search for evil dead aboard game it'll pop right up like I said it's the one that's got over like. 500% amid funded it's gonna happen day indeed cabin dice our lives. Which is just insane the fact they're taking a would've from the cabin from evil dead two I think and they have me turn them into dice clay you can you go out. While in if they're not already had already gone by now you have to pick this up because I gardeners I'd imagine there's a flat out just go back and eBay because people just love that anyway. It's like I really really wanted it before when it was just the special edition when he came embarks on his from the than ever know McConnell government now missile thing with the dice smells like. And I can't not have this gap like my life will be incomplete until I have this thing it's astounding. I may stay just a story of Miami is just kind of chill stars like I editors had it there to do whatever I am I don't know big master as they were you just get this this good then tell them noon yes yes yes. Oh that's amazing me saying so let's talk some video games Chris yeah this is funny because. I aid kind of gave up on my follow four character yet I do so do I I finished yes basically the I finished the far harbor content with the character and didn't really necessarily like where they cared it was going to I think the lone wolf palm tree which means that you get a big bonus for not having companions fresh. But the campaign is so cool I wanted to use a lot of them. So am I just kind of gave up a make your drawn to finish tonight kind of finish in terrible fashion. I blew up the children of the Adam yep me too I use the brotherhood of steel Q will lay waste Q. RKS birdie and our media. So it Acadia yes yes it was not a good ending at all in the late going to the point we're going back to like I killed in these the girl that I'm supposed to go in figure was doing time. And come back to the family yeah I think she was totally ascend guys sorry I think except when you killer you don't find any sense parts yeah and that's why aren't there. So yeah I am I I invited the I invented the institute to come into the open and vulnerable group seriously you have no. Corner weird and another is it safe haven for they used to do here's the savings. Incidentally you attack him. I don't know everybody you everybody you take out inside Acadia goes down but doesn't like guy usually Diana nation they just gonna sit down Lego were being. When she should have enough except for that one Borough of she gets killed I'm pretty sure she was not a since the death epithet but no whoops. But Noriega there is added new DLC can I looked told dad and I saw right up on my mad dash for an Xbox Mike Moore DLC crap. Ahead tonight that I signed this in this is really cool yeah. This now this is where you can now build a vault. So excited about this site you know plays a mom I played just just the very beginning of it and I actually this is this is a story I told rose about the other day in and I'll share with you guys now because just highlights what it a complete not I can be sometimes yeah okay so here you can get rid. I'm I'm Lou I may have started up a new character because I do like railing had just finished it is the far harbor deal CNN realized. That I say that I was playing with months. And I realize I have never finished the storyline that as who flew by choosing the the institute in a regular mode so there's an achievement that I. Cheated myself out of my playing with months. So I was like well all right I went back to that character and right before you switch on the minds of course I had to save. And I just started up from there like level thirteen or something like this season and I wanna go deferral within and doing his duty and ending get that can that achievement. So I'm playing and I've still got a lot of undiscovered territory and I'm walking around with I think piper and from whatever dozen of them have come and and he's a papered over with. All right she's just printing a paper. She. We I did one other side mission and didn't chose a different dialogue path that had something to do with malt tech. And I wasn't didn't think much of the time it's like I don't remember this conversation from before learned just do this this this. And as it okay great whatever didn't seem to do anything at the time I sit outside and suddenly I have a new radio transmission and a pick up and it's something again from Volta I can think. This must have been because I did that conversation thing. This'll be fun and a new location pops up we have to go to this spot you know it's weighed down south and M and X force or our walk all the way down here. So walk our walk on what can I get to this place and it's a new vaults that I've never explore before us like. I turn my wife she's she's an enormous that this is what I kinda really love about this game I've played it through. But six times now. And here's something brand spanking new that I just never seen before it's never discovered this place how to weigh how many I've never really gonna just explored everything so I know that there may be a few things here and they they have never checked out but. I thought you had a pretty well covered. And a market in there and hang time I walk into the the entrance of the things like how could not know there was a vote down here. I think that's the main thing is this to miss a whole vault. And then right at that moment I remembered the deal see that I had spent earlier this afternoon downloading has like to see you how you got a season pass oh yeah I did I guess those you're able to get all of these which is you know I'm now thinking about I really wish it would have so it TDs as wise investment for game like this especially for the fact that like a couple did the DLCs like this one is only five dollars. Com which isn't bad at all but like far harbor because how big it was it was Tony five bias and saw me and I plunk down for all of that so basically paying your opinion of the sixty for that and I've paid about a hundred dollars. For this game. And you will definitely get your money's worth you need a season pass about point. I. I want thing Manning the air are then and then the deluxe edition that I downloaded which included the game and the season pass I think was ninety. Sissy you're going to at least keep your moneys were you at that point I think of course and and on my on my and I decide to get the season pass for the division not cost us no damage or death has not there are you and I after I beat the and then the game on that and and I just stop playing because it PVP is completely broken on the run game and not worth that even the slightest. That's very true every super careful. The only super careful I'm down there I've only ever purchased two season passes with games on into the download new ones for. I think it was for the Bruins too which definitely paid for itself in no time with all the action DOC you got from that thing and then this in this fallout so. I think you have to be careful with your investment dollars at that point in yeah. And I mean and that's the hard part because a lot and it's a crushing you're just not gonna know yes with something like Bethesda. I think today it stands to reason that you'll be testifying that yeah when it comes of that sort of DLC. And other companies is just say it's kind of a crapshoot or missing and it's the same thing as getting into like an early alpha of the game. I got into the early alpha of ever quest next to me hand that ever quest landmark and the went away. I do it as bad as my buddy who by the founders pack for 250 bucks. Because it gives you a lifetime I gave you lifetime subscription to the game all right I had him a daily news live I think instead and so now they've done and he's mad because they're like boom we fulfill our obligations are very very likely. And I illegally is kitchen and you're just mad. I did the same kind of thing when I was trying to decide whether I wanted to buy into the fables we need I think all yes I was yeah I was in on the beta. And they're like OK great you're in line this is we've got cheers going here we can you can start playing the data in there and get some feedback where Laurie embargo would you wanna go and just pre reserve your special edition copy of it now. And I almost clicked sure. Noon here. And I thought about it like let me play at first and then I'll make government about that gray -- and yeah I ever expected effect I mean going back looking all those things that I -- that happening any I got an early off and on that because that I will the price is not going to be cheaper than the thirty bucks it is now on the alpha threat and there was an. And then they had H one Z one which was a farce appear game for what I was looking for it but that's when it was Clinton Maryland great I pick crops. But the deals young fallout you to build a you to build your own vaults of your own balls so it's it's the it's the. A settlement crafting but. Firm was involved specific. And this is something that I saw him. I saw mod. Where you can actually build inside of vol 111 in new but I mean that was just Ahmad in this is a thing. This is this is an entirely new level of play with the deal senior able to actually go in and do this at its ball 88 I believe is the number on a nice yeah and it's it's down in sort of the south. You know spoil their own guns early. Southeast corner of things. Okay so like the opposite side of the going C yeah exactly exactly so far down south and the Eason says the west where there wasn't much going on that. Originally anyway the whole now what level do you rent or what level it triggered free about like what fifteen I wanna say fifty that they are at fifty seems about Smart on that and I think this would be another reason this. It's to make another character yeah dog but I did worry about going survival mode okay oh yeah are there yet and I mean I'm still going survival mode with some minds and stuff like that because there's some monster that you think are necessary Piaf at this point I really loved the clothes being underneath your arm nerves that is the best and most useful one I've seen and I think doing their companions and have dog meat. And so I think I'll go with that one bit beyond that I don't think a good cheap crazy and you know the modular than just like the bugs fixed ones that they have the through the warned that. I both love and hate at the same time is the one where I had. Is Savard triggered. To go off every time 01% activation on the it's a month for full maximum. It's great because I think we're finally got done with everything in far harbor and all that I'm I was a link below or a 162. EC SS so that's great all right but literally every experience point you get triggers are you get back. Okay. So you aren't if your if your crafting. I had no way no way I like about two walls or her life when I go there I can station yeah my characters. Totally hooked on both jets. Then whenever you craft something in any other food station or whatever you need experience points or so now if you click in them like I just could get eight times and I can you make eight. That is about objectively they need to see in the go to guy for like two and half minutes is the catch is that I think I did at times I don't know. Yeah yeah yeah good job and that's enough I'm Likud. And what comes in from the others like. What are you doing here is follow the most annoying obnoxious I'm sorry isn't that led to explain drooling and an act after the accident booted a. So I had modeled and SS I F. Yes in my thing is always go you are no matter away like five idiots among the first level. I mean dream he's among the young easily do that yet it's that's one of those things maybe this time Iowa I'm thinking about just. I I loved characters that don't. Or at least have options to not fight yet had a chance I like to have the high charisma high intelligence sort of thing on Manning's good. So I'm hoping hopefully gonna do that and maybe just go with. Someone who has that she blew does shooting. Not just like normal right focus that's just abundant thing on that yeah I'm going I'm going in the opposite direction of my all mealy character even and this one is going to be pure long range I don't want to ever get up close enough to see the enemy you know I want to usually populate our depth. As you say Emilia of those melee I've heard of before and I heard both know a mile a melee was like and I was saying Iran uneasiness another word ads Milo. Setup data general who has so yeah definitely check the fog DLC couldn't DS models these middle stream on Nina on the Aggie nation in that twitch is just like when I'm playing survival mode CNN I mean nerd rage scenario could you know wants workers from Dan who has seen her. Vicky you gaming kind of mostly sort of it's half but tying the game is okay so actually to get my ass off the couch I didn't besides Pokemon no. Because I spoke among though because there's a park near my house and it's like a nice trail and I tried going up like doing vogue among goes through there can really business service. Down. And bogeys oh that's terror and I threw yeah phone use it. So I've been diabetic talked about the game when he first came out took forever ago lawyers after what everyone calling it. But it's called zombie run and actually used it I'm trying to get into the running things. Are. Mind Jessica I remember you talking about remember hearing in I swear Wil Wheaton he has used as well because he's tweeted about it soon. This is the one and where it gives you a soundtrack tear running on that is like a zombie horror movie or eight. Yeah have basically you'll have people kind of communicating like your headphones are your. Here would tickle your communication and energy Sheen denies their top nearly grounder number five. To your coming up on a pack of zombies it's like their sons they left the just keep going and you'll be fine be quiet you know. And then we'll tell you a little bit Mac store like just we'll tell you random stuff fine. There's one without you know the first missions of spoiler alert. One dials her time as a gang members the old runner five. You know I think she was self suggesting if your dad sometimes jibe well we just kind of weird it's cool because he can play your own music's annual play your own music as your running and then you'll turning down. Still keep playing in the background has some talking and acting all that's cool gift pick up two men pack and a baseball bat. And you can change settings aware of Manila these it what I haven't paid any money for any the upgraded anything yet. Play you can change it to where if you're GPS is falling you. It you can say he's not he's attacking any time. It literally run faster and if you don't run fast enough for for a long enough is on Google catches you lose your supplies pool not race that makes it kind of funds I was running with my my real main antenna like telling you everything that people think it's telling me and take its the if you come back to the camp there's a hostile on the way to we Cammie dirty that's like ever earn their keep here thinkpad. It's. Good. The hospital pick up some stuff and see what else he can guide always only ever deleted changed direction is until you where to belly just tells you to keep going and help just up ahead here at the hospital right now or wherever it may be but not gonna run you off into the into a lakers something went oh well I'm actually run to a hospital which might be ten miles from your rage. And walking jogging and running doesn't don't have to do like you go to your own pace really nice sun but if you RG I dummies you're gonna have to speed up. Which it's a lot of fun and I can't wait to check out the other ones in Kenya is really great voice as you during the helicopter for the first one and you crash and. You can now run and. Can you say it's free you you need Jaffray says soon you can get other different. I think really certainly interval training as a different types of training and stuff like that I can probably have a he'll probably have to pay for that. But it's it's a lot of when he can do this in the sides out of the gym if you have a treadmill. That's totally cool to him men's events that are really in an ad that's a lot of damning because there is and I mean at some places people just are not gonna have a place to be able to Ryan Wright stood to be able to you. Can alleviate that boredom of being on a treadmill. Does Lars things for me other than people just staring him in a jam and known staring at me but I just others where you're pulling their hair yeah yeah yeah if you have something that can distract you from all of that and that be entertaining at the same point. That is really what helps us reason why you like this Pokemon goat thing has been really big. Just because yes getting people out of house because it's giving them something to do wrecked into this very interesting. And it's fun yeah enough so that super awesome to what was it called again. I'm do you run in apparently if you look coming Apatow evangelicals I didn't get T shirts and stuff. But apparently it says join the fall Tony sixteen virtual run. Seen I have like your your was that your tough muttered yeah yeah experience but as you're gladiator runs all the things it says them. To breach the blast doors infiltrate Travolta and don't give didn't easier right. Can turn their pleased to announce that her fault 2016 virtual race will be running from the twentieth of October to the first of November. An entries are available now CPS you know. He helped us in many able township makes you know the still the century in a five K ten K race said during the early days of the season one. It's another season like every episode problems over lawyering going through different things. Within the story president only done the first one didn't get a thirty minute run. Yeah you can join us join the race the team you get a neat I think it's that cup like thirty something bucks gas 35 bucks. Plus unify boxer shipping and handling the teacher federations like you would a regular race. Medical training missions plane surprises to get this box basically ship TO. And you run do you running whenever you run it basically include all kind of coming up and it's in between those days myself I find that. And a way to get into an immediate super geeky in this stuff coming from its grain I have more things freedom being able to dale and I'm learning you probably ran ran that one and determine good T shirts. Could political ones because I am runner five that's who you are in the and no it's grow our runner mother of five to catch up dude. Awesome if it gets its degree of wryly to award winning since an award winning story sounds a president isn't gonna want to check it out figure making. A little bit of an update for world warcraft because of my hostile clinic in a game that it has been I'll. Fort teen years thinks Christy welcome we've got a new expansion of world warcraft Lee Jin drops at the end of August actually the end of this month very excited for this I've already pre ordered. On what they do I a month before and last week was that was they drop a patch which is really kind of setting up the the stage for what it's going to be happening and in this one the burning legion is back because why not the demons demons demons dividends and so what they're going do you have at this point is a hole lead up to that. In addition to this patch and showing all the story is they completely full bar all the classes. And what I mean by that is that. What. They'll take they'll take all the classes and ages revamp them. On they'll take a look at each of these specialty trees detained damage healing however which way they have the classes go. And they just kind of shake them up. What this does is in addition she completely confusing every person playing it kind of makes an even playing field for everyone who may want to come back. Because now everybody is confused as to what the hell that's going on. And some of the changes. They'll change different classes and make them better or worst depending so if you really wanna see what your favorite class is doing I would say check out. Some of the armed. Some of the online guides and stuff like that one of the characters that I played through warlord to drain or was my. Enhancement shaman. So this is Shawn Lester beat up stuff enough punch things as opposed to cast spells for the most part aren't I used to go to drop what a total loans with his care 'cause when there is why I love playing need to just scoop out little poems and you may give you little benefits and it's a lot of fun. Now with the enhanced his shot meant no told rooms. I UBY. A net if you if you beat use your abilities are here on your extra points year on skill level points to get a you can get one of those that does one thing but. Now it's all just melee skills and but it streamlined the game and it makes is actually a lot easier for me to play that character and you're not just trying to figure what the hell's going on. And so all the classes are different in has changed in significant ways so I would say EA if you loved world warcraft. This is definitely something where you can go back you can check it out see if it's for you on if you don't wanna subscribe you can still play up to level when he for free. They still do that. Seem go back check analyses that something worthwhile if you wanna get too high pre ordered the agency get an automatic character boost to 100. I think maybe all of bump up character and one that I don't normally place if it's something that I like to do to this point even playing field. If I wanna make my drew that tanker no turning to a baron learner and stop stuff he had totally do that and that hopefully won't get a whole lot of people killed. Only a couple just a couple yeah that would be unbearable I. Well she's. So why I was UH I doubt I will be I will do after nearly be streaming. Oh yeah. World warcraft legion when it goes live on the thirtieth of August so definitely check that out and they'll just beyond twitch dot TV slash. BJ he nation can all right let's get to cool cookie sheet Swiss TV. Flores sticky. Big news execute at a comic con eaten what lots of news Lofton is we now have our captain marvel yeah we do not show is am I know which CNN errant error row mostly reported erroneously. Yet erroneously definitely yes that up and around the area plainly yes because there are anxious. Now we've got a new cabinet karma wanna catch join her on doing. Odds are yes who is the new captain marvel brie Larson. And if you don't on as she is Susan Tony in jump street shoes and a movie called room. She's also in us Scott Pilgrim vs the world out there we go as envy Adams and she's getting the new. Kong movie with with so I'm island Kong's little island as well as she is awesome he finally if you see your face like a gap sheriff. Thank you it is kind of funny because someone noted that. And the Adams from Scott Pilgrim is plane captain marvel right and Lucas Lee. Is. Chris Evans who is Captain America threatens so it's just like I let those little nerdy little things are in there even Thomas Jane doesn't. Scott turner Maine yet he was so we hug be punished or are doomed in Massachusetts effect I'll Manitowoc so big and Janet and I do to have an opportunity to I can't oh god I love Scott pilgrim's or or anything and has great but he adds that I really have high hopes for captain marvel. People don't really know where they're going to see her because I don't think the we becomes until 2019 yeah there is rumors that she might appearance on the the thing the movies that are going to be coming up soon as I can see guardians of the galaxy yeah I can even see Doctor Strange in a train wreck too that's where all said like I don't all the and I notice there are sorry sorry that was bothering me a bed. They Al we. Fully see we see live with Syria but 2019 nice as official and some other comic con news. Yes we also on top of that we have our ghost writer. So apparently ghost writer is going to be featured it be if feature care during an agent of shield and he is gonna be played by an actor named he real Luna who. Now from treated active player is Robby ray is oh area. Yes so we're not I knew Johnny blaze nano that none Nicholas lea did you Internet. Was there another ghost writer for young anywhere in the comics he's a teenager resurrected by the spirit of the Eli Amaro or marrow. And transform into goes straighter and Sara Ramirez in September 20 there have been a lot of different goes writers are remember Johnny blaze. There was a one there's one. After him as well like. It is one of those ones where the spirit of vengeance just takes over character has focused next Ryder comes a lot harder and I send her comes along greater Seattle wants to writer editor Kent broader under. The T by yeah so on one realizes look at the new go straight ahead and it'll be interesting to see how that works out on TV. Because he and telling them let designers cities from him yet everyone's always wanting more diversity in obviously Gabriel aluminum mention probably kind of but it clearly end right there at Delhi to know exactly what's up on that he's from the moon. Genuinely. Nice and I'm going to the solo works. Only today he's a good and make good leader. I would. I would pay money I had no matter if I had no matter how bad it is I would pay for money or a mood united as goes right. But but but the that would be amazing feel my vengeance. Fiery vengeance this competitive but we also got some information about his vitamin mini Google has just Letterman homecoming. Movers and an ever. He still stick in my worst amateur until I. I. Need to see the movie deceived to I don't know if they're gonna be back I do think that name his name is hiding Q eighteen I get wider due late this too many in jokes or like Ian references. To Dow homecoming thing my own Niger back with our company now and I think it'll all have deliberately heading into real key here exact I never even volatile and I just thought of it as like K he's a kid yeah I knew exactly and they do kind of reference like the homecoming stuff like who have for like high school there's a lot of interpretation and that and it's there's also try to clear fresh -- -- yes well if they shut shut the -- I don't know yet. It really director. John Watson did talk about I watch like we know vulture is obviously going to be the big villain in this millionaire Osama concept starter so hard that they showed that as an eagle comic con didn't they can check out and when he told a comic book dot com was. Well we wanted to sort of go back to the origins of what made Spiderman and Peter Parker so unique you know. And that's why we just sort of really doubled down on the idea that he is a kid he isn't high he's a high school student in this crazy universe any has to keep his identity secret. Which a lot of give it character in the end scene downtown in just in general go back to orange you know. The whole sure is really the first super villain that's betterment ever fight and meeting spamming and the second issue after the chameleon. So it feels like the right thing to do to go back from the roots and that way. We talk about a lot of different things the purple Charlie seemed to wrote. That is true and it's going to be interesting at what age because in the comics culture is old. He's an old old Christy do you I want if they're gonna be going for that in where and because I don't know if they've done any cast announcements for the assets. I'm actually mile and still ahead a guy anger senator wheels of FF FF I could see that I mean I mean Ben Kingsley is -- part of the the MC's right you can't really have him mean that that but visually he seems to be the most two. Vulture yeah. I don't know if this has been officially announced because I thought I saw something that's it wasn't according to ING the isn't right now in the could be wrong they sane and Michael key in the going to be the culture. Like that's I. Adrian Helmsley vulture. That would be interesting just because it'll just you know recently seemed blind Burt an end and it's kind of funny that would be I just maybe it's just you know I am DB trolls but I can see here. I mean there's somebody else goes I think announced it was going to be in this and though we also have other team Kirk. Is gone I'm not too familiar with that character maybe Vijay does but he can be claimed by Logan Marshall green. Who's been in for media and so in the invitation double. A lot of those other things. It's funny because yeah I just I just look up like it just Google Spiderman homecoming vulture casting fear and like the image searches just all of Michael Keaton I. So. Right now so we'll have a look see but apparently. John watts also says and we'll he'd he'd tell us like how he views where the movie slots in like where where where's this going to fit in in the marvel cinematic universe basically nieces they think of it as the ground floor so. If the avengers tower is the penthouse and we know what it's like to be a millionaire billionaire Playboy to B Tony. Are we noticed like the and got another planet. Un that the penthouse level that's the penthouse level of the NCU then Spiderman it on the ground floor you can hit a high school and then see you look like. What does riding the subway in the MCU feel like Spider-Man seemed like the most perfect opportunity because he's the most regular person in the Canon and I thought he had a great chance to show. What that angle of the NT feels like. It's the ground floor at the same point but it's the lighter take on why they're doing with daredevil in you and the defenders and yes so it's like that is lake. It's funny because it would be it's like the ground floor. During the day whereas those shows are more like the ground floor at 9 AM and so you can kind of get that because seeing you get the light a hard data movie feel for those ten minutes not going to be that deep dark heavy stuff that the defenders and a Jessica Jones and all that have been put. So I noticed Diaz and seen all the trail I posted a whole list of Omaha last week and has all the lists from the San Diego comic con needing check out all the trailers. Like whether TV shows or movies maniac Justice League looked amaze Maine wonder Wonder Woman wearing a raid the I. Yes it's amazing and now I'm really super iron fist I hear is yeah yeah it all these things look amazing in as I just I love the NC a love what they're doing that I just. I need the infinity ward to gave sugar. Are you at that point like once that happens I'll go out probably by every single phase dvd all the phase one phase to phase three get them all just have it as a bookcase shelf who. Oh my gosh there's so they're ready it was all amazing. There are a okay. Apparently in as though nothing to do the city of comic on but I just that this is funny. Because I just as an excuse to blame review games man Celanese sitting at a Hong Kong found out that playing video games like Mario Kart can actually make you a better driver in real life well known to if you can give you they're bright rainbow road. You can drive anywhere I can do it on the -- level you can drift yes he did he see that mean and these days I played rainbow road we have my brother had a game boy advance oh wow how the game boy color is the next one after that we had a numb there while I'm just saying meg that should be part of the driving test you have to complete our race at the super Nintendo 150 CC since this. Great rainbow road if you can do that without falling off. Then you can actually maybe go free real draining had a radio and says the researchers say it's because the train your brain to make decisions that are quick but also super precise. And the skills translate over once you're in a real car that's our first learn how to draft let's just applies to everything not just driving I think if you're going to be a cook if you're gonna be anything like you were used as decent human. That's a girl video games that's. Another thing it was kind of funny we're just talking about that it chess and magic the gathering. Helps me helps me be a better driver in a weird way because. In those games you need to kind of look three moves ahead of yes kind of the staple of playing those games. And so it's always. I'm watching when I'm drive being announced thinking what is the worst possible thing that person can do is that would affect me. And they don't always do these terrible things they cut me out but at least I'm prepared for that sort of thing so with that claiming ahead which really helps people out and you know and you know Mac collecting poking balls while driving in fairness hurry up. Yes I love the fact that now there are alike there's a national campaign to don't Pope can drive. And they're just telling people please please stop playing hooky Mario Roy you're driving me. People need that yeah they got their priorities dance our way of really yeah. Well. What are some clothes for this show but let us know I'll wait you thought maybe some of the best news out of us city you come McConnell was for you. Garrett talked about a bunch of stuff on Friday video as a lot of news items today from the snowy and you thought was also meet leaders in this email BDDP should Send us a voicemail when many zeros to do 43353. Or post on any of our social media ask. And until like some guys. CNET rating. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying key culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot plus.