BJGN08-03-16 - Kevin Smith

Wednesday, August 3rd

Rev talks Walking Dead news; plays a tidbit from Nerf Herder's 'Doctor Who'; BJ interviews Kevin Smith; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each patient. Well gas welcome to BJ she's geek nation on the river and in Plano. Across from me he is Vicky Barcelona well enough again hello listen I think hello Tyler. My parents aren't have a single a lot Chris walker well let Jeff land phone unlocked. And I won't land on food that I see share one. So there is Vicky there is Chris and are running the boards is true prodigy. BJ Shea into petroleum are on assignments. So think he had given all of us. They get a hold of us via our website has all of podcasts information just good Vijay he nation dot com and it's there. Too much like a fundraising that looming. The searcher BJ Shays geek in the issue and then follow us on trends to grandkids to grab. At PG patience and how often do against any. You grew monitor sex lives of Korean I'm casting. One NE zero DD 43353. Cents a mile DJ gay nation at and check at a video that YouTube dot com slash BJ keep nation. I get into a little bit of bay news information. About the Walking Dead. Now. Season six ended in a lot of people were kind of pooh pooh fans about it spoiler alert if you haven't watched it. It and didn't win a huge cliff hanger where median. Well it takes Lucille is that. And that ends somebody in our crew. Of course the cliff hanger is we don't know who. And one of the rampant speculation is that a lot of us had at that point was that. How are they gonna keep this under wraps there's no way that it would all the filming that they're going to be able someone's gonna have a drone floating overhead for the taking shots of something or you know if he won personnel there's gonna leak it to the Internet and everyone's gonna find out. Well. I figured out how they managed to do this according to the Hollywood reporter they're saying that all eleven cast members involved in this scene have each had a death scene. Filmed so that means every person has had. And begin take a bat to warmth. This is the only way they're gonna go to do it and yeah it's brilliant. I just really wish they wouldn't of had to go about it. I think there have been perfectly acceptable for them to finish off. I'm whoever they're gonna have it be whether they follow the comics or not if they just have that because at that point. He just end it winds begin looking at Reagan been like. You did this now you need to deal with those the repercussions of your hubris at this point. And it would have been finally showed just how menacing he was without just the blue balls of that I mean. And demon throws had no issues killing people and uneven this season finale is they would do it on the episode directly before this season finale. Aids has surprised the hell idea and be he'd show the repercussions afterwards and we don't have to wait for that I think. I just I hate cliff trainers thought the best friend hey it's a thing as there's a lot of reasons to hate containers and some of them are just you know leg cannot I want it now temper tantrum patty pants but at the same import contraris. Basic view and answered this way as opposes can't spoiled yeah yeah exactly and that's kind of good in any Sosa was I saw the footage of you know. Darrell get black joy or course because they had eleven different scenes from a itself with at least they can do that and I'm pretty happy on that. Unfortunately season 71 opera. Premiere until October has we still have a ways to wait I think you're the Walking Dead is coming back pretty soon but I totally stopped caricature he thinks people. Yeah I don't feel about a lot of that. I almost feel bad for all of us but not quite moving on from that I really liked is in now in the BJ is not here. This is a band that I really really enjoy because there Murti. How nerdy are today well they're name is nerve herder you're certainly ask her fiasco if you're looking guys there it. And dad there I have been offend their music for awhile and is this song is great because we're into a little bit of a clip for it now and you can definitely had just searched for dock juror who. By nerve herder. This is Anderson. Yes and you got to feel it was a bit. While a lot of wild wild. There is. I think what actually what every girl wants but we did a love song we've been waiting for. There's just a little bit of a cliff frat guys definitely take an enemy just follow nerve herder on Twitter look up there's stuff you can look at abroad on YouTube is just right there. It's a great sign their great Murti band they don't necessarily always do nerdy stuff but the same point it's kind of one of their one of the things that they do very well. I'm great man take him out and will post a video on the FaceBook page is a little. Moving on from Nevada this is all a lot of fun because everyone knows. Really I think I would like to think that you know that. How dirty Kevin Smith really really is there. He named his child Harley Quinn Jeff we've also got I mean he's got the secret stash of comic book men and AMC has been going on for a while now. I'm a lot of fun dirty things as a. And in addition he's been a really really fine filmmaker. To pull even though BJ Shea is not here today. He's here with us is spirit spirit and in voice suggests they're actually invoice do because through the magic of recording technology yes through the main show that we have here BJ inmates in Seattle he get a chance to talk with. Kevin Smith. I'm because he had recently done in appearance at a comedy club here in Seattle. And it in the evening with Kevin Smith and you know how those go low or someone Alaskan one question and then he'll transferred three hours about it if you think you guys well at this point we were able to talk with him and now without any further ado mr. BJ Shea. With Kevin Smith beat just so upset at our next guest on and I love the description that he has for his new movie yoga closers. It says two teenage yoga and the easiest team up with a legendary match I'm there to battle with an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans. Please welcome to the show Kevin Smith. And learning good morning everybody you are here and could make good to have you back ended so good to be here it is day. Weirdly stupid movie. Failure of those I'd love it to death but it's very much in eighties chaebol or movie throwback I used to say it's kind of like. Clueless meets gremlins that and I realized. Kremlin is a good movies so now aren't so it's more like. Clueless meets critters. And that's here at around now that guy in order to kill him that you refer little girls and how much is so someone will post but. I used to take my kids in the movies all the time grownup men out of Superman bat man our man started man sent a team here. And there's really nothing like for her you know so he can't he can't see this campaign year right so play you look up on the screen. There's always been heroes and the girl and her girlfriend Lisa also. You know burglar when they just disagree about they sit around and curse the darkness or collection and also to do more amendment to help make a movie. But I could take my kids city back when I was trying to take my kids to remove a local sums burger. You know those cartoons and stuff but nothing more like these two girls just been super heroic in their own way isn't so rather than community see a whole life Priscilla. Dirt I know a lot of I don't know exactly merely we don't need to do it exactly so. I'm looking at PG thirteen version of sewing or if you can't look at the picture of the guy and didn't tell you that this giant rot worst Steve looking human being. The and the moving around tiny there's they're we're warm put all to me and Nazis made abroad course called proxies. And assists and you're bringing no worse WR. Steve movie ever me here's the cost of good little oatmeal like finally agree with the critics where I'm like this is my worst movie but I just felt differently. You rolled through stood on the road so it's weird it's very weird kids were sort don't. Screenings all around the country who are not have you thought about boring people and we GOP keeps you characters for Pokemon taken timeout by the way Kevin Freeman got no tomorrow. But no words and especially because. Got a good idea of that I hadn't thought yeah so I could totally be work in this Pokemon go my advantage in the club. Yeah yeah exactly I mean that's there are bars that have been doing that and you know what the heck if you put a lower in there and you feel folks relay I get to go see Kevin Smith Hank has put I don't know how you feel about veterans and their phones out and you've got a bunch of DK choosing the NA you know how those guys jumping all over you what the heck. The moment somebody particular phone out I'm not showing in my pocket monster. Is not impressive at all. Save it would did did hi did you daughter Harley did she did it did I can't show at all Pokemon was that before or after her time did she not care. It was kind of have serve her time gonna do good do you care and you know because of her namesake. Our league. Quinn get a Warner bros could likely you're seems so weird in her room and childhood. They're all these Warner Bros. store for the Warner Bros. story used certain estimates that show like Panama and gals shows. Her whole Romans here as a kid was done we all these Harley Quinn cells from the show and and and look at graphs and stuff like war. And then my truth like thirteen. He got even though it was all black and gold and My Chemical Romance and stuff and all the harlequin stuff. Went away we had taken down and one and Stewart. Yesterday. All the harlequin ducks went back up ma'am where she's like. Totally re embraced her namesake maybe could be suicide squad movies come back but it's so weird to live outside of someone's life. And watched their actions. Have been slow like you know I've been bit of good job of see my own life witnessed in my own life and seen me be into turns into other things. But it's so strange so like be standing outside in my blood can be like. Why you were into the last few years ago women used up to now they're back into it so she's skit poking mime I don't they've never really has heard much. But man oh man she does you can still has to the we just went took. Europe two weeks ago because Edinburgh sometimes on Scotland have you those time there and we also scream your losers. In London potential here so we all over me and my wife or kid and should broader trend Olivia. And so you know it's. If it puts them really lovely could we gets kind of go on toward together with the movies and stand there talking about stuff but she's learned very quickly that. If you stand next to Kevin Matt you don't really get to talk the whole time. Not gotten an untruth when it came off OK go flat. Where the beginning of record your unlike. Twenty minutes into a response to stand in America is kind of smiling and we don't like one in my appear for a six. This your opponent this idea might tell you about the iPad let me speak first he's. No I after a Martin focuses on topics discussed this great partner had a commercial virtual action never let's jam but usually. So yours so you're saying that truckers because usually kid falls from somewhere near the trees so then that is jam pretty much lacy like January. They just let you yeah happen flap and they just give me a big smile show you their heart nets is that pretty much younger. But unlike jam my agenda is conceptual like you know she was never. Like guy got to go out there in total world war I think at all times should not really hard course also expressed are so different circumstance like let me just sit there you have and she's like not what you think it might have to I'm I would pediatric. The kid on the other hand I itself expressed or so I think it is kind of difficult to understand their. And not talk I was trying to get better and or what you wanna answer that is like no you go ahead and I'm thirty minute. I put them doesn't act which I'd love if anybody has an interview with you can Zach and I saw you have one kid finally got a chance you'll really gracious enough to make it happen after all years of Tweety and and the other kid doesn't know like look you've got to jump in on Kevin Smith you jut because. You are you have great philosophy that's a you do you go up there you do you give people their money's worth you'll talk for as long as and he wants to hear you which. You know which is great but if you gonna be an interview you've got to jumping and I think that that's a visibly I think summit to teach a class. To interview use so that people can get some time because once they could let people talk but it's. If people wait for you to let them to die then you know it's all over you in this world you got to take you you've just got to grab the blog all right Kevin let me element dumb to say this then boom. Which I I would ask you this because I don't wanna spoil the movie but I'll ask you. Do you think did not people had enough time to see Tuscan I can spoil something it Lagardere okay so are. I wanna ask you this you're a director. And when I would I would wives watching us agree allegedly allegedly went out yes. Yeah and look you call yourself more of an editor of the new director which by the way I think and I think you're actually right in the world editing where people could really use edit some of these two and a half hour movies and make him shorter make them better but. So you'll directed a lot of people in your life I'm watching Tosca all of a sudden I get a big smile on my face in my finally figure out who this character is because I'm looking at him and I'm watching him in the makeup is good and all of a sudden it dawns on ago. Is cool I think it is. And DM. What a great performance out from Johnny Depp in that. Is he the best guy you've ever directives I think he's one of the best actors of our generation. To direct a guy of that caliber. He is an absolute creature of you wait like you don't really director. Johnny Depp he's been doing that longer than you've been even. Thinking about being a filmmaker and you do get an inside your performance clearly no please don't do like when you direct your normal actor. You know you do The Hague in the music my you'll go or they actor and actress cute remote Billick Travis Travis and Udoka were under military. And you're back tomorrow and do it again when you direct Charlie like you do take and then you walk over and you're like IQ and then you walk away it was nothing really to do like he's done it. He's pretty phenomenal and fun. A magical story about like on when he showed up. Issued that you show them for two days into the firm not firm you can love the idea climate chair Eric. Known three years through our kids are kids are Lynn Woolley who are in the movie of they want to school together and stuff in the first time that mr. ball close. Walking the kids the kindergarten after her school of course demand creek ever gone back in regard. Dropped off under class and you're told to go through what I can handle it so we leave and I turned to leave and like there's Johnny Depp walking slowly Roseanne and you know I've I was gob smacked movement as anybody who sees somebody permit some real life some sort of said the first thing that. Popped out of my mouth but to go captain Jack and he's. Regular season and have no right or wherever you're over Lamar got him elected got a pretty good. Farm properties and walks through all of us that's fantastic. Good. I've known him through the kid you heard for years and you know never did we ever thought about what ordered other DreamWorks movie and I look at movies where it on the other and the but what about making tackle like this. Lol this seem like something he would love to do like based on the stuff but he's always historically done it looks to him you know the weird stuff. So I hit a mop. And and send them food script and he hit me back if you would like oh my god oh look I mean his exact words of the it is normal eloquent techsters on the climate. You'll ever meet like it's like getting a text from Lord Byron or something he wrote back fascinating list public something I would care to swam around in color me intrigue. And outright. Oh how or why haven't even attacks have scars all over. So you know I'll like this because I could are you serious and he goes yeah I still love doing weird stuff like this early in my career you know. You know one comment later guided had scissors for parents yeah yeah I got. I might have heard that I guess I just. Looked outside. There's a hundred so like you know for him it's not a number that happened years ago and he's done so many movies since but. So to learn a little not a pretty good that word is or is this city Grassley right so delightful and adorable that he views it like out you know I I did this weird movie once I'm like no no we know that it's the most iconic films ever greater America where our director Kevin I wanna just give you some love for tusk because I mean you're you know. The way that whole movie came down where it was in all it was a Stoner conversation on a podcast that Dan was basically a hash tag vote yes or no. And man it was such an homage to those movies and boy again just like cop out I don't understand what you don't get that this is an arm Marge done. With the tongue in cheek in such fun in the acting I really thought the acting was brought here by the way and it occurred. Q I love I think they get I don't think they. Here really you know hundreds of people quite know what he's going for that don't produce very good I can't. I always so I don't I would assume there is any critic who says that Kim and I thought it was brilliantly done and any critic wants to say that it did they get there was an homage. And they wanna say it was badly done I fight to the death on that one yeah I could see you not like agent friend he die for you I mean but Kevin I know it was quicker picker to pick a better it'll feature their own reasons however there is not a that's it it's such a beautifully done movie on every. Here listen here's my take like. I I know I'm I'm JJ Abrams and as much as like five makes something couple Marlins know there's just a couple less pleasant when that's all you well that's true but I mean if if they can make something mostly people again it's great whose visionary support that. Are you are cut so long time ago when I have my battle with critics and stuff like it and that was that want to poison the water you know I wouldn't get a fair shake. For the rest of my career so you know I'm now make even commuter. Jupiter moon and I ever made at the beginning of my career removing them in the beginning my current you're remember relate to and identify what support federal ripped from real life. The stuff I'm doing now is like exploitation. Cinema rubber monster or seven months I could just fired. Verify or your swimming and so. Everybody can't go into it and you know it's not like everyone sees it the same way. There are wonderful beautiful some critics have written some sub about the movie hormone or how they totally. Got it you know like when the New York Times and they were viewed Tuscan. And I figure was our reporter review just like just understood like them together dude who's making movies you grew up. Watching I'm if you know like the podcast story behind tossed him out once popular to a movie. That aspect of this drilling and make sure appreciate the movie more crucial what they should even exist. But if you just stumble on to us to not knowing anything about it. And watch here it is it is a bit of so it's a a very difficult movie to do is dive into it's weird and that only gets weirder doesn't hurt. So few people to begin with a flight instantly you're making the bridge they are asking Eddie audience to cross. He really terrific friend and somewhat treacherous but. You know I'd I get that you know people can tell me her critics to like it just thrown a scorer obligated we're movies nobody cares about our care about. And that's how I got here in the first place like. I didn't make particularly vessels start my career and this will lead to like me doing this for two decades aren't made a move because I desperately want to actually get them when I made it. There were other people that saw the same way like we wanna shift to. Now I'm doing the same exact thing I did back then I'm just make in the movies that I desperately want to see that nobody's ever gonna make. If I don't make him. Sometimes the audience here's a better word meant particularly without what clerks in the workplace comedy so everybody's got a job they drug them vote that not everyone there ever been turned into a wall. All right well. You know you lose I have the audience there that never mind like the question of the executions on people I don't think you should tell almost all make her look so the pool gets thinner thinner. And then sooner or later just look at people that do treat it like religion. Like they get it and they appreciate it man like I don't need the whole world I'd need. I just need to look at it and man you know or directly to budget blown up or get my investors their money back and stuff like that. You know it's it's like buying a ticket like any other movies take your chances like sometimes you're gonna connect to that sometimes you know it helps a pure along for the ride of the back story like the customer you'll go to work like this format itself in the stratosphere and that he stuff like that. But if you don't know any of that stuff or terror down near my world than the movies just to you like me but in the get a bad way my friend Malcolm. Who what when my oldest friends in the world he once. Oh screenings upload. Park City it's on the sofa so we have five killer screenings critics. Hated the movie like trashing the summit but we have structural strength. And to mount commencing in the mood and then an amount of money that you'd like my honest the like painfully honest trying to do you want the troops as of yet some of the true because. Dude if you're not ready for what that movie is cyclical way far in the rules. Not just America happy and you want hard out political deal must. Dogs are. You'll and you're ready for about that from your perspective you like then that's. You're gonna have a fantastic time that's you know I'm not committed good column I like him and he did he truly did he do really good are not some anything yards melted and they'll just so you know let me young players left already. If this all. Precious diamond like there are some people like they suck suck. I'll take out a thousand suns now I'd rather have a much people tell me how much does suck to be sitting there wondering. If I could have done that thing and I didn't do look at those scared the people until like you like I don't trust. Our wide open and yoga holders are wide open no infer facts and it's like you're gonna have only made a bunch of people but at the end of the day sort of clerks. As if they're aliens some people I know some people find hard to believe like. I got bad reviews on court there's one dude yeah his worst people I've ever made never should've been made and meanwhile like people are that. In my career not just in my crib in movies in general like a Sonoma hallmark is moving it's dog help a lot of people. Start there and them don't crucial for the confirming unlike say it's no different from when I made clerks so now you keep your head down. And do what you wanna do and say what you wanna sectors if you live your life in fear of like well this might not work and people might hated you'll never do any. So it's like no you can't tell you yeah that's an experience like if you part of the party experienced failure is success training and so for example like. Notre average and I got where we're we're so backed up on time but I tell you there Kevin thanks very much you do you're always cool was he always been a lot of great time Tomasson awesome stuff I appreciate it thanks. I'm in that is so awesome is just yeah it's good to hear him it's funny here and talk about first up warning to make movies that are good for him he's really at this point the movies that he wants to make he's always been doing that it was just that. Like clerks just resound with so many people like I just a lot of the disenfranchised youth at that point. And but now he's going into like he's really. Really weird and strange horror movies again and kind of just like a lot of body modification or which is the genre and there's not a whole lot of stuff and in fact there shouldn't turn I think you've won other movie and then having trouble come on but it's not yeah I mean there's some out there but usually there's there bluebird tumor cheese ones yes but he's OK with that there and that's exciting and that's why I love about it he's just like he's no holds bar on that he's like I Wear my heart my sleeve and make movies that I wanna make and -- plays a bratwurst and one of them had a better and that's pretty he's also yet that is really cool. Well hey big deal it's true geek she twists Dickie V. Actually I think this is a lot of fun and it realistically was earbuds to bad brow and I'm not going to Korea I waiting. At eleven best superhero rivalries a wild Haim who. And it's very different mere reason written all the stuff okay I I have to CAA have. Wolverine and the whole kfar on this list because that was one of the best primaries. I mean at one point oh that's the first appearance of Wolverine was in a whole comic facts get in it in at one in one of the comics. Wolverine gets ripped in half by the hole. How does that work well back to life. Isn't this really ever really die because as Wolverine yeah envelopes address yank it just let her stay east yet it hurts in east us to find the other parts. Police not how is not on here but the is gonna hear a lot okay yeah the the incredible Holcomb vs the finger on who stronger there that's coming out on the that's number six. So it's basically like who fits the holding Yahoo!'s stronger. The likelihood they'll ever see is on screen that's one of the things Dallas article. Flint and non B and a I don't think they're gonna have this thing. Being part of its and it will they ever did like if they were did get the taint the rights to the ban does it for any mixed in with marvel cinematic universe. I don't think there'd be time Kirkland where would you fit that in only half yeah we really have to shoehorn them in and another one again number five the incredible first resort in the same thing who is stronger. That will be there are new and some other things on that he can lookup on the Internet on all that stuff as well. I between the hole like so the whole thing the whole crew door who's stronger in those two scenarios he thanked. It's got to be hole because he get Coke just stronger about them yet battery gets a beat out first thing they think so or if PL which simply surely knew that you would have to do that. But at the same point Blake ever stronger yacht arrogant and I don't know Chris you may remember that candy is agog. Go ahead for a fit well sort of guy museum to do we have got everything that's annoying. But do you remember the the little Carson trading cards they had. Back in the day for like marble like these are like in the end there. Lake ladies and now early ninety's where they would show like the power levels so EA yeah and then have all the information to death doesn't Langley and a hole was always off the charts and actions said it was like his strength is immeasurable. Right because anytime people. Try to do anything with that you just give matter and then what stronger react exactly yeah it's late you can you'll get more PS yeah. IDS and many of the eighty is on both DC and marvel better receiver man. Neither did not just OK. I don't know. And members of the flash. Technically not a Amish who remembers is the flash is on here at number eleven holes are too good job Jeff who want it's like who is faster so it's like their first share series in 1967 in spite him and a Superman numbered 189. And and they had a few others even in the ninety's they're kind of basically zinni who's who's faster. Who anyway and a bunch of times in and I think there are about evenly matched its idea I guess they don't wanna give one nor the other that's everything Taylor a slight edge to the flash that I'm kinda hope so yeah and then they had to the only thing he's ever had so many other things that yes can't just be the best and everything all right. That's not okay. Or any other once. Yes thank him. I'm not because they're wolverines on that list at all. Clearly we're losing I guess Wolverine one and Wolverine or worse and then ups yes Lorena if I can't say number 30 god he had just because the machinery love a Gerri love train home every night and their personalities are complete opposites and we've already seen a suns on stage and stuff so. They they just get that they think can one of the biggest one the doesn't involve actual fighting our strength which I think is chemical meg need a professor X is no god can't overthrow or heroes did you did they're not both euros that's still to this list is superhero rivalry all okay Arlington. Anti us errors Captain America is that thing. Which happens Spiderman ethernet now that's better members of the human torch for different means CNN really can't yes I did another ally in the teenager teen heroes of the early marvel universe started shrinking each other almost immediately probably because by eighty threatened Johnny storm trouble cred in Johnny reminded Spiderman of the popular good looking girls cheesy jocks cease to make his life miserable is that a I think they kind of reminded each other of what they don't like they actually think let probably not going to happen but I think it's still become a fund its number one I don't know. Dallas kind of the will weird one domino way to you know how I wound up giving number attends eleven was Superman your flash engine number ten is -- similar to punish her onto killer not to kill McCain yeah I am a big one. Number nine green arrow verses the green lancet a land turn on getting political. Don't know until apparently after that she really came to blows but often treated verbal barbs. You'll aero often got the best lions in the moral high ground it wasn't a once and match latter may have had to fess up says. His wife in middle class privilege but the aero whose book. Warnings vikings Clinton drug addiction right behind Arizona backs and I area that's and I and I pauses when there's a politics like sort of letting us like that but yeah just both part of the Green Party and have a pool you know when you're in the race I ran for tourists. Another seven human torch and the things of their broad acronym meandered. Yeah I mean it's like any sort of the really should be that was a sibling and they had gone through the same things together and Moussa timed and Johnny's just kind of punk yeah he's a hug and then you know Ben is dealing with a lot of inner turmoil well yeah dealing with being affected his own horrible reporting much throttle and I'm glad you are so yeah I was always that sort of thing -- had a love for each other today was always nice. And then the only thing getting from the first and has informed me the that they got RI generally when bad things wasn't showing this relationship. I agree six incredible whole person thing five was incredible hole course is the floor. The floor storm no color number four iron. Bruce Evers is reed Richards vs Tony Stark verses paint him vs Peter to her murder he had an authority can I ask the judges that when Stanley Jack Kirby in Steve did Disco Connolly got the foundation for the moral universe. One skill their pretty little with passing round was good at science. Definitely and that's really that the basis of the MCU and one of the reason why I'm so excited see Doctor Strange is that you had to camaraderie especially with that now with a why all the way through civil war where Tony is helping helping Peter Parker gets you that when you both banner and start having that camaraderie of yet. Yeah we're both superheroes both ends yeah we loved science together as a truly fun to see that. It's as you're likely it will likely could double C disarmed screens so of the movie Marmol hasn't been too much emphasis like so while Hank Pam doesn't dismiss the iron man's suit. Bruce and Tony have nothing but affection for each other and in the upcoming Spider-Man movie Peter Parker is said to be between attorneys obviously thoroughly fun period three sec after just more agreement never to do that man vs Robby and smash the boy becomes man and so I'm not a good player with us our fears are between. That's the and enabling story aired. Maybe policy so after decades of close collaboration more or less unquestioning partner father son relationship. From Robin or Dick Grayson started spend more and more time leading the new teen titans Alabama are still treating him as a kid psychic after out. He was old enough to start attending college so they're growing pains Atlanta become night we made up soon some are better teams hang starting things. Since since since then other Robinson had their issue to Batman especially to Jason Todd who left the world Conrad good team and doesn't share comic peppers certain you know kicks code against killings so yeah. Unlikely that we'll see this on screen. It's as we saw summing young justices the direct to video Pacman vs Robin moving. That's an in camera and not number one. No one. Because it's a trick one now so it's EC vs marvel. Is it Terry and a huge giants as she prepared publishing may have wished though there would just vanish into a black hole sometimes. The win their relations begin to thought they realize they were leading money until when not working together comics that featured two of their characters in splitting the profits. Those are such cop out so because nobody wanted to give. The other companies to win right so they're always door key steal maids and and if you can't do that is just like Tom Brady vs G Sanchez Star Trek green lantern ban in teenage ninja turtles this is like Ole Muehlegg you're not then again five good yet you're not gonna give me that at no point is this is it going to be satisfied for fulfilling because it's one person is gonna be mad because of super red Caribbean this person in a bubble ball Gloria like Irish and community reading his ruler that's kind of the problem there now. Yeah and then a definitive yeah. Well all of them well and it maybe that's why they had as an eleven latest release Gemma top ten yeah gap says Deborah Wallace and yes Libya since it's. Well let us know if there's some my heroes that you thought had great rivalries that you. I wanna give some love to. Beating each nation says the voice no when many strategic port 335 dream from like Sundance. Stay in any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. 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