BJGN08-08-16 - Fire of Eidolon

Monday, August 8th

Rev interviews Ian Stedman for the game Fire of Eidolon; Walker talks about the game Mystic Vale; Rev talks about latest Pokemon GO news; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Immerse yourself a geek culture movies books cons and especially game. Videos tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you can black. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells Vernon Wells is a deep gamers paradise. It's like country club for deeds without going toy the atmosphere. You can never doubting gets here he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag DJ and and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW duck club. Secondly merry go and read as ramat under the bridge didn't hear me now. Our own hands and can at times can we want something. Aren't yet not quite on this and ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Well yea and I welcome the CDC is he needs in an irreverent and played out across from meat ease Tiki bars and let go is not. Don't know what is asks the ceilings aren't. We've got Chris walker mr. walk like eight Sanath and who he shows namesake Vijay Jay as the goalie they are on assignments. They have things to do important people to see go away comedies three got. For sure you know when we come in here week after week you know we're we're getting it done we're we're crime and outdated just. And they've got all these fancy things are going do I feel like wins don't mean much time red. That's a good question and I'll get back if you win I ever got to decide do even bother with that while. Running the board. It's Roddick G and he got go early get some I have Mike privileges congratulations on that. Vicky how can that people get ahold alas we'll they can check out our website has all information in this interface against him all that stuff. Yeah he nation dot com if you're on base that. You know sucking acts. Check out news. President Jimmy did you get donation new new NE WS now that's just snapped chat which we don't have yet through remove gas rate which is it and basically is already is snapped Chatman FaceBook search to be dishing ski nation converting says when instrument three times when Michael due Monday and if you follow us on Twitter and answer Graham Houston Graham to. They had a lot of growth story Peter Keller professor I post one of Chris looking all sad. And like every picture range I senate and actually the voice on one any dared to do for three feet by three. He yelled jettisoning a BG nation into Millen coming and don't forget to check out our YouTube series. BB nation yeah actually check out if I'm correct. Our are spectacularly we did on FaceBook collide a fast start tracking we have a blood that I need to crack I believe that's correct eight. And the fun part about this is this was kind of testing so we didn't want to like throw it out to everyone and say hey check this sadistic case we had technical difficulties and it wasn't gonna work out but I think that what we do spectacular as will definitely break out the FaceBook live down for those select Thursday's normally when we're records total real lot of that stuff I think will be able to do that any special events we have. As its cloud coming up so next Hulu would be as spectacular if we happen and you won we need to have an argument. Yeah at this point right now is now looking at we're gonna do that in unfortunately actually next week we will not be are finally have we won't will be I will be in Atlanta for a business conference we hear you can man. It business gap where it will I not have any programming for that next week our clothing gas. So if you feel that we shouldn't be doing a suicide squad spectacular. The triple S let us know because at this point it's not looking good but also we haven't seen it all chris' CNET cut and I'm not I'm. It's not did you hear his review you can go back to last Thursday's special ops where he and mark grinder. They sought and well they have did not pull any punches that was a thing that we did. It affecting you exactly another thing that well I did was I was able to speak with. Games. He. Has a kick starter out on this really this really cool game if you're stand of nostalgia and you're a child of the ninety's. Not mean maybe not Vicky so much because I mean you're like a toddler of the ninety's. Only knows born 89 until I was alive and dry DN a super Nintendo. And they yell my dad did OK can I got shot. I think highly acclaimed Mario throwing a player get you calmed down from com. Each person some do. We could play duck hunt I can play that one no is under in regular Nintendo and no I did not have a super Nintendo are okay then this guy is our Mandela and then we had some other ones I don't normally we'll cut some because affiliate out there really little kid illegally being pause right. I typically did. Well if you were a fan of the ninety's end sixteen bit energy team is such as the Sega Genesis or the super Nintendo. Again the money to live that's exactly duke made their word there's a board game out there right now on kick starter any it's getting close to ending for what it's are even find it in this thing takes. The sixteen bit genre. And brings it to the board games only see and now I've got Ian Stedman on to talk about fire my idol line with me today is a man who works for a company called magic from people games and it's pretty awesome because I found it this board game on kick starter and it sung to me as a child of the ninety's. I have Ian Stedman with me Ian how are you doing sir. And a great narrator today are doing fantastic and the game I'm talking about is fire of idol line which is 816. Bit inspired coop Denny Chin board game. I currently right now and kick starter buddy it is it's going fast CPB deadly wanna check this out. Ian got. I sit I sit a mouthful there with the inspired co -- judge in board game what are you telling people about it. OK so the the game I'll it was done by Michael Lipton and it is me cooperatives. Pioline. Dungeon exploration game kind of like you know. You're like Bartlett or legend of Zelda. And you're you're exploring this dungeon. And you're trying to collect these different token the power to break the lead dark relics that v.s dvd will be okay in this world. And now they've stolen fire fire alarm on the week and get back is back breaking three relics. And working together so you extract it's kind of like a cooperative game of capture the flag almost. You're trying to get a and explore our in part in the prime target DR bidding gets sent network. And get it out. Portal before everyone gets trapped inside or worse. And so I didn't mention it beginning a sixteen bit inspired game because while this is a tie ill board game. You really took a lot of a lot of the flavor of the old lake super Nintendo games like Final Fantasy VI or like breath of fire stuff like that. I'm too good to kind of bring that as static into this game. Yes we actually we hired any arm potential artists whose work on video games or his name is Andreas perhaps these incredibly talented. And now he's put together these these these illustrations worse it's perfectly captured the spirit. These digital video games without being specifically based on any one of them in particular. People have been able a look at it playful back like this and not just insert what their favorite game from that card period was we don't know exactly what we wanted to evoke the file. And that's the best part about it is bringing back a a fine. Fund a stalled to trip for a lot of people but on the same point year bringing new new game play for people to to enjoy it. Yes definitely will not leave the mechanisms are very very easy to learn. And very accessible for gamers of all levels in Kabul this kind of one of those into excitement to learn and just fashion that concession that that's in the master. And no one of the cool things he say it you just talked about it being eight tile based game which means the replay ability is super easy but it's also released really portable as well. It is actually beat the bucks if you remember about the size of the box that the super Nintendo game cartridge CNET. That's gonna be roughly the same size as our clocks so very easy that heroic and a large pocket error you know a coat pocket error our first quarter happy super portable players on a Markoff is it kind of scale couldn't playing here you have. You know we even have a rule book Syracuse perhaps plays a pile there's a rumor you're playing surface for it and you can't sleep and they're gonna have more about half. That's a great thing to do because I mean. Is this really seems like one of those bar games where. If I'm a lot of places. Around here in Seattle we have. In restaurants and bars that you they're more than welcome to bring games to a lot of them have their own as well. So it's kind of rule where you can just feel like yeah we got the table Topper maybe you were at the bar top and we're just kinda hanging out how to some fun. Chill now playing a casual game that you could accomplish this with this and it actually the game is catering towards it. Yeah and outwit there'd this guy's vehicle actually point days you know you don't need to roll any guys to hear what you're doing until you know order another round in by the free noted your turn it that your that your reaction point Panetta the next person turn units very very good very quick everyone think he's pretty much the entire time. Down car it is. Very well and he I replay ability is pretty low income that we got these dead London pile insults. But we've also got a budget heroes so be Gaines started with sticks and were already up or restricts golf completely pure and it right now we have. Seven more that we want to add yet. But there's got to be so many different party nominations in each one of them has their own special skills that are unique to them. And he is broader scenarios to making a special challenges so people need to figure out the best part accommodation for these special class. The rule that are going to be extra challenge that is. Awesome and again like he just said on kick starter right now if you look up fired idol on any idle on his EI DO LO and for every discern fur magic meat ball games as well it comes out what. Or go to magic Meebo games dot com. And where did you like what would like when it was designed. What were the thoughts about like trying to create a game like this like what do you like just come up with the brainchild and or the creator is like. I think this would be fun to do it this way. The yeah those honey are behind that I don't need the designer Michael Lipton actually sent this to us as a game they creek tree. Calmed the idea what other wasn't bad reasons really angry and took away. I'm the fire. Trumped a man so it was originally called fire from BP is actually so you have Q. Gathered the warriors increase and grow into this dungeon and fight the different. That things of mr. legend you know. That that cerberus and the minutes sorry if you some of those things we've actually captain held over like the minute car is still under fire by Dejuan now. But we were kind of week we're kind of trying to figure out if we wanted to give it the Greek team or if we wanted to change it because we knew that the title choir pretty he has wouldn't work for a logical reasons and I end. In doing so we currently have sites like Robert this is really cool the other pile links to want that gap queens I'm glad we are congress. Off to an end Eric. There at the moment of uncomfortable pilots and yeah yeah yeah like like like you know how I kind of like where that's going to always part of it they're exploring com. Instead of these different Greek heroes we gave them. What role playing game archetypes played for a warrior arranger and staging a wizard and it just kind of exploded from there. We just felt bond idea after right after I DNA came together it's really cool cohesive piece staff arm is just really really gorgeous with half pixel art. And then the full illustrations on that the box and the rule book and everything else that really feel like. This spirit. Ninety's video game where. Absolutely I mean you captured your right down there with the DD could very very close to super Nintendo box like he said that's right they're the visuals are right on there with. On the kick starter page this video was amazing because it comes in with all the eight or the sixteen bit music. And it it really just brings you back into that if you loved that error and you love those games which I really really did. On it and it's a lot of fun on that and and it really brings you right back into that and gets you into that mindset to play a game like this. Yes that does and you know in like cost monster nickel back kicks and we month that bin reason what they did just like DC area. Violent things and we kind of wanted to do just kind of taken that next decade didn't see what we can do this you know a little bit tired I've not seen much in a little bit more color not so much. And we really really like who we thought it would create here. Fire vital line is on kick starter right now like I say just search for order magic people games you guys are over and they swept. Yeah yeah you guys who have got over 200% dungy guys are hitting the stretch goals which at this point yeah red light more characters more scenarios is way more things that you can throw in there. Just to now get a lot more with replay ability factor. Yet and we're adding higher quality components sued in addition to all new concept so we're really get we're gonna put out something that. We'll bring a lot of fun a lot of people per hopefully a very long putt. And the fun part about this is this is your second game your first your first it was called dark rock ventures and if people missed that kick starter they can go to magic me bowl games are now and get the lowdown in pre order is still correct. They can yes stands up for anyone who backs fire I don't want we will also be offering dark hark ventures at a special price there are herb post campaigns like manager. So if you if you missed that campaign didn't know about us back then that's OK so guys are chanting that again was actually shipping all right now have all else. It should be arriving in port sometime jury gen con I've been holders who possibility Milwaukee for sure found these folks who actually can't. Copy that I cannot directly by airmail. I'll Margaret you receiving about so we have now partially partially police who told that campaign already self. Armed and anyone who want to check out the kinds you know than the manufacturing quality of the components used art come through pretty check out that campaign to get Cooper the kind of product that we want to offer. Duty in think he's so much in I mean like seriously like bringing back in this knowledge of the ninety's is something that I'll never have an issue it and I'm really glad that you're able to have bring him back in a board game form and have fun the game is really don't last that long either so it seems to be one of those where. Eight it can be. Quote unquote filler game or casual I hang out with some people. Who may not necessarily be super into the in depth games but it's still had a big big depth to it seek now a lot of fun. Right and I. That doesn't seem to lend itself to that problem overbearing leader crop on the turns are so quick and everyone's working together so well. That ever going to get to say and before you know it being done any complaint you know move on what most attractive even harder that might take a little bit longer. If you keep that is awesome again he instead meant at magic people games cinematic magic Meebo games dot com or just look on I kick starter for fire of idol on. Congratulations on getting a funded and hopefully get all those crystals Ian thank you so much for working hard on it felt everywhere check it out and that they you very much of the support thank you so much in again I'd check it out if you go to kick starter and just check out fire idle on its EI DOL. Oh and or if you go to magic me pull games dot com they have a link for that and the other game as well. Com which you can get as as as an additional add on for this kick starter it's running out but as other recording was already 200%. Funded loan they're out there making and definitely worth your time to check that out. Speaking of board games Chris hero. You play a lot of board games or lottery or you really need. There was a game we played very recently in is our new favorite singer and at least it is my new favorite thing they BJ's likes it as well but. I am I will go out there and say it is my new favorite thing anyone know any. We talked about it on and I. A recent up sort of on the couch with Christie can chick goes on her YouTube channel but it's called mystic veil and need is a neat. New take on an old sort of style what which is dec builder and if you don't know for another with what a deck builder is a maybe the basic rundown and everybody. Who is blaming game in this putback accommodates up to four players. They start with a basic deck of cards that have some really. Simple things that they do inside of the game and the object is to improve your deck to make it more powerful so that you can collect more victory points. And ultimately win the game even by purchasing cards from the center or you know using the points that you have to achieve these other goals things like this that that's the essence of a deck builder. This is a deck builder in that sense. However it takes. Which everybody has an identical. Deck they start with now but all of your cards I've come pre sleeve in these clear plastic sleeves. And the cars that your purchasing our middle to improve your decked with. Are actually the on clear plastic laminate. And there are three positions on every card and the cars are a little longer than a regular deck of cards and there are taller. So there's atop a middle and a bottom. Sector on each of these cards and as you buy these clear laminated cards from the middle you slice them into those sleeves and your basic deck and then you are art improving the currency you don't actually add anymore cards to your deck. You'll never have more cards in your deck and you started with. You just you know Rudy and I knew exactly your bill at all and they and they called it that they call the card construction. I'm I'm not only got. I guess I I really need it is amazing and is so much fun and really high quality amid this is. This is nice these are nice plastic. Cards that you slide into the into the sleeves and the the other there that you the only in the cards as you get that are not actually made of plastic our are linen linen base. Card so they're a little bit more durable are under construction. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous is from AEG I games you guys in the they do really really good work they have done some amazing stuff. But I mean it and they've already got a an expansion planned and it's in the things he did to the rule book in the last page in the rule book is an advertisement for this expansion that you can get when it comes out as they add that today is is and how. That's kind of the model now it's like you know you've got a pretty gaming know it's going to be expendable when I just let people know they were already working on this thing. Now is this a game that is set in like a stand SE said dean or what's it like what is the and they are trying to return the land. Two more natural and magical state okay thank you start with spoiled lands in your hand didn't cause you to cause you to basically the miss out or returned OK if you get if you lay too many of them down in front of yourself. And so you'd you'd take care of that by you being a fertile lands or you know that. Give that the only guy out or in the general diary very you throw him in your deck you suddenly. Those spoiled plans don't matter quite as much because you've got all this other stuff happening and that's. Yeah wolf it's it's it's really really nice game I love and I already bought a copy a minute the thing was I going to be premiered agent Condit wasn't even available. But we got some love from our friends of a zoo games in now boffo both thank you Zune and you guys are they had received about two copies from AEG in there there's like that's going to sell only north. And so forth like we got a copy right eighths I have one Vijay has won our buddy Josh from your Major Garrett has a copy. Oh he's got a thrill play this and immediately all three districts about yep psych up about this wow so premiered at gen con see imagine that if you go to AEG games is website you'll build there website still just says August for the release date so hey you be any time by the time this amount comes out this. This episode of the issue is ignition comes out the game could be available somewhere got it. It's worth the money and right now I think the retail on this forty Forney nine which is. I think really really cheap for game that is this high quality. You know does have a lot of managers or anything like that which usually Jackson the present game doesn't have a board that keeps the cost nice and low as well again like I said this is plastic demonstrate a plastic cards and really nice. Well built set. It's it's it's funny because you're its eyes always ebb and you know Chris shooting on the board game guru but a lot of times these games aren't necessarily board. No a lot of card games have been coming out and even when it's when I was talking with Ian. They with with fired idol line. It's it's a board game but it's at high ill placed mid game. That works around your your location so even he said that if it comes to the end of a tabling is supposed to lay something there. If you don't have the room the rules dictate you can't place it there you have to find somewhere. Else and then this is something and I'm seeing a lot more often in games that I enjoy specifically. There's not always a physical board involved and that's something that I think a lot of game designers. Our group working around and it's the kind of thing where you don't want to necessarily be limited by that and there are games that you say like are very expansive and they. Involve laying out tiles or generating the boarding yourself as you. Go and zombies so little donation yeah. Half Minnesota that's what I want that's one of those was a kind of got me into that sort of thing and say this is really fun and a good way to do that. And it's it's neat because you look at those games and it's like. Yes you can go to your local gaming storm play it there and have you know with a board game you can have the board setup but with a lot of these games you can just to be at a bar yeah with your friends and you know maybe you didn't get a bootsy knack humility is to set up the whole thing there. Maybe guys are actually on the Barney can kind of play a card game right there right with your friends without having to like take up an entire area and kind of freak out people buy it cleared a nerd and usually a lot easier to carry around to a guard Kirk Chambers is yet again Daniel Placer beer. Exactly it's true and you don't want they don't want to be lugging around a lake I always felt awkward because I data before like I had the cards against humanity and that's a super portable game except for when you get debate when I have our say and is this gigantic thing in your carry around what looks like an oversized rose. Rose carrier and you're just like around and over says rose custody terminator all right you know. Okay yeah. No one else was thinking I don't know much. Sure they give I think every affirm affirm baguette. A firm that begay ES an apparent giant confirmed a black and the rose carrier thing that's Garros box none of yet none of those how about you Joliet. How about box for your fists of nice alcohol. Now I tell you know now red area to area anyway I enjoy everything and every resident and I guess I guess but again portability is really a big thing on that and so it's kind of fun might even like fire idol wanna comes and basically a super Nintendo cartridge box so cool and I mean even use it we've talked about before I'd Dyson crowns on which positions he Oxley act like you which will be shipping very soon might a lot of these super small portable games. That you can have a lot of sun wind and noble and great great way to design games has got it it's a box to carry my wizard wanted. Moods. Now you're one of my huge man takes half got a tax cut back until they're talking about Hillary I would imagine we know I don't know I think you know you know I think that's a great diver has to move online at we talking more important games. With Chris but if you guys have any armed games that you want him to review him and or BJ yeah say this email BG DD Gigi -- dot com. Tweet got him out walk like a slam or add BJ geek nation. Lots of different ways to contact doesn't were more than happy to go check out a lot of those games and projects yeah. I would be remiss if I didn't talk about some Pokemon golf. No no we have to talk Pokemon go because I don't know about anybody else in here but I am still playing it pretty heavily you know. I'm due but not I've my I think my brother might be playing it two or something is going on because people in my family because we defended the family planned it's cheaper to using. Hello how are like all new rules and we're on the 90% of RD. I had unlimited data aren't. So I'm very because of the Longo I am so tempted to your program just under my own freaking line now just yeah yeah I did well I that's another filly went to. So they recently. Caused a big go whole blue in the com world of the casual gamers a ministry was this because right. It's a certifiable fat at this point. Bogey mongo people love it. Com am about people get really mad about it because they just patched the game. And now well that just means that. They change stuff to people get really mad about that some people got really mad about the fact that they apparently quote unquote nerve to vapor on. Speak as well as basically quarry on sure whatever yes get it right daddy is the only elite hockey people who EV and so for a day guys named Gil Gerard isn't cool to prove its reference Duncan. And carry on and tell your little story okay had a tough time but do they basically had some issues with people. They do with some changes and everyone's like all freaking out because one of the other things they had to do was. Basically they got rid of these tracking system yes. For Pokemon go interest kind of via saying you really want is busted it was broken that it what it was supposed to do wise you would have on the little footprints underneath the Pokemon as you look at our men and need to have 112 or three tracks away and that was supposed to dictate whether earn they were close like one it was going to be like there within like ten meters up to three which is like there within a hundred meters. And then you can use the little tufts of grass to kind of figure out where they are in walked towards that way yet. I worked it never worked and at some point all the made that same three and then they weren't even know it just wasn't working there so what they did way as they still have the boxes says nearby new concealed in nearby high winds political way to tracking people lost their minds like well. We don't know what we're doing. I know what's going on the. It's is general freaking out about an Afghan trying to change something truly this is actively. And that also there were some third party tracking services we talked about pokey vision. Basically. Nine and take had sent them and other companies cease and desist letters fool to stop. Using them serious yes so pokey vision oh does not work anymore and they have said that we're respecting their wishes for their game. And age comes into that problem where this is the one thing I do do you agree with the with the people who were mad is like. If you're gonna get rid of those tracking things. Because you wanna make it fair or something you need to make sure you're tracking system in the game war is is our point resort Kazaa people the EE it's one thing you just feel like well there's just Pokemon randomly out there but if you have a system that is supposed to make it's he confined where. Ever Z one that you want is around here you should be able to do that. And having nothing at all going from going from I have to broken system and it's something that people were able to use. And then just taking all of that away I think that's folly here and I can understand why people learn a bit of an uproar on that as well. It's it's socks or you need to give me the ability to say track a specific. Pokemon with in the game than if that's the case because the nice thing about those other services was I can say oh you know what I don't have. Cloister yet but somebody on this other website says they found one over in this. Her career series Hannah like how old ball whom does it stay up late if for example like if I know I know there's a poke one nearby and it running and I kept finding that eventually disappears Fiat which I guess there on timers gather on timers so lately the whole like yeah I just found one you know a city away. You're not gonna be there and I'm so what are you and let a little immature he wanted to enact and that's. Part of the problem too is that with these things that they were doing. On it really helped the cheaters and there are a lot of cheaters out there if you go one twitch you can find people who in. Actually talked with a friend in this building who was telling me about how you can spoof on the computer your account. You'd just be able to say oh yeah I am now over in this location in it'll say OK yeah now you're in Central Park and your phone recognizes that your hair or on your desktop and then you can get all the Pokemon there and hit all the stops to get everything there so people are legitimately flat out she deemed well that's aggression at all. And I that when you tracking thing I can Gary can understand now sake air although there was a thing like in the actual Pokemon. Game that when I had. Spoke Mon silver and my game boy color here and then close ten you know if you Marty solve the poker Monica ran into it as it registered in your token X you have to meet even if around the way I think it's in your poke decks. I try to catch some of the big ones which we have not seen yet because it's in the next generation one called an okay thing which is the big legendary -- London and dipping move fast so all of a sudden it's like OK it's paying out in the forest he area. By this city. And then I'd go ahead run around the four is you know kept running into rats has new bats and. No my life and I kind of what I do I finally got and then he'd be like. Two towns over or always on how are trying to track him fish. Yeah but it legs and because he's going to be in a pattern it's it's so computer program kind of the pattern. And so ID pattern it's going to be a problem because you talked about the legendary Pokemon and there's some people who are like. I got a legendary for stuff there are no no let there no legendary currently out there I think collapse Frist is technically won but it's more like a special leg and it was. Like a bug that I think somebody got on accident but an antic was like you don't always know there aren't supposed to how to aren't true no I know like Arctic suited know who. How Eddie is solely I think where you make your not supposed to have that no. No and so they're gonna be doing more of those and like we've mentioned before what they did with Ingrid says they've had special events where they're gonna have there I can see that happening act conventions. But is gonna turn into like a total legged total insanity just like people going there I'm really kinda hoping that they'll wait Intel's the Thad. A in this underwear everybody is playing in China alone. Can you imagine right now what would happen if somebody said having this event where you can see videos where someone yells sure our love there's video of a wave of people running towards one area Marico gates is saying hello. One thing I'd want for those that they DJ stuff for events is not to have a Pokemon that everyone could normally catch for example. Like I hope eventually the article and knows anything mold tracer you know Marvin. You can actually get those yes but for example into against Oakmont so heard there was the legend of the red gear dose and you were able to catch the red Garrett has that like geared specifically bullet right. So I'm OK and like so you colors like I shot I mean because he's I think I'd be cynical yes I mean if I can give like you know the rave peek at you which is you know sit there may be with those cool like Kanye glass is. That he is that I don't talk well no he means like it has a little outfit owners of the yeah yeah I actually had grave and beekeeper and I had not like a reach you by leg just like right you. Talk cop and why you have to get great. I knew her name all right. Like Eminem you can make fun of me when I not pronouncing things correctly this is might turn yes true identity tables turn right true links with men are things are all right well I since Vick years ago is their mind if we keep documents hook in my let's move on Palin's kids do. She Swiss TV what do you got Mickey keeps. Life got the site called fund our common action to block cool in dirty gearing sometime honored again to have some football. Like close being in randomness. But apparently they have teamed up with moral indie scene and they're going to be releasing a line of men's business suit soaking us men barely give a business suits. Feature rings so comic book Princeton. And I know that laid the women's fashion there's been like with companies like her university in putting out. Like look he dresses or Star Wars dresses so they've kind of gone into that market an affiliate in just T shirts. Get your T shirts you may your hats or your shorts it's true and maybe some shoes or socks occasionally attack. Occasionally high end but it isn't looking like some slow leak. See where it's a basic you know regular super on the inside when you open it up what would you call that turning the Laney and is you got us in the eighties and comic book Princeton's Captain America I'll and then I. I or maybe some hah hah hah for you DC Joker fans not for nothing but the mar one does look like a silver age lining in just a man looks old school but then they also highlighting the need them look a website for this justice fund suits him. Holy coming out later this month and you can actually senate if you go to the fund dot com he can sign up and get snow and newsletters a notification that 3-D your custom jokers out at any like if you wanna go anyhow does that. Elaine tell him or you could still go to a business meeting or even an interview that they have the the avengers load on even years to brief what all of that went screaming and a cuff links I like shot a link. But it's a kind of and then later sewn into finals where coupling would be but it's really just that a little Sony it's really cool yeah I only have an avengers tie they look like they have another row hah hah hah ha. It appears that. And I think that's the fun part is that doing it subtly without having to lay. You can't just walk in wearing a clown suit yes exactly or you know if it's got comic books printed all over the outside of the thing yet whenever business suit what you can kind of get away it was sort of that thing you know vigorously and that man at the same time like I said. I think he's still a lot of those like nerdy weddings and you always like my dear ones are the ones look like all the grooms and then they have a did T shirt underneath GAAP and a difference he rarely rarely and it's nice latest fairly classy show here a little bit of your year end a little bit of years. My reality my only did pick with those winds is that everyone has got to be on the same page because it's always like all these avengers then one guy's got to be green land turn huh or I. Justice League and then one guy is like will normally Iron Man is like c'mon guys got to stay within the correct universe air exactly unless they tell you planning to build on two different ones have a say is I get my Immersion on your wedding is being ruined rises get it together people from. If the FDI making. He has pleaded somewhere I did have eight tweet that we got firm geek nation okay. And this this from JC. And he says Sherri say Vijay and big game at at BJ Shea or an ad seeking being and I know they're actually our Twitter handles move but it looks like powers has been canceled at least for now but I. Then it did say for at least you know for now at least so there's a glimmer of hope. And I look at the link that he sent us and according to IG and and also Micah Brian Michael Mendez who is the co creator and executive producer. Hasn't been confirmed. That season two will be the end of the show saying that the series is sadly no more rain he also think the fans for the support into the he'll share more details later. And the police even ones already out on DV DC and who has not been released yet to. But after that they cannot look like they'll have anymore so hopefully they have a nice we wrapping it up in that's a then is did tack on. Then there is no season coming at least for now and a leader treat not Reynoso plan. It did generate about four point five million hits alone like the first episode that was released everyone yeah and so. Anxious to crappy Ed Gillespie was spared his seat we talked about this off air. It's why did they have to release it would on the PlayStation network and that's something that is not accessible to most of us. Gaffe and it's an idea that I'm Blu-ray now is so that's really kind of the only way that I'm gonna check it out once these he's done with the environmental nurseries excellent because that's all the oil oil wanna do that. I don't wanna deal with us. I still wanna deal with that. I know exactly and and wall maybe what this'll be is a nice sort of wake up call to these people who think that they can just do this sort of exclusivity and say you know we won't we're Sony and we want you only have this thing available on our deal. Well the fans clearly responded by saying I nobody watched the thing. I think this is a test to see how that would go and I think it's true showing of how that'll work his win on star trig discovery comes out good point behind the CBS accessory wall on that and because of how popular Star Trek is now come with with the re booted stuff. This could be a make or break it all on whether or not people are willing to pays for. Pay behind the pay you all just for one contents get one. Anyone seriously gal one big series if you're gonna point if they're gonna gain something like this I'd be more inclined to. Kind of like an HBO ghosts think if you get the app by itself that the don't wanna have a cable subscription them they have premium great you know programming to watch. As likely yeah and it's this is a relatively unheard of same powers not many people know of the comic book Alicia really into comics. And especially your average non comic book readers are going to be like I don't. Yeah let yeah economy things unless there is another big show like maybe I think he was thrown status but something that's going to draw a crowd to be more than one thing they say and that really no big thing has to begin up and then everything else will be just like sprinkles guys. On the show. Aren't for wrinkles and again that is a lot of strengths I. The young Star Trek is a really big a big names of them might be well to slam yeah out and hopefully we'll see but I don't think there's any other real beauty content behind the CBS August up all the competing only need to use watch online right security pay for it wouldn't. With this you need a PlayStation and you need to pay for a dad CN wearing the suits are pretty much yeah or just wait for the would raise tailing I didn't think I'm Barack and I that's an economics and as. Synergy. Your inner geek wants to come out and play the blood where to golf joined. 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