BJGN08-10-16 - Cosplay at SDCC

Monday, August 15th

The gang talks with Meagan Karimi-Naser about cosplay at SDCC; Walker reviews Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish AC Asia. Welcome yes welcome to media Shays geek nation. There everywhere else across from me is Vicky Marcel as new and oh. Also with us is Chris walker mr. walk I gave the latter is true and well yes. Other people who aren't here they negotiate and typically there are assignment for that means my privilege is still true. Drop in G. Ralph hello 55 and elite how can people get ahold of us. Only can check out our web site has all our podcast influenza. PG nation dot com. He also like a son faced a prosecutor BJ she's each nation he also offer put in minster Randy instead grandma AJ Venetian. And millions and Genentech and son had won any DO TT 43353. Young son Anthony nine B Diggnation jima about Conning you can check out all videos in YouTube dot com slash. Speaking nation yes and wanted to get right in with a special guests with us because. We love talking we've geeky people who've been able to experience some fun things. And that anyone has been able to go down to San Neil comma con and experience all of that. I'm down on the ground floor is someone we definitely want to talk with so without any further ado the ski tour cast yet. I know you guys fight as hard to believe and I have friends. That would ask that all right do when I do have friends doubly would be key says he's a non Weiner and I hear you know I'm related where where's my check this month affair he had had a quiet friend. So you actually have a friend I have friends and part of in my me because I go play games in anybody that knows I love my mocks cafe mocks him Ballard as well as my sporting possibility of him and I'm Ballard did there's a cool person there who of course we all know Emmy she's really all of our friend because we know of course the the great web show job hunters. Yeah we love that five program is also in the gritty reboot the Calvin comes now is irrelevant I like I've shot I show them to people timely tax. Yeah yeah. Yeah it could so we got many creamy NASA are with us. And this is super cool because in addition to being on job hunters on you do a lot of a lot of fun stuff in the geek world. Com I've loved seeing you on doing a lot of costs play death and you have the chance this year to go to San Diego comic con. And was this your first go at it. Yeah yeah I got emerald city every hair in my and my sister I've been planning to go to San Diego forever and then she moved down their a couple of years ago only music director and shank you and then I don't know if you've heard about how hard. It's a horrible. NASA is looking but I have failed completely. But this year my birthday is at the beginning of July and act. So yeah my fiancee we pulled this. Being together where they got me tickets down as any O and then also tickets to the Condo and yeah I had next rat passer panel he was doing so on the panel but it. Good thing I guess I guess that's the. Is kind of I was there and I contributed because it was an audience participation so I'm so yeah. I that's. I'm like and so what are the things you love to do an emerald city inside it is too on cost like death and so were you able to do some costly way you're down there in San Diego. Well I wasn't able to throw anything new together because late and it is like two weeks notice and I was like so. And also ID in a pack a bag underneath. But that I did a couple we did one day and just plain clothes so again what are LAN eighty yeah I act and then I did one day as we had a group. At emerald city that day Disney nuns and they had I think our friend casino corridor and that is I actually after that front row wreck around yap yap until that time it was really hear that it's a year as the NASA allegedly went Ursula as a human. Oh sure yes I had mailing novelist necklace and has lights NN 7-Eleven offense just locking aren't all the aerials that McCain. I've ever accused me wherever fashion. I get away over the lot maybe female these days I do the exact same thing doesn't learn north it's. Now I really he there are stranger danger. All of that weight was appointed him well I know guys Telluride and girls getaway would be creepy your board better than boy you. Hey you know that really makes up for years of oppression. I. Give you something. Good statistic to be creepy as I did that and I and my sister and I ate usually an hour and a con together will do the death and delirium from San man who wins shuttle is cool. It does those the end of descendants can just no action you Jimmie until late this. So here's the question are your question though because while you're really going to be here well I know a lot of people want to get in the cons play and they just Joan no relief. How to what's a good starting point I'd just did you any cause play. I have panic is usually a big part of my address is. I actually am not good at selling may will do it. But if you were to take a closer look at my Vanessa costume for example or are we did and a big group the sailor scouts when years you and Wales early and got. And I am it's me there for me it's been a big help to have friends who are good at those things adding. Content every and that's why I like doing group costly is too because. Then mall all get together and work on her stuff together and people who maybe need help on something maybe some answering it selling maybe someone's really dead at. Doing like making props nurse Diane we all kind of help each other out that. A lot of puzzled people and high schools wait I thought we weren't supposed to be doing home economics classes anymore no I really wanted to know I'm. And it's well I'm going to comic con teach Fiat is so low. Does stuff gonna. As those are having field he's bringing in Vegas really great but also just like. It is really intimidating when you look at the whole thing sometimes but if he can break it down into little bits like I don't have to make this whole cost you might just have to make. Figure out how to make these arms and then you make the gloves and how good and other gloves now I have to figure out how to make. You know some armor or whatever and sort of when you get when you did make your costing like how much at least for you personally and doesn't even like I I don't minds our daughters and really nothing everything has to be that I made myself. I what is your percentage of star Bob verses DIY. Played or do you take at least are buying creating your own flag. It's like a healthy makes lake. If I can make get I would rather do that like I don't. I don't like buying the fully fabricated cousins is part of what I like is figuring out how to make even on not you know like I said not and get an illegal accomplished a 100% authentic either. And it pales typically the Pentagon wanted to be because of me yeah. I don't know I have messed up not some light machine. Late SL. So. Let me delirium cost it was mostly a storm arrived but it's you know in devoted individual pieces because. I don't know how to make a fish net body suits him I delisting haven't done doing it. Fair enough yes that's the but like given us on I made a goddess and made the skirt and a a doctor Michelle for the necklace but then. Kind of like that he had really got good. 75% 80% had a five maybe 20% store have probably and then as sailor Jupiter one I made a lot more found. Let's we call them and may a lot of we did Disney princess is also the same group. Does get a lot of things through and I love I always running Diaz I understand it yet as an LP for that one which was late. It's pretty easy to make myself more I didn't ever Halloween same thing crazy. I just I guess so much fun making the way you know like they could find pre made legs but I was like. Make it Claes sculpting a little candy. Into the lake and I'm sorry I'm that is curry he's. Like getting in there and all the little bit deeper and mark Stew wins it that's that's actually my fear I think it's like all these tiny details. No one cares about like I was making Claes Pringles and the little later isn't every source that he didn't really tiny little semifinal I did it meticulously gluing them. The thing Eric. But analysts say the passion of the nerds less like I think some because miniatures have you white nobody ever prepaid and actors what is right here yes because I'm fine real sprinkles I'm thinking yeah act at a you don't get it you get my process yeah out what it's raining and yes hey. I get Cabrera didn't get any other area of course like make you since your first comic con and came in when a tornado yeah yeah pursue any is there ST CC yeah. And the funny thing we we talked about it. And I just assume a lot of us assume you are OK you wanna see the best of everything when it comes a cons use go to ST CC that's would you do yes and I it's easy as I was watching the coverage I have from scifi. And Will Arnett co hosting it. They went around try to look for folks said there were caused playing and I was very underwhelmed. And sell them and I talked to Megan about what what was the cause flu like down there when did you notice any difference between like what we do here and EC CC as opposed SE CC. And Megan also had a very similar observation about that there really was a difference between caused play down there. And up here for Earle Connor Seattle. Yeah and I he I don't know why that is and having never Ben before I can't say you know gift that's usual or not. But yeah there is then registered and guess she's been going she was kind of commenting on like this costly than usual this year and there are definitely a million Harley Quinn isn't saying there to make friends out out then you're all great I wasn't like that but fifth but that but the sort of like. They never really in depth so I can't yeah I am I seeing less of Palo Torres also like at ten foot tall transformer that lit up minute nine and unique working Macs do it ends up. There isn't really cool stuff but just. Less than I was anticipating you know it would. Yeah it could be that like the comics I have been sort of phase out of STC seeing you know go ahead and could it be that caused play for folks just for whatever reason it gets it gets featured more and other cons like ours as opposed to the Hollywood glitz and basically everybody wanna announce their movie down in San Diego. Well and it's so expensive take go to San Diego comic con anyway in front of a sustain its always so crazy maybe people just can't afford to also bring you know eighteen pounds of bags of luggage at all cost but Stephanie who don't and I'm wondering it's because it it is still packs but I also heard they're basically this video comic con man it's so big that they basically have another call on outside for those who didn't get tickets all just a lot of stuff going on number did he do both hammered you just go to the actual convention itself. And having never Ben I really wanted to you know try and see everything is so huge. So we spent a lot of time and then in the dimension concept but it won't end to grab dinner you know we went out in old town and which is adorable I don't I am a little bit of my sisters so many times in San Diego and it never bent old town Catholic. Errors or if I guess Havel now I'm really cadence. What's I have always get that someone land them a morning of a lot of people weren't caused pulling on the outside. I there third. No more I would sailing ratio wise there were more cause players outside and people a lot of like. At customers are advertising something you know Larry as a troupe of dancers ahead. Larry little you know sequined outfits on the sharks coming out of their dummies they sure made and they weren't sure. The lineup. This and. As they did not enough Shaq NATO's via a variety well. Yes just OK I have this fairness we have to say this Sunday and I guess we'll get it didn't get a lot of play I think people might be sharp needle out if that's not how are you the other than. Hysteria I know it's. The next crazy but I didn't yet anymore just when I absorb it and so he did talk about the fact that I'm there's a lot a lot of stuff going on its annual comic con. Do you have tips for people since you've experiences they're trying to experienced something so massive and arm do either caused play as well. Because I mean he took a whole day were you didn't is that just kind of the way you wanna do it. Usually do that an emerald city Q did a lot of it cool aids day I loved the whole. The whole aspect of cost Blaylock walking around this character really care about making and people stop Pierre and very excited and they can be excited together especially if you're like. A lesser known character my sister did crow from east of west for which if you are they in the sitcom series who snowed I guess. I have been on the iPad and I have not opened it yet I could do this weekend so they. Israeli Ed but yeah and that carries small handful of people knew what she is doing. Especially as the video because it seems to be kind of movies yeah yeah I entered but the people who did we're so excited. And I really bad but I also love just being able to. And not getting stopped her and Eurovision. All the time and as you put a lot of work and people want to appreciate that get pictures with it as well so it's kind of cool to see that as a person who doesn't cause play and you do get stopped. Is like tips for people wanting to stop a person and get a picture of what would you say ladies if he had his ass so hey you saw the signs Amir latter day out that their last EC's easy you saw signs going hey don't touch don't do is don't assume don't. Because a lot of people really do. Go armed beyond the boundaries I don't know how somebody thinks they can link. It seems humans forget that you know folks have sort of their own rules of how they wanna be approached yes so what do you what doesn't work best for you is it just someone just you guy obviously being polite and not know grabbing your eighty staying Craig my. Grab a person and now. Annette and so yeah I. The rules and then I did you I don't know I know I know they really girl like at bill like I am very aware and that's what I wanna get a picture is never okayed it like. We joke that hover hand. Back I don't know the hovering and is it be just Ku will hover Hannity guys are taking pictures are usually really beautiful women. But they're afraid of touching them either to make them uncomfortable or maybe because of their own thing and the Phil Hubbard their hand around their children since touching them yeah. And and so it got them hover and yeah yeah. Like I've seen other tricks where I know people do assistant just kind of relax their race on their shoulders. Whenever like are you OK with the eve like the actual shoulder touching early waste or what is okay no waste I don't think that's a person's waist I'm right now I think it definitely also depends on the person like I am very eat and I just touchy person time anyways yeah DRI out. I had and I touched you shouldn't get the shrinkage and help this is our guest each always Sheila you're gonna need some. And you know she's used as a friend and how loose term okay and I. So you literally the questions so you I mean that we don't think the wasting is too much I know so I was gonna say is that and. It it depends where it's coming from you know lake. Like if any it would really there's and a city are about to put their hand on May be be like is this okay we'll have a cake nightly. Asking implementing you'll see it sounds Weir's. In my day back in my day public you know I don't know they've never kamikaze and am comics matter of fact people would tell us these stories and ratify after your color pictures and you been invented when we drop in a cave you know hey good. Hello groups Davids are great and America. But any you know I need to elect a waste is like dancing you know that's it that's an intimate place to grab somebody so I just don't I would never grab anybody there. Shoulder. My buddy is some but for a woman I feel like I'm all you know yeah I. OK calm him with a random stranger. I I just I mean I don't think so I just was stand next to somebody and take a picture and now we should do. Yeah I think people to not tell me. Us Airways I just met like yeah I don't know if some very non threatening in my little girl came up and put our databases and send. I not even like a child no blood personally you know whatever. Non threatening Mel and be less weird it out but I just think they probably don't need the hardening depose now a lot of these. I'm not arm around the shoulder as he just ask and sometimes people then some it's not even up personal boundaries sometimes they're like oh my a in danger and I okay and see apple let's he had that they will come off a touch him. And yes. So that could be had just just ask end. Are these really be polite if you're stopping someone. And also respectful as they are trying to get to where there are times you know huge beard and you prepared to stop and take pictures and things as part of the gig. But and but you actually have to make Ari trying to get to penal or your bathroom or this. Don't match and even he stopping you and stopping you are and especially after really really sorry but I'm trying to get some Ridley if you see you later feel threes on you then or never. And generally people are pretty understanding ever wants another tablet but you're here for a meet. And you know I think that's the big thing is to be respectful of these people because they may be your favorite character right now but it's a person. Dressing up as that character because they let me just as much as you do I had an idea how long rant at the world revolves around me let me get a good meg didn't take you so much for being with us before we go if any of our listeners have any questions. About. I can't. Player any thing is her way they can now reach like a Twitter or something like that. I I yeah I'm on Twitter as meg and K and it's and GA and K and on or around you invite me on face back under may have entire naymick is impossible and I apologized yeah at congressional page that they invite me on much as they can carry awesome think he's somebody just the link yes. That's it sounds yeah. Oh yeah I've Al yeah yeah out okay do you think. Articulate is so much for being with credit for having me. Think he's so much again it may gain a lot of fun just to talk cost play. It's fun just to see kind of what the what were goes into it it's kind of buddies we like yeah every level these super super. BD 101000. I feel the same way in terms of kind of profit making. I I don't make a lot of props but I like painting my nerves maverick. And that's the last project and I'm working on it right now you save lives so I get and her family opinion forming clouds I don't charge you don't pay for a Bay Area radio. Trade me were I have photography skill editing skills and Tiki bar trick I helped make you some I have my MI cost himself actually but I trades they I the first time I I have first imitated and her maverick I didn't take it a part of the justice prepare a part of spray paint overall Medvedev figure indeed all the nooks and crannies. And now at this point I am I'm actually taken apart. The as a maverick in a kind of opened it was all the pieces I got a cat who's been dealing with the my springs Karl Jack Carl being a jerk that put the onus is the biggest halo. Yeah it is it is but I am trying to get more intricate with the paint Dina and indeed for summit did a lot longer. And you remained paralyzed me why I hate pay. Teen miniature because I'm glad you bring this up because I have these acts same kind of gone now and because it's it's sort of a nice classic looking sort of base yet it looks it it's it looks like a big six shooter GAAP and it's kind of fine especially if you're doing like the west turn type of like steam punk stuff that I'm going for. That's why I love it. But it's got that sort of bull pup because picture where the chamber is actually ahead of the barrel and Piaf it's just a really cool feel to it and it does seem like it would be very easy to then modify helping to something else but. My I can ousting of doing something very very similar IE I did that one piece for your for your wedding actually written that was amazing in late you don't blow is a shin guard Greg it was a it was a it was a mission guarding me pad combo from a I think a soccer said. And I just IE analytical related or further absolute I'd love we have 100% and miner can't. I overlaid it with this this stuff and Kaymer in the name of it now but it's basically a wax. Paced. That they did Ted dries very rapidly and also is you are able to then Buffett. Because it is a wax and out of paint. And you know through a couple lessons over and some gold and like that picks it up with some salt shakers to make it look like it had like. Little correlate those tubes you know from old TV sets you know and vacuum tube CRTC I checked I kept every Tuesday vacuum tubes. And and and wore it like at an arm piece and it just came out looking Skype I think really what it looked great trinity. It was amazing and it was kind of fun that a is seeing people like when that we did in the when Michelle I did our steam punk waiting. We said we really want people to come and dress up. But got it wasn't like mandatory we didn't wanna put that stipulation 'cause I mean hell where are you going to Vegas of people have been a minute ago I don't actually up but the way people responded was exciting Troy had an even when meg was just talking about doing the group activities. It was so cool to see people that you would never imagine. Like a constant or did it cost him yeah like a one of our friends over here Matt he is like he's a gym rat he's kind of the do you know. Yeah and I welcome that allegedly dealing did any sued type things that yes. Michael just go to caused restoring get to a three of these pieces in your good and you could do a lot with just some news this very small things are goggles. Yes he's super big with the steam punk stuff like that I didn't bring it's funny because we're talking by the nerve maverick didn't bring it the weaponry with me correctly deal with that being on a plane insides. But it's fun to be able to have all the other pieces to that kind of eking kind of peace mail your stuff together to create a costume. As she didn't link that debt will work for the situation your hand. Like as I had a custom C you'd buy as simple I had my top that my goggles McCain is some like that. But by and large I can take dead and go to a no there like formal event. And just kind of slip off the goggles and not worry about that and I still look you immediately react I basically I don't have to buy a single thing from my coliseum in and I. I don't do any steam punk stuff normally I basically took my higher cost him he had an old dress. And I kind of Cutley you know you re dressed router yeah I. Huff I only had turned into a really fun project and I happen have goggles my bonnet comic con for years you know another caller on down like bloody bottles. And I worked too yeah I mean my wife she made her own drastic shortages as she did some crazy stuff with that and all this came from an idea should never made address before him and regulate we're going back to Megan she's talking about like I'm not really that created those things. She heard she was able to find my wife was able to find friends who. I'm not necessarily word on any better at her doing these things. But we're both very excited to work on it may just figured out you can go to. You know it didn't Joann fabrics in May have a patterns and you know any any of your arts and crafts stores and lock times they have these patterns to do this stuff. And they are even look online and some you can download the pattern and haunt him by the patterns from man. They feel to a JoAnne nerve one whenever an historic. And not know they're pretty excited to kind of like oh what are you working on Lakeland had not like let's cool have you tried as they typically know within and they love just one. Really true in the throat issue especially those places like two wins one I think they love to help you out can give you ideas for your project because that there those there those people he's you know the people who are really sad about that kind of stuff they wouldn't be working their otherwise honestly. Absolutely same reason why you love books in your career arc and well speaking of books. And well I know that you are a Harry Potter fan our heads think you poll I had OK great so that is greater mean and so as a as our leading pot head in this room on the believe you have been able to check out these latest book. Now is the book because I've heard different scenes about it. In the sense that it is several sheets of Finley pressed wood. With ink on them between me bound cover it is it exists as a book OK if it is not what you would call a novel. All also did what is this it is they isn't scripted is this script for the play I'll. All okay that makes a lot more sense now those of you are not aware there was a stage performance. That had been put on and it was based on an idea. By JK Rowling and ridden by these two with a gentleman whose names on for please give me right now I'm really sorry about that. But what they did was they went ahead and they they had they had JK Rowling's approval on everything that they did everything no heroes days we went on. And her name is on the book. I think as the plane couldn't consult seeing producing sort of a credit but it is not it is not a novel it is not the aids Jerry potter novel it is the it's Harry Potter book. But it is the script from the stage play. So that that that in and of itself was a little bit jarring I'll I'll level with you I thought it was the normalization. Of the play even and is not a sprint up the skirt straight up the script and you know and that's fine and he if you if you're used to reading script I mean I was a theater major urban read Scripps my whole life. Aid it's not. It's not difficult for that bad point of view but I know that there are people who have trouble with that in engineering awaken for someone who is looking for that sort of thing precisely. That. This this book. This book did this description picks up. It if you remember it. The ED certainly after the credits sequence from the last I heard a lot of movie epilogue thank you where. It's an older Harry Potter seeing his sons off to school not to hogwarts for the first time. This picks up pretty much right there I'll and we see then he is we then see outlets. Elvis sever its potter from going through school and I don't wanna do too much spoiling here in all honestly I've only read the first thirty or forty pages of and so far I'm I'm how I am having trouble sitting down and dedicating time to it because. I was expecting a novel and it's not because it's not good it's just that. I haven't read a played since Colin. You gotta gotta know when can read a play you gotta yeah into a mindset on that issue is that kind of understand where you're going with it because it's. It's you give a like I said neither the script is a beginning and these just get the words it's. Exactly and some dialogue is a lot of dialogue as sometimes they'll get some emotion in or some sort of thing like that if it's if it's definitely pertaining to that but you don't get facial expressions you don't get a lot of that level of detail right that a novel walls generally have you. Don't have that third person. On missions that you got from the gas and its its its it's difficult. So but that being said UC Elvis having trouble at school. I don't know he was sorted into slithering. Cool. That's. Teams and quite awkward does it not because controlling my good nice. OK so I never got to read the books and I never got to watch the movies because I grew up any religious household and with being told by these religious people tragedy that is witchcraft so I would never allowed to read it so by the time. I said screw you all a little too old so I didn't have that magic as well into the dvds. I want how men now that I like oh I got just checking the first shoe to fit more now as an adult troop. But it doesn't have a magic like everyone outplayed you probably didn't but Star Trek when your kid that's that magic you trying to recreate that for everyone in my generation as hard Harry Potter yeah. That being said I still though quite. I pass. Those leg but I don't know how accurate is the descent toward the end of the last movie. Doesn't Harry say to his son Al this strange how this ever stumbled or you were named after the 2 bravest wizards I am and that's what if I wanna be slow there and what if what happens and discern this loser and I think I says he heard named after and one of them was the head. Bad head of southern house and yes he's O cinema color like this that's how it left off with a house in the book and likely unbeaten with that I never really awkward that exact line. Goes into it would do what we see then is Elvis having a really have a hard time with. Life in general because he's Harry Potter son ON routers do not belong in slithering. Apparently the whole world I mean everyone at school picks on an immediate trouble outside of school. Everyone is very very. That's not accusatory but he is shown for being. The potter in slithering and I. Likes being a black sheep yeah and related to you. One of the biggest heroes. Of yet the miss those of this legendary person who saved all the awards you know and. And of course elvis' folks Carrey and Jenny IGU easily we turn to the they try everything we can to to reach out to him and make sure that he knows that it doesn't matter to them and bubble mum on the block. He just gets more and more sort of inside himself and he's only got one friend exactly one friend at school. Happens to be mouth for his kids so what are you gonna do about that in her seeing now all that makes it even worse to me you think about it just however you all that worked out one of the first things they say to each other is yeah our our dads did not get along in just a little early like each other very much. Other respect each other exactly yeah they don't like it but there respect each other that's a that's fair. There's been sort of mapping it's not battery is not necessarily a bad thing but. At the same point there is I mean is there a days yet it's a click there are these stereotypes that are associated with each of the houses in and of itself it's just another house that the school. However. More and more terrible wizards have come out of slow there and then any other house ever including thank you Ontario I cremated soy ambitious trip. Pat sounds I saw us will learn aren't there is trying not to NAFTA and now coming. That's one of these that's one of the guiding. When when the sort of gets on your head he's going through your through your arm your mining is assessing your personality and figuring out. Where you would probably fit in the best ambition. It's a big part of what gets what land useless there is a lot of ambition and the desire for power and not necessarily power in the magical since the power in the general soon. Vinatieri just continue to refer nor because the whole thing was that he wanted to get. And I was the only difference essentially 100% to that was on the fence he could have been slithering you could've been reformed or easily and knew he says. But whatever just not slithering and nieces and in the hat says are you sure because you could do a lot of great things and slithering into the third. So that's okay great and are less so I just cheeky like that couldn't eat yeah it would be when she had let's just say that is got a sense humor had us. All of all I'm really enjoying it I need to I need to dedicate the time and I'm actually going to be. Up in the mountains so do some camping here pretty soon and I think I mean take the book with me me me to sit down cool and quiet of nature and enjoy in trying to power through this because it's it's a script. I should in theory be able to read it in about three hours depending on how long the actual play itself is a yeah just be able to read it. As so I'll get it finished and if you need me do another reporter later will but for now. I'm enjoying it I am my daughter had so I'm gonna love it we might we might revisit it just to see your. I found this audio that I think we might wanna play well why. It is basically the mashed up they took Metallica singing and they took bits and pieces and they created the poker games on. Hatched this is a to do wanna play almighty god. Will save that for a future episode. Come around that may end and I do think EG. OK Hokies have begins now turn it into her doing a Fergie Cha yeah I don't remember it's let's do this because it's all right well then let's give it to Lula. She was sixty. All right so since the beginning my geek she I didn't do what I want to I wanna hear this Metallica mashup. More home my goodness. Yeah. And. There. NASA. Lilly's. So well maybe. I really can't believe it's no real. Novak. Why bedrock. The allied commander Rockingham they lied through. Yeah I did everything she's done everything you say that events got together by a you've got a great work where they can sound so perfect. You can see my movie yeah music match show. I don't know videos just clips of god as an area as you know are so mom and that's very interesting is a big key they lied to us will definitely pose set on this 800 page so have seed that had. Either way I hula and. It is kind of need on that and I did have to and well again now ladies since that's kind of how I arsenal have got some oregano okay. And partially no no brake and the Bruins. How about movies ever route by one see our okay. And I have nailed it could have written take note you know about the burglary. There is quite a few and thirty movies in this. First on Spiderman three where Peter Parker is dancing at jazz. Club that was the best seat of all talk valuations are and how that message go back towards the first suddenly gathered salvage some movies. I had a photo credit until then it was early season that's a as a blood does appear birders dance sequence you know really and sputtering and three's a bit of exaggerations and there was so much wrong with our fellow Americans between the misfire is salmon CU time underwhelming and I meant. James Franco's pie eating performance I'll contributed to the flop that was Spiderman three men Mike you get tired. Hello and I and I notice he's eating Taiwan I can't have any what this is Toby Maguire awkward hip thrusting in finger snapping as he's through his message names. Played more like a bad SNL sketch then anything that's it ever been made into a superhero movie how is the best part though Peter Parker could never pull off that sea and that's why it was so good it's good you know he's gonna try especially Kevin McGuire is the effort here tonight and how did on this how many choked on their popcorn when he actually said that to happen. Or films. Yet I was awful but if you the matrix preloaded meal hearses mess up so the scene corneal fight to crap senate agents missile supposedly one of the major action set like that was a piece is in the matrix reloaded yet. But the second the fighting Beagle Indians both neo and agent Smith give replace a CGI is so terrible. He needs and the sins look like virtual reality it was pretty bad yeah it wasn't that bad. He wasn't meant to follow the ground breaking bullet time effect in the first movie. Instead the boss effects proved to the audience is that neither matrix sequel would ever come close to touching me original mother and cameraman Barry and I don't like held a special place tomorrow with allies and now. The paper. I can handle paper. Next month Star Wars episode three Darth Vader disagree how. I. Man I noticed that I took a look the many things that catch blame burning the Star Wars trickle charger beings who that a Koran. And is like almost every line of dialogue George Lucas row for pad main Hackett and again. There is one moment that makes almost every fan cringe no matter how dedicated. We're talking about and it can sky workers charge transformation into Darth Vader. Yeah. Rural. Unlike an unborn children any and has been transformed into a space robo cop so what does he do he breaks free of the shackles and let's LP in the miss. Hole. Lilly you've had a tiny little blonde two to attend school. For many felt silly when he should've been tear jerking but yeah everyone just started laughing in the theater you know what makes that scene awesome the Spanish language track oh no you could put the. Don't really tall frontman. Stem waited a day he went back. Old. Move just that is identical and everything else around in his system it's. And he goal that would give the best but again that aren't you knew watching movies trying to read them in Spanish cash silence are tracking you sync it to the movie. And he Leo yeah. He told people aren't you are we gonna do this Helena you guys doing noted that the hit it morrow you know how that's Spanish for gold. Another one watchman in the hollow looney SE and demand and so basically what they saintly. The I'd love to watch him because it was as close to the comic look at any movie ever oh yes. The panel from. Per panel word for word basically. Hello Zack Snyder does he sell careful what the source material that when he does divergence downright jarring and it's you know no more apparent than it is during the sex scene between nine alum Phil Spector. When they're in the little owl Flutie thing. Does like the rest of the watch in the sequence as director with an inch of its life sapping all life this type the scene requires. But what makes it painful to watch is his does our decision to stay on track the whole thing with Leonard Cohen's classic ballad how I move yeah for credit go to unlike. That for a long run on really at all OK so. Really long. It's a wonderful song but it's presence here has kind of ruined that forever yet. Martin disagrees its fifth. I only because nothing could ruin that song is that good I love yeah absolute wireless inherent. Okay. Similar unless yes Lord of the Rings return of the teen. Frolicking public's the ending so basically the ending you know in the ending on the end it's snowing hard gigabyte a great cinematic saga. Sure so we camper grudge director Peter Jackson and his fondness for those very well but except for the scene where the Hobbits talent on top of the bed any keys you like in slow motion. Just spending all those hours of photos and wise in the wrestling game we want to be laughing with them not at them. Yeah and it seemed I I get where they're coming from because it seemed like a weird Hobbits slumber party I know I everyone's super happy to see each other in yea but it's like. You get these actors. In their sort of weird how CGI hobby it. Build and there it is bouncing around like toddlers on a better. Marine pilots do three things eat drink and smoke their special we'd guarantee you they were Han has. And then there's the character the characters are LA comedy. Well maybe there Christiane I don't wanna say adding the Hobbits please you know yeah he's a bad news and erratic yes right when I'm out hot another Andrea. Transformers revenge of the fallen skid in mud flaps folk gonna move yet on virtually isn't always content with just blowing stuff up. So he wants to be funny tale books and that is what led to the introduction of skids and not flat and that revenge of the fallen so. These two are racist caricature caricatures boat out in the open trading on every offense defense a stereotype in the book he really did try to throw the voice actors under the bus by blaming the character's demeanor on faulty line. Games but no one bought it so they are cut from the next movie the dark dark of the moon. Yeah and I was at either yeah I was mud flattened skids as there are like mud flat transform into there were cars and later you're like drift cars or something like that. Which again might be a little. And flew it wins it wins just lake we knew you have momentum he was just a bag can like he caricatured using dear amber heard there Tom and Gerri you know the the lady the owner. I. Yeah but very those Ali I'm tired it's acceptable Blair that was what have they visited the full yankees' number that's exactly what they knew how does that work now yeah having in I have been indeed only the first century has eaten bad bank. Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal all bridge scene looking outrage ticket packages like anyway we re like even a movie that I asked us to suspend her belief far enough to accept that India is making contact with aliens. Awful accidentally you know where he actually survive the nuclear test blast in the lead lined refrigerator this multiple is. Laughable the best part about that is because of that nuke free agency or you know that don't hold that whole scene there are beginning. I was like all right fine shirt it's aliens like it play out outside if the free agent nuke scene had not been in it. The scene that would ruin the movie was the alien c.'s Carl is so great. I want all the power follow it through much power are. At. That's and we need to you know you read and standing up well he kind of gives you the summer and I let. That is a good he's the color commentary there is more on the first I want to doing that we've also already had all agreed on now and then a steel. Dodd's staff and a half after the first forcibly remove these weren't all great film by any means but they certain sweetness about them that reflected the characters optimism in the comics and I'll -- change in the Bronx routed to the reins for a man of steel and although darker overtones were probably to be expected post the Dark Knight world it was still typical for any longtime fans except. The ramp big casual destruction Superman helped unleash during the battle is lie in the final laps and even hearted except it wasn't decision to end the fight by snapping dog's neck. So Snyder has defended his decision repeatedly but the plot point remains the focus of an intense debate so for some fans. It undermines the entire concept of the character which he had talked damning new life and I'm Nora isn't more yeah. And any in it does and by the same point also I also do respect the fact that. With the movies however you feel about suicide squad however you feel about TV asks Don. Just isn't actually blue and all that. He's keeping our team with it. Tons they're all as just as depressing as the other one SL to have any good for consistency I have to. Like he's your acting the you know the Justice League movie in the trailer that came up for comic London looked very similar to maybe a marble. Two minute and only if the ease into that if it's going to be just act click right over and that's going to be even more jarring and that's gonna be even war said that I'd get a evenly Ben Affleck does like K topping the flash like OK yeah like I just need some friends like. Your principal should look looks. Mean you're a little little BC I guess you. BS this morning and I guess I'm Lauren and don't mean I feel very much I go down he's done. How monuments like he's held drinking some Jamieson looks like me you like I had the Marlins beat the whole movie for two hours and I OK some aren't sitting in a ginger wringing Tennessee yes wow it was a random water splashes. I guess advice you have to yeah. It is like I'm guys seen anything.