BJGN09-02-16 - World of Warcraft: Legion

Friday, September 2nd

Gareth von Kallenbach joins Rev to preview PAX West 2016; Rev discusses World of Wacraft: Legion; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our -- jeez the video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot. Plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always lose you are now entering Vijay cheesy things. Well and you ask welcome to BJ she's geek nation on the river in Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. Let's. That much Chris yeah Chris walker mr. walk like a plan was up comic you know just hanging out hanging in there are those things he's Walken. It is Nicole Lee joins us to ask god other don't goalie pretty good. An excellent. The show's namesake mister Vijay Jay NB prodigy are on assignments. They'll be doing things mostly tax related because this deal the first day of attacks could. Love love stuff talking about that in the near future but sneaky people wanna get all the that's how can they do so look. They want our podcasts info web yeah that's what it's always has more in focus. Anything else PG nation I'm content and he'd also like us on FaceBook where he posts fun stuff. Just are to be dishing to eat nation. Follow us on Twitter and mr. Graham and still Graham had to Vijay geek nation senator sexism is not one any 02243353. Just as many not be digging nation a And don't forget to do you like the videos to YouTube dot com slash BJ geek nation a great heart he watches. Ha I don't see how elections are also watching player on the turtle it noon while hey Chris how does that make you feel. Since you're the chief it makes your reading have you can creator. I was in a tea house a lot of web sites like the FaceBook or the tenders. The canal there are a lot of the searching is an online on the toilets are filling out as a compliment take you know if for me it's all about hit counsel I mean you know I wherever aircraft wherever you're doing your business and watching my shows men can it go crazy what's I don't I don't watch what you two are usually just like you don't know what's in the in my computer phone all sit there and actually wants of the longer a map that. This listener which I have the right time and there are very real short I try to keep my under about three minutes so people get your business done what are some of those topics that you talked about the recent ones apologies we'll most recently I've been uploading a lot of the footage that we do from interviews at ten drag of between sixteen and I. We usually I'd pick goals and thirty topic something that's trending and newsworthy for the day. I hit a lot of the N thirty news sites and AS scour them for things that I think are are our folks might be interested in things they did interest me in the night talk about it for a few minutes. Our podcast is delay. Bellini yes so sometimes we don't give. But this gives us a chance to talk about Packers many times crystal drag one of us in next encounter him if you can you discuss the the hot topics at hand sit down we're talking about no man's Jack exactly elements being honest being on a delay there is one thing we have to do with sat. We have to say happy birthday to our fearless leader zero AM. Yesterday mr. BJ's JC birthdays so send him belated birthday. Which is Thursday which is yes Sam and I regulations made it all the way around the sun one more time to thank you FaceBook for telling me that. I think any media they send him makes next the day of KO very much this week Emma texting him ironic I as a ruse super whatever. Until I saw his phone eventually elite guy and a half after so we do have the Penny Arcade expo happening liberty weekend in Seattle this is packs west formally pax prime formally packs. Now that they've gotten so many now they've got packs Australia packs south pax east now it's back to what artist formerly known as tax knew exactly. Tons of these conventions happening but this was the premier wine in its. Super fun because it's in our own backyard we're gonna be going in checking out a lot of different things. Another person doing that is our very own Gareth on Colin bock. From skewed in reviewed that SK NR dot net. Well he's in studio already. Don't talk. Don't talk what Garrett let us. Garrett thank you for joining us and also with us Joseph I don't man don't good about yourself and all right so Garrett you've brought the whole crew here for skewed reviewed it's pretty much pretty much where the bigger things that you need to attend with this. Console is glad I'm actually glad to have you in studio for this. There's a lot of stuff going on no kidding I mean talk about crazy. And it's. Everyone's been saying that it who really looks like this year is going to be. DR. DR AR with a hollow lands to an extent especially since Pokemon goat took off and show that AR can be attained. What are you hearing in the world of VR at this point in time. Well it's getting really interesting you know we a lot of rumors out there about the PlayStation Bjork. Com which obviously we know it's coming in October and and you hear rumors that Sony's got PlayStation neo they're gonna we have in their announcement conference next week now whether or not neo zen now that's the four K one. Obviously. Microsoft Scott scorpio coming which a lot of people say will be our kills compatible. And he and so we you know it's interesting every it's gonna hedging their ballots I'm I'm very confident that Sony is going to have a lot of PlayStation BR stopped. Is essentially this is their last big opportunity to roll out before. Launch June gap to the consumer see another of the the press is seen a lot of it but eerie ago. What are some other companies doing on the hardware side of the VR because I mean yeah we've got we've got all the different companies ocular as the HTC vibe and all that. But you've got to be able to run these on your PC. On how or other companies like graphics are companies like Nvidia doing that. What they're doing is they're giving you a lot of choices that are very good rated used to be he had 7970. Series Carter better minimum to run the VR. And you know of course share of the titan titan to what they've done is CB GA and many the manufacturers they have that ten series which tends 6010701080. Cards and they run about 250 dollars up mature getting five gigs of DDR five memory. They won't run we are they won't keep our significant frame rate increase over everything and I believe if I'm not mistaken all of now many of them also touch four K graphics which is the new frontier that. Were rapidly go and ensure. It is something like that area in investment of that and I mean it's not insignificant so like are you gonna G fee to think you're gonna need like an entire PC overall are you gonna build a Frankenstein this into the machine that you currently have. Because. Like that's a that's a pretty significant bump up if you're looking at graphics card you may have just a leg strap your PC it almost seems like maybe that's one for your Joseph your the one I did a most recently I know from everything that I read if you have a chipset that's been person sitting in the last seven years you should begin to go okay I'm good fit there graphics card is taking the brunt of the force so if you have a good set up. That you can run you know pretty good on let's say you know even new stuff from blizzard like wow and things like that and you're going to be good for me. I hope so he. I got a sale like there at like he was saying basically if you got there if you're running in Intelsat. And I fiber and I seven. Yang capture card to put a 970 series Carter better net and should be fun as long as your card can handle. The you know the power outages the power of one let's be honest even if it doesn't. You can pull of new power unit and for under a hundred box that is where are you ready to go oh yeah and then as far as your Randy is at least sixties around your guide and yes most. Any any must now named Hannah Hannah Lee especially commercial you can get a good set of their memory for like fifty bucks now that you were really good is set to gamers down memory. Nice good stuff on that now talking about. Some of the game companies from Bethesda is always kind of interesting because. They seem to kind of just surprise people with stuff away are you getting them vibe this year you know I sure hope. So because mum about two years ago there was two years ago. They stop doing appointments of these three because they opted to do big showcase like Sony NEA does for rebates and it made sense their attitude is. We come out we so we have to say that what we don't have to tell a ten times today for three days into all these various appointments. And what they did was they had static displays like this year Eddie three they have them. Dishonored debts of props from fallout that some props from doom but they also what pray and these were really cool you can like walk through there were timeline as to the back story you can touch the display Deb this dishonored tooth thing with various props and things you pull the lever we kind of were expecting similar things. Like that it packs this year like they did last tournament no real raps on hand it was just employees and here's some props but yet. I found out today that one of the year wraps his poster on social network arm fly now for packs today. And it's really interesting because they wouldn't be coming out and lasts. When I mean I I get that tax is a big fun place to go in checked out but if you are flying across the country. Generally it's gonna be more than just a hey I wanna go see all the friends that I don't normally see Mo exactly and you know the funny thing is to trickle down effect from this because. Traditionally packs is not re Gupta reveals taxes whole thing is for the consumers the public they isn't shaken out finally we can finally get to see the stuff. And yet yet this year you know with the they're the things we've been trying to hold back on like panels and the keynote speaker is Steve essentially. Producer of the new Star Wars game a visceral. And she also were I don't know charted and then there was and Joseph what was a there there is. Com. I would say gearbox avoided as has a panel. And there's account don't Clark for Duke Nukem yes that apparently started now get this it ends right as their panel has ending someone figured out that the two were synchronized. People think they're gonna not only announce the new one but there possibly were mastering Duke Nukem 3-D. And on its anniversary richter and getting me that there needs to happen because I don't yeah. And that Heidi I've dissent I think we're gonna see some reveals or at least here's some news rather than simply say. Here's what's on the floor talk about a I think people are gonna actually talk about it. That would be crazy just because like he said pax has always been kind of a love letter to use the gamers themselves this is the one where you get to go when you get to track the games and however long you wanna stand in line for something. You're gonna get to play whatever it is that you want to play and it is kind of funny because in what the best things for me going to pax is just hitting the Indy booths because. There's no way he get to play a really fun platform or a lot of the times and some really neat concept are coming out of that. And so a lot of the times the AAA stuff. When they've gone away TV just walk through seeing and just having the displays set us it's like all right cool sweet faced with has some to pick up of a vault you know a lot of volatility yeah I'm just gonna move on and I'll get a pitcher with a big suit armor and then yelled tell me everything I need to know. But if they're doing announcement still analysts not a girl classical programme for console from pastor I'm still we still got comments about -- I don't know I guess I thought that was amazing I love all the stuff they do with all of that armed before we get out of here Gareth is there anything else that as you're either looking forward to you or any other announcements that you want to lol we're cheap and. As he were getting ready to launch the second site soon in the beta state but blood Mora map of the main thing is. Lot of stuff going on like as supposedly Sony is gonna have an online conference next week we don't know what you're gonna announce people who think it's going to be possibly the neo or the PlayStation four slam. You got GameStop expo and the call of duty XP is going on this weekend as well. And so you're going to be having not only the best gamers in the world apparently they're gonna be showing off a lot more call of duty in. And for no warfare. The new salvation DLC which is just now hit for the appeals four and some other stuff so a lot of stuff coming in the next week herself. And everyone lobbyist stuff all of that information again adds skewed reviewed its SK and are dot net scariest Joseph thank you guys so much in again we post a lot of sub Garrett you post a ton of stuff on our own FaceBook page so a lot of people can get a lot of information there but. Plenty of stuff will be going on in this week and so check out that site in on them also ours I think you guys and south. Thank you so much again as gears of on call about thrown skewed in reviewed that is SK and one thing I've been excited for this entire week. It's an interesting week because while we have this huge convention happening we just had gen console many news things going out there. I'm going to be stuck in the virtual lands up as are Ali playing a lot of this because from. World of Warcraft just oh released their seventh expansion. Vijay and yes the burning legion is back and taking over as a roster destroying it as you would. You know there you need to make bad knee did do all these terrible things and it's not gonna gawker itself notice I don't think and as as much as I when I was talking about this game. In reference to use a movie that came out this summer and it was like this movie is to tell everyone hey guys remember allow is that yes. Well this is hey guys remember allow. Don't don't don't really pay any attention to those last two expansions we're back for all the good fun stuff. Whirl of warlords a drain or stand. Gutsy horse first panda is you and that that's what what's what everybody wants that's that's the jury you know I played Tennessee game when there's like a rogue thief wizard option where you want is just pandering is an outlook of four and an end to coincide with come through pain and they had this is when they released the monk class mass naturally if Yasir you could be a contraband if you wanted to do on the QB you come fu panda. You can be easy come fu panda like I remember playing a lots of mists of ten area and not really paying attention to use the storyline whatsoever. Just going through it and doing things to me like all right well this is fun. Eight in that's kind of how I do world warcraft anyway is I will begin at fed at the start of the expansion and they got this is fund our ideas and stuff level of one character to Max level. Do you a couple of the early raids. And they'll just wait until the next expansion is announced all the other stuff has been finished and now I can go through the rest of the expansion. Once they've gotten it all there. And in this. I don't know if lead is gonna be the same thing thwarted drain or was this and it's got kind of bored of it this really seems like it is wiles greatest hits in terms of the enemy comes from probably bear most popular expansion was their first one. Which was the burning crusade. So. We've been trying to stop them from doing this all this time the last twelve years in this game in this game world. But now they've made it in there. They take parts from wrath of the list keen everyone loved to gallery and the main city. And so now dollar and is back in it now floating high above the new broken isles this is where all the expansion takes place. And then it has a lot of the themes from cataclysm which is also another one that was a role well received. So it's a lot of elements in that element tolls and at least in the areas that I map right now. Now I am my main class right after this one is a shaman. And it seems to be one of the classes that is very centric around this because brawl himself you may know from the movies as the torch he's a shaman in south. And I know Chris has no idea that in this cannot and does not include. If you hit it it it well of me learning yeah well yeah exactly yeah exactly and it's kind of fun because some of the things that they took from warlords a drain or you had your own garrison because you were. In the story your character everybody's character but you know whichever one you were playing was put in charge of going out to this new land and setting up Gary sands in new worthy lead command on this. Still let's say you're garrison went out somewhere off on their own to do something in your head to like you'd get tempted to to come back like tear Kessler whatever. Would that be you're I garrison Von column back. Commitment and. On halo. Is that this one now these changes from that are you instead of being the person in charge of this attack on drain or you are now. The class leader so you get the different classes every shot man rogue warrior. All of these different winds fan what. Panda panda panda is a race. Smoke is a class. But untrue bad attack senate. And they have now you are now deep class leader you're the one that is going to take over of four. All of the other shaman who have now been obliterated mostly destroyed by the legions of 66 got a guy exactly egged pretty much that was I had I had been I got sick person got some well again failed so it's putting the characters to the forefront in turn it turns it into more of a single player game. A lot like a Star Wars you'll Republicans done and a lot of these games now they wanna streamlined for. Single player game it but how mean. A mix of being able to get it done gins and doing stuff with other players but you don't have to do that. A really cool thing out of this game also right now is that. Weapons. Weapons have always been a problem for people wanna try to get the best weapon and sometimes it's hard there yet. Now they're just like here here's the best weapon you can get right away if you get an artifact that is for the shaman it's brawls doom hammer which is pro. Plenty of pretty epic in the lore of the game continues to do Antonin throws to members how. Six classics are still business through and noses cam girl named Payne now wow and so for. It's also based off of your specialists they should because you get to choose three special stations so the enhancement shaman is emailing shaman which is when I do. Just one brigade do hammer if you pick a different one you get a de France weapon and and it's going to assume that there's an artifact of for each different classes trek at this point that would make the most sense. And it's kind of cool because you have talent points that you will put after like 1530 you'll give me an extra talent. You can either passive or activated where you get to do this thing. Tap dancing the tap dancing is not talent that I absolutely air Alex deputy Sara did you use it combat world warcraft OK I don't know. My goodness there's magical come through Canada's biggest test days he Shawmut high. Over the next expansion and all roles doom tattoos Z did you joke do you joke yeah I lie that I. Hard stone right now and I ain't kind of in conjunction with all of this has an expansion called return to Kerry's and in at least in the advertisements it's all Disco theme. And there's no reason why aren't I haven't bought into the expansion. And I'm not a playing a Disco theme expansion for stupid on my card and trolls do leisure suit. Wow how. Or even New Orleans now know. Since I tell points. You thought yes you have talent points but also the artifact weapons now you can gather artifact power in addition to level Ling. And after Sony level so much artifact power you didn't spend that to get bonuses in net. The whacked in time so now instead of you getting abilities your weapon will get abilities. And it'll it's it's exactly like the old school talent trees from original world warcraft have genuine if you're if you're wondering about that. That's kind of how the how you have it. So now my character has doom hammer and since it's a two hander like she wields to arm to look rather large hammers. The other was called the fury at the stone mother tells us cool and it looks all need it's a particle facts and that way you can look super cool without having to worry about anything you know looking for an actual weapon. And now I'm the head of the earthen ring yet. Which is the shaman class thing so when and ring of fire no no no vision problem really what you're than those. Thank you thank you yes. And then at this point starting at the game and not very far I'm level 102. That is it doesn't sound very far at all pig goes up to level 110. In the Salina we'll take you does earlier in almost 90% of the thank you are 90% of the way done is what your saying is is not very far. I mean you have for this expansion gate suspension goes from 100 to 110. So by the time there's no warlords a drain or you're only you're Wimbledon 100. Yeah you're hundredth start yes exactly that means it's okay yeah I mean yes I'm liking it again and I forgot to tell you can't just trying to get a handle on this and you have four locations. To check Chris is not giving up. I look for locations to start off and they'll have by names and I can't pronounce. And so it's like one MO men is a bowels are off in a photo paid attention maybe they would tell me how that is sure it's a big a big find kind of grassy area with like drew it's in grooves and honest and of course evil fell fell demons are now taking all that'll. Her marine through new new new new emergency room and remove their rooms on everything yes actually I wanna are very clear to go to the nation right now I I you know almost nothing about world war governing that's obvious but. I think I'm not trying to cuckoo it I don't know I I know for a fact if I actually he got into this late. I would do have a totally cooler. I would edit I would say goodbye to the wife and family I would say good bye do you people because I would be doing nothing else to have that kind of addictive personality cell a gas. It's not that I'm not interested in it or I don't think it sounds awesome it does. I know that if I started doing this I would be doing nothing. And that's all a problem with a lot of people. I didn't deep in jewel or crap I mean I'm still playing for twelve years but heading into into it. As hard core now of candidly Pretoria and I think needed to and as hardcore as I did with ever quest for a on it's a little bit different I think just because ever quest is way more about the people in the experiences within those groups because. At the most it would be like 2000 to 3000 people on the server. And that's actually pretty small when you think about our on the games now. With this with world warcraft it's all about the story for me so I'm OK with playing a single player game wind occasionally doing a pickup group for dungeons or rating. And volley a franchise more than playing one game for twelve year absolutely. Innocent that's why I mean that's why deafening when Osama movie and I wanted to you know critique or criticize the movie and I think the movie does fine. For what it is trying to accomplish which I think is to give people more excited for the World of Warcraft expansion coming out so. I I really love this game at this point like it turmoil hundred Choo moved before the before it is out it sounds a lot I mean Wragge yeah I'm down with our American. Yes it's fine I usually play alliance characters I had a couple of or characters but horribly. This consent order with ya quarterly or dumped. But you get to begin debts of your plays Sammy that's when you go for a collection since he beast living are you guys feel about it and if you watch you like game with me I'm not gonna make his guilt or anything but I have a bunch of -- gilded characters so if you have one that your running with stuff oh don't know I'm not opposed to running with people I just I don't put any effort into making connection yeah -- an importer of but it's a new messaging guy everyone doesn't get old let me just that at red and played up. I think now though it is time for all our. She slid sixteen dish yeah tourists VT as well stand us. Knowing about them all those movies around noon because that is trying to panel Pannemon he's actually now means they'd Verity came out with the last canned whatever I'm improving and that. What's without the ice a sign him up yeah I think you know awhile a good big excellent way planes more of its failed me I don't know it again I wonder how is part of it and he you know what part of it on and an owner point I thought they put up the last ice age movie like four movies it gusts are even know the rules aren't our guys they face now I think you like Final Fantasy like those few ones that you think think it probably happened. There's just in like FIC only really needed to at most for the children three. Now is that they shoot the end of the world I think you're really only need one he. I Hayes of the world an end after the icing every curiosity I am just a little early this movies tell us that the ice age kill enough big burden on the how to tie it. We'll field some things that killed all the dead doesn't the first movie I can't let out a once it and went but I see done I was at the trailers for the new movie are they. Like I only see. Trailers to receive here he moves I don't see those gets me these it don't use the healing hands and that's how they brought him back at this twists are uncovered ice age we gave me I talk about I'd say it's directed by M night some Alonso and. But at least. In not not a lot in if I should say that's are being well received dialing one that's over let's fresh wind in my locked today. Bill Willis fresh as a movie called zoom which I had never heard of it's a flash movie. And no actually does not and inaction has Allison until we know her from the movie goon and from congress underworld world she's great newsroom. Yeah newsroom she's been on but the film consists of three seemingly separate ultimately interleague storyline about a comic book artist a novelist and you don't director Tunisia measuring your lives in a separate world author's story about the life of another. The comic book artist Emma works by day at at an artist official love doll factory and is hoping to undergo a seeker cosmetic procedure. And that's comic had tells the story of Edward Cox film director with a debilitating secret about his anatomy. And the director Edward creates a film that features Michelle an aspiring novelist who escapes to Brazil and a Bane answer formal life as a model. And just kind of Michelle then pens a novel that tells until they Emma who works at the at our official love doll factory in so far on so it just all one. May be eating its own tale how a 60% right now Iran tomatoes for strangers than fiction yet one circle half the money sisters Ozzie actually the sound very anxious to an Internet there was a makes me think that it's probably going to be any limited release integrating renowned as a NR. Who's your directory is also not a pitch that gets you a lot of monies then that's not a big AAA selling movie hello objectors Pedro Morelli. And I think this could be his first movie searching I mean there's not a fun thing as much in the geek atmosphere on the peninsula that's what kind of storytelling stereo and then I'm not really really with any of the other actors so yes. That's a pretty cool. Any of the next one analyst for you horror fans if you don't get in didn't see what does that. Don't speak out priests. Yes I actually saw it don't breathe a little right you should based on a marks glowing recommendation is if these numbers are now in its good. Keys there's there's there's there's there's there's a segment or you go. Why how fade Alvarez a win there. And he's the guy who did the evil dead remake of then and this is being produced by a jobs hammering me. It is the it's a fine cat and mouse thriller on with a twist you don't see coming. I. Because I was there but when my friend wanted to take me current. You know and it's it's not. Glory and it's not full yet and it's not scary. Like it's not like it's not like a war type thing it's a thriller I think I don't blame Dell way Kevin and it's red state. Yeah this is as well as Kevin Smith you hung on so you know it would have to be yeah exactly yet totally. I it's her next movie is called a more again. Has only 4243%. Perry now really on bud has Kate Mara rose Leslie who was you know nothing John Snow all. Cool that's for so we have Toby Jones from from Captain America. And does internal and oh yes. I I that he is a crop of corporate troubleshooter which is Kate Mara. Is since a remote top super secret location where she's to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. Issue there is the man was triggered by a steely innocent human. Who presents a mystery of both it infinite promise incalculable danger actually did see the trailer to this you do this in the pretty good yet it's. What was a scarlet giants in movies. It would been her name is wells are clues about who Lucy Lucy it seems a lot like those lines except this like Lucy makes a stranger things. Yeah what he's got that the ball girl and wounded and we all that I really don't sit here right now is that a yeah and yeah I don't like cedar idea yet exaggerate yes stranger things I guess it with that sort of thing Italy's fight judging by the trailers that that's our new benchmark isn't there a new new yardstick so players agreement is it like stranger things. You can I commented I think that it's sold at. But we did talk reckons that the earlier and his movie yoga loser instead. This week with me very promising 26 persons. So why do you sense that the media can't go by. Evan Smith is do you wean beam movies now because he wants to we were doing B horror movies because he wants to in there is definitely people who were in for this sort of thing. But it's also really polarizing as well. Like you're either gonna love it you or your gonna hate it like it really adhere to removing a manmade and put his daughter in the starring role I guess got a giant death stutter it's going to be it's going to be from him for dad yet you know and it's up to you of your age. Did an excellent excellent on these still noon for those who don't know it's fifty year old yoga nuts Colleen and collect and Colleen MacKenzie love the Smartphones and heat. There after school's job that says the convenience store events when an accident evil when an ancient healer arises from any Canadians crest and threatens their day invitation to degrade twelve party. The Colleen is joined forces with low legendary man hunter from Montreal name Diallo pony too. To fight for the lives of all suddenly shocked at this point of view Alina this is a long before the French Canadian commonly I think. With all seven shocker as one warrior pose at a time death. That was the younger and so both I think giant ups also in the CIA PL and and hunter. And the younger depth view and Smith. Wolf and the young and the younger Smith will be returning. Yeah in the roles they have created from tusk. And this is. And I think this is the one where Kevin Smith has his cameo as the worst cameo ever. He's really learn check the spelling on the in his right ridicule he is the bad guys usually they laid it up brought c.s aren't the bad guys they know holders have to like him as a group you and there are all the little mini Kevin Smith popped off except I don't even realize that. It's cool I don't even matter and that they are embarrassed got awards go to C just a plea I mean yeah. Yeah I think we obviously a day's news and this Kevin Kevin's man Haley Joel Osmond Justin Long is the you know he. Natasha Leone which we know her as Nicky from oranges in new black I don't Adam Brody. Bunch of planet club parody is switch yet leave that's his death sex that sex and and you could have this then I mean I was. Except for the Santa. Johnny debs former they're young girlfriend. Wife night though they are married engaged Shannon you're married and we're together for my ears bearden. That if from every other one more I was kind of weird suspense word. Mystery suspense vibe is called them mine life of Louis Louis or Louis tracks are very. Tanks and it's have a leg Jamie Dornan who was in like the first season of once upon a time in Oliver Platt send this Aaron Paul's and as we know him breaking mad men. Reports legally getting 44% of them now print but does after surviving eight near death experience accident threat is unlucky life. Oh lead tracks plunges off the steep hill cliff on his ninth birthday while police investigate the column that is near fatal fall. And the whereabouts of his violent father Peter which is played by air and Paul. A claim urologist doctor Allen has call used an unorthodox techniques to try to tap into the boys and conscious mind are real the truth about the events that led to his condition. Studies as he's drawn deeper and deeper into immediate mystery of lunacy Louis. And a buddy we call both Louis and Louis yeah placed all things I'd keep the. Because we don't differentiate who we fees guarantee you you'll find out what it is if you see the movie enough. Seemingly ability to cheat death the doctor finds himself falling for us his mother. And as new clues emerge in the keys shocking revelation changed the fate of our league tracks and. Spacious real card like this birdies attendance and I. I've learned. That at bat and that it McGee yes all right there's like stranger things I'm. They're editing done that in the is there a science and it was rated single confirmed the seasons is yeah. And they are release date teaser out there seek and find that I'm sure we posted about FaceBook earlier I can't lying if I don't like them dead. Seen anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size fly a key culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot clubs.