BJGN09-07-17 - Special Ops: It

Thursday, September 7th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev, & Uncle Chris! They discuss Inhumans; Indiana Jones; a Joker origin movie; the Twin Peaks finale; and Mark reviews the movie 'It'!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our dvds and video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doctoral else. Or. Weren't. Christian are sure to put. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each patient and keep nation special ops. Don't worry it's not icing your door it's just your special ops briefing I'm your host mark kronor this week. Overview the brand new theatrical adaptation of Stephen king's it as well as quote more. Because for the first I via the family all back together again no reverent and Fuego was that the controls yet. Chris walker is back at my side yeah alongside they wait a minute and I'm sober rev hole you'll get a desolate. They wanna do so they can find all of our social media ad BJ geek nation dot com. You can find us by well now you can actually says he W Dickey nation Send us a voicemail or a text message at one nannies 02243353. Like I said leading the nation dot com for all of the other stuff and like us on FaceBook or Afghanistan. Do it yes it was he says we'll get it in our second segment but first let's fill the first segment with meaningless small talk and small items at a now you only leave you live in Seattle you may not have noticed that it looks like hugs here we are looking missile it looks like silent hill are on. And if you hear a siren going off a grab a piper. And yes. And look out for flying things are gonna snatch up nice climate changes is climate change ring all the weather extremes even more extreme truth or as Republicans refer to it. Fake snow is not rail pregnant. It's just weird though it seems it turns out we've all breathe the same air we all get wet in the same floods we'll get evacuated him. Lose or stuff in the same fires. There's huge fires. Near LA as well as in Washington State and or gay and in Idaho Montana all over the place and very you know after Luke duke miserable hurt her cane it's been destroying. Houston here's another one brewing that's even bigger and more mutated it's about to touchdown and Florida did you hear that it is a bigger than any other recorded it hurricane means. History when I read before I left for the office of this morning was that it was so big. That. Size mollen just equipment. That is designed to register earthquakes. Is registering this hurricane. Source X while. The reports keep showing the climate change is happening faster much much faster than all the projections. And it did turns org bring it could be catastrophic part has already started how my dad. How about that so is for the one goof ball who tweeted me last week. Mean maybe you should just stick to reviewing a movie politic not so much you're the first thing I thought of saying was. Complete you don't have to listen to the show you idiot could. I have. But you know after I thought about this turner five minutes that is you know man. I hope we you don't have to evacuate some place. And lose your stuff and your pets I hope you weren't worried about your house. Being engulfed in America's would you believe in the stuff or not. Or have to deal with a and together at at some point and I live on the third floor apartment so I can't attack but if there's flooding and I'll be okay but only for older I don't want to have notice and we'll get to geek stuff robredo it's one thing you notice there are two who. In this sense kinds of people in the world the kind they're like. I got mine tough luck for everyone else pit and the ones who understand we live in a society. And everybody's kind of connected connected and has lookout for each other yeah. And that's the warmest thing you'll ever hear me here if it now it's back to hate all wow. Now be any humans. TV series is scheduled to to beat him on your actual TVs later this month but it's an IMAX theaters true why apple. And I haven't seen it and I'm knocking her Buick. I. The reason I mention this is because when I went to the press screening of Stephen king's it I saw that it was playing. At cedar. And I looked up I got home its got a 0%. Positive rating on rotten tomatoes dad I did watch the the trailer online. It looks horrible boring and sheep did you guys see this yeah a little turned black balled into a fish out of water story in New York City and have the worst CGI for Medusa is hair. Ever I mean I don't know where it starts yeah I have. We're excited to see iron humans series or here's something that we've been. I feel we've been building up to in the in the expanded MC UN is and it's like here it is and it looks like a steaming interred and it's getting perception was steaming interred. I got the impression that it could have been like a guardians of the galaxy thing in that it was something nobody really asked for an it was kind of near the bottom of the barrel of marvel properties and if you had the right person to run with it and just do some exciting it could be great but. It turns out. Not this is what happens when you don't give the MCU the rights to the ax man. We get the bad acts meant a heart like I did like bolt is supposed to be like cyclops. And they're just it ended the parallels are there trying to deal with him Medusa did they Jean Grey sort of thing. It's just not gonna work and it just I mean to. Take your term it's gonna be account walk media to the brief clip I saw of Medusa using her hair. It just looked painful laugh out loud badly. They include screen then it didn't Clinton. I've got some good news and have some amazing news hole suite good first. The script for Indiana Jones five is pretty much done. And production could start at any moment and leave any moment that's good news here's the really great news on trial of books not going to be in it. Hey. The regular movies David company says the Shia LaBeouf character whose name was much guessing my idea it's not in the film that you probably were call. He turned out to be in these sign. When god. I've been trying to block that move the humanitarian making out on what you what movie is this is as the limits or the crystal skull that I saw only once at the screening and never ever revisited same go over it up those first three years so much fun yes even a second one that everybody dumps on its so much better than yeah. I would I would like to see maybe it was because. You know you know the use some blinders that you would have but I mean your like changing your age when he came out also to have you decided. I spewing your tracks. It's. Citing ya I don't think that Shia LaBeouf was the worst thing about McCabe of the crystal skull know who. I think what immoral was was that he made tabloid news so often that that at least to me. He just seemed like kind of a do bag that I didn't wanna soared span and watch him in a movie and then maybe I'm just guilty of not being able to separate person's real life from month. From a characters in film it's tricky history he had me mark was as a character in them movie was Ottawa as you say not the worst thing about it I mean neatly it was all right you're global new looking in the fridge and and I saw many worse things of their movie and the the overall fact that there shouldn't even have been a fourth movie I don't wanna see her elderly Indiana Jones and it I don't even think they should make this new one quarterly could have him do you get older than his dad was in the last crusade there you go measures the problems here is so it's it on one hand as a fan of this of the franchise I'm excited that they're doing more. But what's gonna look like I mean he's not be able to crack that whip he's gonna crack is back the only thing I guarantee you he's a medic alert bracelet yeah. The only thing I figured out is this is Harrison Ford's farewell tour. Any property that he's been and that is still late franchise he's going to play the character that he's played and get himself kill. Indiana Jones and ruby catheter. They ask should. I be cautious if. That or are all. Talk about just mean wow known for there next. Also in news about things nobody asked for or every thought he wanted to do the trick in a rumor. There Warner Bros. is trying to get Leonardo DiCaprio to star and wait for it. A movie about the jokers origins a little or no I don't know what was your reaction when you first saw this I might you just heard money oh lower backside clinched up a bit and I am. And here's another one that when we're not going to be excited about the we gotta go see anyway and just adds to the hole which oil business. And tone deafness of the DC universe. I want to preface everything I'm about to say when this season. I think we and our clearer Caprio in with his name is. A fantastic actor who he is an actor's actor he does great work he always turns in a fantastic performance he does not hold back and he does. He is. Amazing. I mean no question about that. However I've felt the bucket coming at an eclectic and Cleveland this whole movie idea from top to bottom and target for ethical we will agree with me on this is absolutely unnecessary. And will in fact. Cheapen and diminish the character of the Joker and I am very. And while I upset is too too gentle little word what. What do you what do you call it nauseated when you adjusted when you look at your doctor while he's taking care of business and bachelor meek. Hello I mean that example yells I always say something cheesy like couldn't really kiss for a while there. Thank you that's what I think this move is an epitome engineering holding America. How. And so they're trying to get Martin Scorsese to produce it you view the legendary Martin's vs The Who it is responsible for mean streaks and couldn't villas yes the nets are illiterate at citrix. To make him do it stupid god become spoke her movie. I'm the only silver lining your see this is that Jerry Leno will not be the Joker. Because if you still have any memories Byung completely blocked out suicide squad from from your PT EST memories. He sucked man I don't think we dumped on him enough at the time. Wind I was on vacation and I spent one night before camp being actually the sun and as an analyst immigrant who's really NASCAR side on the HBO channel eyes who says goes plane right before it. And I watched. Back out three minutes of they it was during one point where a Will Smith was shooting something I watched it now Mike. Yeah I don't need to watch this they ask any respect what have a lever so I have been seen Jerryd Leno as the Joker and guess what. I'm not going to I was hard on and that the timing in retrospect I believe it was hard enough on it it's what's being origin movie. That would be a standalone flicked. With no connection to the bigger DC comics universe are why the hell bothered then who is this far. He's dead Joker fan boys ever. You know what it is I'm just figure it out so we have a million different iterations for cars players to cause played Joker share. Why not to have more of them out there are so every single turner a person in a body type. Any type of iteration she can have an entire lineup of different jokers at your comic book conventions so you think big cost play is behind this yes. I think it's those people that are making up with a all the clown makeup and you know the big manufacturers doing all of that I think it's their reasons why we're doing that style while on I think. Yeah very empowering from around one Antarctic. I don't think two of you have been is obsessed with the new twin peaks series is have you watched it no yes. Okay I'm not a whole thing but I have watched that's the two hour finale was this weekend on Sunday night. And I was worried about. A whole spoiling it for me on FaceBook and Iowa I am a notorious Facebook's cold competitive and I read at a very interested to best use of pot take yet but I thought I'd take thanks in advance for not sharing your hot takes time tonight he says. I wanna I wanna predicts that what you discovered that nobody else is nobody else on all the FaceBook is watching and peace and therefore could not possibly respond to play that's hibernation stuff. Well. It's not that nobody was watching it although the ratings weren't what they had hope it's that it's incomprehensible yeah. I can't spoil the you can you can say everything you thought happened in the show. And I can read every word of it and it's still wouldn't ruin it for me because it's still. Doesn't encompass everything that unfolded token in front your eyes are. It's just not describe rule. So in a later episode Cooper. Monopoly like Carl McLaughlin finally becomes himself again after. Jesus Christ however many episodes says the double figured mayor Doug. And so this is very. This place stand up and cheer him moment he becomes self aware Guinea becomes an old Cooper. And somebody says men who should call the FBI and Cooper says go almost McMahon meet cracked. I am the FBI had to seize the old Cooper it's great yet. And there are lots of payoffs in the finale it's very satisfying. It's very moving. As I said it's completely incompetent. Frustrating it's puzzling. It's. Very artistic. And just it's not it's completely. Back crap nuts and it's one of these things it's gonna make you. Do the calculus for god knows how how long about. Whether what you're witnessing was art or you've just been praying for a half half half half half I don't know I don't think David Lynch the creator and director and co writer who knows. I don't even know if this is the end of the series for good showtime says there are open to more. The ratings haven't been stellar as I said. I would love to see more but I'm also okay with this just being all there is. Think the show wound up the revival Sean showtime Wanda being just so much more than in this tells it. Revisiting. Of the nine B series and everybody loved. I'd I just don't know what the ratio brilliant to gobbledygook was but I learned that hunger we watch it and you're watching all I've been watching him with what are patron saint BJ we want to fire walk with me last week I'm reading the mark frost secret history of twenty YE a poor getting to leave I recommend to. Did you ever be edited it to protect. I did not but now I want to say that it's a fascinating universe didn't instructed and if you have not. Been watching this listener I recommend that you. Pattern as one of Washington State's legal marijuana outlets. Avail yourself equitable promptly. Are we're gonna take a little break we come back who'll get into Stephen king's it in theaters this weekend. Welcome back marker on here with rivermen Fuego and Chris walker. Chris walker and other fellows Stephen King aficionado. Yes. I didn't read the book Stephen king's it. Until much later than it came out it came on 1986. And some time dwelling too adulthood okay middle he should go back I just plowed through this door stuff hope look at data like 11100 pages 11123. Easily copy that I can fit club somebody unconscious with that book. So I just plowed through the book and I just loved it I loved it's so much that when I was finished with it I actually wanted to start re reading it GAAP Dallas feet dressing up as a clown or something current terror attack children still have our bulletin a rule that I put FF but immediately after it finished the book I watched the old TV miniseries from I think 1990. That had down. Tim Curry as penny wise the apple clown and it had. I'm John Ritter and John boy from the Walton senate Richard Thomas who to thank you for your welcome thank you. You know people been really excited bound by the trailer for the new version of it the theatrical version. But I wanted to spend a moment talking about the 1990 version because that's what most people grew up with and no I don't believe most people's I have read the book. And Chris you have a revisited their recently to the did. Pulled up the wrong. No nice like I I wish I had better news to report for you all I watched this when it was aren't TV it was a two night events an hour and a half a piece. And any scare me I mean I was this is 1990s so I was I was a teenager. Yeah I mean I liked it and and I hadn't read the book at that point yet so I just went into it and I watched a dive was huge Tim Curry fan. I'll take anything with John Ritter and it I've got some recommendations for you later thank you but if if if if if if if I remember thinking man that was. I was really good that was scary I'm I was I was. I was really didn't into this story lines and things like that I was just discovering how much I love Stephen King in general and this was just another piece of that. Went back and we watch it again for this very show that we're talking on right now. I've I could barely finish it good lord here's a little bit from a. Literally Yahoo! employee didn't she Richie yeah. We're. The only reason we're exceeding a million. I. You have. Yeah balloon boy yeah. So why. Honolulu. Virgin balloon. Truly hot blood everywhere. That I can get behind the net then added a little bit and. I'm. Yeah it's. Drew 00. I. How will get back here. Do you got a little warm out. Oh yeah. Why am. I. Now in retrospect to me that seems like gave bat man 1966. Caliber camp people really want me air however it dad everybody loves him I I remember though. Going straight from the book to watching that being just. Miserably disappoint I'm not suppressed. Because it just. First of all the book is so massive you just can't cover the whole thing and I thought what they did manage to do or just used to sort of payroll. I don't always re used cal plop on the same show how we play him everything else but they're just wasn't much about it different for me that there was enjoyable it seems to run along these same lines as most Steven king movies from the eighties because our veterans out of steam gas. Yeah he does nothing stick the landing but you can't blame the TV miniseries on kings who have no TV people were were responsible for that. Oh and so important to even find it to re watched did you wanna copy I know led the entire thing was available online somewhere one of these sites that I go to it he might be and just been on YouTube I think. I saw a portion of it playing on satellite somewhere in the last couple weeks and and at the end where they're battling the giant spider incarnation it seemed especially cheap and cheesy when it was very I was out face no. Know your percent correct and even and I remember when I certain 1990s thinking that that end it with a spider was have really crummy. But I was within today I was into the story at the time not fine with that is IOK so they shouldn't have the budget for that good effect at this point what ever. Watching it again I I was like watching and all that sort of starter coming in my as well just men foam and and start and and and rubber monsters. I gotta tell you and I don't wanna get off on a tangent here at me when I've been re watching some old star treks lately and they're just beautiful and who do they hold up wonderfully absolutely and if especially there the remastered once with defects oh yeah okay I can't OK we flew an area we do all of that I met and we. So people been so excited about this new trailer for it it looks very creepy and has been in development court ordered the development hell yeah for about seven years. Professional clubhouse and see if we stepped it up. Yeah I professional clowns very uttering of the phrase we've just kind of funny they took umbrage at the trailer. Saying it made him look bad and they planned. Rallies. I am now making this up professional clowns are planning to have rallies in October. The month after the movie comes out. Out where they all climb out of the same tiny car and I don't know what will arguably. Be most entertaining rallies you have ever seen in your life one of my favorite things has happened so far is the Alamo draft house though did dad always that was I had done the all woman Wonder Woman screenings. Had decided you went all clown it's screening so if you dress up as a clown you can go to a specific clown only screening at the Alamo draft house. All switch your earlier testing but we'll empty fish show up. I did and I. I'll Cary Fukunaga is the director of the great for season of true detective and you'll remember how the second one crap the bed because he wasn't involved but he was the original director tapped for the it. Theatrical film. And he fled it for a quote creative differences he still one of the credited screenwriters for the directors stepped in and we routed to be more faithful to the book which I was happy to see. His name's Andy. Move she Eddie. He hasn't done a time he'd directed wrote and not bad 2013 horror film called mama with Jessica chest pain on. We talked about here on the show I think in our new Ager was still has a dvd I loaned him that some of a bitch yeah stuff. He's also had any machete is also hitting up the adaptation of Joseph heels lock and key which is also been kind of in development hell after a failure how violin here in the long time anyway it. As far as the it film goes the thing you need to know going into this is that this is just the first half. The book is divided into kid an adult sections penny wise people crown appears. Every 27 years to kill as many people as he can't in any goes norm dormant so apparently the second movie the sequel if there is one of his movies successful offers sequel you get to see the end of the story. Their old they'll take up the characters as adults 27 years as. You know in their forties or or thereabouts. So this movie. I must apply only thing it doesn't exactly and not a cliff hanger you can more or less watch it as a self contained film church sitting in the audience of the of the screening last night. When the credits are about to roll and on the screen it says. Part one or chapter one or something but there was an audible groan and I. You honey its low it was once set in 1988. And 89. And anyways penny wise is non played by the now elderly and infirm. Tim Curry he's bill scars guard and who is that. He is the brother of Alexander scars guard who I think was Tarzan and her and one of the the hunky vampire in Trueblood also correct. And the son of Stella and scars he had. Really bad ass character actor who are loved and Ronan and a dozen other things if we go now the story. Begins with what is familiar and Chris is this now iconic the iconic. Scene of the little boy I think we can call at ten lured into a sewer are rainy day by penny wise the monster clown. Q would you. It's cool it's. We wanted to include tracks. I'm not supposed to take fat from extreme case. Oh mom flew home penalize. He makes it okay mayor Ray Allen on strange compared to leave. Calling them. Who's eligible. It's really well done scene. First thoughts as I was sitting there. What an adorable kids second thought I'm glad I'm a child with special. I don't worry. But I got back but having any kids Tim Curry. Had seen the trailer and down. He said that he likes bill scars are very much thinks he's very clever will be interesting that would sort of clown face he puts on because it's non obvious clown face at all. He says he's seen the trailer and is fascinated by any hopes there's a better ending quote. I hope they make gaming better because on the TV version quite tune into some kind of giant spider was not pretty sick there there epic. Okay. I hope. We agree so a year after this kid is killed by a penny wise in the storm drain. His older brother and a handful of kids or each terrorized in their own way by this clown. As well as a psychotic school bullying and his goons in May eventually become friends and form a losers club that that's what they call themselves. The kids are some defining gimmick mirrors bill the older brother he starters and he still still says the finding out what happened in the sewers. The fat kid who's been researching all the deaths over the decades is that the condor react kid there's a black kid you're really white town. And it's not even Spokane he the last cut back the nerve to use his bolt gun I'm sheep in the family meat business which was a scene I found rather upsetting. Jewish kid fin fin wolf parred one of the kids from stranger things is. I'll filthy mouth Joker who has every single line he has in the last felt around blindly just steals the show. And there is a pretty red haired girl they all like was traumatized by her monster dad. The bully the as play by Nicholas Hamilton he was also in the dark tower which remains. Laugh out loud bat in the dark tower as SNB defining that if you know someone who saw the same movie and thinks it's good. There is zero question that they have mental health issues on my it's no spoiler to say that it isn't just penny wise the clown can take the shape of the kids worst fears. Which doesn't some pretty pretty eerie effective scenes now in the book. They took the shape of classic monsters which would have been so cheesy now I was relieved that they changed that up oh yeah better. Not everything in the source material ought to be treated as sacred. Is it scary. That's only critic friend who sit next to me asked I think a few scenes were and I was checking out the other people at the screening who mostly seemed into it. As it becomes more clear that penny wise is nourished by fears things feel a little less threatening and more predictable. I also like the interaction of the young pals little stranger things will stand by me bit. Maybe those are essential to it's he can't really change that it's an odd trip pop culture Stephen King mobius Luna Maya your mileage may very on the clown I don't finish eyes Tim Curry's penny wise like other people do but I also think. Clowns are unsettling enough on their own in this version is maybe you've been to over the top demonic looking can may be less would have been more but still my bet. Don't know 12 half is due out there crazy for not fast tracking it and even may be shooting at you currently. Can't agree with that given what sounds like just a crap pile of production history it's not surprising. This new earnest says the sequels gonna delve into penny wise is origins. Not crazy about that I need any more than a Joker origin of that however as we wrap up. Rev your your pull quote. The new adaptation of Stephen king's it's better than the old TV version was Jon Voight and Jack Tripper. Although your mileage may vary in the movies rated. So even though it's like Spielberg movie I don't really know who it's for. So here's what you do. If you have kids. Take him to a man may have bits and pieces and then go to McDonald's afterwards yeah. That's kind of picks Ronald McDonald is a clown who's harmed more kids and penny wise could ever hope to. You want children to fear him to. He should have been banned right along with a Joe Camel wow and the whole world. And I kid you hot today but maybe they'll want off the real bold but hey that's it for this week I was there will be back next week with. Mother mama are some matriarch related film as well listen though or bill. I'm Mark Connor special counsels see you next time. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. 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