BJGN09-09-16 - Fear the Walking Dead - Steamposium- PAX

Friday, September 9th

BJ & Walker talk Fear the Walking Dead; Rev interviews Lyssa Chartrand​, the Emerald Lady, from Steamposium Seattle; Gareth von Kallenbach reviews his experiences at PAX; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc blow outs. Ladies and gentlemen. Geeks have always is if you are now entering musicians and it makes it. Welcome yes welcome to BJC's each nation on the river and play go across for me is Tiki bar saloon. Yeah I am here. We've got Chris walker mr. walk like a plan that I'm here to. The show's namesake hey Jay aren't here I got I guess so. Only ball I am mad that can't be rice goalie joins us as well so many of us here and then. This this show's namesake son now. Roddick G he's Manning the boards we got a full house and now. Did admitted on that. We'll have to figure out how to get everything ever was the wanna be talking about how good we've got a lot to remember how to do this I find out drain. Don't even know at this point but Vicky how could people get a hold of us. Molding in check out our website has dollar podcasts info and you. You're RB taking Mazen dot com if you don't like him on FaceBook by searching her BJ shades completion. It also follows on Twitter in mr. Graham didn't stick around half BJP donation center sexism was not 1802243353. He also does any ninety digging nation at and don't forget YouTube dot com slash PG eight nations to check out our videos you. I think we should start off with some TV talk because a lot of our Friday is lately have been remiss from that vetoed a second order of fraud before that I would just like to wish happy belated birthday to somebody we've had on the show why it's. Tom vessel from the diced our I had vertebrae yesterday that letter that they Toms he gets a happy currency but he didn't give me -- it's fun. I. Our thanks Elizabeth please feel the excuses. I his was just yesterday. While on the anniversary of Star Trek. Yeah that was us this OIRA. Same day that Star Trek came out I don't think he's his all the Star Trek but. Yeah out the big whig big wigs this whole anniversary start trigger a course and I'll ask Tom Astle birthday. Well happy birthday Tom bass Soledad I know he's keeping UN board games because he tell you put at a video you gone by the damned things that's pretty much true I don't know whose horse they'll kick starter Tom vessel causes. They give me first and and I go to Thomas who he thinks of it if I can or Rondo you know I don't against me as well as someone who follows you are and kick starter yes I'm going with kick starter. I don't know another notification for aerial. Throw them my that's amazing you know I recently was true I talk about later and later broadcast T nice. OBJ since you're right here let's talk TV because you're still watching through the Walking Dead I didn't want to. I know I flat out flow which seems like nobody does. And yet want to see a generous risks and now my kids here Chris is the hang Iran of course it came back and I got the notification and of course like a lot of us who have Tivo guilty keeps showing up because I still haven't. And title one pass so it continues to record in my I life. I was out of town tig ger with six family member and I took a long fly and it's an all right well throw a couple of fears on their every time I watch them. And they don't look back did dad. And Chris you know more of what's going on you know because it was broken up to their own thing in Mexico pretty much. But this big lose so they might get rare event and might get desperate goalie back because fear the Walking Dead and I don't know the comic in the regular Joaquin it's I don't know how far they've got a little more of what this is all about how yes so here's nukes and maybe still call you the army is a comic reader and big big news there is a character that we've just met on fear the Walking Dead. And I can't remember his name right now he's the he's like the priest he's leading that led the group that dumb. Yes you know does class this with our assists slash cult leader yes then that was the sun I forget his name. No I nick nick yes so nick is hanging out with this pharmacist slash cult leader's group. And whether without a very cool. You know I knew girl by his side. And you know he's quite a negotiator no doubt about it Liz receive your sister have to be a drug addict for you can make a deal we view to have. But who. The pharmacist slash cult leader I you're ready for this done done. The Darren Darren time. It's this big guys yet it's big to react he has been bitten. And not infected. He had only that didn't turn in G gives our journey and he has a bite Leos so Laura and we were like OK maybe he's just doing this crap because they're all but hey listen you can come back it's good. You know don't it's not the end of the world even the dead might be able to come back and even have a set up where there's a bunch of dead people can get a lot of offense oh yeah they're they're sort of hanging out I will be huge problem that you know like the check us mob now cousin had I had and they have a special part of trailing bus set up where people can going to go out there don't hang dogs and visit him and I'm is that a more sacrifice themselves whom. If there are about to die themselves there very interesting situation I love with Mexico's take its real I have to tell you. The the Mexico version of fear the Walking Dead is interest in the hell out of me because of the culture and the religious police being thrown into this. This is something different and very very interesting. This dude bends over to pick up something. And he sure pulls away and you definitely see that he's got I nasty. Healed over wounded. That looks like it was a bite you know and this guy's been Qichen for a long time so it looks like he may be the first person we've ever seen who survived a bite and not turn. Well that's kind of interesting because. I guess the Lori this point is that everybody I mean in from the CDC guy and everybody's infected with the staying here and it's just so much people who -- still get affected yeah and I AM is the thing that bothers me with that is that I don't think that they necessarily die from being bitten just like a bite but they die from dvd infection they turn yet they because we know we've seen people here are your jerk if you did you turn that he appears they're U turn you don't die you'd turn TV when you die you turn or when you're bitten your turn you turn. Because we seen that with Carol's husband. Carol's husband was bitten and he turned did he die and then turn or did he well we've seen people and yeah I know it's. It happened at the same time just as you turn your diet this is confusing the because distorted what this season one or really the guy by the side of the road he was having flashes of being like. I am turning into a zombie MB yeah he's raged flash well. That was the big news we get back again they thought that it was just people who died. And then the then current everyday thought about that and then all of a sudden richt got the news and I think we sought to cops over. On the ball ground and they were like wait a second wire these guys they they shouldn't be. There was something about them that did that made us realize oh isn't just when you die. It's pretty much you guy you know he knows it was up when you bit it's such as when your bed it is also when you die U turn that was the Newsweek on a disease found two cops. I think season one and they said wait a second. Yeah I have been bitten and yet they're zombies. That's what they realize oh man this is everyone's got and it's MS that was interesting so that's why this new dude a pharmacist void which I'll hopefully you'll find his name guy to have a pharmacist Clinton. You know he is deaf and in this world and and the episode that just happened we're gonna spoil it for an episode that just happened. Ice is it a bit so that's about to happen this week we're gonna find out more at above disguise he talks to nick about how we gonna be. I would question is are we certain it's a bites. He looks it looks like it's a bite the way they show cased in the way they played it is in the Z nasty they want you to believe it's up by high pitched and they I gotta get this circle they all got Kennedy shot guy has gone you can see you can see his skins got a huge deal has been no conversation just set I've been written he had just okay no peace he said I've been bitten below or rob the horror grows he had -- bit yet well it's confirmed that that's what he says and it's confirmed he's got a wound that healed old are very -- but we as though viewer haven't actually seen him bit. Haven't seen anybody survive the bite. But that's his story any sticking to a are gonna be anything else decides her zombie our locker could be media animal bite what is this I mean Evans is actually that leader. And co leaders this right I'm over clay usual indeed this is what I don't have. What I wanna like that the reason is yeah news is in name we've been mad at the Walking Dead folks before they way they're presenting this on the show to us says the view worsen as this guy has claimed to be bitten then they show us a gaping wound in his body that has healed over but also it's a nasty black and blue zombie look to enact EE and he's been around for awhile so it's healed but as he'll zombie style gas. If you will. It looks like a zombie wounded he says it's a zombie wounded. That is what you have to believe it at WI SL as open your eyes as soon as you're like holy crap it is meant to be big big news yet I am. That's I guess it's actually what you said about the way that the Mexican people responded to death of zombies and had all that differently both those that even more so let me finish check out these do you mean you could IE. 'cause skip all of don't waste and we on the boat stuff on the right to Mexico. There I honestly don't believe I don't. Did you miss much sodium mrs. strand. Could it did the and if you will indeed it is it really be the and he is to evolve these lost everything. So that's a phone that does that that's uninteresting are too watching. Also Chris you know Travis and you know it is kids. It's interesting to see what's going on with him alma Heineman Madison's key you know well actually just not Madison's gives a step mom and everybody yeah. And what Chris has become as they admit these new party boys who follow party blood yeah. Read into this gang of like frat boys really boys exactly who were partying or they were camping actually in in Mexico. When everything hit and they were they've just been trying to work their way back north and they say we're getting home to San Diego. Well singing really gung sorry get Travis is the web like gonna go yeah yeah Davies Chris Chris is now sort of taken a shine to these guys because they seem like they've got it figured out we need to group these guys are okay. They're there. There's any closer to his age anyway so he's sort of I don't camaraderie there with salmon and all man and and of course Travis is certainly no we need to stick to our own. We we can't trust these people we know they're good they're troubled are dangerous they all got guns first of all. They just and then and then and then yeah I so now we were seeing christened and Travis have like a really really deep scares them building during. This could be very interesting because as we know the story line of the bad guys in the walking their discussing the media storyline that's you know going to be fulfilled soon Tom. We might be seeing the birth of a median like character Chris may be. The a guy that ends up just getting like one to belong so bad as some think creating a gang of do shoes just like media. This is it to see if we see this story go one way because we've we follow a bunch of good guys whoever wants a while. Had a Shane situation or whatever within their own groups from mostly their problems have come from. Folks that they've run into on the road. It means seem to see. I'm begins this stuff aside if you know auto like his whole adventure because Chris looks like he's going down and begin town Troy gonna governor Thomas the way he's being so Chris and his traveling gain of duty she is yeah that's that's that's exactly what they are I'm Qaeda may consider. I wouldn't the party wants a watched their story and see them just BA all I went and run into the good people like the ricks of the world and has beat me to lumps Chris court dual independent colts coach Chris that it should not yet that's actually we were Arab punk band in their present everything based vice people at the end of the. OK. Okay. I already know it's interesting they've got to check out this latest season because you have like this is a storyline that we have to follow now they could be pulling our legs but. And I think is is that you know this'll have ramifications on the Walking Dead absolutely. Let's move on from that for now because. I know that packs just finished up and everyone was I think paxon realized the united is that I miss I don't think so I think you're actually narrow. Daria how calm but there is a there's a convention coming up very soon already that I love because well I had listing on quitting and they're having a steam. Punk convention and well I guess a winning here to talk with me about it so let's ask the emerald lady is with me from Seattle steam Posey and when you can get information for this and tickets and everything at Seattle dash steam posing in dot com. Melissa I love I love steam punk omelet this earlier this year and April my wife and I went down to Vegas and we had a steam punk wedding. We went out to we've range that was a little ways out of Vegas we get a whole bus with people who actually dressed up and everything. On my wife made her own dress him and we act she got people like almost forty people to dress up with this for this steam punk weddings. So when I found out about Steve Posey impersonal I absolutely had to have UN because we were going to go to this were going to this but I wanna know a little bit about how you got into steam punk because. This is one of those is one of those experiences in one of those genres that is the really kind of on the fringe but is getting a lot of well steam as it kept digging up around our around the world really. All I got into it because I a and the fashion designer OK yeah and I came down to Seattle. So the weird is how the fashion. But the fact that it's a learned fashion design and found out that I'm really good at men's tailoring their own pace and when I started my clothing company up. We're do we men's tailored vests. And pants and really heavy duty things at last a really long time in hard materials and Dominique represent. A you know it steamed home sick we. Was it didn't really do what is Eli who stumbled into this world and I was like I need to rest like this are ready I. Do my hair like this are ready and nice fit enough click okay ha ha ha ha backup and it's one of those great. Things because. I've loved it BAB because while it involves a lot of the visited this steam by and involves a lot of the steam a static and a lot of the retro mixing in with all sorts of things you can kind of go with. However whatever air you want to work with that I know a lot of people who do like steam punk western type stuff some go for the strait of Victorian. Or they'll just kind of insert whichever culture they want to put in with that do you have an aesthetic that you find. Most appealing for yourself. I do an every day kind nowhere so sometimes Wear corsets sometimes not but it's. Retro steam punk actually know if I June 1950s. I'll say core mixed in with steam punk. Because I bring in the car says they also do pencil skirts and I do middlemen a military. Style yeah hi Sarah think that functionality works best for me. And that is a lot of fun because you get to integrate however you want to put that a stake in two like you said with your every day where I just love the fact that late to get it that you wearing right now is it's wonderful but it's also functional and you can go around the city go to work and do whatever you're doing eight to show watch your style and her mom at the same point being functional and just going around it you don't have to have the big gears are the top hatter the canes are the giant ridiculous in this. Like now add ons and armor and all this up but still can still have those homes and that's yes. So what can you tell us about Seattle symposium this is happening at the end of this month on the end of September. And people like I say get all your information has sealed dash steam pose him dot com site you guys got special guests who were Samir special guest. Slow some of our special guest is and the wonderful actress named Helen joy. Food is frowned and Murdoch mysteries from Canada. Who she's our big star of the share we have another one sneaking up we can't actually who today Ryan's case well I'm not. How to crack at them off the big mouth from the group so I think they kind of hyping sermon because when good is good. And then we had. David joy eight arrows from steam pumped. The television series and and Ryan well as who is a massive cost player. He's actually do mean a workshop with as a warbler workshop and learn how to work with wore black in what is war book it's a mold team. Part act OK okay election learn how to make racers and all of that is so cool them all and so going to not hit eighth he's really awesome. And wordless lover sponsors and so they just. Let us have fun with the product that is great and I mean you've got concerts that are going on as well now if I. I found that I really let there's a couple of bands that I am really into we've had at the park on the show before. I'm but I do really getting into a lot of electro swing lately is well. Okay so I'm really hoping that they'll be something involved with that. Well we have our masquerade ball and our DJ can't. Dance and I have especially axed for electors swinging ahead oh this is going to be OK you have this. Three dance classes actually beforehand so. On Friday night before our DJ sat we have blues dance some blues solution wow dance classes and that's going to be about a ninety minute session. And since I'm in the blues teaching community. I try to get this passes I could for the weekend and then on and Saturday right before the big masquerade ball. We have our walls and Walt clots for ninety minute. Said this Superfund so people can get into that and get ready and be ready to dance their butts off while they're listening to some of the greatest. Some of the greatest music I love I love mixing and again it's like the same thing it's mixing the all time aesthetics. With with just newer technology and there's been some of my favorite things was steam punk. Yes it's it's basically make seem. Mile an old together with the feel of handmade. And you are Li TCU came into this from the fashion side and there's going to be a fashion show. So like what what do you look for wind. When your judging people at a fashion show. School and I ain't put together is the fashion show 'cause it's my baby can. I try to get actually people from. The entire community to partake so I have this year three wonderful designers summer actually flying in from other parts of the United States how cool and we are also had main vendor showcase to move the vendors set do you clothing that I have a deemed too well as they didn't think it it are partaking in a small showcase during the show we're we're also doing a raffle for hair and make that treatment from our air. Team men's hair makeup people how to showcase their work as well this is. A lot of fun and I I I know that is just the fact it steam punk is it it's a biggie here in the Pacific northwest. And it's super fun just to be able to experience all of this all this craziness. Area we actually on. Our team acts symposium is your really wonderful and we up. Try to bring in all aspects of steam punk like even the decent punt and the scifi where trips and I gap because. Fire flag. Is steamed months only looks a bit bits and pieces you know now and should Combs that steam punk even if just bits and pieces. And people can bring that aesthetic into their steam punk ex attic and it is roles so wonderful it's. Oh Kwame is like Brasco with a lot of stuff so it. At Aetna is I now again Seattle nesting Posey and dot com there's going to be vendor halls an artist Alley. A murder mystery yes I love all of these crazy things now what is eighteen Jules okay petite tool is when. Well he had to these threats still there so epic awhile. Where we compete. T guests of two people actually try to drink tea without having their cookie crumbled. Who. Is so easy yeah so you have that not all tea set up and he dunked your. The little kooky and this gets yet in tears she. While the other one is and you're trying not to crumble your biscuit while eating it you're try and get Chris is trying to crack up lassie. That is curry really eat. It's eight duel and nine that's why you're trying to beaten very polite and cordial that is so awesome I love all of this again Melissa. Thank you so much is there anything you wanna throw out there the formula to go. We also have a amazing burlesque show like are pro Russia is the top tier the last in this community. We bring it Blake. All across United States we have. In on you move the issue here and gas waxing moon is coming back he comes back every year and he enjoys it that's. Oh I can't wait to actually see all Melissa we have it's it's always a start cash. And I mean this is something that is great for people who are new to it as well or maybe have never experienced a because like he said there's workshops there's places where you get to learn how to dance how to craft your own things at this point we have a mask workshop where you can actually make your mask before the master ray aha we. Oh look. A steam punk one on one panel it's for you learn about steam punks of the literature aspect we have a lot of writers coming in. On the movie people that are coming in I had made. Feature films and we just. Chided do the whole aspect of it the nerd them of steam content it's the back and like who makes the props how do you make your prop. Kenneth saying or who wrote that script to bring those people in so you can actually learn how to write steam punk or treat your own character in the world. That is amazing Melissa again thank you so much the emerald lady of steam Posey and like I said find it all find this information and you'll see me at this event Seattle dash steam Posey and dot com thank you so much for being with us problem thank you are right thank you so much Alyssa and again Seattle dash steam Posey M dot com for all that information you'll definitely see me there in my gear probably buying more stuff. I do need some more than stuffing Chris I know that you and I need to get Kodak because you made some great stuff for my wedding thank you and I need to I need to get some steam punk armored and the way you made I don't I was astounded I guess. New pieces that I picked up that I wanted to burn in and yeah I mean we took the special we use him when he says you made EU actually getting yourself so what I did is they took I took I need had. Shoulder pad from either hockey or soccer or something. And there was from goodwill exactly are paid like too much for the thing and I used to this what accede. Cover. Goose stuff that I picked up today at a pottery shop actually and it actually when he when you client. Did it dries into a wax that you can actually polish and makes it look like metal. O rules golden silver armour. Yeah it was a it was just until I looked Dennis and I think I can do that. And he did it looked amazing it's. Stealing him playing with them and ask you dandie dinmont I have and I didn't go out and get delighting the recent wedding I don't know I guess and say yeah Kevin Todd Clare. There are national hot etc. I got them or pieces and a couple of Gilligan a battle accident wanted to prove including as you shouldn't anonymous is that why me why how long and I convert I'm not. It's. Frey on your little battle I saw Osama. Moving on from that Gareth. He himself was also at pacs oh a preview Gareth on call I got. There we got to reviews of the things that he experienced depth acts Darrent body Colin Baden joins us from skewed in review that's SK and kind of think goodness on that is busy busy weekend lots of information it's canonized her relax a little. You build there. Terry going to be our. It's so what what are some of the things they you were able to experience someone that I wasn't able to experience and I'm really stoked about actually is the new Star Trek game where you get to play part of the bridge crew. Yes there it was over at the Nvidia Booth and that sort coming. From Ubisoft. And it is it's cold search for bridge crew just like you'd mentioned and that's it for purchasing coop game at the beautiful thing about it is it's virtual reality and it's designed they said the plans are for all the major system doctor was PlayStation BR. Haitians speak and being beauty evidence. It's not for people listen enrollments. Designed to Vatican before people all over the country are all home playing. Key roles in the army Arab federation starship bridge. So you've got what the captain in navigator. Communication stuff like that. And engineers were were okay cool that is great and yeah I 'cause I saw at the current I saw some people playing it at the Nvidia Booth but I was like how are you getting gifts for VR things in one place a one time when your just your blazing announce its got a cool did you they will absolutely support multi multiplayer online. Right here reserve little bit of a learning curve but I church within a couple minutes ahead at Delaware was that it never getting shipped early well. Coca and that doesn't so was it was it is stressful for real what kind of things did you go through on it. Military action it was pretty straightforward they're the main thing is they take the manipulator controls you have to weren't holding site would assume what she accused the button and so you see your like your. Virtual reality versions of your hand you can kind of random real word and I'm unnatural angle so that's broken little. Bid to get used. You're but it was strange like tell you know you're on the ship. You're gonna navigate sort of like capital icon it would bring up the system. Andrew Watson was there then you kind of revert the actual real station after used to you recollect a circular keypad that control. Up down left or right intellectual pulled up to line up toward. Poor work and the new push the virtual trouble for word now and then more ensure outs in real space and you have to navigate you know the throats how much roast or reverse. That sort place that was pretty straightforward but you know there be a little things like. Going straight at the clock runs what they were attacking but yet at the same time trying to navigate over to the state park the survivors. Andy and share of course was manipulating you know page acquired shall levels damage control. But also work and transporters per room rent you know things like that. That is awesome that's super fun I mean that's getting get a lot of people their Star Trek fix the way they really really are gonna wanna play that. And Mortimer and what I really liked about it was as you look at her away from the console. You have a full brick school wasn't just before players and they're receiving the JJ Abrams lunch flair for Eric's going on the Harry Harry I have to have an act I had to stop because you would look at someone and girl. Is that one of my other players or is that a CGI character put. That you would see above but it would have liked them you know helmsman and that sort of thing and so it had a lot of potential when we only get a few more on basic mission but. I think that buildup can would be a lot better -- in time. Bass sounds exciting now speaking of the VR fried PlayStation had a huge boot would bait Hahn of differing games what were you able to experience with them. The newest one the nuggets play is. One called rigged as americanized competent. Our league and its like a mixture of Jerry robots fighting him that they almost like football slash soccer. In that you go to a marine you picture you know you picture Merrick. And beautiful thing is when you're lead loading chamber you've seen all these virtual characters coming up Qiyue. You've received just you know massive. Mud holes leisure preparing to go ahead and and then going to the arena in your running around and you know you have to aim with your head that was the biggest trick preserve the tree serbians and the F do you sure had a place where they cope with than its standard controls fire here. Rocker Ciurciu weapons joked that sort of thing. So what addition sure enough the enemy. I units and keeping them from scoring you're trying to gather these things and then jump through strike get a clue as well so it was a lot of fun and they set this is just one of the multiple modes of the game that. You know that will be offered and stuff like that. That's super fun I know that I yield most of the BR stuff is kinda going for that combat first person shooting type of thing so it's kinda need to have a little bit of a twist on that with try it met fighting robots. Oh exactly and then there's another one that and I didn't quite catch me. Title of it worked or were they other parents played at there was a first person shooter and he said he was gonna have a two missions because. It was. I would purposely was what he was currently restarting spiders are narrow wedge to oh gee and he said he kept thinking he was gonna fall over as he returned to manipulate election fights there. The characters so that was that was flawed fundamental course already had. I'm horizons zero dawn which is not a virtual reality game what we actually got to seat. Special level that then we got some hands on time without much really uninteresting. Mix of combat role playing games and suffer it looks to create future for them. Awesome may now also you mentioning game or earth fall now I miss this one what is this about. It followed an interest in game it's kind of one of those ones that you didn't hear a lot about going in miniature not your warm bigger surprises of the show and I'm don't strike and destroy have a distinct left for dead meets an alien invasion now I'm. It was four player coop and we have to run around. And don't like for example these just. Non stop waves of aliens kept coming out of some awareness proposals eventually was able to get a shotgun and other people got different things you're help tracks on the wall. And rights or permissions was were upset Jerker we have to fight off wave after wave after wave after really and that's search various vehicles are Mormon which functional. But then things like oh that's when its tires are I would have to run back. Get a tighter fight my way through put on the car than we had struck a portion took brought all the waves just kept coming home coming is coming and you would do things like. Use a three footer to create a barricade and of course you know it's like a lot for that when someone tell you have to go to and helped him up before they Geithner outsource things. You know it was just try it just it reminded me of the best parts of what then left for dead Jew. MS that this consistently has a lot of potential be a lot of fun. That is super Kayla love those sort of co op games where as endless hordes mean I really love left for dead and two so it's kind of need to see that aspect now finally. Let's talk a little bit about world warcraft legion now I've been losing my mind about it now are you are you'll warcraft you're reading. You know the funny thing about it is I actually and the war coverage people on the wheelchair and strategy conversion your original warcraft world lecture so well I've played a World of Warcraft. Quite a few times. My sister would actually be the one who's really into it if there's no one has just Maxwell blah all the characters. And power through but I was really impressed with what I saw legion. Yeah it was one of those that they have done some crazy stuff with did they are able to launch of the week before which kinda hampered me playing the games I had to get prepared for Paxson including facts that aren't going to attending backs itself. But they have this is really band like that the greatest hits of all of the different world warcraft expansions they've. Really figured out what they wanna do and what is it what makes you really. Fund player experience. Exactly and we got to do an interview with some recruit people Bihar India and and game and at that supply line right now mourn the great thing since they were very candid about how. They were listening to what people told them about the previous expansions don't what was working for them what wasn't working for them. What they wanted to and they were talking about how you know others felt a long development cycle between expansion and obviously heard your work are planning out the next one but they're doing this at the same charm and wit that I am legion saying let's give them a complete experience here. Let's also planned out several updates to legion so it's a more seamless handoff and the next one they were saying how they wanted to speak. You know a darker already your more. I'm accessible they said we won let's make this very. Satisfying for those people from their from the beginning but also make it accessible but it. If you haven't played virtually ever played for awhile to make it very easy to come back into it and experience because they're convinced that if you come back and tried this once you're reluctant you're gonna play it to the end. And you know why I am right now I'm only about level 105. From a going from 100 to 110 so I'm still getting pretty deep into the story but I myself am loving it I definitely check out skeeter reviewed escape and are dot net if your interest to do and that. That interview with the and the guys who would from blizzard who did legion but I know you've got pictures video and even more up on that skewed reviewed right. Correct a lot more coming true nice again thank you so much cares guinier is on column but from skewed in review that is as K and they territory think you so much gears again dear the Von column box from skewed review that's ST and are dot net with the news that's been happening this week in more he has so much stuff up they're definitely check out the videos that that the image is the articles everything there. Snobbery and as we asked us to ask them why them and puts. Videos we've got to you know as Vijay hitting teenagers impacts videos from okay cool you know let's try and play videos I Angel Criss an out there made it happened that that's nice doesn't really good cause we want or would probably have interviews and videos and stuff like for a rally and usually they opportunity brush in the YouTube page doesn't that's sort of my community and go through and ended up so it's gonna keep going out there. Pretty constantly probably the podcast to our rest he had all right I might know it Obama's plan all right well let's get Shula. She slid sixteen dish. I'm Vicky. Are there any Kiki movies out this week not. Really. Really there is one children's movie that. Getting 20% of the wildlife. There when he presents when he California and that's different now huh. The whole hours assets almost ready announce until the whole grand there's a couple of low horror movies when the bough breaks in the doesn't appointments room but there's no. Million any reader since leaving the newbies scene and it makes me think it's gonna suck. Well we get closer horror season which is you know we always talk about that is still part of our geeky world it's Halloween gets closer and closer. And there was another I forget the movie that was released last we don't. Pre you don't breathe you don't read I saw that how it it was good it's it's pretty good he gets a little 7% rate feels a little weird in the third act but there's a good I think figure OK with it doesn't and it's not a supernatural thing and we talked about it on spots and even unmarked talked about morgue in which is out this all that's right I heard her and make stuff about Morgan yeah market likes it we shot this gal which is weird that while Miguel they don't want to join an evening general and a lot of people don't think like them movies so there it just goes to show you hill from Iran or is just on a different world gas so you gotta get you gotta make sure listen to reasons why he likes some things because sometimes it's just because he loves old hammer films. And well those are cut the other good. BJ mentioned another world and I there is a movie that too if you like other worldly things homeless and you're the queen of saying what there's yes. Sugar. With queen Mary is a movie they can check out and it actually talked about it on the podcast before for the love of Spock oh. Yeah anniversary of the start checking out was. And we celebrated candidate I changed my FaceBook picture we do you have to do actually and had a little in the Jesus on the face as all get acre lot everybody got those I. A -- after we that was a cool thing and if you goody and a lot of folks may not a real as it has all of our friends are scifi geeky people knew there were people on FaceBook if they never showed interest to start checker scifi they did not see this that the Star Trek emote geez they just have a regular once. Which is interesting if FaceBook made that distinction. And even the people on from FaceBook went down quote and said that. That this starter margins are only for quote. Some Star Trek fans see cannot recall what are bug gets half point out legitimately doing now zoology and limiting it to what is our. Occasion that he knows how much we love Star Trek and isn't this really was right now that's coming from my birthday that's what it said it. Was the Star Trek for infrastructure was cool man probably before you were more act. Ask dad thought he'd like to and I love and love that are ready you're you're right though -- we did talk with at a Nemo way for the lowest spot can we have that on and on our FaceBook page that original I interview when he was just really kick starter. But it's out there are now it's out today it's a limited release so we gotta check out for the love the spot dot com but you got some iTunes you can just get it and I did if you wanna put CNN theater his cool you actually did CRA I did see it because as a kick starter backer we were able to get a you know get an advance copy of it to see nice soleil I saw yesterday which was cool they hit you in the field thought Dan was a good thing it's getting a 100%. I don't think there's anyway to -- you couldn't it's a love letter it is likely to -- content trackers Ted Ted Adam's father. And hair care PI NN and the tragic thing about it was that this was an idea they both had where Adam went to his Pattinson Haiti. You know fiftieth anniversaries coming up this is before Leonard passed the senate I think we should do a documentary about Spock and Lennar was like. Yeah you know what no one's ever really done a documentary about Spock and so Leonard said let's do this Adam. There even parts of this documentary were Leonard's being interviewed as if he's like this is just a spot documentary here. Well then of course today you know probably great at the beginning stages of its lender passes away. And then Adams said you know what this has got to be something different now it's not just a fiftieth anniversary thing. This is gonna be about the man who also played Spock from it and I think it's beautiful that it worked out that way I'm glad that that it wasn't just about Spock but about Leonard and growing up put them in this some. Really can't interviews with Adam his sister and Leonard's brother and you know how life was growing up and also how big of a deal. Star Trek and Spock was when it was live on TV because I didn't release I was six when it came out here. And remember watching a couple of episodes is a little kid but it wasn't until lease indication that I really got the episodes when I was 1213 and really. You know I am but if you would they are still a pretty big deal. When it was live on NBC Tommy EA let her name was character was the popular character actually. But I'm like I'm just checking out information Iran tomatoes like people are reviewing and stuff and someone says that there's not photographs and home movies live Leonard in with little Adam and his sister Julie say yeah a lot of Larry. Oh yeah it's it's it's really I mean it's it's great that they kept such documentation you know you're thinking in the in the there. The late fifties early sixties when those kids are little and they had no separate video of them exactly. Awesome you know it's a great documentary I think that it could do what with one little tougher I think it is a sub title teams should be for the low spark us documentary. Mom Liz and I do depends on this show business and I actually got. Actually gonna guess a documentary SEI I would are still off I had not even as the puck I think I wanna call us vitamins really that do you really really good idea now awesome so I mean he had excellent there's very little things out there but if you are a fan of Star Trek in a fan of Leonard Nemo and spot to care results. This is the movies we watch this weekend and you know you're gonna love it because Robert hates it so I. I don't know CNN its data has been that's also going to be on the wrong must listen to Garrett he had such an old school started he is definitely the the original series very very good and Adam he pointed a great job. Which of course she would hope we wouldn't know until next time guys. Skinner days. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. 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