BJGN09-16-16 - Magic: the Gathering - Kaladesh

Friday, September 16th

The Rev, the Prodigy and Walker talk about Magic: the Gathering at PAX and their new set Kaladesh; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Owning the lineup 1099 think think think the. Vicky how can people get a hold of us they can get a mother is here our web site has caller information marriage as he did eat nation dot com. He doesn't like us on FaceBook you can I suggest you can just check dollar cool posts it's Vijay shaped each nation in the search far more right there give us some light. Also follow us on Twitter and a cigarette and stick Graham and be digging nations and exactly there was not one any dared to do 43353. The authenticity not leading the nation and Gmail but common if you want to watch comedians the grace. Yeah although I do want to watch the videos we'd like I do you may be using I think that that you do that comes as beating each nation. Excellent and so guys there's a lot of stuff that happened and we're still kind of talking about packs will be on view it's gonna be coming off for like the next month or so I really fear because we'll come up as the males like a release that we play that attacks our pain in the ass going on and we you're able to experience that impacts. One of those things that is coming up very very soon actually is the magic the gathering pre release for the news that. Does Allah dash. And this is kind of fun because app packs we I discussed this but they took over the Paramount theater the historic Paramount theater it's where they had the magical world championships congratulations to Bryan Brown to win for winning that ration and yet and that they were able to you. Turn it in these surrounding areas in its U Khaled ash itself. We should they are calling essentially the steam home. India setting. But instead of steam because they want to be kind of bright and not beautiful and they don't want to really deal with the repercussions of pollution that you would have way too high esteem if they have decided turning into an ace serve punk. Adventure energy yet an energy is that that that senior. That keeps everything going and that's what gives people the ability to know I know being aware that consistent with what I know of energy carry on I have but it is the Acer 83 is the energy that helps these. These peoples these denizens of this plane create these amazing inventions. This is an. Artifact heavy block. Not necessarily an artifact matters David trying to push that they're not saying it's gonna be like a mirrored in where they have metal craft. But a lot of things revolve around the a role will revolve around artifacts can and it they show way to basically by even showing that. Like each color pi has their own different thing what they deal but he won what like what the color black usually has something to do with like neck from Nancy. And they've taking that out of this move and instead of zombies. They have a mule race called the ether Boren. Which are creatures made from the 83 that is I guess it energy yet and it's basically like a big ball of ether. In this guy elect title against sun or moon would be okay but that's where everyone gets all their power from this and that's only socio guy and inventors fair territory her dad off all their sweet new energy bill. Machines yeah exactly and that's even one of the legendary lands in the game. Is the inventors fair. And it does some fun little things on that you got fed up I don't really have the thing that could mean the delisting kind of out. This is this the first big. The first big artifact heavy set since since there is a block way back in the day. What they had Americans had mirrored in which is why isn't an artificial plane. That was created an Ayn Rand by. Carner on and then unfortunately that mirrored in turned into new for Rex Seattle when the for exe inside came in to turn over. And corrupted it and so. There isn't really an are now fact block or artifact plane anymore OK so now this is kind of that returned to think has it. And it's interesting that. That you that you mention in the urge his block dad because my favorites back in the day there's some conspiracy theory in this series is saying that there might beat a relation with that too mom and this just that some of the stories have this guy who is called rash mean. And it's an anagram of media true with the fact that at at and idiot idiot it would be just one of those kind of threw are always seems. Except this game has been no own. Cheese roll outs when immigrants like that they have done just like come on lilies this that I guess yeah Lilly on the best that is an anagram for. A villainous. Threat is literally what it was for that they've done an earlier than that with some other cards famines or is an anagram of I am Superman red numerals disc is a leery may have been who is a friend I think Richard Garfield casual and I think you're scifi author they do discuss the gas is so this is one of those things that it's you can put on your tin foil hat. But there's a lot of things that are kind of these yards in foil hat that's a colorless three for three that lousy ten that would be more like a very good Catholic giants on tap for me to death and and it's an equipment and Gregory Craig might be right I mean this this set itself is definite power oval what spurs this kind of felt like backers they like everything in this new set that's coming out is is a much. Better then what we've seen recently. Yeah and so what we have here is a couple of new arms thing like every cent comes out with their own new things some of the new abilities are fabricate. Which is an interest and ability because I made up. How I'm. I fabricated disability to say that when every creature with fabricate comes into play it's got a number next to us like parakeet wind would be a creature comes into play with one plus one plus one count on it and or you can choose to have it come out with a 11 Serb vote creature and this is an artifact creature. Talking creature that's a 11 confused so if you got one I know there's one out there that is you know as fabricate three you can either have three serve those come out with it or you can make it a higher power and toughness are creature. Those creatures are by and large not artifact creature because well they're the ones creating the best things I get but if you need if you have me a game plan and needs a lot of tokens for Edmonton for a lot of artifacts because there are like a said it's not as soon artifacts matter theme. But there are lot of things that interact quite well with artifacts or little 11 tutors. So luckily re bringing in my hornet's nest baby apocryphal might get a bad. Time in my power move your old steadily and I highway makes up the little leather boy because there's Seattle and the other ability on this is energy. This is an interesting one because now they're adding eight new. Thing for players to keep track of new resource yes instead of man out for her this is energy and these are they are Tokyo or their counters that a player gets. Much along the lines of poison counters focused so. Something we'll say comes into play or you cash you gain X amount of energy and nanny you can use that energy to spend for different abilities again that are on other cards. I'm one of the really great spells is I think it's a two casting cost for a spell that says boom you get three energy and then you can spend as much energy as you want. To do X damage to a creature and where X is equal to the energy Coca something cool like that means boo me gets free energy right away that you can use for that. And maybe you wanna kill like a 11 you can be like well I'm gonna spend one energy to kill let me before you say you have a ton of energy built up from earlier on in the games they may be at seven Murray energy you can use all that to Blassie really big creature he had. It's kind of a neat little designs based on that there's a ton of creatures that do some amazing things with a lot of pent up energy. And they have been they they've made it so it's not a particular real parasitic. Its ability in this sad thing because there are so many things it just to give you energy is not going to be one of those things where you have to like what allies you have to draft all the allies and hope you can get an MLB can get there with those cards. You can use the energy in many different ways in many things provide energy that maybe you don't even need. And have maybe one or two cards well beyond what that's yeah that's cool all one of the better cars in the format. Come into play and give you energy and and also themselves use energy is on the cars already good regardless of whether or not you're going to actually need the energy and then the sweet part is there are also a number of cars it just you know generically give you energy like you said but then you can build around San Madras format so if you open a rare rebuke yet pastor rare that says hey if you have seven energy consuming really awesome then you can start taking those comments. There aren't necessarily as did everyone else is back. Another thing with this is vehicles. Now Arafat who has stuck. This is one of those things that I never thought they would make because I personally couldn't figure out. How can you design something that you would have people riding around in I figured maybe along the lines of equipment where equipment is. Attached to a creature yes I'm in and you get that bonus of that artifacts the most famous ones are the swords sort like channel fire nice it's that are etc. And very very very powerful things because even if the creature goes away you get to keep the equipment around for the most part. And so if you bring in other creature on later on and especially in a game like this that is very creatures centric now. You'll be Elden just reattaching is going to be there for a long time it was and how are they gonna do this with vehicles. Well it turns out it's a pretty elegant design because what all vehicles have is our. And it's got crew and the number I'm usually it runs between one to. I cave I think might be that data once. And what all it says is. Tap any number of creatures and in order for a creature could be tapped it has to be untapped it can't happen already tapped creature prefer. And yes based off of their power so if he has aids. Crew of three you have to tap three power worth of creatures of that could be safe three Serbo creatures they GG fabricated or it can be 133. All of these different things are can work out that way in minute becomes animated now. What happens is is an artifact comes at a place and then down at the bottom has the normal power and toughness like he would have for a creature even if it does it how about power and toughness and tell you have activated its crew ability. Once it does you have an artifact creature that can attack and block or use any abilities as normal thing. Do note that if fear is a card that you just brought in to play. It will still have summoning sickness right and Moses has a has haste on it so you do have to make sure and not usual there's a lot Hendry just not gonna build you play that card screw it up and then send it out and there is gonna is gonna take it's gonna take a. Turn for it to come into play and when you add these are awesome man one keeping a note about them as they usually have a higher power toughness and then the crude number so Francis Richard Lewis junior probably getting a 33 or better. Which means that these are very good on the turn make him to play to walk. Because you're always getting a better creature any kind of good to avoid that looked at all yeah around. And an office also the audited how does he want my favorite cars in the set but they had 65. Sky solver and a flagship it is amazing. This thing is gigantic in this is kind of I don't did their flagship. Amid public transport this asset. Armed but it really is reminiscent of a the old titans get along the lines of inferno tighten really is the one that kind of brings out there whether what are all its abilities. Well the six I find. When it comes to play or attacks the deals three damage Sri creature or planes walker. They cost five analysts also recruit new so I mean the card is it's as though all one for one when it comes and plays on is a killer guy. And then every turn it to deal with that which is crazy because it's a 65 fire with an additional ability. It's an all takes is a three power that's nothing on turn firing up three power play absolutely and the nice part of vehicles is when you cruise something if your vehicle dies you don't lose a creature or your crew. Which is kind of different because he was yeah sodas and go down with the ship. Bill by a long explanation for it but you know in short I think can designed to probably realized they couldn't have the creature die otherwise the cars are just be employable yeah he would always. We do I change it finance institute for one of those always painful and you know we don't want yeah you don't wanna lose your highest threat to you guys yeah escape artists you can't expect out of the captain goes down with the flagship but the crews get map a lot of those creatures can fly him to sing and Passaic man is kind of interesting because even under these certain there's some certain creatures that are under their sub types are pilots. And those are the creatures that is a sub pilot subtype really doesn't mean anything other than when you look at their text box. They're going to be able to do something better there is one or there's there's a little guy there's a little uncommon dude that's a 21 that says that your vehicles have appeased if there crude up. And so when he does them when he cruise the not he is able to give them hate so that's one of those abilities it gives you around as some of the serious issue. There is a 33 female dwarf that does some amazing stuff when she pilots as well OK there it is it's a really fun design space and I really love what they did with it. If you get a feel for those who went live. The senate sums in look like what is what you're gonna really be insert turns the atmosphere that they did Kabul to musical gap but the Paramount I mean if you've ever been inside it's kind of like glitzy you know it's gotta love like cats sleep patterns and stuff like that. And the second looks like that gold yet wanna gold a lot of blue energy. But there's thirty other reasons. All the way how long I stay gone and that is. He masters Steve masterpieces. So yes they are the inventions for Kalla Daschle Kalish inventions are going to be. Essentially what this send to car expeditions work. Eyes and occur extraditions were full art lands on from all over the the magic street magic cards from throughout the years. The thing with those word they were highly playable cards in other formats such as legacy in modern. That they didn't necessarily want to have affect standard. Com but they do a fact limited so if you opened up they scalding Carney in your stuff. And for some reason he thought it was OK to play with it could bring in a limited event you can totally do so. In these now Khaled Vichy inventions. They exist at a rarity higher than Mitt declared much like the expeditions. For example in calendar issue opening in invention card a roughly in a one out of every 144. Boosters who and then the ratios will change for each set. The masterpiece series will be reprints of existing cards with one exception. There were often be cards from the set that is included in the masterpiece series much like the battle present a car rare dual lands were included in the expeditions. This is including. Almonds so these are the cataclysmic gear halt torrential and so one for each of the stats and for each the colors out of Khaled dashed those ones are included in this ones as well but these are cars over magic history. That like I said they don't wanna have warping standard because all these will completely and utterly worst. Ender they would mean Suzanne holes they have like sort of fire and ice and here. Static or soul ring and he is third viable and yeah I mean hey guys if you see these pictures they look amazing all my and it ides I doubt doesn't just sits there EI trick Gerri it one of the magic together he's community managers showed off a gift of the foiled process because it's AA gift not a GFR Indiana jiffy lube UAE doesn't it get no. No peace no justice that which is showing off the fully process 'cause it's a new falling process hollow and they. Also have as special gold border for these ones. It looks us sounding. These are cars that are not on the reserve list so collectors don't have to worry about that. But they also includes a flight hanger back walker lightning grieves. A man that created these are cars that are commander staples mental vault. My inside mocks Opel and chrome mocks. Some of the cards that are good legacy like painter surveyed. Screw Iraq was pretty good in just commander in sometimes it'll see I'm a little bit of play in legacy but not that much. Soul roaring Leo which is a dangerous. People want these are also our Q staples to joining me there's all you have four worlds and chromatic way answer that kind of thing and they have like you were talking about Joseph sort of feast and famine sort of fire nice and sort of light shadow. These are the thirty that will be in this sad now coming up with ace the revolt which is the second set in this second block where this Kalish block. They'll be 24 more. IAA stands to reason that there'll be two more swords and there beyond as we need the other other two swords which are wet lightened chateau. And are always a shadow so his body and mind we are about war and peace toward peace yet those are the other two I think so those will be but I I would imagine I see those. But the other three are breed sickly DD most popular swords anyway. I'm and what they do is like this not gonna be like all these artifacts. On because the Khaled ash fair and the the inventors fares all about creating things so they're all. Armed. Cards that could be seen invented by somebody at the calendar it's fair to finalists of the feel. Yeah letters whatever you want all exact tests yeah and so it's kind of crazy to see these because their cards say you're like. It would be I guess somebody could make a mocks you know a mock soap or Karl mock things like. That's kind of cool to see where they're gonna go beyond that but once they get beyond that with the the masterpiece series for each set yeah he's gonna be a different theme that might not always be all of one specific thing. These cards will not exist and magic duels they are planned for magic online but will not be redeemable. And they can be played in any limited formats are opened in in any constructed format which your card is already legal. So none of these cards will be available on the old. It's. It's standard format but if you open a soaring or Amanda crypt in your pre release. You get to play with it. And and everyone's gonna call you. Terrible names because you're essentially don't win you're gonna win the game and you very one lice list earlier question do you keep bringing it up for it as the sole ringing this is not changed from the you know artifact it's just good for two lecture reality is this right one colorless man on death and it taps to produce to coast man yet. This is one of the most powerful cards in that magic. Because what it is is it immediately. Instant from it it is just is still resources. It gives you know how many sold rings I have from other sets a gas soaring away here's the thing there weren't a whole lot of them but it was one of those cars that was a staple in commander so what they decided to do at that point was. In every commander sat. Were going to put every every commanders that will have a soul arena and it whoever whenever so there's a ton of them out there now. Com but I didn't really kind of has been that he had power feeds me and unless it is it's a very powerful cue card it's usually if first pick if you're not playing in Hoover power can always there and it's yeah it fits in that Emmy in less yellow mark senior opening. Soaring is that they're sometimes even the soaring better than our motto is usually better or Lotus those of the usual attitude people debate about. Yes all right and yet it's like super powerful but if you get the shiny blini version. This is the thing that you definitely want to have for all of us here all day so distraught myself a soaring on the table and everybody can. Who else can I impunity is doing yeah I had a gaffe and having collected some idea how let's mantra goes yours and your current. Yeah I'm not that that's a lie I think has sold my health left eye and it's gone but yeah hey did your body has been revoked and if so there's a lot of fun things going on with his I would definitely say check out I mean even if you say it's a total lottery saying yeah and is just like an insert any sort of sports card singing of the game used piece of Jersey on this car care it's that same thing you're not gonna get all the time. But the same point it's really awesome to open up really hurt them Garcia have always that chance at a competitive players out there heard this is supposed to best limited set and the years years and Laura and we play in the next weekend right that's what you do that's exactly I know that you guys -- had no remarks boarding house on the as staying known to come I'll school's games for the Sunday thing no he's not because us about these steam punk convention going on or you don't now in Jersey and I don't seem Posey is coming up there's a steamboat match like is. He did OK sir. Very excited for all bad getting you know heard of hitting an all right well then I'm moving on from that Jerry isn't fun Collins bock is with us gays and well he's talking about all sorts of things again a lot of the stuff that he sought. Axis toys Jerry is Von Colin box from skewed in review you can find all of the information he provides that SK and Gareth. PlayStation. They they finally does and there with the PlayStation pro. Yes triggered her step regarding a lot of people interest or. What can you tell us about what's a war what is actually a deep PlayStation pro for people who don't know. They want to PlayStation pro is going to be out in November and is eight essentially it's designed to appeal to those who have not purchased PlayStation yet. Or those who want. Greater performance. And it church if he were a new thing we're we're calling it emitted. Cycle we're placement meaning worse still years away from a potential PlayStation five but we're realizing that with the current state of things such as what virtual reality such as some of the directions of the game and the way to video cards are going for the PC. That's. A little more is needed in order to keep up can be contemporary. So what it is is such a PlayStation four. That is faster. Has more memory has more perhaps her full ability more computer memory. That allow it to get pretty poster fortunate perhaps fixed and that also screamed. Four cave movie content and sub. And so especially for like the PlayStation VR which is coming out in October. It'll be much better because as we talked brought him a pastor pure. Want to do our sorcery HTC on the PC you need to have a video card that's at least minimum capable Forte graphics. A year or so and you're able to play some of the PlayStation the air we talked about that a packs so. This is definitely. What you. Yeah this what you're gonna want if you're gonna wanna use the PlayStation BR. Exactly actually view that you know we've been to several games shows there's always a big question about that your new leader and export shall PlayStation four. Controller but she don't see what's in the capital yeah and you know we've talked in the past just sometimes you're actually running the game on a PC. Or maybe you're running on yeah monitor equipment and stuff like that traversed and kind of some people some of the skeptics who said. How do we really know what we're seeing what PST ER is actually running on PlayStation four and not some other piece of hardware or something like Jana. And so cool you know I'm turned him in there are triggered. I don't think we're going to that extent but the idea is that if you see the BR on the PlayStation four and say this looks good how I want something more it's going to be available cheer. And the beauty is all or they're gonna make your ass several games retro so that they will be able to run that it and Eric school working environment and and they will not be any torture they get items for sale future games will be able to run on either beat existing appeals for. Or the pure stroke. So you're not gonna have to feel like you're left out in the in their reins so to speak if you don't. If you already have a PS forty don't want to buy a new one here. Exactly telling me they heard a wake. I'm kind of take in the my attitude is a minute take a wait and see your lips from may be your not because I do not think it's a great. Product I think it has but. Basically one and third images as they're looking at a 39999. Price point what is amazing. The rumor is Microsoft scorpio which is not coming up until when he seventeenth. Will be in a 500 dollar range price point so this is a big advantage for Sony's. That there are going to be out first and there are going to be up cheaper. And money whole thing on reduced that's great Blanche. I also have to get. Four K television and I know you miles per under 600 dollars right now or four K monitor put. Do the maps you're out of their hero to thousand bucks right there and that's before you get to the well I have no launch early go into an eighty. Tom you know on this skeptics again also a role model the game can hit Kennedy isn't over killed someone and so forth my main thing too long a stretch your sport. Pinched your run sly and on the pure sport I you know actually the need to operate as quickly noted that doesn't. That'll change things and I also thank you know post Super Bowl or pro UC praise for Kate's coming down the big debate computer and I think right now is over the air broadcast anxious. When you start to see more stations jumped from HD broadcast you offering. All sure HDT gap broadcasting then you're gonna see a huge crush or. And that that'll be picked close but you know we were just talking about it with some of storing. Any city it's a great option for those that want to. Get entries and games and played him at the higher level but can afford the minimum seven to 800 dollars just sort of bare bones. Gaming computer together mortgage fall 1110000000399. Your open door provided you have before K television. And if you don't it'll store run on a regular you just won't be able to get the higher you know range rafter on. And the Israelis still still build or run all that stuff and I mean I was holding not I didn't even necessarily in the think I was gonna get a next gen. X console anyway ended up with the Xbox one because it catered more towards the multi media needs that I felt I needed but looking at the visited their PS Perot and what they're doing with the VR it's definitely something I'm going to be looking at. Right and that's what their children on and then you know of course that you have this huge catalog of exclusives. That unlike Microsoft's many of which you can play on the PC. They've got a bunch of stuffed like a new round of war. And the Norman read this game and how no other stopped and then of course you have so humble ports like Star Wars battlefront here sir Roosevelt French if you have the purest four version. They won't have a special BR lawful cool and yeah you not had any debris. That it will not be available to next when level. That you can play on the pure it's curable will not be available at this time for the PC or the arch arch version of its so nice things like that sort of steps we gonna be interest in shale play itself. Now speaking of Star Wars this is that what you're talking about here it is X wing VR thing this isn't the death star DLC is it. No that's completely different this to be aired during intermission it was designed specifically. For the PlayStation 3 are. That will be coming enormously then that comes up in October so it should be released around this time that the debt maturity LC is the third before playing DLC tracks. And it's too well this month term we're told we've heard a rumor. September 22. Possibly the 26. But it is due this month shoots into their teaser trailers there's a full one to any moment. And mirrors Stearns and information that's leaked out the last couple days and it looks really really good. That's exciting ado I I I love the fact that there's still churning out stuff for four in this game and I mean anyone who loves Star Wars really should be playing and it. Well exactly like a beautiful thing about position over here or you've got you've gone from one side bluster on the other they have all these special things you've got. All these new space battle permissions to give you a new dimension that hasn't been their before. And of course you've got all these you know fighting missions within the death star. And the quick clips like she which you know understand our car hallway with that unusual lighting and stuff like that and you know people who run around there are fighting like crazy and I think you're gonna hide. Of people over really well until the sport attack comes out which is brilliant because before tracks they kept it hidden for a long time they didn't want to tip their hand it's one thing to. Wow all of course is a mean movies coming out this December why wouldn't you man. Exactly and then of course long gonna lead into the sequel which will be coming out next year or so a lot of good stuff here and I'm. Really excited about you know they've put the salt together. And before we get out here again you could find out this information and more act Gareth among column box web sites you review that escape and are dot net let's talk a little bit of Bob I know shocker remastered. They're bringing it back you better never hop. Absolutely enough solutions to this is such a great thing because I was talking to one of your pure people for at the other day and he shared. You know it it it's kind of funny. But some people. No really kind of overlooked by our shark in the universe three games so far sharper structure of our chart and infinity and a they said that at the you know what kind of one of the things that happen most they were planning on making a film series you know Wentworth Miller was actually considered for the role calm and it kind of fell by the wayside one of the producers told me the other day he's actually. Let me tell you what happened we were trying to have a little more hands on approach to it. And they were fighting with that he said I won't say who was put specifically it was a very big name director Hollywood. First question out of his mouth was there's an absolutely have to be seven under water. A that's kind of staying. Just your pick up enough water particularly get any record that we need who Hollywood just wasn't getting it we pullbacks from Fiat and armed. You know it it was the success obviously to bomb two more games. And the series is kind of in limbo right now they haven't announced any other ones and so. What they did was they took a look at other. Set OK you know they've been very popular games. But there's a whole generation of people on consoles that even though was available on council's. Really didn't quite get it there will be mostly it was on the PC it was on the console. And so swiftly enhance console so everything make sure what it was total all three games someone package. And bringing them up to the current technology standards. And so much said well they still look good even though it was only ten years ago right but now they look even better that's the beauty of it and that's and so they did the pregame is one price. Yeah and they did it with gears of war as well and no I mean going back to that I played the first game we played it all the way through because. Even though we have my wife and I played it before. It was still a lot of fun to look at the new graphics and played through the game. And they added a little bit at tidbits stuff here and there to make it a different experience but you're still getting to play the same game that you loved or inferred some cases some people and. Ever really got to experience. Right and that's kind of what we're hoping is that it's secure trailer by a shark and you want to experience with upgraded graphics you've chair which. If you've never played our shark before only had a little bit to contact with the pierce all three games postponed its current challenge. At a cheaper prices I believe I may be mistaken on this but I believe it also includes all the PLC in bonus content killer. And then our chopper vets and then you've got to benefit to being able played on the console and of course you know they're not saying that the many people sort of well. Obviously if you have appeals for version for example you stick it in the appeals probe. It's still out scaled a little bit too and it's gonna look really good night I turned a joke with the direction that you know the only thing you could've done better. Was to make it to be our. Yeah right and do any talk to there is no response from what all. And I just have to act I act in good order everything back units could you imagine being a big daddy and we are the -- one and then you know who knows what the other hand and you're just taken name solar and you're like you really. That that they. Both say they. Think the the butter sharply workshop what am I. An awesome geared to great information eleven again people can find out more information that skewed in review that's escape and are dot net. Find me on FaceBook just search for rescued reviewed and where can people find you on Twitter. I SK AM ark perished possibly be so much Gareth any kind of torture so again thank you so much gear is on Colin bock. Yeah Alley I love that he talked about the Bioshock collection I just today I just did an on the couch for that. Just this weekend it was so I'm. Excited about this and I guess everybody has to do you think you'll just buy this again even though you've played all of the games that are in it and he viewed via I mean roughly Bioshock for him since he came out and it's one of those things are played it a million times but. I'll buy this again just to see you remastered in 1080 PM ready to have although all the deal see there in one place I'm excited I'm gonna buy it. Do ours is had just played infinite for an first time not all the way through my PC back games still looks gorgeous yeah it looks really good and already but I mean I eat I saw some of the screen shots and some of the the videos they have really have furthered the premiere trailer for new looks and become amazing I can't believe I'm very excited about the status. Great. She twist V each I don't biggie I am doing very well thank you and it is for an episode it's. And we had to give him an. Yes sweet. We also are going to talk about some movies that are coming out the only dad hey if there's not a whole lot of hum but I fear if we need more Ryan have a few we don't buy dvds are also coming out to what we got for the movies. Blair witch is coming on I know that UN Martinez. Talks about yes you're here I'm excited for them negotiate added late showing with hopefully a theater full of people I knew I had asked for nor have I hate those movies are hurting our good reviews and he really can't grunting is giving it 51. Yeah you're absolutely no Leno and and I had nothing and head out. I'm 91% want to see at them but yet and I definitely wanna go see this. Buying him. Another one of those things you get a huge built in fan base already so of course now anyone wanna see it but it's gonna make a lot of money that's a president critics here who proving it. Surround every now we're on at the hole like pumpkin spice fault Cree is. Everyone wanted to do Halloween already had an easy thing also guilty are going to be Alina see this pumpkins my darling says it's no different resolutions. If true represent a road preserve our concerns pie. Mean but it's fun and I had I had this. There is such thing as pumpkin pie spice though not and may Headley all the stuff anyway so dogmatic did you then. This site is its own tail an amendment thankfully it's good I have I don't. Operation avalanche is another moving coming out this guy 83%. That's his drama mystery suspense and in 1967. During the height of the Cold War. Two young CIA agents go undercover to at NASA to investigate a possible Russian mole. In disguise as documentary filmmakers. They tap phones and break ins offices while. Reporting to learn more about the Apollo project to when the end of uncovering a shocking NASA secret. In a major government cover up they decide to embark on a new mission Amy put their own lives at 2% to yes aliens. Some night that aliens but it's dead alien is getting 83% in the way she signed it looks really eat. Old. Am I old school okay a life is like I told him where documentarian in 67 not. Our honorary fool him doing any names and this and not really like medal like no end Willie you know he's been in this on the dirty use. There was also not a good you know reviews again just I don't know any of these people who aren't. Mimi had maybe known wants to fight up against nuclear work I don't know that I had a lot of Hispanic there is another horror movie out right now horror. Horror and of course it does not have a reading yeah that's an 84% wanna see it's called the doubles doll nose out then. Doubles dolls of today. Seriously like all of you say that am I all I imagine are the creepy porcelain dolls that just sit there Kia grandma's house staring at you how the bedroom while you're sitting there trying to go to sleep not I've had to deal with this any time in my life but god damn those things are creepy house. So that says a serial killers current some recent season of slaughter in the backwoods of Mississippi. According to a agent Guatemalan tradition parents teach your children still lady trial troubles by telling them. To whip hand made warrior dolls but just before bedtime to tell your trouble anywhere else grateful and several of these Cal's men's which once belonged to notorious mass murder find your way into the hands an unsuspecting residents of the small southern town. It's atop the grisly wave of bloodshed so the puppet master meets Turkey and I'm out of the latest from the race to spring director of hundreds Reynolds. Is good to slash a shocker bursting riskier really inventive kills an eagle cyclical or what's his weak AF has no has an. Doesn't it generates. Moved. Them probably like a woman or releasing out imagine yet while so I check out your local listings on that it might be worthy of a scare yen are really recognizing any actors either through sounds like I've kind of not necessarily Indy Graham who so far more Izzo said that at bat. It's a captain Americas or did come out this week we have Mike Powell I think you teeters on the today I mean great things about the dvd yeah and so I'm I'm Catholic. Leo maybe just have a nice evening in time I tell you about that that story I want to go by that dvd and I thought he used or. Says dvd release on the Internet set September 2 and I was like all right cool real by the BB. Not at best buy. I was confused so I go to the gotta say what you guys are sold out of these looks up on his computers is Yemen. We're sold out go to the other best buy us like go to the other best. Guy tells me that DBS are Camellia. I'll leave and Odierno says it's I ask all of the guys is movies TV view Lleyton he goes yes they release it worldwide uncertain data were ever again the stores are assigned a little bit later which means that they kind of I get warnings may pre orders or something like that. So I highlighted by best buy employee well man and they were sold out immediately denied its power play though he didn't point me in the direction of a thousand jungle books of bad start. Bat. Okay. You know I can't give civil war yet but yeah this great show all of these jungle books I says it Touche in the mood that I. I. It's apparent. What effect that I was unhappy guy talkers are thrilled for guys yeah. They are. Look at legal gay we're gonna allow Moline it's up a good dvds the conjuring zoo which had 80% runs and is also out of it. You sit good right as a good because of the tomatoes score the rial hit two good videos and thundering duke you know I'm of the post Steve. And me in my own recycled Joey tomatoes so. I. And as an item like these I I can't do scary movie do nothing for me I'll really did get 95% position about obviously opportunity I. Maximum Ryan have never heard a low on. I am not the 64%. And many have like a real tomato root score silly content in those you know employees and just this I don't know if only a straight to DVDs and many many years straight he usually it's it's kids who superpowers think he'd actually really like maximum ride if you find that up the need to know when Eagles despite their joke are never going back. After saving the world another shoe c.'s Ron doesn't like you buy it on your found. Site final people I'm if you're you know in your fifties. Oh my father 00. Might not end. Three story go two's going to have sentenced here movie then nobody saw that was in dieters for like a minute and then went straight to dvd. It's not my dad my brother was an extra in a movie. And he would go into the league the grocery store movie store the little ones they have that you have to take care fight in here I can find it it target my dad it's on Amazon to spy on Amazon you're not gonna find anything he does and I asked by it's not an easy story sauce in such a small filmed in no one's gonna see it. And he finally after bitching and bitching I finally bonding for him on Amazon and and just had a mail to his house my dad. The great elite nodded only the digital like scroll down to. That's how I brought down and I short 202 this is it ten times already touched it that's not an end just look at up. On the Internet to warm up and video stores or the video sections are getting smaller and smiling only unifying your big names DVDs whether it's a TV series or movies you're only to be able to find them online eventually fashion they define the dvd copy newly until Blu-ray confined to get leverage and. And it's very hard older because he don't never trusted things like the Internet kind of thing right because you're always used to getting scared about your stuff in the unit will scare you out of your money where I mean if you don't know how to use at all that I think they're also worried like if they get the wrong one. That they don't want to senate actually just not bother at all because what you hear in the news all our top stories of people we instill public Internet streamed. I just don't have benefits. Let's just a little. PSA it is out there it's it's harder to my dad has to buy the Blu-ray copies a lot of things of that sometimes the only thing you'll find in Spanish during the earlier you won't how long willingly journalists to get the Blu-ray movies and W so visitors to other similar. And as. Right he can't watch Spanish as in movies with me I would love that he did a good thing go. You have zero nothing I got a good angle data this not a theory goes dimple on the times I had love. I think we're getting better and better Domino's is just an example the Hubble. Contrary to stop him but you know yeah that's why Powell has the best action movie ever well until excited guys. Stay unity. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying key culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.