BJGN09-26-16 - Mr. Robot - SHIELD - Gotham

Monday, September 26th

The fall TV season is back! The gang discusses Mr. Robot, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and GOTHAM; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our -- jeez the video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot. Pulse. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each patient. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea is Kiki nation on the revenues play no guessing right across from me is Vicky Barcelona yes I am. We've got BS show namesake who Marty spoke to see mister Regis. Hey Perry is very is finally talking in Vegas Macaulay joins as he does. Didn't have the prodigy and Chris walker are still in their underground fight club yet so I'd they are not here wants to. Where can have people get all the list of they wanna do you still think he's not telling them okay no you can talk about validates our exact data I don't know. I got some extensive and complete and check out our website to have dollar contest all the information and you will move to the crap beat out of you at PG geek nation dot com and you get also like us on FaceBook I had to use it to be dishing each nation. You follow friends what are mr. Graham and mr. Graham had Vijay geek nation. Texas has always had won any 02243353%. Of any night beating each nation at and if you wanna check out our video that YouTube dot com slash Vijay geek nation. And now we got an email and this came from my Tristan who what are terrorists does resident. A game of drones Meister but at this point well he's just a long ride went all of us now because he'd read all the books and so he stuck where we are on the this is for Vicki. On Vicki. He says hurting guys mentioned pirate medal on the podcast and Vicki seemed pretty stoked about hail storm. Maybe you already know Vicky but they're actually going to be playing in Seattle on October 19. Yeah yeah fare carrier at no core zone that's like walking distance literally from now we are here so if you are in the area if you're in the greater. Pacific northwest area Indian Seattle on a Wednesday. How yes that Wednesday after overnight tonight because he's empire medal at L core zone. Which is downtown Seattle you can look at L core zone dot com it's EL COR a ZON dot com. And get that information and I don't know maybe Vicky and they're keeping in our own my own live we live means you have to wake up early Derek is is is is pirate medal of course that it could sit there and allow Antoine out there. Failed her so much fun out her debut for the email tryst and if anybody wants to emails about anything that's going on some of the fund thirty step that you've been doing abusive BJ geek nation at. At We've got some TV talk to lug go with the Amy Cape May yeah. Panasonic like a robot yeah and that's a kind of a good segue into you talk Cuba mister robot. Yeah I and as we promise of course we're not going to spoil the season finale happened on Wednesday of last week but we will give you a full week before we talk about it reality well we'll talk about the season finale on Monday of next week week from today. I will talk about the episode before the season finale which still had a lot of great stuff. I envy you know I have my theory. My theory is it maybe goes mister robot is is that you know last season you found out that Eliot basically and mister robot where the same person and it was very fight club like. We Elliott is dead dad was actually who mister robot was in. He basically had this persona of his dead dead in his head telling you what to do. Elliott would black out and mister robot would take over and do all sorts of things including hatch a plan to. Basically destroy one of the biggest corporations via hack. And you know I mean huge. Take a look at think of the biggest banks financial institution you can think of in our country or in our world today. And that's basically. Who mister robot hacked. Well Elliott was sort of unconscious too and all that's crazy IA end and my theory was it was another character. You know in a name guy Terrelle well liked and Terrell well like. I often thought hmm is he another construct. And that was something the prodigy I'm my son has talked about last week. That's exactly what we saw was. Elliott's even going are you really he's having a fight with the sky cab who's who's doesn't speak the language very well. LEQ SaaS team in the cab driver just restaurant is is yelling Adam Dunn understanding him. Is we next to me do you see anybody like he's trying to figure out like whoa 'cause she Cairo supposed to be dead. Oh that's what mr. robots oldham mr. hope but woods said there Tyrell is dead we kill them we had two other protecting use of the you didn't know about this. And also in the season we've seen Elliott waking up. To the fact that he is now becoming more more cognizant of what mister robot does so Ellie it's no longer blacking out really. He is all he is awake while mr. robots awake. And mister robot doesn't know that Elliott's now getting more awake. Watching him doing his thing is so bizarre that is so crazy and and anyone point it was a great scene where Elliott is tailing mister robot and mr. robots turning around. To see if anybody's following him but you know that it's Elliott an evil one point LA goes. I don't know what that where are supposed to go where's he gonna go he was way. Oh I know where he's gonna go he's me where would I go he's like starting to really be cognizant. That is an idea being aware of your own insanity at that point us to see her crying so good and you know lived outside there's some great actors on the show who we're going to see you show up. In some movies or something if they already have it in the world of scifi I think this actor Michael Christopher replace a Phillip price was as big week for. And he is pulling strings. And of course OK BD Wong that yes he is in this show and of course you know Hugo strange for him from Gotham. He is fantastic in the show and and so is basically this triumphant of power. And Elliott is one of the people you're beating one's character. And you've got busy you've got Phillip price and you've got Elliot and they're all free in this triangle of power controlling pretty much. The world. Dare I you know in their own ways and we're start to see what's happening a great episode including. A little girl coming out and interviewing one of the characters and a darkroom with a gigantic fish bowl and she says look. We don't have a lot of time need to answer my questions is little girl and you see the water in the fishbowl going down and down in this beautiful fish in there then and eventually the fish dies because they didn't answer the questions on time. But that is the creepy nature of one of the bad guys on the show if you will that would be be long season who plays a cross dressing person. And N and while he has. Or I guess she is running this corporation called the dark army it's the persona who is his feminine persona but while he's running his company in China. He then is in his male persona. And how so I mean is should such a complex so well done show mister robot this season two's been fantastic. We will talk about the season finale is my theory correct. And honestly even I don't know because. Yeah I think I know the timing of the episode DVR and I plan. I'm watching it pretty much tonight. Buddy even I don't know might series correct that. Mr. robot's not the only guy in Elliott had that we have seen that the real or -- RS four million BJ at it and yeah it did but well your reason -- Wii from today mister robot on USA. I'm sure you can catch up on and did what the hell out of -- on USA on the manager absolutely. Let's talk well soldiers still here Vijay let's talk a little let agents of shields because you inspect Cooley got to see he goes to driver data goes driver and I I don't like I thought everybody was gonna be there by the way I do I think the car and I can while I haven't seen any promotions are previewed so I didn't I forgot all about this is happening is so well I started seeing this happen Mike. Wait a minute but I noticed that the leather jacket and I'm like. Head and then my but he didn't call Johnny yeah he's and you know whenever I go no but I guess that's the cut Johnny where's even though that's me. So. How okay it's the goalie I know you had some trepidation about this. And I mean I just do you just because some kind of a hate her on agency shield at this point right now. Just right now did it work for you. If it didn't hit it it was hit and miss in general yes it yet I will save our Robby ray as vs Johnny blaze things that absolutely works I love them myself like and also that it it's it's it's as a shield no matter what ghost writer they were gonna use they were gonna tell this story with him right Mike. The themes of ghost writer our persistent through all the ghosts right I salute so it doesn't really matter which one it is the go to what the most recent one he's Hispanic kid his Brothers in a wheelchair. And so there's this very sort of like his brother we all recognize. He is. On the through the Walking Dead and I can't think of his name but he's Travis is kid. Always gone crazy and actually do a great job a wife Jennifer getting the blame game of the show. But Lorenzo james' hand legends and thicker than a Washington argued that the media via a so so fun to see him as I. Bo apparently and hand him what are you have Joseph is. Please give in the wheelchair. But not the one thing though like I just said it it's a car and it's not a motorcycle. Which it's colored brother horse. I actually I also what do I didn't mind it because I feel like. These kind of street racing cars in because of the fast and furious little bit more sexy than motorcycles for me this knees then and also for the character of Ramirez for being you don't Hispanic kid living in the city it makes a lot more sense for now driving one of these muscle cars yet our bid for a big chopper. But it. It's for me it was more like there was there's there's there's to see where it should where that goes Jennifer shows up and and you could see the cut were like the cars swerving on the road and clearly that's animated and it cuts to where there's an actual camera behind an actual car and I can tell us cars a store like Tony five under city street mother filming a fact and and that was my big and only real problem I had a good and I was I didn't get a sense of speed. Yeah and that needs to be there I think they're gonna build that up and do it or realize that's. There wasn't like part way through towards the end of the episode there was this big shift where Robbie we really saw him turn from Robbie I two I know what are they were ever gonna do it and and they did it and it's it's because he's got the skull in the comics Robbie raised doesn't have skull on fire. He has like a mask. Tom that's almost like a mighty and Aztec sort of style mask okay our mascot is sort of lines on the forehand so what they do in the shows he's got the skull on fire but it has these sort of accents in the forehead. That are evocative Robbie mask. I'm really like that they have but the classic design because he got it. You can get away without the bike he got to have a skull on fire after a Ghana so I thought CGI for that was pretty cool meets our I think I watch the transition I didn't really re around Washington. I don't know what got tossed I Earhart episodes return is a ghost writer had that now we know that must have cost too much money do because then they have to give us the cargo 120 miles an hour. Yes yes so I just don't in my that's all we can reserve an extreme concern. It's an OFF but the only big development dips so like yeah we do we introduce ghost writer and clearly going to be a thing with sky sort of hunts him down and she has dislike. At the end stern and asked him to kill her yeah ass she's kind ceased she's lost yes she is she is she's learned a lot of eye makeup these days. Pulling eight Dover McGwire Spider-Man yeah you know she's got to do is dance oh god yes Susan moss and she's also not using her powers responsibly and sin therefore she's she's got Yo-Yo helping Iran on unsuspecting to the rest of the shield guys that you know he was great to see a comeback is like I kind of thought I'd like to do we are after season tell you it was great character. And and so but you can tell she's you know she's there she's hurting yourself use your powers. Doesn't seem to have a bracelets on which have world which when I think helped to reform the user -- did not get her had to get rid of them when she left she moved or she chooses to get rid of the good it seems like cleanup and yet she kind of tells go try to finish her and he's like -- -- -- -- don't kill you -- he's -- he's obviously and that's what -- -- is exactly I -- -- -- so great when -- she -- -- -- she says you know what you you know what who -- you to -- who want to decide who lives and who -- -- oh yeah -- right and they made -- -- I don't -- did tonight. That's the really cool that whatever Robbie cutting gets angry. His art is cool well yeah there's clearly a struggle between Robby in the ghost writer and Robby is kind of like okay we're gonna do this they were hunting down bad guys. But there's also dislike you wanna talk to because you don't want me to let him outs yet so relating. I'm going on but there's also a big plot line going on with fits. Yan. Send Fitzsimmons in general you know Simmons has climbed her way up to you didn't sit too close to the new director because the team after the the nightmare season three how many saves the day but it looked bad the team has all been disbanded by our director which I actually like that like a first about a new and explain I don't like that makes absolute sense like of course but the director would be like little what you guys have done yeah you you need some organization and it's called we accords were mentioned as well actually that's always going to be there are a lot of Easter eggs at us a lot of activity veggies previously did this episode but Russell Simmons is the get a closed the director who we've not mad but it's going to be played by adjacent tomorrow. Thumb down which is his work is he for these guys voice acting Batman and all the DC animated movies Sus and I like a five years so I put my body like a director Barry Manilow. And I. So I sent to director Batman suit that also. Fitz is working with that that that other European sign out audio died in top Holden he's working with a little you know hole and frankly I don't. Who who he made like that without a permit is at the end of season three. He had just got a cute and he was really fun I love that actor and elegant Italian Irish Scottish and British scientist our guest is only what we got a site you can bridge of the enterprise they have every ethnicity pretty much represented in this you know hopes. Yeah it's which is which is great all of that except that a problem we're coming in a second black kid big kill off the first one. Under I don't know why I probably did not have more than one black carrier you can you really can love apparently not enough but so anyway. C guy is making its human clones. Poor or what we what we comic book readers will know will be life model. Weapons the idea is just you can operate this Decourt from somewhere else so it still has attacked the assets are still alive nobody dies just their. Body doubles dale and if you have read any comics in the last fifty years with the with nick fury and damned. Odds are that was a life model DK a decoy nick fury you never you never see the actual nick fury you always see his life model decoy because he smarter than that yeah right so it is the seals bring that into the mix that's. Gonna be kind of interesting island avalanche multi cleat as I guess at home play allow. You have to teach you how to operate for the yeah bring gas are embodied not damn. So by and large like the first episode yeah I'd like to get an opening there yeah I'm excited the only thing I wonder it's telling I don't know if it's because of trying to get more adult or if this could be trouble for them. That is you know what I remember when they put Star Trek way back in the 60s on at 10 o'clock. It was that he was an earlier show remember shields started at 8 PM it's now on at 10 PM it makes me wonder the future of the show was this the last season when they're saying is that it's intentional of course they would say this and I must say and that means it's false publicly that has said Canada's team is it is a shield after dark this season and it's been trying to get more mature like there was a there's a point where we're ghost writer kill somebody to begin yet so there's this big old blood splatter over the southern dudes face true they would not have been able to get away with last year Vietnam but also I think that's what we set about. It's a no brainer you're not trying to compete with flash would come up bookshelf play flash is kill and it's so big right now yeah you move your comic book show out of Tuesday that it looks like whatever activity that took this long actually that to stop trying to compete with well I think there were hoping that flash would move yeah right ahead. Flash stay I hope he writes for going hope it's just them thinking hey let's let's get a little bit more adult themed. And we're getting out of the way a flash as it was better for worse I think it'll it'll or if if it's good whether or not it's for ratings I think he'll provide us a better ghost writer. Yeah excellent let's move on and talk a little got some. God our guy and one back right yeah sweet and I love these the very beginning where we see Jim Gordon going to see Lee. And then. Daria I she's got a new guy six months later. My biggest drop that right there and not that Murdoch and he had a pretty much saying yeah Ameren about currencies and institutions in movies these movies these days yes I'll just pull we should force her anymore. It's over and as so he leaves and and after six months he comes back in nag Gordon is reinventing himself as a bounty hunter. Living off of the. The Indian hill is keep ease. Making some cheese bringing them back I really like this and of course you know it's the goalie and I always fight about it and I'm in general because you know he's a bad match kilos Batman as much as I look fantastic foursome again are human but yes I love that at least. It should always. Why Gordon would tolerate that Manning go into business within if you will you know enemy well commissioner I love that. Okay we're seeing that Jim you know he's found his own way to do. The right thing. And there is a gray area and sometimes you fall across the line I once you cross a line. Sometimes you're pushed across the line and you do your best to get back over. It makes sense to me why then would that mean shows up Gordon's like yeah OK I'll do this is my view. Yeah I think that's right like as we also like it it in the congress is more because court is the only good cop but. But it would because we're seeing a a much longer story part of that is learning that you need somebody who's not a good cop but gore is not only to be that's a yes. He needs a bat man I don't get it over more and more that you know the difference is there especially as the show goes to build its own world you kind of have to do yeah. Like you know I've learns to love small ultimate favorite shows and that debt we have a lot of the there's no way this could be Jordan story problems. And this has got to like I don't believe this gym with his history ever actually gets promoted to commissioner. He's too much of a bad boy there's too much on his jacket for him to become commissioner but I don't care because we're never gonna sit anyway yeah exactly I'm Lucius Fox is now no longer a part of winning enterprise part of Jason beauty days just out. And so he's sort of desire radler he's the sort of science at analyst for them this happens and you have an actor that it is that it plays a role that isn't really part of your story but the kid but he's good enough that you wanna make him part of your story yeah -- is meaning his character does have a connection to the movies so yes Hawaii lie and you know we've I don't let us don't just fox is a huge supporting character for bad man. Made it deadly mix as a would do with the way it's right now to take him off of the wave board for the time being beaten so that the way boards can do its corrupt plot without corrupting boost its box and it's a good point on that because. Little Bruce Wayne baby bats he had to those we had more room and just how well. Hey man is. Dealer Alan do you mother masquerade party lady she's not happy about how neither is Alfred to act as he gets ranked tell me in my house arrest yeah. And it unfortunately I don't work that is Georgia Idaho because there you security system offers like they have yet they have some sort of man in a sort of weird mask. And I've beaten the crap out of Alfred and that kidnapped being. Bruce Wayne. Who is by a margin this point yeah did the damsel in distress. It's usually hey this you need that you set himself up to Billy Joseph is the core of owls. I loved what I love penguins are at this point. Arms realizing that fish moody is still there and just trying to figure out how or how is he going to deal with this. And even getting that that face to face time wins with a regular Yemen and I love I love the lawsuit together and add this like I like pro mental issues with regular season to Ed this was like column and now. Now super on board that was a growth rate riddler or penguin C yeah we'll just him opening the box to keep an unsolvable. Imad. They'll bet the dogs out every guy did there Jesse and I are going to. By your pretty Smart kid hey I would also like I love how penguin is. Is like recognizing that riddler is really Smart and a resource he could use but also recognizing rehearsed kind of the only need. Other person in Gotham so far that. That agrees with him one on how to conduct ourselves in this sit in in a weird way I see it just killing the way he that he was with his mother in the early Hewitt with this father even though I was kind of crazy at the time. You can see the pain when he has a love for the riddler not like a romantic lover or anything like dubbed the madness genuinely happy romance step cat Romero grant but he doesn't have that would but she kind of you know he's chop but just an off then you which is awesome but it is scary cares about much but not much to think as he does different eras. Absolutely perfect he respects the bush did double its double as as his tune in his age has nothing else at play at a buddy high blood which is open on school penguin does it I don't know what it the riddler C is kind of the only equal he's ever Z yeah Kennedy Andrew Powell is just knock him out of the park every aspect of -- that he's played and I just enjoyed I enjoy every day I've seen this Jessica he's they just like not really throwaway characters just some background character you don't really care that we have we have grown to really love him and he's just great shining moments. I I really enjoyed the him in Selena at the bar like first off when it was just like. What are you doing here you're too young guy that was the exact same thing I yelled at my screen and other than it's ever ever does that it was Eddie are likely where you'll hear it like you're with these people well. Yeah I love how she finds her way in which is perfect catwoman kind of thing that. And of course you know for Bruce he's like I really wanted to be review I know this is gonna happen you're also economy cannot happen. We got Bruce and the czar of personnel carriers are Bruce is really agenda and who is this brewer who is that we know I have no I do also this is somehow now a new wrinkle is throwing out as you know who he is invisible that Israel and one of these monster unmanned but it's weird because like all of the all of that that monster man by the way is the name of kind of the definitive Hugo strange book. OK so that's that's why like you drink making these monsters are from the monster man. I can't tell the bizarre were supposed to be one of them are not caused him at a bus over the credit. For IDB zero that you know David the Zeus has claimed Bruce Wayne's last stranger. That they're not giving it away which I really mean you like and another character that we were introduced in this episode that Green Bay hill. Who has been very interesting name because it Vicki vale yes the Bruce Wayne the love interest it will not necessarily Vicki vale a lot from the movie I am I in the movie does. Vicki vale is the reporter in gotten too may reporters in Gotham to Vicky don't Jack writer Jack Ryder turns into the creek or which is like a Joker look abuse yellow and purple he's hilarious that you they'll have to. Always stays the you know make hard hitting reporter and got some very frequently especially up until like the last ten years. She was a romantic character for a test to flirt with Bruce you on the movie of course you kind of sleep her way to finding out who Batman is from which Greg did actually thought the history of bad man it's a very effective way of fighting Yahoo! back there as fast so everybody dates his secret identity. But yet I felt like I guess Dicky is that the sexy enough for me right now so it has to be Valerie banks sent back. You're not as he is tool for Bruce right now tell you I was thinking this year assist her see how are learning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I love and Jamie Chung who plays Mallory. Is you know she's another yet another actress to cross over do you both marvel and DC. What was she and her lawyer recognize her machine she says that he has are getting gas at she is a go go in the here at six. College I never guess that dance mentality of processing Marv only eat you know really does she was in a marble real happy how did less okay that. Kelly she's also technically she's right around wasn't Lon and once upon a time in the show time. Now is sucker punches well all I know her from OK because I know she looks familiar but everything you were saying I wouldn't know. Under fire Jelena in sin city should mean no okay. How how how she then again there in the first building a little chilly or geeky stuff sounds like oh she definitely is very little geek it looks like we'll CN Dana kill for a list when he fourteen install only Dana kill Fritz a different one and again the original okay and she's born an eighty series so then I'll look at her seven years old and yes thirties and a time will turn 33. I prefer the overworking story was that fish is looking four on some way to keep herself alive. They find out that it is the only way to do that is via else. Well new details only going to kind of stopping because of the DNA lose your power is talking to you might put science means the powers killing New York are as easy audio and it's she manages to kidnap mrs. Peabody and then I use is the the reverse. A fountain of youth guy and that you. Ultra age mr. Peabody get her out of the show right her out and Danny debt is he waited they're going to gate aged poison ivy. Because. She's there she shows up in in. The reverse fountain view decides to touch but only for just a little bit and then she jumps into the water and does away and then next time we see. Poison ivy she will be older sexy boys and I had ninety year old player than any day that's happening gas so that's how they are going to write that because we talk about like how are gonna do that now we figured out. Now an upcoming looks the monster men in general a little weird in that light and specifically. The creek solar it was a this episode. And that's what -- -- off the mostly having this -- in general is weird forgot them because of the level of power that is how many got a -- yeah -- and how many speedster is do they have outside of the -- universe in DC I'm not a whole -- yes so how do we know -- hole in the flash browser and also yeah so where there where where -- is there a monster man -- ever and I think I think these are just these -- all this kind of you know -- yeah I just ask you -- take interchangeable power -- you put them on most of our guys -- I don't know we got to see at least what we thought was maybe man that yeah -- champion without waste in the beginning there was a black -- -- -- act now to -- -- -- all Astros first I thought I am having killer -- but then no I was thinking that is well and as -- now that's -- -- -- -- -- has always -- man or something right -- something like that some guy who got hit by a -- who cares desperately did he made the and we need -- do get hit by a -- let's make this guy panic but by and -- I still love it and it's funny because as much as I don't like -- agency shield. I love golf come. And dared police about Phil's hand Phil's got an extra hand to go ahead Strahan you have those are new X ray Hannah you sit outside of a truck at this point has had that it's slow the rate at ABC the inside it was Hannah and ask treatment that wouldn't that. It's probably pretty easy actually for your shield stuff to do oh yeah are trying to understand what would it do. Yeah I'm excited and and Mack got a James Bond program and humans I love how they acknowledge that I don't know if it's it's like I don't know why would need this he goes 01 Orioles won one of these guys I know that I download video of anybody where he has sealed. They'd be just like glory upstaging spiced up the school not just treating it like a job job yet also be a Mike. So if you commit with some James Bond stood. I had very little and Ali there's no we need our stuff fear I'm really I'm really like him a character development and shield they announced today that they've done a good job. And I do miss what's his face grants. I have to say I never thought I'd say miss grant Otis Sinai Nigeria yesterday. It was handed. Tara probably play legion man these it was a mean Graham was the man there and they he he plays like a weird movie or youth actor. They yesterday community service is a managing editor from scrubbing is scatter somebody's living with I want out about. Without audio because I was at where outsells I don't know gas from the you'd like he had ordinarily and it's weird because he has to play like does do is bad at during these trying mid. Get a community service that working at eight and a church and then he wants to beat. In the theater production of like Jesus superstar but he has a crush him like the pastor's daughter so it's weird to see him tried to clean up and be the good boy it's the like oh I'm JC asked him buried there over the putter or whatever it really does kind of hero of it to you mean what makes a makes a joke about an area underneath and I RNY Mickey since you're talking let's get to know each sheet Swiss TV yeah. Kind of already in the DC universe and I have you guys here especially the goalie and as a refund who did she I can't. I found this on screen Marianne dot com it's. Ten superheroes other superheroes who could beat Superman. And that thing just in the do you Allison should he he he he. So it's like an easy if you agree with this or not tonight number channel Melissa Wonder Woman. Says it's a match of raw power vs refined skill. And though overall Silverman is usually depicted as being stronger and faster. Wonder Woman is a far under better warrior with a superior combat skills and vastly more fighting experience it's been around for how. They bring the Kryptonite thing dollars because that's always the light there and that's the thing that's wild. Lunch and then like in here so don't like and guys like ice can mean vs Jackie Chan Jackie Chan's get a win unless I've got our rightful which in a ten feet away which Keizai win like of course you'll be Superman's Kryptonite but it totally defeats the whole point of debate because yet that's his wheel drive plus I mean I think outside of that highly anybody beats him. But things ever every one of these characters let's talk about is built like Superman to be almost unbeatable. Is he he can he be killed without Kryptonite yes well I guess are it says the what are the whole coups like infinitely stronger unless they just happen to have something. Stronger for plot relevance so apparently as she has that the godlike sword that is sharp enough to cut through the electrons in an out and hanging on any links inclusion has been known to draw Superman's blood well they got to add the fact that she's train like you know opt assassinated cleared to you know killer who unlike C brands to brands not trained to actually kill. She could take a life that. You on your part is trying to set a great that's written that way and a lot of people suggest that one woman's trained to be a warrior and that is always bothered me because this mysterious left man's world because they were war mongers so they wouldn't trade their champions to be war mongers don't like the original one woman was an ambassador and a doctor and that's what she was first of that she also knew how to fight and win one that's what you train agents of peace to beat wouldn't she want to train and in case man's world comes back. Well yes but that was curious are always really nice either as far as men's world coming back which is why don't really have returned Steve Rogers lives of their beach if the guys. An excellent on the list is Doctor Strange firm marvel universe well yeah I'm totally chassis for manager says like you know comparing you know. It's like the marvel DC characters like comparing apples to oranges but you know Stephen strange is you know universal class magician inning content of the most powerful moral right he is. Really I mean yeah I mean he can do is all served reality and Superman is part of reality can also cements his other because other Kryptonite in the -- so like a normal spell against Superman effects in the same way it affects you were to be below wall Larry go all right let's cut to the right or sometimes like to be between normal people it should be though the way that they usually write it. The magic affects him just as much as any normal human. But it says give Superman the rolling speed it could hard for the gov for the good doctor to win the regular you know on the regular senses in Kent teachers are hired concentration. But in the right circumstances he can definitely keep Superman down especially B had the element of surprise on the side. He can also slid on time due in Dickinson Lou Reed act. And yet that movie's gonna be like inception slash matrix slash justice total gas gas double. She married this a number eight at the green only interns to any member of the green ranger corps to just how jordin John Stuart Allan Scott. Or around you know has the potential to stop Superman equipped with the power of imagination a rage his oath and a very trusted powering. A green lantern is not one to be tribal cliff hypothetically they could use the energy of oh what they say all right dipped. To simulate the radiation up Kryptonite weld RU MB and if they are dealing with a weak insecure and instantly transported across the galaxy during warm hole into a red sun. Joseph parent who know the jet technology stuff there was the great legends are are very convenient leave vegan their that the power is determined by the level of there will mean so like when you went how struggling really hard if you keep Superman. You know in a box but also met strolls heart that he could break out because there will power's at work which means the writers decide who wins. Should be. And that number seven century. Who is often regarded as a super man of the marvel universe callow the only real important difference between the ceiling is that one where the sun is dealt than any other in whereas on his chest. That and basically sentry is an emotional sure rain rack. He is ripped gods in half like blue keen heiress and detect planets and uses powers and the key to calm the whole book. Lifted us select steel which is only about 20000 feet tall and said to contain the power of one million exploding sons. That's pretty good if you hang out it's less seals and you're looking mama drama around movement after only three you know Franklin Richards the only guy I know it can really hang with the celestial certain I don't know of a century is inherently just crappy Superman like night that's how I. Even a joke that's literally what he did I I just funny to hear it through. Do you that I don't like it that's only good day everything I just mentioned at all like good days on him leashes and dark side better known as the boy. He's basically like a blood lust it's Superman only evil and willing to a slice off the head of Captain America narrowed to beat that avoids the lost a whole can emerald were Hulk. Pretty handily in a way and I think they're like human would have lasted longer and finish this run says a century's energy blast can take out an entire clinic. And most likely you know the man of steel plus he can easily get inside the head of super minis and telepathy. And they demand could kill and he has the ability to resurrect himself from the debt on top of that that's cheating Amanda never resurrection from the dead that's not a place. But he says I she can literally hear the heartbeat of the butterfly in Africa for two in New York so not sure how I would help fight but it's still gets an out so he keep. That's an obesity a New York talking about a foot and Africa because they could both here yet I how do you lose to the Hulk if he has a beamer can blow up the planet. Because the book was cold Coke so she had a well thought. I wouldn't call century to century would have once he got sentries problem that's your own yet or not he's got blisters he never gets to what it did just talk century don't work. New front kotsay as strong as Superman but telepathic and shape shifter stereo John Jones actually John Carter include the other guys from Mars you're doing that. John Jones you know open ever John Carter don't those Jonas both Dumars. That's basically and yeah I was like David I think the man a steel has a slight edge when it comes to physical force and speed according to the article bunt. And I even until passing now here's ice and super girl always saw John Giles get disaster Gossip Girl. Keep thinking they can blend. The archive guardian by the clintonian so they couldn't budget shape shifting it's always bothers me when a gesture and gets punched and it works public just let them go through what do you do make this Ubisoft next up. We have Suzanne asked well. He's the other Superman and he's Superman plus magic yeah as Superman but magic put that little literally the first lines to Savannah is basically Superman only magic fun kids commit he's so Superman that the reason why DC owns him as he was too much like Superman for another company to make him. That's just Fossett publications page is am and national publication which is now DC sued them for confer. Stealing their intellectual property and one. And allow your cars now are going through for coming. Great as a barely says and is also knocks Superman Al. Cole via a sucker punched him but Billy knocked him out I come as a really good I like this bonus points for his frequent use of the award shows yeah. I just keep thinking of archer. Yeah true effect and neck. Out silver surfer a number of far iron Julio our cosmic power Koznick a matter man and a manipulator energy absorb her and the holder of the power cosmic the silver surfer is pretty much indestructible. I'm certain you could chase is the commute or cosmic potentially take the son to being ran for just long enough to come out probably I wouldn't be surprised and friends on the Ryder says that he's. Even I would do it yeah yeah learned. He is and I imagine a belief fast and not just on his galactic surf board and the way he thinks some moves and reacts. So he's probably not as strong as Superman but he's been known to slap the Hulk around like a true bus so. I'm pat says something itself right there and then you don't think Superman like he's actually dug straight to their abstracted up a student and so straightforward no way to like cement couldn't anticipate with silver surfers can do you out on top that I he has the ability to trends chains mutation. But when half of teens mediation which means he can recreate the radiation of Kryptonite now I ignoring the fact that they're gonna marvel universe I mean that's another piece do it could. So yeah they just normal real world Krypton instead I think I twelve yes. Click here now there's word com don't don't I've not worked that's an eye on the right now we're airing them let me at him they in they said the silver surfers generally pacifist so Superman really it's a decent in bad for him to really. Yes within the three Gina gray who feelings and really it's. Then this being so distant Phoenix thing that I would Connecticut telepathic and that's kind of an add attitude and it depends a lot she has the Phoenix force yeah I think that's kind of what I'm just expecting at that point you're talking Jean Grey you're talking yeah talks to that the speaker Carlo is also just telepathy in general like anybody who doesn't have telepathic safeguards which to be fair Superman does but it's also like they had to write an incident isn't doesn't just half that group your money and control what somebody now. But it's a Dino seek seats has incredible super ninja mental disciplining can potentially use the card Tony and mental martial arts. Torque comes some poll. I tore yes it did Asher and a caveat to fend off for attacks but the packaging breaking Angel minds with the best of them including you know you pledges of Superman's wife mentioned so I like this are I that the if she didn't get a hold in mind though she could have been her way with him like that's I'm Superman was forced to make a porno with this friend's wife why it had a really bad did happen everybody hold on right out on the Internet are there if you look story is not the right control that are really not okay. Fifth fifth and today are clear so they was that yanks many yet as if she does unleash the power of the Phoenix for or Seattle that. And everybody's known yeah print and isn't much out of the superhero so having on the Pacific epidemic to a loaded in the it didn't or vs Superman would be an epic battle to receive bled. Was even better than glory is owed and says he put them against each other for starters. Draconian new. I'm Neal here because of the award in four owed enforce it is near infinite resource of cost and power which also includes he gets that magic. It's always in my. Jerry I'm using the force of other award lean meat served war and also like to hire we get this guardian mythology the more we get too literal god level off yeah if you think did he can do it infant like you can't fight abuse appear soft you know yeah that's what coding becomes at a certain level. Cash is and I was number two yep kind of what would be number one be in there are a couple of honorary mentions and hear her dad when Enron can be fantastic for mailman is it just hold it. You know doctor Manhattan know who duck ray has a good car on them and god did put them up together and now. I suspect there. After the Specter is kind of the ghost writer of the DC universe but way more powerful he is literally God's vengeance so basically he is the embodiment of the wrath of god he has the ability of god we're talking monotheistic god. There are no known as as star who uses the bodies of deceased mortal let's host to punish the wicket. For example he called the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and ten plagues that Egypt and then splitting of the red seating. Specter is pretty much on a nip it tinge. And his powers unchecked are fairly unlimited not to mention that he's been known to wield the divine energies of hundreds and universe is which basically means. Things are looking good for sea command. Now literally the foursome got yeah I got under way like Oden you're talking about exactly where it's so abstract there's nothing you can do you see now I would also consider maybe someone like black bowl would be like in on an air on an honorary mention at that point just because if he decides to say you know it just to start doing like a roast of Superman. He's the guy just disintegrate that it's an observant could was with stay at a black people shot actually if Balkan could survive through black folks out of Superman definitely could put if if people will talk about Balkan both socks but you're like eight in in a whole universe like it just say like a galaxy and you be blows up every other son because he does that around. Cigarettes got a color that I think though he's buckled can actually manipulate the molecules he kind of has a doctor Manhattan level they like. His voice is not just the powers that it's so residents that it will kill everything black apple is is basically like a god like one a little out of hand level stakes so we can got to just like you decide to sue me I can't fly anymore. Geez who's that good. That's Donald Michael so much to honorable mentions. Forget marvel forget DC for an all that Doug too from Dragonball Z Mac OK okay mother and steal other Superman outfit today good joke to the fact that he's a super Sany builds a super it likely that but little 9005 yet now that is a power let the outlets overnight thousand Mike back before he was supersize and joining. Our regulars say as sorry you call Darryl has these to avoid a monkey tailors that it's on what he does better fortune having a -- on not having him whenever he dies he is getting cozy dad also whenever he's young like a drug of all GTD against him back to detail the original dragged a ball and that's like on how to use little he's like Superman though he's Hilton never fail like. There are other superheroes and their universe but it really comes down to a giant seeing and somebody has to they've both Dodd did both come back and both the ones who ended and always managed to save the day no matter how big a threat is so that's the problem looks like who says Sam. You can't really put go could zoom in up against each other because they're both designed to too windy even though everybody else has so much caught armor they have the most plot arc and he went out I sat back and then complete plot and yet I'm not too familiar like I know who he is but I never really seen her. So I come up from one punch man he's opposed to be the most idol. Your CIA agent is listening plus Israel showed exactly today you have just pledges is problems does the NFL with one. Punch love it thank you very much Dick young that line let us know if you guys you guys have any ideas on who can beat up Superman a living here these because I like to see remain. And maim squirrel girl yeah all of these people are definite three's how to read they can do that whereas Al phrase. You dorks caught in the event that well from my son Dan is. Seeing anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To don't join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying key culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.