BJGN10-02-17 - Abney Park

Monday, October 2nd

Rev & Vicky talk with Abney Park's Robert Brown & Skye Warden about their latest album, Crash; BJ & Chris discuss board games with Unusual Suspects, Xia: Legends of a Drift System, and Android; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chased the nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJC's geek nation and I and the reverend en Fuego. Across from me is Vicky Barcelona and I think the show's namesake Vijay today. We got over her. It's Ohio. And then also amending the more day is GODs. I have here yeah as saying Don Ted day's show we will talk. Music with avenue far. Vijay and Chris will talk about four games and of course the geek she wins big TV. Picking up people get a hold of us people who get a hold of us via our web site EG keep the nation dot com it's gonna have all socially at pages and more. Nice and dad definitely send us emails send us some buzz some things that you've been loading and the geek world maybe send us some geeky music. Like our next guests. What of my favorite bands out there has been an avenue park for a long time and Robert we had you in with your whole crew. Oh gosh a couple of years ago now and today you are back with the guitar sky sky radio man dude. Robert how is it going and going fantastic. And this is great because we have. I really exciting announcement because. As of today right now if you go to avenue park is abbey park dot com yeah you can get the new album. Crash crash now. The crash may. Technical name was can spell out but coming it collided at a at a very long parties felt they had fans symbols and stuff like that and your system's original plan. I love this because this you you guys put out so many albums and I love you guys for it GU wit how what is the number on this one. Oh well I think is actually our 23 release so yeah. All we've been out for 23 years if you do the math it's only right one song a month. Are. That's a pretty good about what effect and this is the follow up the the last one that I remember purchasing. Oh you did a big anthology series it was five discs that's correct yeah that was broken down into genres because. A new park is a steam punk band and that's which you basically kind of giving yourself that name yet because. The musical the music really encompasses so many different things yet extra and it does really come from your diverse background. Yet it's too basically an idea what you bring them back I think when I was a kid based travel with my momma what she was a cultural anthropologist. And we go around the world and all these different countries and stuff and I would pick up different musical instruments in musical styles from all of that. And soon we put out her albums there's a whole lot of variety on that. We thought it would be neat when we did that anthology to put a separate disk for each different genre we did so he could pick whatever mood you're in for the night. And it's it was cool because it gave exposed me to a lot more of the music and you could kind of fitted in efforts. I do in different ways with the electro Sweeney with the pirates and air ships in the are much more and even one of my favorite songs out of it was a essentially kind of a remake which was the change it change caged the FD sixteen. And I just thought that was astounding and went back and listen to the original and then listen to the new wind and it was it was just so great what made you decide to actually. Redo it well it's in zinc is that bad I that's basically our first ever steam punk song as far as that content to the leader awhile okay it's and it's a really old song and actually. Predates the name avenue park we used to be a different band and we changed the name. Com and so that was one of the first songs we've ever written. And I remember at the time I wrote that song and it's about this futuristic Victorian city that's powered by steam and everybody's. Required to live in Victorian times even it's even though it's the future. Aaron Rory first wrote that song in like this basement in Tacoma with Clinton. But Kabul where glorious smell almost as if. I remember turning to the rest of the band and Mike. I think they just wrote a science fiction song. You allowed to do that yeah I think Andrews when a guy who listen to a whole Lotta like heavy metal and death Matalin and programme decent note totally that's really cool. Muted as an owner like that are it's cool also. And it's funny how permanently that etched into what we did yeah rest of her career. And registering their remake an NBA only here just all of the genres in the way they cheat that you've combined so many different sounds. Into a wonderful wonderful show. And then also aid comes out on the CDs and I'm really excited for for crash to come out I mean it is out but I want ides I need to get it immediately. And the fun part about this is that anyone can get it immediately just by doing a digital download that's true but if you purchase the CD you've got a little surprise for people inside in the way of old board game. Yeah that's right we're so you know we're living here in this future air where everybody gets everything digitally. But as a band for some reason it feels more satisfying if we can actually move a physical CD we wanted only to see if not why they have a so we wanted to do something very avenue park that made this CD have extra value. On the actual physical CD so yeah you open up the CD and there's a whole board game with game pieces that match I think wow in the liner notes right. And then you what you do is you put on the album. And then you play the game and certain events in the game are actually triggered by what song is playing on the Al bomber what they're seeing an about me so so you get the CD and you eat your friends over and you put the CD on and it's this whole experience that you can have that night. Listening to music for the first time playing the game. Laughing drinking probably about the overall heart attack and yet we don't drink if they only got grandma. This is not the first time that you have ventured into things beyond music without new park that is true idea of the role playing books novels I know I now I remember seeing pictures of a coloring book to that kind of fruition and yeah it did nice that was really funny because armed. As every knows now coloring books became super trendy. All of her like a week and a half yeah like I'm the ice color remind your of so it was a total whim we didn't know was trendy we had no idea this is the thing and one day we where we had all these illustrations from the novel series and I'm like ha ha this could be a coloring book. And we threw them into this book it's one of those print on demand places where it's all we out Iraqi each. And let overnight we had sold like thousands of copies that. Paying them what I think this is a thing and it and then just like the week after that coloring books are and all the cost goes in targets and elect and his staff are just. Happened to hit like the next little brand. That is amazing and it. One of the things I'm really excited about especially you know Halloween is coming up and I love seeing all the current cost as she people who make their own and steam punk is always one of those more fun ones here if you look at real creative. But steam host team is going to be going on October 27 between and people are going to be that yes absolutely. This is this is a lot of fun because last year I was I went to symposium in it is so much fun in this year's going to get the Belle harbor international conference under so appear in western Washington in Seattle this is a destination for and I are not just come in yeah exactly is a thing like a Halloween that so many geeky things that you can check out in Seattle and during Halloween is the best time because you get to see this and you get to experience an avenue park concert. Which in itself is amazing. One of my traditions at this point is to go to use the go to the New Year's Eve shows that you guys always do in Seattle. It's one of my favorite times I love bringing new people who may be net haven't experienced you guys live. And speaking of live performances. You guys recently. Returned from Russia. And you guys are very interesting experience what the heck happened. Hopefully at the cup and well there you have that was that was an amazing thing so basically about an hour before show time. So we'll lower it works aggressive as we do this show in Saint Petersburg. And then that night we we sleep and then the next morning we get on a train. Either put us in one of those high speed bullet trains. We and so I'm sitting on the train and end our all of our synthesizer sounds are actually generated by keyboard that hooks into a laptop so everything that gets played through a synthesizer. Is coming out of his laptop so Christina had some changes for me to make on this laptop and making them on the bullet train on the way to Moscow. In the battery character on this thing has gone down and down and down and down and then we get to sound check in Russia. And we open it up and it says 1% 0%. And then it shuts off never to turn on again. Crap Ono. And word you know maybe an hour and a half before showtime and grow grass as some of our biggest shows ever so. Thousands of people are are filling up the zillow arena in Moscow. And trying to for chargers and yeah nothing is Chinese there's nothing is actually bringing it back to life and there's nothing you can do at this point we don't ports might have been damaged or something like that loses we're night thanks. And a gather I think it was it was just a dead. And so we would talk to the concert promoter about should be canceled the show while. Concert promoter spent a lot of money get in the show up and running and so canceling the show doesn't mean. Nobody makes money it means they lose thousands and thousands of dollars to these poor guys slick and please don't let anybody know. So at this point we have 45 minutes before the doors opened it and so we ran on stage and we're like. Can we arrange an entire show of acoustic material in 45 minutes. So we're literally going through it. The first one minute of each song OK you do this you're gonna do this track don't don't don't don't don't gets good keep it. Next a couple of feet across the sky Blake doing dealing with this how what's going through your mind as you're trying to break this down and figured out he joked. Because it's eight it's one thing to have all the programming but as. As as the guitarist you've guy things that you accentuate go back and more of all of those play how do you even process that in local 45 minute. Luckily we were we had a pretty darn good group of musicians overall bass player in the violent flare and then Christina Robert obviously so we all really listen to each other and like. Is so as we started sawing you know I'll be listened to their QB and he'll be playing someone like OK I'll take this fired in the casino think that part and then violently that and then Laura moved Brit but with the so it's mostly the most is just about we listen to each other we that's not the song is doing and we try to represent the view of the beaten all the stuff that we can do is as much as possible BI is there was little like our strategists. That China's first minute this is where in school was not Nick's uncle. Amazing because I saw the video that you guys put up there. Talking to the crowd and kind of breaking the news to them and they seem really really receptive about it because I mean you talked about how many friends you have in Russia. How did the show go like you from your own opinion from you know being out there playing NC and crowd's reaction. You went really well and in this is our fourth year in Russia and so. They had sort of seen our big G win is electronic news did you have lights and all it says that if they'd seen that a bunch of times before and so that the word on the street after the show was. They felt like they have been part of some real special occurrence it felt. More personal now a mosque should stretch the show out longer I decided to tell stories between songs all fun and which I had never done before simply because I didn't think they can understand my language and I sure as heck don't speak Russian and I. Kenneth Starr is very done boy just live at the stories of how the songs were created or how the songs were reborn like we've got this one fan. Who literally he owns a flying car factory in Davis California wife alone and we've got this song called space cowboy that we kind of stopped doing for a long time. And we were doing a sound check beauty he hired us to play for his employees down there. We're doing a sound check with fat and in amongst all of these Jetsons looking vehicles. Word we heard this song is totally been reborn than it's all beautiful and and and emotional sounding. And so tell stories like that about how you know all of these things came about and apparently the fans were really moved this. We've never talked before because I was afraid they couldn't understand I was saying accept our Bruce Oslo yeah I was really neat it was a it was a cool experience that is outs. Ending and I mean if you guys want to check out and the partner really really suggest to grab you park dot com you can find them on FaceBook you guys are very open in in terms of fans and letting fans into your world I remember just sitting there one day on FaceBook he ran FaceBook live in your just. Testing out tracks and doing some horn sections and a little bit of that and it was just a treat to see the behind the scenes all of the fact that you guys really love your fans yeah absolutely and our fans have become part of our family and some of these people. We've known for years through social media and all that kind of stuff but yet it's just. All people do stuff together. Again I think he gets so much you can check out crash right now it's available you can get the CD slash a board game if you go to newpark dot com or you can get the album digitally I'm really suggesting you get the gaming get the full experience. Just pick up all of their pick up all their albums I love them all the I. Thanks so much for being with us thanks ravenous thanks and again check avenue park out at. Steam Posey and if you're around the Halloween weekend but if you're in the western Washington area a week before. We've got G eat too he had where you can play virtual reality. And played board games with BJ Shea daily and that's exactly where you'll be the entire week and are no we will be looking for more players throw it to yourself I'm atheist and if you're into the more physical games we have the VR but we've also got dodge ball. I like you can play dodge ball and give two little bit of exercise before you let go and spend the rest of your day at the retro arcade which is where I will be for most times I thought you can get tickets and information in at GE. Two dot lie that is G. The letter G. To let her eat the number two. Dot live again this is happening Saturday and Sunday October 21 and 22 at the century link field event senator. Speaking of four games BJ Chris. I tell you got a billion board games that you've already played once that you're exciting to play through which ones are going to be telling us about today well it's been awhile since Chris Knight actually plates. Board games together and realize the ones that I have up here I asked Chris you have replay is what made a paranoid yet not yet. Though we may. We we we we may try to solve that is pleased by getting some of their does he didn't we play that Josh from where your alliances always wanted to play but boy it it it kind of it's just him rub people the wrong way it's gone it's called unusual suspects. And really the idea is is that if you go to BGG they they've their description is really I think you're great script and gaming just incredible. The the shifty feet who operates I'm disturbed for months is about to be cost. After copious failures a team of detectives has a secret weapon a witness tip however. This witness is quite weird he doesn't remember anything about the appearance of the criminal but he knows everything about their habits and behaviors. Oh we years so yeah she's with his mouth open or something like that as opposed to like he's got blonde hair well remember the they'd be the don't know about them though who is with the that old children's game is that where you had to guess who I guess it yeah yeah. This is this is a variation on that game I. Oh usual suspects where you have a bunch of you have a bunch of cards out. And they look like guess who cards and there's a great of twelve suspects any rounded team reveals a question card and the witness has to answer yes or no the question. And the answer is is would this person. Like rap music or would this person be most likely to carry a gun would disperse and and you have to look at the people. And be stereotypical like I don't think this person whatever play golf foreigner arrested I don't think this person whatever you know be a ballet dancer. And then eventually. You hope to get down to dig through the criminal because the witness can only answer yes or note of the questions that are drawn off the deck of cards and hand then your team has to decide base among the witness says. Do we think it's this person this person and you hope not to pick those the one that is the murderer. Because you're you're trying to leave the murder being the one that's the last laugh top end yes you're trying to basically say all I know these people aren't guilty yeah because these people way iffy iffy answered yes this person is a belly dancer a moment you go in knowing that we need to get rid of everybody leaving not a ballet dancer because they're innocent. And that's okay no okay there's a lot of stereo typing in their because they have so every ethnicity every age anything you can think of it's so it's like hey would this person ever go to a baseball game and if it looks like somebody who's not even from this country you go. But I crossing out yeah or does this person Mike rap music or is this person you know they haven't done. And you have to sit there and go I don't think that person does your end and some people get a little. Yeah I can call your roster that's sticky again this is definitely one of those that you have to judge your play Groupon I think on that because if it's someone who's not going to. Really abide by it has sort of thing either you maybe you might wanna pass on that they had placed eighteen players I think it's based on an arena at 18038818. I said eighteen wow yes you can you can do it that way you can have teams see you know what their own set a suspects. Okay. And I think it's based on an Italian game so yeah getting insularity as the spent the day oh that's it's just a usual suspects in ghetto. So I know I went under through and the illusion I don't I. So it's not that it's not that expensive redeem. Eight it's it's a small box game actually I'm looking for the price Nancy like I twenty bucks an oil aren't firebox. If you wanna get a from Amazon. And it's called unusual suspects and that's a great party game and Josh brought it out and it was really interesting is we played with folks who. They were not happy about having to make some of these a judgment calls based on ethnicity or based around. Gender or whatever that out they were not happy about it though I I don't know I like this them so that's the one who is among the the one game. Did we ever know four X crazy in our game group yet you have been loyal for acts crazy Josh and myself and of course Chris is a little Forex crazy you know but we have not you know what we what we haven't done. Is that we haven't played this game called desire at together Chris Knight legends of a drip system. And they also have an expansion out to members of radio forsaken start them and Zaria is a sandbox for X game and called a sand box because you can do any want this game. I'll start off with a basic ship. But there's like multiple ships you can choose from and they all have their advantages so it's a symmetrical mood aboard looks pretty empty and a picture from Chris had a boards insane. And you travel around eight and end there there's the spaces are smaller than normal export space you discover rather than than the galaxy if you will. Because the fact you always flip over a space as you get to look at it knew either they can skim it. And taken action turn you know take a point of action or bower our energy or you try to save your energy and you'll just do blind jump if you'd like jumping to a star. No doesn't Zuckerberg doll there can be different yeah I weigh in on this game I would suggest getting the expansion in the main game because the main game there are things were broken. The way people got victory points and they were like. It goes to the mix those in the expansion expansion fixed it who and the ships are all painted this whole release early and I look Horry got the money is meant at all name and and everything else is plastic Ellis this lake they know metal money I can kick starter thing though is there really any in my whole why owls pretty amazing I had become what their home bases so you actually have plastic see through basis that you didn't like with the ships on the mini and pre painted many it's. Because it painted many dignity as credible caddies look amazing. It's it is pretty it is pretty crazy. You know how this particular thing is is is is what it is and still being offered that way if you go to the if you go to the games or get it. I think it was about eighty something bucks that I paid for mine that makes sense around that price range for that equality that we're seeing right here I guess I. But it's a fund for X game where at eight that you you have some NPC flag ships in the game. And one is once designed to just collect a lot of money that you might wanna go steal from. At another one is designed to basically be up people who are not. Outlaws and then there's the them as the enforcer ship that says designed to go after the outlaws. So look at it matter what you're doing what you decide to be in the game and it can change. You know you are gonna be pursued by somebody and may be other players and you get Vicki points for so many different things. There are events that happened there emissions that you can do. You only have room on your ship because you add monster leadership that equipment leadership. You only have room for he cargo which you do need cargo to be able to do you mind some of the the marine resources in the game that you can turn in and when you turn resource is giving few points when you upgrade your ship you get very few points. A way to eat when you help out somebody who's stranded because they arrive energy may have no more power you can get victory points you give it to voice to blowing ships up. So you can you can I mean give you one point guy Albania and help a guy and they are out of college a number of lay up sounds like dad is going to be an interesting day when I decide to play this because I'm gonna I am pretty sure they'll be playing with you guys when you got to break it out yeah yeah yeah yeah looks a lot of fun it looks beautiful so he's admitted he's in the sand and a learning curve is really really pretty easy on the game. The game also has asteroids and comets that you have to navigate and there and there's dice to roll. And you you basically use everything but it's inside a Dicey you basically use all your dungeons and you'd easily item but my guys backed united ice bath and I'm. And it's in the end you have to choose to I want weapons and missiles shields or engines. Because you only can have so much on the ship them and then you also need to have room to store cargo. So you decide what kind of player you wanna be and I decided I was gonna be a guy that had shields and fast engines figuring that somebody was going and try to kill me anyway he's gonna epithet so I thought I am I you know I was shocked yeah exactly and it's a fun game called side legends of adrift system and then there's even sway the system's switch with each other there's worm holes and all sorts of crazy events that happened that really make the game a lot of fun and if you if you if you like four X games. This is a so open universe for X games you literally don't don't be involving anybody who don't want to but eventually some of the national ID RAI shortly and he had would just real quickly we had one other game that you wanna bring out yeah this is an old game. I think was in the out late two thousands that was but that called android and there's a lot of games including how net runner was re skin he'll match the old was of the coast game was real scanned the Andhra university in new the universe is a cyberpunk universe yet and this is a really interesting game fantasy flight and it was we played this weekend this past weekend and it was pretty interesting today to hear you are detective in a cyberpunk world and there's five gay characters you know you're either a character is going insane you're chargers got money issues. Your character is got wife issues when. I characters got military issues or you're robots basically out. And every digs in its very a symmetrical and the game is not like clue where you're center trying to solve a murder even you are but really what it is is that we all get punch cards that will give us Ricky points if in fact our hunch turns out to be true. Who did it. And we have a list of suspects him we basically brought around trying to find clues. It's very interesting how you move around the city because Somoza faster cars and others in they have like these little sort of rulers that we used to see where we can get from place to place around the city on earth a man Heinlein city which is now on the moon isle today and nom. There's different places you walk in the city that will affect your life you know there's nightlife and religious locations in the there's ritzy and CD locations. Depending upon your character. You know you don't wanna I wanna like I had a character who lost his memories. And you've dealt dealt memory cards all the other players and those members who come back to haunt you. And I didn't know how they were gonna get even but I went to certain locations they go well you watch and listen location and then you remember that your piece of crap and therefore you lose your turn well. SO US courage and it's got a cool thing where you have a deck of cards a light deck and you have a deck of cards which is a dark dec. UN access to your like deck all the other players have access to your dark dec. And it's a game that forces you to be mean to other players because if you wanna cast light cards which is how you get stuff done in the game gap you have to spend this'll markets like this a little chart that shows you how much light energy have an end to castle like card you have to then basically go closer to the dark energy and then if you're too close to dark energy you can't guessing more like cards. You have to cast a dark hard to put you back towards light energy how this is really actually very intriguing system that is sounds like it's a lot more almost story based in turn every store base that's that's neat because you have plots you have to like like funny and who did it may not win you the game like I it was a big joke of the game is I didn't use a MI suspect. Art and clearly some people wouldn't know who might might suspect was they had no idea because I wasn't putting on their because there's other things you can do that will help you get extra victory points. And then there's also a plot that you have to make sure you get good baggage or not bad baggage on the plot ninths it like it because you'll get wrecked if you don't take care of your personal business so for me. But I was drawn up. And so I. Everybody had these characters that NPC players there were resources but because I was a drunk. Hi I want my characters was dead I lost him in the war the other one my girl left me and then the other one was missing in action and so I had nobody to hack and so Mike my my plot was I need to find some people to help me out because it reveals that people to help them out. And it's very ace Mitchell's all android I liked it a lot three of five players like you did yeah fantasy flight of course the components remains in well now it's time to get to look. She Swiss TV he got sick. Right so raked in more thirties. Final episode for season three aired last night oh yeah CNET plenty of and it was good I bet it was good little little season has been pretty grange you've been watching it to have a gas. I it's been darker it's been alerted in there really dark in comparison you're really getting into one what these characters are set yet unseen this season go check it out. But I haven't let it kind of falling what's been going on a lot of stuff thing going on with Deanna Harmon and like recently like he's on a Twitter sabbatical 'cause apparently one of their is a new episodes. It was kind of like a mad Mac theme number I was in credited to women writers. And people or harassing the crap out of them and he's like oh no no he would not having eighties like you guys do you basically called a lot like these knobs. That wanna protect the content they think they own and somehow combined with their need to be proud of something they have which is often their own. Only their race or gender its offensive to me. As somebody was born male and white and still works harder than them. That there is some white male fan out they're trying to further some creepy agenda by protecting my work today. Hang out and that's the the thing that I've always hated is that when people. Take ownership of something that they're a fan of you can love something. But to deny other people or deny and Blake win it's an actual creation of the people were making it. Like no that's wrong you're doing it wrong and I. There are they were re freaking job these episodes have been amazing I think for some reason they've mice have tiny ghost for whatever reason I don't have to because they're women whenever. It like common held down but I have to give him props for coming out and condemning these people for what they're doing why is this why did people so wanna have these conversations and then you hear it Shirley please. The same reason why if sometimes you walk into a game store and everyone looks like him make you have three eyeballs or four tales you know because you've. Entered their sacred domain. In it's what it's bears and it's only there's like a lawyer if you were a little more inclusive may be more people would be there to have fun let. Right now I don't really want that tenacity you know if you're that socially awkward that you don't like being around people then the you know you have to take a look at some point if people wanna be kind to you or people just kinda general. Then you're the problem you ask. On top of that though he is in works. He has they've signed up him Dan Harmon and Evan Katz from small crimes to adapt. Sirens have tightened for TV no now does sirens of titan was an actual ball connect panicky became out in my 1950 night. Nine written my courage money got involved and lodging and on not getting Bernadette. Any of but the story. Is Venus and 22 century united tickle at least the TV show. Falling on my lot she constant who is that who. The real amount kind of track Alex didn't want me as I say that is not I thought was the ultimate of the Monty has nothing I don't know yeah. Hyannis and I'm right handed goal and he's still a pain in any event yeah. The richest man in the country and he uses so yes so much luck said he considers them like him he's divine. Heavenly blasts so he uses that luck to build his inheritance fortune like. Even more so so he ends up on a journey that takes them from earth to Mars as an interplanetary. War threatens to break out move this sounds like something beating Chris Ray definitely into all they can read this back in the day actually yeah that along with some martian survivor of the war he travels to Mercury in back to earth. Where he is publicly shamed for his arrogance and then when he ends up on titan he encounters none man. Who's responsible for the sequence of events that allowed him up so far from home Abu. You know his name of the camp sirens have tightened all right Perez Danny Harmon is going to be if you look Ricky Moore you ridiculous scifi decide later interview right up your Alley has to be resigned yeah our aid and until next Sunday as. I think anything.