BJGN10-04-17 - Helpless Villains?

Wednesday, October 4th

Spicoli discusses comics with Marvel Legacy #1; Rev talks about the comic book villains who would be helpless without their equipment; Rev and Mike Robles discuss video games; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea is geek nation I in the reverent and play go across from me is Vicky Barcelona high. We've got Chris walker oh hey we've got the show's namesake Vijay Jay. And out of and we need to tackle Joseph we need her to the lord I am also here if F Ed thank you so much. On today's show we will talk comic books with. Street bullies were. Yeah. We also have my growth was talking video games. The importance we're gonna talk some other comments about super villains who are helpless without their weapons and of course the heat she Wi fi TV Vicky Huckabee would get a hold of us I. You don't hold us via our web site he Jake he nation dot com it's gonna have our podcasts information and on like good stuff and we just need to keep nation across the board council's media. Absolutely lots of great information our FaceBook page definitely check that out and nothing that you should check out if you're in the western Washington area is GE two which is happening Saturday and Sunday October 21 and 22 at the century link field event center room in this is we're now playing things like rocket league for 5000 bucks yes I learn about stem and robot organizations in our region and how you can get involved. Experienced the latest simulated combat technology was state of the art laser tag this is a legit laser tag this. Really isn't dead that you maybe played with in your youth where he had these little kind of like almost freezer type looking they have put on these are great looking at realistic weapons that shoot lasers. Lot of fun with that and of course there's the board gaming zone where BJ Shea will be spending all of his diet. Yeah anybody if you want tickets and information head to GE. Two dot live that is you liturgy blender either number two dot blue wave now I did say that as the Coley was no longer on the show them and also they get an open invite to talk about comic books and this week it's a big one. Accusations the Cooley here and we have got to talk about moral legacy number wants the big one shot bro just put out. And it's clearly meant to set up a lot of different story alliance in the marvel universe going forward not a secret empire is finally done. So the big story we knew we were gonna get. With disks. Legacy one shot is that it was good to be about the avengers one million BC of the teased. The original or the old school team recently it's got voted himself as for. An old school iron fist just a woman who is the Phoenix a ghost writer rides on a mammoth which is cool to sorcerer supreme actually named our Comodo. And docile to call star brands got to start his chest are really no but he's in the big route via a big deal. Did this comics so we see these avengers one million BC DBC get together. We see that voted in Phoenix are dating which doesn't. Really matter is just fair I guests. And in the past in one million years ago they banded together ain't fought a celestial and killed a celestial. At the star Brandon got the got beat killing blow and thus claimed the right to eat the celestial sparked. As bushels or not to be less twists. So what now in the president dead descended versions of these characters are having bad dreams so today's Doctor Strange. An iron fist and voted since the war they're all having a bad dream is that are about. Chile did god as they put it that are clearly remembering what he's one million BC. Avengers did and the whole thing is kicked off by the modern star brand coming to earth ad attacking two days ghost writer. And we don't really see ghost writer gets in the and it's stare at it like a Ramirez is about more than usual but the size that we don't really see what. Happens with that we're gonna see of course this whole idea spoke visible shows is going on. So the president the other big clot weeks follow is that low key assemble some ice giants to steal something something that shield has that is labeled. Four dat in 1939. And of course but he 39 suggest some sort of golden age connection. Because of the history of comics so we still as a shield the reason why they're able to steal from shoulder but there was a good time is that shield is over shields being disbanded. Because of the whole cosmic cube secret empire state still has lost all of their credibility. While Luke key infiltrate shields to steal whatever mr. enemies trying to steal. We see that not only are they being disbanded but the comatose body of Tony Stark. It is missing somebody has stolen Tony Stark's or the other big state that volume gets an Iron Man books. Meanwhile. I heard hearts the female four man two Captain America symbols of Captain America band together to stop low key and they end up. Supporting him but while there they support him there being followed by some strange guy and a beer truck and will they stop the most of the ice giants want ice giant gets away. And two we see this loan I strike or run over by this beer truck. And Al steps Logan Wolverine who died two years ago he's back locate the lives. She kills the ice giant opens the case and inside of it. Is an insanity stone and so now Lou it's Beckett he's got one of the Infiniti stone switched up the space go Mora gets a sensation about because I guess he could do Zacks. Other where things that are happening is that dead fools try to repent for his sins she apparently he killed tilt Coulson at didn't hear about that but I guess it happens. It in space there is an intergalactic empire will conduct a collector at the rules over which is probably your results of him getting the acidity gullet to add a secret wars. I'm ticketed unity Ghali considered he stole we're getting these elements back admiralty universe to help sell a movie in a few years but always fun to happen anyway especially with Santos on the move a dual class to exit his book. But the last big bombshell from this issue is one that is is just for BJ though is could be very excited about it. Johnny and then get together and talk themselves about how does a miss being in the Stanley and they were the world doesn't need damage Benz says he had a role leads us go hand lighted up. At Johnny supplies of the sky and light that fantastic four simple. Now circle whole comic. There's been a sort of omniscient narrator talking about legacy and history and all that net to end. We see that this narrator is an exact. Malaria Richards she and her brother are flying around space look and a new universe is having a day and the all time. And they are back to the rover universe the very last panel ends with a little for a little logo so BJ. You could take solace in that marvels clearly bringing the fantastic four back. That's a big bombshell. Hope you enjoyed it until next week you could sign Miette shoot the breeze comic star com where I am not publish your views on Saturday is utter YouTube. The show is comical watch a YouTube dot coms like shoot the breeze comics think he's so much the goal you know BJ. Laurel okay little active there was not a whole lot of fantastic four and it looks like you guys are still some fantastic news guy guarding an ally must have Colin was talking I've seen the panels he's talking about what Johnny and band don't lose I won't scene also you have malaria and Franklin and you know it's interesting I'm on leave called dot com and you know edit I guess this look there's a licensing issue. That they're dead and I'm off it's all about marble battling foxman according to this article. It's said that. They did their original reports say that marvel was canceled all their fantastic for comments and Liza comics and licensing over there is. Is the fox studios that's what I had heard before so that's that's why we lost the comments is because of the African movie problems yeah because they don't wanna promote their movies and they're kind of tying in all of their stuff I heard the fact that. In marvel vs Capcom and the need to video game that Mike has talked about and you will get to Mike in a little bit that there's only Everett a minor there's only three main villains in the video game itself. One of them being dorm Amu the other one being old Tron and the other one being panels which are three main bad guys in recent movies. And so I think they're trying to tie everything in two ZMCU. As much as they possibly can do not only that they don't have Wolverine Ernie of those X-Men same reason it couldn't get the rights to her dad and that was it is kind of funny because V he had posted up on last week there was because we talked about this and so it was kind of cheese dot piece she did a gift of wolverines six. Our man a fair we had to look it up and figure out why it because wolverines not any game he's been in for a light. Many years ago I rectify the problem was and I used to get those Tony Stark he from the movie Carroll on his eyes. Yeah. I ask Darryl I passed out of casinos in annual marine now town black panther why we wanted to DLC characters and I think he's going to be. Oh America that makes a lot of sense with that but it ME at least at this point BJ they've maybe decided that maybe bygones be got by us maybe this is one of those things that's kind of a little care it in front of you know in front of the donkey here. I think isn't even a whole gang back. Did them but they just can't use the name fantastic for at least according this article. Alex Ross the great. The great artist. I apparently tweet it out pencils on the cover he was doing. Where it was sue and read it wearing the same uniforms that that's the goalie saw Ville area and Franklin wearing bozos like OK I guess they're coming back of these new divorced many quickly deleted it's weaker. It's so exciting way to enable us shells that you're supposed to Charlotte N Alex do these this is. Maybe this is a subtle hand so that fox and fox and marvel are may be working together much like we saw with Sony and marvel working with Spiderman homecoming maybe didn't realize that. Maybe we need mutants in the end see you maybe we need all of these characters may only need the fantastic four to get the MCU treatment and get a real creek in movies. I saw are really funny cards in the hands of the little things are wounded on pace stake. And it's like why region have means and EM CU and it was mag Mino and it's like. And good age shoots like do you really throw a metal shield that need it think cool and then it's retirement got this show like I ask. I really Dark Knight and the site it's like you got a metal hammer get the hell out like it's. It's just yeah I know I think everything is based on science and technology in the NC you may need a would completely run and just just a crazy over everybody my theory is at the end how they got a hole to go ways like hey I'm holocaust survivors or cold though his chief of. Let's it's brutal actually I love it but this is I mean it's it's definitely. Sticking cared sort of thing to get people who really want. Fantastic four and where sticking Kerry asked yes like you know because you lead the people for you know listen I. Okay and they're I heard that before dialing in earmarks recently. But in this case I'd really like to be care as well as time I like the idea I mean it's gonna and gets me cool to see them come back it's been a long time since I've been I read a book and so. We'll see we'll see how it is man I miss them. I'd go still talking about comic books and now I love all I was talking about super villains it's one of my favorite things because I feel that aid. Bad and a good guy cannot be or as as good as. His villains because it gives it gives a reason for them to exist. And I found this article on comic book resources which are deep. These super villains who are helpless without their weapons food and I know that there's some of on that. People are going to necessarily agree with I would love to here's the goalies take because. One of them on here right away is the Joker. And they see the Joker has been shown time and time again not to be a tough personal once he's disarmed him Heath ledgers time as the Joker in the Dark Knight has proven that one. That to be one of the more popular modern generations of the villain and we saw how easily bad man subdued him when they got into close quarters. Do you I didn't feel that this is it because I think that. Said jokers appear he's got disappear intellect in DC outside the box and he couldn't move beyond that. So yes he gets disarmed and he gets taken down but I feel like always ends up being part of his plan anyway. Yeah so it's not necessarily that he's like helpless about his weapon. I mean do we do feel like this list this specifically about. Physical ineptitude at that point because I mean did did the Joker crafty and you're right he's one of the smartest cat say in the DC universe that is equally insane housing is a feeling kind if you re the permanent coma and just put in a blink or Murray knows nothing is going on areas that. Legally be able to escape like an encounter with a big daddy. And I think he passes just because he was being interrogated right back and in not locked room with the police and he still managed to survive I think that means they won't keep trying something I had the tip of plywood that's the point of the Joker right the Joker doesn't and reveal himself until he needs to he talk his way out of it that's all it is still putting is visiting jokes or the other pretty detail and got the grandsons and Barack that's. Cameo appearance -- -- any wired himself up as a human bomb man movies you know when he's when -- when everything went to growls mob guys in the minutes and I know what you gotta do want you to beat that man is out all the all the grenades is right up with like you're not gonna boy yourself close and I have to deal with me is the he has the he has the polar opposite of of of Bruce Wayne that man he's. Yeah Bruce Wayne Graham and decided to do something good it's good for the city and jokers like this that was him anything good for these people and he's just has broken. But anybody he went different he went towards hope that Bruce wham bam and as Joseph was like there's no hope. There yet and. This is this article really seems to band on the fact that it's like oh these people have to implement its. And without those they're going to be nothing the next frontal as was the culture. Wish Pollyanna and I somewhere in it makes a lot of sense not miss it with the homecoming one because that Michael Keaton. That care dirty sturdy yet exactly like focusing geriatric yet know Arizona had your old money and you looked he looked old and crusty and he really as flight suit. Immediately the blogger or B of ultra about about the one guy really duo and also the green spandex for Halloween hours. Anyway at this phone we are tired or just if if physical altercation these these people would be nothing if they didn't have their whatever won't even put this leave it's a two phase would be nothing because he's just like any other mobster. Yet now. And you're not necessarily wrong area but at the same point guy's a monster but he is a mobster with a huge deformity and he has his. Physical and mental ticks right that are the things that are the crux of the villain. And an end and it's a numbers game and a lot of the Batman villains sir it's not like they usually have greater numbers to be bad man and he's got the tech. I think it's one of those like if we took a way back and gadgets and we totally Superman's powers who is better superhero. ML wake of the elect training like you could take on looking on at this best fit while Superman I mean he's buff and everything but if McCain handle being a weakening. This is it's funny because I'm looking down this list and it's basically there heating on it Spiderman and Batman villains like it's firefly. Mr. freeze her doctor talked to put oh yeah Jeffries of yes mr. freeze it just be dead. Doc talk I think I don't believe that because I think he's got the brilliant mind I think what you're gonna create those arms just like trying to create a web issues have spy he does have the strength of a spider which is seen nobody has ever brought his body and the I believe at that point I mean you just talked about how the Joker and you know bad members swing are those the you know of them by the yin and Yang so to speak. That dock dock rock and Peter Parker are the union we saw that was superior Spiderman as well. Yeah it's interesting yeah rights and and I are you never know who he's closer to who's he closer to the green Gabon or closer to dock rock they're both his memo to equal villains in his life can't. The only one that actually on this list that was an A bat man or a Spiderman assailant was number one being Lex Luthor just basically because in a straight up fight who's gonna win between Lex Luthor and Superman and less like Lex has like is that. That weird like wind power armor like an armored tank or you know just like Kryptonite you know yeah I did exactly but at the same point LA if you take away the Kryptonite from lax. Yeah it's not going to be able to take him out but that was the beauty of it it was the brains vs the brawny was the these scheming vs the boy scout like that's why these things are awesome so. I know this is like here's a list of things that we really annoyed that but I still thought it was interesting to pull out the virtues of the villains. You know I think your narrowing I think it did they open have a very interesting debate and I'm glad we did it. All all want a guy you are I'm not okay fine how they will move on here as villain crop up because Mike robe was is with us. Mike wrote this is with us and you can find him on social media he might rope missed. Very easy to find you and all your platforms. And I've people wanna watch you play twitch is the same thing right there at that man it's true I try to make it easy to find me. Which I guess in mind numbing good if I ever make enemies in this world by the same time as a concert is bring it I'm sure you have a fighting game nemesis out there who is well. Well hopefully just manager about fighting games or just take it to an idea yeah refiners street yesterday hopefully apple finally so what some of the news that you have forest this week in media again. Slotted it I mean it's a it's almost saddles her with sad news 'cause in America always gonna talk about this amazing game H is a man yes and I like that game is amazing and it's Superfund its crackdown meets saints row and it's one of the coolest games they've played this year. Unfortunately apparently in the game didn't do well and didn't sell enough copies and the studio volition. Just laid off somewhere around thirty people are Jim element on the game and I mean thirty people is a significant amount of people to at this point would be a lot of these game companies especially the smaller game companies they're not employing. Hundreds of people to do this and this could be a very significant. Thing for them it is they mean it's it's it's lives it's lives are gonna ruined essentially because of the game didn't sell well which is. Definitely a huge bummer because like I said I played that game I loved that game at W was incredibly fun. And I mean it's still out there he can still pick it up and you can still play it. And I just get exactly it's like one of those things where if it's not a big. You know Tripoli title people may just look over it or if it's not something make it's a huge surge right away like you know. Player no battlegrounds. Right yeah it's just. AI it's sad is sucks because there are so many really fun and games out there that are just. People aren't paying attention to. And it's kind of remarks there's so many games coming out we talked about this third just so many games that are coming now and they're coming out so fast and it's almost like I didn't even hear about the game until it launched in an. And I was like man out of an all about the game and I known about it before and you know there's no marketing if there's nothing if or if I'm Jim and swept under the rug like you said from his other games. Then were really not gonna see it going now Xbox and all are promoting cup and four to seven right resolute and big titles right now I've seen stole many different things and marketing materials for that. Didn't hear any weight into mayhem and I know that. Four to seven and cut had our you know Microsoft helped titles but you know would be nice to see these other games to get these get these sort of promotions. Yes so I mean definitely check that check out agents of mayhem if you guys having yet and hopefully the people who did get laid up give bounce back. Fortunately a lot of times when you see that happen and and people get laid off from one gaming companies all of the other gaming companies are like hey if you guys need something you know needs a job we've got plenty of other guy games in the end yeah I deference. A lot of a lot of camaraderie on the on Twitter about like you were higher he has are higher here in Ohio will have to hire relation hash tag team jobs all I kind of stuff so. People already get mr. reaching out to the people well enough and it sucks a label from dipped nearly started here about all the people like Al offer because like you said the game is incredibly fun. So definitely check it out guys now another thing now this is interesting because you just sent me that assassin's creed origins announces the discovery tour yeah and this is probably one of the coolest features they've seen the video games are especially Ortiz is coming out. It's said and ancient Egypt. And they're announcing this mode it's going to be an add on mode for free. And it's a dedicated educational mode we can free Rome ancient Egypt in game free of combat storyline or time constraints so it's do you get to travel in. Ancient Egypt GAAP and learn you can go and talk to people and you can mean educational mode which means I assume is gonna be you know. It tidbits of information we you explore these these tombs in these pyramids and without any sort of constraints like nothing stopping you just to go and explore ancient Egypt on Iran to. That's amazing because. I mean how many times have parents back in the day as special I know my parents had set you know it's like well you're just wasting your time playing the video games knocked out earning any sane exactly and at this point you can kind of go back and forth with that yes no I'm going to do right now here's my dedicated learning about Egypt time. We're a similar image of the other polling about this is a sensor and origins as we know is going to be an Xbox one textile beaten so not only we get to experience assessed the origins. Without having to worry about fighting or story mode and you do experience change in Egypt in it you wouldn't glorious four K. Yak yak and it just I just. Am excited. To see the visuals are Mac yet because is after having played. Amonte had with magic the gathering data got to kind of back in today egyptians sort of regime you know you know the money withstanding I do really like a lot of the Egyptian themed things so I would actually be more in interested in playing this discovery mode. As opposed to the main game yeah because I'm not totally into assassin's creed I I've played him a couple times and I understand amend I know that it's just not for me. But at the same point going around and learning about these things that really digs deep for the geeks out there right and it's. It is and sounds it's a mean one of the coolest features people are so high about like the re tweet it's already got let go refinery tweets and I don't almost 2000 why some people are clearly excited for this Nia and I am sure that it's just going to be I really hope that other company and other games. The sort of learn from that and try to be nearly. That and I can even see them wanting to do this way if passed assassins and out titles if they do. Remakes or you know what they've done that before with like you know GGA where they made it for the yeah Xbox for the 360 in the bumped it up to the Xbox wind you know they've done all of those I can see them doing that with some of these new ones and having discovery modes for all of those -- don't be outstanding. Had a few people actually learning the world history. From a video game is good news agency amazing I love this big so much Mike for this information where I -- can people find you and I'm in finding and twitch Twitter and YouTube it's all the same at about micro bless thank you so much Mike thank you so much Mike and now it's time to get sue us. She twist V. What do you got porous Dickey. Well we know Halloween is just. Like it's going to be tomorrow it's gonna come up and you need to start planning your costume to becoming already where you're gonna pillow. That's a lot of people what they do around this time since you know the weather's changing. They like to just kind of sit around you know. In front of the fireplace drinking some hot tears tighter tighter Boehner. A good many yeah yeah I see you kind of like a Halloween horror kind of steam. One thing being in this GA here where again now hocus pocus stream may. How excited are they say they hope this vote is being one like the essential Halloween moon easy need to see every year. Gases has an Allen came out like last thirty days or almost not you might not 1 AM 1993. During wow. All morning again rears and around. It is actually a very good move yeah it's it's. It's fine but it's also a little bit scary and it deals was something that you don't normally get in horror movies especially nowadays which are witches yes. Making just don't see a lot of which scary movies. Or anything it's a Disney movie or eight. Yes and that's really has been Greenland again buying like the Disney Channel. Out it is going to be written by scarlet lacy who worked on a show called the royals like it's an east so the royals had like. Elizabeth Hurley in and stuff like that allow high and the we don't know as of yet so who else is going to be an I know David Kirschner. Is a producer who lawsuit is the original from hoped the original hocus pocus film progressed. But I have read here will sink back into when he fourteen. That Midler Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Alia. All expressed interest in returning to her prowl. We're also aren't cool Sarah Jessica Parker was and I knew bet me yesterday you know which is denuded it and which is usually young she's gonna I'm not like killing come up now the sexy one can't sell good news bad news and disappointing and I he feel about remakes and now assisting and we talked about last week the fact that they remain flat liners and nobody was expecting or wanting that would this one I think that you would actually get a little bit more a little bit more interest in that. Yeah NN actual kind of horror themed story I got here. Whenever they remake any thing you know it's usually never as good as the first one or at least the actors and as good as the first ones. Done but what Robert Englund could pick who could play. Jason Gore he's and I he's given criteria I'm really proud are really interested I don't recall yeah. I don't play out there and I don't know that. I was reading another name a season where he's at the same time my grade one thing. See now who would you would you pick because it is import I mean they are wearing make up I think didn't he was Jackie here Earl. Failure yet Jackie Earle Haley played the new wind but came in about a filed. Well and now let's Feller and he was no he was a child murderer that Florida Halladay had a file there's a difference there which ire I have to say. I don't I don't know if that's what they met him to be but felt like was too edgy for the original movie could or if and that could be totally tell our day just made the call it is every child murderer pedophile and that's a good question I'm I'm wonder if they I they've found that most cases that's the case that is true and I'm just was or Christina they made that choice yeah big horror movie fan. It hasn't scared. And I. Not good movies I'm sure they're quality movies are as scared cat. But I'm wondering it's like we we're we're used to so much like death. And all our shows and movies now I'm so that kind of have to open up a notch in the problem was is that at night turn on street the first one I mean for eighties it was pretty scary for like now it's laughable and and as you're progressing along they were a little bit gory little bits because there are slasher flicks. By Brady had a charm for our England gave a charm to the character. Which is it is hard to do especially when you have a character that. Yeah you're an uncertain activity at any point cheering for a pedophile. And cats that you write enhance the problem is that you can't get behind him as opposed GP is pure evil gap just like sort of random big evil yet can get behind that yeah it's it's a supernatural evil doesn't need to have a back story that involves something that is that. Touchy and so and round choice of words are. Teddy Newton. Area and it just. He may have just done that how. Well I think I know why now spoke holy weather's consciously or subconsciously only wants the jokers backs or maybe he fell on a bus they amass that and drove him crazy. Because then you can like a guy who was just crazy for being crazy now supposed to learn this happened to him or this whatever it's like now it. I don't wanna know why he's crazy I just wanna believe these crazy in fiction I don't think a lot of the times we need to humanize that villain like you just don't need that sometimes especially something supernatural like that. So if they're going back and they're gonna make a new. A new nightmare on elm street they're gonna get a new Freddy Kruger I think they have to make it an interesting character. And a good actor need yeah play half findings so before I tell you clue that he wants to play. You know Freddy Kruger who would you pick to. I'm thinking of all likes the worst ones in my brain or announcing like Patrick war bird comes. I was only thinking yeah because I just think you would be kind of whole layer now I think he just doesn't look I don't know boyfriend now Nancy. And big I think it was I think I'm Gary Coleman's character and fulfillment. We Gary Coleman would have Molinari oh really well you're holding the place seed mix this can be like amazingly and get scared hold me. You're gonna play a horse OK since Gary when you're my low for you may not amount. Actually he had he explained that he would love to see Kevin bass again. The mood as he sets interest in and I aren't Z Kevin Bacon in Linux that lane said well gossip I've heard in I don't know that the how valid this is. But there has been some talk about using or perhaps he's been approached Kevin Bacon. Yeah I think that would be great he's one of my favorite little it when I get a little more movies stir of echoes no bonus I'm out if you haven't seen it. Yeah and I just think Kevin is the right size I think he respects horror movies he doesn't make fun of them and I think it would be. Really interesting I'd be OK with that I would love to see Kevin Bacon's tape and what's left vacant tonight Kevin Bacon's take on the horror genre and again as long as they just turned. We bring back Freddy Kruger to. The weirdness the evil without being really too real and evil. And then he actually Kevin Bacon and says he he's open to the eight Heatley who like reality man and did this nice. Until my son and stay there any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of so I'm flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot plus.