BJGN10-05-16 - Euphoria - Mana Surge - The Wicked and The Divine

Wednesday, October 5th

Today, BJ chats about the board games Mana Surge and Euphoria; Vicky and BJ discuss the comics The Wicked and The divine as well as Marvel’s Star Wars comic; then we have the Geek Sheet with Chris Walker! ​

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doctoral else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome to another edition Vijay Shays do each nation and I think he first left the eighth. Cross our next Jimmy Carter. Chris walk like planned book will walk. No caffeine then yes the only way no how. We also have the show's namesake. Mr. BJJ. You can't get rid of me unless I forget where this crisis happen. It's a tough tough tough tough tough. It has a great enough of that and I know it's October Halloween but some get back to normal and I got a rare it's Roddick G. Obviously this group. You know honestly I will usually be seeking honestly. You tell us how people feel for the bus that's I can do they contain myself at Laura and her went so I don't know Harlow head of the so happy about an area about it and I blizzard in the Hudson chairman and Todd check out the web site. And our podcasts or DJ TV dot com what goes on FaceBook to search for BJ she speaks nation false follow us on Twitter Atkins to ground is. She's got you again there is tough she's so quick. You must do something about there's some good money this concert put her. At DJ deviations Barcelona. I'll start for you are you know. For voicemail and my hearing in the tabloid the 900 through 243353. Shooters female act Vijay keep teaching at Ers Czech girl Chris is awesome videos and as loud voice that yes you do dot com slash story this guy now I assure. Lynn Johnson is program only Shelby discuss things if book games including euphoria and analysts say just months non comic books does this Wednesday today lord your name sent Johnny Bur oaks will be talking about some college books including one that so little weaken a little design of the wood in the final yeah but you did okay well and as well are based hours comic style war it's our head around work more now. That's. Still occurs it hasn't been said earnings do you actually ought to really I think hundreds and hundreds and a lot from. Well that's pretty fun for all right and so into it looks. What forties and he has him playing recently. What board games have we not complain risk really is sorry million of them Sherry you would be playing all of them if you didn't have a job PI we are where we are backed up as a matter of fact I don't know there's a rumor has it there might be a special board game addition whose party has come analogous special yeah. I don't know I heard rumors say they could very well be where that they had an Alley tells me thank iams that's that's just so we will keep you posted on that there may be one special. Special episode that we do that we'll just be all more games hosted by somebody had my good name of Chris I'm not sure yet world. Agha as I look forward to it we're really talking with a couple of our other emerging bodies including a Shawn from thing and this is the nemesis our hand on him anywhere near a microphone. And Josh from the mega gamer so why the other Democrats stand we have so many games to talk about on this and we never get around all of them so I figured why not just to hold show. A whole episode dedicated and as a league games. Yeah I think I think I have a listen I keep track of every you know I played its new and I'm going thirty games yeah we have yet to talk about on this fight and let's knock a couple of new games are a couple items up that list Vijay when he got well nobody Josh we are making gamers one of the guys you mention the reactor with. Boy oh boy is he just. I he really he's got a bad though really built a great new game room which you might see some pictures that we throw them. On these two grams none of Facebook's like that. Hi DC is playing somewhere and you see a lot of cool pictures on the lawn you go Wallace like a cool room it's probably Josh is that we're not yet and one given here I've played actually our bodies are Vernon Wells you know the private game clumsily in the law of the land of the Seattle area we've played Star Wars rebellions which he's in why you play for awhile. Is it there are two or four player game it's either you know obviously it's tool or Dino a deep team of two against those demons to turn so it's either 2404. Player game. And well OJ if you wanna know about it's a board game of fresh conflict. Between. Let's see. But galactic empire and her rent but some learn exactly expect BI and it really is it's really that it's it's like really it's like a chess game. Featuring new one side is white playing the rebels near the site is black playing the empire blue and it's a cat and mouse game where it basically. The empire is looking for the rebel base. And you have a bye you have a board that has a ton a planet's on there one of the planet's is a mystery planet where you have a deck of cards you shuffle. And you and you basically go RI AA Michelin cars in the new pick some cards you gonna make that the planet's he'd take that one planet card put it underneath his little rebel base square. And it then the empire has got to find out where your rebel bases moon so you'll have a lot of troops you've assembled troops on your rebel planet square. Which is over the right. But he doesn't know what planet that really is that's on anywhere out all look plants that you see from the Star Wars universe and it's a big game board the system hunter plants on there and then there Jason to each other so you move placed a Plaisted some movies suffer Ron and then the rebels do their moves may have actually cards they play. If there's a lot of miniatures and scheme over a 150 I think and their beautiful and Daniel Clooney three including three deaths stars you have to death stars in one reaping complete Destin so more guest stars thing you need not necessarily overkill because the incomplete death star transforms into the completed just RC guerrillas are okay. So if you blow off linemen you know they Amy Billy and went somewhere older. MM autism these muses it's really nice looking game yet here I've I've seen it played I'm not ready yet myself but I've seen it played in it looks really really interesting and I'm definitely gonna wanna try to salvage our sometime it. Ya it's eight you know we're just looking when you play the game is the rebels you see holy cow I don't have that many people on the board and you see all the people the empire has on the Borneo. Well I guess that's consistent you know it's a big empire and there they have a lot and there's characters in the game. So you know you'll have Luke Skywalker you'll have the emperor you have Hans solo chewy. And they help you do things you wanna do as well as you have your normal troops you have your ships. Lots of different ships in this game started story or superstar destroyers. You know rebel ships X wings Y wings Carell inched dealerships and all that so it. It's it's it's there's dice rolling in the game. You know an area control and management has a lot I mean the game's got a lot of different sort of the mechanics and there. But it's it it he can take awhile you know if you're an experienced player may be it may take you couple's three hours. But it's well worth that you really get a nice viable like holy cow I I'm on the run from the campfire here with the including Kevin a movie rebel base are able to do that if they get too close. Do they are already here. And it's very well done and the Yahoo! puts this out by the way Annan Tennessee was it has it play his tennis it's life is so as you know. It's a chess like game cool rule book because I see if let's get everything indecisive. Yeah and assistant into some what do you always generated today for instance the index to yes so index is good bats and a quick start guide and then if you have questions you go this indexed. The bigger manual conceding get playing right away you can go right to the page you need to go to. I I really really like this game a lot it's a great basically chests like duel game three and missing because you can't do tests yeah this is this is why like you because the moves are more like an area controlled game. Which is cool you know which isn't so hard because really the moves are while he's over their next meal over that next space I can move left they can move right make a move up when you move down it's kind of you know it's it's a little easier than chess for me actually occurred there hasn't but you're really cat and mouse sing and try and have to hide it. And trying to do all sorts of things to confuse them. Very well done I like a lot and Iraq and possibly five buck. Her baby and be cheaper in some places you know whether eight. So that's that game and I game we played you and I both played yes and that would be a manna surge which is a much lighter game much later and he we haven't played this yet you know I think. I'll tell you that daily magic games which is that is Seattle based company the guys have put out of malaria card kingdoms and on the malaria stuff as well as so we just kept voodoo lounge shantytowns. Great. Currently have go nuts for doughnut suffers as a kick starter. Emergency we have 'cause it on the face the pick MCI and that's going to be a fun game and gets kicked in my parents yeah always a play you have this day and as I was very sporting to donuts that I am sorry earlier Fatah the so they had a game which they've they kicked him a successful call man a surge and I really I'd had a game for awhile but had just gotten around to telling you about because he played it. This a fun game it's a hot potato late game. It's a card game and it's that this is a great way to start an evening it's gonna fancy theme to a child friendly. It's very child from Italy all ya and it's it's two to six magical was is against each other over series a rounds. And basically you know the whoever the starting player is you start with a magic spell and then the idea is you're shooting your spell at the next player. And the next players got to do something either deflect dispel. Or hope for something to mess otherwise they're dead. And then when that happens is if you hit somebody with a spell you'll get some magic judge rules or tell you there though like stones basically. And the way they are you trying to its symbol the world crystal and when you get enough stones you assembled in youth possess the magic crystal and you win. And the way you do that is by hitting somebody would you spell. So whoever is able to do the right thing to assemble different stones and not get hit with a spell including the original castor. You know venue basically successfully cast his ballot you get your stones and they start another round with another starting player who gets to start their spell off her. And the spells are easy it's color coded it's it's really like. Different suits space way it plays a little bit like uno that way because if you if you eat in Libya in order to keep from getting hit by the spell you do need to. Match or go higher. Yes and number Sebelius played before you exactly yeah and you have to go higher so a and we played a game called Al Los ML yea. Where that also involves a BI has occurred to look at a game. And is that one also involves number matching and in that game if you remember we talked about somebody puts a number down you can only go higher or lower depending on the rules. Sending this game if you if you wanna screw somebody over would you spell player real high card to start with and go all right. I'm telling me a year later it's the highest he go below fair. Exactly I mean so and in this in this manner of the different types of spells the difference I'm schools of spells of you will. Well than ever since they do different things in different ways and there's a wild suit actually where every card actually that's the magic doesn't. And it's in this is really fun in this it was a lot of fun it it's every nick. I Yankee go back do on this but it's a play is almost globally hate your neighbor guy any of these kind of games three Syrian circle you're really trying to. Just be the only one who doesn't get hurt by what's going on and and that that eight it's a great game this is a fun and yet they were quick to. Yeah I it's a fun strategy do because they there are times we get to draw cards for but if you don't draw cards and you're able to stay alive you get super bonuses there's a little press your luck aspect to. Your strategy as well as what card should I play should I play a higher once I play a lower I want. But it's simple to learn you know we're all civil alarm it'll have done a master government it's fun game because everybody's involved because it's a Dino take that kind of a thing. So you're all involved and shouldn't trash talking each other. But the game mechanics are easy to do and all men a surge by daily magic games. I think it's like thirteen box so it's really you know is really yeah it's every Delano Renault has told me yeah perfect. So yes that's my daily magic has some good Seattle people local company Blair and get this game anyway I'm shocked oh we're gonna finally. I game it flies out we want Vicky to play because you know we we have to get her into play because. What are your favorite game is Vicky what is its two learns a watered mats you have we have got big game for you easier there because you love worker placements and this game here euphoria bill O. Are so preempt. So funny start and I heard about this game off at a restaurant. And I felt this couple coming in and the guy had agony kind of peeked in and I saw it get a full gains tax. And I'm just like you like game is like without even totally gonna learn Al got his business and like to push like. Oh crap now and talk to me well so what I want you got and fairly young Latin. I Jimenez girl with any of like. You get rid of this low lane said basically say it's a worker placement and that's right up lead and then shortly after BG is like have you heard of this game I guess the plague now. So I'm excited. Yeah I it's it's it's a very very fine game that involves work replaced it with dice it's dice worker placement. And if you basically you're just Toby insidious game with a few workers at your disposal to make your mark on the world. But like most people in distill the and fiction your workers are oblivious to their situation. The world is all I've ever known and you may used amateur win. And for you to get ahead in this world you've got to help workers help you out of the trouble is is that. In order for them to help you out they've got to be stupid but they've got to be happy so if they are ever unhappy or ever smarts. They might not hang around to help you out and you need workers to give what you need done. News this silica sad kind of premiered to what's going on in the in the world today prevent you from your this ignorance can be bliss to some degree until you realize wait I'm not even in bliss and I still ignorance but good and well I again. Yeah and I added it's a good theme you know still mired games puts out some really cool games and I and I actually a little crazy but the treasure chest so that you have to really enhance our pieces. Really nice the goal really is likely shiny gold pieces. Oh yeah love that's here these next this I do the water is like little water drops alike that our yes so. And the resources are fun and each you know you'll start off the game playing one of two factions and then. You have your strengths and that's action today if in fact you know why things happen that way and you have resources to collect whether it be water or bliss or power or food. And depending on what you got going on you know you travel of these different tracks and it's it's just a great game to be a lose just say you know you gotta get different tracks at to a certain place so that you can get euphoric and make things happen. Really pretty art work very colorful love the pieces in the game. And the dice were replaced with the is kind of cool because the higher you roll your dice the Smart your people are. And you can lose workers if you're dice numbers are too high. And so there is this different things you can do to make sure the of people are dumb and make sure that there happier with the I don't know if it's a funny name or that and PSA and I needed and is so there's a lot of different moving parts of the game that makes it very very interesting and great variety game play because. There are different cars that are used each game and then they're not used and who knows on the game so. I euphoria still mired games that'll cost you about 55 in customer that's an event added an average game and Chris and I like that game. Our love and love that game that undermining a lot of that Tim martian colony of England to all of you red planet mister red planet. And I am sure it kind of osu there when we did where was we were rolling dice and edit them in different parts of the. As a coalition was several. I Alex Haley galaxy S I think there's times likes these cadets are Dice-K as well hello hello that's always a male resident crazy video this way you're all right James is not as frenetic is that. The dice are pretty though you plan to six players which is how Raoul who like that's Andy goes relatively quick and has a great mechanic where you don't work replacement games usually somebody takes a space it's over. In this game you never get to bring you you don't get your workers back in my shoe waste your turn to do it. A man so it that's a bummer because you really did you what you wanna do is you don't wanna ever have to waste to turn W workers back yet sold in this game they allow you to bump an opponent. Which so that you can take the space thereon but then if you do that then you give them one of their Addai back you know you're and they don't their dissect and then they you know they did and don't have to waste to turn which. Even knowing worker placing games boy being able to effectively manager turns is an important thing yeah oh yeah that's what I love about this that that's a fun McKenna as you can currently only mechanical arm while. Get to you can't go too far down one strategy as you do have to kind of spread out what you're doing because of someone else. He gets to a certain area first it can actually be closed often blocked off so you are and then getting hurt by that. Every turn yeah because you're not participating in whatever that is yet. And if you member loads of water needs another fun thing is they have some spaces like lords of water deep where. For instance when you went to get the quests there were 33 quest space is but it depending on which one you occupied something different happened for you. And in this game same deal. If if there's too many if you if they're too many Smart people the collective intelligence of your workers in the same space. Then there are different things that you get from that space so you go there and you pretty dumb I'll bring I want this. But if you go there there are other Smart people there and you add to the smartest of the area than you know what you don't get the first thought she might get the last option. So you can actually block people out of getting certain things by keeping your Dyson a certain area did you keep your dice down there. You never have to take any of your guys back we don't want to but of course you want to let the right there but sometimes I guess street neighbor Estrich going yup. I know you want that the united yet they're gonna give my guys they're really guys Deanna very very unseemly part of the game so you can keep your dice is some areas and then you can bump people lot of other areas. Really fun worker placement Siena Gil thought god you fully younger. Shifting gears a little bit too we did oh since it is Wednesday we kind of half shock comic books. And since the clean river on assignment. The bullying. PGA I know you've been finally catching up until comic books I have been recommending for awhile now at least one of you did drop off a whole bunch of books for me and you know you don't have them do you Alain now I know I can't say that only and I hate to really say that I do like I've got 100%. Yes I'm good I'm good taste in -- yeah you can you please say that an electric car just say that they know me I think you accidentally has found some good looks should ask don't Obama yeah nice man a soldier and you go to comic bookstore you see what's it liking you buy it and you find and you read it you share it. She's someone sexually English and I love English work anyway I mean there's no I mean Garth Ennis is my man so pretty much I actually. Anybody who writes it in the greater land of England I probable how bias you know five. And does the wicked and the divine is something that I was like OK what is this all about and Vicki said you ought to read this you might like this and I did talk about it when he can and when I first got the first issue on the podcast through many moons ago any moves ago but I think it's worth mentioning again be yes or eight because it is a couple of trades that I dead that we have I don't know if earning more than what you gave me but no I have one more but it's the military isn't say Brett Eminem a little confused and Larry read them. Carlo final one will be. I well. I agree in my first two I've got yet the fast act as a college and then pandemonium. Other one yeah and big and so I mean this is a fun fun story about. Well twelve gods that basically come to this final land of ours known as earth. And every ninety years they incarnate in in human bodies but they still pretty powerful. I don't know about it if they don't other gods. Not at the beginning no eventually they do get eliminated. But the sad thing about these these gods he's like okay they're cool when they figure out they're gods in the and then they're told. 1000000002 years to live and then dated and out of the deal Simi and another nine years and it's a ninety year cycle. In just read the first the first trade and it's been a minutes and I read the first trade I believe I'll Lucifer yeah out of Lucifer but the kind of mentioned like hey wording keep it quiet that we're gods are gonna do we want we're gonna have fun. Earnings keep her quiet Dion but these this summer around there in our present time there like we know. Or no I don't know if we have two years to live we're going to live it up still clear pop singer is they're just. You know celebrity. Everyone loves them and they're just having. The time of their like ATF they are the new stars there's got to be just a might imagine if there were godlike beings on this planet. They would be much more celebrities then you say your average baseball football basketball player because well they're gods. Yeah I hadn't thought about like well what would the world be like if the god city I here we are. What's up he'll course we all worship them in and make them stars and celebrities and that's what these key date because of these guys are all about. Can I love it I think the thing that jury in and I know your muscles judge a book by its cover but I judged it by it are it is Cordero worked his gorgeous even just the character design and then the hair in the make up they go all out until it's a lot different then. There let's do you normally see and I love I seen a few people caused ladies characters act comic con is just so fun to see the vibrant colors the hair but also early leaks they. You gotta give VA Matt Wilson didn't great job with the colors in Nigeria tell me the artist you're ready and that he made the -- beautiful beautiful work so what do you liking like most of the series is or characters or anything in particular that you really enjoy it well I'm forgetting her name but of course the the commitment of the fan girl yet who's at the thought the focus of the story and I can't remember her name is in my life combat is that. Oh million SX BR but she's it's it which is great because she's the normal person if you will she's the human Laura Laura so Laura is the one that is interacting with the godsey she's the pant DN API as she's basically big gotten herself involved in a murder mystery. And befriended one of the gods who's accused of being a you know accused of murdering somebody. And enforce the god is Lucifer and they called Lucy Lucifer and she's. A very unlikable god the end but it looks like she's innocent. And I've only read the first trade and so this whole trade is basically about the discovery for all of us in the Gaza Laura loving these Gaza then all of a sudden getting involved. With them and you know as a regular human to the point where she gets access to the gods that no one ever gets because she's so deeply entwined in his murder mystery. That we know that god supposedly one of them suppose to perpetrate because the dogs are not supposed to show exactly how powerful they are raises we're gods were cold. Because they were supposed in the series alike Vicki said as the years have gone by the I guess that's. I don't have a party he had they have Biddle pop shows where you don't even really know what she's singing about your just in this like tree and fly cake. Hallucinate gin world and people are just in love with the with the feeling and characters and Anna she's in the first one that. She kind of has victory on a look to her so that's kind of an end I don't like they got a lot of inspiration from pop stars there's a cover. 91 of the single trait they saw recently and I have it ready yet but it's of Lucy. And it looks just like it's an homage to David Belli yeah oh yeah you're absolutely right a lot of musical influence it seems like for the artwork itself. It's CA it's it's well done and without really doing a lot of spoiling Mary here's what I think we've given you enough as to what it's about and I'm just starting stand ammonium which is the next trade. Because some. Something really big happens at least at the end of this trade where you're like okay where we go from here kind of a saying if and they did I like all of a sudden where they go on from there. On the care and I've only Karen Jones the writers got they unity you know got to give credit where credit's due. Pales. Now the inspiration for the series after father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. So that's that the themes of death and stuff are included in the story. Our books so wow I I have to give I give them all credit for the whole story and their husband talks and we don't know much more except that they're trying to look for cast seen. Maybe but there is going to be TV series like sex criminals and Douglas in the DeVine picked up about same time yeah this is this to make great TV series in them yes sir and I think we should play the fan girl Laura. Is a leash from missing at all wow she would be great seriously right like she does look just like you're in the comedy out our from those who saw screwed over recall which by the way they had caught don't recall. It now how we're told me I did OK Ali shine answer them ancestral recalled actually a fun show I was a Netflix series it was like six episodes really fascinating starter and it's so funny she's just like the opposite of a leash as she so so we eat. Inching you know she's just kind of in love with this one guy and they how to change the name recently in I don't know if it's because of how awful that name sounds. Or I disagree that a total recall that is now call grueling recount lot of Netflix is now called love sick it's based on this one guy who. Gets an STD any us to go back and tell all the girls he slept with. That he has an ST they should get tested and it just kind of funny the whole the flashback sequences. Yes I believe that a bad name is not a name they want they can keep such a great and he's parallel data via our our while her little word confused and then suddenly realism the pour them parity maybe we all might be right. So yeah Atlantic market was there aren't that he became well at the audience so I. Really Netflix did commission season too but it's going to be called love letter if I had to find the fair and I think the attempt. What it says via there at comic you're talking about well I I'm not alone we've talked. Got a before but I'm a rams aren't falling it's obviously like to keep up with what's going on in the world Star Wars. The marble Star Wars book is just is just really amazing boy. I gotta give a lot of credit Jason Barron and the brighter or him Lee is are is really fun in this as well but. Boy Jason is really capturing. These flavor of the characters. Of Lou commonly and everybody pretty much. As this this whole story takes place between episodes four and five. And I know I'm these are such great stories. Where I am wishing they would actually make movies you know I'm digging through May and doing rogue wanna they're showing us all this it's like. You know what I would be willing like JJ it was Star Trek I'd be willing to see young actors assume the role of Luke Han and lay up I'm ready. Finally I'm ready he's like hey I was ready I see that's good I would I embrace new Kirk Spock McCoy. Hi there I'm ready for this because these stories are so good and I'm the end and they've done such a great job to make them fit into the Star Wars. Story line and can end between episodes foreign five did you figure all right they've looked at SR now what are they gonna do. You know until they get to basically tossed like what are they doing between now and half. And this in their son is so much fun to see at the Honda layer relationship the new characters introduced that are believable that really flesh out Khan's life. And to see there were how old we want to know be what he's been doing this you know always it is like he's been on the planet watch and look for how many years did you know as since we saw at the end of episode three in the you know we know where what he's like an episode four. I love seeing all that in trip NL just tell you this the latest run a story line is well. They decided they'd they needed. A star destroyer yes there are all right need to find a way to get a star destroyer and you might go past. And yet. I love how this all came to beat this is a fun story line great back and forth with Hani and lay out as you see this relationship development. Pretty much ago I get these guys are fighting so much there are so into each other you know I mean. That is is they lead you up to where they are in Hartford and Luke's development but at the same time still quite young dude trying to figure out the force. I love this I really really love this I want to see this somehow played out a as a series as a movie. These first one some episodes that they have done. Really really really good right up there right over the level of what I DW did for the a Star Trek books one which you know follow the story line and JJ Abrams university that's just recently ended. Had a lot of fun with this man this is a great Star Wars book it's in marble check it out you know and man lie a sub like I said latest thing is. Friends they've got to get a star destroyer highly under that Penn really fun way to get that done. Well thank you B day. Nobody welcome thank you thank you know X. Like significant. I'm on the ninth edition Wednesday achy you're all okay thank you sir that I awakened in the pneumonia there we go again I want and I guess you're okay with your book and there are no way a big idea yellow. Let's say he'll be getting bashed. I know things I don't all of them out tonight Riley is on all four of our big collection prisoners in American industry given any different. OK well not free at all off the. And I could mean for BJ Elmer Dessens. They Evey day let's move on cookie sheet Swiss. Chris walker no. I don't Magnus Peru Rwanda and guys on the keep this short and sweet I TV just like like Chinese car. I'll just like Mickey behind me that she's shown better. So self driving cars right this is getting there are a lot of companies and trying to make it a big deal and turning it you know remove the technology out there is some of our own successor and minority report's not gonna happen until we have sometime early this feature on the tubes instead canning those. Please every so much better to be so much vomit and industry in the system toasters transport is further concern but it's. Lee and Intel remember Intel can't hesitate to computer chips and stuff I love their Egyptian Kenny just wonder how crushed. Those are true. They've developed a system to train their self driving cars. How to navigate them by having them play Grand Theft Auto half half of that stuff to kill hookers you know likewise well. I because I mean FF I remember correctly somebody to get hit by one of these cars burning car car crash in or something so they're playing the games I Jiaka. I turns out that did the developers a Grand Theft Auto did such a good job building detailed virtual worlds. That they are better simulation driving in the real world than anything out there golf so Intel. You. Develop suffer add ons for Grand Theft Auto to help the cars to recognize that different objects like people frantically try are right now is that the bush is. You know I tanks and who knows what but they apparently did the guys that did Grand Theft Auto rock star did such a good job would developing rules worlds that narrow dirt TJ real life cars. How to drive themselves uses video games don't help with Denny thank Murrow and Osama you know I wanna Johnny can't. And I think and I wanna Johnny get into a chip from just a regulatory oh exactly my Johnny cab where would you like did well. Olerud and you do go to my eyes don't think I could have another go on the the fifth element cab instead so good golf yeah years Abu move from Bruce Willis he's got problems is get to merits orderly and he's he's he's done to prevent this guy have the bottom somebody model here being glad I believe while that's metal I got Vicki what they cannot diet I very much appreciate you taking over for me some happy to do it. And it's a next time. Steve you're disease not fair to. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot gloves.