BJGN10-05-17 - Special Ops - Blade Runner 2049

Thursday, October 5th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev, & Chris Walker! They discuss the possibility of a Scanners TV series; Mark reviews Gerald's Game on Netflix; and reviews Blade Runner 2049!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club house. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. And key nations special ops. Spare some thoughts and prayers for your special ops briefing I'm your host mark for honored and this week we'll talk about blade runner 2049. The new Stephen King adaptation of the week or possibly the date. And more. In fact this week when he just called me blade runner. Wow your honor there you know. You know how long does say that the voice you just heard was possibly out of the Republican in Fuego and I just saw and Chris walker I've got nothing for Chris Becker. It's like there not Snyder was stretching a lot of stretch to stretch we've got a little I can rev. In form humans cutting and in touch with a. If you would like to do so 19802243353. Can send us text messages or voice mails on that wind BJ geek nation at For all your email needs and he could finest on social media really simply going to be digging nation dot com 'cause we got all the links in there. Chris walker oh. Yeah okay yes let's watch it. We can get a Jerel your hand us there I was too narrow it into gender specific and not sitting in your fluidity into account thank you speaking of fluids. Old today so revenue Chris. Pretend it's a Gallagher concert listener. I'm sorry. I'm sorry so more racism than usual and no I stopped I wanna accessories. Speaking right now knowing there's no racism today and gay first person ism can and we'll get to that we'll get the blade runner. We continue to diving do geek material. A pleasure of course but more and more out of escapism. For just the new horrors and outrage is unfolding each week and boiling it this week. I'm almost afraid to look at the news wanna wake up I got this filthy habit of waking up Connerly. Looking at the news and my emails and then going back to sleep. I don't think I can do that anymore because every time I do it now it's just something awful that they make me wanna cry what kind of tree uses that area and that you know while. I mean it it it won't be electric sheep it's going to be. Now here's the deal to them I'm gonna be cropping throughout sodas looks to skip the settlement. After a mass shooting roughly every day in America when our new record holder in Las Vegas of course one man armed to the teeth with weapons no civilian should have. Killed 59 people 159 people. And injured more than 500 others that these are numbers so huge that they're almost abstract right. And after the usual insulting thoughts and prayers garbage our congress shall do nothing and will keep happening. They didn't do anything after twenty school kids got shot at sandy hook so don't kid yourself this is just the cost of doing business for them and for the gun industry. Aren't sure what was in Vegas whose girlfriend at the time. And I will tell you this. If anyone's going to kill him it's going to be me no one will take that from me do you understand me. Milliken Miami on some big liberal tirade here although yes I am a liberal and I do wanna take away your stupid guns you pussy. Just some quick facts though. America's the only major country where this happens by a lot are ridiculously huge margin. Hint this is not American exceptional ism okay. Something else the Second Amendment just doesn't allow for this and see well regulated militia and they get you where you need to go that amendment has been abused like. Like a joke about spousal abuse that I will not be making today it's been abused like arrest toilet after taco Tuesday wow can not prompt doesn't. The NRA the National Rifle Association spent more than thirty million bucks to get trump elected. And it's bought and paid for congress for considerably less Google it cool NRA donations to congress or whatever. Talk about your blood money it's 32000 lives a year worth of blood money. If 32000 people getting shot to death features unacceptable to you and Vegas is unacceptable to leaked fuel we agree on something okay. The cause of most of our problems is money in politics when you dig down and a half and this is maybe the worst example. Look up how much your representatives took from the NRA the column email and tweed adamant tellem. To stop taking them blood money and the savior angry emails to me too I've done my homework on this for years. If you're pissed at about. This with me good to quote another Tweeter. Just know that I wanna melt down on your guns and used them to make a statue Colin Capra McNealy. About it okay show up so save it. Next. In news it's horrifying and a good entertaining way. There is apparently going to be TV series a new series based on David Cross members of brilliant 1981 scanners don't Chris walker. What's so we'll yeah. Oh yeah I came here. That is the beautiful score written by a composed by Howard Shore. There are under right away because. It's really like no other. No no nothing compares to that and then you can put this arm win when you're making sweet love you woman. Don't mind I have OK good like I knew we had more in common. So yeah if you if you're not familiar with scanners look at their kids and 1981. David Kornberg. Just in the EV seminal introduction to Groenenberg if you don't know Kornberg. Start with scanners. And then work your way into the rest of it because it is amazing and both literally and figuratively mind blowing. And so any competitive situation Michael Bloomberg says media ran as an bronze studios have acquired the rights to Kroger classic game once scifi thriller. Another gonna turn into a TV show. Is there any information about what the TV shows going to be using going to be a remake is going to be more stories in the same universe almost nothing what I can glean just from bouncing around the Internet here it's. No we it seems like they've only they've acquired acquired the rights to develop it into a TV show and there's. Nothing else. Yes OK well. I'm kind of optimistic about this whereas you think my reaction would be screw you there's no need for this who got the original but if they can do with scanners work HBO did with west world. I'm really hopeful about this you know for people who hasn't seen the movie. First of all don't bother with any of the sequels scanner Collins still gonna show party know that TI don't realize AIR I ever sixty calls an original one is just David Groenenberg at the height of his powers it's after his. Learning phase. He had done the brood which is also excellent but that was before he got into his party phase. And it's about Telus has totally medics who were recruited by a shadowy organization. To be the good guys. Anderson evil scanner played by Michael ironsides irons I was recruiting scanners to be bad guys. And the hero. Clipper Stephen lack. It's it's such a great art because he starts off in the story as it disturbed homeless person and becomes kind of like a scanner spy. Yeah in and get sent around by a not only this a shadow we agency beta but also he does some almost detective work on his own for a little while and I love that that did the actor Stephen lack. If he shows I think two emotions for the whole thing. But it fits his character perfectly I you're really right about that he didn't go on to have any kind of career at all really but he's just perfect in this movie yet. 100% higher percent and and we find out all these other things no one of the most beautiful bits about this movie was that it give Kornberg was. Still writing it while they were in production and it doesn't show at all doesn't show. The the most notable. A supporting player in scanners is doctor Paul Ruth played by the great Patrick we're doing with you or your right there from the prisoner doctor Ruth and he is big news service scanner you Oda who showed it was. And shows Cameron veil the Stephen like character how to harness his abilities and it turns out that Cameron. Isn't just a scanner he's the most powerful scanner hall and it's so great do seem close to the beginning. Where he sets up Cameron against a yogi who control always bodily functions to see what Cameron can do. And I can't think yes it's kind of puts the needle into the red and alarmed everyone if you haven't seen this movie the criterion collection put out V definitive edition members recently. And I just can't recommended enough. And I'm hoping to hear more news about the TV series soon have more or we find it. Meanwhile Netflix its electors and Stephen King adaptation every single week we talked about if we we just saw the dark tower. Today it's Gerald scheme of book from 25 years ago starring Carla Cuttino and Bruce. I got rich green waiting for numbers agreement yeah yeah I didn't do anything I did this looks very really hang out and I Manning decided in Meltzer for amateurs. OK okay this. To 25 year old book and it's there really. Effective little adaptation I have never read the novel you have crystal I have exactly and I was very excited to see this when he I I heard about it on Netflix about a week before it came out and I haven't had a chance to. And get excited about it enough and then actually watch it so here I am I just kind of went back through I don't go back in the old Rolodex and remembered that. As much as I could about the about the book and if it's anything along the level of just. Psychological. Built in terror of of a bunch of literally one character. Going to hang and everything that's going on in her own mind and being this this sort of mental trap that she sets up for herself if it if it if we can and conveyed that level of of absolute horror I am in its not a. Read a big sprawling Stephen King story it's it's what in start tricky call a bottle episode Arnold takes place in one place. Essentially. It's I think it's kind of a middle aged couple in real life she's 46 and Bruce Greenwood 61 right is kind of a European Spanish radio and yeah. There. They have some sort of a troubled marriage I don't know how much the book gets into it but they're going off for a weekend at the house in the country house by the lake a vacation house. And they're gonna spice up their gonna revitalize this troubled marriage. And he decide they decide when more human are. That they're gonna have some sex games that's girls' game he's gonna hand covered the bed and they're gonna roll play so far she's not that intuit and com and only its annual Harlan Ellison story. But also a country lawyer written to a first of all reminds you just how Vanilla my habits are like if you could just not check your phone what we're doing and I'm good dad and I I went out and that forget. The dual Harlan Ellison story is that. Years and years and years ago. He meets a girl who don't feel we're like that her parents are gone she. Passing higher ups spread eagle make in the living room. And she says just do something really dirty to me now hangs has been and I'm paraphrasing here you really want something dirty yet do something really nasty. Any leader like that for parents to come home and find out what I. That's not quite how it pans out in the Gerald came on Netflix. The Bruce green the husband has a heart attack. And the woman is trapped in it's a mighty the slip we call those things I would negotiate longer again. For Iliescu a quick question about that part because from the trailer that I watch it looked like preschool in Greenwood just sort had a heart attack in the book. She. Balks at this sad situation and gives them a swift kick in the chest and the and and others. And then he goes down its attendant has heart attack it doesn't matter because they end result is the same. And he winds up being one of her hallucinations as she becomes exhausted and dehydrated power. And it's pretty effectively done regular clip. It's good for instance really good. And here's an easy we're very difficult things. Your parents. Or school and. Believe bringing up saying Canucks. An area and they should think you're asking me today Kenny your little suing them. Look I want for my. Series stopped me. So it's. Really what it takes these sticks but I hungry consumer. We grabbed him. We know. Maybe dead. And yeah. He's really into it's an assist them. It's time to wake up tiny. And this goes on for hours and OK and she hallucinate San is threatened by various. Real and imagined things and you don't know what's what it's an effective little piece of film making by director Mike Flanagan and you have to familiar with his name. He's done a few handy little horror films he's becoming up or directors to keep track of populace hush now batter all blue we joke origin of evil which believe it or not is not that bad. He's. Doing something that I'm kinda skeptical about but all watch it just on the strength of what he's done which is the TV series based on the haunting of jailhouse old really. Yeah hook okay so having read the book are you Chris even remotely excited to see if I am very excited to see this as a matter of fact I do love. Stephen king and a good. Moving your television adaptation for me. Is worth its waiting gold this has a couple of actors that I really enjoy and respect to including mrs. runner. Curlander June oh yeah how many are about that do you adult keeping track is for amateurs and now there remember I'm a man a large appetite. And big boom when I role play I ask the girl to. Pretend she's one of the student loan people. It doesn't last long unless OK when we come back and blade 12049. Welcome back special ops mark runner here with the Republican and Fuego M Chris walker and a more an honor for you. Let's talk about the first blade runner because when he came out there wasn't that big of a hit you guys both love and I'm assuming. I haven't gone back and seen in and Y all why all. So I do remember letting it but I don't necessarily remember why it wasn't a huge hit. It was over budget released gotten nearly got fired from it and everybody made fun of Harrison Ford's hair cut at the time now we think it looks really cool. But asserted show us. I was way ahead of its time beautifully filmed beautiful sets Bure was 11982 Chris correct. Beautiful score by evangelist and it took years for that sort of come out too by the way. They had sort of a crapping knock off version by I believe the Los Angeles philharmonic orchestra that everybody who like the movie had to buy. Then ten years and years later the real one came out. But it became a classic and we watch over and over and over again and it's one of the few movies along with scanners that are just never get sick of you have a piece of it round. C. Actually it's so dry asphalt we shall we. I watched TV news. Like piano Puerto Rican her came shell apparently had little. The kid god I'm not the one throwing paper towels and people are way I don't blame the victim I'm sick. Apparently that little speech was either written or improvised by a worker power play and Rory Battie the chief of the Republican gang. Now since this movie so much a part of our pop culture landscape. I don't know if you guys have thought about this but Decker Rick Decker the detective played by Harrison Ford and he's really not that much of detective knew he doesn't do a lot of detecting. And he doesn't really win that much of what he does he really gets his ass kicked throughout the movie is there is there are some things and like a detective bed they relied purely on luck. Well he gets a lot of saves yes he had yet he does and he gets mercy at the end of the other thing about blade runners that maybe you don't think I am very much is. The Republicans really were the good guys yeah. The south and it makes it really awkward 100% yet discussion I replicate us as a slave uprising yep think about this they are slaves their slaves who are trying to escape and live their own lives. And Decker is a fascist copy sent to to kill him correct them. Well I etc. that a minute it's such an atmosphere. Beautiful sort of scifi nor film that it's easy to overlook what it's basically about them. Also if you if you have. I'm reading just seen the movie wants it really doesn't mean the sequel it's adapted from. Philip K. Dick. This story not a not Novella Novella a gold going up doesn't bear a whole lot of resemblance to a mere eight Dick him self was not on board until live there. Early you can right before he died. When they have literally brought him on board the production and probably gave him some sort of financial taste of what was going on them. Com it's it's become part of our pop culture landscape and it's imagery to its music I don't know how many versions of the movie you've thrown your money out there. Why they're there are several versions including a final cut that is the director Ridley Scott's preferred one. I heard that people have had issues with that whine the main issue and heard scuttle any issues number one is that. The issue of whether or not Rick Decker did detective who is also actually replica worst argument and I sing no. I say it doesn't matter because the movie doesn't establish it when we're the other. Aaron and Harrison Ford is said no for thirty years release Scott says yes. For Ridley Scott is kind of a master of imagery in not so great it's storytelling so I'm willing to tell him to go soak his head and if he's. This is one of the things that upon re watching recently did today do you really holds the attention in this movie there is not a lot of story movement or implied or or any of that there is a whole lot of imagery. A whole lot of really long shots and a lot of what I call the enterprise shot and it just. He drags on and on and on I don't need to see him flying all the way across the city to get to the office like I get it why was that future LA whatever it's. Our mood it's really a mood movie and they that you dislike yourself sink into an in a bad mood and if you're not in the mood for you guys it's gonna rain and there. A little oh and the other thing the other thing it was come a point of contention about the original was the narration. And apparently you're some some unclear plot points. And at the behest of the studio head's Harrison Ford gave some wooden clunky exposition narration. And I think it's only at the end of the movie so really has a feel like he's coming in for clean up there yes it wasn't consistent throughout the whole movie like a real old fashioned norm movie that. I'm fine with that. Com your mileage may very on this this is a finger reasonable geeks can can disagree on potentially now thirty plus years later. Currently we're 2049. Numerous attempts over the years by really Scott and a variety of collaborators. To get something off the ground anything from a series of short films to any number of permutations with or without Decker who is now the elderly Harrison Ford. Fooled insider baseball here. The hour of the screening. It was weird and there were some unusual rules for it go for wanting. If there's ever a big movie that. Promoters know that everybody's gonna wanna see they always have strange rules like maybe got a check yourself on a leader in the car. Or in this case it was a strange hours a day they know he wants to see a movie was at 10 AM. You downtown actually year I drunk from the night before and come from fairly and Edmonton. Anderson my usual rules. They asked before the movie that we don't reveal any of the plot points. And delivered a little and note from the director Danny Villeneuve. And after the movie they they insisted weeks all sit through the credits and this is it to a 164. Minute movie news. Hydrate yourself yes Saddam. And where independents kinky guys do much if at the at the end of the movie publicist comes out and reads whole long list of things. That they would like us not to talk about or divulge and it's so silly it's always in the audience we're laughing and somebody else. Should Pollard out of the publicist. So don't removed from review the movie is what's your check and that's fine I'm OK with no spoilers. But there it's just unusual a lot about this is unusual. Now what this movie has in common with the first one. Is that it's essentially about who counts is a person who doesn't. And the ultimate awakening. What's essentially a slave hunter Perry up to the humanity the funny at all now I I don't see how they get around that that is what this is in with you when you think about this even a little. We're going through that right now. Who counts as a person or moral one than others and this is not a stretch this is not me being some liberal a hole. What else would you call it when Republicans have been relentlessly trying to take home care away from a portion of the population. Or when another proportion of the population that had a crappy deal for centuries and was literally enslaved. Gets dressed for peaceful protests of right immigrants minorities foreigners. Replica lives matter got the picture here the picture there it is. Other applicants in both played our movies we're. They were created to be slaves and they don't want to it's not exactly subtle. Now wherever you have a little bit of audio from movie. You have programs for the colonial ships. Poses any available cameo buses and again tonight. World. So you have my. It's like god. Okay. It's just my game and I played yeah. We look big and huge. Continue to suddenly now they get a new one it's a woman's. Will amend the best. This Ryan Gosling playing a blade runner detective known only as K. Speaking with Morgan from the Walking Dead what's that guy's real name. Research. As sexy trying to find it as we were doing this and that is that like that's Morgenthau the Walking Dead is that there was this character's name there and and free Morgan I can't I Henry okay fine out of their walking sure I'm on the I'm not on the Walking Dead page I'm on the flagrant toward 49 page they're on your excuses attired and oh my god. I don't walking through big. Orphanage or kids are being put to words as as Kaye tracks down clues in him in the case dues you're. A quarter from even more to rebuild that much about it talking hoops you said two names I feel like you've probably any of hunted down at this point you are let me James Lennie James thank you very much on assailant neighbors saying that wasn't that Morgan James now here's a little more. About the plot and then you guys can ask me what do you want. There's a discovery on a retired replicates property cape coast to to wipe out a Republican and he's played by Dave Batista. And this leads to a major discovery about their applicants. That could really change everything for everyone. Meanwhile is a weird billionaire businessman with a glowing disc I is played by Jared Leno. He wants to find the same information for a big breakthrough of his own. Because. I'm not real mean anything else replied you that's what you ask me anything Al figure out how I can answer yes or. Wow I this is this is another special ops MFA. Which is short for. Ask me and anything can. Do you checkered and K wind up kissing in the rain. There is no kissing and it's no penetration between two record and K so it's not just don't know book readers it is not tender love story got between the two blade runners did you like this movie. Complicated answer more yes than now do you hate Ryan Gosling I do not here Ryan Gosling. I have had. A minor man crush on Gosling ever since he was Nicklaus when Russians drive I hit it I didn't expect judo like yeah I was only casually how do you feel about actual Gosling sent. In different but I'm sure they cook up really well very true. Do replicates part is that a plot point I don't know I think they blew an eight player deal that they've I think we've been genetically engineered. It's so it smells like a pumpkin spice steps. Mean I prefer my Republicans without saying yes but yeah. Gosling plays are real brooding solitary type not unlike Decker. In this trailer is investigating regarding this world changing discovery about Republicans. Leads him to Decker who disappeared three decades ago with Rachel at the end of the original flick where Tony. Robin Wright places boss in the LAPD as she is apparently required now to play all cold mature female roles in Hollywood. It's always raining it's and it's even more crowded in this room in LA than downtown Seattle. They mentioned how much it sucks to get here on Pennsylvania only had no Zend did is this still future LA can you tell us that. It is but it's changed and got even worse since the first mile runner things have happened unpleasant things have happened with technology. In the environment and it's even we're some crap hole this beautiful film and it's emisphere gut it should just a mesmerizing degree it's got incredible sets. It's got incredible production design photography you want to see this and heater and on the big screen. The director is not release Scott as I mentioned he produced it. But that Canadian Denny Villeneuve. He is also responsible for sick cargo which was excellent move and was a good line and the rival which I finally caught up with and it's just have hit beautiful intelligent. Probably one of the best scifi movies in recent years and if you're having your Korea agree good. Arm when I thought a lot of the actual story propping all this up there were some holes record really doesn't do much and isn't really even in the movie them much and you're expecting a let those character to have any kind of park like Tyrell in the first movie. No no matter. There seem to be some loose ends as well as the typical kind of movie and TV problem of if powerful people and or the law won a single guy one of these get a one of the to shoot him. Why did they send is like one person after and yes. As much as studios leaning on critics not to reveal plot points. The system obvious too much of what happens in makes for very huge jaw dropping revelations. Along moving. Very 164 minutes past. I was happy to get in the groove and to experience all of that even given all those reservations and so. Here's your pull hook. The sequels go blade 12049. Isn't like all the forgettable terminator and aliens once. There's no godfather part two fighter and not better in the original. It's not gonna change movies forever but it could have been a half hour shorter I think the only virtually 49. More like a model hidden on your party who looks like the girl who broke your heart way back when the prettier. She talks way too much but you're going home whether you still keep pig. And a whole. I'm hot wow you're gonna see this movie no matter what I say DO. The show is irrelevant on that note. I too sick to stone this week we'll see you next week listener. It's special ops are marked wrong. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our Pete jeez the video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.