BJGN10-07-16 - Fear the Walking Dead - Ash vs Evil Dead - Westworld

Friday, October 7th

The gang talks TV with Fear the Walking Dead, Ash vs Evil Dead, & Westworld; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about tech; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doctoral else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always news you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome to Vijay Shays geek nation Ina reverent and white dove across for me is Vicky Barcelona I'm ready. And another prayer where would last me yeah right we've got Chris walker mr. walk like a flat not. I'm I mean my idea original place thank you all right then my junior me sir oh wow these shows they say mr. Swedish JU I fear of police junior of course it's. Wow and I have no idea where the man running the board's views. Drop in G giants Cooley is on assignment. Today show we will disgust fear the Walking Dead Ashe first is evil dead western world. Here's bond column Bob will give us some tech news I've got up. And of course the geek she was he can be a live pig Vicky how do people get old us. So love they go to your website all her information in their BJP nation dot com and he's you know around. Are we out of FaceBook creating contact us via there are check out of them silly pictures I've coast. Carla and I didn't know a lot of interplay on information ideas are to be dishing Diggnation. He also follow us on Twitter any mr. grandparents stay Guerrero Vijay geek nation senator fixing the moisture in item one a zero to 2.3 353. He then as any night beating each nation at and I don't forget these tunes YouTube dot com slash PG geek nation began. Guys think he's so much Vicky Tom let's talk a little bit of television because well BJ. You're watching drew the Walking Dead but it's just finished correct ask WDs. Done PI as a matter of fact I can't believe I gotta look back on it but yes LS episode which was a double episode actually times. Yeah which was a whose pass Sunday. And well you know I spoiler alert and I saw it already because when you got to see ghost writer's brother in shield. Yeah I mean is like oh wait is that your wires and you know acting gig at why is Chris in my shield I wonder. OK. Okay and. Yeah madame. DA. But epic they'll. Yeah epic that'd Chris buys it. In an epic fashion I think or that was a really good story line holds it didn't really don't evolution of Chris and James Chris what he which he's Travis is a biological SJ was he was the guy who is super you know a lot of the times in the first season and just kind he had any age didn't get over his mom haven't you haven't seized dad put his mom down and before they would to -- idea I had. On the boat and so yeah I it was. It was it it was epic where Chris sort of just. Became mine are perfect guy for this new world remained Chris can easily could have been. I love seeing how some evil groups couldn't become what they are like. Because we've run into the governor we've we know what we've gotten begin and it ends so we've seen. The end result of this in the Walking Dead. And I like got to feel walking getting may be shows is the other side of how some of these groups starkest Chris deathly look like he could have been part of a new game or governor crew. Yeah I didn't want one bad day turns you know even that man into the Joker and I think I think that's some an amazing thing to watch. And watch it unfold in that way instead of just saying here's a bad guy here's. Here's how he became this horrible terrible thing and and it was great mystery testing torch Chris. Yeah we also got some sad news I guess I mean in a way. I suppose you know I was really excited like how are they gonna do this. And it turns out now there's no immunity the guy was taken at CN yeah it would did they explain what the bite was from yeah. Was it just like a lion or tiger is somebody got in my I don't analyze somebody got him before. But and they never really showed us a great shot of the wounded. Yeah and it looked that he just he was a guy that wanted to inspire his people and somehow somebody thought he survived a bike and he just never has corrected them yet and that's I can see that being one of those things like he doesn't necessarily himself have to be the liar if people just assume what they see. In your seeing people but take chunks and I tell other people pray and this guy still walking around he's got a bite mark I could see how he can become some sort of. We have that that becomes a touchstone that become exactly inspiration and you like oh my gosh maybe things aren't that bad. And if you are trying to keep people alive and trying to keep them hopeful and not. Have them devolved into just misery and self pity and and and just. No it was the hopelessness yeah yeah apocalypse I say we'd run within I mean if he did pretty good job right up until. Not ya. Exactly and away you know I and nick is really stepping up mic is becoming an who was of course it is for faux son nick was obviously a drug addict who was no loser in the regular world. Is really something to see. When. The world shifts and who becomes the new hero who becomes the new star who becomes the new successful person. I love the Walking Dead any fee and what you're watching their shows is about society. And its current iteration because. One man's butcher is another man's hero and that goes all the way back to start tricks the conscience of the king yeah episode where. You know. Oh man oh man oh man. All the people of great virtues like Herschel you know. And to end and end it was the other dude dale daily under the deals and rehearsals really I hate to say it are quite useless. And Travis was on the verge of basically being commercial or dale. Until this last episode Travis took an another step where. You know what you kill our guys didn't. Guess what I felt all bets are off war that's the same thing that we saw on the original Walking Dead with Rick. Once Carl was in danger from the biker gang yeah just like took a bite out of the deeds neck in just ripped out the jugular helmets or if you go after written is always have a bad ass with a conscience. It seemed like Travis was like a super pacifist and anti UN established at the first yeah yeah so he was never on Rick territory to me no I'm Mattison probably go along is probably the recommendations and is the rigor of the show. And and you know. Including and I can't forget the slicked whose name I can remember this. Sly old solid guy still saying inning I kind of Merrill now find themselves and Sarah is a look at barter. And minute there are kind of stranded on the Carolina and I am at a fast so Madison really I mean she's in charge of strand strand is up barely keeping it together Madison's the strength of the show holy (%expletive) is becoming quite distressed show aloof. You deathly seeing girl power on this show guy is much is like nick is coming into his own. It's it's the women that really are keeping it together you know which I think I liked his version as well because we see pretty much what happens when the the matter keeping it together on the Walking Dead for the most part. I mean. Obviously. There is some good strong women on that show as well and Maggie is Bobby is arsenal there the and Carol to. But definitely Rick was always the ring leader for the first few seasons there that show and where I think Madison is really she's the one. And EC gets worthwhile for third season you think that you're going to be down I ripped a single engine so I went and got sit down and as soon as they hop in the boat at the end of season wanna like I had says they just they're probably going to I'm probably going to be irritated it's season three for a while we have ten mango OK alienate acted ethically and that's what I I really like the storyline I like the spirituality like faith being. Propped up as a reason to keep living FDDD if you will the Mexican flair that was brought with this because most of it took place in Mexico this season there really love that whole cultural influence that we never got to see and now the Walking Dead. It's a worthwhile shell I get inundated with programs and I think that's my fatigue factor is what makes me go do I have to watch a show Jerry but I thought it was a good season finale and that was a good season. Speaking of we'll season finale as we got to kind of turn that on its and because. You've watched a couple of shows that we talked about for spots yesterday on the first one being the return ash vs evil dead god yes and that Harry Harry eleven that wind. Love as vs. He did did did I did and I show is so fun Bruce Campbell. I will watch anything that he does if he plays any kind of ash like character tonight anyway I you know honestly I really really will. He is a delight and it seems like he's getting better with age. I it's all I can say he is fantastic he knows that character inside our ally like no one else could ever heard no. And just that simple fact I I think after you if you have only watched a couple of the scenes from this season and I got to go back I know it's on stars and is gonna make sure and figure out a way to watch this because. It's everything that I love and right now it's like a bad season I like it at any time I knew it I can't believe you haven't really glom onto the city is everything you love and soul. Damn good and it's only thirty minute commitment is that that's the thing is how so it's it's insane you have to get started oh no we have not at all no probably figuring out ways you don't have stuff I am glad stars and. And do little. With a little to keep backroom deal that we made grand don't that a flood. Hank might actually worked out I think we're going to be watching this and I'm gonna happen. To be watching yeah I get a bigger season I like I know Becker here Brent and I made a shady deals oh yeah well I know I'm JD this is good. It's worth it you know it's like coming SE DSL access for the new star treks yet seminars and is worth that I wouldn't you know it's funny I was so mad at Sony because I thought powers I'm not pamper you know that to get that one thing. A bit knowing you know and knowing what you love bash is seen getting stars is worth it forgetting it's only half our commitment to a dinner show like that needs to be. And blunt talk as our bronze stars and Patrick Stewart's really OK. There's an example there's a good. The did this this this new season IMAP to give a spoiler because we saw the first episode I might below its all perception. I believe so yes for Seb is a second season I am so happy I love when they do this. They bring backs they brought back somebody from my childhood and they even had a great line in there are our flag summon a spoiler free and moon. Lee Majors the Six Million Dollar Man is Ashe his father and a half I asked why he's so it's why how is so good and the meeting is just like this. Because Lee Majors is is like pretty much a pair phrases like what the hell is that on your hand Eli let's say I. It's jays are Manny goes really goes Astrid Jesse may seem better to go does that make you faster is your enemies he's stronger outs. It's OK okay yeah that's a. This. Is an attempt to. You know I because I grew up with the idea six million dollar go bad. And leave megs of course you know he's had surgery and everybody looks pretty unit we should. I know I know by. I heard to be ash is daddy now what is Lucy Lawless again is fantastic in the way we ended last season was basically Lucy Lawless said look. Because in the whole episode Holy See is this really stupid cheesy postcard of Jacksonville Florida. And that's all I ask wants to do we just feels like invite you lives spring break for my whole life got to Jackson Melissa I want. If finally Lucy Lawless who as his argument and a comic a comic a comic concert and as she says you read that. I will let you go to Jacksonville have a great life and he's it is so bad after all season battling he's like okay. And you know any senate makes sense he's got two cy case I do younger people Pablo and Kelly and they're fantastic and showed two extra he's got a team it's great he's got people with them. So they're -- they bring in the younger people and he's this old guy and like dude you're so all the cheesy nobody actually does a win them over being golden cheesy and being awesome that's not and the season ended with him being Jessica let's start with him being Jackson having a party. But Lucy Lawless is it turns out thought she can handle in the comic a comic con comic con on her own chance to add. You know what she chances she needs ash is held back and hot is loosely scoop and another creates it. Graham but gore. Is so over the top is bids are less fun part was mentioning within the first eight minutes are once covered in blood it's all right Ed editors and why I haven't watched his other guys are stars I'm getting that corrected we're getting that alleviate all my dad watching this PM show because it's so much fun and I'm so looking forward to that I. And it it was a quick turnaround because I. It was spring when I saw on this list this year yeah yeah oh yeah so I'm so happy that they rushed out season to him and it is really not a rush job it looks like they've just finished off with a brilliance where they left off. Love his love Bruce Campbell so awesome and so moving to the next show that on the Chris myself and well BJ and you've seen west world dad. Oh. I already watching Ed and then had a good may be Indy. Campaign and then when you had to leave a show about a virtual reality to go do some virtual reality and you know I think has played the Indian and it came back to start watching it clearly zealously none other than that there's a tired but you did actually see a little bit of a center for fine I just got to slow pace to it I mean this it's quickened slow at the same time it's really accusing it. It feels quick and it feels slow. I I totally kind of vague I felt I felt that it slowed down whenever the whenever Anthony Hopkins was on the seine will die easy. I don't know if it's just like yeah I like an old dude who's just sitting there are collecting a paycheck or fist as if he Hopkins because it would Tom have really. Really cared about him as being Hannibal Lecter and he just kinda hand eye to screen and every was doing I had I think it's deliberate rather be eight and yet I think that his performance is deliberate because you he looks like he's old and tired and phoning it in. I think that's what they want you to feel about him when you think about what this park Sabina the prodigy is also watching what's world and if you get the prizes attention because he he he went out of his way to go and Watson really like that brilliant so I feel like an in joke I love the show shows great. Had it decorated at all optimistic I think he's supposed to be like kind of drive in the whole system into this oh my god kind of things. He does have a bit of a god complex because he is the original maker of all of these I mean at one point he was sitting down with what these second version of one of the eyes and it was. I'm I think it was while bill Hancock yes and they were just having a conversation in those ones. As opposed to every I observe robot in the western world. You can tell that he was mechanical he had that yeah sort of Chucky cheese. You know and a Medtronic president front methods. Good performance by the way by that actor because he had a good job making you really think that he was not real fumble but of course we find out that things are not well in in western world because if you up his character he wants to make him Israel's possible. So now he's incorporated. And in the update he's a rare Marreese. And I think it's a cool way for them to explain why these things are going haywire. And it's at this point they're explaining these aren't they're not like reaching some sort of weird consciousness is not like AI learning about itself. It's it's like a win you just kind of right over a computer they have the old images on the air. Those old listener after repurchasing robots that just seems like a bad idea what are re purpose is robot as a father figure ever win the war that it was an insane cultists church that's not gonna come back and bite you in the ass to probe wounded area and cans worth by the way is he part of a Hemsworth clan. He bleak kind of looks like a Hemsworth he plays out while it was actually an honor him here's yes that's right and I do we find that out ready because I saw his name any guy he looks like m.s worth to me. You anyplace actually Stubbs on the show up as a folks don't know I'll never saw there was a movie I really wanna go back and watch your original movie may be brought this tends aleris. I'm. So I didn't know there was a little cams were lining. Third one I just an he's an actor chill Fiat uh oh you know what I think I did see him on Saturday Night Live one time when Chris hosted. Lian and Luke were both there at one point nine I think I remember that now. Eighth looks he's been at his arms and I haven't been in a whole lot of big stuff right he is in in Finney. Which came out last year which I don't even hear about kill me three denying the anomaly do we three times was really really good fun really underground stuff yet I was. Mpeg mpeg. So I guess so Wes world is basically is yeah I'd say it's an adult theme park where you know rich rich rich retrieve people came. Get to go in there and and and obviously hang out with the easy these android robots that looks so life like there are so lifelike and in this particular world you get you'll be in the old west and you can chill people you can be part of the law and there it. If there are scripted performances and there are people that run it and so it's almost like the if you will WWE where they go they were they could care choreograph everything actually but you can interact with him and mess up the choreography of my dad and get a few on the performance you wanna go along with the story lines you can you can integrate yourself into those or if you just wanna GTA style and kill everyone you can you can do that wage any hair aside the man in black. Guy in the old west world. He was the robot the man black in this one he is I Hugh men. Trying to figure out these secrets of this of the game I think more along the lines of him. And we're gonna see a whole season when you sit still when we knew the old west where he was in the original movie that Yule Brenner. OK yeah yeah okay right okay yeah you'll runners men in black was the rolled by you're right yeah and that's kind of whereas going tests are on that and but yeah Ed Harris at this point is trying to find the secret sins of scalping. One of the robot love my and we are map yeah I love that flip by the way out of the man I'm black you're right and I I wanna watch that movie. It's been a long time and I don't know prodigy would be ups and having a movie they were we watching old west where it's like old movies have a hard time holding up there dead hello I will say let's seventies and looking and watching a couple of the clips online data as the pacing is slow. Because not only is it an old one it's an old even it even though scifi it's still an old westerns that's true so those things that pacing it might not be a I'm Martin doing Marty Stinson runner EE you know as him as the an anachronistic curmudgeon of the show but he loves. That anyone he's he's telling everyone to go back and watch it. I'm by just take that would agree to so if you have what mark recommends a lot of times. Then I think you have no problem we're now seeing at the shuttle is mark and I in the same demographic in the prodigy immunity to anyone so that Taliban. The Pacifica well we don't know if they're gonna go run into the same I don't want to know yeah pat well okay it's but it's really it's it looks like it's going to be a great adventure. And they just have so many great actors in this movie that's a jury in and the wondered did did during the off the movie or the TV show excuse me yeah I. I Shannon Woodward shoes on that on raising hope and Easter losses show like oh yeah she's fantastic she. He's really great it is I'm so used to her being just like her you know quirky you know funny. He Seles she's one of the scientists is one of those I. Sabrina she knows she's the one who do you please Amaro but no she's yes oh yes it'll all yeah yeah yeah yeah that's right yes and it was Sharon I couldn't I could inflation and a for the longest everything finally it finally hit me again we have tonight. All are. It's now because this is is it is weird quirky girl like Evan Rachel Wood by the way is its for a Mays Aaron James Marsden geno has cyclops you'll always know James Marsden to be like to prince charming guy but I will say I pay at the beginning of the episode he fool me because I love the way they did it. Year you're watching it and you're buying and you go OK I think I know what's going on here and and is it turns out you go all I don't think I know what's going on here just know the story line love all that I'm really enjoying this show and it's one of you gonna be the ones I'm going to be following a lot prodigy would anyway what do you like best about this so far what's got you locked in they do a good job of it being a western but also being a scifi show him not to be aboard on either side. Felix yeah yeah really well yes I do the writing is solid. Maybe it's HBO's the visuals are great. On by and large I'm loving this so I I definitely recommend this to anybody else out there who lets either side file or western you don't really need delight. Both of them. I think one side or the other will pull you win in let you accept whichever one that you're not really under recycle what good cinematographer too if you want your big screen TV it's what people used to love about westerns back in the day when ozone standard definition. You don't get to see what they would love to have done and with west world they get to show you all we have this may be why westerns were so popular is just such such beauty of unspoiled land. That you know in the sixties in the fifties his. And a lot of folks calling miss the simpler days of the old west which is probably were so popular on TV then absolutely. We've got to move on from that because we've gotten Garrett thought Colin Bob. You know guarantees from skewed your view that's as K and SK and. If that that you're absolutely right you know the funny thing is we were inserted one and help a holiday gift scheduled already been in communications some companies in some birdie written house as early as a month ago so yeah but this. I could and eyelids start on the Nintendo fried what do you have for us from an intended because there's some big rom ones in there. Oh yeah that number this one is just one of those crazy century sit there and you go. Our beat at least you know if it's true. Peter you're 88 or something like that and the general public in the so called pundits and experts don't know or they can the American. Huge mistake here and I were were talking about the Nintendo and excesses that are a group. New system and the student Kamal march of next year. I'm we've heard from various sources explorer to get manufacturing right now well. And the way it's been described to us is the hybrid. Between the console. And a mobile unit and I guess the best way to describe about being too technical as they could what could they each unit like he gamecube or something like that that you console that gesture to catch will controller similar to the game pads and suction on the Wii U. Those can be taken and operated as a mobile gaming device or they can be combined with probation next. And operator's console. And I interesting is kind AA it seems that more of an extension of what they did with the week you win the week because the Wii U itself could be its own game system but it can also just be a no other controller would added bonuses for the Wii U. Right now here's word here it's really interest thanks so now birds declares Nintendo has not announced encouraged points or need specs on under any conditions all. In a strangulation based on insiders. Sold and so forth. The rumor is that it is not quite as powerful post appeals for now we're not talking peers for pro which is coming out November. Which is a fourteen inch one. And Chester and more powerful all that we're talking the current pierce for. So it's a eaten quote unquote next gen system that is and as good as the current. Can systems. That's the rumor Linear lead other Yorker apparently out of the UK either saying 450 pound price point roughly 500 Turkey US dollars that he's gonna pay for that. That was my thought because I said okay this can't be right because here you're my thought knowing the missteps that apple what do we you. I'm English your absolute dollar air Tran and hash play the latest Donkey Kong Seoul where Marco game. My thought is why would you pay 550. Dollars for that when you can get. Either eight spend their money on the export scorpio coming next year. Or you can create 39999. Arm chips trolling for cage system just got more power up to door and oh yeah trying to games were already in terms coming with third party game support which apparently several companies shall taken a wait and see on shuttle. Daniel entering yet that's kind of that's taken a leap of faith and I'm really hoping that Nintendo is gonna come out and set the record straight. Or I if this is all cheered they have figured out a good way to spin because that's not look into hock. Right now. Or if you are looking at that hearing there -- for me personally absolutely nowhere and by that thing at that point you know what I remember get what you would all these promises in the took a year or so from many of these titles who promised show up but that time approached the console came down considerably and I'm thinking what would military Kuwait and seek new indeed that is the price point she basically a year down the road worst worst price on that what's available for it and it's a really were taken a leap. Yeah I kind of wonder after what people sort of the way you and how they kind of turned on it. I don't know people are willing to take that looks like keep saying I can't believe they would beat. You know in that position saying we're gonna put out this product that's gonna have the high price point. Knowing what our competition already has and has come and go to the same time you keep hearing this report again and again and again and that's like Q. Q how ignorant but guess kind of dangers of that and hope we will get more information that you let us know on that but let's talk about now some stuff that you are are recommending for this holiday gift giving season or at least as it slowly starts to limp forward. Mr. professor. All right well some of the stuff that we can look at before we get into it I mean obviously. I won't discuss hasn't been. You know Greg each Obama wrote to Europe yes we are coming just couple weeks but you know when you're looking mention cheap seats. One of the things this keyboards now obviously there's just a ton of games coming up between. Now and Christmas and you know everybody's scared keyboards ever recessed so we've got spokeswoman rap that's slump. One of the things stirred interest in the company called cherry to make these mechanical. Keyboard you probably heard the term Cherie switch on the mechanical keyboards which means you can. You know popping up and down ten million times before they were out how yeah and they've got the new sub app called the MX six so keyboard. And it basically it's a very solid durable mechanical keyboard. It's got beat you know red light up behind it and you've got just all of these things that you would expect two terms as quick response time you know program ability each abuse your ability you know attract that sir thank. And it's candid designed to appear really solid cross point between. This is your keyboard that you can put under the desk and just forget about for several years could become that you don't think you're gonna wanna move on to something else super heroes stumble rode the formal move out. Our primary and you may not want to move up because many people Scott Campbell Earl I'm Cherie kibo or to place but you know it's it's things like it's gonna be. The keyboard setup that you can do what use would like innings they really refer to it as an executive keyboard meaning you can chart will traps summit. But it also works exceptionally well for your gaming applications can handicapped you know with the direction of which are rolling nice thing mate they like a child themselves and the world traps just keyboard so it's kind of like if you wanna play your games but also have something to work at home to your office work around it's an excellent option for a nice and those guys by cherry. Check that one out what does he got forced manned. Another thing that you have. People are always saying you know what what about that communal we don't always talked about sound as much as we need troops and the two things that came out militias do you know this was brutally real interest in a more movements were perfect for up in Seattle northwest especially during the semi the first one is a new waterless speaker system from for a prominent pander to topple loved BT ten and one of the great things about it is it's true Bluetooth so actually you can put up thing. The main unit there you know what actually in front of were every one actually behind you TV and turn your TV options let the TV and then you have these two satellite speakers. That you can set up. Where you're like solid for example one critic who put things people who just blow your cheaply. And then put the other chew off to decide and be sure you have almost a full surround sound experience sort who simply would put yourself out you can move it down when it's fully Bluetooth you don't have to lag and anything like this they don't take effect ridiculous amount of station number stylish looking if you didn't know what they worried almost look at it and go you know settle book under something like that that keep cool that's a nice thing to have. From. You don't special evolved new fall TV shows. And another thing that's what this one is really cool it is eighty it's called brave men and it is a Bluetooth. Wireless water. True speaker who and they come and varied interest and colors like the one we have this little bit neon green that's got burnished. You know structure with the chief strip that are under. Hand you can stick them with your electronics now. It obviously waterproof water resistant so once got Obama's scored the first thing opposite direction except for when world phone devices were actually well. The rubber ring around the solid enough that she could. Trumpet and not have any damage or anything like them Pakistan are culturally that we would be so that you really cherish this ranked. We took it out Barack. And true in the pool why it's. You hear that other thing we regret thing in the cool. And the audio came around a little distorted but that was simply because water and gone into the speaker torch okay you don't do the human emotion from the speaker all whips do. Just straight and Brett out and it was so people are so laughs that's a he's going. Yeah I and so you don't naturally the idea behind it is it is designed he'd drop and your form chicken underwater to normalcy and it slowed somewhat. No but the idea is that if you have a burn your pool you have an out of the beach you have a non voters something like action if it gets swept not not gonna happen your worst case scenario. Is just you know maybe shake some of their actions war that accumulated on top of it out. And just keep going and it works great quite clicked next. I don't need these parks in the car and it's it's pretty affordable so much a great thank. That is awesome it is kind of funny just the way you're running through the test is like how waterproof are you we're gonna little way this doesn't champagne throw to pull see what happens that's. Firstly we're giving it control and that's amazing guy did if you want more product information is stuff like that even news on comic books movies television and more you can go to skewed review that is as K and and our Turkish and thank you so much gears again Garrett Von column Bob good to escape and are dot net find out information about tech video games comic book TV showed nearly all of that stuff and more. But now latest tool. The sheet Swiss TV. Vicki what's so it's come this week what's coming out this week and I Revere her movie called the girl on the train I seen ads for this everywhere. Congress and it looks creepy and scary suspense fallen Halloween is around the corner so I really had actors leg just Cinderella AK AMR Aniston fit. Kudrow actually kind of funny oh it's a smelly cat movie. I can't ask. Emily Blunt who's gonna all angered Muslims good to Laura prepped prepped then tune all I thought that was her ES and of course oranges into black hat Allison Jeannie from Juneau all and she's Allison Jennings a male isn't it usually she's on mom. So apparent template for those given to the trailers everywhere it's a regional who has played by Emily Blunt is devastated by her recent divorced and Spencer gave daily commute. Fantasizing about a seemingly perfect couple who live in a house for her train passes every day. Until 1 morning she sees something shocking happening there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds new plane twilight impairing with BJ down this. I based money up Paula hockey. Whose novel I huge best seller this one was up on the best seller lists. For months and months and months and months and right right when I was thus leaving the bookstore to come and work for you people. It was still on the best seller of any usually don't. What do you mean you people and I another. But yes so huge best seller millions and millions of copies sold all over all over the world and so I'm not surprised that this would have made into movies. And it's only getting 49 person are. That's not good 90% of people wanting. That's a bummer when you know what are it was a made too quickly may be so even though I mean I did the frequent dinner and man that's too bad has got a cast you believe Olympia somebody's darn girl had exactly the same thing happened in them that was a huge hit for everybody right yeah we will sales in the Linux gong girl. Sunning Canada adjusting the hazard a movie called and had them. Yeah and a Santa has a bad idea at all is that he is bringing remastered pool donating a limited really to check your local. Intensely cold the day and that's about it demands that they Internet radar plan but I think it has front and something kind of also but it's not really a movie movie son doesn't content of character sincerely it is up. Voyage of times the iMac move periods looks really good actually such as the one of the kind celebration of life and the grand history of the cosmos in transporting audiences into a vast yet close up of personal journey that spans Keon is from the Big Bang to the dinosaur age to our present human world. And beyond. So it's a labor of love one of them Americans an cinemas most acclaimed and visually. Exciting filmmakers Terrence Malick. He did the thin red line in the tree of life so it's just the visual journey basically who in IMAX in IMAX is that time. It isn't the narrator is Morgan pretty well now how they got rendering everybody objects and it is Brad Pitt are. I went past that now I think when he wants and he is a pretty cool voice and he's not trying to do goofy accident in as he narrated inning before president did you see Carl president of all people yeah I'm OK sure no. In an NL Washington stage or I. I'm out so I'm not a yes he'd say you know how. Oh yeah hello guys visual experience in July like he noticed and we haven't really were fortunate have a really big IMAX screen here I hope we win as well bores me just read did it in everything. Like other lists instead and. Sounds like go to find time whether or not your. Deep breathing had sent the attack on Iran to 83 yes I'm very happy smiley Garcia fans hasn't. The bad guy and let me its rounds on like some guys stain anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. 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