BJGN10-12-16 - Apocalypse the Risen

Wednesday, October 12th

Rev talks to Donaven Brines about his RPG Apocalypse the Risen; BJ talks comices with Saga & East of West; BJ & Chris review the board games Valley of Kings: Afterlife, The Blood Inn, & The Hare & the Tortoise; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doctoral else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering. Vijay chase he mentioned. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea he's geek may shin I'm the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky varsity don't know. Us and we've got Chris walker mr. walk like a threat not. Through the show's namesake mr. BJ Shea joins us hi Darren didn't running them boards and it's Roddick G. On today's show I will talk about post apocalyptic RPG's. Vijay will discuss comics. I will sport game talk wade Chris and Vijay and of course the key she wins big TV help thinking how can people get all the glass. Only get a hold us via our website has I pod casting information bio key Diggnation dot com. Like us on FaceBook petition derby day she's peaked nation. He also follow us on Twitter innings to Graham needs to Graham at feet Diggnation. Senator perfectly with the boys had won any 02243353. Does Gisenyi ninth PG geek nation at and you can watch videos of all of this to Chris walker in this other like little. I don't feel so we know the only one on there I mean have mostly been given wanted to become throwback Thursday you know was it flashback Friday videos from and her started actually he asked YouTube dot com slash B digging nation. Think you can eat our jumble ate dinner is on the there. Mad. And he was you know I know he was just an actor and attack the block instead of the any new loan to. As sleepless buoyancy is awesome I love the fact there can come in with that. Let's talk RPG well not you guys because I did this interview with a man named Donovan Brian's. And that this is about he is new kick starter for a apocalypse the resenting us today is that well a guy who is that taking after my own heart and loving you need tabletop RPG's. We got Donovan Bryant's from rusted portal gains Donovan height and man I'm dual boot scenario under RI and I'm really excited because you sent me this information about this kicks dirty you have going on right now. Com about apocalypse the ricin. And this is cool because all first off I love anything that has to deal with the into the world and you have taken that and turned it into a tabletop RPG. That's correct apocalypse there as a post apocalyptic fantasy or role playing game. We using the pathfinder system nice begin takes place on earth a 25 years after the fall of society in an event known as the rise. Speaking terms we consider it point 58 PR timeline is all over. Okay yeah. And so like I said right now it is available on to kick starter. And what made you choose do you go with the I'm compatibility with pathfinder. Well we wanted to game and had a good solid build and role playing days you know pathfinder's the solid system and have a lot of followers. And you know it's also probably you know people use the term crunchy as someone the deepest rules and it and we wanted to take those rules and give them a new twist. Moon and that's one of the interesting things because there's a lot of stuff that. I guess customizable and with how exactly you wanna character to go with the pathfinder system so I figure that you're going you've been able to tweak this to fit into that apocalypse sort of team. That's correct I mean you don't insist the matter you know I've had and it's a number of good debate on the subject of whether or not you know survival based game or based scheme to fit in the pathfinder. And I think if you were to just try and plug and play maybe that's not the case. But we've spent the time you know we've worked on this team for two years with the pathfinder system who we found all kinds of ways to use the rules that exist. In a different way. For example one of our character classes the maverick third gunslinger they have the ability called foresight. To get them kind of hopeful with time vision if you will well what we're using is we're using a breach mechanically he would give the barbarian. And we just twisted it and made it work for that character classical works like that bullet. That's awesome because yeah when you're looking at something that the post apocalyptic in such like that you're not gonna have a major is sodas speak so it's kind of cool and like even looking in if you go to if you just going to kick starter. And search for apocalypse the rays in and all just go to rested portal dot com you can get no link to the kick starter you have a list of all the different class is in that the different races and such that fit into this world. That's correct yes we have three only character classes are terrier three key races. And nine only character classes and you recently of course that humans but on top of that we have fallen angels. We gave them a twist so we give them three different angelic banners that they can come from so they all have different power in functionalities. One comes with we need to fire that they can not to converse in use for your time others get these classical further when. And a lot from its its golden wings that they can use for armory collide with. And in. You on the class side you mentioned magic that we actually do we have our version of of a major in there with almost blazer. What they've done is they take this supernatural energy that's really painted in dark and it comes from purgatory. And are able they use that through technology to cast their styles. IAC does the coolest part because a lot of the times I mean. I'm a very avid you know like fallout player and they have no magic system the magic is basically the guns and such like that. So it's kind of cool that you can go whichever way you want on that. Now you said this is like two years to develop but this is gotta be something that's been turning on your brain longer than that. All of this absolutely has I mean there's certainly some heavy influence is for me. Constantin the beauty the first episode on Walking Dead a lot forming for sure you know just kind of brought me to a different plays I wasn't really. And what an old lover of all those zombie culture and held up points thing you know I I've come to appreciate it great but at that there was something about. The battle for survival for humanity it did it was about the people not not to zombies not the reason and our world yet they're there they're horrible and you got to deal them. But you know. Humankind mankind big. The out of a challenge for you will put it again Gideon to get the really bad there's. Thomas is one of the things we took as we got rid of the alignment system because we don't think that things are as black and white as alignment. And we replace it with personality and insanity. You know I'm not really getting built on that whole aspect. That's insane in the glad you just love that because you're right I mean even just leg watching the Walking Dead which I've been watching. Religiously since we started hours since it started for you see that because there are points when you're like I really identify with this character but they just did something heinous that I understand. That they think this is her right thing to do. On the you're right it's not it's not black and white and I think that more RPG's kind that kind of need to get into that especially when you're dealing with something like rebuilding civilization after it's complete and utter downfall. For sure and when we take that personality stuff from insanity we apply an anti Indian rules so we actually give. Minuses are bonuses to activities for example if you have an insanity you have a minus to diplomacy situation could you ever give a trigger given negative trait. We and you know things are in the eye diplomatic situation you react poorly or blowing combat if you have a combat fear he may be ever really awesome fighter. But at the end of the day you know you're you're got to overcome that to get past that personally trigger. That's awesome and if you're pathfinder pain you're gonna love this again it's apocalypse the risen. It is available on kick starter right now like a city can just search for a there you can go to our FaceBook page because we will we've link did as well. Com or go to arrested portal dot com for all that information. Is going to be a pay full color hardcover campaign settings heavily illustrated with over 400 pages I'm really excited for this Donna van and again where can people find out more information on like on social media. Or for sure Russert Corel dot com we're tracking all sorts of stuff we're introducing all of the ill art that we have we've got some fantastic artist putting great or can. We've got a number of actually pretty big name authors that are doing some world buildings stuff forest. No really stoked about some of the stuff they're producing and then on the kick starter page. On the updates for the public were actually giving this little insight we're calling it the truth transmissions. There's that guy in the world he's got a ham radio on his broadcasting out information about what's going on in different regions. Cool. That is awesome deal again Donovan thank you so much in people if you're into RPG's as much as I am or even a little bit you gotta check this out and see what's going on with that. Think he's a much Donovan. They do every day. Think he's so much and again go to rusted portal dot com or check out our FaceBook page and orgy he'd just search and kick starter for apocalypse the risen RPG. The good part about that and the fun part that he mentioned is that it is pathfinder compatible through which I know a lot of people really do love that system dad on so it's one of those that is super. Super accessible on that and let's move on PGA it's common heritage day knows Nicole Lee and I saw I need you to talk about some can't know even ruler and well BI I have I am yeah I wanna remind people we're getting close to the end of Chu and by the way rev we've got to. We get very in touch with Lehman who don't ask me nice to have -- we get if he wants to do an interview with us if we if he has the time to commemorate the sixth well in his final wary is bat and how he feels about him being ended and and how he feels because it's it it's close to the end I think we've got a couple of issues left to have Tom also another book itself there that you know it says 38 issue and when you get to be that far and maybe people forget about his eyes shining in in his music used to be. Still amazing series called saga. Oh. Intergalactic love story and to collect amateur singer I get the trades oh you get mom up front did you get the trade you're in trouble because I mean you're gonna always be behind me really young but I was speaking insures an analyst at pattern. Well maybe you should step back re taking votes because now you probably should step out I know don't say much more at this point I doesn't know I don't look at it really that mean I know are so huge blood can be vague but I don't know if you're not be they had in just a thought or idea I. It's I choosing don't like to spoil but I think if your trade wise your multiple issues behind we ask that it will be a spoil for you I have. I have yet to come I got hasn't been that way and get Dell followed and is known UK worries so oh yeah because don't look at the cover this issue by the way there is that and I soon. I didn't yes saga is beautiful and I and I can appreciate what she's done because I get invincible and trades and so I don't wanna know it's gone area. Tom but yeah it's a great space epic written by the guy they gave you Y the last man. Brian K Vaughn and also illustrated beautifully by Fiona staples and it is so wrong it is so right used to some disturbing sexual things in this but today. But I also intriguing. The characters are huge is unique aliens and you get to see really alien looking aliens. And it's a Romeo and Juliet like story is really what's going on. And this seemed to the eyes of a young child. It's added I don't know how old she is because we see her go from baby to toddler to butt in and yet win it's written in her language. It looks like a child who's just sprawling English for the first time. Something you throw in the refrigerator so I I do you know whenever this story comes to an end I feel like she still going to be quite young little hazel who was that. Who is the first child that we know from our race of warring people who would never get together with the each other. So it is and it can be denied its yes that child is from a mixed marriage if you will. And beautifully beautifully done. And official 38 a sad one I won't exactly say why but if you've been following in your little behind. Yeah it's a sad one. And still beautifully done. But very very sad to room but a good sad when you think Kayla gave it evokes the kind of emotions you want well written. It's just such a beautiful series. Yeah they wanna talk about since I can't get a fantastic four of these nuggets I think Jonathan Hickman. Yeah. East of Weston who Megyn. Who's been on our show I can cause player and also. When one of the stars. Of that great web series I've hundred CS and she turned me onto this and I said okay Mahan if this is all about I'll do this. And east of Wes Johnson picked men and Victor got oh my god is this fantastic story. Is set in a age it is so bizarre it is set and Tom if you will I distill paean future of the United States it's got a very old west. In this world the civil war has never ended. So interesting and so therefore you've got. Really. The union the confederacy. You've got Chinese exiles native Americans. African American slaves and Texans separatists. Locked into this never ending war. This is the world in the east of west. And there is a prophecy. With this child that seems to be quite powerful in this chiles a lot of let loose on the world is not a good thing. And the four horsemen of the apocalypse and then they're all borrower and we're and it is beautifully. Drawn. Beautifully written. Item Holtz I've got the trades I've got all the trades of this. And east of west rocks the house so if you look easier next like well. That is a good book to check out com and it's it's been an aide says we're watching west world. It's kind of cool that western themed entertainment is kind of coming back we're area with a spin though you know they they're throwing some genre suffered their for a. That's not straight up westerns anymore is they may need to have something that's got a little bit of a scifi token and or an alternate future I kind of and in I've heard nothing but good things about disease to Wes my my comic book fixer mr. Jason doctor has been trying to give me history in this for for years and I think at. Have for him maybe nine years for for a while and I think I'm the first to issue sitting in my stack at home they still need to read. Yeah it's I know as well CJ go to I really want you know yet. You have to really be drawn in. Jonathan Hickman gets me though I mean I was like I get I'm missing the fantastic four so since she told me it Megan's and AM John McEnroe I don't I guy. As so in the artwork is fun too and this is something I hope they make into this will be another thing it would be great to make it was series a lot of intrigue lot of double cross lot of politics it's it's deep it's stake but it's great. And I love this idea of the civil war never ended what would this country be like. David just kept going. On you know and you know I. And you think of parts of the world where people are still fighting over all age old issues pale or so they don't even understand this point because it's been so it's being going on for so long to generations just know that they're fighting. But maybe not even necessarily the reasons why so well done so that had us of those things us I just checked that out of here and if you haven't heard that you'll love that I think if you. Lower Romeo Juliet in space. And a few of the civil war. As it never ended up I had Jonathan Hickman you check it out well you guys are both you and Chris are here so how are so we are being taught left. They're aiming in. Yeah I had an op course you know Chris say Chris has got Leo a couple of our buddies. Sean from think twelve games and yeah and Josh trauma the Omega gamers. And because they are. It's they. Those three guys kiss Chris was our board game and still is a bore him expert of the show off your Teddy I want that we give all the rules to the beginning you know and I and the south and out as ago as the senate and over again over the years we've made some good friendships with Josh and his buddies the mitigated only gamers Josh is a some bonds of games. And and also the world of gaming like he knows the rock stars of our board gaming and ice it's it's it's been really great knowing him and he and Sean basically keep me from having to buy every game I wanna buy because I know they will still get kick started doing games anyway Erica why did you ever know where my other irons nowhere near them Chris backed me up notes I am no where near these guys have new games I coming into their houses. Every standards and I know every day they cause Taylor would just give it smell like why. Not even an exaggeration or other NASA guys if you if you missed it it was a special I Tuesday edition of be dishes he nation. How are calling it dead BJ's organ alliance every dishes for him alliance so we're gonna try and do one a month. And day he had just aired yesterday so check it out if you missed it go back and take a look at who listened. We we love talking about games but no one here I know I mean one MI BS summit oh yes and special guest. Got better every day I says I assume you guys cousins are game yet that you haven't tile they're out funny dude there are so I mean I know you it's insane just people are sharks. Not jacks we have a web peek behind the scenes a little bit we do a sheet of just says stuff that geeky stuff that we've done. Gain of BJ's list is insanely huge in most of them right now. Our Portuguese snapped the outfit that if I -- is the guy Louis you know I don't know like with it and if we'll ever gets all of the Mets why. It woo like when Chris and Josh Johnson hey would you guys everything a board game edition of the show wasn't a matter of fact that I might do millionaire I tell. So well that way games are you are you liken right now well I do you know what there's a game that Chris and I we played and deck builders are fun guy and so whenever you get a decked builder than has a bit of a different fields away. I as well as hitting a different genre you've got fantasy deck builders scifi deck builders. You know today is the good folks star realm said they Dave good they're kick starters hero realms is going to be a fancy dec builder that's been very similar to star realms. But have some differences that make you wanna play at the so we you know and you know Chris and I we we just you know we we love these games yet. Sean introduce us to a game called Valley of the Kings afterlife. And there's a couple of Valley of the Kings game and this is I think dude that love those newest yet. And this is a deck build her base in the world of Egyptian nobles and farrow's. And involving preparing for your death as a pharaoh as a matter and is carrying stuff in the dooms things that have been a big big part of it. Yes he's spent most of the game with your your basic starter deck using day at the currency of the game. To purchase artifacts and other useful items out of a pyramid of the cards and is built up in the middle of the table they're never won I can purchase from. And you can now you're not only taking these cards into your decks of that you make your deck a little bit more powerful may be your hand plays out a little bit better for you get something better on the next time. But you also need to be planning ahead is what you are doing is planning for your own Egyptian afterlife so you have to. Sock away some of these items into your maazel lean mean to your tomb if you will. So by the end of the game the only points that your actually scoring or whatever you managed to. Two very in your mausoleum on the deck grounds out the game is over and we all total par points. TI it's it's it really is it's an addictive game. I like the way you draft from the card pool it's a pyramid at the ante and and you can't necessarily always get the cart at the top evenly all I love that carbon how many get that card. They fall as you draft cards and all the cards sort of moved down and I think that's a clever mechanic as a color mechanic and sec collecting. But you also we see you know you draft the cards but you also to get rid of them to get the points. Yeah exactly harassing. If it's an amazing when it's one of the more interactive. Deck builders that I've seen because most of the time with a dead deck building game you're trying to. Score on your side of the table and you're not overly concerned with the way your opponent is doing. But this one you actually really have to be paying attention to what they've got going on in not only in the mausoleum but what they're trying to duty while you're trying to take cars off of them. Yeah and it's about eight EG spot does sixteen bucks on Amazon it's a fun game. And if you like deck builders especially guy would pick this one up Jason that's affordable to BI and did the original game Valley of the Kings say if you combine both these games you have a six player game going on had high and I think what's everybody knows what the cars on what you what you what you're doing. Those games you go pretty quick he is sometimes you know when you're playing ascension or star realm GO two I wanna go beyond four or look alike don't take too long to come around. I think this one might be a little quicker in that respect. You have you know you're it's your mileage may vary PH. See you really have to figure L announcer so that's. That's that game. And then there's another game that we have played before and it's called the bloody end and things are a body shot at things twelve games. I I believe this was a kick starter as less high end. So Sean he was dying to get us to play better and we elite so tough to play other games he brings he brings it just bags a game away hey hey hey hey if it's like we play the same game twice it seems odd though this one. We did yes we did in this horrendous it was a lot of fun for me to laugh at lights thematically. Sort of the the way it. You're you're reminding me of is is gloom almost just be just stylistically and teacher and hearing 1831 France yeah yeah yeah and and it basically where are all am proprietors if you will of this hotel little village hotel in France had nothing to Nancy Wright except part of the idea of the game is too. Murder the people who are staying in the hotel the fifth so that you can cash in on know whatever the US UV OK remix and there's no. Family of greedy rural farmers who really wanna make their fortune by basically robbing the guests and maybe even doing worse wow that. So you you you give points in the scheme mostly by a either murdering them or. Turning these guesses into more storage areas for you see can use people's abilities. To build more places for you to hide more bodies is basically were using a person to store more people you know use their skill as opposed to their. Oh by now jazz I had anyway so Russian nesting dolls and Armenia Armenia it ended and in this game and I'll tell you it make sure you have people that are experienced. So that they can help you along with this game. Because he again what I think confuses people is when you have card games where the cars do multiple things. This. And I and that that's always a tough thing beat these cards can do multiple things you can use them as currency you can use them as buildings. You can use them as. Ways for you to build better buildings or kill things easier or bury things easier. The each card Dino really has multiple multiple. Uses. And that can be confusing to people like where does illustrate how this was a guy how's he a building. And so. But if there if you plan experienced gamers who you know then you can be guided along and luckily for us you know we know we're doing. To the point where we if we get confused one of us don't know I think this is this this is out that what it's such a fun game I love that you have all the options you have because the cards can do multiple things. Yes and fortunes can really really shift in in a hurry in this game too because you might have somebody that's really giving you a lot of benefit. But if you had taken the time to say murder then you might have gotten more points that kid at the end game if they don't really out there it is a risk vs reward situation with almost every tardy to. You gotta pay attention to your money because we don't want your money you can kill somebody which would have gotten you a lot of cash you buried them but you only can go to so much money on the money born then and manually so if you get up to you know you're 37 dollars. And EU EU we get twelve dollar bonus for kill this guy you like well you can only go to forty so you lose nine bucks you buddy. You at all I should take your turn to launder my money and then I laundered it and go back down to zero and it's circulating more. And Ed there's it's it's a fun game if moos relatively quickly once you know high what you're doing it really goes quick so the turns go well. There's a great screw your neighbor aspect to it ahead which I think is fun they did a good job of keeping everybody engaged on their turn so it's called the bloody end. And it is Obama sure got the right games here. I can't tell the name of the game company that does this pro games there we go pro games hobby Japan. Total it's for sale yeah so are not but I check it out a hobby games pro games the bloody end and finally. Won it Chris hasn't played or how do you play he had Hewitt does this have have the tortoise narrative play that we are absolutely parents or a couple of times with you I thought you did I wasn't sure. That's what we play so many how many games they've exact. Order they are Eric Harris Interactive which runs we've played it played together but this is from yellow games and yellow course gives you can of Tokyo look at these guys on Tom a young they have a whole line of games called tails and games. Where they look like these wonderful story books than the box is a book. And you open the cover of the book a man insides all the components and everything. And it. They've made games based on classic stories and of course they here in the tortoise is a wonderful story about the you know Lou slow and steady wins the races means so this is a race game and hi I've played this with kids you know it's really it's because Josh Josh has a lot of young kids and so. They won't we play game night or whatever we like to incorporate dammit so it's nice to have games at their interest to do and so you have the kind of cartoon. And he gets them into the game. And this is a simple game to learn it seems so simple thing but boy oh boy you realize why I'll always strategy there is strategy it is darn game that has simple rules. And basically it's the beginning of the game you're given a special card and and basically the card is IRA who you're rooting for in the race you can get the tortoise hair the wall for you know the lamb whatever. And at the and you go OK this is this is the guy that I want to win then you get another card. This is also somebody want to win and it will be the tortoise hair whatever but it won't be the same thing you know here as I mean I sometimes you do it actually is seeing that you could go look at I want the hair went twice so there I get a double hair but the idea is you get points for coming in first second or third. And depending on your card set up. We you know is depending on who wins and then you get a bunch of cards and they're just picture cards there either pictured their pictures of the animals correct that year and they they game basically allows you to move viewed these creatures on the track depending on how many cards you play on it and it's a pretty simple mechanical just laying down matches and then. Where relays are certain amount of matches they get to do certain things to move into the animal guys across and that's with a strategy comes into play because. You find yourself going boy I really like to do this but what will the personal front I mean do and there's even special card to go guess what you thought this is gonna have a small amount nothing is going to happen. And it toward assess his own special ability that gives him some really interesting stuff the hair actually has a negative ability that makes it tough for him to win the race. I sense a man and yeah. Yeah and the did the beauty of it is it's it's almost see it's all it plays almost like a trick taking game where there's ace there's a set parameter for what will actually trigger each leg of the race and depending on how many cars get laid down a beach type. There are there will be turns where certain animals don't move at all or where certain Hamels will move. A whole lot all the winds and you'd be the trick is to watch what everyone else is playing and figure out when you want to trigger. So that you can may even make the most advantage of it and get you get towards your two secret today you did that to get your written for. So yeah there is a lot a lot of strategy in what feels like in and looks like on the face of it really simple game. And that's that that's the key when you wanted to teach kids to play especially if you want them to learn to play on the lot more strategic in and and basically jump through hoops kind of games. This is great intro into that because it's a simple game to learn. They're just pictures on the cards so they don't even have to know how to read it right. But it like Chris said they are learning complex strategy ideas and that's really fun this is an award winning game it's one a lot of awards so it's well worth the purchase send. As a looking at a price of your final price for people. Bob that's about 2526 bucks Garrett it's beautiful game well of the components are fine of course it's a fun little book that they you can even store and kids bookshelf right now yeah their and I so if you if you're looking you know again towards that time of the year we think about gives I think that the that Harrell tortoise from yellow is a good game to go awesome thinking so much guys. Now it's time to get Itula. She Swiss TV. Yeah Florida's big. You actually got some cool amazing isn't losing. An absolute deadline of last couple of days. All I know and I know it is zero spoiler alert needed here and. Okay. And Furyk had apparently the new free movie which is now we know is can be called low game brim I think his last one right yes you Jack when everyone is saying now now can you had a good run. And I see OK anyway. Yeah OK. Okay yeah wow me and. While he didn't get a because she was like I'm not well she's really focused on this story. Yes yes she image you can give to go to the bathroom is I think you're. Our. They're going to its reports are saying that this is for sure going to be introducing X 33 that that little girl we see the posters and meanwhile. And it's marvelous in announcing it but other reports have concept yes this is it they're just waiting to kind of announce that I'll let stuff. And in this movie Logan is looking it's going to the darkest. X-Men film to date him he's going to be heat he basically drives a limo is what they're saying he's blew all these not help features into the darkest Amy back man vs Superman back possible Idaho community could fit for the Jerry turner the rarely even if ceiling fact welcome them that this isn't in the comatose as he gets older is healing factor gets slower and slower and so which is gonna work out convert the one thing that's an annoying when you're watching a movie when someone can healer or even like a Luke cage and their impenetrable trying to get a arrow. And c'mon buddy but said they don't call a little girl Laura Kinnear ex Tony 3-D she is a young new girl who's turned into a killing machine. Twist my stat ACC. Joining us and we I don't know they are angry at her name is John Harrison so that he. It's probably. The. Thank you but how. They didn't say that she has to clog instead of three the only thing is she technically does have three honey science is Sunnis in a one each flight. So I'm not clear this is gonna be. You know the X. Had an RX the note fifteen because there are many occasions that they didn't really work unless you're saying they wanna to a different droughts and pretend that one of those didn't work can exceed that didn't last long in the and that's what had to go to Tony three. Yeah I kind of wonder how how popular the X 23 character is I'm assuming he's going to be. Quite big considering the fact that she is now the new Wolverine in the comics and the character is popular have prevented not worry about so much is an early ones that and just go right into X 23. Take get the people who have maybe not so much grown up with a Wolverine northern you know the ninety's comics. They now have the X 23 as their Wolverine. Now this points or they want to have that character in the movie. Some highly questionable any steer in the mean main leaders flash towards who knows what you can do a Gurney thing like that she looks like she's 45 right maybe six an extra. Anyway I caught Leno and Dave Paterson she was a baby putting enter all the dean of the testing and schooling and you know she's a masters is proficient in all these different languages and how to kill people. But I hope they show or older can stay she doesn't go through the X you know the weapon expert I'm until she's about it. And wanting. Thirteen Nash fourteen issue which. Which again a couple of silly because she's so I'd been. Whatever works for them I guess so I'm excited I'm in a minor and has pretty much. Yeah I'm just hoping this Wolverine is in a bastard is Asian of the character which they've really kind of done through every single iteration of old marine movie meant so. Yeah well that origins it was a hot shots for TI I am. There were over I mean literally the last shot because you Jackman is no longer going to be doing we weren't great point good point on that and. I do have more about a as there'll news yell I know yeah so apparently the console alone you know solo movie can cash it has found three. Female lead for front runners. Sprinted down these three girls right now as what what's in the blended singer according to variety. One of the the actresses is from creed test of Thomson contends she quit you she was in love interests seem dash is good that we also have a Power Rangers Naomi Scott sheep she's going to be playing in the new parry just maybe she's going to be Kimberly okay. And then we also have. Until and Lincoln are named Zoe Kravitz. Are whom I. Switch from X-Men first class and Matt Matt. And yeah yeah Jews Redmond city in the fantastic beasts and where to find them as well who you but apparently because there really set a hoot who it is but a lot of people are thinking it's going to be Han Solo his wife for in the younger years. On a solo walk into comedy action on us LaRoche and yet she's been a common so they read they're gonna go down that road maybe that's cool as saying because I mean if they all have that they look similar to her brain which is going to be nice to everyone is complaining look first at complaining oh we have a girl and so word blue glow while they plan on but then don't they let me why do people play about anyone I would most girls and Starr were like and the main main character and then when the second one row wrote one trailer can go another or white curls. Is the main belt it's like. Yeah you know. Actually very good additional federal Elena what they say I'm like you know girls are all that dramatic actress I mean I haven't really need is gonna go I don't know NL's starting units on gum I don't understand Amanda. Why why do we have like a fur coat be the star. Just pray let me be entertained people you're very pop. It's actually pretty exciting dad is I wanna I wanna see how they're gonna do because I know that the comic books run. On in the new cam in for Star Wars so they very established that they have this Vicky Seattle had a conversation really has come rescission in an earlier time and Mickey's right Ed though I hate to say it but command. I said boy I hope they do I would love to see them recast everybody because of brown on a previous and we talk about the Sebastien stay Sebastian Stan who looks so much like mark panel. Red light and let let's have a young Luke let's JJ Abrams this get a whole new people who play them all season but played a between episodes four or five because that's what the new comics have been doing and their fantastic including really as the reuniting all the Hans solo and his former wife. And so you Osama solo so. Ms. Vicki was like. Like I don't know I think that's what happened at the last hours movie you read those in the comics or it was just hours a Star Trek you're on the it was a it's like well in the united Delhi police thought they would have something to do with what they're going about it had nothing to do about well why not yet I think we're going to see that in the next movie because I think Luke is on our planet with the forestry smiling serious injury yeah it's you know -- was so tight lipped about spoilers and even the Walking Dead veers away from everything in the comics in everything I. I don't see them doing something that's going to be very similar. I'm Islamic. There's so good this like I won a Stanley I would like to see what happens I don't dig into Star Wars episode four point five and I'm like let's duel with the young how many young. I think they'll lead the way we live we like I young Hans solo movie and I think we'll all go like AA won't take me women take a look Luke Laura and you Orioles and I have Luke and Laura Laura backed channel all my good news this huge thing go play. Wow. Whose old man no general right is that they never get to yeah look it up folks who serve Google it's only thirty years old general hospital there was a thing or I was born this way before soaring pick the mixed bananas in any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To don't join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. 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