BJGN10-12-17 - Special Ops - Inhumans - Exorcist - Professor Marston

Thursday, October 12th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Chris Walker, & Rev! They discuss if Blade Runner 2049 was a flop; Mark reviews Marvel's Inhumans; Mark reviews season 2 of The Exorcist; and reviews the movie Professor Marston and the Wonder Women!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Pulse. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Key nations special ops. This isn't the casting couch and I don't want you to watch me shower it's your special ops briefing that I'm your host mark garner this week. Professor Morrison and the Warner one of marbles in humans we catch up with the excuses seem to and possibly even quote war unquote who first. Let me introduce the other humans in the room her Annika and the reverend Fuego controls is always hello Chris walker yep we search. Are you lose so I'm not sure we a com. Well it does early as he does. With the main course and a few moments but first how can people get in touch. If they would like to do so they can send us a text message or an email. Text messages that 19802243353. Innocent email BG geek nation at AB just search for BJ she's geek nation and you can. Finest on all social media well it's the ones that well we post on. And then also be digging nation dot com will find all of our podcasts. And more. People keep asking me. How to find the show which is good that they're asking its on iTunes right it is it is on iTunes if you want to find a marks specific lines you have to look up ye who special ops. That is the one it says right there in the headlines that is yours and yours alone mental one crap on our own stuff here but is there anything that somebody would want to ask us or tell us. That would be urgent enough that they have to text it to push. Yeah. Retail leave but I mean it's very you can send us a text message at that number on a lot of times it's just easier pharma communications most people don't wanna call and leave us a message oh yeah maybe if you just said something really inflammatory. Q now all somebody took issue with a joke on me about football and American repeat. But they usually it's good usually it's good I wound up going to that prisoner com that we talked about on the show and I got interviewed the fellow from. I I ran into a listener had the prisoner con very nice calm it's nice to run into humans who listened to the show. Who don't wanna causes physical harm her affair they just didn't sort of personal news I want your opinion on this. Ate a piece of pizza in bed is that either the high point of my life or low point I mean that's not the worst thing you can do or were you also watching TV or reading a book. Negative why is just eating pizza and a OK okay what's that it's that cold or content. Cold dish. Don't remember the toppings really we shouldn't bother to remember the top and trying to subtly imply the condition I was in two. Sounds like you've slipped into a very deep Malays that today and he may need rescue from. Would be to your married did that help with the eating pizza in the bed. Pizza yes but I would have to say that we had a pretzel went bad yesterday. But that was also only because our main source of entertainment on the main television. The Xbox it was down. And so the only other TV that we had working was in the bedroom so we had the pretzel and didn't tell us is very instructive I am horribly sloppy eater I a have been discouraged from meeting in bad at all of the week we don't normally in there was salt everywhere though it was a bit of a and a bit of a bitch to clean out to be perfectly honest yeah I and you sure that that it was salt. OK and we have a TV in the bedroom I haven't seen in the bedroom but I never plugged it in because I just if I keep reading that that those sort of things seem heavier sleeved blue screens or kind of things out of pleasing and we don't keep it on what we go to bed it's definitely once it is bedtime is bedtime we turn it off. But we have a crown cast that we just plug into the side with that and we watch a lot of Hulu shows a lot of Netflix shows. And I I do love it plans to find those forensic crime shows very calming. Sandinista put me to sleep right away during the autopsy is Leon though probably without their own like that it. I I use it to go to sleep a lot of the times I have a similar set up I think my third X boxes plugged into the TV upstairs so I don't watch Hulu and Netflix and all that stuff but. I I use it to put myself to sleep actually I mean I need that extra noise an interruption right thank you for the LA council. Yet I start off by making an oblique preferably a not so oblique reference to Harvey Weinstein if that is the huge entertainment world news this week gosh I Weinstein the mega producer who was in charge of Miramax who is brother Bob. And in the Weinstein Co. He had to step down because of applications of all sorts of sexual harassment if not Lowry rape affordably some of the allegations come before word I had com. And so now we've guide conservatives. Complaining that liberals aren't calling him out enough they. They demanded that Hillary Clinton make a statement because he was a big donor to to her campaign. And it's pretty funny the the hypocrisy just there's no bottom to it there's no bottom to it. Since we all are painfully aware of Donald Trump and the lawsuits he's had an unsettled and his. Access Hollywood tape in which he brags about being a celebrity and can we say the word. In terms of cats yes. OK well listen it's complex to grab league complete here's the difference there's different. When liberals found out about Harvey Weinstein the denounced him pretty much on mass and the pressure forced him out of and company yeah. When conservatives trying to cut apart trumps. Grabbing in numerous assault allegations. They go to farm to be president he would rule rally behind him if only we can draw any sorts of conclusions. From this sort of thing literally made him the most powerful person in the world and and today embargo but they Wagner of their finger at us liberals yeah ha okay next. Laid 12049. Is kind of a flop at the box office and this is very disappointing to talk about her on the show a couple of weeks ago. I think it's time we remain fixated on the fact that I had to be downtown for Fannie and screening and putt putt it's really a movie the need to see I had a few reservations about a good they were minor in comparison to just. What a spectacle it is and how beautiful it is now your calling it a flop but it did gate number one in the box office on its first week. Research at 31 million dollars and twenty to 30% less than the projections that yeah this. It's not doing what they hope none and you know people flocked to see those three hour fast and furious things return movies so much is stimulus. Who played 12049. News two hours and forty something minutes thereabouts. It kind that you're you're aware of it but it doesn't drag at all it's just an immersive experience. I mean I think one reason. For the black box office performance might be the you just can't schedules many screenings and a date for moving along ninety minute movie your turn to our movie. But there are some other reasons that people depositing Chris. Yeah a lot of speculation is going on number one yes it's very long. Number two it's been a really really long time since the original came out as as sequels ago. Waiting more than five or six years I think put some people off and we make it a direct sequel as opposed to be reboot or a remake one thing molecular complain now that I see here is that he didn't offer a lot for people who weren't already huge fans of the first movie that he was a little bit too referential. Yeah I suppose I see that but. At this point the first movie is such a huge part of all pop culture correct how could you not be aware of it turns the thing. All in this is the thing I haven't gone back and watched blade runner in a long time. And it was one of those things that I've even seen people talk about on Twitter that. It's not there's no no real plot it's all about atmosphere. And visuals and and I don't really think that that is enough of an attention grabber for today's youth and it looks like those are the ones that are led they're trying to get with a movie like this. And maybe just that with that bleak setting is not really necessarily something that people want to flock to at this point. Well. In mixing mourn for the youth of today I'll take. And I guess we are spoiled because of the things that I criticized. Movie for. They're just not their tiny in comparison to the achievement that was made this. Tinny Villeneuve I would watch anything this guy did after after this movie and the arrival and Sukarno. On so listener ever seen this kid goes support this movie and because if movies like this tank fewer American made and we're stuck with dumb stuff. Hi this is this is the problem this is the case Tony to people don't go see a movie because and then suddenly okay we're not making good stuff for you anymore talk crap now and then people like and how movies are so crappy on the times agreed next. Dual housecleaning this week I finally got around catching marvels. In humans. Well on purpose. Who caught current coupon purpose is kind of like. Car wrecked train wreck morbid curiosity you'll now if you remember marble had put it in theaters on IMAX. And it just got nothing but derision their I think you're just chords close to 0% on rotten tomatoes and will not gonna and shooting and I met so why would you do that. Hot hands of this is to seek curiosity. If I caught up bush and if you if you remember all being humans. It's kind of like it. I would say that they word. Of the caliber of the guardians of the galaxy in comics before guardians of the galaxy became a James Gunn movie that he just ran with and made his own thing. Nobody was really begging for it to be a comic. The pager or a movie a movie or TV show there but there we go because it pretty much every property of the big two. Comic companies is being developed and somehow somehow. I can say this. It's cheap look and left yet it's poorly written however. I can say that the acting is just painful. And now I'm a U rev have a clip host a flashback to the young black boldly to remember black bolt from the comics. He's the guy who dresses in an all black black edition. And he doesn't speak because when he does he has an explosive. Voice the end this is where he discovers it for the first time. According to a test. Black folks voice may very well be the most powerful. And dangerous gift and only human history. And I have every reason to believe. This to ensure the power only proves stronger. But what is who's. It means that your eldest son. Has the power to destroy all yeah. Purpose. Or accidentally. You'll never again. Q2 points of view this. Perhaps we should consider placing the voice of course you can mean lock him away. For the safety about a green and himself no. Absolutely no. You learn to control is you the truth I. Some days you movies change. It's okay. Yeah. He asked so there you go by. Black bowl is played by. The I thought. Hey this is. Great role for my million outlets why why did it. In fact he's played by Anson Mount whose service square jawed serious looking guy. And they've gotten Medusa. Who's the marvel super heroine with pretense I'll hair. And those individuals that I've seen from it don't look goalie now he's the basic since the royal family mean humans. There are sorted super beings and they preside over the hidden city on the moon it's called Atalanta. Other also deadlocked show which isn't that giant hug who can teleport whoever's. I would with them after a certain age we humans are exposed to these crystals that bring up their own unique powers. Except for a scumbag called Maximus he's black bolts brother he doesn't really have any power. And he's played by so my game thrown Zach do that I mean in. Ian orient you wondered you wouldn't really. He's the guy think Chris who got eaten by dogs yet confirmed and couple weeks weenie that he got there you go. He's a bad guy here too of course he stages a coup against the royal family. This sort of bail. It. Maximus the in the brother six is Gunes on Medusa. And she takes them out whether hilariously animated hair. The it's just hilarious to see the hair in action this is a comic book thing to just you can not visualize. You know live action thing. And when Maximus has her finally subdued with his dunes he menaces her whiff. Wait for it could electric clippers. I don't know I think it's menaces the super heroine with electric clippers. This raises some questions. You can and do the same thing of the carpet is with the Braves okay and are some comics just better left as comics are when we come back. We will revisit the excuses agencies into one we'll talk about the professor Morrison and the wonder women movie. Welcome back special ops mark crying here with the reverend en Fuego Colo walker client. Still laughing about movies the clippers in the deuce in these things well I mean I mean it's one of the silliest things I can't. Not intentionally silly it's you almost have to see it because it's so bad. As opposed to the exorcist now the first season of the XX this is one of the best shows on TV last year agreed. And I re watched the William Friedkin movie from I think 1973. Again recently correct it's such a goddamn masterpiece. And interest is holds up to this day it's sort of a clinical procedural thing and and when the crap really starts hitting the fan with the exorcism it's been such an expert wind up even to this day. And no matter how many times I see the movie I get caught up in the performances are great and so the answer is this TV series we found out pretty early on. Exist within the same universe as the movies. And the big reveal last season was at the mom of the possessed girl was that a grown up infect middle aged Regan from. The movie sort precisely it is root for you're at a record we talked about it on this very I don't know what I had forgotten. Texas' season two comes out in time for Halloween month the best. And the best holiday the best month. I love now that people are starting to treat Halloween a little bit like Christmas in that end right on October 1 there's Halloween in horror movies at that everywhere yup thank god for that. So the new season is said in our own backyard. On an island in Washington State who I don't know if it's a real violent or fake island. But Tom you've got the two priests played by. Two factors recently chip. I'm. Not generated any actors really mountain. Are reminding me yeah I mean I tell you meant to have this cued up or. We bring down in my notes because. There their last season too it's the same to preach. Alphonso whereas the father Tomas Ortega and he was the one though Vincente correct correct you can't and had been Daniels as that other markets lenient so there's a veteran hard bitten excuses who's been excommunicated. At a young hot Latino excuse as to who know maybe you know leveled with extreme gifts in the excuses and apartment and rev what do you got I gotta cook of those two more called into help what they share of spas ask why gas. Tried to get every one. There in the hospital. It's against you filed a medical equipment that's good listeners. Yes you know. You've heard them. Usually you're nuts. Well there's one on the floor and Wall Street being hurt us. We'll be right back to one room. Okay. We need to have the I still. That was creepy that was a woman who was. Holding the neck of it looks like the sheriff's. He was still live and name she ended up doing that weird. Body turning things of the extra says stead demons are known to do and her head suddenly kind of turned upside down and get a kind of made me wonder at the time I was watching it when they have the casting calls do they have to be American tortuous and gymnasts who receives or the first two episodes of Lexus even seem to have aired. At least two separate story lines that takes place six months after the events of the last episode in season one. And they start off quickly with the two priests. I infect it starts off with them in the one of them in the back of the truck you don't being driven they've got this possessed woman and her rednecks families chases and action priests have. Yes I think it's. In the other story line we've got John Cho who you know from those awful Star Trek movie you know you waves widowed man who runs Foster home on the same violent. And caseworkers are writing to do an evaluation of the Foster home everyone's nervous about it but nobody expects Satan you. And there's a third storyline. That's into her street. Or I've been influenced by the prince of lies I remember that I didn't have to remember the Vatican plot in the first season. To assassinate the Pope by possessed bishops and cardinals and whatever else they got up and down the Vatican hierarchy. We take that up again to and add a little bit of a clip from a little interaction between those precise less you. You are right about one thing and is a conspiracy against the church. But it was perpetrated by a single room caprice disarmament. Excommunicated. A man who tried to assassinate the holy father and Q you won the puck drops. Tell me if other Bennett. We got to use Marcus cheat now home. So they're blaming him on it. Well that's late at night especially expects -- solve this morning there and it no unfortunately that clip had a lot of not talking and its soul well first two seasons are promising and like that they've thrown a new wrinkle into it it's not the exact same story told over and over again yet the dynamic between the priest is a little bit different there's some bickering because. Because of possible jealousy you do the young Latino priest. Believes that the sort of older grizzled one could be jealous of his gifts. Younger when little bit more impulsive little prone to cutting corners which you don't wanna do when your mortal souls at stake is mainly new and you know managers their quality so far I'm I'm going to stick with it the power of Christ compels you. To watch the exits this huge issue will do it next. Professor mar stint in the Wonder Woman women plural women. Is. Biopic or if you will. A by topic and don't start about which one is that my fingers I know both. Deal would it not above by topic is something that you get to determine if you have cancer nuts and biopsies and biopic it's a bio bio. Cake a biography. And a picture biopic. Now we also and I think. Mostly like the Warner went film right yes absolutely Denton that sort of achieve what the other DC stuff hasn't in that it was kind of fun. And the actors playing wonderland just kind of hit it out of the park and it wasn't. The kind of person you'd expect but she really ran with it as a slight aside she was on nine the most recent Saturday Night Live and she was outstanding on that as well she like her like her everytime I see her head. I saw or odd to have been with Conan there was really fun nice and they should get a sense of humor and are here. Yeah she's great. So professor Morrison who were Norman is based on the life story of her creator. William molten marched in and his wife. And the woman they get it on wish I mean when you let I mean bring into their family their unconventional family and her mom marsteller and I was a site professor. And he is also the person who invented the light detector or polygraph. Yet I know this because they spent a good I've spent a day on a polygraph wave back in the old. You'll priests stop two days when I would what did you do them right out of college I was a candidate for a job with the CIA. And I got hung up on some weird questions and it's been a whole day on the polygraph. Beak and his you could have been a spy will do this knowledge James Bond and it's kind of a long story but I just wanted to say the polygraph. Is not. It's not completely reliable because what it does is it measures your reaction to questions so if you're asked an outrageous questioned the needle still gonna jump because it's a ridiculous question that path and so. Here I was I was pressured grad school at their Purdue and I'm sitting in this chair all strapped up. And you're always boasting answer yes or no you're not supposed to talk or elaborate on your answers yanked it into the data not Todd CIA guy and so like Chris I screwed up on them had to be re ask questions a number of times sort of the question right here. And paid knew that I had stated overseas for your. And kept asking me do you have any foreign intelligence com contact. And of course no. The but the needle jump every time because it's a preposterous question debt if you're like oh what I don't know 2223. Year old guy. And you're in Langley Virginia in a room would that has a retina scan to get him. And somebody asks are you can have more intelligence contacts of course to people can't yet count. Anyway back Dumars and he invented this. He also ahead some and its fears psychological theory called this the ISC that. Involved the the comments are free with the II and he's assists I was inducement thank you for your welcome as is submission and has been researching it Cynthia thank you c.'s compliance. Nailed it and it all day. It becomes manifested when he finally gets around to making his Wonder Woman comic in the form of her. Errors the fact that she's a force for peace and love but also entice people up with the magic lasso weed and more that the lead to play by Luke Evans. Rebecca Hall belly heat coach. Luke Evans. Look familiar to me and then I realized he argues in a bunch of stuff that geeks watch but just never clicked with me including hobbled movies right some of those fast and furious movies they needed to fast and furious. I just give me FA and the furious that he was Baghdad voice of that voice of and it acted as guests on in the recent and beating the beast. Live action film he's very good in this and he's got a really unique look to he's. He's I guess on the whole Lee is but he's he's starting to look a little bit like a sharp pace I. Am not happy it is. Matt Matt Matt he is 38 years old style. Town well I like him in this guy he's he's. Go very charismatic of manner about him. And sort of mannered performances well as they all have in this Rebecca hall's. His British wife and I just give she is a potential future mrs. runner foul mouth sarcastic. I think self described as a bitch. She is the high point of the movie belly heat coat placed the student. Who winds up becoming the third part of this threesome. She looked familiar. And then I realized whom she's the girl from the timber and direction and knows him the yes so when Nicklaus when he referenced neon demon. Now the framing device of the movie is something we've seen a million times before marched in is sitting in an interview slash hearing with some conservatives scold woman about the naughty implications the Wonder Woman comics. More stem whose wife in the student that they enter the exotic world of Polly Anna Marie. And how times have changed how many times you run into people in Seattle who. Have some sort of unconventional relationship from your dislike most OK plenty yeah good luck and you know I'm an island and move along wedding though in though world of the twenties and thirties and forties with these guys as word gets out they've Baird. Consequences. Quench his Contra want the social consequences the professional consequences. Of being a hot threesome in the old days. You've read you've got some might do have a clip from the three of them a year ago. Plus perfect. Including check my ID is right into the thumping heart of America. If I don't get a real artist a truck promptly she's an Amazon princess that lives on an island of all when it. Paradise island and demand crash lands on the island. Steve Trevor this site and she wears a girl scout sent what's athletic. And silver bracelets. They deflect bullets. And all have friends and help design sorority gals who have spanking parties and everybody fights Nazis and rights and an invisible plane and yes. What is problem. I hate mail can we love you to be sure so much. Then nobody and I say this without all the compassion and truth in my heart nobody will and published this. I mean when you put it that way itself is just so little chilly also I noticed. That of them Marcy character sounds a little bit late Johnny Depp and would this seven burnished academy us sanitized Spielberg in portrayal of this kind of relationship kind of like if the red shoe diaries was edited for church nine it's. It's rated arbiter to soft target Mike Pence might even want to with his wife that he calls mother. Before he made it illegal. I'm told by people more familiar with martians were real story. That I am that it it's fairly. Close to reality maybe took some liberties but it's based on book the secret history of Wonder Woman. And I liked it like a lot Alec the period sets and costumes. Like Elizabeth's dirty mouth and attitude her pre cements like I said into the fact that there's a feature film from a position of the creator of wonder woman in 2017. Anyone in our interest in comics. There's no bits and pieces about his life but I don't think I ever expected to see something like this as a feature film. Would that said here's your pull quote. If you like Wonder Woman professor Morrison in the wonder women it is a thing that exists that is related to a I believe it's hotter than any biopic you ban Mans creator Bob came it'll ever be made he isn't just a welcome look at provocative life enrollments creator. It's such a tasteful warmly photographed conventional movie. It looks like CBS show about freeways and let these things and want with the grandparents I. I like CSI Pauly memory. Or Hawaii 50 what's this. Wow and the full moon wow I'm not box office yeah I think that's a look at me get edited February this ending June. We'll see you next week I'm Mark Brown of its special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.