BJGN10-14-16 - Joking Hazard - Westworld

Friday, October 14th

The gang talks about the Kickstarter game 10 Minute Heist; Rev reviews the game Joking Hazard; the gang discusses the latest episode of Westworld; Gareth von Kallenbach reviews upcoming TV shows; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc blow outs. Ladies and gentlemen. Geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase TV show. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea is each nation on the river and play go across from me is Vicky Barcelona. OK do we Chris walker mr. walk like a flat and yet we do. Vijay as the goalie our auto assigned read again yeah I think so I. But many are boards is a lot. Roddick G. We have Mike privileges as we might have half a today we'll talk about some games we will talk about sudden TV shows including western world we'll get the news and information from your advice caught and got. And then of course always the geek she would be to beat the Friday movie addition. Vicky how did people get ahold of us. Really get hold of us via our website has all our podcast feed Jake he may should not. Like us on FaceBook identity is or should be using geek nation he also calls on Twitter and Inge to ground zero. EDD nation right now. Says excellent as always not one made 02243353. He does us any nineteen day geek nation at And don't forget to check out YouTube YouTube dot com slash B dig nation for videos with mr. Chris walker that's. That's huge let's do remaining on the couch with you I like me now first things first. We talk about this really cool thing that is happening with the with us. And it's kind of cool because our radio station and we can do a lot. Of Lou. Convention in removing them any member and owner of the times but we've gone to a lot of conventions like packs just he can't just coming up and now we're gonna have to go there on aboard gaming convention yeah video games all comic book convention estimate that yet now we are going to be a part of a convention. Hosting. Mean and our company will be yes and this is. I think there are kind of postings yeah. Sir we will be there in force this is G two this is happening Saturday and Sunday December 17 and eighteenth at. We're gonna have drone racing actual drug raising to virtual reality robotics oh augmented reality these are. I had laser tag for live DJ is maker conventions all sorts of stuff excited for the dodge ball yes they're going to be dodge ball. And that there is Herman they're going to be having. Played the scenes and suffer gonna be pretty awesome to have hasn't been set yes. This is very exciting I know that we will be planning a lie a vet BJ she's geek nation podcast. At some point during this event like I said it is happening Saturday and Sunday December 17 and eighteenth that the century link field events center you can find out more information at GE two dot live. That is in GE. Two dot alive. Yelled let information come and say hey you can't see yes. Definitely come check that out and adolescent. Super very exciting meal we really didn't politically be a sweep or give people for the holiday all of them candidates. Talking about board games and such I'd daily magic gains we've had them on a lot yeah I'm I'm there's a lot of their games there's a kicks through that that they are doing right now that is not the last day yeah ten day if you're listening to this on Friday. We've put out these podcasts early enough that day age you may have a chance to go check it out it's going on until 3 PM if you still wanna get into it feel this is a ten minute heist the wizards tower bad you move through the wizards tower antique items before your fellow thieves do balance the curse is you receive in the value of your items and Chris you've had a chance to play this because they had a prison playwright up on the I think right. Yet this is a really fun set collecting game so what you do is you had the you've set up the tower with fees what these cards. That ours and treasures and items that your going to be collecting as you move through the tower and then you go level by level with your little thief. And pick up on your turn one item from the level that your cat and the idea is there are are suits. There are numbers. And there are other bad things that might actually happen and also first in and check air first out last out as far as escaping the tower. Also gives you extra points as well so. The more you collective each suit. And each number. You gain more points at the end of the game and then there's also a there's a kind of a screw you mechanic with there's there's curses on some of the items yet some are more valuable items or desirable might also have a curse on their tune that's gonna teach Unita points at the end of the interview went up with more curses and everybody else. BJ BJ and I said downplay this. Takes about five minutes to set up takes we played it in about fifteen minutes probably the last cut it's a real Carter a game or in between leads he has some real setting up Jack is yes and any -- the two of us I think would obviously be a little bit more complex with more players but that was some. Yeah it was a really fun really need really simple. Just and and even though it was the Clinton plan got to say this is a gorgeous looking game if this is all the final artwork and stuff that they have Ford it's it's a really good looking game it's pretty. Even though is simple it's got a real lot of real winners are we're going on fours so yes definitely check it out. I'm doing magic and you can just look for on the kick starter for a condemn it heist we also have some little link up earlier this week for the armed. For the kick starter just taking your got a FaceBook page acts exactly so yet today October that he would do isn't it is the 14 October the fourteenth at 3 PM it is so when that we'll finally find and they've already got all their money. But if you wanna give in and gets a little on the orders or similar words yet you definitely want tickets that is a really fun game. If it's later than that I would definitely take I'd just go to daily magic games you can Google it and find his super simple to find them and that that way you can get in on it if you're a little bit late electric starter. Another game I speaking of kick starter that I just received. And I know I know Chris you know about cyanide and happiness oh yes strip. All right cool so everyone knows about that you know every idea every guy Smith yeah they so Macs yet they are pretty awesome because. In if you go to expo loses an EXPLOSM. Dot something. You know sir Fred if you could find Sinai unhappiness it's really easy to find out they had their own game job before this they decided to do you kind of a strange thing on their website where they get a random comic generator where it would take random panels from all the comics and they've been doing because it's a web comic and it would just put them all together in sort of a weird mad lives type. How many can levels some really funny. More often than not very strange comics right and these are comics that are not for children. No not even safer work most of the time the pairs rushing to put depressing comics leak who. Yeah. Yeah and and but it's is this was one of those fun things that Arnaud this gave then the idea to make a game where they already had a game plan but then they made joking hazard. This is a lot the same lines lets you along these same lines as a card against humanity it's a deeply insensitive comment that's a party game people don't need to really know how to play games and it's a card game. Somebody comes in that same format big long boxer budget cards in their. And is a judge game where you have one person who's the judge. And what will happen is they'll draw a card eight a random card from the pile and that'll be one comic panel. In the net judge at this point takes a another card from their hand which is another panel and puts it either to the left or right to create a iams a scene. And then from there. Each person that is playing has to take it put a face down card of the panel that they wanted to be the punch line see you're creating your own web comic in front of everyone the judge decides which one he thinks is the funniest most inappropriate. You know our judges go this. This based on what they want and then. That person which they deem is the right wind get to point. It's the card put in front of them much like cards against humanity and then you play interleague abort. This is one of those super fun games just some looking through the cards and playing. Playing in a little bit. I like it it's super entertaining dance you're making your own offensive web comic yeah they did the same thing at cards against humanity did in the terms of here's some blank cards as well who's seeking kind of filling your own things if you wanted to do that outcome which is sometimes is really funny and and sometimes you find out which one of your friends have really really bad seasons of humour still is all of us GAAP pretty much he like all we always a concern on our learning. Through so boo yeah is definitely worth checking out I know that she can go to joking hazard dot com but if you just go on Google search for that we'll posted up on the page I. It was a kick starter it's funded I finally got it so if you look if you did back gate you haven't seen anything. Fish are becoming nine your mailbox and very very soon I definitely recommend it on that. Let's talk some TV. Let's start with some last dad. Funny did you just blew a city yeah okay I'm desire maybe voters are mad at the door how well you're not too far behind Vicky because there's only two episodes right now. But this one inning it was exactly too far behind and pac man and ardent fans want want. This was interesting because I know that I. And it's a stupid row but if this one this time for me it was when Anthony Hopkins was in the desert the little boy gas and he's talking about being board he's on vacation and all this stuff and and I was like we can do whatever we want yeah right and I'm like come march 1 off why would you take a child to west world. We're basically issue all just it's GGA when you get mad at. Game yeah but I mean it seems like he's in pretty remote area to maybe various sectors that you can go to those who have a more child friendly. First episode though he's like well this is you know pretty you know pre Cilic when you go off and the other areas I get to war asleep you cannot leave the part where is the dudes are being taken around by James Morrison's character oh yeah there in the morehouse yeah I even though that's pretty you know IRA bats but still the team part of town. You have the same point I mean it's still like crazy wild west and they show in this one like straight up like I do just walks up in that in the lower house and has. Just blasts a guy enjoying a little by edges Mars and shot again play just because the other guy was super pissed about I think losing a poker hander into something like it is it's not a place that I would ever take children yet I'm like why would they take him in not even thinking that it would be a robot. And tell you know the magic maker Anthony Hopkins characters just like. Well shut down go back to use things and I just walks often kind of powers down Mike Hough. Yeah those are like slot one thing they've been pretty careful about so far is sitting this in a particular time period we don't really know. When this is now might be one of those things where it's a little bit further in the future in. And you know sensibilities of changed a little bit and maybe that's not such a big deal as far as that goes but. I I was I was really trying to pay close attention to this episode is this the specifically are we go back to what's the first on again but. They don't tell us that it's. Now or even. Seen from now yeah this could be distant future action we're talking about is a win just don't know yeah the west horrible could count oh I don't know actually I think he was originally this grip seventies and thank you all have movie was in this aren't comments about Dickey did he write a book that's something and I don't you just I thought he just wrote it former for the movie. My arrows science fiction list for itself film directed by Abu. But no I was pretty sure asserting it is a bulk OK by X in my thinking glare of the one I didn't notice is that when I saw the first episode. Just you know the way everything looks when they were looking into the world basically. It looks like our modernization. Of what its people back then felt the future would look like yeah. So is just it just happens to be nicer graphics it looks like something different like OK guess float in dry and that's Connelly gives me the buy above its fair. That's what it looks like that we modernized it. That's that's what it likes I feel like it because they had settled. Goal by steroids but I mean we don't know how far that's all I'm saying so maybe sensibility or slightly different read no no yes Joseph I fell just reminding me of it when I saw the a look at how this kind of looks like the old movies that would they thought playing security it's like yes but we just have nicer cameras into the telecast of the night I got through. Kind of you noticed that. It was kind of uninteresting at this point too because you we finally get at we the wife and I recently this weekend actually watched. The old movie. It just to kind of get that feel and see what where it kind of compares. In terms of this show and the movie is essentially the terminator. Yeah you have the men in black chasing down after that there were the road what's gonna go haywire chasing down the final the the people knees trying to murder the two guests that you follow around the protagonists. We finally get a pair guests in the second episode that this this was the first one where they've felt like we were kind of revisiting that sort of idea yeah. One thing I've noticed that people really have an issue with his seems to be is that. A all the repeating. Good yeah yeah it's a people are really taken aback by the fact that you're seeing. Ease a role by its during these same lines they gain hunting game in again I I didn't want to let pears and they're like wait is there glitch what's going on right now. You watch it's different in its kinda disconcerting and that point there are a lot of people so it's kind of interesting to see if that's going to be enough to turn people off from. Well what I like about that actually in this is something that that I I pay you a little bit of thought too because at first I was sick I was in the same camp arousal but put off us like well that's okay well does not. It is so what do you what it is not is just a world that you visit every once in awhile and the world goes on when you're not there yet what it is. Is he repeating narrative and they talk about this specifically so that leads me to believe that there are. Time limits for people like you can only spend a few days there you can only spend a week there are I don't know what but them all the stories reset. So when you're back again you can try that same story but maybe played a little bit different. Just imagine known in imagine an actual MM OR PG do like when you they're walking by India is dead the old man falls yet today after the dirt. It don't talk to him don't talk to him is just gonna she's just gonna give Jordan treasurer Matt is that that's a quest later as opposed to like in world warcraft where they have the giant exclamation point above their heads to signify that they have quest yes. These ones are just triggered by people talking yes you saw with the arm in a note that in the previews they had to talk about this but there is a guy who was recruiting for the army. And to make yeah oh yeah uniforms is a bug that we're just getting people and looking in the previews I know they James Marsden is. I don't even have it does care to release his robot now is going to be. Part of that going forward so it's kind of that interesting like yeah this is a game that has its from repeating stuff. Armed but I thought into Hopkins character had a really good point when they're trying to one of these at the very volatile narrative guy was trying to create the new Odyssey that river or never will be like. No this isn't what people why they don't wanna be force fed stuff they want to fall in love with this specific singing come back to that idea and that. It makes sense and AM but it's also super creepy that people referring bonds with the robots. But we're happy that sort of evens out in the first episode it's like did we can make you feel lifelike what's gonna happen when you know all white city to yells of this to light moment. Yeah growing body language. I think that's why the show starts off at this point twos because I think before. It was that kind of repeated process he won the viewer sees it this is older same the same lines but you're entering right now because that's preceded change. But they're not acting the same despite it's supposed to be the same way. Yeah and that that is the inclusion of the referees. I'm which seems now that there is a spoke in a word virus moves through it is here if first they hit Delores. As the original model and that looks like it spawned from her. Fathers robot at the time yet when he hit that picture and it seems like the picture was the thing that caused Andrew does pictures yeah hundred. And we're seeing a lot of lines of like there's a lot of the scientists behind the scenes especially. The black guy and I can member's name and I'm sorry can you he he has some ulterior motives and move. But I don't know whether they're benevolent or but not rain because at the same point at least he's. Words mean more or less the same thing I had I met my eleven month only cement but it's more fun to pick on your Hollywood. That's because like actor the characters in the Bernard Bernard thank you yeah every was Bernard or bovine ups and so I know about him sleeping with the the big most what are. He's our I nearly blew there's a lot of training kind of backed backseat policies that. Looks like to me that he is kind of one of those guys who wants to stage a coup against Anthony Hopkins and urinary tubes and Andy Hopkins character is like no you really it looks like he wants to make a perfect utopia yet and is going to be very interest do you see where that goes at this point. Yulia are excited I'm so much story going on there's so much they've already shown you like okay what does this corruption in where this technology is going right because they've been the one guy who was supposed to create the new west role attraction or whatever yeah it was like hey I know you guys are abusing us for some else. Yeah what can I won't do you no one will look and musical course not a test it is OK look here's what you think yup that's right give Anthony lions. Decision making this new huge world but he he obviously ignored him for way too long yeah began hiding it in a way. It has a plan for whatever is coming up next to the toll shut down the honest here red river and because he's working on his own thing which we only see is some weird like. Blacks chapel temples. Like hey what's so hacking had that's I don't know what then you have to shut down robots already that you know war obviously mean huge part of airline to yes he made v.s easy robot wars that ends up gating is supposedly getting decommissioned but being being brought back again. And there's people that are communicating and have their own agendas on every single level and then you have the robots that are getting these rivalries put in better. Giving them glimpses into their old lives he had right now you don't know if they can break the rules of the rodeo the robot laws are every wanna say because I haven't technically. Even if there was a fly that was killed. That's true she did after did you they they can't they can't fly until she decides to snag in the last scene of the first episode. And there are a lot of people are saying stuff like maybe was a robot flyers are known that they whenever they wouldn't have bothered with it if I got a slow learners they couldn't harm living thing and she totally did. Coming there's rode a horse there grow month. Everything rhetoric makes sense that there would be but I do like them they haven't drawn so much attention hours OK yeah yeah exactly then unless they're trying to make oh don't want. Who double bluff throw. It was super gels prefers god and train car in Europe 600 get there and and it just taken off would have I was so I know I wanna bees are now hole are we to believe that this is an entire or. Virtual world inside of who knows what because he had a problem that's the problem we don't know we don't know and that would be interesting if they just kind of major status yet I'd be OK with that Alice you're goes. I mean was it why would they bother with robots granny just make the programs and that's true that's what's that's that those two things specifically. I'm just bumped me and I was like now wait something milk. I think it's a train station that. Act is kind of like super trained well I would say that they it's one of those where. Kind of the wily coyote road runner sort of thing that you can't tell that it's a backdrop when you're that far away him like me it's like god dome sort of seeing and there's an ending train station meg kind of just blends in with like a mountain right he can't see it as just alters the train going it is just kind of starts and goes and. And there there is fear ready in met in Indian what I envision that in that theory in that idea that there is an edge yeah. Out of medicine there's a pitch to the wall in Truman Truman show style and say wait a minute. Yeah that's what I'm kind of thinking at that and what does the last biggest plot of all know me is yet the men in black name is looking for the maze he let off. I just love it because he is the ultimate GTA I don't care what's going to happen I'm going to shoot all of you it doesn't matter you can't kill me and I just like watching these easy Mexican town a gun battle like I latest running and god mode. You know what's happening or does he does input is Cody spy agency as she went everywhere I think the fan and heat. The craziest thing is he's realized that the robots when they suffer from what is the ADT get the emotion of extreme suffering for it is kinda wind they hit that edge. In the end they will break down a little bit net might be a part of it too easy he's figuring this game out when you hit its bottom I think maybe the robots get a little busted if they hit that extreme emotion in Vegas and those referees are causing it. Might be a thing nosy and want to find out more about that the maize and such but. I'd definitely enjoying Wes world so far yet it's going to be crazy because anything they can make a full thing out of it yet here we are here we are and they've got five seasons plant there clearly they've already said they have five seasons planned out they're gonna go all the way it would. It's really hard to go home at the slopes way. Moving on from that we've gotten mr. Garrett Yvonne column box from skewed in reviewed that's SK and TV put future TV. Geared bond Colin Bob joins us from skewed and reviewed that is SK NR dot net. Garrett it's it's it's the start of the fall season and now we've gotten a couple things the last couple weeks but there's still some stuff to come I had to come up but you've got a lot of TV news going on about stuff that well is actually coming out in the future. Let's talk a little bit about the comic book shows that are are as soon to becoming. We've got Luke cage right now iron fist is coming out in march but you have details about the defenders went everything comes to. Other eight. Exactly you know the great thing about it is because everything is going so well right now across all the networks across all of things CW just your record ratings for super girl and how wanna transfer over from sepia or should damn there was lot of question about your power over duke and older other shows you're doing well as she mentioned and that's what shows you're doing good. Agency shields is doing well and there's other stuff coming to network television eventually you're looking at the focus of them that actually shows and there's some torched now are coming out of New York colored comets scored delivers about being named Dillon county defenders series. Interesting because she I mean obviously isn't in the and see you at this point can you. Are there any details about what she might be yours suggest that she won't will possibly be in in a role. That's basically it there's a lot of speculation right now how's the weather will be. And you know a lot of people say oh she's going to be there isn't a lot of people say it out. And dom you know what we're hearing is. A clutch basically you know there's people that shakes. It could be one of six characters and their human beings that are checked around her viper. Shall remain. Mark a new chief Alexander her bumps. And you know imperial harder things like that beat the pizza and things like that and so it's very interest in bad we don't. Really know what she might be playing but all he knows which is attached to it at this point and her name's get kicked around a maps which really got people understood. Yeah semi she's a hell of an actress in even heard doing her later work can mean everyone knows her from alien and aliens and all that stuff but her her her who 'cause stuff has been recently is still just as good I loved her and avatar even though you know the story and that one has never been amazing ain't. And the right entry and that's what I financial interest and like nobody knocked peace and joked in a block but in my shoe bomb plot to character. You're trying to once you take that step into that universe you're committing to. Basically be known cultural rookie performances. And she is you know right now there are looking at three amateur films and they've already said Kirk you're Christian or at least appear in the next one. And they're gonna get Palin climb off the ground eventually she still keeps saying that Chapman wants covenants all wrapped up so. While you know she. Oh yeah wherever. That is awesome I mean I I. I welcome her as they I mean I don't wanna discount any other actors in any of these series but I mean she's alleged legitimate actors and along prologue time so it's always exciting to see that in the MCU. Let's move on as keeping in the MCU though because ghost writer has been on marvel agent of shield. I is that gonna translate to possibly his own show I've seen rumors about this. That is the group's property around the actors to announce child against saying that I you know us cannot stand alone show it's extremely likely and obviously each while nothing's been announced you can pretty much say well what you are going to be Netflix or ABC because that's where these things are heroic. Hander has staying do you think he would you rather see a goes Strider on like. Like an ABC or would you wanted to be on a Netflix 'cause I've always felt that. How with a character like that you wanted to be on it like a gritty your show. I would say Netflix has been you can be as recognition need to be brought you know based on the occurrences are nations shall they haven't exactly held back. Penalties literally showed sold Sorkin number disintegration of maps sort of thing and I kind of worried they were gonna play that there arm strength that Jennifer credits ABC and Disney sing. You know what. We need to stop being as safe as we are with the agencies shall the son that what 9 o'clock at night you know you don't we can afford to start pushing into the PG thirteen. Contents other poor desert not play it up to maybe get away from the people say oh you're playing it safe that's essentially kids or family show. It's funny because you talk about that and in there on a nine by then you look at something like Gotham. This season and they've always had this thing where there are on 8 o'clock on fox but they are graphic this last week's episode we'll talk about it on Monday. At length but this one was showing some crazies governor Mike. Wow they're getaway with a lot of things in the UC. Ages of shield up until this point and it's just like Matt is just whatever is going on. And I think that has to do with the fact that. Draw firm had to play I think for the fox audience they had to they couldn't play it safe they wanted to. You know people didn't want this spandex costumes hero thing may have to go to members say it is a dark. Gritty you know what essentially eight cop show that just happens to feature superheroes. And that the war and I am sure away from the current term level. And it took you to pick the time slot and I guess for whatever reason to make sure they o'clock works perfectly because he could you not you not surely to bring the kid then but. Not too late to exclude. The adults too so good trigger. Garrett. And we just finishing up on the MCU news I know of that they're saying that agent Carter is done for yet. The guy can yet can you give me a little tidbit is something maybe so I have my what my wife saw heart isn't broke can get. However well has said that she is coming back there are doing any animated appearance formation Carter now. She will be voicing the character that's only. Yes so it's going to be I don't believe it is entirely spill set. Agent Carter only animated show what it will be an animated. Movie it's a movie or show they're kind of vague about that. That she will indeed be voicing the character and that people showed fiscal course. You don't leave open opportunities like she's already shut I wouldn't be opposed doing a nation Carter. Film and people said well you know. What you mentioned that didn't work on TV maybe it would work on Netflix and I truly think that the studio would be a little leery about I think they're comfortable with. Peggy Kirk can come in in short segment start our you know banker ready to go down the path again of saying she's got to carry that we can recount. Which is kind of a sad thing because that was one of those shows that he men and the last season the second season was a little goofy with the Hollywood storyline I still enjoyed it I still thought it was a fine. Departure from a lot of the other superhero stuff because it was just it was a period piece of and minera that I thought was a lot of fun. It hit up. The Hollywood vibe and I thought it was really great on that aspect but I can also understand what people wouldn't be too interested in watching. Watching net. Day in and day out. Right admitted to probably the chip to remembers which you have this vast marble catalog of characters. And more and more of them are swinging back under their control I mean even smarter Manny the most Sony hasn't dome right. They're working together on this next shuttle launch and you can't people like blade. And come back into the fold will help the rights and ghost writer and an element rights to limit rumors that they either order working true record a rights to fantastic four. So here they are sitting there going you know we've got all these characters you. Either bring him to film and bring him to TV and they don't. Really have time it's something that's not popular and how. What people to show they were gonna stick it out organist stick it out we're gonna stick it out bloody Egyptian embassy okay this obviously isn't raping people. Let's Strider from one but. That character still there chew. Come up somewhere in the future should we need them but we're not gonna beat a dead horse with the audiences and you know embracing it it's time to move on and try someone else. Dad's a good point on that one gears again I think he's so much I did on Colin boxed viewed and reviewed. As K and TV video games all sorts of different crazy stuff scares I think he's so much man. They are Turkish daycare thank you so much geared to gay and you can find all his information on tech TV anymore. As skewed in review dad's escape and are dot net. But now let's get chew. Or does she twists the TV. Maybe David he would be a forest. Is there really geeky but it happens like it looks reaction me from all the trailers and it has you know bad man as the punish her and how. Both commissioner Gordon slash Jane you know. With more of an affinity for numbers and people are behind the cover of a small town CPA office. He works in the freelance accountant for those of the world's most dangerous criminal organizations in here with a Treasury Department crime enforcement division. Run by raking which is JK Simmons you know started close then Christian takes on the legitimate client. I seen the and it's closer to the truth it's the body temperatures throughout. Yeah who. So again you know look pretty you know mandate about this. Always tremors recommend Affleck and imported and her friends how should Anna Kendrick but any candidate cannot govern golf may make you Simmons right nice c'mon. Oh make steel yes you're developed such a thing. Any Garcia's and that's now telling my nose in the blue silks. Sixty year old Max McGrath has just made two new town and is desperately trying to fit in when he discovers his body can generate the universe is most powerful energy. Unbeknownst to Max slightly rebellious and hilarious techno organic eccentricity only Steele has been keeping and I found him hungry for a superhuman energy and they filing need is there that together they form Max steel us to prepare for a husband thing. Powerful strength beyond anything in our world. And these two unlikely friends seem financials hunted by sinister forces who want to control Mac just hours as well and had a good job global enemy from another galaxy excluding have a raining distant look. So. At this looks. It sounds like a drinking game this or like something new today young teenagers would would know they do some young teeny tiny little like the Sierra might like an hour at the end of the semi buried on the that a lot of guys who already have the most powerful energy in the universe why do you need someone else that well because. Reason combined you become still the most powerful. Everything you haven't audio and art donate needed to Atlanta and now Max deal and just because you the most powerful being universe doesn't mean you don't get lonely sometimes has done little behind you need to that you have a romance surveillance. Max to be inside of the sea food OK let's forget in my territory on PG thirteen movie. Any I am. Next one is some getting you hear about until my they was tell me about the candidate God's Hillary insurgents throwing his. I'm an eight hi yeah subtitled movie and so we were having a text conversation he allowed me to read it on his thoughts on the movie and and it's he's trying to get his head around he says he's gonna have to watch it again but it's a lot of commentary on how the Japanese deal with tragedy in annihilation. The action sequences are purposely done badly like these and millions and awesome CG. Just make it look like a guy crappy seem to string Tokyo if you're in the more most realistic way possible. But other scenes between the action are purposely boring like we. And lots of death but the Japanese have a year Reid call the focused approach almost robotic. There's a love story in it too but it's so tone down you almost miss it entirely loops it's fairly impressive in Italy Amare and lit Beaumont legit homage film and I can't. So I mean there's still Accenture and announce those. God Dele films yet there doesn't of the directors one of the actors did me on Janice's. And Angela and Evangeline post enemy aliens. Even gay alien you know there. And then the other guys don't live action attack on titan tower. So we know that some pretty great how baking but the average moviegoer may not my an happier jammed that a fear real movie buff is like beer thanks nice. Think hundred metric heat and they give Travis gap and it's like Sundance scene eerily. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size fly a key culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.