BJGN10-19-16 - Neil Gibson

Wednesday, October 19th

Vicky interviews Neil Gibson, creator of Twisted Dark; we hear from George Takei on what bothered him about the Star Trek animated series and the new J.J. Abrams-verse; Rev plays a song about board games; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase he thinks. Welcome yes welcome to Vijay Shays geek nation on the river and in Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. Yellow. People can't Chris walker mr. walk like a bad apple moved what we'd do not have BJ Shea Norse Nicole Lee there on assignment. They're making out somewhere maybe with the each other I don't know and I just LA gang allegedly. But BJ's Benazir sorry me that I heard. Who dropped a G I am not crazy how if anyone right now. I had at maybe read you know physics that while I don't look at them up a friend Ariel Sharon. I don't know where we will be talking to win Neil Gibson from twisted dark we will be. Listening to George stick K one of his hot tape Qatar and Star Trek the mine. Well listen to a more games song per day due Vicky how do you get a hold of us. Slowly eating check out our website has our podcast contents and more earned my age eighteen nation dot com. He also like a son faced plus the searcher BG she's peaked nation and give us relate. Follow us on Twitter and instant grandkids there are only as BJD nation senator Texan it was a waste some and won many 02243353. Doesn't sense any not be seeking nation a And don't forget you can check out all videos at YouTube dot com slash BD geek nation and. Yes and now we've have been hitting missile probably hit it may be every single episode until we get to December. December 17 and eighteenth and still raping and yet he century century link field events center. Hard sent to you can catch the best and latest in gaming technologies robotics virtual reality and more at G two that is in GE to then number two. Dot lives and to get all the information but this is a giant convention. Two days is Seattle we're talking drone raising the virtual reality and robotics augmented reality there's going to be a laser tag there yeah. We've got this place that's amazing. In and day that the visited northwest called virtual sports. And they have an entire set up an entire field they do some amazing. Laser tag events and they actually do it twitch channel they have some stuff that has involved us Seahawks in the past food in some other things so they're going to be running some laser tag. Super sad for this it's some of those things that. Like the things that they're planning. Are just going to be amazing do you know basically incorporating. Not only a laser tag would also augmented reality when beginning when was that that's so great gaps yes have you ever wanted to do well in the fall down a lot UP America you nightmare but I mean mean you'll probably house still a red knee pads going to be the most fun talk situated immigrants come I don't know dude OK not to go into much of. You. The. I tangent I know this but. Just if you're playing this laser tag to make sure you know. The people you're whisked down because the last time I went laser tag team with my wife. This is before we are married and yet I still married her after this oh she spent the entire time hiding behind me quote unquote giving might. Bat I literally and I. Say oh no I got your back in in order for her to help right up her score a little bit yeah every once in while she would just popped me in the back. The score yeah yet Kamal Nath and yap I was like can you did really good geez I can't key. And Indiana and did you realize yet so don't just let me go to town and yeah did the one you wanna go away here. You know America's sweetheart Brennan journalist son Bo Ryan for healing healing on my team because we're buddies and he does literally have your back and he will kill everyone it's awesome I wanna be on his team prior. I think this yeah I mean he had was raised on shooters right and even the video game culture and so yeah anyone first thought he's young he's got he's very adds aisle and knows what he's doing and can handle elites are gone pretty well. This is one of the many things you can make stories like busy you go to GQ as well yeah organizers say let's yes I ran very. Very god and if you want more information get tickets you can go to GE the number Q dot alive. Definitely worth checking out we're gonna be there hopefully. The very least I know we're gonna be doing at least one episode BG she's peaked nationwide. An hour to figure out the details on that once he gets closer to that will definitely throw that out through what you know about. All that information. It's going to be cool. Yes moving time. It is comic book day and what did they keep. You know the millions who don't know she booked and Mario Manningham. Are right so we have a guess on that her name. I hand picked it. I am male because he's such an awesome dude I scenery or comic Connor of whenever he's you know not are not having kids her. If if at all like it's up by almost common England on thirteen he had to have a baby that day. Not himself but I either awesome did awesome comics. Creator of twisted darts and editor in chief and founder of teen pub. Mr. Neil Gibson married and today. I'm good and I cannot integrate our hi congratulations and I didn't know we did hear a little before the injuries certainly did Jerry keep a little bit cuteness. That was pretty awesome but we're gonna talk a little darker than children. You're gonna talk about your comics are you are you we catch on before you talk about twisted dark which. I love that series and you can check all that out at T club. Your website end be not something new coming I have two things going on right now. You have a kick starter and you have in new competition tells a little bit about the kick starter for theatrics. Sure okay we'll captured his it's my first web comic our content which went straight publishing. So which ordered the feeding a farm. Equipment are up yards off. Are you. We've had quite put it actually annoys me that corrected a way to pick a date for every single page. I might be what you think that on this right now in Baltimore and color warmth about by saying yeah. Brad Babbitt from people like cable you're there like there are accounts that they they got so catch up on but. I'm well I'd like Greta is that all my other titles so far had mixed reviews of the most people did but some people don't like cannot make two other state people are different tastes. What this blog I've only supposed to reviews for. So that's good Denver are to superdome of people somebody in the. No we I started reading and I asked and coming yelled Arnold because they've kept wanting to overeating and we had a couple who. Eight you have a way of rating stories that just kind of sucked you winning you can't. Didn't like gap I'm normally the kind of person ranking read a comic one page today I love the web comics are reminds me of the old newspaper funnies like OK one a day that's fine. But with durst not just kind of get so suck did you do we kind of mad like I want backstage at all. Sorry I'm so those are like a mini me angry yeah. Come to you can't get you can't read it on online at theatrics dot com. But you started any kick starter where you can get a 132 page hardcover cover version of the graphic novel. And how that thing going so far. But it's going pretty well we were a little over halfway there during the game that we now. And to book book and the rewards are two quite funny because. If you if you want. Excuse to go more comic bill allscripts guns but yours is still torn pages and some of the rewards rationing that you join in the background. Wow cool and we should make you to charge in the comically drawn. And that art is gorgeous by the way I freaking adoring it Millie it's so dark but compelling in the weighed the panels are drawn out receiver. Super impressed by Al lists and I'm gonna see if I can maybe. To get a little girl. And I am. Gonna go if I don't buy now because done. It's it's it's it's fox bit her in comics would be the right you can get all the credit even though the auditors at least half the work but I wouldn't have anyway the. It's. It's courses like what do what do the idea come from the story air like where was the inspiration from. Okay able with a story set in the 1920s not happen. During their their preparation period and are greeted like a simple ways CM. Indians but they are exactly that you come from neglect to see him and that you one might get. Beaten up and the mug and left for dead. And he loses everything it is is it looks to become act anymore he resolve this money the public is go it is everything. And the story's pretty well what they decide to do Mexican orange right defenders think but the Genesis of the story was actually. Restore reckon twisted dark actual story. About two guys found. One who helped the other recent dream. And that economic between the two article that was really fascinates. Because in. Actually you know what I got to explain further photo board about spoiler. Okay acting. That's Andrea good we are now why it's a good lead in for that. Know India has definitely given checked out was to Derek get here you're missing out you check out immediately played ipads I got a bite to many times because my friends he'd taken a monogamy back. There's I'm not even getting on our one I have to re by the mall. UniCredit in your prayers you happen. But speaking of twisted dark some you do something really really cool that I just heard about your guys are doing a short film competition. That's right you guys are I want to first find out actually haven't publicly released this yet but we have breaking news. We actually so what is his. We we had our legal executive producer won't return this. In inter entity shepherd who don't on a side aspect my completely related. There is remember this garden apps and your comic con and you deserve a big fan of the series and he just felt that. This needs to be more widely known. I wanna help you get what you deserve to be and he gave us a gift of a bunch of money for for nothing I just just it just help us and he said. Barnicle competition. So I was fantastic and cigarettes so it is thanks Sudan this Chicago Driscoll comic on. We're gonna have a big screen. Assuring people entrance countries who are so competition. With. Pretty brutal preclude to get the (%expletive) up nice and what created this force stories. I've written produced a talkative and adapted the screenplay format particulars collect one hole or stamina and put entries at. I'm a sinister amateur filmmakers some it professionals or until schools and in the US and the UK or but anyone who also looking to do it they get particular. The best engine that the one of the judges is the director of Stanley's lucky not a well I don't support to the highest. More drama and now I TDK. And he could hear it from this series and he will mentor be winning entries and also genuinely question can comparing you're meant to be young go make this. Wow that is awesome. And so we'll show our common criminal be next year in August current. Our mixer and April an April excuse me looking at the wrong one not. Everybody is still very very awesome. Our districts were what we're often because you gonna get some and some sort of very slick and professional looking at the pick criteria for about that about creativity are. How to tell a story in different way. And we hear that John. It's the kind of like a win win scenario because we get more publicity from it from people entry but I also. If you are trying to break in in the house you'd know how to talk stories well you'll couples found out and I mean you get a lot more expert or short history. Yes late inning at the same time like you have such creative stories in the whole idea it was a dark is. Spoiler alert there is a twist at the end of NYC dark. At the end of the story. And so the story is already really well done so now they have to really take your art. Anna and made it into something even more creative that's going to be effectively challenge it's going to be easy in the sense of okay cool we got the play starting point. But crap I need to make your really stand out and make it really eerie. I can't wait to see like Harry are you guys gonna be able to us after the comic con are they going to be available for other people to see. Oh you're looking in the lead up to comic on regular it is going to be on there's a huge page will. I have all the entries that animal story short list in imminent separate left and and the I'm finalists will be good the first finalist political and will be screened out struck during our comic con man mark Brown's corner. I anywhere can rebook and church do this if they want to eat wanna see that ended up between the competition. There it is it's sort of brand new we haven't actually after you locals registration effort but they didn't it will be on www. Look at that you can't. An if you go they're taking check out free comic seat to everything else he has been doing all your different books between twisted dark twisted late tablet and now all look awesome stuff even doing and I'm so glad that we had a chance to talk to you 'cause it's been salon and I promise the next year at emerald city con con I owe you drink you could unwittingly gotten. Today automatic yes yes. Yeah you said that meet two years ago are you still keep promising hello there I'm. Alan two years ago you or even here. There's one near you Warren here Pete. Oh he did okay. Got you I see how do I did I do. Because like two years ago I also endeared to video and now I have a mini me you called me while my wife with him maybe. That's how those in isn't. That amazing yeah. Now that all seriousness I love what you do and I can't wait to see what the video that I can see what else happens received loving you guys so. Think he's a much Serena on BBC America become what video we met her dad I really love that it is very good it was card to any done that so creepy just. Perfect because I love your gonna Kyle. I'm just I'm a weirdo disk. It's kind of it's a good number and then you case could regular conventions argued the US army people who read my stuff. But they're not meant me and they're always very surprised I don't know what they're expecting anything and everything that they editors are they don't think he looks so no. Her head and I learned a clear also just still likes to play nice and thank you. High high energy personality he Ngo Charny selling your bugs it's like little he don't seem like a demented soul. And I I charity are rare event I thought that's the trick but no I think he's a much or being a BG she's geek nation. Think Q so much you know and it's a Brosseau an outlook talking Winamp. If it was funny you're just talking about how he's such a nice person but mark has started up a lot and it is really comes becomes apparent. When you get into the Halloween season. That horror fans and horror writers and directors and all the people who create these. Varied terrifying things. Are nice people really nice yeah and it's like hey it always seems like you'd be expect. That is an aspiration you have ray let's move onto a little bit of audio. George two K he. Has been he was used talking about how he wasn't too happy about Sulu. Having a homosexual relationship and any movies and then he has recently come back and said that he was kind of disappointed that they didn't kids in the little seen. And so does kind of a weird day. I'll leave and do it it's telling me with acrylic or not they usually get another movie but if you do what do you do if you are right yeah and so. He is also taking a little bit of umbrage with. Q another thick well not even to other things first off the Star Trek animated series and also the problem that has come along the lines in his problem with the new re booted series. And well. Instead of speaking for him. I'm just gonna let George talk about it. You know an animated version is really not one of my fingers I thought only began. The animated series would have a wonderful opportunity. To read the explorers science fiction. You know because in the film versions. Where are limited by. Anthropomorphic. Alien beings to arms to lies in the because they're played by actors. But this time with animated version we can have. Music. Exotic India totally different kind of life for us with intelligence. That we either make friends with or learned from or you know maybe just. Raise supply or. Really undeveloped forms of life that's. Rocky and still. Having some kind of intelligence denoting that can be done with the animated version or alien civilizations. They could not being created on a sound stage. Fantastical floating cities. Hooker but none of that was explorer. But they innings again happened to me. Two arms two legs to lies sometimes they had four or eight eyes but it was limited. So I don't think for the animated me. Reached its true animation potential. The reboot it ruins are missing that. Magic ingredient that made gene Robb very Star Trek so unique and singular. He used science fiction as a metaphor. Core issues of the time. We were on during the sixties and this in the sixties was a tournament time. And then in the United States we had a civil rights movement. We also had the Vietnam War going thank globally and we had the Cold War going. Two great calls threatening each other with mutual. Nuclear annihilation. And that was being depicted metaphorically in science fiction. The reboot your viewership is the rip snorting good space opera. Lots of both Tom battles lots of hang on an alien planet clues but. That's had its action adventure. That additional. Element is there. And it's a good point on that could I think the problem comes. I try to rip kind of bring along lines of parallel of love of gaming when it was. It was much more personal. These movies now are more. They're not they're not gonna be more personal because they're made to beat. Giant blockbusters like he's saying a rip roaring space opera. When you have a TV show I think kids especially one where it's just going out to. That people were watching at the time that you have DVRs and there's no real expectation that the kid even re run these at any point in time. So it weighs. More personal thing you wanna talk about what's happening at the time because that's what's going to get people wind as opposed to being blogger. And so. I think it's just a sign of the times when you've got a globalization sort of thing. No and I think you're exactly right about that the episodic nature of of old school TV when they didn't before things like syndication or even even reruns had been invented. They needed to strike while the iron was heartening news to say here's this thing and it's happening right now and now this is sort of our interpretation of it but doesn't it kind of makes you think. Read very was it you know in his own way trying to change the world or at least increasingly ask because they were just doesn't track with a modern movies. There were terrifying things that were going on at the time again was talking about the Cold War all of these crazy things that. Armed you were getting you were getting news if you watched the news season but if you weren't you weren't gonna get any sort of parallel to it. And this was a way to get people. Informed of the concept of what is happening within confines that they would want to be a part of like I wanna watch space aliens fighting humans going around or. The conflict of that within something that I can not necessarily understand but in joy they I wanna see. I wanna see all of this stuff happening in a spaceship. Apps yet it was it was a it was a modern terrible and and it was used in Gaza it is ethical tales where they would save him you couldn't just have a TV show on. That explained. What why you know why we're fighting the Communists or why these two superpowers were worth things like that that was a news and you know and as far as you trust has an effect us for his interest in news anywhere. That was just. Facts yet so you take letting you turn the idea. Of the Cold War and you turn that into a story. So you people will not only listen more but also relate to it a little bit better and turn into something that they can sort of take away that sort of moral. And yet have been saved and that's why you always leave a note you know something like that exactly that's that's the thing so it was eighty I just I think. I think that moviemaking in TV in general. Maybe doesn't focus as much on the type of thing now it's too broad. Do we have morals anymore well they. I mean that says that's another conversation for another time but you're not too far from that. Chris oh that's our moral reasons and there that things always know those are Muller's name and and I know those are those little mushrooms that your friend for some. And there are to the other extent oh the first thing is talking about the fact that the enemies series didn't really hit any of the craziness that she can do it in that was it looks I mean just watching the old ones who fraternity at it is because they just decided well. We can't necessarily get the guys to come back and do all these crazy things and other sets it's just cheaper and easier to continue the story in an animated form. We're not gonna put the effort into having. Cool crazies space alien yes annoying and that has more unfortunate on nine and back I mean if you want it was if you want somebody like that Disco what's future Rama then have a lot more fun out there on Baghdad nets. I know you guys hate songs. No OK I love song excellence whether that's right he's not here I'm exhaust and asks. Songs action whatever now I know I know Chris knows about Anna maniacs you know I don't know Vicki your Joseph know about and maniacs as a catcher very popular. You do oh yeah. He back and hand me. May I add it's our rhetoric and get your arm as talks saying what they did though if you're married at the capitals and countries of the world. In different in that sort of fine song sing song UA exactly who can help you learn and if you could memorize that also iron a little receipts. Yeah in the capitals of great that was a good one now there is a YouTube channel called actual LO well but it's. A CT UAL oh well so act. She ruled the law actual news lol yeah and the sooner she woke mall you look. So I sags when it but they did engage them in they did a video based around the same thing. But with this it's important game this. People often ask me local games I have. So I wrote something about. Don't bloody incredible season got KS was ready to pandemic takes you. Glad eighties. Gentlemen Chara hunting instinct you're rejected it. Italian food in the rules tram that hasn't been a bonus issue a good learning Carol yeah. And we just doesn't know today's comes series Iran to make up front you. Is he decides to take out in this campaign and I cannot be CD. My heart. Rescuing Patrick can see anything that is when so many good I think it's not just everybody tells. It's got so many different champion mr. Reid and yet eat greens legacy combat abilities Vinny T. Every and ask this because police received a penny Chris Vista that best in the car. Mount Everest is demo that is for my actual fundamentals and then. So restaurants hockey genius type creation every student Veronica Rubin that he did you very escaped from Cummings fifteen on this. Nasty period decades things that we just have helped Tiffany think how does is implement not just between decent decent practice match tomorrow does that. Two others got in half. Get a tetanus memories guys that have put your hands and make. An amazing. They're homeowners it's common good and good Netflix you can do right. Preliminary in this game from millions and millions and this guy called Chris moderate drinking that could painting him he had just started to erode sales are tiny green and I asked Iranian made me our son's. Besides the seven connected to home. Illustrations. He. Time nine. This is so yeah. Oh I don't know CNN dot I was impressed that you can follow along closely connected to recognize how many of those UID at a loss and diet and I weren't his I don't I give foreign language for a minute there I really kept forgetting which owns a mine which are your BJ is it about how her poker and a -- a group publicly Elizabethan we just doesn't count pat I got any of the month and the ones I have my house and Dellinger is my roommates but we all have it all together very moving out -- anymore -- sorting out okay good. I know I still need to play the long night the new I did a winner expansion of by and immediately because a lot of the gambler need to do you hate to hang out and I don't know any different set about a game it's only be jamming our whole plan. And yeah we merit and I love that if you can actually find out how many different games through all that music that you've played or you own. Let it snow could be pretty awesome to be digging Asian did you not our problem. Are right I think it is time now full wrath and she Swiss TV. Of course I. I can't get on Halloween though literally people tell yes right that does tears seeing what are the nerdy costumes for this year link so once they never went anywhere saying he like I am going to me I'm not any character in specific m.s can address of the next well I'm thinking for my actual party nights gaffe. I'm going to be just a random mad Max character pool guy I'm not feeling furious at them not shaving my head and I don't want the arm I'm gonna put together some weird lack of pressure body for your sport where I am. So I'm doing that kind of by names so it's just an eighteen DS million during I think that we're just. Did you deal does zombies standby. I gotta be cousins we have covered in blood that's usually find. I knew full horror the since it's on a Monday and we have to come into work. That and I like people coming into working no passing he doesn't think it's professional nobody I held constant for like 20 yeah well I've got mine I think I'm just gonna really calm Costin said that's a damn. Please change here don't Wear that industries please I do it yeah seriously I'm not going to yeah I think that's a good idea on that and just because well in this chat discussing it in the forties anyway as but I am I got any skeleton one Z. And I'm skin underneath that is a really like I was running late this morning I'm happy maybe. Funny they just say that because last year my wife has a Wednesday that's leopard print cheers she got a former sister and worry that just put cat whiskers on my lecture I was in a mattress and the best. That finish was so thunderbolt is still warm or media get so warm I was like act like halfway through it and I was it in and the foresight to bring pants death latest quarter costume I work area I had I just had to Blake Blake take half. Half of it often like late around the waist like the top mark it was it was a bad idea bad idea. I have I have a Star Trek to make it says it was a if from when the first move here in 2009 that really just looks like a long sleeve shirt. It just happens to be gold with that the pattern in the united delta on it. That is where that was a black pants DD PV Kennedy go candy and then you have here you gorges save money on bad maybe. Who wants to paint themselves green Joey. Yeah man. Little girl unruly hanging near Gaza I have no idea and you don't go cannon bone. Thank you but that's a make or ethically acceptable at this point I think is pretty geeky because. I know as is like the nerdy Gatti looks on Saturday and that I know everyone is busy it is to look at it is really ridiculous red swisher in his during my period it's yet and is hilarious mustache. When I go zombie cast on that will be out on things as I shouldn't of voted for Tron. Okay hello I'm gonna doesn't even weirder is immediately got blown me able to ailing GM into lake you're now what I. Like yellow skin bone bone academy that heaven Fareed you're a few woo as fast make not raise. It's nice here's a look at the Kurt angle Bosnia Halloween costumes are on our honestly. Well you probably gonna see a crack ten at the bars Harley Quinn and number one law sorry I just know this guy's a suicide squad in fact that. Every the only thing I'm not gonna like and it's the same point the same thing as I saw leg dudes doing Lou Lou Dallas death. I don't want to see a pride in wearing a little bit so he sure is it I'm not sure if you do like Bill Nelson old school Batman the animated series Harley Quinn when he with all of that ridiculous as. Perfectly okay with that I just. And Wear underwear with that by the way you clearly did underpants so I know does somebody post a picture of black guy a Lily Dell is on in anger and I posted by MI can't match the same guy. And I don't know I think concerns. Okay do. Once come out of left field at Lisa Simpson what slots really been around forever wanted to let you know are simple it is and it was kind of interesting because last Sunday was their tree house of horrors for the week Laura was a Halloween episode I just managed to catch it. Anyway is. If you AFL match because it was Lisa dealing with this in the PT SDA of getting the pants scared off of her. At a how attention and cash and Russia exactly so is one of those sort of things and it was kind of one of those where it was it was very leases centric so. That could be series and Terry and. We an entry fighter or re you re you yeah do you three year would you advise her to leave. Always good values and went right is it real easy Windiz because if I even basic yet the white DNA head band and I who took earlier judo as a kid can can be re. And a Philly there's always totally content and are not mad cost him. This awesome though and for this year inflatable to your acts not love a clean player or sixty bucks examining on Amazon okay I'll put our party had been so that your ex is employee had there're there were I where I can tell you did six in little T Rex is that taxes here. It was so much fun and a couple more travel around together like Pacquiao was hungry I if they weren't extent and I said look I'll get a look at I see box that you worthy investment. You know the that the Halloween superstores it just popped up an old remnants of places there there was a dude outside of one of them holding up the same doing it wearing one of because we're testing the funniest part was that a little window there Friday looks so bored. Just like this. Call is because he would kind of play no the wind would hit it yeah this kind of slippery sloppy everywhere the FDA guy in it just be like who didn't fitness. It's the Texas national. Hurry if you near able to teach like your phone and three watch TV here's something Ghana should get creative Brogna. The force a place you awakened to re costume yen kind of about that absolutely ghostbusters got Superman and women absolutely which an accorsi knew the martian moon. Who were haft. A fallout sole survivor yeah. I had a lot of that now holly story is I don't want this they say it's an easy one Judy who. Are you comfortable it's comfortable because it's so did you delighted to see blue jumpsuit in and then act you can even making yourself pretty dazzling and you are a lot at the Halloween stores so it's it's an easy gravity is gonna calling starring Janet. Eleven Pokemon dose of peak it you are doing doesn't of the character but PD 21 these have been popping up everywhere. I have won a patent for many years did that I had a before the school or school area near thank you. Senate you're the group you should do it's he wrecks but I think could be cool or another one that's another trend. Oh win which is Chris Pratt from drastic world I'm totally going into. Little bit of last year's as well Kerio. Then need that you did declare from Jurassic worlds and that's an easy on that she keep her heels on ranked. Anger. Number fourteen from a night out okay no came area I had. James Bond inspector elastic that's easy that's you can do that or if you are cared just be archer speed archer who had the archer in the need drunk and belligerent. And you just in character hard to do that anyway this you have to. I think Eric. Next gen xers such an easy game Leyland scorpion from Mortal Kombat X. I think that's really necessarily easy but it's due BC Brosnan intricate like a horror it AT and easy go to the storm by this so. And I and I exactly. Back girl dead pool of course yeah which landed and we spoke about. Bring in journalists on a Ryan yeah I have my good full costume and I listen to those Orion. Can have a back princess. I as a similar to do with it skin got aero Tony you're out. A 21 dead John Snow is also now yet well but I think he's gotten he's undid the London. Senior leader or from. On the this is again another round for out of left field the friends of Fred Flintstones does is just because it's your breezy like he says once got in last year's there did you really. You really get the girl OK okay. The high desert nurse are pretty death. Basra to Ralph arm and I gather your house on the Jesse from Toy Story. Me costs make the costs up from attack on titan okay. They're going to approval Mozy. I saw little in the way that you should do which I thought was a path I don't know I think this gives me free lessons to far right now absolutely and in the end just in character that morning not Linux the other ones are Canada and India news or do you you've category catalog here in the need to let you scroll past warrior and a lot of -- slammed her head that is very little about how there. Yeah I. Yeah that's a backpack at. I wanna see everybody's ideas and their plans. I were still. For less than two weeks from the V. From Halloween. I want to see what you guys guys going tied eight yard header costumes postmark FaceBook page. Once he gets to how we obviously wants the quality geeky costumes. But yeah I wanna see this work in progress and how far you've got now it's looking now all that stuff. And until next time guys staying ready. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot clubs.