BJGN10-19-17 - Special Ops - Lore - Mindhunter - Brawl in Cell Block 99

Thursday, October 19th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Chris Walker, & Rev! Mark reviews the Amazon show Lore; reviews the Netflix show Mindhunter; and reviews the movie Brawl In Cell Block 99!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Pulse. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Key nations special ops you knew what you were signing up for us it's your special ops briefing from coast effort for honor. This week the great news psychological period Crenshaw on Netflix and David Fincher and the follow up movie from the guy who brought us phone tomahawk also. When wind to a prison movie so much then before we get to that let me introduce to the river in Fuego hello at the controls as always Chris walker. That's of the call me and my side doing research. Let's tell people how they can do that one thing that we enjoy you mean get a hold of us all that thing yet the other thing and yes you can send a text or voice mail at one NE 02243353. Citizen email BJ geek nation AG no dot com you can find us on social media just search for Regis Jay's geek nation or go to BJ geek nation dot com for all that information. Consume. And provide feedback. Should Al. Fareed on this error in this past you guys this is really nitpicking thing but it's driving me insane in the last couple weeks I've heard. People adult humans. Use the -- use the abbreviation. TBH. Yet to be honest to be honest. It's driving me insane to the point of homicide. And and I understand you're gonna think this is an over reaction but it. It's one syllable longer than to be honest TBH. What are these people or these people have gone on it's so much more important than spending the time to to voice that extra syllable can you defend this in anyway well it's it's a half second. Or maybe slightly less maybe a third of a second that you save but over the course of your lifetime. You're looking to save minutes off of your life and all your devil's advocate isn't here a big thing you have to tell someone what you mean if they don't get it. Walden why how did they not get it it's in our lexicon this point in it has been since the Internet started to you literally just had to explain to SM AR TFW. I mean honestly you're time is not that value. I it's at a place. We're gonna pepperoni pizzas because every pizza place has that I would hope so. People were ordering a slice of pepper. I mean for Christ's sake I mean that's going that's where economy has going from one still or going from four syllables to wind that's at three syllable savings hasn't. Take how much how is this laziness is this what is this. Did this is just a further extension of of what's been dubbed the abbreviation generation it's it's people who. Believe in their minds as are said that they are saving themselves time somewhere along the way also they sell hip and edgy well to all of you I say SMB let's move on arrogance. And he never mono Y now. Okay now. In all the years they were for the Seattle times no matter what I didn't how much effort and time are putting food the most popular stuff I ever wrote. Was when I did a pet article. And I mean we need to point out that that's reverent. Avenue QB yes yes you can manage to get a new cat. I mean even you had said that. Cats need a partner in crime so to speak. And now we managed to have a friend who had some kittens you said one cat before content and he gave it. He give it some comedy humiliating name it is not a comedy humility name its say in home lies to do Walking Dead his name is damage Carl get in the house where you can't shorthand usually Carl or damage or damage Carl or eight they'll likely use that word either but as head. Colin beef for sure does look different names he has but he didn't egos by Carl Welty VH refine that. Inappropriate OK so you to keep your. Cat damning curled in the house company you've got another kitten and it's what he's new in this we named this one franc which is short for Franken accounting. What's that I have no idea I just thought it was funny. It's probably from something but I can't remember cats living beings that deserve dignity and respect are not there is as a punch line. For you and until like to be a bit daddy is not wrong about that but as well to point out I think that makes all three of us now dual cat owners like we each have two cats and our own guy yeah I'm OK without I think if if I had three cats and was a bachelor living alone then you could say whatever you want bush and an emblem just echo of what I've ever envelope that is all right I treating cancer dignity what are your cats names. Good morning remain so yes a little delicate female black cat and the other ones that don't believe there's no there's no room for you to mock this aren't my cats and their names are immune to your mockery and the other one's name his jango he's sort of a big grave bruiser and I will admit the jango is name after 1966. Spaghetti western character and greens who dragged the coffin around with the Gatling gun right that's jango and you just saying that meeting is not from mean the merciless Flash Gordon. Come line Mel man having just kind of happened there was too little bit of Flash Gordon have been remaining nine assists something that would go ahead. Interesting just kind of something that was in the ether at the time that that I got these two little rescue kittens from summary used to work with the paper. I'm saying. You know sometimes third very additions. Additions to Jane goes namely. Tom I think you mentioned this before sometimes his full name is. Jane you son of bitch yeah. General term car Horry did get. Can often get out get out there get off their whatever momentum. You're kiddies acute and I hope to god you treat them with more respect than you have named them that's all I'm saying they are in a loving home and I only yell at them. Well actually all the time there's stats yeah exactly yeah. Richt moving on. Right here on Amazon prime and anthology series and sort of who were rude but not quite series it's Cold War. And my a social media has been just lighting up about it it's based on a popular podcast about quote. Dark historical tales that fuel our modern superstitions. It says each episode explores the world of mysterious creatures tragic events in unusual places because sometimes the truth is more frightening. Than fiction there were 71 episodes of the podcasts as of last night when I looked at it and listen to some. They're mostly under half hour. Unlike the show the shows her roughly half hour each bite sized. And they're essentially kind of like a true crime reenactment dramatized nation shall we shall find on cable TV. When those forensic shows which I found so comforting because of that generation that I would always hoped she'd go through what I am mad that play he had cable and other very comforting that. The Mariners are wonderful. But this is about superstition and folklore and with some actual name actors doing the around reenactment. And ribs you've got a bit of one that I didn't seem this one is about a doll. So sick of you being ugly to us but the behavior in the lies well. You look any new twist and that you prove you can be responsibly you did this annual suffer the consequences. I didn't do it. Yeah that's a creepy doll looks just like him. Router didn't. Tell me Eugene how to adult students. I can't keep help around his own for all the species where that Robert did. Locking doors making noises in the dark rooms staring up keepers don't I'm not allow myself to make excuses Roberts is at all. It isn't real. Scary that you haven't seen any he's very help this one's called on boxed. And here's the summary from Miami DB where are urging I was a child without friends that is until he receives a doll of the gift. He names the dollar after himself Robert become fast friends and soon the boy believes the dollar is real but everyone else Robert the doll is occurs. It's not quite as straightforward as that sounds all the episodes are narrated by the podcast creator. Errand I'm making. End. You know I had a problem with this I thought Jesus Kenny Yankee right out of it because it's a relief flat stilted delivery. Doesn't sound. I don't need somebody to sound like a broadcaster all the time out but boy alleviate narration is terrible and so I look at I looked on the I am DB comments. It's the first thing everybody mentions really and it's just painful. So the episodes or combination of this mayor reader giving you a little exposition. Some facts and background and then some dramatized nations it's can be kitchen sink. I watched three out of six that are available on Amazon prime. And I guess I am not so sure what everybody's going on about and I wish that you guys had seen some so I can have a sounding board because I'm feeling like. I'm feeling like go like on the tour in the unfold here yeah. And I mean right now we're in kind of Listerine shoot am I don't wanna say golden age yet because I haven't seen it all but there are a lot of anthology series out their horror and science fiction especially by. This and I know you you make it sound really unappetizing if it's just kinda OK so I watched. Three in the wanna pay the most attention to was one about werewolves. And they are all over the map on the talk about saint Patrick in the old Ireland. Who they talk about where wolf myths and fifteenth sixteenth century Germany they talk about things like. Hyper trek kosice switches into people who have hair all over their bodies can we have. Hank a clinical like in Oregon and even even just they touch on the little red riding hood legend and whatever basis in might have in fact. The beast and none of Canada I got a non issue. The beast of Java Dan and eighteenth century France and if your if that rings of go few all the resort Korea movie about ten years or so ago called the brotherhood of the wolf the whole way so it. That's where that comes from and even somehow kitchen sink the son of Sam in 1977 New York City into this and that's and I have no idea what that has to do with where ruled it as as a possible where wolf. I'm not even sure I can I was I was actually paying attention to it either I don't I'm not become a person has something on law and doing something else that's what the entire CW network is what is based on. They they threw in some footage of the final public you teaming him in France. And I like to show overall. Because it's right up my Alley subject choirs but I absolutely wasn't bowled over with a note Chris I'm glad you bring up horror anthology so that because I think. That those are some of the most entertaining things that that have been done and I've been on sort of a little horror anthology kick of my own lately. I put on the original. British version of Tales from the Crypt which everybody knows the HBO series which ran for seven or eight seasons. View of the British one it's thinks who read the little stories and feature film. With Peter Cushing Joan Collins. And it's so good and it's so much more mean spirited and perhaps unpleasant and not tongue in cheek let it go. Who tears that there was one thing about the HBO series that always felt very kind of force is they always try to either shoehorn in some humor. Attention to make it feel. It's a little it's dated for different picture is. And I am looking forward to more this I was putting in this sixties and seventies especially where years of anthology films there's a company called abacus films. And indeed they did a lot of those infected were known for those so I was popping in that tales of terror. Which is based in its Roger Korman movie Korman did to the pendulum almost corpsman and a occasions in the sixty. This has Vincent Price and Peter Lorrie in three different adaptations. Twice told tales with us Sebastian cabinet he half the mr. French from a family affair. I love anthology films they're just a lot of fun if one of the stinker you got a couple more hurry out three more to go. And they're just bear it's a great semi gloss form you see that coming back. Well then the show the in the NFL the series is coming back as far as and TV shows and we knew he would beat we all know we can talk about black mayor obviously is one of the big ones right now yeah and messed you've got room 104 you've got tagged dimension for all four and other things without numbers in a there's a new series coming out and next year called castle rock it's based on the short stories of Steven king. And Philip K Dick's electric dreams I'm excited about that and I Xena trailer for that bad idea when it comes out or or or anything about it but but how would you go wrong with a short stories based on Philip K. Dick precisely precisely so there's a lot of it that's going to be out there you could even argue that a show like come American horror story. You know there are those those types of shows where they do one story arc per year or per season. And then they switch to something else completely different the next that sort of qualifies in that same area but it's it's a little bit longer. Format here's a whole spectrum yeah I'm fine with that but took so getting back to lower yes if you like just weird offbeat supernatural. Stuff. Put him on while you're going to sleep. It's only six episodes of their shorten. Most of her half hour no armor even close to an hour. It's bite size it's fairly well done but boy oh boy is it not the home run I was led to believe who do you think it's enough to be you know something like he would play at a Halloween party or anything like that or do you really want people to sit down. And the lady experience is maybe with a group of people as opposed just sitting alone by yourself to cats and none on you if you asked if something's not worth sitting down and paying attention to why even bother. Now like I've been pressure I understand question I mean I think giving you just answered it right there isn't it whether night 10 like you could he deduct a little bit about being background and is just like. Well is even worth it at that point or would you just wanna find something else like it if I'm gonna put something on when other people around when news and other activity going on. I wanted to be something I've already seen so I can watch the people watching I have like I wanna see somebody you watch Lucille Fultz he's zombie movie so that I can look at them when the shirt verses on the scene comes on. And they've never seen it and his wash your eyes bulge out of their head are we come back to the break. Netflix is new mine under series and brawl in cell block 99. Welcome back special ops Mark Brown here with reverend en Fuego palace walker. You if you don't love. The work of David Fincher who brought us seven and counties with. Abide by club fight club so much everything this guy does is right up our geek nation Alley. You're an alien to us if you if you don't like David Fincher and I think David can he even do that really really underrated third aliens movie that was so screwed with that correct okay. Now on and not for nothing I love the alien series there's nothing wrong with that third aliens -- really get upset when people coupe which. It's not the pilot garbage that you'd be led to believe I think that a lot worthwhile about it especially. You know now that the last couple of come out and they've been such. Field conceive. To suggest prayer if you wanted to hold them all up I mean we talk about the force. Alien movie all day but the third one also loved it looks like it too well held up on that I'm just saying that David Fincher. He's one of us and and anything that he does is worth checking out. And boy I discovered mine under which is brand new on Netflix. And I kind. The last thing I need to do start chain watching her being watching yet another what ten our show is I got stuff to do. Yet I cats defeat he carried. IE I am abbreviating my my phrases and Alan TBA treating you disparate. Boy you know after Weinrich. Episode of this I didn't wanna do anything else except watch this god damn show. It's some. It's it's not it's it's about serial killers but it's not the same old thing. That we've all seen already which I think is great it'll even a little bit ironic and clever coming from the guy who gave us seven which by now is like. The template of serial killer yeah shame movies and so this follows a couple of FBI agents and early mid late seventies the early mid late seventies I can honestly afraid of his spent time to me are we regret we meet them what we can narrow it down by saying. It's in in the period where there was a lot of brown orange and yellow fabric everywhere. Happy that there at baton out there have. And it's got the the pop rock soundtrack to matches I'm often so this is at a time when not a lot psychologically. And otherwise was known about. People who kill over and over again and they didn't even called them serial killers at the time so. We've got a young. FBI. Agent named hold Ford played by Jonathan gruff. He starts calling them sequence killers. And and the crimes that they're guilty of everyone's sequence killer yes Hollins killers are Allen dressed for the party I believe very liver Liberace may have been an a suspect in the sequin and kill infants suffer. CI young FBI agent I mean Holm forward is is investigating these. Lust murderers who crude become sequence killers. And not a lot of people are. Into what he's doing or understand it or even consider it worth the FBI's efforts at the time. And his thinking. Is that how are we going to prevent or stop these people in the future if we don't understand them now so he's paired up with an old sort of a gruff. Tank of a veteran FBI agent in his name in the series has built tensions played by hole. Mac only the Tampa pronounced that right I think you know that is that a McAlary sure. And they wind up going. All around there they're region and around Quantico Virginia to different local police departments to get training seminars at the same time that there. Interviewing. These killers in prison. Including. Ed Kemper the serial killer and when the local police. Understand there realize even a little bit of what's going on these two guys. They're always calling him in the console I'm cases that are troubling and insoluble and it's so good radio clip yes they have from the trailer. Collections and yeah true you know thousands of decisions and Marine Corps. Could you possibly get back from ordinary Greeks actually come alive only manufacturer. Corners extremely patient form and when you said he's known as compared contends trying to warn you and your attitude is kind of like. Task to develop an apparent pain that will not sustain you so. People's lives we eat and exactly how worried we need to small hole reaching eating feeling sorry it's not our job commiserate with these people it is our job to left. I can't like everything we do we're talking to Syria because. It's the world we. For more something you like truffles you kind of get in the third. So no we don't. We are the FBI. We don't know how crazy ex us. And they haven't. I can't say enough good stuff about. Mine owner it's intelligently written it's not the same old thing the dialogue is so good so clever. But not like Aaron Sorkin clever for its own sake it's riveting dialogue you wanna pay attention this time we were just talking on stuff you have on what you're doing something else you don't want to do anything at all all this on this absolutely commands your attention a 100% and this is 100%. A calm me down. David Fincher joint he directed the first couple episodes and it's got his fingerprints all over other directors. Are on subsequent episodes there's only ten. But it's just so satisfying to these two FBI guys go on the road to give the training seminars. They get pulled into really upsetting and disturbing. Cases. And commanders some disturbing him infantry unit but it. A lot of it. Is in the form of just photographs case photographs that are very hard to look at him that's not. A lot of gratuitous onscreen violence at all some of the conversations. They have. Are genuinely unsettling sitting in two people sitting across the table talking about one of them has done to other people it's one of the most unsettling things you will see. And here. And down and I sit across the table from you all the time yeah I do honestly. So really it's not a spoiler to say that they begin to uncover patterns after. The first couple. One common denominator peace serial killer bees. These sequences killers sequence is they have absent fathers and abusive mothers and related. Why are higher serial killer's half I thought I would you believe you've. It's but it's you know I have I've been into the stuff as long as I can remember and I even have this whole line of serial killer comics and it just heard here today it reminds you of how we young we are as a civilization that went forty years ago all the stuff. It was a brand new bag and what 1880s. Jack the Ripper was one of the very first serial killers that anybody you knew of and he just absolutely had all of London and in a group of terror you can and it's fascinating to me to just to find out. How old people when about learning about this of the show's very very procedural but I don't mean that. In a boring way I mean that in an absolutely fascinating way. Couple episodes in. Somebody else joins the team female old doctor and academic. Played by on a tour who you might remember from a show called fringe O and I don't know if we consider her a crystal room key groping or not I booze in different fringe fro one season. Liked it liked her but then I just kind of found it to be unnecessary. For my continued existence. Between them while certainly not a a a geek queen or even geek princess perhaps a dutchess. Crap I would say I wish he absolutely knocked it out of the park in that role. You know whatever you think of the show as a whole I feel like her performances and what she brought to that show was. Very compelling and one of the reasons I tune in as much as I did. Collector but I wasn't aware until mine Leonard just what an actress she was and I like how she's aging. She's not one of these. Actors who is doing all sorts of creepy stuff to the keeper from looking natural I just think he's fantastic in this. So huge recommendation for mine under. I'm Netflix you're gonna be injured and then you're going to be sorry it's over and you have nothing else to watch. I hope hope hope that there's a season to. Brawl in cell block 99 now we talked about bone tomahawk here whenever came out a year or so ago. It was just a thing found in the outer reaches a video on demand and it turned out to be one of the most beloved talked about. Disturbing movies. Of last year it was a really offbeat. Quad side a western horror film. That had a lot of well. Will portrayed characters. Clever dialogue and some just shocking shocking violence and now the director and the writer the news though what's a guy that's pretty bearish technical medical debt at this stuff. As Craig's dollar yes as Craig dollar. This is the same my director and writer you guys can't hear me pulling my shirt forward on an authoritative win but that's just happened now you did well and I you. That should have been at the top of my notes that at this just in I do have notes. Just yeah this is from us Craig's dollar. And it serves Vincent fine and we just repeat that Vince F and pawn who I thought it was. Kind of done after that crappy second season of true detect what. I had no desire to really have a lot to do with Vince Vaughn again. But curious and bad looking here he's big guy in real life via IRL. He's yeah yeah Craig Taylor Dent he's six foot five and so he's got it shaved head in this with a crucifix on the back of his head. And he looks like a pretty rough customer your neck and my attention. So in this story brawn in cellblock many nine. I his character loses his job and finds out that his wife's cheating on him that same day. And he goes to work for a drug dealer. Takes a good long time for anything to happen in this story. But he it's an ultimatum. A way into the movie. He's in prison as a result of something goes bad on his job with the drug dealer and gets transferred to a high security prison to killing guy there. And if he doesn't kill a guy there. The crime boss. Who's had his wife who is now pregnant kidnapped. Says that he's gonna start sending. Limbs from his unborn baby in a package makes you got that yet that he's in prison. Get transferred to this maxim some security prison kill a guy there or we're gonna start snipping off pieces of your unborn baby and sending them to so that keeps your attention there's you're inciting incident and inciting incident more than an hour into the movie and Riviera clip. And so yeah. World. Isolated from the rest of the who they keep them there. Child molesters. Rapists and gotten their sentences. I've got to. Where were pretty good. Read her withdraw its Bradley. I'm so proud age age just. Another in a prison yard here is what's happening Yang in the face values that are. Well into the weights we use and now giving them. Don't call your corner. Last time I checked the colors of the flag went red light itself. I'm more the finish. Cool guys lack the I think. I don't know. And gets out of my crazy life hey Vince. No we did play the game with his own best. I know it does sound like this heads putting bids on its perfect would being as. Watch out. Being close it's competitive elbow right there. Why didn't you have to well. You eat. Okay. Okay yeah well that it. Wow. I'm guessing it would hurt to get hit by a par bill you would think so if her to get hit by a fist that's the a couple of putts bar bell I'm vegan that's kind of a deal breaker this is this. The performance by Vince Vaughn really got my attention is not a phoned him. Lazy piece acting and there is some impressive. Nasty choreographed violence and yet registered Mars. Jennifer carpenter from. Dexter plays the wife. Look here has a little role and you know him from you we were all movies and pretty much everything. Yes Don Johnson plays the warden of this maximum security prison in I wasn't crazy about the shot on digital look at a bone tomahawk was this guy that's Craig's dollars golden ticket. But I just I admire the grind house and the troops follow it seems like you lost a little bit of a step. But this because that first movie blown tomahawk was such an assured piece of storytelling. And who once this finally gets going milk. The decent dark and brutal stuff this is an artist who are not pandering to get a big commercial break and not afraid to screw viewers up. And I admire that more than I'm annoyed by the movie's flaws. Man do I wish this movie have been fine tune and trimmed a bit all that said quickly your pull quote. You're finished filthy violent grind house trash brawl and still blocked many nine may lack of forced sodomy of HBO's Oz while. And may take its time to ramp up to payoff will be a hopeless predicament compound fractures. Faces stomping that apple sauce and a preview of some of the places we all of the trump Finley and administration live out the rest of their days soon. She's kind of pull quote and end of show you good we'll see you next week listener and mark are honored for special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To don't join Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG ease of video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.