BJGN10-20-17 - Blade Runner 2049

Friday, October 20th

BJ & Joey Deez review (WITH SPOILERS) Blade Runner 2049; the gang talks TV with Gotham, The Orville, Star Trek: Discovery, & Mr. Robot; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out playing games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doctoral else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation welcome. Yeah is welcome to BJC's Pete may see an eye in the reverent and play go across from me he is Vicky Barcelona I forgot uncle Chris oh hello of these shows namesake Vijay CA and I said that the fact would you survey. I mean how also. Manning the boards is Joey. We'll talk a lot of television. And of course I will speak with here is Bob column five and a all slow the geek she would be TV. Vicky how can people get a hold of us. They get ahold of us here our website which is TJ he's Asian not go. On the and I information social economic itself. Absolutely. And if your email me or the rest of the show BJ just unique nation had Lots of ways to contact us and if you're listening to this on Friday a that date that we launched this podcast he still have enough time to go check out GE two and it's tomorrow is tomorrow ends on a day. Some experiential gaming stuff like the ar drone re seeing. And I you can watch the 5000 dollar grand prize there's a lots does a lot of stuff going on over there and you can get tickets and information eight G. TV but I want to give EUZ. And wanna get the review of the wave runner because BJ you and your son both sides where the only cares. Man. Chris is oh like the rumors you grew to know do know. I much prefer this panic and I was what I mean yeah I just. I hadn't watched I haven't watched the original really recently at all in and I'd have no desire to go back and watch it with this when I just didn't necessarily feel like. I wanted to experience this to still be in future of a blade runner I wanted to watch the original. I just didn't know which one to watch I would I spent money on the director's cut and what and now it's just take it's a coaster. On the and I would I another one on Amazon I thought you are. I'll I'll buy it Argo one apple Leino and and go and iTunes and buy it but there's the final cut the director's cut the cut cut them like I don't. Wanna watch the movie that I didn't see in the theaters. And I didn't duress I'm so confused which one is the one that I saw originally I mean did they get to did Lucas say can you even watch the original now at this point oh yeah and I'm bummed out because with the without the narration of Harrison Ford and blade runner it makes a big difference it makes it a lot more boring if you ask me and I would I want the one that I saw. And that's an interesting point because reading online and read a couple of reviews that really didn't like Harrison Ford's. Voice over in it because they thought that he was almost sounded bored when he was doing it he probably lies but he's supposed to be the character Rick Decker that whole the whole world is their board and lifeless immunity so that's what I had to translate to a movie good movie could because it's so loud data and people love this. Movie Andy and everyone's bored here's a movie it's really a wonderful story and it's very maudlin and morose and so yes you have to. You have to realize OK you're loving this version of the world. And also remember this is 1968 when it was originally written you know doing android's dream of electric sheep throughout Phillip ray deck and then of course to be delayed by a dictator himself. Yeah. Well thought it could also be considered OK okay. Yes thank you revved up and down so blame 12049. It was great to take my son because ice Joey. I don't I think I try to have a watch a director's cut a blade runner and all we both realized this is a mistake many Arabs are watching it but you would like I remember that scene where I Harris fort shoots the chick. At the smallish is run through torture if you like a pretty good deal scenery wise like everything looked awesome it would what you would expect from an eighty's movie kind of thing. But beyond that I need to remember anything. And that's a problem they try to set the home at the beginning of labour on 2049. Hatred ago here's what's gone on to here's what's going on like four different bullet points to try to. Did you into what you missed if you didn't see blade runner OK okay the trouble is is that in the name you just can't do it he really it's at a it's just not gonna get you in the mood to care. About like the severity of what's going on in this movie. Odd enough to wanna sit through two and some plus hours and sadly it is sadly one of the most important characters of all. Jolie diss didn't think even belonged in the movie that's how that's because they just couldn't get you to. I care enough if you didn't see the first one and yet yet Harrison Ford to enjoy you can tell the story by atomic or to Harrison Ford what what was your opinion. I mean he doesn't need to be in a movie because that they've his record he's like he doesn't need any you know after that receding into a good job and I think the reason why is that after BJ explain it's me I'm like OK I'm excellent sense no wonder this is such a big character but when no one of watching movies for the first time I haven't seen the first when I'm sitting there and Mike. All right well the resistance people want him dead. The new people don't know what to do with them and are trying to trying to kill on a minute trying to got a cap from a I don't care it is Ghanaian whatever and and he just should be dead because he'd help everyone out beam at and that sense. So you don't get out of there really make it says you get this huge like for the focus you see Harrison Ford all the trailers and like I need your help. I'm here to be there and then you draw on your senator dole is or isn't doing anything. So I look at the both of you guys and your and your very confused and so I. I keep forgetting that this is a full blown spoiler yet or Australia here's the idea so here's the deal we know that an end and in this together they Joey missed as well because it into the first one. We know that checkered falls in love with Rachel that's the big thing he can't retire her. Because he loves her men hand and end here it is she's a replica and you know they can she really pastoral full blown human that's the problem you know she's the highest of the nexus models of the 88000 or so and so it's just he falls in love whether that's the tragedy of the movie is that you know he realizes while you know I mean I love the Sandra yes in the well as it turns out we find out in this new movie that they made a baby. Which is I guess considered it a miracle. Which he the address is like it would to Republicans having a baby and well at but you'll see is here were applicant was it decided that he was does that and I don't think he was can I heard that I thought that it had been established that he was was director he was -- what does a director came out and said specifically he is a heated Decker is a replica of seeing the trouble is is that I don't know if they really tell us this in the new movie because you're right yeah I forgot that I've written was a Ridley Scott yet. Yeah because it got a different directory in the Ridley Scott produced it. It's a beautiful movie Joseph did you get the idea the deck it was a replica which might make regroup may make you understand why he can live. It's a problem. Even though there's their android's they can die they still have to be able to breathe at least that's established in the new movie because like they can die and they can be hurt. They can be retired. And there was a scene as movie where if a replica doesn't get there. It dies her. So old that so Harrison Ford is living in of a waste land and gamble Las Vegas this highly irradiated. And heat who joint Arab over housing living here but I guess if he's a replica into maybe that's it so. That's even more disturbing than what this week and a half because if you are replicates. Then he is really valuable and they don't treat him like he's really value because they go if we can find the baby like who's the baby who should be an adult by now. That's at this movie's about they're looking for the baby they and so the movie leads you to believe that in fact Ryan Gosling character may be the baby. So I talk about a coincidence. I will tell you that's not the case. By. But the way the movie goes along it's a well done movie it's well acted we both like did. But that the the the flaws of the fact that the two factions looking to find this baby so they can make miracle babies. While the police department doesn't want to happen because they're in charge of retiring number applicants if he'll be a big war if all of a sudden Republicans can reproduce. Scott's artist activist whose action really get pat. Up. It was literally made for critics. Because it's really you know Smart and it's either a lot of small details and if you Dijjer researcher probably catch all this stuff has the more I keep learning after seeing the movie got the more like well now this makes more sensible now this makes more sense and it was my biggest complaint. They don't set the stage of the movie. Because when you jump into we you don't realize how much of Islam earth and it's earth has been destroyed many everyone's moved off planet. But the big guy who saved earth is like a giant billionaire and he he clearly still lives on earth. And you don't really get an idea everyone else is just really poor and because even in the other areas it's even worse than inside their main area and and here's the guy who saved earth this is new guys the Wallace corporation that bought the old corporation that made the Republicans that but of course that corporation was put in ruin because of the did you know the new models. He created a dumber. Forced to Obey replicate and solve the problem of the Rachel's of the world and so Wallace is now a super rich guy and he's helped on earth in that respect. And that's what many say it was made her critics does this got certified fresh at 88% on round tomatoes along the audience or was 82 prison in our best. And on that and yeah and Cilic just sojo how do you how do you reconcile the fact that if Harrison Ford's character if Rick Decker is a replica and why would they not want to figure when he was that he was instrumental in making this baby they didn't care about him that we're gonna kill him they they just wanted him to get information about the baby but it's like this do that made the baby what you want him to. Gad because if you can make a baby as a replica and but he said it's a miracle I would they just taken apart and dissect them all they wanted to do was either figure out why if they could out once I wanted to kill him and the other side wanted to torture him. And that's the thing that they wanted to torture him. And part of me is like well is zero applicant not a replica because they're treating him like a human in this movie and it was odd it was that of the Republicans wanted. Freedom and they didn't really care about reproducing that was. Clearly established I think by the end of the movie and they hit the baby and they hid the baby and it's in the sense that when the time was ripe for the revolution they reveal that they can have kids. Despite it. It only happening one time in this like fifty to sixty year period that the other guy the guy who made all the Republicans was more interested in having them reproduce because he couldn't create enough of them. But he didn't want to give them freedom. So he was gonna take Packard and and figure out how he was able to reproduce and another Republican and then do it himself and still keep an enslaved Miami Heat at his. There was a lot of questions. But it was a good movie this is the cinematographer was fantastic. Also another CGI character which was better than prince's layup. Open like they've definitely come even further in that one was that one hasn't been a year yeah basically I asked John young's character Rachel. Comes back. And she interacts with the old Harrison Ford. And I looked and I was like I knew that was some dukes go OK this is 1980 shot young yet that not hurt and even joy was like yeah that that's supposed to be the old chicks so how. She looked amazing to see GI like but the the the re creation. Even when she was speaking she really look like she was upset and emotional. Which I could like Michael K better and better this day I have CGI characters from the past that and you're not going to be able to tell Cynthia I'm surely isn't there a point for all just to holograms or is gonna have a hologram actors all the topic I was actually it was a great hologram scene of what you're talking really in the movie the I just let's say hologram Elvis was contest oh geez honoree is now it's worth seeing I'm saddening to see in 3-D the other sad thing is is for some reason a lot of our theaters around our area. Are not showing us the 3-D version my own waste dump this movie fast we saw the IMAX to be and I'm like well New Year's IMAX 3-D why would you show what you know and you're IMAX 3-D theater you've got it. So that was sag is I think in 3-D this would even movement more amazing you would have been immersed in the world. A lot of great things about it I think it's worth seeing but it be nice of you see on the big screen of possible I area I guess so what are you give it Joseph. I urinate I think if you go into the movie with literally everything you've just learned you'll probably like a lot more like 99 and half OK yeah because at that point you're gonna know what's going on in you can just kind of experience. The setting exactly and I'm with Joseph like kind of forgot a lot of details and totally forgot the idea that that that Ridley Scott says that Harrison Forbes a Republican. That makes it a little bit more for me it deep little bit more juice in the movie for me. I'm wondering is it and that's treaty it in 3-D yeah I I don't know if I could have pushed it out of a matter I what I'm thinking is it like blade runners pellet. It's doing really well maybe -- -- well -- an airplane -- oldest one thing is the only -- there's only one IMAX -- in this -- who went -- they only have one but they decided only show -- -- version -- I don't understand is like why would -- -- the 3-D version that's so literally be felt by people that -- at half past. It blows my mind that -- I feel like how nice I'm looking hearing -- -- -- name last week is getting 66% -- made a lot of -- laid out a lot of people really like that wind and it it's Halloween time -- you're not gonna want a slower movie you're gonna want those scares and it is just -- and and so -- -- it's like over two and a half hours long they could have I mean you know maybe artistically they made as long as they get -- but -- Joseph and I were like you know there's a scene where he -- look for Harrison -- you like you know what we don't need to see him walk through this whole thing -- -- -- considered -- pretty serious. There's a lot of scenes like that but there. Again some people like that slower beauty of a moving and maybe they should make a director's cut it up more assists are less Kevin Smith should have added a lot of the movies because Kevin Smith talked about how editing you need to cut movies up yet he knows how to do that I'd love to see Kevin Smith added a lot of these movies like how this person. Let's talks on television. Ideal would you shows I've managed to watch his weak or or billing Gotham yeah. Romney got some eight. To meet didn't eight I didn't really miss silly wanna call a filler episode. It was close if there was close but I think what the big thing for it for me was was the fact that you got to seat the repercussions of Bruce Wayne. Plane back man and getting people killed there and it may be his fault because he's like well. Greater good sort of thing I can't give this dagger to ration Al ghoul. I have to hold onto it even if it means this pork kid and his grandfather gay killed. And I think that's important to see how that will formulate at least personality I think you're right about that that's. That's why it's not a completely a complete filler episode for me because it does give you that yet but beyond that there really wasn't much more to this episode I'm loving Barbara keen. Barbara damn great I love dead Barbara. It's a cool calm and collected when she's crazy ex yeah and gas the this one was written by Ben McKenzie OPEC will. Yes yes I know he did write it what was picky as mr. fancy eight it was all that seasonings and that was the thing intricate it it was one of those ones where I'm like oh yeah he's get another sweet actions seen out of yeah it now they have the lake. At one point when he did did they kiss with Sophia like there's just this like yeah but at the same point it was like the music comes out in their front of at a fireplace and I was like this is daytime soap on Chris I area like I just went into daytime soaps now. Idaho public that it by the air because it makes you think of archer and like every times of London here is this our Charlie's replies. Yeah I know right back because we don't know what you're it is yet at any effort to mix of old technology and have yelled while gap like the waiting a drag her flip phone that cellular phones yeah not Serafin I got the razor. Yet I they have like people young lady's name hurdle or whatever her name yet average dealers biggest fan and answers just like what Jiri is this time. It's ironic because I don't know with the Hilliard and and it it to death I think is nice not a lot of the bad man cartoons that anonymity because the fact they had that sort of more aren't the look to them with over the waited a day drew those. And and set the settings so I like that. Com or bill was kind of always felt was and the same with me on that. It was an episode that I watched and it's progressed this. I don't really progressed any story it was just its own kind of sort of thing I'll weigh on the right way to do see your guitar but the crew agent prior crew oh yeah as the krill. Yeah okay you horrible. You really didn't think you're progressing storyline it's told the whole story about the the bad guys yeah. And then green energy's vampires yeah I mean it was kind of needed this their religion and that's what drives that can. I mean I'm in RS may or did its sparks of who knows what they're gonna think of humanity now or did this. It was a huge moving episode rat hole criminals they are big kill everyone in the whole point it was tend not killed upholstery Abbott the only thing that I got from me is the fact that. Ed and his Gordon basically just created more people and incited radicalism what does that not sound like a Jean primary theme about what's going on today. Yeah but it turns the people who we want to be heroes into actual monsters. Yeah I guess you're stuck in a OK okay I see a fine I'm talking about a little bit more yeah but yeah it was just. Yeah I just I don't wanna feel like the people that I'm rooting for our amid the A holes and it really kind of what the federation and it's. Are you watch fire escape and peacekeepers piece which was basically their commentary on what a federation might really didn't yes of the union is about tales. Yeah well I'm not trying to be peacekeepers and and your tray you know you're you've got all these rules and laws and regulations. You can easily beat fascist you can go down that road if you keep going on that row. This is true. But little bit I think the most important thing at least for me that I got out of this episode was. Heat we actually saw Mercer sort of changing hearts and minds with these kids. He spared all of their wives he had almost a relationship with that one kid whose name I can't think of right now I think was slapping I was like I copiers I'm so elegant and I got Georgia project I got entertainment and Joseph has hurt us at half and we have our own gardening heard this guy's good like that. I about the character he's so corny though on one hand yeah VV. Had to be they had to kill everybody on the ship because they were gonna be able to talk him into peace and end. Get eaten there was kind of ridiculous thing to do but they spared everyone on the planet and I managed to spare the children as well. All the needs of the many I mean it really was the dubbed the devil's choice watt what choice and I give us any just decided because of human sensibilities. I guess we'll save the kids which for some reason kids are more valuable. And it won't know the whole point I think he even said it's like they don't think that we have souls and yet we kill everyone including the children. Then we're proving them right exactly and Nash hit me out like okay cool and that lately east any children that at and lake and mean this is of anesthesia and that government and aliens I can't really say yeah I'm not I know Al Salem Chris and I immediately and but it's like and you can it is important to what we're seeing today with all the heat that's going on students like we can change it's like you just have to ask the right questions and be willing to learn and teach. It's just like well what are wired humans this it's like well maybe you wanna learn in if we learned we can have a different future we will have. Keep fighting Derrick good point good point. And the beauty of what Vicki just said. Is that is important to humans it's funny to see that other aliens have their own mores and that means nothing to them she basically said. Oh yeah you've you've proven suddenly these kids yet that you're all horrible evil creatures yet like it didn't matter what he thought was the right thing to do. By their senses and sensibilities. In the devil is always the devil exerting human morals and it's been a constant on the show action I think about it with the board is with that with how they act if you you know you're you're pushing. The morality of humanity on two alien races who don't think that same way how good is that. And so yeah I see what you're saying I agree now at this point there was a lot more to this then I really first game. And if you're looking a little deeper it does I don't know much about gene run Barry just based on what you guys have kind of Tommy along the way and it seems like everything was kind of like. Between green aliens and blue aliens were all just tornado co existing rights and we shouldn't be looking at the color of our skins or whatever we decide award shipper. Look kind of ate eggs babies we pop out of iron and alien cells. So I think it was kind of it it it does hit close to home in a dead heat pavlik are Jean Ryan Berry fields that. Didn't know going from the not a Star Trek show to the actual Star Trek show I don't think has any sort of Jeanne rod bearing as do it our Israel very little. Archer. This is exactly. What's going on the cling ons. The cling ons viewed the federation as high as hos style with their we come in peace. Which for them. Is the most evil thing you can say they cling ons because they cling ons a lake yup which means you're going to make us docile and change our ways you now you know so I mean it's funny that the crew all. Explain the cling ons a little better from Star Trek discovery which is Rick because that's what's going on the crayons right now and I enjoyed these does not you don't buy that. I am a wants to show. Back out and that third episode I don't know anything about that can be found on mrs. Reagan very different Star Trek are so many great characters on Star Trek and I am I can't lose my son unfortunately I know already I'm just on the ticket today you idea Christie did watch it's well absolutely I did and they really really enjoyed bring Wilson in there it's very much an old man. I'm has a hairy mud yeah well what a name. Ten and it's sad to be not seem that the Harry met episodes even analyze how does not forgotten Nigel do all those original episode you just bringing a member of the furry animals they talk about those Terry most black I. Believe this I'm I'm just don't knock it in. Rainn Wilson whose greatest Terry might in this episode and really likes the way they treated him in that in the in the prison in the in the coming on prison where they were where they were ever they'd captured orca and every that. And then escaping from the cling ons but what what really. What I really took away from this episode was the development of the it's this science they had signs dudes character stays in its way Apatow stamp out and what he did. In the clutch moment almost at the end of the show effect basically the end of the episode. And that was a great thing for me as I kissed and I I would expect them to give that to burn him. Yeah really expected them to take. That the idea name spray or whatever and Burnham was gonna say tech within our men and everybody's rogue element anyway why not just pushed do this. Dammit stated in that was important to me everything else we have so it was finding great wonderful but that moment with Stan it's. Gave me everything I wanted and it made me care about this and what Chris just. It was almost like making little mini worm holes a go anywhere they want and appear out of nowhere which. I really pissed off the cling ons because the cleanest but I don't know star ships within par sex regret mixed Arab and there's the Discovery Channel ports there's nobody in mound just all of sudden boom there and every EI and they did they talk about this tech that they have which is kind of cool to do their but it requires the use of this alien creature that was really very peaceful docile creature but it was being tormented every time they used to for this purpose tan and eventually. Burnham was able to convince everybody that look we gotta stop tormenting his creature and Norah war and the captain was kidnapped so. Him not being on the ship I think allow the the rest of the federation crude to be more like a real federation crew meal and not just be like well we don't care about anybody else we're just gonna win this war damn. And carry Mahdi Army and Rainn Wilson updated actor and made him. Exactly how he would be if he appeared today. Fantastic I hope we see more of this character and Wilson Perry might is awesome and Joseph. I have to show you those episodes preparing my dessert is a beloved iconic character from the original series he's funny humor away I don't watch and I can't wait a white man or things I want to watch that I was yes quickly a couple of shows that are just coming back mister robot BJ yeah BC that the new one I had brought it. You know that's it's a war I do wanna watch it though I haven't seen anything yet I'll tell you about this with mister robot this opening season. We are seeing 'cause he got shot last season and we weren't sure it was in liver dies because he got shot by a guy who we thought was. Actually another figment of his imagination clearly you know I and I turns out no guy has a 100% real Terrelle I think is is directly and so I'm thinking up dip and Terrelle Israel I thought for sure he wasn't real. I love this show because they split they filled with such a way to make you wonder if Terrelle was another figment of imagination just like mister robot who actually is his father who's dead. But we find out now that as we found over the last season his father. This mister robot character actually takes him over like a Tyler Durden thing from fight club no rules it's not that he just sees him. He basically gets possessed by him and he doesn't know when that's happening. So it's definitely split personality where sometimes it's you know is sometimes it's Cam Newton and sometimes it's mister robot. And that is what we've noticed to the point where. Mister robot said it if anybody including me he tries to stop our mission. Stop me or any totally Tyler Durden right there yeah and so that's exactly what happened and we weren't sure if the shooting basically they we don't know who because we don't see mister robot again we like he's wondering himself LE it's like hey. I wonder mr. robots gone ever since I got shot. Now as it turns out and that's except he's not seeing him but mr. role bodies showing up. Obviously taking him over. So. It would basically the mission is stopped and Elliott actually stops a second probably through ball basically the destruction of the building with everybody unit that was when Nellie was like that's not what I signed up for a mind. Roney and company but I'm not gonna kill or like all these innocence. But of course mr. Obama does know where a candidate and and so everybody is really having a difficult time dealing with basically is this Tyler per hour is is that I cannot. And so it's fun to watch it was a good first episode and I got the S hit the fan it's such a good show I love mr. Obama on US since. When you start watching that after Halloween premiere dress up as mr. Obama. I'll just go that I also have a check clearly demented act. Some now it is actually time to get to rule us. Cheat sheet Swiss TV. Vicki what's new movies are coming out. I'll tell you to crappy ones that I play one that has a lot of potential Obama. The snowman. Has Michael bass spender in its it is a warm. Be all right there and as you add in its not if you. It's not about like the way it was that they'd like is Billy Crystal like snowman on our what was hasn't had a pistol that was the bad man Michael Keaton there has yet he was and it was numb and this is not back. Let's not frosty the app because there is a famine in this week am I mean don't we got to bad man Val Kilmer is in this middle JK Simmons. Oh really gauge on crimson yep. And well now commissioner Gordon blue yeah they're very in other and a few other folks but it is only marine. 20%. And moving wow you may. Does it very very. Like have the best selling book a crime a crime novel or like a murder mystery what do I know it's a battered U and a I had not noticing he comes through the synopsis there's find. Any fears an elusive serial killer may be active again with the help of the really recruit the cop must connect decades old cold cases to the brutal knew what if he hopes to outweigh the funding global evil. Before the next self snowfall has so it's creepy like you'll see people be capped data with like the snowman had an Angel find Eddie I according to the trailer only contributed to it and you'll see their heads on the snowman. Nice Sunday night I sat through that stuff Garrett Arie with an another Iran and mentally getting their name percent leather face. It's not all the Sosa to remake of a chainsaw massacre yet in Texas here's before the events of the Texas chainsaw massacre in the early days the infamous lawyer family. The youngest child is sentenced to a mental hospital after suspicious incident cream militia Harris English and you have to leave as the shares Stoddard had ten years later this is. Is war Sawyer teen kidnap the young nurse. Escapes with three other inmates Herbert. I don't know if I need to back stirred a leather face but apparently you're getting that much better what to getting on rotten tomatoes it is getting 39%. We will miss that it's Halloween when you do you wanna see you need to get 82% and I saw I think of that online awhile back and her forgot was coming out fiscal tragedy girls -- what's this and it's got her our girl on meg meg a sonic teenage -- war had oh cool cool cool yeah what's her name Marianne. November oh from dead pool the death yeah. Basically it's tragic girls a twist on the slasher genre following to death obsessed teenage girls. Who used online should know about real life tragedies to send their small midwestern town into a frenzy. And Samantha legacy in modern horror legend basically they're doing everything. For the likes. Wow. But they did says that they and another synopsis they managed to capture the killer and secretly hold him hostage nanny really the best way to get skip some future victims would be you know. Murder people themselves out she's a Eric you have says it had there is meets green. For the instead grandparent wow. Especially sounds really interesting yeah and it is getting 82%. Ties that I might be the one thing you wanna go check out especially for them through the season for our movie tragedy girls. Until next time thanks. Think nerdy. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG ease of video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.