BJGN11-01-17 - Vyvy & Qwerty

Wednesday, November 1st

Rev talks with Naill Presnall about issue #2 of Vyvy & Qwerty; Mike Robles reviews the latest South Park & Assassin's Creed games; Rev reviews Thanos #12 for comics and talks Thor: Ragnarok; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. She ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes welcome Vijay shaved he may soon I am the reverend en Fuego. Across from me he is Vicky Barcelona time I've played bad I'll call Chris so hard and demanding the boards is Joseph we d.s has made. The show's namesake Vijay Jay is on assignment that's fun. Wanted did he show we will talk about at all. Fred joining us returning with eight new kick starter comic book project. We'll governor Mike wrote this about the video games. I will review a comic book because both houses out and of course the heat she with the key being picky Huckabee would get a hold of us. Get a hold of us via our website EJD nations dot com it's now iron formation including our socially if he lives another way to get a hold of us. Did you just see Jake nation across the board thank you so much Vicky and we're going to get. Right into our first guest. This is a man who we have had on previously. About his comic book VV and QWERTY will BV and according are both back for round two. We've got mr. Nile present all with us so be the last time you world wit that's it was for issue one of TV and QWERTY and for those who may not know about this I mean it was a year and a half ago that this really happen essentially tells a little bit about this due well. That they had leaving query is a side by anybody comedy action adventure book on the dilemma these convenient peavy who was abandoned. At a young age spiders and other parents she was lower than that and just started this deal to survive and work your way up until she met according. Who is they had deceptive robot created by a road side were named father from. And Corey is a runaway so they kind of come together. And gritty left desire to DV. And vice Versa and they become. A partition basically. They take. Jobs these are hired. Throughout son and the known universe and the last year was a successful kick starter an issue when went out now you are back for issue two. And this is now out on kick starter right now you can search for all you have to do is search for VV that's VYVY. Or according to really easy just aren't that when does the top your keyboard and I definitely do that because if you do it within the first week there's actually something really cool right. Yes so we are super fortunate to now. Can look good doing a variant cover of course this time around. Can a game that is comic artist that's gonna work. And don't studios deputy economics it's that. Yeah he's not a that a comet called the doorman eligibility was published your heavy metal. And so were you doing a variant cover of forest and if you if you pledged just during the first week. Ten dollars or more we're gonna give you a free brands that very cover. That is super cool that is super awesome I love the fact that you can got to do all those things with that with a kick starters and it really gives a benefit and bonus to the people who are those third early adopters. To make sure that you can get this thing funded. Yeah it's really it's really nice and that's the thing about kick starter a lot of success OK starters. Had a big surge in the beginning and envy series at the end. And getting that surge in the beginning is all about setting the pace for the rest of the money basically so we're really kind of get pledges that first week in so the base. Nice and now also there's some really fun stuff with this as well because this will also be comic solid G supported so they can actually help out with as supporting the campaign campaign and there'll be codes available for number two as well correct. Yeah so fortunately for us we submitted to the inquiry number one cent kamikaze and they accepted as he can bio comics alleging now heard. We're like 199 to appreciate and because of that they've agreed to move. Post number two basically end. Anyone who wants to code for number two we're gonna go to supply it through common quality so the we're doing it. Personally. What I think should kick starter. I I want whatever they kick starters kick starting I don't like. Things that you know you'd think I'm gonna get this. You know the we're seeing an N we're going to hear this like weird shots keys and on those kind of things gas. Right right right so every literally every single reward here we have you know PDF the comic no matter what. And so this way if you want to take Coca-Cola Todd instead it which is really adapted to the guided deal makes it easier read comics under content and how we're gonna go to it that you. And that's one of the things I mean I ate a lot of people I know love having vis -- the book in their hands but a lot of the times you don't necessarily are not able to carry as a running your right like talking or like taking it on the bus with you or you know taking it to work you could just have your phone or just bring it up on a website and meg guided view is amazing that's one of the old main ways that I at Weill won't read a lot of my comics now and I mean you sent me a couple of the sample pages and I think the guided view is just going to be amazing. With this because you get to look at the detail the RE get to see how much fun it is need to see the explosions you get to see all sorts of crazy fun things what this. And that's always the best part about is could you couldn't look you can look at the details of the art and have a lot of fun with that and it helps you engage in the story. Yeah absolutely. On the game does really helped set the pace. Did you know you're reading a book you can kind of flip through and Sheila. Yeah happy better night and I mean with this when it's cool because in issue Q you're gonna be tying up some of those loose ends that were some of those questions of people are asking about in issue one ha. You have we're gonna sorghum and these bother Tron for the first time greens. Some wrote so I learned father use not. But the most collectors and that's that's bound that and we're gonna find out just wished. Persons that SS zero last sector do you think gritty they think his father shot and I you know was it. Men men are. If you're caught the and that issue alignment Bibi took a little. A little and training or something from my new assembly there is dead body. For those listening if you ever read that issue ones are spoilers on the market today at a plant late alien. And now we're gonna learn exactly what happens with that. Nice that is awesome and again people can find this on cakes or just go to cakes are right now or go to our page the FaceBook page because we are having a link right there she can go check it out right now I definitely suggest getting the first issue like yeah like you now just said you can get it right. On comics elegy for two bucks perfect way to gauge you into this Steve it's for you and then back deck kick starred do it early get some of that extra. And a lot of fun with that now again thank you so much for being on with this man. Yes thank you so much I love doing their teams I really appreciate the support. Thinking so much and again go to kick starter or FaceBook page has we will have not the kick starter as well as soon as it goes up. Very very soon keep the look out again BV and QWERTY on kick starter. Moving on from that. We've got mr. Mike wrote this in studio with does topping game. And it's my corolla Blair's how're you doing sir I'm so much better Ambac and have to be that yes we're glad to have you back because a couple of big games have dropped in the recent weeks. And we need to talk about them. First stop we should talk about assassins creed origins that's right now man Gareth talk to a little bit about just the fact it was releasing on Friday's podcast but you've had a chance to be your hands on it and play it. I did I got a really its likely impact surgeon Miller Paxson talked I had to talk about Xbox one act a beautiful beautiful looks skis and smacked my care if it out. But I got a chance I got an early copy for my Xbox one. And it is it's amazing and beautiful still looks beautiful like regardless and I'm forty TBS and I'd just out like a giant in television and silly beautiful on the air. And the game play it's I guess it's like visiting an old friend again and Channel Islands like their older. There wiser they got a couple new toys show you but there's still the same person right and so that's that's an assassin's he ordered feels like to mean. It's this amazing story in running into the stories don't get me spoilers even though it will be out by the time this airs among newly spoilers. There's this wonderful story behind there the game plays so familiar. The diversity in the cast is one of the biggest things we're talking about and it's. It's Buell people leave Egypt living desert but like I'm going through oceans and rivers and beautiful lush backgrounds and it's it's it's it's phenomenal and the cool thing is that they've added. Earlier these are PG elements and so awhile narrator now you're assessing levels up and you can there's a skill tree. Which I think he's probably one of the coolest things like do you want to be more. You know like I'm we hadn't worked like this hunt her warriors alike that god you know I've got this Hough that I can start doing more stuff when. I am able to quell the second weapon now I can and equip a second book I mean do seating on had a from blows. Cool there's no gear that you can purchase an upgrade in craft and so. There's utter really need new stuff involved with the game because I mean the original games have always been pretty straightforward when it comes down to it so having that a little bit of a level of customization really makes it more personal for you when your claiming game. It really does and I think about who Ubisoft. Is that they Ubisoft has the Ubisoft club and if you connect your accounts. Then you came when you do stuff in game and it is this across other games you get credits for the club. And the credits you can use to buy Indian rewards of fun which I think it's super it's like I purchased like annual horse and I got you know some stuff that you can get some new gear it's new colors were attending a super cool. And they deicing of the new across other games setting is something that's really really neat and hum how much how much time if you had to play it so far Howland do you think lake as standard like hello attends the games or have you know 4060 hours a game played as has had a long line of game play I think so there's an I mean the world is massive somebody you I was I got to scream and I you know stream early look and somebody was like you know. Concise and read about the symptoms like tell me something you don't like by the game and be honest just like honestly the biggest thing now is how massive the world feels. But some is like it was 818 Egypt and amp trains. And you know and that I was like a fast travel takes me out of you know out of the world like if you if something is you know a thousand meters away your right this horse for very long time and gun owners. The nice thing is though you can you can hit a button. And the horse just autorads. I'm right about there in the middle mice trails like course. Go there and I got out because I don't get Smart as a -- back and I just I left my cam I left of the screen out like and a -- like taking a break it bad news footage that's one of the fun things I like to do also I mean like Indians experiments well it kind of keeps you immersed and you all take the carriage and I'll just ride it to the plays yes and just kill some time maybe I will actually go to the -- -- do something but I wanna feel like I'm stuck traveling because maybe I'm into it that way for our PG reasons right and so the other nice thing about this game and I think and that they all are really cool features that are involved the outside world is there's the photo mode. You can next Botswana to click on both of them stakes and then. You can enter like a camera statements filters and you can change auto focus and you can like move the camera around and take. These amazing beautiful picture because of the game is so beautiful light and I think. It's really like I say in that I found photo motor mice to us as sorry as restless fans immunity pictures I am an audience program that filters thing and owners hash tags. Be and they announce we talked about before how there's into the discovery mode later on wind and just as I can't wait to do an educational strain. Yeah it'll just be fun just to build you like learn ancient Egypt with your viewers yet assessed between organs is. Incredibly well done it's a return to form until it feels like a revival I if you're a fan of the old assess intriguing names has agreed to 123. I highly suggest that in this game up. Now going onto a bit evade dirty year. Game but still keeping with the RPG team we've got these South Park game he fractured. But. Whole cell hard pressed her little hole in the best way from you describe it it's like you were playing your own South Park movie. Yeah I mean. They then the animation you know is the same as it is in the show so it already looks like getting the conversation that dialogue the writing in the acting and everything about the game its flawless in his plane. As South Park episode that you get to be involved in and comparing it from this one to. How do you feel is it like this isn't the same sort of thing or do they expand on an even more so stick a truth was set in you know that pull in Lord of the Rings fantasy realm. This time there like their homes and their like this is outplayed we we superheroes now. Oh yeah eyes so now. You still have our PG element just sort of the tactics sorts like move forward you know you've got your realm that you can move in and move forward new spaces in the new year attack. But you know you'll superheroes now and you can you had your gin and Carmen. We'll tell year organ when you pick your class. And this things I cannot say yeah yeah I do wanna keep its status as at a pedigree and a decent rating. But you know your origins are in there and they're really well done that your character. Like your big power is you know you fork. Oh of course and South Park is controversial we know we are quite low and difficulty but on the other things that I was really funny is in this game this time around. You could finally change your sex. It's and you Izturis didn't in the first half and the way it's done this time is eagle when you talk to mr. MacKey and he's like now listen. Yeah I'm not a new limits from acupressure is terrible OK you guys I would mr. Mac I sound like all right. But he's like you know. And then goes on and on a and you can BC's gender transgender full female form mail whatever. Every time you go and talk to him as you walk out of much if you believe in medics come out there and we'll beat you look for being whatever it is you are. See because it shall try to go to south firemen like we don't win all I know would seriously gender Hispanic males over here you know on the common they get you it's interesting because I mean it's their own take on it but they're actually being very inclusive at 100% that's it's kind of that there is the way that they've always been doing social commentary yet oh crap on things. But who will be in a way where your leg. Brother recognizing. Everything and they're showing like that the stereotypes of how people react to those more so then how that they those actual things are. Yet south party is it like it's it's incredibly well done it's an ideal Phillips very grainy at all there's. Your character can equip a blend not abilities like trinkets on them to help raise our power almost like destiny destiny too with their gear right they'll give you yeah yeah raises power level. And I never felt it was Schubert and actually finished the campaign. Oh really and it took mean maybe about thirty hours I think the finished the campaign okay com and that's an I was I was doing all side missions to while I was addicts I want to keep raising my power level there's a mentally inside missions. It's a very you well put together game. It I mean it's funny it's a funny action filled game that the again is just everything that South Park got right from stake of truth and expands on that and I didn't feel. Again and maybe this is C Ubisoft think there foul trouble markers are kind of far parts of its like going to go to this house. Wife aren't far yet to fast travel let's street you may still be a good fight MW. And they don't you know they're little cardboard cutout nations that are walking really fast other than that though. They game is as highly suggest again both these games highly suggest you give Ubisoft your money because. They're putting out some amazing games that is so. Austin thank you so much Mikey knew where can people find view on line in streaming and all of that you can find me on twitch Twitter and YouTube it's old same at the bell micro bless thank you so much Mike thank you so much Mike and like he said again mr. micro was you can just find him at the micro was on all forms of social media super easy to do. Check out some of that amazing view which that you get UH that a word. Chris three get that an editor trek where you went there for you wade jazzy New York last week only you would deem your. Video games. When your healing yet just watch him Monday micro wasn't which analysts okay that's. Exactly are talking comic books I am only reading Panos but we didn't hit the end of the next arc. This whole arc pay it. His son Thain against him in Panos himself. In some sort of collected combat. The lady death. Had made sure and that helped Spain to retrieve beef Phoenix force so we brought the Phoenix force back into the marvel universe. Via Thain. And that at this point it was staying deep using the Phoenix forced to deep power Santos. And that basically tried to eradicate him but being well the son of analyst he's really kind of taking over panels has mantle of being kind of a failure when it comes down to it and at the act and of everything. Analysts had to go through all of these paid. Trials yet to go to the quarry of the gods. In order to regain all of his powers from these these trio well which is that live at the end of the universe. And he did so and now we got the final battle of this arc between him and Spain and it. Necessarily live up to expectations. They had their big knock down drag out fight in the last issues of this is the one where the end up back at the god quarry. Board the final confrontation. Between the two and this is really setting up panels to be the big bad ass of the marvel universe it really looks like at this point. Kind of go along with the lines of the cod DDB comic book movies. They really are streamlining all of that I mean Joseph you've seen it and bar owners cap com infinite. The big bad guys in it our all Tron Panos and door mama Alia and so they're not I'm more there's no more beyond that because it won a kind of make them all so everyone knows exactly who's who and all of it apparently got all the characters matter dental equipment capacity of the moral characters you wanna see there there yeah and this is also I mean with this you've seen it in terms of seeing nebula looks a lot more like Karen Gil lumped. From comic books and so yeah they're really wanting to do this and making panels to big bad so this ark was building him up they had to tear him down in the first six are issue art this is building him up and making him the big. Bad ass powerful guy that he really is an act and it's great I love it I just love the fact that he knows exactly who he is. And he's a destroyer of worlds and this is the big bad that you want. To move forward. So really hoping that this will cement him as that in the future I definitely suggest reading if you read from issue once you issued twelve now at this point. It's it would definitely worthy of picking up the artist fantastic and I definitely suggest it. Now moving on from that there are some other comic put news but going into the MCU that we talked about or at least four Netflix. Because it looks like. Four daredevil season three mean mr. Vincent and not free those kingpin will return. A he. This is announced a couple of actually last week by marvel the actual once again antagonize start Charlie Cox's. Chiller aero. That's in that particular nearly. Did not free those fiscal served as the show's primary villain in season one and made an appearance in the prison in season two. And Jeff load explained to deadline Vincent is an exceptional actor who returns with the incredible Gromit I asked. That's that nailed it I guess and not gonna bring her to do Fiske. Along with the news of the return of fiscal season prewar having new show runner and Eric Olsen the show's new head previously served as executive producer and writer on Amazon's the man in the high castle who age mark runner re regarded quite high now yeah I was a really good show on special us. And he was also co executive producer for aero. When asked about the hiring low stated we're very excited about how marbles daredevil develops through the creative lands and guidance of our new show runner. And they've gone through a bunch of different show runners brattle actually think that it's affected and it negatively in any point. And any time so I'm just. Mostly I'm excited for the fact that it is going to be season three and being kingpins going to be in it because. I think that he definitely stole season to just by being in the prison. And it really made out four and is very very fun time. The one problem is is that we don't really have a specific release date for season three thing so either just saying that right now the series will return in 28 team coming soon. Cummings and now. In just a couple of days. And actually will be talking about this on tomorrow's special I'll look at the rag Morocco yeah. Well look out into theaters and on tomorrow's podcast with mark on a mark and I will have both CNET. Chris milk we're going to not spoil any things we don't have to you ruined by it but we will endeavor to be talking about it. One person that did see it because they had the premier a little while ago was guardians of the galaxy volume two director James Gunn. And he has high praise for Thor rag in Iraq describing the sequel as. Bad ass crazy fine how. So follow in the red carpet premiere held back in a couple weeks ago in Los Angeles gunned wrote on FaceBook about the sensor in the stall jet the film evokes and highlighted how it stands apart from the rest of the MCU including his own guardians of the galaxy franchise. He says I don't think any filled in the modern era has captured BP as crazy fun of the eighties classics like Flash Gordon and buck group bonds act as well as it was done here I felt like I was fourteen watching VHS tape that exploded into something grand. It's the most colorful of all marvel films I mean guardians of the galaxy volume two is practically except be a tone in comparison and it's also the funniest. Which is crazy because guardians especially guardians to was just it was amazing with the graphics the beauty beautiful visuals and everything that was coming out of that Hauser says freshman and the world or whatever yak Mike's gotta get that entire lake yet egos planet was. Just beautiful and I enough I sought in three dear he can't be decided like regular. Regular regularly communicate regularly. But it was still very. That's need to know sunny eighty for you the proposed up instead OK there hadn't been wow. I speaking of the eighties. I'd go out and James can also marveled at the performance of Chris Hemsworth saying he was finally able to go 44. And full path is worth charming and the whole areas. And describe tests at Thomson's bow creek as. Perfect new and young she just came out like insane that that character is actually bisexual interesting. I'm very excited. I'll tell you also be just the fact that he also beamed about mark ruffles hole saying I didn't think Cole could get better than he was in the first advent avengers. But I think he's captured here as well or better than he's ever been captured in film. Or comics whole state and that is they vary very bold statement by items were sore issues. Yes I am I'm really excited just by watching that the trailers it's. It's a lot of fun just to see like when they're just funeral when they meet each other net in the battlefield. This guy his record know this can I don't have the op this and I saw some. Thing like I am reading that a kid came up that line like there's a make A wish kid there watching them film it. And he's like he's totally see that storm or something like that sound really good innings that any. Stuck here bigger rating credit threat comes into. I'm very excited to see this movie and we will definitely be talking about it on tomorrow's special ops. Now it is time to get to look. She Swiss TV. What do you Flores I let's talk a little bit about what my theater count McCarrick there is. Thanks Tony for me no he had a couple of different things apparently and I have to think our buddy Josh from the Emeka gamers he's going like posters on my FaceBook alternative. Apparently. There is he spinoff to low in a movie about ex Tony screening right now it's just being scripted okay so Othello possibly a long ways off but there's still be at the director of. Logan James Mangold revealed that he is currently working on a script for potential spinoff mom and their literally all they have right now is that they're working on the script and then it was all said that patty Jenkins success with the film which that referring to Wonder Woman. Solidify is more studios and that there's less interfere with the female press. Protagonist ask. Yeah and that's a big thing with that I think Wonderwall and actually opened up a lot of doors you'll just for all the comic book movies and other they still want a duty Gotham city sirens and some other things as well which would be amazing asked all of these things are really stoked for dad. But I do also have the sap for those who don't really know X injury aside from. Just the movie load in there is an editor. If you didn't mean you know they're there you go about it millions of times I mean you know Kristen really less than any doesn't really keep up to date with shows recently is no I would I empire doll what. You throw shut off her right back where men. But there's fifteen things that wolverines clone next 33 can do that he cannot too cool. Ovulate actually that is number one that she had the Joseph Gibbs are now number one got what he she can get pregnant I'm like Wolverine. Lust or Leno because we and I kind of weird chemical radiation has gone on tour ovaries and uterus and what laden. She's got two on the knuckles and one in each flight. There is a theory that's answer me empower kicked in prematurely due to the intentional exposure to radiation that perhaps it affected your biology caused your grow clause in strange places non. And when that's the theory could just be that that's where there's. And I mean they couldn't do whatever they want wrecked con man normal con and figure out what they wanna do and comic books it's comic books IVI express my opinions on this matter before let's move along next to she is more add child. And held because she was being trains and she was little little there'll. And now the only place at a man Tim is in her body is on her clients so there's not hating him at a man Tim throughout her whole body and Lorena and it's because she had not finished growing yet. Anyone of work she learned so they wanted to start you know getting her to be an assassin of like a period the weights a coat her entire skeleton that a man's him. Does making her a less heavy than Wolverine and more ad giant Hewlett sink. Gas they'll flip they're actually that's one thing the militia that I have a contract signing. That she can also heal faster than Wolverine. That's as you don't have the adamant in skeleton her healing factor is it constantly working keeper healthy from the poisons as a result. The healing power sharper in can heal faster the wolverines healing power that's by the fact that he nationals a hundred years younger than him there is that bigger hypocrite I. If you're kind of a totally from her the story line news new. Her claws are deadly year and this one might see a bit hard to believe but it is actually backed up by science and because of the general rule of signs that applies all sharp items if you laid down on a bed made out of a hundred nails you'll be okay but if you laid down on one nail you're going to get Staten. Sisters earnings and our force and the knicks I think I'm not and I and it's quite real science so they are literally. 33%. More debt that is what they're suggesting here. And I appreciate the central lot and number eleven she can host the U any power so back in 1939 writer bill man's low introduced one of the most unusual and powerful here's a marvel universe. Dubbed captain universe. And looking counted them micro not so where is revealed that unlike most other superheroes cap universe is not really a person as much of a force compared. You see there's a mysterious source stuff being mid low forest but no one really knows what it's origins are all know is it's meant to protect eternity dust the universe didn't mean. Once its mission its overture answers itself to another person. X 33 with a host to the unique power during a cross or event where she possessed a few different heroes our web possessed if you are here poster. An extra three the first telling you into ever be chosen by the unit power of the union power like the sound of that actually are wondering whatever that billion corn from the news and dragons cartoon oh came my sand out. Excuse me yes. Seeing. Just run down real quick she can come faster she can remember her past. She can't be triggered by the end of his decorated with a trigger sends sweet trigger she is a better march then our secure her. Sixteen the ultimate air of the enigma fours which if you read it's gonna be series you'll minimal amount. Did little to possessed by by the suspects Tony Greene. Mean she can't involved. And my computer friends back. Yeah yeah I usually agree to make your computer freezes our that would cyclops is she can get along with like clubs who finally healed I can't edit them who they're really scrutiny here. Yeah there. Well I still love her as she had longer hair blow emotionally ill and like them guys. I think anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon wells' sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size YE culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus.