BJGN11-02-17 - Special Ops - Thor Ragnarok - Stranger Things

Thursday, November 2nd

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner & Rev! They discuss the news of a season 2 of Iron Fist; Mark reviews the second season of Stranger Things; and both Mark & Rev review the movie Thor: Ragnarok!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To don't. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Plus should ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. He nation special ops. Relax but you're not under oath. It's just your special ops briefing that I'm your host mark honored this week stranger things season two and four rag and Iraq. Let me introduced Mike introduced my app. A. That's my co host today. And the person at the controls the reverend en Fuego with his diabolical laugh hello and good morning and afternoon we have no Chris walker today he's got a dose of something or other I'm pretty sure he was bitten by zombie Coakley who will be back next week. Before we get on to talking about the fun stuff rev. Yes people get in touch if they would like to do so they can send us an email BG geek nation at you can find us on FaceBook and all that social media it's really easy to search for BDJ's geek nation send us a voicemail or text message at 19802243353. And you could find that and to mow our ad BG geek nation dot com. We just had Halloween and I'm always a little bit down in the dumps when Halloween is over because I think Halloween should be celebrated all year because it's actually fun. Chris Christmas say Jaeger leave him and now that every right wing Tuesday on the planet seems to think there is a war on Christmas which they're never ever was anywhere. All I wanted to do understand that all I wanna do is wish those jerks that happy Kwanzaa and and once their heads explode about their festive with guys but when we say when is it not appropriate to have a horror film one and then that Halloween month. There's your license. To inflict them on everybody can now absolutely or just go back and revisit the ones that you find five and I mean I spend is going to over the years Al go back and watch stuff like American werewolf in London. And so the other old school horror movies. The gap and I said this before. Horror movies I mean they don't make a lot of specific Halloween movies apart from the obvious ones for instance titled Halloween yet. Completely. The epithet you know. Thanksgiving movies just the happy Thanksgiving slasher or. Yeah I think there actually is yes that behind and mean Bennet beyond that as first Christmas movies he had a handful of decent ones but the best Christmas movie that I can think it was that segment of Tales from the Crypt. With the with the Santa Claus killer that breaks in and and and terrorize is Joan Collins I'll I don't know that line it's so could relay alone to be nice. We went to a party and death. It was kind of an adult party and and it was a nice party. Lot of different things people are. But I just had one of those moments where elevated on my body looking down through the roof of the house and so also kind of standing their making polite conversation. As they can. Where is the vomiting where's where's the of course the drugs. But there are we're middle aged adults what's wrong with a shat there's the problem right there are no more rock stars super awesome parties I mean it was a great party. But yeah you're absolutely correct or is there's no real about tree I mean. I had day drive from a Seattle to Tacoma so I was definitely taking it very easy aha aha I mean even though I was the most overt harassed in terms of cost him explain what your costume was because it was pretty magnificent it was a Tiki party. And so ID showed up in the united a crappy Blanchard and that's basically what everybody else stated except for you except for me because I was eaten the whole premise was at Tiki party and news like what you can Wear Tiki shirts. You can worry full cost him or he could just go as yourself so nobody was excluded. And I suddenly had an idea for a in it inspired clown costume. And so I went there got the full face paint done. Managed at the you know the you know the pop ups spirit Halloween stores on a really good costume. And put it altogether. Including a pair of issues that have had for over ten years that's the circles on the top of bomb and might pass for a bit actually has a clown school on the back of it so it became together. Fantastically. I. Did Clinton or any other than the other costumes there were either just the Tiki shirts. The host was a witch doctor which was pretty awesome is that what that was yeah I was a witch doctors are frontier look yes it is place. And he was wearing a surgical scrubs and like a bone necklace exactly as witch doctor doctor which doctors what I was calling him all night didn't really like about them it's I had no idea what he was but I might not I don't not. I care enough to have to. I just wanted to know word birds whose store and rich you retrieve the booze. And just to kind of linger in hand and agrees that the food table yeah. Herself all week yet it really came down that rice stepped in and realize the other biggest cost him at that point was someone wearing a giant nerds packet. I was a lot and a little over. I overdid for yes a real Helena was on Tuesday and I wished I gotta say that such a rip off on Halloween falls on a weeknight you wanna hear what's even more or rip off. I had a good ol' wedding. I admire somebody who plans are waiting on Halloween that's really not too bad I admire it. As far as. If it was a Halloween on a weekend. Because they knew it would be more awesome than having it on a Tuesday. So there we go I say it you know for everybody that starts putting out Christmas decorations stories that start putting out Christmas stuff it's not even Thanksgiving yet but drinker eggnog rot in hell hole I take keep Halloween alive yeah it is my I. A hard no one Christmas at this at this early next. You have another item there or you are strict stranger things I know this kind of interesting because I don't know if anyone was con forehead. According to comic book resources dot com. Jessica and wake has started training for season two of iron fist. He may know her as the former and member calling winging it and she revealed and mr. Campos that she has. Started training to give back in fighting shape. And so here. So there's the good news here would you buried the lead there's going to be a season to iron fist which seemed to need to be really unpopular. I did not even bother seeing it do to. Everybody's negative reactions for it you even watch the first episode and I know now not at all because of just how much everyone despised it. And I mean I think I got enough of iron fist watching the defenders that I don't feel that I missed anything because. I had all the blanks filled in at that point what was your impression of him in the defenders eyes DH. Played just. I'll I did like the fact that he was the central figure around the entirety of the defenders like the VD linchpin of the key to everything. And he was just a little smarmy rich white boy like. Well okay. I didn't claim is annoying in the defenders and I think they understood what made him annoying and made a joke out of it. And and that's why they had him explained everybody. Who are immoral and I have an immortal iron fist and you could if you didn't actually see them polarized you could feel it even. It's also funny when people announced that they're training for roll and we're gonna talk about for a later in his biceps are bigger than most people legs. I don't know the old days. You didn't even see actors trained physically for a role because they knew how to act at it's kind of fun because the actions. Better in the movies now at noon and a lot of the times when it's not just cut to pieces like iron fist was you can actually see some of them knows some martial arts and are at least a little bit of physical. And not every single thing is double but one thing. We've tarps so much about how much we love Star Trek here that if it's almost vomit inducing at this point I. One thing it doesn't hold up about the old star treks is that they're doubling their stunt doubling its. Oh obvious they are they don't even try to hide that it's not. Shatner whoever's doing the fighting you conceive of a double bass and that does reminds me of BJ talking about he'll bat man's 66 episodes where since says the new ones like the blu rays have been updated and it's a better graphics and such and you can. Lake lake Cesar Romero had zero interest in actually like Shea being. And so under the white makeup oh yeah it was just like there's just a little furry mustache right there that was always puzzling to me. Yahoo!. Why would you paint over his mustache and he was too vain to shave the mustache guess. God damn blu rays and high Def. Stranger things. Stranger things on Netflix was so popular. The Netflix had a countdown clock on its main screen for the new season my goodness this does seem up. I like this. Aren't that what I kept on hitting the button to skip the theme that is wanted to plow through every episode and I really like this they give me the option to do that and the skip the end credits and go to the next episode I was his chain wants him. Did you what did you what they cause it's heads that he added debate to watching within the first 24 hours did you do that. No I know I I kept on now putting on late night and then falling asleep in forgetting how far right gunman having to re watch a lot. But I enjoyed it and I'll only get ahead of the curve curve because. You know there's going to be people ruining it spoil him on FaceBook whatever they're just so many articles right now that it's a land and it's it's a minefield it really is at this point and I haven't seen a single episode yet. Of the first season either don't know I've seen the first season but this second season I haven't been able to sit down yet to be able to do this. OK so this senior playing right now isn't the official theme at some serve or played disk go to version. Our LA. That's fine that's fine anyway is strange it seems fame. They don't seem negative to solve. So anyway as as I stir up missing the show would so popular you don't see this very often it had a countdown clock on the main screen for Netflix. Which will not be happening for house of cards out there at fifth at match at a who's jumping at the season three of stranger things with all the teenage boys have to fight off Kevin Spacey. All. I didn't know. And we didn't get Kevin dismount. A couple equipment. That I too. Tension lawyers for Kevin Spacey number one this is satire number two please retroactively insert the word allegedly were appropriate and number three he never did anything to me okay. And the are. Maybe I'm disciplined about that and I really enjoy the first he's no stranger things. But I don't get the kid with a list what am I missing here what he mis educated and he's got a list Denny's got kind of just funny about that was that my computer screens frozen hearsay can get whose name is Dustin something or other yeah yet Dustin is yet the characters but I I think. All of the group of young actors are really outstanding. And he's not so much he's not so much we're gonna get him we're gonna get backed him I don't think in general I'm in the eighties nostalgia I think it's kind of BS because and I know what our sister podcast was that your way and Chris is all eighties. But that he's themselves. Was a decade it was only about anything. And anybody knows about Coke and it was a little young for Coke. I think you. I mean I've always been fascinated with the sixties. And I am such an overbearing scold in our current decade. Because there's a lot at stake and there's a lot going on the reason seem like that we didn't feel like there was really much to be involved in. Although we know now that it is happening quietly and we know now that Reagan was a terrible president mean an alzheimer's while it was an office. And he sort of this trickle down economics thing you know I'm not gonna probably can't on this. But this economics that started in the eighties. Have been disappearing the middle class ever since and we are we're living in the repercussions of things that were quietly happening in the eighties. I think Ian and something with like Wall Street where you know debate line was greed is added I think that is just what. The the eighties was about the eighties was about agreed to have but at the time they're really would. We weren't in any big wars and there were many big conflicts in the wasn't anything for people to really get involved with so. I mean there was an enormous amount of pop culture in the eighties may be because of that there wasn't any kind of big thing for people to focus on only one home and always these things are bearing their nasty fruit now like Reagan. Convincing just the most gullible Americans to hate their own government and forget that we are the government. And now we would be you know they're busy dismantling it and and ruining your we think also if you have gay friends who were at least of serenade. They're gonna have a thing or two to say about. So all that said Saudia entertainment the eighties with fund. Particularly from either rise of video games I mean I still half a couple of those old arcade. Cocktail video games in my living room really I am to them accident near. All I knew he's to have some pinball machines I didn't realize that I had a cocktail machines yeah I moved to a third floor walk up so you can't really had a perfect and all of the numbers. I mean you can't if you got some really really good friends that I I got a Pacman cocktail arcade game. And got an asteroid that's a very sturdy piece of furniture I got rid Donkey Kong. Because donkey Kong's it's not that much fun and the game is hard. Is that Hamas that's that's hard. It's hard if so what the first season a stranger things that I think did well was capture a lot of that step to note perfectly. And that includes another eighties thing which is Steven Spielberg yeah yes absolutely. Sort of recap. We have a group of Spielberg being in kids and one of them gets lost slash trapped in an evil dimension that seemed really silent hill like to me a great call yeah right down to the sort of snowy ashy stuff in the air. And silent hill wasn't eighties but who cares who cares. And this. Didn't silent hill tagged dimensions darkly mirrors our own world except instead of Republicans it's got this monster called the Dem Demi Gordon didn't organ Yangon dug out. I took my computers frozen after that the science marches on here that the cast of Houston and I cut a path that says everywhere. There's a mysterious girl everyone now watching the show love called eleven play by newly Bobby Brown. If you're if you're screens were you feel free to correct and or insert any names that I absolutely AM Banja you're doing good man. She's got some third Taloqan attic or other powers in some shady government tapes and headed by Matthew Modine. Have been holding captive an experiment on experimenting honor and hunting her. Then there was Winona Ryder as her mom which the Mon 21 of the boy the boy got stuck in the undercard yes not elevens mom yes. This must have been appropriate. For eighties kids that are too as more ninety's but who cares I don't care. I did the first season which was the brainchild of the tougher Brothers who no one had ever heard of that prior to this I don't know how they got this. The trapped kids rescued eleven sacrifices are still using your powers to stop the monster and here we are here weird season to. So we get the cool theme song and do we kind of occurred at the beginning here. One on writers back in her acting technique this time consists of more than just bugging her eyes output and campus drug. We've got a new cast member Shawn asked him you know the clinging onto it. The room the Rudy the bottom of the two Hobbits why now don't you dare you bleed into there. He knew the cast and she's our her boyfriend and he works at RadioShack which is a very eighties hole yet. Eleven is back but I'm not gonna spoil how. And con you think. Bitter enemies second season without her I think she was probably most popular aspect of the first he does he don't want me to play out audio from her first scene go ahead pirates. Do. We saw her love. And that's David harboring him. Why did see you today. Relates. Yeah I lost show a good time all signal next time all right. And did. So it's 815 smoking. He won't. This team. And YouTube. First then dessert can witness. School. Yeah. Yes. Eleven must learn our earthly ways of doing things the right place sheriff opera there's going to be new hell boy. Fit in the wolf part that can't be his real name he played the foam off kid reaching Stephen king's at. He's back with the group of kids. Replacing Matthew Modine is the menacing scientist is wait for a Paul Reiser because why it's because the entertainment world was bereft in his absence. We can't get that guy from that lean mass sitcom how wonderful schedules open that would be mad about you for everyone out there we have war Yahoo! Music intrigue of the blu rays almost. And no one was more surprised than me so he's really good and you can play heavy just fine in Zambia. Became boys is back and his acute new red haired girl of the school that they like and if the stock. The boy trapped in the upside down Rome last season. It's having disturbing visions of the place these tormented by one in particular which is this. Giant love crafty in spider you shadow monster thing that was really cool yeah there's also a slightly more mature teen drama with the high school Brothers and sisters including. A new character who such a creep such a creep. That Ted Nugent plays during what bush team thought. I was happy with a until I realized they've had to pay a licensing fees Ted Nugent plea Wang go tango with the help solace. Stranger things too is a little like aliens for the first seasons alien removes a little faster there is little more going on. There isn't just one monster. These de fer Brothers Phil show with pop culture references direct one subtle ones it is. A minefield. They're fun to spot in his column an online list of them are abundant yet if you did not live through this crowd. It's good but it's not perfect. I want you have to bet on the cable bliss. He also has a seriously annoying subplot about taking a little creature and naming it and dealing with that as it grows and sheds its cans. By the way to tormented kid will who I was lost last season isn't in the bush map. This kid gets the Linda Blair award for really selling pain. And terror he's terrific program the bickering between eleven and hopper god irritating to me. Spoiler here I get the levens going up and lonely in restless that we need things to move the plot along but the characters also Smart enough to understand that. Hopper is trying to keep her hidden and save her life. And that this is a cop he's not going to be on the same time a lot a little right. Same goes for opera characters are used to be crime reporter with Alex and cops. Don't have tempers are don't always act under percent rationally but. African. Guy who plays will's older brother Charlie Heaton he got busted for Tokai for cocaine yes that would explain why you looked so strong on his bags under guys that high school kids don't have the guy looks like he's thirty years old. There is a talking dead tape show. Four stranger things too but I lasted about four minutes into it it did. Highly annoying so. Recommendation. With a couple reservations when we come back after the break for Ratner rock. Welcome back special ops mark on here with the reverend and Fuego true floor. Rag and Iraq is finally upon us. And my reaction is. Paying someone finally remember the most about comic book superheroes should be fine. Ever since the first trailer. Or you see story in an arena. Putting on a helmet. And he sees the whole come out and he. Chris Hemsworth says yeah expect. We're friends from work I can have not been able to wait to see this movie you'd doing a terrible impersonation of Chris Hendrick right there still gave Nico respond. It's so much fun yes I. I heard the Led Zeppelin music and facade just this colorful eighties font and I was 100%. And by the way. I just said in the eighties are kind of BS. With it this is not your excuse to start a new segment called marks a hypocrite. And it's a third or movie. And he's also obviously in the avengers movie the first two thawra movies I thought were very good but this is easily easily the best you really thought they're pretty get on but the first was boring and the second one didn't make all whole lot of sense. And I thought this one was too far and away better than the other two. If it certainly was and one of the things I liked about the first two was that they didn't seem like these big. Tent pole event movies they seem like things that we're just kind of snuck out and I was just so delirious Lee happy. That four came out. Not silly because he asked yes it's true essentially one of the most ridiculous. Horse won absolutely hard to bring to the screen and even get the twirling and hammered down an image even go to this and yet even better in this. In tar rag Iraq. You find themselves trapped in a distant planet as a gladiator and as you know from the trailers he's pitted against his though worked for and the whole picnic at the same time. Helen the goddess of death Cate Blanchett. This comes as a guard to fulfill her prophecy of the twilight of the gods and the destruction and the whole trump tower looking city it really is. Attack you can gold city. But maybe just a little bit of pleasure obits in that a little bit. And authority of Baghdad's guards somehow to face their. The story draws from planet Hulk are really well known comics series it was a halt comic not a Thor comic. And Norse mythology. A couple of loose way BI give our that stuff when I was a kid yeah we are introduced to Val carrying on this gladiator planet. Now she's a blonde white chick in the comics but played by an actress of color here. Worked for me absolutely he can do what every single character. But I thought this one excuse me was really well developed. And I thought this incarnation. It was a lot of fun the actress' name is tested Thomson in my recognize her from HBO's west world. Yeah Ali and Jeff Goldblum counter intuitively Jeff Goldblum is very funny here as the ringmaster in charge of this gladiator planet and an inspired choice. We're thrilled to around these parts and I am world I feel like just millions of years old. Here is a car. What's happening in the case. You know this story is in its share of Florida under gold. From the I've never met this man in my that's what he's my brother I don't think there's any kind of right. You can take this thing out of America those who knows that is dread dread and it pays my bills here's the deal you get back asks plays past bird I. Contender who defeats. The champions. Their freedom they should. Find that important in the direction of whoever thought I after. Oh. And the duration would be it would be this way lower than. I think it's so funny he's Ellsberg yes spurt. No I think this is K Blatche its first superhero movie and she is to have products on her own and you are not as crazy voters clamor of the question you asked me was didn't you find her hot. And these. I paused and then had to figure out why no I it and it was kind of this weird sort of wing she way is in her not destroying things phase. As she did depth we have that super awesome kind of got the look to it which I really do like. And then she had lake when you go kind of snatch you'd have the spider haired yeah I now have a fetish for women with antlers for me I have the complete opposite I that was why did what it crux of it all right I don't see what's so off. Putting to you about antlers on a woman she's so cool looking at it and he's such a wonderful villain. I could just watch called all the hellish scenes Honolulu but this is the finest performance art film with gamblers in any super because. I know it's Hemsworth since his arms appear to get equal billing it's easy to overlook court and enjoyable actor is. I'm gonna say this dude is no Arnold Schwarzenegger he's a gifted comic actor. And owns this role he's just he deserves so much credit that he's not gonna get just because he's all bowed physically attractive physical trainer up. And at two that we can save for another show the discussion about how sale Arnold Schwarzenegger ruined Conan because he looked the part and can act. Moving on Tom Huddleston. Is back as low key yet got a clip for that too. The casual of the world here. Two sides signed a sucker for the did the day you'll do on me. There's just so good you've been. Still books to lose a long time. It's kind of random and an old. Oh there. We've invested in this case it's. To always hoped. It's to get. Was. No it's. It's great works every time it's humiliating Jeremy London. But I'm not sitting here to help you. Sure oh yeah lucky but still he's. It's really it's not. Well let's do get help pick up. He's curled up that's what made. I can't Tom Huddleston stole the show so many times before in floor and the avengers. And and with just hold zone here Karl urban is unrecognizable he says it is the executioner. We left him from the church. I was honestly rip shocked at how funny this corporate marvel movie was allowed to be we were both laughing from start to finish absolutely. I've also read a lot of the dialogue was ad lib and good for them. Four regularly is the most overtly comedic if any of the marvel movies it's hilarious. Throughout. It's a lot of other case hardened movie critic so I didn't believe for geeks were laughing their asses off to its funny and guardians of the galaxy. And boy did we need this I don't even know how much we needed this but it's exactly what the doctor ordered after just countless superhero movies. And some really ill advised DC movies and opted to go dark with characters such as. Superman. The main person responsible is right away TDs kiwi director he did a movie we also local what we do in the shadows. And realize that he also did hunt for the will of people which I now want to seek. And he should know this isn't one of those times when I'm so miserable that you could suspect they gave something to benefit of the doubt. Because but it's moved some find a good mood this week I was taller surge indicting trump and his people this week and good. It's making me dread Justice League Ole but how much more now I'm trying to go and Justice League with an open mind and with that said. You're pull quote. If you hate fun you should avoid store rag in Iraq at all costs. If you prefer dark and edgy joy Willis comic book superhero movies this is not for you. Talked to someone about your childhood and why you wanted to filing. Get the help he need. When you've worked through your issues. For regular rock and I will still be here for him wow and to pull quote. And then the show. Back next week and hopefully. CW will be here whether it's your time listener mark crimes is special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot fly outs.