BJGN11-03-17 - Destiny 2 - The Walking Dead

Friday, November 3rd

Rev talks video games with Gareth von Kallenbach; Joey Deez talks raiding in Destiny 2; the gang talks TV with The Walking Dead & Orville; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Yes welcome to BJ Shea is geek nation either Everton play go across from me is Vicky Barcelona. I have an authority. Do Levy that's right I'm here I'm that caused her special plaques and thought about it as I forgot his name out half a compact I am I want to for you know get choked Chris and Vijay are on assignment fail at that actually we could beat any. Definitely on May land are early front planes and board games. The big RA he did make he had to be able get a hold of us they get a hold us via our website BJP. The nation dot com it's gonna have on our information as well on social media plays and probably even early to get old button and it's just BJP nation across the board you can find us. That's just our personal. Yes thank you so much and or get right into some video game talk with our very own Garrett Von Colin bot you may know him from skewed in review that is SK and are dot net and Garrett there's been some stuff happening in Paris a news involving video games. Absolutely at Paris games week territory run into of course former great things about that positions Kennedy and the year China for a lot of these companies share their last big shot before the holiday shopping season and ironically one of the biggest players was only grew even though they have their own PlayStation experience. In December and and time. They came out with a showcase and really true German problem with a really impartial blessed to have. Offerings so very interest and to see that urged. Nice and so do you really imagine he was there was anyone really expecting any of that. Well I think what really shocked people was a lot of people were kind of playing that they camera and so they were all announced seven new games as small as to some updates on some previously announced titles. And that's kind of got people going OK and they were saying you know it's kind of the second and after the accustomed to seeing but the other side plus how much of the units shipped her hand because you know they're gonna have something Turk. Their own I convention really you know like president chapel up we got the first announcement of the last approach to last year now so it really got everyone going. In terms of what are they gonna show us some what are they gonna save for later and agricultural relief arm. Got people going into you'll mainly it was a lot of more casual titles a lot of plays staged and you're titles which was welcome news is people wanted to see just how we know are they continuing to really put a push Garnett which they are. Carol winters new virtual hard work coming now and the course and we got updates on. Do all the things that we've all been looking for you like the last question who likely are Spiderman game like go to war with new trailers and that you know it looks like your character. Peter rightly point know PlayStation coming towards coming up on the steps birthday and they. I think they shed right now we're looking at almost 48 million units sold world war they declare a man dirt they don't show any signs of slowing down she had. Doesn't sound like it now it releasing today is a big game especially if he had if you're a fan of the first person shooters. Yeah are we had call of duty world more you win that she's been more and that's got a lot of people really excited about. Some of the people of China jumped to waive the franchise issued her every controlled franchised treaty to its sanctioning what cherished you know new maps Jew I don't like the bigger spread to print I don't like this futuristic stopped jet pack in the energy weapons and so war. And then they you know they kind of go on to that should know they're going back to date section and you don't some people say well the social reaction intranet more shirt had an actual that's not expect true because Roman their tree developers all doing games that brought flipped a three year development cycle its main Jerusalem went into production shortly after that didn't work jurors heard it before black Europe's three term can melt. Before in the war sure came up before they had any idea about potential backlash hasn't stopped state already planned to take a step actual wall torture or. And so far it's resonating very well through worse of them strong BR mud bugs is very strong. The reaction to debate a strong Artur choose several people in between haven't played call of duty and years and cold dirty snow shall meet. Poor planning and get in the game. Now ice and then finally are there's some issues with star or us Star Wars battlefront two because it sounds like it. Yeah well I guess the simple way each who there Q clerk trying to choose that. In the data it was determined. That there was what many people were tortuous pace to win and lose the easiest way to describe it is. Online at if you are willing to pay additional treaty should you could purchase power ups and there were people saying. You can in the double fewer. Characters hit orange UK and missile portions and online character. You can get weaponry that you shouldn't get too well advanced. Stages of multiplayer you can make 3-D image output much higher. And the argument was that a special anybody who is willing to throw down enough money can pretty much greater nonstop global character outside BK. No I'd always caution people born remembrance of the beta looks wait actually what's final product is. And that's became huge firestorm in the last couple weeks it's generally gone way one you know actually were shut ritual down. And the you know the source and we talked about who's being console playing a lot of people's samples she actually doesn't have these pay to play online component sort and so forth so the long and short of it is that he is Trammell said based on the feedback that they have appreciate. They are going to adjust. To be. Essentially the power out multiple. At launch now they've always said look you know. Just because you go up by these weapons doesn't mean you're going to be able to use them. Until you're at an appropriate model looks now like you're going to be alone one character running around a half after really maxed out Dirk Dirk. But that didn't impeach people also now they showed that they have to adjust that based on the feedback and when the game launches in a week low after the actual wage she word has thought you know I think the good thing for them is that the inclusion of social play campaign that looks very compelling as well because account that deal shall be after rapid return of the giant. Is scored you got a lot of people. On board that she's not just straight online game and I look forward to show you what they come up what's. Cost some think he's a much Garrett and I know give more information as it comes about and you can find more information at skewed in her view that is SK and are dot net. Think he's alleged terrorists they are thank you so much gears again. Gears on column bike you could find a Mets Q interview that is as K and Joseph you did mention the fact that you did pick up destiny soup yes for PC and. How first off how are you liking it I on a semi and a great time nice I've heard a lot of complaints about their not being a whole lot and games. Pot and that there's a DLC coming out about a month which is kind of ridiculous because the game just came out yeah eyes is almost like and I. A patch almost at that point yeah I understand the complaints I think the wave big teams are moving in the future is that there always a work in progress the way that all of it to the companies develop on is that you know you have one product you release it and then hopefully by the time it comes out you have another product release. Sucks that it costs about twenty bucks but at the end of the day if you really like the game I think so it worth it. Pop the big news this week is that raids started. On PC they came out Wednesday. There's a right and eight levels to the raid and their freaking awesome. He spawned in this room in his like pathway that leads to a giant castle of goals. And Julio light as big boss not to spoil anything you know any way of what happens. Like its face takes guy you have five or your friends senior six man party okay and you don't do these trials. And they're a bunch of different stuff from standing on platforms to getting poison the running almost like a gaunt lit. Where you have to wait I just a bunch of stuff you have to do it's crazy and it's really hard because a couple of but you essentially the split into two teams are three and a lot of them. And accomplish these goals before dying with fight. Enemies spawning everywhere. You can't die. Julia one response sometimes and there's all this jumping that you have to do because there's multiple platforms while. Sees this is so hectic NN and for like raids a lot of times I'm so used to big MM all raids where it's like 1520 people. At minimum sort of thing when you've got six people. It's really up to each person to hold of their and and do not die and terrified of doing that because I'm really sorry guys are the five other people I'm wasting your time dude I know if I don't I don't play a lot of ice was spores back when I was younger I its toll talk about a basketball teams where you don't like to report that people little slower like cam might have been not personal throughout I don't screw up beat everyone can tell they're all like yeah comfortably knowing exactly you and you doing it is like when you're the one who dies over and over no Munich Leon and there are dozens part in this in this like cave area where you you're getting out you gotta walk around these dogs it one shot you. C can't wake him up pre can't do anything around him and they're always trying to find view. And this and there's two levels and Buick he sent two people to topple our guy in the top global kept falling off. Every waking up the dogs and we're like a rock. Like the tenth high were good two hours on this one part it it you keep liken a month. It's not a picnic but. It's also because my guess at about eight of the trials and they're all different and they're all unique did you have to do very different things for each one allow and I can tell yeah we spent maybe five hours the first stage trying to do it and we got through like two. So as a lot of content there. So I don't have big plays that most of the new gamers have on it there's new content and it's just cried and you've got to get diluted you know it's. Enjoy the game first yeah I definitely did the guns are very satisfying. The way they level up as satisfying you can help your friends really early on like you you'll have to play maybe. To wish three hours on the character before you can have someone help you that's pretty nice actually yeah and so in its social. All saying the map could you little work there's no compass. Which is very annoying because all the games this in the same case require coordination how to competency can be like so you know yes -- hours ago that and maybe if you're any sort of direction only challenged all the becomes a giant pain yesterday and eventually just turns into like a rabbit on trying to find your friends yet and you know my roommate is at bay while about rader yeah very good at it and he's a little direction challenge just the way he thinks about it so he says of people say left to right. It hits just awful like prohibits like it's an article Affleck Matt I wake up and you know both houses just like. Do it's it's your best serve the fifth here like please just a unit northeast southwest and missing the cut on the I'm loving the game I totally recommended to anyone who bikes first person shooters and has that sort of I wanna grind them Diablo 3 kind of way if you play destiny when you kind of know what it's about but the yeah the PC version so nice because. The graphics are beautiful. And I feel like it's more accessible for most people I don't know that's benefit everyone has a computer not necessarily everyone has an Xbox -- PS for yet and I mean it's kind of nice because for the most part if you guide a recently up to date computer you're not gonna have really any issues playing a lot of the games they wanna make them accessible for a lot of -- -- that helps a lot on that and as well exactly and it's -- with all the new monitors you can get in the new graphics -- the union galore and high end and blowing so it yet he won't respect it out you've -- forced to actually exactly and it's like if you seen any of the insane -- for stuff like sky -- you understand that you can play very basal of the game but the you can go absolutely nuts yeah exactly if you watch the massive drop via mass Andromeda it was a mass effect Andromeda trailer they -- what stepping up like super for good I don't if you wanna see what you can do as they put the rest of Britain and you know the my area yet you two Polly guns birthday as they have ever gets is about seven and a half but you know. I'm gonna do that yes go out check out and enjoy the raids nice. Now we do need to talk a little bit about television. I think I wanna start with the Walking Dead because it is NASCAR here. The U Walking Dead fans are always going to be very much coup brewing on everything last season it was because there wasn't enough action and now this season with these first two episodes it's nothing but action and everyone's complaining. So. Her ray millionaire around gas I don't know what's going on and part of the problem mouse think is like there's a lot of stuff that is not being explained in these first couple of episodes. They're leaving a lot to interpretation. Or just. Just letting it out there and there's like jump forward there's flash for words there's. May be. Like things that are actually going to happen or maybe this is just speculation in. Are Rick's mind there's a lot of stuff that we just don't know is going on at this point in its really confusing mix that in with a lot of action in them and apparently guns that. I'm never ran a bullets. Well it's making it a hole is its kinda tiring for a lot of people and I aim still OK with it I love this show so. I'm not gonna I'm gonna be the homeboy on this I'm not gonna be the one that's gonna be crapping all over to the going to wait and watch guys you know might be a little bit different this time. Unfortunately. Like I just looked up an article that just said here are the twenty. Three reasons why this episode was the worst ever and I don't know zillions that bad but at the same point they really got to explain a whole lot more. They don't the visual late this isn't one of those. Like for the entirety of the show it's not one of those shows that has been Mike we're going to lay super heavy on the metaphors and imagery there's been some of that but at the same point you don't go super deep into it. I love the fact that Ezequiel or one point is he's just. Yelling all his staff to being the Indians now when I'm the king and all this stuff. And Carol goes right up to omens like do you really think this is gonna work out he's like. Fake it to you make it may be like exactly like that I would like you know of course you know I'm not going to give a friend to all of my you know subjects these people who have. You know who put all of their lives into me being their leader Buick worried goes on roads are gonna die because that's not how you win wars hey don't tell us soldiers are about to walk to death no no this is not how you do that so. I love seeing Shiva. It just tigers just bad ass and even though sometimes it's Ijaz do payments television show organized group VCU are fun to see tiger annals of would be such a great tool if zombies really did you know yes. And there's a big Carriker reveal at the very and and it was Morales and people or like. Who is he America's like I haven't seen you since Atlanta which was the key for him and be like oh when was that he was one of the guys. That. That Morales decided take his wife daughter and son to be with their family in Birmingham Alabama. And I sit traveling to the CDC with everyone else his daughter was the one who gave Carol's daughter Sophia a dull the same doll Rick found when he lost her to a walk at the beginning of season two. And so we don't know what happened to his family but now he's as savior. And he was on the called his comrades back because ever was going around and dead the whole group has a really good tactic. They took our people wondering why the deal something the first episode is because they took her. They got at the herd to attack the saviors main compound so at that point they'd be busy with that or they can go take out all the outposts and that's what they're doing in this one it's really a and it's really fun to see them like I said last week using the zombies as part of their military campaign. Really really do enjoy all of this I love the fact that they're using warfare. In a way that is different but the same gag orders to the whole idea that I don't think that that's what would happen zombie apocalypse kind of thing. Any key measure being a person in the riady works hobbies exist he had anything at that point in my head can happen exactly is one of those thing is they all I wouldn't do got a very zombie apocalypse is like well here's I also think you're not in a zombie apocalypse how do you know what you're gonna do have you ever been in a dramatic situation. Where you've had to deal with something like that. Most of us hopefully have been banned right media so you can speculate from the outside it be open poo pants about it but at the same point. Everyone's dealing with. Like trying to rider show about a reality that is not hopefully ever going to happen and you know technically internally for reasonable to Hamas and a fast hard to find hope when you don't have water electricity and errors hobbies everywhere that exactly. But I'm still liking it but if you guys wanna complain about specific things I mean LB DD nation at Let's talk a little or build a key yeah. And power lines on or and or mean no I did see it and I mean these guys the black mirror episode and it seemed like where but the designs that enough to where I understood the reference yak and its base did the base is a black mirror is technology going awry in the human nature basically stirring everything up and I mean if you've seen any social media posts and at any time in point in your life this is definitely one of those things if you manner. So back to or build though if this is. This was it's hard to explain because. Like they're just not really using a whole lot of space stuff. It's like. The explanation was like with there's you know a chance that there's going to be a million different. The universe is our our planet's in negative there's bound to be ones end up looking exactly like earth. And that's how they're gonna bring it out there. And in this version of earth it's like ninety's or go figure or 2000 earth are present day however which we wanna do it but there is no law. All of this is based on basically read it up or down vote. Switch it never really occurred to me like YA a society like that would be awful the fact reflect that they would it'll modernized but didn't think wing and I just conference McFarland OK I get a chance and thank you and when Ed brings up with a glove Heidi you know what foods are Katie eat there what's what regulations should be in place Michael we all just decide. And I never thought about at the gap everyone decides nothing. Official get done everyone just that the biggest hurdle noticed idiots is going said persuade everyone. And hand look at. They. Real I had as a good analogy there with how I have times and I mean I even flat out tweeters like Orville this week was not subtle at all have her hand. I give that she wanna have tales of morale at the end do all of these things and have this sort of show with that. This was just. Like I said I had to dial that any space X exploration sort of thing you can do something along the lines of this and not have it be. Earth in like in every sense of the way other effect oh hey look at our iphones look slightly different and it was literally. Earth like for every travel where. No it was it was it was a planet that wasn't earth OK it's like well like earth to him way ahead some sort of you know science Spacey when he bought yeah they just like I said they just explain away is like there's always a chance that there's going to be one planet that is. It's essentially. A sister to a another planet with just small differences in small divergences. Infinite time on yes bank yes it is kind of funny too also allows looking at this amount of the keep you know much about the prime directive and Mike start tracked and no but it's basically you don't go in influenza culture. Gotcha and so that's the day went and I don't think the union in India or bill universe actually has that prime directive because they're openly talking about how there would the scientists had infiltrated it. The place and we're learning about it and then were possibly found out and that's why they got captured their trying to final minute. Researcher holes that Dennis alloy you mean before they knew what I GAAP and I Yang yes. Yeah coming they weren't gad the directed do not influence a culture they're just studying the culture itself because they didn't know about the up and down vote. Yeah I guess you're right at that point but they definitely went into it they did sort of Star Trek it when you know Kirk will it is basically going to be required to save my people let's spice man did you think it ever everything Alomar was funny without went in Lamar and have him busted because. He decided to drive home the statue coming out to downsize a cap off because that's a good way to stay inconspicuous when you're infiltrating a society maybe was trying to fit and he was not in fact he was nine. And it is kind of funny because it turns into a special we're doing now with social media. In order for you to hopefully not get the bottom rise and reprogrammed. Essentially you have to go Warner apology to work and if you get ten million down votes. You get to you get scramble basically like we always going an apology tour. That sounds great I'm sorry I this podcast everybody I psychic gale about things and not and I apologize that I apologize for nothing yet I've. We expect our guys have a problem with me being a bad person what are the things I'm also realized about the or bill is the fact that. This show isn't going to have and over are keying seasonal story. It's going to be self contained stories per hour which really was the MO of Star Trek originally but I don't think that necessarily fits into. What I want to be watching on a show I wanna have some sort of thing that carries over the entire arc of the seasons yeah I think you can have blown off pillars you know where maybe you know cargoes to wine country here yet for a minute and I yeah I guess what I think you gotta have the whole board or something like that have built towards the end it at this point maybe because it's seasonal wind and they don't do that mean I remember Smallville had that same problem it was a Kryptonite monster of the week and I hated the first season. Nobody was like go go what's the other was an economical. And so it kind of put food on that for me and I will. And remain in I never saw Smallville as he'd like trying to likened the find themselves yeah a lot of that was Kelly's at this we don't have any of that lake I mean maybe you can kind of hope that and we'll get back in the next life. And that might just be the only thing that I am not necessarily counting on plans to being it's not the only on either Rachel's sort of data at all. I can updated terms and top I thought you know I'm not dampen. I actually digging it just coming getting to know with a characteristic really every. Either we get an idea so we got a different planet and views on things are we do get a lot of character development on one of the minor characters whether. It's you know dealing with two baby daddy is and a baby girl that was later turned into baby boy kind of situation her. Yeah how much of the show is a comedy and how much of it is like actual. It's though it's more comedy it if you look at the old Star Trek the next generations and then put in a little bit offending guy humor essentially. This is what Kelly down family yeah yeah yeah it's not that it's not like total non sequitur that goes into a different thing. But I mean they'll show some like sort of pop culture stuff they'd literally showed on the the the viewing screen on the bridge assigned filled episode like it really means yap and that was kind of parlors are very. But there are some really good funny jokes as well like one of my favorite ones was when Seth MacFarlane was trying to make small talk in an elevator. And his woman just looks at his woman that's for it. The first officer. I is that his acts yeah looked at him is like you know you know it you know ten million miles from earth and you're still awkward in an elevator. Laid it didn't necessarily have anything to do these pop culture it was just funny so that's pretty good I like that I mean I would love it if they're the main character really has data or something with sending him all these old clips but it they've been passed down from generation to generation and they feel narrow yet on it there was something like that or it was like all you have mighty you know my grandpa used to give me these 'cause his grandpa passed it down it would be at least makes sense a lot of guys are just watching. Things like Alec Fraser is or whatever league we use a lot of old phrase that we realize how old they are to this Dana of course now that I'm seeking it can't think the single one yeah. In it's like you know when someone says Elena and basket organized. Is easy and I don't like. You know Vinnie Vinnie beach here I think with you alone now or something hello. Simply like a great ancestors once said. You. I'm still prefer. Yeah they can do that beyoncé staff and now this is it's something I gotta look past is he so angry at him an alien species they combed more than once there's no like I don't get it until I. I all right then yeah it's still going on I DNN you're not gonna talk a whole lot of goth and today just the fact that out professor pig is there but Mr. Big is pretty awesome day. Yeah I don't know what I've just watched the oral because I started watching straighter things and how much episodes in the curriculum and wants to 22 mark so is an imminent clean my house and a lot of the two episodes leader. Getting clean my house of muscle seven threatening the. The amazing and so I didn't want any others except normal 'cause over any lighthearted and then no golf Immersion are affirming our guest and welcome back to those next week and now it's time for Laura. She Swiss TV. Vicki what movies are coming out today as if we don't know Afghanistan really the only one you want to see is. I don't know I think this weekend well I will be seeing it again in if you didn't know special ops both mark and I talked about it on yesterday's podcast do you worry CNET UBS the gad yeah I did it is getting 95% on Ron tomatoes certain light fresh DC so they're dirty and Fiat must guess yesterday absolutely 100% just three means I did not IMAX and dollars it is why some radically three year he. You can yeah you can go without it being 3-D I didn't see it and IMAX and in Seton 3-D I actually saw and I think that these sound was a little muted. But it was still amazing I wanna see in one of those super awesome like the RPX theaters. Got a couple here Morales and their everyday yes yeah yeah if you can see this with the super enhanced audio I don't know necessarily think demands greedy or if it means he iMac I want the iron I Philly IMAX experience with a movie this faking colorful eight G yet the collar yes absolutely it is so colorful and sister ranking in the posters really do make it look like that it does capture and yet it captured that perfectly and that's what the movies about. Eight if you if not too sure about Thorne I wasn't too sure about the first 2 movies I really am kind of iffy on both of those this one is outstanding. And for any reason to go see it. See just because Jeff school blues and and he's ridiculous or one adversary did differently. There's arson and on health and then again you know mark per flow all those people are still image and there's aplenty I Cate Blanchett as the. As hell up Helen she is she's amazing. Mark thinks he's a little more sexy than I personally do. But that I was Asia looks pretty sexy like it's thunder by selling an air viewers you got her short blond hair as she isn't there weren't glacier lake and white like blouse and. Like you Q you know I thought that either age yet she's totally got out this one is bad ass you're seeing an exit out here is my birthday on the seventh night. We will be doing a spectacular for dinosaurs and now everyone glad to see let us know how you feel about it there's another movie out. It's called blade of the immortal and it looks like it was elegant Japanese film probably released here. And it looks real creepy. It's an action adventure drama and it'd samurai MI NG has taken up a lot of lives that the listening guilty now lives life in feudal Japan. As a criminal. After being purse slipped Immelt immortality until he killed enough evil men Monty meets young girl who enlist him to be your bodyguard. Swearing loyalty protection vengeance against the group of sword fighters who slaughtered her family. The unlikely DO setup on a remarkable quest to make great against those who did them wrong. Interesting I had this in this you MBA 5% that's what I thought it is based off of the Hmong got. I and and actually an anime as well so that's why it sounded familiar for me oh exciting action I maybe down for what does one do they even like his. At the Los scars like over his eye on assays have been there reminds me of among the pilot even her outfit her bleary hair is done. It's like you can tell they took it straight out of the longest so yeah absolutely you dirty south or you want and are you wanna see it again check it out and I did it's I'm assuming it's. It's gonna be kind of limited release a lot of these movies. Our. Answer until next time think Mary. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at birdie and whilst the sign up today and see for yourself DNW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.