BJGN11-06-17 - Temporal Odyssey - Stranger Things

Monday, November 6th

Rev talks to Chris Solis about his new card game on Kickstarter, Temportal Odyssey; the gang talks TV with Flash, Arrow, & Stranger Things; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Yes welcome to BJ seizing weak nations it. I in the river in Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona five speed chase. They is Jolie diss. After after that I did gay show we will talk about a new kick starter card game. We'll talk television and a we might get into a little bit of star scores news and of course we will guy or. Does he she would speak he'd be thinking how can people get ahold of that thing get a hold us via our web SI AD day and eat the nation's dot com. And it's an analyst of media information and more are. This isn't just BJP nation across the board. He girls I was exactly in well let's get right into the interview that I did with a man named crystal is about his kick starter card game called. Temp oral Odyssey. We have Chris Solis today. I'm as CDC. Teams and you have a new game that is I'd just about to finish on kick started a program for that. Push it's truly interesting. Odyssey had direct. Yeah sure if this is not like normal income fifteen games or is it. I didn't have to sort players told. You have. Know you've changed how dangerous it. Ask another time travelers what. Now suddenly got a new messed up and they lost a lot of time has come and stepped in and said all right I think she exists. When you must match in new. It's. This and I love the art in this game it's a lot of fun and if people wanna check out eight you can just go right to kick starter right now I still. Gonna check out just look at temple Odyssey. Present congratulations on. They deserve it after. I mean it's called because you've set out you guys just really wanna put up the game at this point so per. I can just get the game and and you pardon blown 99 games so if you want to actually. He's as well demonstrate. Yeah. Sixteen us. In a lot content should idea. Between 24 yourself so it's kind of nice and that sort of it could only drive does. He did it. I don't its pastors and teachers didn't tax. So of course. Different each time where did you get the act. Came like his because involving time travel is kind of an interesting concept especially when. Card games. It's easy if I. It's not a constructive. Our final passage into. And play the socialists are best. Let's talk honestly. You can just Friday and it's that kind of complete experience. The draft limited universe and how. And down to build on our women and cement and X drew. Accessible game in terms of love star turns out. He could turn you can change. My starters hurt. Yeah. We can catch us achieve this you. Know Google shared their defenseman it's up. It's okay. Groups that okay distance you've described it's. About combined to move director of player and men don't turn well it's. Of those players are those characters as well. That's right yes you want someone to not. Yes maybe and I'm a picture to show a somber sentiment. Tough to trying to power through that. And hardest job working on this. It's an original art direction started off I am because under the new machine where she was our directors forward. Not a secret of the universe where he's on there's a month. What traditional battle. I can kind of take. Not sure I'm different artists. I did not machines and relatives and Casey batsman. Yeah. Amber's made it Richard and. And so I know that I noticed like especially people who checkup to kick start a little. That you consists of the competitive gamer so you really wanna make sure the big game like this. It's a sign on to come. So just fine. It has possible. It's playing and I just how much so I'm okay so hard and I'm. Yeah right yeah. Have some stretch goals amid. But first restaurant workers told. It's fortunate there's not even get it doesn't sit. Com and Ted Williams and an assassin's it's just. He constructs to exercise them again. Different setup. Does that mean this is literally begged him you can make co. It came where's the replay factored this just takes place factored kicks it up notched just be. Mostly been broken even comprehend at that point you know it's amazing. This organic Chris again thank you so much for being up isn't. Rational what some Arab media and other things like that they can just go to CE GC games dot com and we're gonna find him. No solutions. On Twitter it's strategies he talks that we don't. Hadn't seen actual spot Abbas on thank you so much Chris there's been some time with. And again that still has a couple of days left so if you wanna check it out we posted up on the FaceBook page you can check it out right there. Click there back if that's what something that you really interested in Mexico. Temp oral Odyssey unleash temporal my friend sure probably got because I got back what's ironic if you don't you watch time travel and stuff. I do but I'm also just reading it on my page re here. And now well you know how that works out. Such like a temporal anomaly with your temper on the same ilk. What ya I would get used to go to FaceBook page has cut. Kindly let me Melissa talks on my television I guess we'll start off with a little flash and Errol build flare they're BJ Flannery. Typical but well I did and I I didn't see was a -- episode there was spoke of of of arrow because the fact. You know what you kill off a character that doesn't mean the actors does he become Bakken play well the reverse other earth and is only 400 different Earth's NBC universe and so this is black siren. Which I mean Jesus say you know why is it Dolly evil people are sexier than the regular people that's not right I think that's how they've always where did either that or they definitely have a goatee. And I don't think black sound really look that great with a goatee tell you she's a gorgeous woman I would put a pastor I think she can get work but not ex NASA sees attacking star city I won't say I wish Oliver wasn't mayor anymore I am so tired of volleys he made. He's mayor. And now he's being investigated and been out it is arrows so then he asked to give the Arab costume to John dingle. Who is is basically was basically was his body garbage then became his big his Robin if you will mood and John Bigelow unfortunately got nerve damage and can't fire got a very well. And what he's got arrows so we really doesn't not a fire arrows but they did missile dubbed. Daryl Dixon kind of crossbar early. Because people are noticing. Arrow is not firing arrows and an end today as so we know mr. clean that it's not. You moved to me he's like I'm Rory RO BI we know whoever is arrow is not our leader while you're nobody. And it tries so they he's being investigated his insists this is such a joke. I I do I don't know if I like Oliver queen as mayor I just want all the could go out and kill people as there is Phil and I wanted to do I mean yeah it's called aero is not called Mayer. How ya and that's really what he is he's the green mayor does. Like iron bed yeah Tony Stark. I admire and I guess I don't really just cannot say it man and and giggle a force least taken is Brad drug in order not to have the shakes. So he's like Bob fine Aggies shoot everything you have good menus seemed a dark daily give and got a big role money and he's taken this yellow liquid just jacket and it was army like. This can't be good towel which makes me think that he's gonna go crazy and becoming evil villain at some point Afghanistan's series and I mean usually those things that you're taking will have those side effects or you know plot reasons of course so yes let's go around the world Errol meanwhile flash well. Well I had tea. You know Barry I have I think there's a character I looked it up and I your but I think it is indeed the thinker. There are new medicine guess who made these new mad as we are trying to figure who made the new met is yes it was buried who made no matter is as they pull them out of the speed force and he created some sort of an anomaly. That infected every that basically affected everybody on a bus that was driving by wow so there's thirteen men is that they're gonna tracked down all season long always Perry's fault our affairs well but let's say about. That's the latest Matt I'm very excited about. Plastic mad are able inter esteemed mr. fantastic done the right way. The plastic man I totally was thinking like a guy who recycles. Well as a man is actually pretty bad ass I've seen him in a couple of I'm sunglasses yes yes yes and yeah does have the sunglasses he's ready he has got a costume yet. Any was also called class delayed because of the same episode. Danny trio shows up as the father of Cisco was living there. And any Trace. Geriatric oh yeah and a he shows up and he's awesome he's basically like Cisco is what he can open up breaches in different dimensions to go to each earth. He's in love with a girl that does the same thing in her job is surrounded basically make sure bad guys are bad guys. But she works for her Basra boss have severe father who shows up and right when they're about to get busy and of course is always got to know well Cisco's that the long hair he's the most sort of sensitive new age guy. And Rihanna who do any trail is daily doses a year I would punch you are either way that's exactly what did he said I will hunt you you're not good enough for my girl I'm sort of iconic gone from ten overbearing follow other matters he's you know ten is fantastic and that little. So yes we got back on and we are plastic and there was a girl that had bad luck powers it was the black cat but it wasn't the black cat. It was pretty awesome as Barry was chasing her. What can stop the flash pop out a barrel full of marbles all of them don't vote and yeah he doesn't three stooges at high speed cell so like back and 66 it was awesome it was so cutesy but it was great that's funny and she and friends and it they explore her ability and an end a cool way where. Mom if she gets so much good luck and she was basically siding go back to raise Georgia's black Jack dealers that I'm gonna gamble. And her field of good luck was expanding so much that is with a more good luck she got the more bad like she would send out and that was just his bubble bad luck feel that was engulfing entire city while houses were following parts. Planes are falling from the sky in which she kept going. Cherry Coke and Jerry Jarrett and the airline power now so they had to figure that that's kind of a crazy way to do it like you do with this super billion don't know where their act as it is over the plain black Jack yeah they knew that yes the consumer base obviously they saw that the field you're late and I usually see they are fed makes android star labs they have the the filter value no automotive serum it showed you the bad luck. And yes so they were able to see that shows sounds so ridiculous lashes fund ridiculous yet really they're really does like I mean they're showing all the heroes all the powers all the matters on it. You know what Carol I used this was a show I started with Ike forced myself to watch that show. But flash is just fun they've they've figured out it's a combination of cast in writing ads for now and it's going to be an issue I mean you've got so many TV shows out there rule how long is are gonna last of its is the one that your. I'm I don't wanna call it like mark runner hate watching ballet you're I can get beat like that it's almost the grudging the highest point for you are let go super girl like go legends of tomorrow. You know I can put up with a lot but I mean if you have bad characters bad writing bad whatever. Andy and at least in my view other people yeah those shows but flash has the right amount of they just do it right like they'd they'd they'd see it they get to my line sometimes with like MI really watching the show. But they end up bringing me back a lot with just I think the cool cool villains plastic man was really awesome is given a limp. Well he's a villain right now because he's amana but they're gonna recruit him to be a guy because they he was it they ask him hey okay to come work for his body. But he's kind about it but he's kind of cops that did the wrong thing became a private detective who was really a private Dick he had and he did how does door detective right any broad stick underneath it is named. He's got every jerk very hated him but then they both made up man OK okay they did the right thing to catch the bad guys nice. Now everybody knows that stranger things came out. And senate and you it's just seeing and in true geek nation fashion I'm not really sure how we're going to address this because. Myself I haven't had a chance to watch any episodes of your worse than me I thought I was the worst ones I know because you've only seen one episode yeah I just did last night and Vicki. I won't solve a question CC in the entire things you managed binge all of made it started off what do you and then as they come adults too alluring than tomorrow maybe until now so men and hours later on and now we do episode by episode because you know did we maybe you did it without me do we have a good defenders. We've talked about it and it was one of those things where we've late it has come up and we talked about it but we didn't do like a spectacular. Or yeah and I mean it's I think now live and a good time what does 48 we seem to know what to do with these kind of shows it yeah hard because like for you guys if you watch it once a week. Then I'm factory watch him because I don't. And I paranoid lead boiling at their and that's out what happened call Warren has yet watched all of bumpy track and she is like music he Vicky how is that they. I don't know where that is in relation to every radio saying is it after this asleep yet that it even happened yet did yeah right I mean you can't try to come up with Demi negative credit watch it every like you wanted to you learn to a week so and I'm not afraid of spoilers at this point but also at the same high point we're not gonna prove who want all of those sort of things who would be very vague on it so at this point I would say first impressions. I definitely going with BJ's and you always in the first episode in the Vicky as well maybe you. You comment on what we talk about Vicki like you'll remember the episode and not see much more like if we go hey it was this who we got to be mad Max for the first time and again the guys are going gaga over. The person that gets the best video game store score and they're not happy about that. You know and is it Mike Mike is that now Mike is that the brother who go on eleven. Was O Dustin Dustin and I'll be asking guy and he he's on a. As she can't resist this can't resist my parent my any parallels Medicare anyway yeah and that his teeth go and like he doesn't he's not. Dummy anymore well we asked all of that's rice. Yeah that's raise growing into his Steve everything and yet at that. Odd Justin's mom I'm not sure I have yet she's on another it's as its season another rant Netflix original series like. I'm telling me airman are organizer I was have been shot Aston who you know I was surprised that that that's how he was going to be brought into the show and I'll bet. The lay up the hobby it happens from a level and our writers that was a quick page eerie how yeah. Did make it I freaking love him he's so he's steep place such a good. Like a dad does the with the jokes and little on my dad's he's still goof Peabody I had to be in just. He's doing is playing but it meaning the stepped better boyfriend now quite as dad powerful as you would if I have suspicions though should you you don't bring Sean ass entry showing just make a machine and I think he's going to be rule on this I would imagine yeah I only because you just don't bring an actor like him and it doesn't have an issue I -- kind of got up poke the fate. I just know that as an -- going on with him and we'll see what happens when that. I must say there's a couple of things that do happen in the series. That we're spoiled remain that's not right hence why I watched all uncle Michael. I know. Happy hour on line knew just like I don't get my pets in my tattoo artist is done and it was buddy and I. And trying to like covering yeah I think my ears off and then still the big one. Other yes I'm good I'm I'm saddened like spirit I was gonna want to before I get anything else through and firing. I remember actually doing that all just sitting here waiting to do a special ops and Chris narrow in the same room and it was one of that one of the in the marvel movies and I was just watching thank you video. That was laying out. Oh is guardians of the galaxy two and was watching like the top ten moments are guardians of the galaxy two and ended talks about John use stats yeah and Chris just look set me. I'm what oh yes you haven't watched since you are since it happened that it totally sucks and I'm not really bad you are Mary Poppins bridge my guys don't really read about the island yeah like it has so far the B are beyond and well we knew we saw the end of obviously we saw that went when Mike was rescued them that he still wasn't right and he was in the B in the bed at the end who's thrown out another another creature or something. This kid's got issues there's no doubt about it I love the disease he has to go get checked up with a new doctor and I'm mad about that new doctor. AMR spoil that went for me all free again riser that was fun seeing Paul Reiser again I haven't seen him and dogs agent Roy because of the the last time it was with on mad about you mean c'mon now really at ease and aliens but that was before that out like a dog and doing things he was an Adam Sandler serious movie. You'll. Reign over me or some highlight them and I've he was in that one and number yup Paul Reiser is cool to see him and I was so hoping that if he you know that Steve wasn't still gonna be with Nancy. But he is that's a bummer I mean Steve turned out to be a better guy then yes start enough command of the baseball map less seasonal Lillian Lillian yeah like help the kids high and yeah I just always you know I I I wanna John by Johnson buyers and hurting get together because you know he's the weird kid that he's a weird older brother who's telling his younger brother now it's OK here we are we got you bit weird is scared it's but. You know this a big guess happening. And poor will buyers man this kid can have a good life because he's still feeling and so at this point we're not gonna spoil any doubt this just episode one but at the same point there was something really cool because they've been doing a lot of promotional stuff like this and million Bobby Brown was on it I'd Jimmy Fallon get photographed and if maybe you don't necessarily remember what. Happened on stranger things in the first season and well here's Millie or rap being. That's all that's in DN SR yeah yeah. What time then I think she didn't say yeah that was his that was really well and patent that. Well what we'll go. Yeah well he's Biden on his bike. I mean twenty plus. It would be happy to be not happened but she's just aren't. Yeah. Like that's what happened. I. I do early in my caddie. Have a fight. There's amazing dad you know there is there's nobody knows that you get to see. Though different by the way I know who want to get a little different bloody nose and then have people wonder I what at what happened to eleven and let's just say this you see a bloody nose. Not what you might expect I'll give that little cheesy B haven't seen episode one no stranger things you get to see everybody knows around nine A not what you might expect. But me and now it's time tour. She Swiss TV show GAAP or as Vicki. Did she all about Disney but not Disney the way you would think not. An honor we got it Ellie movies and stuff I thought about Disney and how old like what their business practices. How cool interesting and so if Casey didn't know Disney pulled out of Netflix. And I'll between nineteen they're not going to be on Netflix because it again I don't own subscription site has an interesting wouldn't so like I was even like looking into those article that I found. Between everything licensee and they probably make about Oates two million ears and your trunk area. Licensing and that's the division it's about then Disney brings over 500 million from like streaming services. So what the idea is. There are estimating it's going to be worth dear streaming service about 25 billion dollars well I guess that's why it makes sense that page joking that. They estimate once the seat is streaming service hits thirty million subscribers it can generate about five billion revenue and one point five billion in. Earnings before interest tax deduction will block. So you know overall it's going to be at. About twenty to 25 billion dollars or. Gas. Can understand why they do it Natan. Like that's got to be the one thing I mean like we'll do is needed got marble they've got. Blake starlight lesbian Star Wars they've got all these things they're gonna put into that I was just thinking oh yeah might just be good for kids. But you know all I know there's so much stuff that they have this is though this is the one subscription service but I think you have to give it. And I think it's articles it'd be about nine dollars about the same year as like Hulu or Netflix gallows and you know why and if they think about ten years will break even at kennel on the hit there at like 30000 subscribers but people bubble is crap they're going. You're good I think they're gonna get to a wave before ten years yeah yeah I had a hot pick this out flat out have to be so much easier than it. Caring around buying either dvds or need a study just have it if they can guarantee that all the Disney princess movies are going to be on the air at all times of the prom with Netflix is like I get all excited and then they take the movie off gas they cut if they have a way to like a war having all the Disney princess movies and you're you even think about like the lesser namely dizzy kid shows. Yeah he be like the type shows. Or even like the teen tween shows this stuff in the Mickey Mouse club. Do you feel like little kids and they have like you know zone with like when Salinas family get like the wizard in the world of Waverly place he gal I was ones do not like it's coming but it makes cents parents are gonna wanna buy for the kids or people like me are gonna wanna take a lot of sometimes I wanna have a marathon in all I have is like. Pocahontas maybe the first ones on Netflix right now but I know the second one for sure is. Ideally would that I have duties and he. It's amazing how long is terrible I agree all over the mythology always so yeah that's at Disney movies further and to be accurate to their stories high and I don't know that wind is just did Garrard thou art. My roommate has the biggest issue with disease because of that because they take like. Actual great stories from my point all through the past artistry and they just I mean they don't there's endeavor for them the way they want and they've been doing it with all of them but the one that really struck a chord with me was the Hercules with a did like the merchandising song in the mail that I you know off off off don't know I don't know I don't know why McCain for the same reason Tiffany yet Hamlin to manage to really Hamlet -- out and yet I was OK with that Kevin sorbo Hercules ya play there's a there's no rhyme or reason for me that you like having that he's just I don't. You have Danny DeVito and Hercules and the you have the music from although the seemingly es it it's I was a kid when he came out and I had a great time being acting and singing along to an end. It's that's what I did Agnes Soledad I think my problem with it was outside and drive in theater as a double feature in the first movie was George of the jungle. Aren't I had a movie was amazing how my guide door or yeah thank you are there any our old when that came out I was not accept. Done OK what's our next story on main. By the way if you actually get them princess stories that are pretty cool based on real. We did chat with the guy he did or projected princess gas is look is amazing it's so pretty. He had check outs average dip into this dot com and my act Newton the thing that I found very interesting is that a lot of movie theaters are meted decent amount of movie theater to be refusing to blaze star awards last gen YY it's another Disney property. And not because of any moral type thing. It's because Disney is required 65% of the revenue from ticket sales from the theaters. And up to 60%. For the Star Wars force awake in or up from the 64% from Star Wars force is allowed one hour that is 1% more. But there also requiring dieters to play the film the largest auditorium for at least four weeks. Lauded Disney movie to typically be in that space for two weeks. And at the leaderboard a break any part of the agreement eager to jump up. 5%. To seven deeper air temp is 70% of the revenue from ticket sales. That is huge and I think maybe it's just sometimes it's not worth the headache is one of somebody accidentally does something. That you know I you know a kid or in the theater doesn't realize they skirt and then suddenly you've got this huge giant corporation on your brag war it's about his business not worth the headache or they'll go ahead Ozzie they're releasing a movie right after Christmas or not Christmas right there's not a right the horror yeah there's a whole update comes out in that slot the next four weeks need to worry about it right there's a lot of Christmas movies but I don't think there's going to be any senior or the you know that released during Christian scientists are after the fact. Also at the same point eight. Maybe it's just like taking a stand against Disney because I mean like we just said Disney owns so much stuff may be just about to dieters say hey we're not gonna play this silly game you don't really need that much do you come Garrett. A billion dollar depends on how big the the theater is because if it's one of those plays that hasn't won screener to see greens. It doesn't make sense for them and says take over the entire to take over the Internet now that long could it basically at that point you're just Star Wars dear yeah that's rough. They will be penalized and their ports agency is generally get about 55% to 60% of the revenue. As opposed to 65% so it's. Anywhere between like ten to 5% more than what a typical. Movie would be. Yeah I mean I I understand that they're super popular in the control all that stuff. But this is sort of like you know old evil corporations doing you know this is the the evil stepmother of the whole Disney story as a point kinda doing there's. Fingers are good at that time what I said it's like it's the small guys with you know with yeah theaters that are gonna hurt and that's absolutely. And you can look to support local tiny theater assets and non except guys. They Nady. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot plus.