BJGN11-08-17 - Super Mario Odyssey

Wednesday, November 8th

BJ talks comics with Star Wars, Saga, Star Trek: Boldly Go, & Spider-Man; Mike Robles and Rev talk Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite & Super Mario Odyssey; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells speed ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Plus. She ladies and gentlemen geeks have all the pages you're known to be Jewish he's the nation's. Yes welcome to be daisy is geek nation and I in the reverent in Waco hope across from me is Vicky Barcelona put that we've also got. Well let's show name's sake Vijay Jay yeah ever about it and his son Joey dear vertical Laura. An hour now. On today's show we will cod. We will talk to our mix and we will also talk videogame what Mike wrote this and of course BP chief would be being. Vicky how can people get a hold of us get a hold of us via our web side DJ gay nation dot com. And you know it's usually just be taking nation across the board from us the source media platforms until it. Newton thank you so much that he and what's since it's Wednesday in this comic book day let's get right into some comic books BJ. Are really is that what you are yet and that's what I want all right well I guess we have to talk about still well errors and base. I've set him for a great series that takes place between episode four or five. And you know the you really gosh yet to flush out so much so. You may not be by finest hard to believe but there's an leads the storm trooper squadron you know never today I am they actually can actually hit their target hole really up how frustrating do you need for that they're pretty bad ass the cubs star squadron and able they'd they didn't do the job the first time Vator wasn't happy. To the point where basis like by the way you think you're so cool there mister Sargent career they get it with with your light Saber you're not a legit I give that. And but to do was like hey looks the sergeants like I promise you will get local get everybody will take care is I'm so sorry. What color and I have not and so yeah spoil our lord sarge is not have been so well but he got to keep the light Saber. So he's a storm trooper with a light Saber and even those manager and I end. And start breaks that used to on his site I had his Treo because I feel forced the stuff. You know jet that bitch that's always interesting to see first stop seeing a stroke of what would Lifesavers it is and it just visually it is gonna be bad ass yet but you're gonna have that and you wanna armor do you good sportsman you know you're exactly you have the force yeah and he's but he makes up for a but being brutal one of the killer body and me and burn things and so. So this this issue boy it was a tough one as Luke in the gang were like wow these storm cuper people that are the reason they have their bad guys is it that and they're very fanatical they really believe there's no way that the rebels can win. So we're on that particular time line it's it's a prequel thing plus is a little is a little also another story in their from the notes have been can be O and it's it's a it's a fun little adventure and this is between which episodes again for a 50 okay. Yeah because that was like when the big revelation meting out five as the empire strikes back where we have the bad guys. Winning at the end of the movie we find out about look at daddy been in Iraq but you know they've had often see what what issue this is here. This 37 issues they've been able to do between episodes foreign five and they've made it very compelling. That's really interesting just because it's. You don't realize that they can put so many things in there and it's like that many issues like. Is really that much time going in between these you wouldn't think gas and yet boy they have a lot of adventures. An and for the most part they do pretty good job introducing some new characters but they fade into the you know like. Like the fact that Hans solo was married to his son a solo or at least supposedly and you get the meeting is gone wrong with her and and how she and and she's pretty bad ass. As so they it which is a great cool female character they introduced thinking at that basically can hold morale boost your body better and all of them except delay. And you know but today when her leg get together it's pretty awesome because as like those two know what they're doing. Connie you know stumbles serving a Lucas still trying to who have been like trying to figure out I noticed force that is. Soc is also. You know get pretty damn good it's a great story that got 48 issues like it see maybe where people go. Wow what's going on with interest rates in the big big books yes IID the trades on the side yes I think I am a little behind you probably are I think the bunkers so behind -- now That's Hollywood invincible. I don't talk about a danceable wanna probably should for the for the for the very good reason billion issues were invincible yeah and I'm an I I was at the trade I I just like to be injury I didn't and so they're a new trade came out not too long ago can be be a month or two ago. But I bet still puts me behind Helen is a taker read an issue of one of these is it like half hour resign wrote yes definitely an actual issue or hold on trying to trade but it issues yes it only a couple of maybe ten minutes very yeah I guess is yes it's a problem. Hey yeah I really. And unless you've spent a lot of time poring over the artwork which especially with like comic solid Jeanine can do the guided view you can really kind of get into it deepened that sort of thing. But if you're just read to for the story for like the first pass yeah I usually about 23 so goes it's it goes pretty quick issued issue and you know what with saga sometime you don't know Bryan cave on he may take some time Marcus maybe he's doing television or movie project. You know runaways is. And then beyond and to which banking you bounce. They're very happy about that. Especially Canada beaded up finally after years of bug him complaining about Honda super obsessed with this he understands. The only thing is I'll say this there it with with runaways. Because it because I mean we saw the print we saw the trailer there. I made much you almost don't I don't read the book. Yeah actually probably should read look you've never read it don't get don't eat it already you wanna watch this show yet as. Yeah they're saying this is the most faithful TV adaptation and yeah that's when I had heard yeah so if that's the case there's some you don't need. Things that happened yeah plague. And it'll I want to dating on this big revelations about the characters race but character is what's going on what's really going on why people are doing what they're doing a yeah. IRS this isn't a lot of twists and turns yet so people think are one way air actually another way. And it if this knows your I have book after. This is BP's own game of thrown where she's going to be O Buick away. Oh your guns -- -- guys and how -- -- gonna do this differently away or so seconds I dropped Hulu minority at CBS on access to some just perhaps that's what I did not usual login OK I have friends from me and I think he CBS all access because they're Smart they're gonna end the first chapter of season one's don't read my the end can a couple of weeks and then they're gonna start back up in January so of course I'm not gonna cancel my subscription of course speaking of discovery I watched that fourth episode. And me about congratulations. I'm gonna say not as bad that I was going to be yeah I had another one of those moments where they're court quote I leave tactic. Person decides that they're gonna open the big cage with the months and that no one can control. How do you think that it up for her rats not good she didn't make it. Yeah. I. But it was her approach. It was great because they're like our young meaning paired up with you because you're the sciences the brains of I'm the tactics officers will be perfect yeah out yet you're not very tactical when you open up the cage the definitive yes the only I was still enjoying go to your finding out that market doesn't have the best crew. And and that might be I mean it seems that can be along those lines like every time we talk about it and he talked about yet you've got those renegade star you know that that the captains of the starship. Day that occasionally someone from the actual star fleet would run into it really seems that this is going down that road well this is why Lorca likes my you know Michael so much because of the fact that well yeah she fits in I mean these are bunch of near do wells or scientists who don't even care about the military. Yeah this is as this is a ship of fools is really what this and I wish I wish that the show was just Michael and the captain. A 100% because I think the chemistry BWAY better and it would make a lot more sense but we do you keep gullah but I'm Ricky dries them and given another episode I'm the I'm committed I even turned mark Ron around about market we had a good conversation about toward the Lamar he's spent some time with you I didn't realize it got some reprogramming I was gonna say yeah. Police are well I say the sodomized and I think you know who Michael you know whose capital market is I go he's he's a very bad James Bond as far as like. He's he's a very crazy James but you do you use said the magic words right down to that's exactly what he is I mean he is. There have you ever seen yet Joseph but there's a scene where he's totally James Bond. The way he handles a situation and you just like but he's also just like he's out of his mind. And I love it I mean he's. But I reminded him of all the bad starship captains which which brings meets of course the the latest Star Trek boldly go yeah one of one of the captains. From the original series captain Garth they had a great story about captain Dwayne yeah. Got to guard but it. And it and he was from the third season he was a shape shifting captain. And so they had him in season three of the original series well they do a little story about him and boldly go which is an extension of the JJ Abrams universe and even though they canceled. The comic that was the official. Extent they base these days they stay kids on the commented this our last line thanks for being with us and then I started boldly go which is basically. It's the same crew and it they're going after that last issue so I don't know why did it seem like they were done they really weren't Donna just got a new writer and artist but it's the same damn thing reliever in an area that's that's very pro or do what they're doing. The and so it takes place after structure beyond so they're all cited different shifts but we see captain Garth the reason I bring it up. Is I said to mark a Sid Mark there have been captain John goes captain Garth captain Tracy's. These were eight whole star fleet captains. They wore eight holes you watch the episodes were Kirk had to basically save the day for the eighth hole starkly captive orca card in one case the calico. Guess what. They're just doing the whole series about the able starship captain that's all and I guess that's we have to look at it because yeah we've had the guy's an Emmy yet lake. Kirk was the maverick but at the same point he was the one that would go to and do those things to get it dime. And in in the ended up worked out in a whole market is then he's the enemy within Turkey is the bad correctly cuts. Lit up with a little dog I don't bet on that original series. Where and how they've yeah they've been a big cricket split up he was two different guys when did a really nasty to. To yeoman Rand basically it was is is close to a rape scene is they would show back in those days but they really want to illustrate. How was that dark side of Kirk and while Lorca is pretty much dark side Kirk. No he's got he's got no empathy. My favorite when he is facial hair look like Yahoo! IR dude and and and I'm not gonna spoil it because he does a thing to get the crew to do what he wants them to do and you would think this guy OK if the crew does nobody would think you'd think you just from out of an airlock. No he doesn't do that he does something even more nefarious and actually a really like psychological warfare. And I love this cat is so much man so I race Spider-Man we're back to comic books and how we we we we went out at that we were talking mr. archer combo that's a good thing to get IDW by the way has Star Trek academy. They're showing you the life when Kirk was still the academy. This is insanity. If you want Star Trek I DW comics has got so many different starch or titles now ties to a fast times Jim Kirk and I path its already confessed times Jim cartman quickly about Spiderman Spiderman Peter Parker his industry his company the worldwide everything he was a star. Rock star. How about Peter Parker is more hated than Spiderman that's kind of how things are going for him and he yeah I. He staying on mockingbird couch. Andy Andy and he basically is doing absolutely nothing in mocking birds like I'd do it she's labeled all the food refrigerator mine not yours that's how bad things are Peter Parker. And Sox. And I'll eat yeah Peter always having the problems or Peter always have a problems but. Guess what including. Peter is gonna have to sell the Baxter building which he promised he would never do he would keep it. He bought it so he would keep it for when the fantastic four return well torch he comes back and hears that the civilians Purcell. I was so of course it's a classic Spiderman torch fat like they left from way back and today that's fine yeah Abbott torches in hand and then highlight it was went source said. I can't believe they did desecrated. By selling it and he shoots a fireball item. He's fighting ducks and it burns off the torch yet on the statue scare pat pat pat apple has app and tortured just look again reflect. I don't think you realize how pissed I am right now under and that's amazing it's a yeah it was a fun it was a fun issue we do have to move on the top video games because well micro. Is in the house and I take wrote says that's the name that you can find him on all social media are game maven now are you doing Mike I'm fantastic or I am doing well as as well as well well as well as well yes sure went. Now we've been talking a lot about moreover some cap com infinite we really have an. Because this has been leading they're doing this huge tournament that is occurring in December and at that time that's happened in the PlayStation experience and off it's an off shoot of what Tamil PlayStation experience or it's just happened. At the same time because PlayStation four is the official turned mean console for more cap OK that makes a lot of sense and yet. But yes so they're leaving that to me it's called it's called the battle for the internment and they've been have mean that there's six offline tournaments that people can go and win and then there's three online tournaments that you can win. And the winner of these tournaments and get in infinity stone an actual in real life and pennies down. That will harness some sort of power that you can use during the for the finals. In December in Anaheim California and the last time that we talked about this I think that we had been able to mention and couple of them we mentioned 22 of them just came out or two of them came out and they or is the third was about to be released since then has re there have been three more with one final one coming in on the weekend of this country for us this coming weekend things when this airs at all are you have hit OK final zone as it like we do have five and like I thought that maybe they were kinda over selling the first couple. That the power level has just gone up really is so let's let's recaps on the first hole with a space on and that allows you to swap of position your bracket. Yes I was in the same spot which is pretty powerful soul snow and allows you to a race one of your losses in three at a FactSet. That is really good so when we recorded that phone we can with the tying stone and the time stone and I label it says it ceases the flow of time it basically negates your opponents a stone bearer power anytime so some is like how many use my power. Kansas is no. And at the old magic term is countered that spelled exactly as that is that is a really good I think that's going to be something that. People were going to be wanting to hold on to yeah way at a tournament as all your share powerful thing I think it's postings where if you get hit these other ones are like on I think I'm fine women all right with it but when it comes down until like the semifinals quarterfinals here yes time to use that's exactly so then we've got the power stone. And this one. Is they were like he gives you the life advantage you'll get the only and the first hit in the match give them a guaranteed life advantage by the over the opponent by X also execute in the first combo of a match now this is. Being this is massive because this really almost turns like deep first. You can almost oval start off with a first win yet you can essentially if you are big and these these are pro pro of the players. If you have the touch of death combo that politics is that first hit. You can wipe out one of their one of your opponents characters do they have a lot of time to death combos in its I've seen some crazy stuff happens but again the timing has to be like the titans in response I don't think. I've seen close at Texas a comma in there and whether we talk a little of that this is maybe. MB CIA doesn't have touch that combos or maybe they're like a cut off point at some point. I know there's plenty of times in playing any of the other Mara vs cap com that there were definitely characters that you'll be getting jumbled for the rest of your life yet exactly like well we're again. A so that's still really I mean super key advantage to these like these are all. I also mean look at it you have to win an entire tournament to get one yeah it stands to reason that you should be getting a huge power like this but. Why now rat and then the most recent one in the mind stone and this one that you know it's the minds when you're essentially controlling your opponent's mind because you get that you use. Both of their characters. And this stolen they use for the match fast and Jamestown is insane. Now also at that same point if you know what it who your point is good at or what kind of tactics that they're good with 'cause each character has their own tactics yet if you have one that is just you know it is the polar opposite of what your opponent can use you've got and cripple on you this is this is one and I think in the right hands he's going to be brutal because if you. Are the kind of player. That's gonna sit there and analyze your opponent and watch who they play and watch all of there matches and go back and look at their life seems there are other magic bat at a final hole aid deliveries are exactly final hole in the mind stone I'm looking in my opponents complain ever a much an emcee if they play every character who they haven't played him a lot of these guys. Especially at tournaments. We'll have pocket characters that they don't they don't show that tech four luckily I'm known for playing this character but then you know when they get to this tournament. This surprise to the other Erica that nobody knew I was playing in an awesome right that's gonna be kind of interesting to if you if there's somebody out there who. Maybe they're just. How they have that they're like I just hope that somebody's gonna use writers stone and even like that and the mind games on that in the counterintelligence. On. Oh no you just pick the two characters that I've secretly did live right exactly amazing that led me into evidence and is unstoppable so we have one more stolen the realities now we don't know what it is yet. But we will and you know we're talking about it as a slew went to Atlanta and Atlanta because it's going to be crazy and the bad the battles happened. This in December. These first week in December and it it's going to be just it's ridiculous ridiculous going to be awesome can't wait December 8 through tenth Anaheim California. About listens tournament. I'm going to be watching very exciting and it's just going to be a twitch like yes yeah I face twitch twitch at least last Capcom fighters nice and then also in some Nintendo news. Super Mario Odyssey I ended up watching a stream of it a little bit yesterday. And first off it's beautiful. Yes my looks earlier and it looks great and I love what you can do as Mario because at this point your just tossing your patter around. To get I mean it's traditional Mario in this in this in this sort of terms that you've been. Knowing Mario in the last couple of years but now he can take over people get used he's possessing and he's throwing his hat and the hats possessing people which. Sort of begs to wonder Myanmar has been possess this whole time bullet hole but going off of that like it's crazy like somebody's MB I saw its screens on Twitter and it was and it's the same game of the year. And it was AT Rex the Mario had and the mustache I'm not what is happening on the impact. So it just released frighten. In two days. Greatest. Wow it's a gazelle Libre the wild a month to sell them. It's Mario. Everyone loves Mario I mean it's the staple for Nintendo but that. Is an outstanding. Number that is increasing number considering it only took three days to get there at an American ally this is the title that is pushing me to get a switch. Yeah I was looking at just watching the stream of the people playing is like this looks like a lot of fun yet and I am looking at my name my ass and yes class economic this is just as fine way. I don't think so this is a lot of fun but I'm watching this and that also. Breath of the wild people have just been talking about how amazing that is not watch some game play about as well. They're making fun and immersive titles and a lot of people will you know coop who on Nintendo for maybe not having the fastest processors for the best graphics by. They're making fine. Games that are engaging voice and the thing about Odyssey is most of my tweets my time Lan IBI and other law streamers lot of committeeman news on the travel. Almost everyone memos like still looks after my seventeen hour flight however ongoing. Because they've got a download it right 'cause it's portable because it's portable not only are you getting this amazing game that you plan home might be it might be able PV. But you know. I can take his game on the go. I'm going to be on a bus for however long like I've got you know good couple hours of Marat is yet traveled in Oak Hill Ramsey and it was in my finally its two hour flight eight hours a game in their at their gas and I mean if you're commuter taking a bus or light Eller trainer and you those sort of things this is like one of the perfect most perfect councils for you. Yeah the reviews for his tomorrow Odyssey have been the standings the light it's got like tens and perfect all across the board. The game looks beautiful. And the fact that it's sold over two million copies in three days I mean that's as diplomatic game this is a juggernaut today air it will bring Nintendo back I mean oh for sure yet like for a however much that people love the Wii at the beginning. This it's not the same sort of fervor that it's really not out and have noticed that too like after an exact idea a 100% agree with you like the we have some great stuff I like and I love my Wii you'll. Grand amply awhile but like this. Is the incredible game system that is portable with high end graphics and amazing games where it's it's. It's one of those things weren't going to shoe shaped and changed who play games again absolutely. Thank you so much Mike again you can find him on the Mike robe list. All over the social media starts it way too although that being at that he's a much might they easy. Think he's so much Mike and now it's time for all. Air and she twist kick dish speaking what are GAAP Flores de cel searching your Rinker dot com and I think it's like that if. This is freaking cool 'cause we all know we love finding celebrities that are secret nerds and even cooler when you see that they've done something nerds like. But I found a list of some your favorite celebrities who wrote comic books that actually arm back who OK I thought these I didn't even know about. What are that's got to be on there is Bryant Hussein yes he last thing he did dead pool yeah I remember him doing dead pull I think it's only when he's done but I've heard that it actually got a really good. Good reviews from a a lot of people out there yet and did. Alina I was that is coming off my bad Najaf on the a didn't write just a shorter annual or even a miniseries nope he and Jerry duty in have been scripting the main dad pulled title since 2012. I'll while editing of Earl Y. Some Todd gene. Don't punish her by the way are the first monitor them very well the first bit that one of her second best punish her now. I mean I think John Bird calls just too good man and war isn't good I body is a good punish or Thomas Jane is also a good measure Don Brown pelican does the amount a little bit. The commission movie it's kind of sucked in comparison to what the publisher has become that I don't blame him on dvd I'm Lil. He anchor he brought a six issues side by comic called black bad planet. And it it's in it is aggressive aliens trash on merit and start wrecking have a and then the guy who is actually artists in the book is a veteran power and punish her artist Tim Bradstreet. Whom actually Jeanne befriended on the set of the punish her movie OK that's pretty awesome. A lot of these of regal one obviously we know Gerard way from My Chemical Romance. He's the umbrella of operation the umbrella academy. TV series offered this yeah I think I mentioned it on each heater ignited a blog about it. But it's kind of has that not buy it and I'd like let me stick its series of unfortunate events that are currently out okay Hilton did killed a place. Which is a TV series as well yet and I know that you brought you brought that one up in the past and his easy does yes yeah I exactly. This I did not know I mean I'm not surprising winner but he only did Bill Hader. It's it's a really Saturday Night Live yeah. A little bit of everything it seems like he did a band aid is a lot of the lonely island stats. So it's Spiderman. The short Halloween. Is about a guy he's just regular new Yorker except the regular Joseph Don the spdr SID costing perforated and that being mistaken for the real wet head that I did. Bison Spiderman big bad and I hate and hate actually co wrote it with his fellow Saturday night alone. And Saturday Night Live alone Seth Meyers oh that's just cool though breaking goal I love it when you find I mean it's funny because like these celebrities that you put him on a pedestal Ewing O Alex that would goes to look at another honored by the way or another guy who's in Maynard a bunch of weird stuff written. It is real accidents. He did a comic hero comic called cold space. Any actually started it too I guess so yeah the main character totally looks like Daniel Jackson he yeah I do yeah I do that I. His his likeness looks just like it did mark Miller's ultimate you know any idea as he co wrote or co creator of it. Another one this. Out of left field everyone else on the tag get a bill haters Daniel Jackson. Wish she did Jones. Really parks and rack beyond and I love you man. She's apparently extremely accomplished writer she wrote a comic called enemy of the state for Connie prep only press pool. And then sold the film rights Universal Studios with personal attacks to write the screenplay. Yeah that's what you do it man if you're already a writer -- doing that you can put out the comic book and then it gets option for the movie ever enter your credibility and not a picture Alec I could see your is a writer but like as a comic pretty well but she also cholera are writing Toy Story four. Wow that is so freaking cool how I even cooler I've had a totally sorry for the area went on Oprah but a lot of always always knees. What they're gonna make some money mimics a more sure of course is but what your back. I have read your I don't either brown and his internal and boiler that I. A candidate to bring attention. Can we hope that Superman true brits had written by John O'Keefe. Really promoting pipe and yet though it says though Superman did land in and Kansas when he landed and you know Somerset England. Superman dreams moderates on that d'antoni is an elsewhere dale dealing with baby Kyle well being discovered by a British family in ending up on Colin Clark in. Named and it Colin Clark and senator Clarke and. No surprise that Monty Python member John Cleese who would come up with something so bad resoundingly British the best part is is he discos and saves people in the and is very awkwardly apologizing as he does anything else he punches a bag is oh so sorry we'll sorry at. Times yes I. That's pretty Bulldog we've got some tape. I've got to catch the trolley. And does Dennis get there just and I breed and down the ones I want CM punk did they you ask you about seeing accountable. Also Tom Morello really. Yeah ask so he keep up from Regis machine and I don't know if a minute watchman he he wrote twelve issues. For dark course. One called market. Market is about a teen sex workers arriving like in the post apocalyptic society accompanying each issue wasn't download to a new original song from the artists. That's cool allow I don't like the fact that it's I mean it's definitely. Kept his sort of not necessarily political pain on next does not really political I mean that the guessing the post apocalyptic world. Might have something political to do it quite possibly but it does is also dealing with the downtrodden and doing what that sort of thing which he's definitely a champion. For app pan out well all pulled as well he's done one in Batman number 600 called. JLA. Welcome to the working week in another short in the pages of gay and number one he did more than that all of those just a couple of the OK a couple of examples snakes. Hampering the saint Rob Zombie did hill super beast down. I really super bees go receded and my future ex husband Corey Taylor so. I don't salary and flipped not yeah man he's that huge because Vijay got in IBM one set an entire event. And he is gone inspiration from. Crap Akita walking into my head in his unlocking him because the book he wrote is house of golden bones and it's very. Zombie ash. Looking here but their love crafty and that sort of stuff or are just look at looks kind of reminds me walking and yes OK Gary asked the huge John a lot of inspiration from. Doctor Who that's what I was thinking. That they came out saying yeah it's super huge or any did the voice of one of the monsters on doc. I have dad that was cool to find out about the funny part with him as well is that he ended the band slipped on actually started by singing about there where wolf the apocalypse RPG games. And it like this is just ridiculous. And bother doing another masks and everything apparently he wrote a four issue mini series this from the house of golden bones. And in print extension to this concept albums health of golden ball bounced our way into. So the Al with a comic each have parts of the story that tight together wow check it out how he's putting this list again on the FaceBook and telmex send guys. Saint Mary's. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. 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