BJGN11-10-17 - Orville - Gotham - Star Trek

Friday, November 10th

Its a special edition of BJ Sheas Geek Nation hosted by Vicky B! The crew discusses Orville, Star Trek and Gotham then we hear for Gareth Von Kallenbach who's got a gift guide to the holidays. We rap things up with a geek sheet with Chris Walker!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation well. More hot well Alex did Vijay shaved he can nation and that I'm Vicky Barcelona. Well yeah it's no revenue and quite go as he's on the diamonds hello I'm guessing the bubble that some some sort oh yes he does get the bubble got things like Timmy is the learning very intelligent. Mr. uncle Chris Lofton hello there from doing that. You know him well over there this imagine namesake mr. BJ Shea hyperion ads and Kelly I have with my privilege of made. No we do know very. I get down and great. Hey speaking of evil little of us is we're doing. We are doing great and that you and you'll be great too when you head over to be DT may conduct commentary on all of our podcasts and overly and it says look for some of the social media is just with the B dig nation you'll find it yeah. And on today's episode we are going to talk a little bit to about TV or a lot about TV I don't event. A little fill our news and I Garrett funk homework of course but and I eat cheat with mr. Chris walker and just a heads up the thorn is is that we will be doing a spectacular. BJ saw this week GAAP net they enjoy these and I both saw this week as a matter it was awesome now without any scars anything you liked Vegas in hopes of people they see this. Ali -- big question goes Siena and bring their families bring everybody budding two weeks from today we will be airing our thawra spectacularly. Will go in depth and with spoilers CO2 weeks to watch this community. Yeah and make sure if you do go see that there are two extra scenes and yes yes so and when the last Ecstasy is after all the damn credits run so you gotta you gotta wait too long and it. I it's it's well worth it LS sectors seen I really love. And. A little from our buddy Garrett on all of us. Chair Ed how is gig going man I its bid and aids pretty busy time a year for you with the gift guide going on has and it. Absolutely ripped actually we're coming along with that more should people can launch a little earlier than expected dish. Axel when it's definitely a good thing for people in the holiday mood gift giving is always one of those tough things for a lot of geeks out there are so that does definitely help out if people can find that as K and. Absolutely these first during dorm right now it is of course a breath took her Halloween. Eventually their swing and launch an ER Christmas celebration hold initial operations. And that is registered in the shop capturing your broke apart she crouched everything from you know especially extreme lighting a church like text capsule takes on a wintry looked Thursday exchange hold a parade to send a clause in the characters jump up and ensuring actually used to allow troops in. You've got all sorts things like George sample on the mansion and should not interpret for Christmas scream right now you have blood you know alt search special decorous. Like gigantic Christmas trees on main street. And vegetables and swinging the old virtue California adventure for the new. You know mission brickyard courage to galaxy attraction now has to hold extinction lurch. There is holding decorum various playing just well some of these attractions and cars land. We now have a holiday king to them online role. Spoke you know what you put some small world has to hold these seem to work so a lot of conventional. Holding items. Shows there's all these change harder worker and cash and just on and on American forums ensure that leads do they actually could run into February until an argument check out there like that ash and upset at fixing going on right now. One question for you now we just had a Halloween just but how dole in week and a half ago what is your thought on the nightmare before Christmas do you considered a Christmas movie or reconsider the Halloween movie which. I think it's a hybrid and it's right in the second true and that's what actually makes it really interest string because. You don't. Oh yeah like social situation that's what's going on now and there's all this stuff starts coming here as well or maps can word it slowly it's sure. Nice nice so what is a leading duke. Well shortstop as we all know that it got short war cherished Alex you catch under construction or regional peers are so one of the first things it is. A giant hotel is being average in media worked herb street downtown distant circuits kind of like. 8 AMC inept. And you know we have to implement outsourcing that's going to be a 700 room hotel and it's gonna have shopping and attractions dining trends below its can have all the spirit plunged in halve its own moral center and on top two bit doping hearing rooftop lounge and palm restaurant. Which make him ideal place through the charter work shows that sort of enhance. That it's all leading chew. Increased mansion torque student's mother extensions some of which are happening very soon another Serb will include some groups. Let's there's always some of those Souter stuff that you did indeed excited for. Well what they can get excited all right now it's overkill indenture. The shame mr. nice cheer or install and you are shut down on January age were reaching much and this is gonna become excerpt here. I there's a lot of really cool stuff for example which California screamer roller coaster is now gonna get -- seemed to be being critical search with the incredible that you coming up sir you're gonna my whole new permanent macro per. You know you get there's a new chairman attraction mayor like talking about yet but like conviction on real it's gonna have to restrain Mickey you're staying at sugar that there will be dirt or restricts our show almost all around this course will incorporate with pictures during. Tom Carter slammed opinion king's new show which are sort of sanctions and the a lot of really interest and things in the works there are so loose you're not sure what they Kamal what. It's really amazing the way that they can reinvent Disneyland over and over again and especially when they've got all the new movies out name you know in also just with all the holiday stuff do you have. Have a favorite time of year to go to Disneyland because zoo link you can say if you're down for the good thing I mean this Southern California colder weather you can have some don't want Thabet if you really wanna hang out during the summertime we can have a lot of fun stuff as well. You know that is so true miracle my mark rule Sharm. You used to be to go in February because. You hope for plus an alternate slate except on weekends. You. Generally have a harder time getting around in mapped. Once she has been achieved some people would stay away beach is usually one Archie Bunker attractions will be shut down to their annual maintenance during that time and twelve managed. Then they inserted camera now what do you Schmid we're breached and California. Does shim an alternate chimes so not like chair in various states most of the schools can restore a lot of word of the month or so and some of them can actually lead into spring break or the other storm early and the long and short of this I can't chimes were we got there and it was busier than what's in the summer because all these schools were doing Eric purgatory corporate structure so you really have to turn their. Plea would have won the rules of Schlumberger I've always surest come to church Thursday. And you know but. You know what some but it also is. You expect. Kittens are going to be pitching there were times during their hourly who recent sixtieth anniversary celebration were crucial. Front that they were literally shut the door at this time of gravel. I don't know anyone in right now until some more people clear out you can head over California. Adventure and so you don't plan accordingly and that's why they have maps and very strange like stepped it will tell you. This is the way. China at least traction and so on and so forth but you know there's just so much of new and even if you don't corn purchased downtown does seem there's an old soldiers. You know old restaurant outside the park to pitch a little would get character Kirk stir in twos and stuff like that so don't plan accordingly. It adds a really good Lou emitted tidbit of advice to where it's a great place to go with the kids but sometimes you can just go and has some fun as an adult. I love Garrett thank you so much again just on com box from skewed and ruby you can find him at SK NR dot net. And now working they find the on the old side Twitter. SJ and our Kara thank you so much terrace tops chart and saw just. I think he gas and like I said earlier there's. A lot. A T going on right now there is there time and Paris and math lesson well I talked about it before it's really it's actually am I'm sad about the amount of TV because there are a lot of shows that we're not fall shows. That are now fall shows stranger things on mission are chronicles. 88 is somebody that I have to watch them like wait a minute is there's a maze of just scifi shows or other shows that I like that are now on that we're winter shows and summer shows in. A lot. Is there gonna wanna be a fall show a lot of these stranger things I give him credit 'cause it's a creepy spooky okay around Halloween plus if you watched episode to at least. Halloween figures into the storyline and so okay. That everybody else Richard skewed sense. Credit how to little ancient Ari can maybe give them a break because they did switch networks they Wear from and TV now announced by I get a quick break make and I come links alone firms ballots and honestly speaking all the shows. Or bill this is probably the wanna watch after I watch it after stranger things I finished at all. Lighthearted fun show yeah everything else little bit more intends to nice Pallet cleanser. We're not a fan of Star Trek the next generation I cannot begin to tell you how it is just I mean that the latest episode into the fold with god doctor fan. And her two kids. Which bills and that's a kind of episode where you say I don't care about data is Kat why we have to have an episode of right data is cat. Or jury having a love affair with a holographic engineer person that I you know I mean hey some people I mean the people love those episodes but they didn't further the story arc and all right. And. This story this is exactly one of those episodes I may well we don't know it's gonna for the story arc or not because I eat for me I cannon had the feeling that. When Isaak was asking these questions exit character that we let slide bodies cut like that racist. You know homophobic uncle we all have a plague our understanding from a different time Graham but. You know and it isn't so now that he's kind of understanding human relationships. And you're gonna see his character develop even millions of robotic type creature hidden at the beginning in tennis salt some sort of I a kind of a clue and when he's like wait you're not in any kind of romantic relationships that now I chose to be a single mother. Mean and so it's like wait is she gonna find her match hair let's let's usually clue in on TV show here in her eyes and couldn't cook in the end that's gonna create a whole another kind of did you in like waves. Is this type of and he sees race. Ships yeah article yet it's not going to be happy about that no cafe is got his his Gillette has forums all over. After and he wants a piece of that due to be honest I did not really does norm McDonald I always thought it was Adam Adam Carolla are because and Carla does the boy to death their did the boys to death of manly dad knowing enemy fire to see how they would sound the same solution and now I am sorry that there. Though it like overall but you know I think you this thing is is and as I was complaining it really wasn't complaining okay here's a nice homage Omar Jess kind of Star Trek the next generation. Sort of well we have a 24 episodes season so here's data is catch Tom this is one of those episodes were young they develop the storyline of a minor character. You get to see the humanity making of Isaak which was follows totally commander data of starch you went through the same arc of being an android that didn't know what to do it too he all of a sudden became very beloved character that had emotions and even got an emotion chip to be. Really emotional some points I love how it's paying homage to next and it's amazing. And a clever I think divided a kinda gives me is if Seth MacFarlane either an acquired taste or not everyone likes and everyone just kind of see them as Peter Kurth and nobody in some people hate that's. And I feel making at a shell all of that something you love. And putting yourself in the center of it. Would make you look kinda do she. Would kinda be a little self serving so I mean aside from that I guess somebody doesn't know that it was our minds. For me if I saw him an Andrea to send him making being the center of every episode we like okay c'mon buddy. But I know I love set McFarlin but it I feel we can be to sell settings I like seeing episode three can explore. My neck and sealed and everything else that's going on and at the and I think you hit the nail on the head he is paying homage and he is doing something that he absolutely loves and I'm not a huge. Family Guy fan I didn't get into American Dad! middle of a lot of the stuff that senate McFarland as that I just really never paid much attention to. But you get that sense with this show because it it does he feels like I'm watching Star Trek and I know that Seth MacFarlane is huge Star Trek fan. And and I like that and I and I like the style of it now like that that he does get a little bit of his particular type of humor in there which I think it's quite good. And and in every once a while he throws coming at this like this status and your right. As close to Star Trek as he can make it. And they had kids on next gen I guess the big change from the original series next generation it was a starship with kids. So I love that they show us like he the kids are always wonderful and really. They were so pollyannish every child that was shown on Star Trek and attention to the seat to kids who were actually behaving like regular kids -- wraps and to the point where it well I could see the get go upside throw my thing I blew I blew up the make it solid Contra and now we're screwed yet and he's paying no it's really challenging the characters I think chemicals and asked doctor champions Daryn good episode and it covers they they're going to be in season two that's cool and I got renewed I'm very happy about that as I do love this show I will be watching moving on to sit there hill golf oh god yes baby bad news from partying. Data now to love that hang out with is all of his cool dude friends and he goes and buys the club losing that he can get into. Totally saw it happen and I mean you're they they telegraphed a little bit but when it's exactly the kind of thing that you want. Him to be doing because he is spurs winning and he is starting to lean into that part of his persona. And but that was a great moment because she I mean I knew was gonna happen but I mean yeah it was I love the way they played out they they set it up exactly perfect but Daniel -- I mean getting a little bit too far down meal rather cold air and drinking and and going crazy and obviously he's got to know the role gets a little out of control. Old any interest think that are watching him learn to be back panhandle are also watching him learn to be persuade me even with him late even in previous episode story is being that brat. I read pretty. Might lead you know my other death and just seeing enlightened about the place that's earlier my enemy of what is a Christian Bale yes and like one of the first Batman movies again was then he's just like in at school I am I on the blaze I can do whatever airline tornadoes and advise the hotel on changes there op pool policy general Gary Allan great seed means no doubt it was so bad I'm kind of liking that split you know I was an -- I knew it was a good app. You know I again I enjoy the show I really liked I like to see Amanda does what we talked about just the the making of Bruce Wayne even I like that and we're seeing more of professor pig just kind of doing dad playing tennis room and everything like him like professor pig the assets that you have to like him I feel like we're gonna see a lot of that at comic con as Australia earlier probably right. Approach right now also like that like the way they'd be over the last few episodes we got to see. A little bit more of the heart report that we sort of know. From Harold and now what exactly where he is he is a corrupt guy and he does have problem and he has. He always was a very shady character or at the very least he had. A questionable one like I don't know at the beginning of the series sedan older does that enter to love him exactly what they want. Audit money they were they know it was a bee grudging relationships oh it's on you're right it's nice to see that all okay this is where Gordon and bowler will bowl really just be. They'll Heyward each other but don't deal with a. Right gather emissary come blogger has a little bit they're queuing in the other again like everybody else apparently is corrupt as well women and and then to see that start to shift a little bit and you know the one guy that tears up did the penguins licenses were accepting these anymore. Great and yet I loved that bit and that that I think is that kind of brought attached to the detective Shannon who is exactly. Over eating doppler right now I was worried that as they got you get older that it's gonna kind of dwindling paley Gloria last couple of the home and his premature grab a bloody group of episodes to the I watched and watched the last six and watch them. Both at the same time a Catholic and a Mitch moos to Atlanta for me Kosher. A little come puzzled. It. Up next we talk about Walking Dead coming at a Nolan wants. No you won't watch the Walking Dead now owns I get it again Janet you're scared I'm gonna have a good have a theory I need to find a body. To sit there and watch it with me but I have not find a body that is a good move like view weaned. Kind of buddy like some people talk him sir and I'll committees and he's already seen it that can explain things to me. And a but you guys have seen it what do you think this link. Yeah I it. I will tell you man it was troubling. And and they had used to did you see the episode Chris or no no I'm one of so behind on watching stranger things aside talk about I don't know I don't know how I do it's I will say this. We we come a very very tough episode for Aaron. Who lost his life partner. You knew you kind of saw that coming down the road. Because he was not wanting to fight Eric didn't wanna fight in the first place and it just shows the brutal nature of this world. And Rick of course came up two win yet he as we saw one episode in India where he came face to face with a guy from the first season. And this was like this like they they all did waving gland and all these guys and so they were basic comparing notes but. Rick was one way this dude was the other way. And com it's just when Rick was like well I think we can figure this out or something barrels like now it's gonna kill a guy. Darryl is all about John everybody and Rick is like I don't know all and Jesus doesn't wanna kill everybody but everybody else wants academy. There is to win the end paradise of course the Ric team and the Maggie team. Not everybody's on board with how you treat the prisoners. Like there are people think oh you know what it's us vs them they all have to die. Morgan's flip and out he says don't know if he's even set I don't know if I can do this anymore because I'm trip and I'll lose and it. Time and it says he's Jesus had a big fight. And we got to see that Jesus can handle himself actually geez is actually took care Morgan I was surprised apple is canceled the Jesus yet don't mess with the Jesus. Again the beauty of the Walking Dead it is dates they the human condition what will become of human beings when things go really bad will they retain their humanity. And this is really on display right now where. You know here's what's gonna happen because we if you read the books you know the fate of me again I don't know if they're gonna follow that but. Ricky is set how many times I am going to kill you try to do it in the first episode yeah but by the time that happens where he has the opportunity. Will be right. Because this is a journey of like what choices are we going to make with the people that did bad stuff to us. And I I can't wait for that to be resolved and Kelly it'll start tracked by the way. You know what picky I think command you would love this show I really really do the more I'm watching it the more alike. You would be just an hour to get to know any about Star Trek and all the love vision for me the password. He's now that's getting personnel vanished. I well I think I would like it you can actually get the password from Jolie diss you I guess you. Do now I don't Wear now oh a guy yeah we had so what I did the foot of the pass through to this because I think I I love your opinion on the show because my wife loves that I think people want Star Trek fans. Really love this it's a great show and it's it's the most gorgeous shows on television they sure played pay the money for each other my wife was loving it too same thing how would you compare it to the the movies like. Do you think I really enjoyed the movies. The quality movies so the new movies that VD quality is Mars like special effects sets all of that. Right up there okay you're you you're gonna be like holy cow this is a TV show it's gorgeous. I like the characters and you know look picky I know you're a woman and you're not a big feminist person anyway so but I think you'll really dig that the main character is not the captain the main character is the first officer and she goes through some ass. She's also kind of been trained on another planet where they tell you squelch your emotions. And social but she's a human being and it's that she's a great character is basically it's taken the Star Trek world inflicted on its ahead. OnStar tricky is to be it's all about a bunch of human beings who want the best for everybody and everybody on the show acts for the best of humanity. And every once a while you come across either aliens are other may be a once a while human that's a piece of crap even. This show is about a bunch of pieces of crap and one human being one human being is actually trying to beat what star fleet supposed to be and that is the hope of great humanity. Yeah tag getting you hit the nail on the head there again immunity it is it's it's all of these sort of flawed characters we're seeing sort of I think what we're supposed to believe is that war has sort of brought this out in them. In a sense but on the other hand they're they they're all live and they've all got real serious issues and that's something that they've never does discuss honest Patrick show. Ever which is great fastening does he look at all these shows that we have talked about her that we are watching. That is seems to be the common theme nowadays is that we don't want the Superman you know that the guy who has all the answers he's the strongest of the mall. We want people like characters like ox and that is what is prevailing and I think that's why Star Trek had to change because granted back when rod Mary first did in the sixties it was so revolutionary because every TV show was what you're talking about. And they actually for the time. Had feet of clay. Oh yes yes the original series we showed you stuff that nobody would ever show you and showed humans in a way that that weren't being portrayed that way on television. Lot of folks thought that Star Trek actually made the way for shows like com fu analog you'll Viacom fool was a show that was revolutionary for television. And they all point back to Star Trek the original series for what they did at the time in just one more episode left. Ya it's actually get this this coming up Sunday it's the last episode of the fall season because both CBS is Smart they knew I was gonna cancel the account right after all episode how highlight the January to see the last ones that matter Ecevit. But it it it's winding down. The add role and the cling on that the female cling on high and I can remember her name and so it's like soccer something we're gonna get I can remember how she's an issue it's there's two female cling ons that I know of unless she's the same Monday is sometimes they can tell with the make up no she's a different when this is this is the one who was who was on the present prison with with some. Of the new security chief guy. Oh and they have yet that she was the commander yeah yes exactly so she was yes she was in charge of the ship with ash threat that are there and and and Harry might well. In this episode we see her and it looks like she's putting her alliance towards coal. Button war issue and I hate and and she has the admiral onboard the ship and is she being the Hamels buddy or not. It's hard to tell there's a nice exchange between the both of them. A great episode that definitely has to the second part a basically or whatever where we gonna happen in the fall season finale. Also an amazing episode about. About fear content and about paradise. And having to walk away from paradise and this was a great. That this Ira character they've been setting us up for this episode and unbelievable a lot I mean that he EU would do what he does this episode you like war. But then he explains why at the end and you like. Dude I get it I mean there another great race that Star Trek is created. Never thought of a creature like this before and if you guys are also fans of the old Star Trek in your watching this new and let us know what you think I think it is tying to get to. She Swiss. Chris walker yes mr. Chris as a diamond running the show today I let it be all right deeper into the movies well at. There's one movie that I think really fits with what we what we do around here it's called mayhem. Will bouquet and it stars. Stephen none. Are well I mean that our guys are all so I'm. Here's the breakdown Derek Cho is having a really bad days after being unjustly fired from his job he discovers that the law firms building is under quarantine. For mysterious and dangerous virus our current chaos erupts throughout the offices victims of the disease begin acting out their wildest impulses on. And then erase this sounds really interesting and it's got to 92% on the tarmac tomatoes right now so yeah it's so yeah. The good and I love Stevie and I mean I'll watch him in anything if he does great work. The gal who's like the queen in the ocean are chronicle she also an historic figure line and should she Keith Ellison okay Hayley to Haley what's her name. And Wayne Graham Elaine now they cleaned that of the humans. Solve -- feelings about implementing a treatment and gas is sure enough no lag trampling. And then I mean there's one other one that I'm excited about it's not super geeky unless you unless you're a fan of like murder mysteries and things like that murder on the orient express all and I mean I really does look pretty amazing that act getting right now that once only at 67 times aren't gonna see tennis star studded cast that's unfortunate yeah I mean daisy Ridley and on the crew is Johnny dad you know I did that. This. I love those old Agatha Christie movies when if you've seen any of the ones from like the sixties or whenever they were in the fifty says a couple of them just. I really loved a good murder mystery and read all the books of course to that this is this is right up my Alley murder on the during express was always on my favorite ones from back in the day. But. I know I'm I'm jazzed about this. It mean if you don't really not feeling neither of these discussing thorn. Death or Victoria again as I just wants to see Chris Thames with his shirt off again until I actually I do like what all the funnies. So I met him and the necessary items worth as a whole Chris. Well until next time keep Richard on and stay nerdy. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells and the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot plus.