BJGN11-29-17 - Stranger Things 2 Spectacular!

Wednesday, November 29th

It's the Stranger Things 2 spectacular! The gang heads to the upside-down to discuss (WITH SPOILERS) the latest season of the Netflix show!


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According Bill Parcells really pages it honestly just take each nation across the board and then Twitter FaceBook myself so just weeks. Exactly inept if you're out there and you have not watched it and sees thin CU of stranger things. It's what we're going to be talking about we're gonna baseball in the whole darned main man we don't I you know work all over the place when it comes in these sort of things so. Just expect that if you haven't finished it two maybe stop this opus known binge in the arrest today and that then you can go I'd be happy with this. One thing I was kind of surprised about Chris usually you're the most delayed and watching things is true and so I was like golf links of Vicki beige it like the first weekend cancer which kind of every Zia yeah everyone basically expected that because that's what you do you. Only did not when Casey supposedly ever believe what happened to one getter in the picture of the care. Are now you get that you have that you're your brain the whole time it sounds like a tank and I might also and I was getting my tattooed on my tattoo artists like spoiled big part. Isn't fully you could just assumed it happening LAM we're talking about spoilers he's smile that Bob was gonna die that I want all wars and all that. And that you're looking for new tattoo artist right there that would be the most anointing for meek is that I dislike bread of the game will start with that was. I'd like Sean asked and as Bob yup but in the entire thing up until the point that he died. I thought that he was going to be a mole and for the the laboratory yeah I thought that he was gonna be working with Paul Reiser because he's just. He showed up he would just say he was too nice he was suddenly just joy aces boyfriend. And they explain oh had been around for high school. And but. You hadn't seen he had heard about them the entire first season and he didn't know why he was there he seemed to be only there to solve puzzles and then ultimately to die. And well actually comes out to be really that's what he was there for. Which I thought was really strange and I'm really likening him to this season's bar but yeah because while this season really had to deal with. Barbs death and I think they did that a good way with Nancy and Steve. Yeah she was ultimately forgotten Intel the very last episode when they're finally available to put everything together and at least do some sort of cover up. That worked for the family and gave a little bit of resolution to the town. But then Bob had the same thing for gonna happen and yet he gets killed and how are they good to explain this like what the demo dogs did it there is gonna be like yeah he was attacked. By wild dogs at the last moment I don't known I don't know Ellen's has noticed any of these like. Creatures running around title and death row all the detail that they just happening meet the same kids over every nobody else has encountered it that's analysts say they're house and I apparently well I mean it's a small town in Ohio I think this is one of those normally normally the things you do you don't wanna go out there they know that there were it was a quote unquote bear sighting right and so maybe they don't gonna go outside and still thinks that it says still around it's only been a year. Since all the things happened and for a little bit of a recap. Stranger things seasonal wind we had our our heroes have to go out and tried to rescue will from the upside down. And then faceoff against a demo gore in which in turn eleven and Billy Bob Brown was able to do so. Also though she ended up. Mostly. More opening the portal into the other side the upside down to me and so this is really kind of the linchpin of what's going on in season two. Because we now have an opening that is letting out a lot more things. The evil company or the evil evil laboratory. Headed by doctor Brennan. Isn't so evil anymore right in which was I was kind of surprised I I figured that poll Paul writes yours. Character was actually going to be a little more bad guy bad guy. Yeah it redeem himself at the end of the ordinary neighbors all the reasons they weren't there just like we're gonna fixes so we know well yeah daylight again doctors. Owens has brought in to cover for doctor brand in its like Italy he was that that megalomaniac. Doctor Frankenstein. Going to build this stuff. I'm going to Kerr lake. Create these children who have all these special abilities while working with the upside down and once we figure all this stuff out music and it just like pour a Sam always doctor Sam he's just like. Well they brought me and to clean the stuff there's a lot of crap going on in what I'm really trying to keep it on the down low. Because we don't want this it's funny like demographic not really the my got in but just that over relying threat of the Russians it's the eighties CAD so it's definitely there was -- we don't want them to get their hands on it because what happens if they just decide to blow it all open and suddenly there's big essentially it would. Eight portal to another dimension and in my area. That's not gonna go well can keep to your keys today. It's just. It was weird seeing him as almost a sympathetic character who is Andrea at the end being cool with him still being around. Seeing that I thought he was definitely going to it late but trade Shawn past ends yeah character while it was going on. Mr. Bob Bob. Bob knew beach well a bit man being named for him so good. Yeah I was I was expecting up or is it to go full Carter Burke on this ingests flipped the script and turn and turn coat and just like Al by the way I'm not actually a nice guy out here especially especially at the. And or whiskey towards the end win here all the facility needs leading him around me like a bullet looks good on that night it was just getting crowded here has just like that's on the say no what I kind of deserve this may need to get out. It was it was surprising like all of that there's a lot of visited twist. The twist was that not twist gently yet I and is what you're expecting it to be there in the when it was that you like. Who are I had pentagon that some people who were just good stuck in their crappy situation yet yet the doctors didn't surprise me more than and he'll bomb like I would've thought I think the same thing as you did but then again it was spoiled for me so pathetic yeah I think it's because I have to watch it it's just because people ruining it for me. And I would rather watch it before they wouldn't and I I got a dent in the two days. Seat that was another shocking part yet IA I'd watch I think the first two episodes and I'm like okay cool and ask Chris is like so Chris how far you've undergone treatment effect at odd man on the one that's been slacking off and Nancy thank you leave me. I've been watching punish your but I have been half watching exit wrapping Christmas presents having started having heart guys that are so I need every watch alike amonte said seven or something and I need to agree wants a lot of aches and not the paying attention. Side note. A lot like. More graphic sex scenes and I thought there would be really cook let. It would be later heroes some light yet would you be gruesome she demoted candidates frank castle that they spoiler frank castle has been mourning his family is the whole point of the punish herself after he's not the one in the vaccine. What I was an email like that is. Pretty graphic. More so that I got marble the last that the bailout in arresting and those like miss the that is my mind so I gave back to stranger things to. I love the fact that they keep true to the yes in many ways first stop its back to seriously just ex explaining pains in a way that people can figure out even if you're not a AD Indian nerd for the for the you know the Pope for for hopper you enjoy raise for everyone who's not. I know this is the thing that happens in this is how we're going to defeated. Tying it in two. Real you know quote unquote real world monsters and Jimmy Dean. Another thing that I thought was really really cool was the fact that they had the arcade there and they went we ask dragon slayer now dragons players pretty obscure for a lot of people. But if you're watching them play it it's exactly like in the first season when they're playing at their own home brew dean. Because you've got one man. Facing off against a giant drag in it's essentially the cartoon version of all Levin reverses the demon behind right in the upside down on a percent and then I mean will a little bit as much but it's not he's not the one they air that is there to defeat the you know that dragon so to speak right it's him to be kind of stuck in that and being that being that tie into at all. Isaac Ike and is trading band theories. And you guys probably will know what this means more event this can't theory is that the season two monster is. Best follow Hydro from dungeons and dragons chair. Now to that I let my likely my my player matter yeah I think mine player works better maybe a little bit but as far as size and like and yet hope my players are basically human size maybe a little bit bigger but yet this guy it was woods and Jack Kennedy that. Anything imminent I don't know that is yet it is kind of funny because you can go like well this would be better as this monster this monster but. Gaining the abilities in the powers are crossed. Is probably the best way to go across with back. I love the fact that all of the characters seem to level up a bit. On none more so than obviously eleven. And we action at a comic that poster on my own FaceBook page people's thoughts about it. Even play I think some of the stuff that when my buddies Ian said all the important stuff work for me writing plot characters Tony was all great my only. Complaint was cosmetic some of that demo dog is CGI was a little often a broke the realism from. I kind of get that. But also at the same ploy mean you don't necessarily the need it to be perfect especially on a TV show and and a lot of these TV shows have a huge amount of huge amount of money to throw last year GIT Jack has really expensive yet found out like watching heroes that. You can do about I don't know fifteen seconds were the CGI before it gets. Super expensive which is why they didn't have anything along that. I'm Jason Massey had said that biggest issue is bringing in eight and then hardly using her and my lot of people hate of that episode seven. And here's my argument to that there needs to be and I just talking about the level up mechanic there has to be a time to level up. And pay a professor Xavier may need a moment yes I bet she is there I thought she was there to help. Gene level up when gene slash eleven gamers com as well as make a setting for the next season she Mets in the edited. The one it. Guided they were going to kill who was like please go lab assistant he says that Brenner is still around. Now the near away for eleven QBL to take on the big bad this season that was whipped. Her with aides say hey you can do this if you take all of your anger and you can move this cargo you know holder. And you can do this he could be all this power which you need to build on lock that. That's what she was there fear in this also leads in two stories in the future now that we have the whole gang back together because eleven comes back and saves the day and may be weakened kind of you know let go of the lab of being a location. Now they're looking for Brenner and now they're looking also for eight as well and others that have the power area because those guys still out there and who's to say Brenner is not making. His own bad knees again that aren't going. We're gonna have a how orders Brenner is her pop and yes my body was debt like aura about everything that we solace just a mass way if any that Jane and that's what we had thought up until the episode with eight where they go to kill the guy because he's like I can help you I can help you because I know we're Brenner is yes. Like an activist and Finland saying something to save her life exactly but this show does so much stuff on. Think that that would mean I think it's a a shoe Mike issue but they. Oh lead. And you can get them to move to the next season once all of this is wrapped up yes speaking of living that's what one of the that what the directors that these people need to get the hell out of here. Couldn't remember that. Yeah that's the one thing they all know that this is going on all the people in all this know what's going on. You can't just leave because it's grow only you know that there is this force that's going to take over the world I think I don't want to go and believe view at all at all I think that nobody like I. Every time the season's over the like it's gotten where we get Egypt where it's over then badly and we in the viewers know that is not yet I think it was green and they're going because this last year they filmed it. A year out silly kind of progressively that the kids look much older. They don't wanna like fake buried like a light at that last week you look like you're you know eight now you look like your fifteen if you had a hat and -- they're going to be filming the next two seasons ended in the party confirmed that we only get two more seasons laughed oh okay going to film them back to back ninety's. I don't know if they're gonna offer them back to back but name I wait a couple months left good for my buddy Adam who posted on the pages and I need season three already and I have to definitely hearing that. Yeah some ticker is already just like how many days until season three. Did you guys hear the fan area about Bob. Okay possibly being from another sad movie series things why. The and it's very easy his in the car right with well he's talking it's like hey you know. Just going to your dream and just say go away you go away did not work but I did not report. All fearing that may be that mr. bald though clan that he was afraid it was actually penny lies. You know ha about it EG you know he was a kid in the fifties and so it's the 27 year cycle appearances for penny alliance. So that would have been around the time music eleven to fourteen. Aaron indeed. And up from one like I haven't seen the and then we just from Allison I've been reading. In order it get any lies to get away to not be afraid of him or something mean or something along those lines and assaying and it was also based in Maine where. At swanky. I'll going Barak told that ain't me allow and that would absolutely makes sense because I and it's that we mentioned this on the first season as strangers things. But be stranger things onto. Is from need full things which he Steve banking book right now which would make sense that they would lift a little bit of that from there. And it may be a tie and that would be amazing because at that point Dan if that ties in with it. It opens up everything and everything is tied in with Steven king missiles. Yes all of it all of it which is. Just fine with me absolutely and I don't know what I'd like super OK with all of that arrow videos watching the guys describing it fixed so we didn't publicly tell strongly conveyed you know. His name is mr. bald hill and not a penny lies. Shut up yeah melody that eventually I have shown little one of my response is also from Heather res be who we had on the the much Katherine not a before she says overall I loved the thought the new characters were for the most part great. The main kids were as usual amazing. True including the hopper L duo was wonderful looking Morrissey looking forward to see that which by the way David Harbour I believe yes yes did the directors like were not telling him anything anymore because he spoils everything he needed a ghost twittering insert and so he is not if you Kelly come all I. I'm looking anymore that is so funny also mentioned Dustin Steve I thought that was amazed. Sometimes he thought that was just so cool the fact that lake Steve was. Pretty one dimensional in the first one but you kind of expect that it's her boyfriend of one of these like love it as sisters you know a sister of the main Pat's right I was gonna die in the first season on women die and make Graeme make broom for John admin. But my bigger mean it's like Steve went from all have your daughter home by eight to you better have my children how many computer later than any of these that are in the act and act. It was great I I really Lee first stop his hair was outstanding. I learned that I just asked Marian Rivera. Erica. I have a pair of all the Ayers for a gas. Also I had their mention the fact they kudos to the writers in the deaf for Brothers for letting the boys have beautiful moments of emotional vulnerability. All of them like when Mike and will we're talking now or Mike was talking about how will mean so much to him the fact that will a guy who was. What in like two or three episodes of the entire first season and Amin no link. He was so good in this having to play. Not only just a normal kid who's been emotionally traumatized but then at certain points having to be you know taken over by the shadow monster in that. Kids deserve like and. So there is some of them some of my favorites in the ones that says that day it did definitely jump out at you if your day if you're paying attention at all of the do you view level of like every little thing like the like there there are the Reagan and bush poster on the lawn at at at Nancy's house and and now and the sign that says vote here November 6 so we know that this is taking place. In well whenever I fall and October. Evil yeah Halloween thing yeah Halloween thing gay gives that away exactly so. There's there's an a marquee where the with the terminator which premiered October 26 1984. You've got all the Reagan and bush and also the the Mondale Quayle. Are not quail Mondale a freedom of Mondale Ferraro put up posters everywhere because the election is coming up next year that he's right in November. So I just love those little bits and little details everywhere but I mean I can I just. There's a partner's part and I loved where where Bob is looking at that the map and he's wondering if X marks the spot and even set pirate treasure. I don't think I treasure matter like me. Like I guess right gap. You know stuff like this but just there's just if there's so much I mean it's everywhere that they win when they go to the Yemeni go to the party Nancy and and Steve. Are dressed exactly like. Ever back in the morning and Tom Cruise from risky business. Wow yeah that's right it's that throwback to season one when Steve says I kind of look like Tom Cruise don't have. Can't write you know you and you know that was when you know its tankers was still brand new at that point for you to send you to keep coming nicely executed now but he just crazy. The the life cycle of the of the demagogues is almost exactly like using a Morse from aliens. Okay. And oh I eat out and out and out of the chest you're out there and then kind he can aid. He gets a little bit bigger of a bigger needs more and suddenly he's this horrible horrendous thing of course but I mean in and get you back to the Carter birthing from to. Does so much so many just little bits here there everywhere throughout this entire thing and I just that level of attention to detail was just amazing to me. Talking about some of these newer characters at this point we had the two main ones were maxim Billy Wright Max why is an interesting. Bring in because it was one of those ones that even the characters of the show didn't want in their group and I was kind of wondering how that dynamic war would work. But at the same point I thought it was because it was an outsider desperately wanting to be in. The group but also not knowing how ADD group dynamic works and it was one of those things where. You like. When you're in a DND group you're very close knit Iliad very it's very click cash in if anyone's gone into a game store and not been a regular. And then just like walked through the door had ever when just stare you and keeps staring at you wondering why your in their saint dump. This is it's I don't what I absolutely true. And it well. For that I knew I loved how she had to work to get in there but also was redeemed and I just love the fact that she was able to. You know come into it and be helpful and also. You know kind of break that shell of everyone being able to realize that she's there she's going to be good and she has a skill set that the rest of them don't have right. Pat I didn't necessarily like Billy that much I mean I know you're not supposed to because he was supposed to be the human villain sort of thing but I didn't necessarily think that. He was necessary. And the way that they had put him out there like he's just going to be he's going to be at deuce to every single person. In the most dumb stereotypical way. I am why am waiting I have a feeling that they have some plans are in the next season because we didn't get into the very towards the very end. That he had those issues with his father that his father was just as abusive to him like he was to Max. And so we kind of got a little bit of that going on and I'm curious to see how that's going to translate in the next season like I feel like that's. Like he's and they don't really do things for no reason so I have a feeling that that's going to lead into other things next season. And I know that they wanted Steve to kind of PE he was that you is essentially the villain the human bill -- last season in last season he had a big redemption for that. Really did they wanna sort of do that with Billy by. Like like that does the racism. That he had a the only subtle you knew what he has done in exactly and there's just a lot of it that. It's funny because in the eighties you don't think the eighties as being like two years ago or ten years ago. Play. It wasn't that long after all that stuff was going down with the racism back inner mean nation's history. So it's makes sense why there would still be racism in the eighties and people really thought about it they're making it very real and like he said they make all the characters vulnerable even. African Billy like he had that vulnerable moment with his data he still huge but that we did see him be vulnerable. I'm looking up at some of their enemies straight just as we're going along and going back to the Stephen King thing apparently the state trooper guarding the morgue was reading who joked yeah yeah so it's just like all the little things they really really really really loves Steven king I would totally. Forgetting what his name was he on all the marveled at Netflix shows that that one kind of games to the though selling guns in their cap yeah he loves awesome punish her but he was one of the cops and street like one of the I get the beginning. Oh and onions and I don't think that I know I'm just got to bagel paycheck from Netflix on. Do you all the marbles Olympics should strange things that I think it just waiting for lesbian like or oranges and you black next. He did it because I am so what do you what do we get from the old. Twitter enough FaceBook is because I cannot find the aspects of our little panel they want ultimately made a company ever has been kind of commenting has like pose like funny smack yeah well owns and stuff but overall I don't from us yet we got him mostly it was positive there are a couple here's mare's but it really wasn't that. I I don't necessarily see anybody having. Issues. With the shell general like every honest and just loving it I'm raising her silly or at no point was I bored with the show them. It was hard to give into the night I watched the first four episodes. Can as it was going on and then suddenly it was like oh I'm and I'm not feeling too well so this Saturday on its gonna sit down watch all of the rest of them. And just got right through but I wanted to see the next ones immediately after one right after the other dizziness and don't look it. That's also gonna happen in my well I kind of ruined that I watch a couple of I have. I think the bathroom do all these things like not couple episodes that emanated in my stuff now I've been isn't doing Kaman who see a. Beyond that anybody have any other on thoughts were you wanna me BC they go into the next series. My hopes personally is that. They do start the hunt for. Brennan. Yeah and at that point we incorporate number eight I loved it even hurt her side politics. On LA more the people yeah I got a punk I don't care about them owners he had gone all the new murder is academic some neighbors say like they're just a bunch of very plague. Then there's the stereotypes that's what you expect a lot of these people would be like. Now like about the and I want to see more about the powers how they were affected being in the lab and what their powers are because they don't have the same powers. Our identity has the ability to make you see things right. Yeah which I thought was a really cool way to sort of like you put those out there that they're gonna have different abilities in here and it's yet it'll be really interesting to see logos because I mean we come from a background of you know comic books and comic book shows and all these things that we know that there is a lot of a lot of powers out there that people can. Definitely have fun wit and kind of go out there that don't necessarily mean I'm shoot lightning from a pacer and I like that you know you can do a lot of fun things that are based in Austin are out here anything at best is clearly not what's going on but with the mind powers that they can deal. I did a list of 37 questions we still have after watching Jane getting them not to say I'm not gonna read a lot out there with some of I don't know what's the real reason behind Billy hitting Macs so much but also me thinking. Why did. Mike he Macs so much I think it's because I think she felt like a replacement to eleven you let them yet Angela yeah perhaps. Willie yet and that's the thing because Mike had an emotional. Mom like a love connection with the two when you see that as very and the prom scene and I guess the one chance that she got to go out. Was to go to the prom and I dance with Mike who is not going to dance with the anybody because nobody out there was good enough. And none of the eleven exactly and that being said I guess she doesn't really like Macs that much so it's like can they be friends Allen sees some girl power actually did see a little colleague as I wanna see her and Max be friends in the season. I do you wanna see pressure Mara a little bit more than Billy back story and see if yeah you zeroing watches it got a little bad. We're seemed get eaten by demo Gordon another another one of the things I was reading another article is bad. They believe that the than mine flare that they will monster yeah they believe that he is now seen eleven and he's not gonna go laughter poor will anymore right no no gun as he set his eyes on eleven that's the. He knows so one thing that stopped him and it was eleventh and I think that also stands to reason that last why they may be would have to give more people with more powers because he's gonna be growing in power he can't necessarily get through right now because a rift is an open and but he's gonna figure out away because I mean come on he's not done he still over there in the upside down and he's going to be the big supernatural grad. Another one of the questions we would like answered can the upside down be completely destroyed. I'd I don't know monster open reel in the DC I. I don't think that it could be completely destroyed because I think you need to have the mirror universe of what we have and it stands to reason that that would be a thing I would hope so I mean and maybe that's how they're gonna end all four seasons -- because if they haven't set and maybe that's how they do it and I wouldn't. I'm not going to imagine the fact that they're going to have this be something where at the end of season four. The upside down takes over our world and group that's it. I really lay the plan just opiate types sort of things I don't think they're really going for with a show like this. It's something we delivered on the last episode is that they put a Demi dog in the refrigerator. That's right I May Day Demi god MEI here's you can make it feel like the cold. And now we. Oh good yeah. Affiliate saying that he would probably lose it was a very bad example these comedy act act asking what actually happened to hopper's daughter is it looked like it was cancer but it looks like she is also the Hawkins labs to the experiment on her tuned that he has true site like will did. That's one of those things that they have mentioned the fact that. I think one of those strange east race was when they were finding Paul risers doctor Sam Al wins in the stairwell that that's their roles the same stairwell as a flashback that hopper had when he was with his daughter remains so he's just he's small little things that are just. Kind of tying everything together and it's. Great it's really crazy how many questions like is hopper going to have lasting side effects of the in the upside down like will dead is will completely rid of it now and that's we have yeah I'd like there's only this this show was great I love the fact that dark. And that just being one of those things where. It was kind of a feel good fun thing that like gave Justin a little bit more were of a chance to shine right I think. And it's just another great show gap is absolutely great confirmed and I would give it a nine out of ten. And if favorite cities cannot Steve babysitters club until I want to I. I Chris what's your rating. Oh definitely nine out of ten I easy feat save that ten carries and tonics and last thing unity. Oh. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.